Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
1833 "Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester: Filing Systems."
3877 “A Specimen of the Absurd Opposition to Doctor Goler.”
3878 “Why the Babies are at Rest: A Plea for Milk Dealers and Health Bureau to Bury the Hatchet instead of the Babies.”
1641 “Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester. IV.--Buttons.”
3892 "Extracts from the Minutes of the State Factory Investigation Commission."
1877 "Analysis of the Chamber of Commerce Investigation of Clothing Factories."
3893 "The News Article That Aroused the Indignation of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Reporting Some of the Local Factory Conditions as Discovered by the State Factory Commission."
3867 “Our Reproachful Milk Situation.”
3860 “From Doctor Goler's Annual Report.”
3241 "My Work in Rochester, by a Factory Girl."
1632 ADLER, ELMER. “Notes on the Early History of Rochester Industries. I.--Clothing.”
3711 ADLER, ELMER. "The Rochester Historical Society."
4829 ADLER, ELMER. "The First Published Sketch of Rochester."
4691 ARNOLD, JAMES B. Colonial Architecture in Rochester.
1553 BARSTOW, RALPH. “Rochester's Manufacturers in the Service of More than Ninety Million People.”
2690 BIGELOW, FANNIE R. "The Children's Court of Monroe County under the New Law."
3259 BLACKALL, GERTRUDE C. "The Rochester Boys' Evening Home."
3851 BOCK, FRANKLIN W. “A School for Human Husbandry.”
2906 BRIGGS, FRANKLIN H. "The School at Industry: or Wild Boys and Tame Animals."
1634 CHASE, HARRY A. “Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester. II.--Shoes.”
3856 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. “The Crane Arraignment of Our Housing Code.
3854 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. “Preliminary Survey of the Sanitary Survey of Rochester.”
3857 CRANE, CAROLINE BARTLETT. “Rochester's Dangerous Meat Supply.”
1103 CROSS, FLORENCE L. "Living Conditions among the Italian Laborers."
3213 DENNIS, ALICE MARKHAM. "Rochester Social Service Directory."
3266 DOW, HARRIET BROWN. "Saving Our Rochester Bambini."
2223 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. Public Service as Private Profit: A Study of Rochester's Street Railway in Comparison with the Municipally Owned Lines of Great Britain.
2443 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L. "Commission Government for Rochester."
3558 FINCH, CHARLES E. “The Foreign Child in the Rochester Schools.”
3225 GATES, HERBERT W. For the People of Brick Church and Their Neighbors.
1573 H.W. “Rochester Factories and the Social Spirit.”
3559c HARDY, H. CLAUDE. “A New Kind of School Exhibit.”
3227 JONES, ELSIE VOORHEES. The Third Church and the Community.
3208 KIRK, WILLIAM. "Our Confidential Exchange Bureau."
3559 KITCHELT, FLORENCE CROSS. “'Buttressing the Foundations of Democracy.'“
3560 KITCHELT, RICHARD. “Free Text Books for the Rochester Schools.”
2635 LANEY, CALVIN C. "Trees in Rochester Parks."
3239 LINN, EDITH WILLIS. "Wrong Girls and Wronged."
2555 MINDER, EDWARD G. "Why Favor a City Plan for Rochester?"
3368 MONTGOMERY, HELEN B. “The Last Ten Years of the Rochester Schools.”
3240 MOORE, Mrs. George H. "Rochester's 3,500 Rooming Girls."
4886 NEWALL, FRANK G. “The Municipal Concerts of Rochester.”
3570 NEWTON, MARION BROMLEY. “A Chapter in the Story of Rochester's School Playgrounds.”
2639 OLDS, NATHANIEL S. "The Parks and the People."
2556 ROBINSON, CHARLES M. "The History of the New Rochester Plan."
4843 ROBINSON, CHARLES M. "Colin Campbell Cooper's Paintings of Rochester."
3231 ROBINSON, Mrs. Charles M. "What I Found on Lewis Street."
196 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. What to Think about and Do in Avon, N.Y.
2358 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "The Story of 'The Common Good.'"
3589 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “Are We Wrong in Using the School Buildings for Social Centers?”
3195 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “The Fourth Ward Survey.”
2617 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "Shall Rochester Have a 200-Family Tenement?"
1173 RUMBALL, EDWIN. "Populus Rocestriensis: An Introduction to the Demography of Rochester."
3943 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “Drunks, but Citizens: An Appeal for the Conservation of Rochester Men.”
2829 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "The Time Has Come for Rochester to Vote in Its School Houses."
3032 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "From Douglass Triangle to Douglass Park: A New Honor to Rochester's Afro-American Statesman."
3243 RUMBALL, EDWIN A., and CATHERINE. "The Working Girls and Women of Rochester."
3244 RUMBALL, EDWIN A., and CATHERINE. "What to Do with Sex Slavery in the Community."
1108 S----, A., of Rochester. "My Experiences as an Immigrant,"
4810 SCOTT, ANNA. “Rochester's Coming Art Gallery.”
1730 SHATZ, JOSEPHINE. "Notes on the Early History of the Industries of Rochester. III.--Optics."
4824 STOWELL, M. LOUISE. "The Rochester Studios of Harvey Ellis."
2447 STULL, JOHN M. "The Efficiency of the Rochester Charter for Good Government."
4860 VON DER LANCKEN, FRANK. "More of Picturesque Rochester: Results of the 1913 Sketch Competition."
4858 VON DER LANCKEN, FRANK. "Rochester in Black and White."
4859 VON DER LANCKEN, FRANK. "Picturesque Rochester Competition."
3594 WEET, HERBERT S. “Citizenship and the Evening Use of School Buildings.”
1902 WHEATON, HARRY H. "Living Conditions in the Barge Canal Labor Camps near Rochester."
1118 WHEATON, M. HYLAS. "A Survey of Rochester's Polish-Town."
3879 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “The Certified Milk Movement.”
3881 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “A Study in Rochester's Infant Mortality.”
3882 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “The Problem of Milk Production for Rochester: Why Your Milk is Going to Cost More.”
3883 WILLIAMS, JOHN R. “How Rochester is Wasting Nearly Half a Million Dollars by Inefficient Refrigeration.”
4920 WOLF, HORACE H. "A Study of Rochester's Moving Picture Theaters."
4550 WOLF, HORACE J. “Rochester's Welcome to the Jewish Immigrants.”
3196 WOLF, HORACE J. "A Survey of Rochester's Blind Men and Women."
2693 WOLF, RUTH. "At the Juvenile Court: Another Rochester Story."
3688 YUST, WILLIAM F. "The History of the Libraries of Rochester."
3707 ZACHERT, ADELINE B. "What Rochester Children Read and Why."

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