Bibliography of the Genesee Region, 1790 to 1990: Results

Entry Number Author Title
2358 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "The Story of 'The Common Good.'"
196 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. What to Think about and Do in Avon, N.Y.
2617 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "Shall Rochester Have a 200-Family Tenement?"
3195 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “The Fourth Ward Survey.”
3589 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “Are We Wrong in Using the School Buildings for Social Centers?”
3943 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. “Drunks, but Citizens: An Appeal for the Conservation of Rochester Men.”
3032 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "From Douglass Triangle to Douglass Park: A New Honor to Rochester's Afro-American Statesman."
2829 RUMBALL, EDWIN A. "The Time Has Come for Rochester to Vote in Its School Houses."
1173 RUMBALL, EDWIN. "Populus Rocestriensis: An Introduction to the Demography of Rochester."
3244 RUMBALL, EDWIN A., and CATHERINE. "What to Do with Sex Slavery in the Community."
3243 RUMBALL, EDWIN A., and CATHERINE. "The Working Girls and Women of Rochester."

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