Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
4063 CATHOLIC CHURCH. Diocese of Rochester. “The Most Reverend James E. Kearney, D.D., Bishop of Rochester.”
4062 CATHOLIC CHURCH. Diocese of Rochester. Most Reverend Lawrence B. Casey, D.D. Titular Bishop of Cea, Auxiliary to Bishop of Rochester.
4064 CATHOLIC CHURCH. Diocese of Rochester. “The Next Hundred Years: 100th Anniversary of the Diocese of Rochester.”
4061 CATHOLIC CHURCH. Diocese of Rochester. The Official Directory of the Diocese of Rochester, 1938 (Directory of clergy, parishes, schools, etc. See also The Official. Catholic Directory ...
1860 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. Rochester Civic Unemployment Committee.
1861 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. What Rochester Industries Have Been Doing to Stabilize Sales, Production, and Employment.
1862 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. Second Report of the Civic Committee on Unemployment.
1863 CIVIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE. Rochester. Five Hundred Maladjusted Young People: A Special Study of Rochester Youth Who Are Admittedly Discontent with or Depressed by Their (resent Situation.
4877 COMMUNITY CHORUS OF ROCHESTER. “The Messiah,” George Frederick Handel, by the Community Chorus for Rochester.
4539 JEWISH COMMUNITY COUNCIL OF ROCHESTER. The Jewish Population of Rochester, New York ... 1961.
5747 JEWISH COMMUNITY FEDERATION OF ROCHESTER. The Jews of Monroe County, N.Y., Based on a Survey of 402 Jewish Households.
4868 MEMORIAL ART GALLERY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. The Genesee Country: Essay by Henry W. Clone, Introduction and Catalogue by Howard S. Merritt. Memorial Art, Gallery of the University of Rochester, January 17-February 22, 1976.
3058 POLITICAL EQUALITY CLUB OF ROCHESTER. ...Twenty-Second Year, Program, 1905-1906.
4809 PRINT CLUB OF ROCHESTER. 20th Anniversary of the Print Club of Rochester, 1931-1951.
4852 Rochester. Rochester: Scrantom, Wetmore & Co., ca. 1915. unp.
1571 ROCHESTER. Convention and Publicity Bureau. Rochester, N.Y. Industries.
1123 ROCHESTER. City School District. The Puerto Rican in the Rochester Public Schools: A Report to the Superintendent.
2525 ROCHESTER. ... In the Matter of the Application of the City of Rochester to Acquire the Permanent and Perpetual Right to Draw from Hemlock and Canadice Les and Amount of Water Sufficient for the Use of Said City and Its Inhabitants ... Record on Appeal from Order Confirming Report of Commissioner of Appraisal
5833 ROCHESTER. Guide to Selected Archival Records: The City Clerk, Council, Mayor, and City Manager.
2650 ROCHESTER. Recreation Advisory Committee. Plan for Public Recreation, Rochester, New York.
2573 ROCHESTER. City Planning Commission. City Planning Commission. Comprehensive Master Plan, 1980 ...
3577 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Cost of Public School Education, Rochester, New York.
3578 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Junior High Schools of Rochester, New York.
3579 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Functioning of the Public School Program; A Series of Articles Describing the Functioning of the Work in the Public Schools of Rochester, New York, Published in the Democrat & Chronicle, during the School Year, 1926-27.
3580 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Work of the Public Schools.
3581 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. Report of the Citizen's Committee to Study the Expenditures of the Board of Education.
3582 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. Our City, Our Schools: Rochester Public Schools.
3160 ROCHESTER. Board of Education. The Veteran and the Rochester Public Schools.
3797 ROCHESTER. Board of Health. Report of the Board of Health, on Cholera, as It Appeared in Rochester, New York, in 1852; Published by Order of the Board.
2647 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Recreation Plan. Phase I: Recreation Facilities Improvement Program.
2585 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Model Cities Land Use Policies Plan.
2574 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Maplewood Neighborhood Study.
2574a ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. The Genesee River Plan: A Comprehensive Development Plan for the Genesee River in Rochester.
2575 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Planning Study for Intown Area Development.
2576 ROCHESTER. Bureau of Planning. Rochester Facts & Facets.
3270 ROCHESTER. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Youth Committee. Manual of Services to Rochester Youth.
4742 ROCHESTER. City Council. Civic Center, Rochester, New York. A Group of City-County Buildings Planned and Centrally Located to Better Serve You.
2486 ROCHESTER. City Engineer. Report of Edwin A. Fisher, City Engineer, on Recommendations of the National Board of Fire Underwriters Committee of Twenty.
2508 ROCHESTER. City Engineer. Revised List Showing Street Names Changed Prior to January 1, 1900.
2509 ROCHESTER. City Planning Bureau. Index to Names of Street and Roads Shown on City Planning Bureau Maps and Surrounding Area of Rochester, N.Y., Revised to March, 1921.
2333 ROCHESTER. City Planning Commission. A Report of Rochester's Major Street System. Rochester: 1947. 64 pp. See also "A Major Street Plan for the City of Rochester."
3592 ROCHESTER. City School District. UNIQUE: Center for Cooperative Action in Urban Education; Proposal for a Grant ...
3583 ROCHESTER. City School District. Racial Imbalance in the Rochester Public Schools: Report to the Commissioner of Education.
3584 ROCHESTER. City School District. Desegregation of the Elementary Schools: Special Report to the Board of Education.
3585 ROCHESTER. City School District. Grade Reorganization and Desegregation of the Rochester Public Schools: A Report to the Board of Education.
3586 ROCHESTER. City School District. Report of the Rochester City School District Task Force on Budget and Management.
5610 ROCHESTER. City School District. Division of Pupil Personnel Services. Human Rights Activists: Role Models in the Rochester: Community Developed by Project Beacon.
3869 ROCHESTER. Committee on Public Safety. Rochester Milk Survey.
2526 ROCHESTER. Committee on Water Supply. Report of Water Committee on Additional Supply and Equalization of Water Rates to the City Council.
2658 ROCHESTER. Common Council. Municipal Manual of Rochester and Register of Monroe County ...
2648 ROCHESTER. Department of Parks. Report of the Board of Park Commission-ers of the City of Rochester, N.Y. 1888 to 1898.
2649 ROCHESTER. Department of Parks. The Public Parks of the City of Rochester, New York, 1888-1904.
2577 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. Community Renewal Program.
2578 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. The Future of Downtown Rochester: Central Business Dis trict General Neighborhood Plan.
2579 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. The Untold Story: A Report on Activities of the City of Rochester in the Area of Economic and Industrial Development.
2586 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. Final Relocation Report: Baden-Ormond Urban Renewal Project ...
2587 ROCHESTER. Department of Urban Renewal & Economic Development. Rochester, New York Northeast General Neighborhood Renewal Plan.
2580 ROCHESTER. Genesee Corridor Task Force. Genesee Corridor Plan: City of Rochester.
3870 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Vital Statistics of Rochester, N.Y., for March, 1883 ...
3871 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Per Cent of Deaths at Ten Age Periods to Total Deaths, 1884 to 1917 Inclusive.
3872 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Mortality Chart of Infancy and Old Age.
3873 ROCHESTER. Health Bureau. Fifty Years of Health in Rochester, New York, 1900-1950.
4844 ROCHESTER. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Views of Old Rochester.
3587 ROCHESTER. Manpower Development and Training Center. The Rochester Multi-Occupational Youth Project.
1403 ROCHESTER. Market Commissioners. Report and Proceedings of the Market Commissioners Relative to Establishing and Operating a Public Market.
2428 ROCHESTER. Office of Federal Program Review. City of Rochester, New York, Federal Programs Inventory, Fiscal Years 1973 -74.
2470 ROCHESTER. Police Bureau. Blue Book, Police Department of Rochester, New York, with Complete Biographical Sketches of Each Member ...
3687 ROCHESTER. Public Library. Seventeen Years of Service of the Rochester Public Library, 1912-1928.
5223 ROCHESTER. Public Library. Rochester History: Index to Volumes I-XXIV. Supplement to Vol. 24 (1962), 54 PP.
3529 ROCHESTER. Public School No. 14. Re-Unions of Old 14.
3268 ROCHESTER. School Census Board. "Children Arranged According to Country of Birth, Occupation, Sex, and Certain Age Classifications."
3269 ROCHESTER. School Census Board. "The Child in Industry: A Survey of the Employment of Five Thousand Children in Rochester."
825 ROGERS, FANNIE ROCHESTER. "Colonel. Nathaniel Rochester."
1108 S----, A., of Rochester. "My Experiences as an Immigrant,"
3672 UNIVERSITY CF ROCHESTER. Eastman School of Music. The Golden 20's Gala in Honor of George Eastman and the 50th Anniversary of the Eastman Theatre and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.
3675 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. School of Medicine and Dentistry. The First Decade: The University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Strong Memorial Hospital, 1926-1936.
3676 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. School of Medicine and Dentistry. The Quarter Century: A Review of the First Twenty-Five Years, 1925-1950. School of Medicine and Dentistry, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester Municipal Hospital.
3677 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. School of Medicine and Dentistry. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, Department of Psychiatry., 1946 1971.
3849 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Medical Center. Fifty Years of Medicine at Rochester.
2461 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Rochester; A Study in Civic Values.
4814 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Fine Arts Dept. The Art Book, 1974-1975.
5287 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Libraries. The Department of Special Collections: A Survey.
3663 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. General Catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1850-1928.
2126 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Memorial Art Gallery. "The Erie Canal: Thruway of Yesterday." An Exhibition Featuring the 130th Anniversary of the Opening of Rochester's First Aqueduct over the Genesee River. October, November, December, 1953.
2675 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Management. Clinics. Are We Heading toward a New Community Concept? Some Observations on Our Local Government Economy by the Report Group of the Local Government Committee.
1177 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Department of Sociology. Rochester at Mid- century: A Graphic Description of the Population Characteristics of Rochester, N.Y.
3664 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. The University of Rochester: The First Hundred Years: Centennial Issue of the Alumni-Alumnae Review Commemorating the University's One Hundredth Anniversary.
3665 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER. Alumni Director, 125th Anniversary Edition, 1975.

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