Simon School Theses

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Simon School theses
Creator: William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
Call Number: UA376
Dates: 1939-1979
Physical Description: 3 Cubic feet
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

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Content List
Series I: College of Business, 1939-1979
Collection Overview
Title: Simon School theses
Creator: William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
Call Number: UA376
Dates: 1939-1979
Physical Description: 3 Cubic feet
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Business--Study and teaching (Higher)
Academic theses
William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
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Publisher: University of Rochester Archives
Address: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation
River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: College of Business, 1939-1979
Drawer 1, File 1Ackley, Edward. Simple ratio approach for appraising managerial efficiency in periods of stable prices and periods...., 1964
Drawer 1, File 2Ackerman, Robert Adolph. Stock market listing and market performance, 1962
Drawer 1, File 3Archibald, James. Capital expenditure allocation process, 1966
Drawer 1, File 4Arfman, Richard. Hamilton engineering, 1961
Drawer 1, File 5Ashodian, Robert. Proposed inventory control system for alpha company, 1964
Drawer 1, File 6Atkinson, George. Labor turnover, 1963
Drawer 1, File 7Bay, Donald. Impact of lease financing on credit analysis, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 8Beardsley, David. Production control system for a small plastic molding company, 1962
Drawer 1, File 9Beetz, Henry J. Current department of defense procurement practices and the concomitant marketing, 1959
Drawer 1, File 10Bolt, Stanley. Study of nine industrial mergers, 1965
Drawer 1, File 11Brown, Glenn. Study of vertical cooperative advertising with special emphasis on the photographic industry, 1962
Drawer 1, File 12Brueningsen, Arthur. Procedure for construction and application of labor budgets, 1959
Drawer 1, File 13Burns, John. In-line-real-time data processing in bank, 1962
Drawer 1, File 14Burton, Jack B. Determination of indirect labor productive time through work sampling methods, 1963
Drawer 1, File 15Cherkasky, Milton. Optimum lot sizes in job shops, 1960
Drawer 1, File 16Conn, Robert. Proposed curriculum for naval reserve officer training corps senior year, 1962
Drawer 1, File 17Cook, W.W. A new time adjusted technique to evaluate capital expenditure proposals, 1960
Drawer 1, File 18Douglass, Gerald. Critical examination of the forced choice, critical incident ranking and problem, 1962
Drawer 1, File 19Fertig, Robert. Examination of the relative importance to customers, of several characteristics, 1963
Drawer 1, File 20Findley, Robert. Application of industrial engineering to research activities, 1962
Drawer 1, File 21Flaherty, John. Application of work measurement systems to inspection personnel, 1960
Drawer 1, File 22Fredlund, Keith. Decline and recovery, 1964
Drawer 1, File 23Granger, Edward. Effects of the st. Lawrence seaway on the port of rochester, 1960
Drawer 1, File 24Heiligman, David. Stock dividends effect on market price, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 25Heim, Donald. Stock market, short interest, 1960
Drawer 1, File 26Honorio, Paulo. Influences of economic nationalism on philippine business and trade, 1962
Drawer 1, File 27Hooper, Carolyn. Effect of bank size on sources and uses of funds, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 28Horvath, Theodore. The use of quality cost data in consumer products industries, 1963
Drawer 1, File 29Hyatt, Phillip. Expensing versus capitalization of research and development costs, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 30Jaquith, Howard. Selected Dow-Jones Industrial stocks, 1968
Drawer 1, File 31Jenkins, L.W. Supervisory ratings and attitudes, 1964
Drawer 1, File 32Judd, Vaughan. Motivation research: its use in the advertising and marketing of industrial...., 1963
Drawer 1, File 33Kane, Robert. Research management, n.d
Drawer 1, File 34Kaplan, Harold. Appraisal of leased trucking as against common carriage, 1966
Drawer 1, File 35Keene, George. Allocation of research and development funds, 1959
Drawer 1, File 36Klepeis, William. Selection and procurement of industrial research personnel, 1964
Drawer 1, File 37Kreiss, Donald. Pricing of interdivisional transfers, 1962
Drawer 1, File 38Lanes, Martin. Computer economics, 1962
Drawer 1, File 39Lanz, John. Workmen's compensation in new york state with major emphasis on accounting aspects, 1959
Drawer 1, File 40Leader, Alan. Studying of the purchasing agent members of the purchasing agents association of rochester, 1960
Drawer 1, File 41Levy, Theodore. Effect of a significant increase in the cash dividend rate on the market pride of a share stock, 1964
Drawer 1, File 42Lewis, Donald William. Method for determining optimum production schedules of box cover paper produced by the acme manufacturing co., 1959
Drawer 1, File 43Lodato, Thomas. Consideration of non technical factors in the design running analysis and results on quality my control experimental on production operations, 1961
Drawer 1, File 44McIsaac, George. Meeting resistance to change within industry, 1961
Drawer 1, File 45Masucci, Ronald F. An appraisal of earning projection techniques as applied to selective industrial corporations, 1962
Drawer 1, File 46Peyy, Robert. Marketing resistance to change within industry, 1961
Drawer 1, File 47Perry, Robert. Marketing of christmas trees, 1965
Drawer 1, File 48Pompa, Richard. Valuation of public utility stocks, 1964
Drawer 1, File 49Roach, Francis. Operational view of the distribution centers, 1960
Drawer 1, File 50Scherberger, Richard. Industrial hygiene- a management guide to its principles and practice, 1957
Drawer 1, File 51Scheible, James. Industrial communication patterns--their relationship to employee peace of mind, 1959
Drawer 1, File 52Sertl, Clifford. Determination of an optimum scheduling rule for manufacturing parts in job shop operations through computer simulation, 1960
Drawer 1, File 53Simmons, Harvey. Use of industrial programming in a medium sized military electronics corporations to meet the schedule report requirements of the defense department, 1962
Drawer 1, File 54Smith, Gene. Evaluation and control of company sponsored research and development programs, 1962
Drawer 1, File 55Smith, Kenneth. Analysis of consumer store patterns and food purchases by income group, 1964
Drawer 1, File 56Spiegel, Gerard. Trading stamps and their affect on consumers and retailers in the food industry, 1960
Drawer 1, File 57Sparling, Robert. Choosing the right channels of distribution for an industrial product - illustrated by a case study on optical gaging products, 1956
Drawer 1, File 58Steve, William. 1958 sales potential for the pfaudler conical dryer-blender, 1958
Drawer 1, File 59Suter, Frank. Timing of income realization in the sale of services, 1966
Drawer 1, File 60Ten Eyck, Benjamin. Appendix of an analysis of average time spent waiting and riding on two elevators, 1961
Drawer 1, File 61Tsengas, Steven. Behavioral implications in the design of the work situation, 1965
Drawer 1, File 62Watt, James. Psychological desire or motivation to save as it influences an individual's knowledge of services available at financial institutions in erie county, 1963
Drawer 1, File 63Wells, Schuyler. Justification for the adoption of operations research by medium-sized corporation, 1963
Drawer 1, File 64Witzel, Robert. Program for the evaluation and control of capital expenditures for the food manufacturing company, 1963
Drawer 1, File 65Yu, P.L., Zeleny, M. Set of all nondominated solutions in the linear cases and a multicriteria simplex method, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 66Zablotski, Joseph. Results of a survey of the marketing planning practices of a selected number of companies in rochester area, 1959
Drawer 1, File 67Zavada, Roland. Analysis and forecast of motion picture theater attendance, 1960
Drawer 1, File 68Zinni, Joseph. Cost criterion for a preventive maintenance program at stromberg-carlson, 1960

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