Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2680 CHURCH WOMEN UNITED. Task Force on Courts. 3 vols.
2727 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Planning, Who Does It?
2596 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Housing Needs, Monroe County.
2670 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Your County, Monroe, and the Government within It.
2671 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Metropolitan Development in Monroe County, Rochester: 1960. 22 pp.
2672 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Local Governments, Rochester-Monroe County.
2778 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Honeoye Falls/Mendon, County of Monroe, Honeoye Falls,
2769 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS. Greece, Your Town.
6525 National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Rochester Section. The Homeless Guide: Shelter, Clothing, Food, Related Services, Hotlines
3247 WOMEN'S EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL UNION. The Woman's Educational and Industrial Union of Rochester, New York, Seventy-fifth Anniversary.
3246 WOMEN'S EDUCATIONAL & INDUSTRIAL UNION. Program and Information, 1907-1908.
6502 WOMEN'S RIGHTS NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK. Women's Rights Trial, Seneca Falls and Waterloo, New York

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