Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2438 "Mayors of Rochester."
802 "Map of Rochester in 1814."
833 ADAMS. MORRIS. "The Last Quarter of Rochester's Century on Parade; The Golden Era: 1910-1934."
3611 BEAVEN, ALBERT W. "The Colgate-Rochester Divinity School."
2345 BENTON, PAUL. "Rochester Journalism."
4537 BERNSTEIN, PHILIP S. “Judaism and the Jews in Rochester.”
1515 BLY, MYRON T. “The Hay Market.”
1880 BREWER, JAMES L. "Centennial History of Organized Labor in Rochester."
2679 BROWN, SELDEN S. "The Surrogate's Court, 1821-1929."
3776 BURKHART, HARVEY J. Centennial History of Dentistry in Rochester.
908 CASE, WHEELER G. "In the Looking-Glass of 1834."
4678 CASSEBEER, WALTER H. Architecture in Rochester.
3772 CORNER, BETSY C. A Century of Medicine in Rochester: Early Physicians and Medical Institutions.
4679 FAIRCHILD, HERMAN L., and J. FOSTER WARNER. Building Stones of Rochester: Nature's Contribution to Local Edifices.
2489 FISHER, EDWIN A. "Engineering and Public Works in the City of Rochester during the Past Century."
4680 FOOTE, ORLANDO K. Former Rochester Architects.
3343 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Aquatic Sports on the Genesee River.
814 FOREMAN, EDWARD R., ed. "Rochester; Its Name and Its Founder."
1521 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “Prices and Barter in Yesteryears.”
1689 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “Carthage Railroad and Steamboat House.”
1690 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “A Famous Tavern.”
4879 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. An Appreciation of David Hochstein.
2307 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Post Offices and Postmasters of Rochester.
2419 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Official Seal of Rochester.”
2420 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. “The Official Flag of Rochester.”
3792 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Genesee Fever.
3715 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "'Between Two Centuries."
2112 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Canal Basins in Rochester.
836 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Annals of Rochester.
2110 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. Duttenhofer's , Drawing of the First Aqueduct at Roch-ester.
2111 FOREMAN, EDWARD R. "Little Boys and Packet Boats."
798 GREER, EMMA POLLARD. "Home Builders of Old Charlotte."
919 HANMER-CROUGHTON, AMY. "Panorama of Social Rochester."
3967 HARRIS, JULIA HUGHES. "The Carthage Sunday School."
800 HOOKER, ELON H. "Memories of Carthage."
3266 HYNES, MARGARET D. "Influence of Women in the Life of Rochester."
3525 McGREGOR, A. LAURA. “History of the Public Schools of Rochester, New York.”
1539 MOTLEY, MAUDE. "The Romance of Milling; With Rochester the Flour City."
805 OLDS, NATHANIEL S. "From La Salle to Indian Allan: The Appraisal of a Cataract's Utility."
931 PARKER, ARTHUR C. "The Funny-Bone of Early Rochester."
3658 PERKINS, DEXTER. "The University of Rochester: Its Place in the Civic Century."
3970 PRICE, ORLO J. "One Hundred Years of Protestantism in Rochester."
4888 SABIN, STEWART B. “A Retrospect of Music in Rochester.”
3271 SHEDD, JESSIE M. "Aid for Crippled Children in Rochester."
809 TURPIN, MORLEY B. "Ebenezer Allan in the Genesee Country."
2659 WELLER, W. EARL. “The Evolution of Monroe County and Its Nineteen Towns (1683-1861).”
2431 WELLER, W. EARL. “The Expanding Charter Life of Rochester.”
1006 WHITE, W. PIERREPONT. “Maps Showing Iroquois Hereditary Lands.”
874 WHITTLESEY, FREDERICK A. "Remembrance and Prophecy: Tales of a Grandfather."
4079 ZWIERLEIN, FREDERICK J. “One Hundred Years of Catholicism in Rochester.”

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