Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
6651 Park Avenue Park Ridge.
6653 Strong Memorial, The University of Rochester Medical Center.
6650 Highland, "Rebel on the Hill".
6642 ATWATER, EDWARD C. History of Medicine - Lyons Hospital.
6643 ATWATER, EDWARD C. History of Medicine - Seneca Falls Hospital.
6662 ATWATER, EDWARD C. Women in Medicine.
6661 ATWATER, EDWARD C. Some Pioneer Practitioners of Rochester, 1811-1830.
6645 ATWATER, EDWARD C. Rochester's Early Hospitals.
3898 ATWATER, EDWARD C. A Rural Practitioner: Dr. Samuel Beach Bradley (1796-1880),
6634 ATWATER, EDWARD C. The Profession Organizes: Monroe County Medical Society, 1821.
3779 ATWATER, EDWARD C. “The Heyday of Homeopathy in Rochester (1880-1920),”
3781 ATWATER, EDWARD C. “Medical Politics in Rochester, 1865-1925: Hospitals, Clubs and Specialists.”
6635 BARNELL, JOHN. The Rochester Pathological Society: Quo Vadis.
6636 BODEWES, DONNA CROSSED, and J. WILLIAM SHIELDS Pathological Society - Decline & Revival.
6637 BRANCH, GEORGE L. Pediatric Society Marks 60th Anniversary.
6598 MCCLURE, LUCRETIA. History of Medicine Museum, a Tribute to Dr. Whipple.
6639 PEARTREE, ROBERT. Fifty Years of Hospital-Physician Cooperation.

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