Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
428 "Old Livingston Cemetery ..."
429 "Van Vleet Cemetery, Township of Wolcott ..."
546 "Old Cemetery at Wright's Corners..."
4396 "Early Church Records."
498 "Eagle Village Cemetery."
4401 "The First Church of Christ in Perry Center."
4045 "Baptist Church, Rushford, Allegany County, N.Y."
4380 "Members of the Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, Wyoming County, New York."
4339 "Early Church Records, First Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, Yates County, New York."
275 "Tombstone Inscriptions from East Bloomfield, N.Y."
4006 "Baptist Church, Friendship, New York."
299 "Greenhouse Cemetery."
165 "The Story of Maple Hill Cemetery, North Darien, N.Y."
172 "Tombstone Inscriptions."
176 "Tombstone Inscriptions."
544 "Cemetery at Dale."
3998 "The Baptist Church, Castile, Wyoming County, N.Y."
223 "Oak Ridge Cemetery at Lima, N.Y."
658 "Settlements of Estates of Early Settlers in Monroe Co."
141 CHILD, SETH. "Pioneers' Letters."
439a DOUGLASS, HARRY S. (Four Wyoming County Cemeteries.)
3996 GAGE, SAMUEL G., comp. "The Story of the Records of the First Baptist Church at Benton Center, Yates County, Written in 1848."

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