Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2475 "Biggest Fire that Rochester Has Ever Known."
1600 "General Motors and Rochester,"
1601 Banking, a Dynamic Growth Business.
3355 "Story of Rochester's Amerks."
3245 "35th Anniversary--Junior League of Rochester."
1781 "Rochester Stationery Co., Inc., 35 Years of Progress."
1572 “Rochester Industry: Rochester Made Means Quality.”
2935 “Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: Democracy in Action.”
1666 "Langie's 100 Years in Heating Service."
1700 "Gleason Works--Never a Stand-Still Company."
1664 "Since Otto Bernz Company 'Went Public.'"
1665 "Davis-Howland Oil Co. Celebrates 40th Anniversary."
1678 "Unique Business Has World Market."
1968 "Garlock's Diversified Mechanical Facings: The Leak Stopping Business Employs Eighteen-Hundred People."
2481 "100 Years of Service: The Protectives, Rochester Fire Department."
1793 "Once Upon a Plan There Was a Midtown Plaza."
1797 "Scrantom's 100th Anniversary."
1823 "100 Years of the S.B. Roby Company,
1824 "Organization Grows from One Man, One Van."
1825 "The Need Was There-Rumrill Filled It."
4770 “Fifty Years of Stained Glass Artistry.”
1780 "Four Generations of the Lennox Family Span 100 Years in the Graphic Arts."
1817 "John Luther & Sons Co., 1865-1965."
1819 "Monroe Tree and Landscape--A Growing Concern."
1622 “Chamberlin Rubber Company Centennial.”
1623 “One Hundred Years of Paste and Adhesives--Clark. Stek-O.”
1631 “100th Anniversary, Voplex Corporation.”
1626 “'Little Kordite Getting Big: Two Young Men in a Hurry.”
1627 “Nalge--A Story of Growth.”
1835 "Yawman & Erbe Mark 90 Years."
2656 “Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: County Government.”
1620 “Allerton Chemical Tenth Anniversary.”
1647 "Max Lowenthal Sons, Inc.--100th Birthday."
1773 "Cramer-Force Company, Inc.--100 Years Young."
1774 "Erdle Perforating Co., Inc.: 100 Years Young."
1776 "Kee Lox Celebrates 60th Year."
3932 "Reflections of a Generation of Service: Blue Shield of the Rochester Area."
1759 "Dynacolor's Rapid Growth."
1761 "Graflex, A Rochester Success Story."
1763 "Photo Firm Ends First Century."
1765 "Varden Studio: 40 Years of Friendship and Photography."
1766 “Graphic Arts Progress Here Makes City World Center.”
1767 “Lithography That Sells.”
1814 "Harper Method of Rochester Celebrates Diamond Anniversary."
1584 “Century Old Businesses--Rochester Pioneers.”
1610 "Community Savings Bank, 1869-1969."
1807 "Twenty-Five Years in a Vacuum."
1808 "Crossman Celebrates 50th Year of Recreational Gun Leadership."
1809 "3 Generations of Service: Doyle Detective."
1810 "GM DuBois Celebrates 75th Anniversary."
1612 "Marine Midland of Rochester."
1724 "Bausch & Lomb Celebrates Anniversary; Completes 40 Years in Optical Glass."
1813 "The Gottry Story."
1703 Merged Rochester Concerns Foresee Bright Future."
1704 "Two Firms Become One: Sybron Corporation."
1708 "Wilmot Castle Company, 75 Years in Rochester."
3164 BINKS, G.J. "Ships and Divisions of the Rochester Naval Reserve."
3929 BROWN, HERBERT R. "Rochester Regional Blood Program, American National Red Cross."
1556 DARCY, GEORGE R. “The Soaring Sixties No Myth for Rochester Area.”
2254 DENNIS, E. WILLARD. They Said It Couldn't Be Done, But, Port Future Looks Bright.
839 FLORACK, BERNARD H. "Rochester/Monroe County Almanac, 1776-1976."
1830 GRESHAM, HENRY L. "Ward's Natural Science Establishment: A Century of Service to Biology and Geology."
1606 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "The Central Trust Story ..."
1624 HARRISON, EDWARD P. “Donovan Paint and Lacquer Makers Uphold City Slogan 'Rochester-Made Means Quality.'“
1827 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "The Strasenburgh Laboratories."
4839 HARRISON, EDWARD P. "How Would You Date This Photograph?
1561 HARRISON, EDWARD P. “Rochester Has Had Its Taste of Mergers and Finds Them Not Frightening.”
1597 HAWKINS, HARRY. "Rochester Products 25th Year as a General Motors Division."
1162 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Change."
1163 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Change--Revisited."
1296 HOLDER, WORTH D. "Will We Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?"
1670 HOSMER, HOWARD C. “A Look at the Development of Local Food/Beverage Industries.”
1790 HOSMER, HOWARD C. "Midtown Plaza--15th Anniversary."
1836 HOSMER, HOWARD C. “85 Years Young and Very Vibrant.”
647 HUSTED, SHIRLEY COX. “Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: Town and County Living.”
1828 JENNINGS, FREDERICK H. "The Pharmaceutical House that Vision Built."
1109 JOHNSON, HERBERT E. "50 Years of County Extension Service."
1822 KAIDY, MITCH. "John B. Pike & Son, Inc. Celebrates 100th Anniversary."
1811 KAIDY, MITCH. "100th Anniversary, A. Friederich & Son Co."
1677 KLOS, LLOYD E. "The Palmer Fish Co., 126 Years Young."
1567 McCANNE, LEE. “An Historian Looks for Trends.”
1791 McCURDY, GILBERT J.C. "Midtown Plaza is Fulfilling Its Basic Purpose."
1837 McKELVEY, BLAKE. “The First Four Decades of the Chamber of Commerce.”
765 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Rochester in Retrospect."
1795 MERRILL, ARCH. "McFarlin's--100 Years of Quality."
1648 MICHAELS/STERN. 125th Anniversary.
3741 NEWHALL, BEAUMONT. The Eastman House; the First Decade.
2332 PERRY, BERNARD F. "Development of a Modern Highway System in Rochester and Monroe County."
2715 PERRY, BERNARD F. "Development of a Modern Highway System in Rochester and Monroe County."
1609 SULLIVAN, MADELYN H. "An Old Friend in a New Dress."
1301 TURNER, PAUL E. "Monroe County Sesquicentennial, 1821-1971: Agriculture 150 Years."
1582 VAN CAMEN, ALAN B. “Rochester: A City Built by Research.”

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