Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
3540 “'The Clinton Street Universe'“: Schoolboy Newspaper of 1852.”
3530 “Rochester Schools in 1848.”
4703 “A Landmark Vanishes.”
797 "Documents of Early Rochester."
1529 ANGLE, WESLEY M. "The Mosely & Motley Milling Co."
879 BRAGDON, CLAUDE. "Reminiscences of Rochester of the Eighties."
2347 BROOKS, GEORGE F. "The Rochester Herald."
4815 BROWN, JOHN W. "First Portrait of Red Jacket."
4692 CARD, MARIAN. The Ellwanger and Barry Office.
2325 CARRUTH, CHARLES. "Indian Trails to Thruway: A Brief History of Road Building in Monroe County and New York State."
3539 CLARK, GRACE LIGHT. “History of Clover Street Seminary.”
1734 CLARK, WALTER. "C.E. Kenneth Mees: Pioneer in Industrial Research."
3039 CLEMENT, ALICE C. “Winning the Vote for Women.”
3853 COATES, HILDA A. “The Fatal Weed.”
4907 COATES, HILDA A. "Popular Rural Dramas in Rochester, 1900-1915."
3116 COCHRANE, HESTER H., ed. "The 108th at Chancellorsville as Described by Samuel D. Porter, Jr., to His Family."
3334 COCHRANE, HESTER HOPKINS. "The Great Auburn Tournament."
1967 COOPER, RUTH. "The History of Iron Mining in Ontario."
4908 CORRIS, WILL. "Mr. Corris and 'The Lyceum,'" as told to Virginia Jeffrey Smith.
5115 CUNNINGHAM, ROBERT W. "Travels of Robert Cunningham … as Told to His Aunt, Agnes Jeffrey."
1683 DENGLER, DOROTHY. “J.L.D. Mathies, Genial Host of Early Rochester.”
4721 DRYER, HARWOOD B. “Livingston Park Seminary.”
1368 FIELD, EVELYN ELLWANGER. "George Ellwanger."
917 GREER, EMMA POLLARD. "Saved from the Lake."
3119 HARD, JAMES A. "My Boyhood 100 Years Ago."
4713 HERSEY, CARL K. "The Architecture of Woodside."
922 HOLTON, GLADYS REID. "Notes on Social History of Early Rochester."
856 JOHNSON, ROSSITER. "Excerpts from the Diary of Rossiter Johnson."
3054 MASON, ANNA DANN. “The Most Unforgettable Character I've Met.”
3653 MAY, ARTHUR. J. "Rochester Plans a College--1844."
899 McKAIG, THOMAS H. "Boyhood Memories of the 'Ditch.'"
1165 MCKELVEY, ELAKE. "Prognostications of Rochester's Growth."
925 McKELVEY, BLAKE. "Some Rochester 'Firsts.'"
2097 MERRILL, ARCH. "Rochester 'The Young Lion,' Child of the Erie Canal."
4806 MERRITT, HOWARD S. “Notes on Some Rochester Artists.”
928 MONTAGUE, MARTHA E. "Rochester's Gold Diggers."
2936 MONTAGUE, MARTHA. “The Presidents Come to Rochester.”
4705 OLNEY, MABEL G. “The Old Stone Warehouse: No. 1, Mt. Hope Avenue.”
818 OSGOOD, HOWARD L. "Sesquicentennial of Nathaniel Rochester's First Visit to the Falls of the Genesee."
4449 PARKER, ARTHUR C. Abelard Reynolds and the Rochester Rappings: A Bref Recit of the Days When Ghosts and Okis Roamed Rochester.
896 PAVIOUR, ERNEST A. "The Days of the Waltz and Two-Step."
821 PEET, ANNE OLMSTEAD. "Nathaniel Thrift Rochester Goes to Paris in 1832."
4715 PEET, ANNIE OLMSTEAD. "Alfred Mason Badger."
932 PEET, ANNIE OLMSTEAD. "A Rochesterian with Perry in Japan."
2947 PERKINS, DEXTER. "A Rochester Speech which Stirred the Nation."
1616 RECORD, DON C. "The Old Rochester Savings Bank Building: Seed Bed of Culture."
3784 RICHMOND, PHYLLIS ALLEN. “Was William E. Clarke of Rochester the First American to Use Ether for Surgical Anesthesia?”
4778 SCHILD, JOAN L. "Pioneer Cabinet makers of Rochester."
3737 SCHILD, JOAN L. Dr. Came, the Lightning Man.
935 SELDEN, GEORGE. "The 'Devil Plate' of Irondequoit Bay."
2003 SHAW, RONALD. "Rochester's Erie Canal: The Pride of a Generation."
5176 SMITH, CHARLES H. "A Boy's Visit to Rochester in 1857."
4811 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “The Powers Art Gallery.”
3332 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “Fun at the Falls of the Genesee.”
4889 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. “The Tuesday Musicale.”
4185 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. St. Luke's Church.
868 SMITH, VIRGINIA JEFFREY. "Reminiscences of the Ruffled-Shirt Ward."
938 THOMAS, W. STEPHEN. "Folklore Figures of Rochester."
3972 THOMPSON, JOHN N. "History of the Sabbath Schools of Rochester."
906 TRIMBLE, JEANNETTE HOOKER. "St. Paul St. in the Old Days."
3718 WATSON, HILDEGARDE WHITIN. Major Wheeler Chapin Case: A Tribute to the Society's Late Curator.
3719 WATSON, HILDEGARDE WHITIN. "Radio Script: 'Silas O. Smith: His House and His City.'"
3720 WATSON, HILDEGARDE WHITIN. "A Brief Account of 'Woodside' from 1838 to 1962 and Especially the Last Twenty Years."
1733 WILTSIE, CHARLES. "Henry Lomb."
3788 WOLFE, ANDREW D. “The Incredible Trial of Dr. Joseph Biegler.”

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