Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1451 ANDERSON, MARTIN G. "A Pilot Study of Changing Land Use."
6544 BARSHIED, ROBERT D., and B. E. ANDERSON and DONALD L. LONGACRE Seth Green's Hatchery - 1980.
6236 BURDICK, CAROL. Where the Wild Winds Blow.
6333 CHARNOW, JODY ALLEN. New York's Oil and Gas Country.
662 CRAWFORD, EDWARD G. "Boyhood on the Genesee, Long, Long Ago."
83 FELDMAN, ROBERT L. “New York's Gentle Majesty.”
6555 HARRISON, ANN. New York's National Wildlife Refuges.
2116 JENSEN, ALBERT C. "Building the Erie Canal."
6552 KIEL, DAVID L. The Many Uses of Carlton Hill.
6549 LYONS, CHUCK. Moving Along: The Finger Lakes Trail.
6542 MAGUIRE, THOMAS P. Big Lakers on Seneca.
1382 OBERLY, GENE H. "New York's Apple Industry."
6556 OLAH, JOHN. Tor Trek.
6439 SOKOLOV, BERNARD. Restoration Along the Lower Genesee.
1831 TRIMM, H. WAYNE. "Ward's--Crossroads of Natural Sciences."
6320 TRIMM, WATNE. Ward's, a Natural Science Treasure House.
6557 WHITCOMBE, DAVID R. The Bergen Swamp: A Living Museum.
6585 WHITE, CHRISTOPHER. Our Classroom Is the Whole Outdoors.
6270 WIEDEMANN, CARL P. New York's Famous and Historic Trees.
6269 WIEDEMANN, CARL. The Genesee Oaks.

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