Warner Theses

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Warner theses
Creator: Warner School of Education
Call Number: UA375
Dates: 1939-1979
Physical Description: 18 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

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Content List
Series I: College of Education, 1939-1979
Collection Overview
Title: Warner theses
Creator: Warner School of Education
Call Number: UA375
Dates: 1939-1979
Physical Description: 18 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Education--Study and teaching (Higher)
Academic theses
Warner School of Education
University of Rochester
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Content List
Series I: College of Education, 1939-1979
Drawer 1, File 1Aamodt, Janet Hall. Language Patterns of the Disadvantaged, 1971
Drawer 1, File 2Adams, Agnes Graham. The Effect of the Phonic Instruction on the Ability to Read in the Primary Grades, 1945
Drawer 1, File 3Agnello, Marguerite. A Look at Project Head Start, 1967
Drawer 1, File 4Altman, Shirley. An Inquiry into Guidance, 1965
Drawer 1, File 5Amstey, Sheinman, Frederica, Louise. The Effects of Group Counseling on the Self Concept of Children in the Elementary School, 1974
Drawer 1, File 6Anderson, Eleanor June. Education for Family Living in the Secondary Schools, 1947
Drawer 1, File 7Appelby, Gerald J. The Interrelatedness of Education, Societal Need and the University Ministry: Research and Prognosis, 1972
Drawer 1, File 8Aroesty, Marlene. An Adaptation of Play Therapy Principles for Elementary School Counseling, 1967
Drawer 1, File 9Attuwaybi, Omar Bashir. An Analysis of Core Curriculum Program Practices in Selected American Junior High Schools as they Might Apply to Libyan Preparatory School, 1970
Drawer 1, File 10Baker, Donald Doan. The College Environment A Comparison of Two Measures: The College Characteristics Index and the Environmental Assessment Technique, 1967
Drawer 1, File 11Ball, Janet Mackie. The Teaching Functions of the Public Health Nurse, 1947
Drawer 1, File 12Ballinger, Beatrice. Sound Motion Pictures and the Teaching of English in the Junior High School, 1944
Drawer 1, File 13Bannister, Harold A. The Role of the Supervisor in Stimulating Teacher Growth and Development, 1949
Drawer 1, File 14Barber, Ralph William. An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination Among Children of the Elementary and High School Age, 1951
Drawer 1, File 15Barnard, Janet. A Review of Literature and Research on Work Orientation with Emphasis on the Implications for Vocational Development in the Educational System, 1973
Drawer 1, File 16Barnett, William John. A Spot School Census of Rochester, New York, 1948
Drawer 1, File 17Baynes, John. An Analysis of Teacher Evaluation Practices, 1948
Drawer 1, File 18Baynes, Mary Louise. The Role of Camping in a Democratic Program of Education, 1948
Drawer 1, File 19Beall, James R. Procedures Used in the Selection of Textbooks for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 1949
Drawer 1, File 20Beane, Phyllis Barbee. The Integrated Day and its Application to Urban, Ghetto Education, 1971
Drawer 1, File 21Beauchamp, Joan Marie. A Follow-Up Study in Relation to a High School Guidance Program, 1956
Drawer 1, File 22Begy, Gerald L. Concerns Prior to Introduction into the Formal Reading Program, 1971
Drawer 1, File 23Beisman, Gladys L. The Evaluation of Teaching Efficiency, 1949
Drawer 1, File 24Benenati, John D. Computer Augmented Instruction, 1969
Drawer 1, File 25Bennet, Walter W. Organization and Administration of an Audio-Visual Program in the Individual School, 1947
Drawer 1, File 26Benz, Elizabeth L. A Program of Counseling and Case Studies in a Small High School, 1944
Drawer 1, File 27Berliner, Otto A. Symbolic Communication in College Student Personnel, 1964
Drawer 1, File 28Berry, Reba. A Study of Orientation Courses for College Freshmen, 1948
Drawer 1, File 29Bhattacharjee, Manisha. Retroactive Inhibition in Meaningful Verbal Learning, 1971
Drawer 1, File 30Biel, Robert Lawrence. Report on Spot Check of the School Census in a Sector of Attendance District Sixteen, Rochester, New York, 1948
Drawer 1, File 31Biers, Theresa W. Item Analysis and Item Selection Procedures for the Evaluation of Classroom Achievement Tests: A Review of the Research, 1972
Drawer 1, File 32Bills, Lloyd Edward. An Analysis of the Existential Nature of Man and the Impications for Counseling and Education, 1968
Drawer 1, File 33Binns, Gerald Robert, Gerald Robert. A Survey of Student Personnel Services in Foreign Universities, 1967
Drawer 1, File 34Blackmer, Sarah. Team Teaching, 1972
Drawer 1, File 35Blackmer, Sarah. A Review of Literature that Pertains to the Nature of Giftedness in Children, 1970
Drawer 1, File 36Blessing, Olive Kenyon. Differentiated Instruction in the Teaching of Social Studies in the Junior High School, 1949
Drawer 1, File 37Bloom, Sylvia Gray. A Survey of Group Counseling Research in Educational Settings, 1964
Drawer 1, File 38Boccaccio, Jr., Robert Anthony. Review of the literature on the effects of group counseling with the academic underachieving college student, 1973
Drawer 1, File 39Boles, Mary A. Study of the retention of school facts and skills by a group of deteriorating epileptic children at Craig Colony, Sonya, New York, 1942
Drawer 1, File 40Boomer, William L. Physical Education and the adolescent in our society, 1963
Drawer 1, File 41Borrelli, Thomas C. Study of the problem of religious education in the public schools, 1948
Drawer 1, File 42Boyd, Robert R. Analysis of studies generated by the Herzberg two-factor theory, 1972
Drawer 1, File 43Boyle, James E. Do the major students of Carl Rogers clarify and continue client-centered therapy?, 1971
Drawer 1, File 44Braccio, Helen Agnello. Contributions of guidance to business education, 1956
Drawer 1, File 45Bradley, James Francis. Teaching of patriotism in the secondary schools, 1946
Drawer 1, File 46Bradshaw, Paul E. Review of the literature and comparative studies pertaining to the concept of beginning school readiness, 1968
Drawer 1, File 47Braverman, Barbara B. Evaluation of the Bender Gestalt test for use in the schools, 1963
Drawer 1, File 48Bridges, Parker N. Review of recent literature relating to the transportation of school children, 1940
Drawer 1, File 49Brown, Catherine H. Some research possibilities in the area of learning by discovery, 1972
Drawer 1, File 50Brown, Elizabeth Margaret. Home and school relations in the public elementary schools, 1948
Drawer 1, File 51Buchner, Gary A. Some reflections on conceptual research in educational administration, 1965
Drawer 1, File 52Bugliosi, Ettore. Investigation of the studies done on some adolescent interests and their relation to some school achievement factors, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 53Burke, Candace Spencer. Counselors as agents of social change with emphasis on ecology, 1974
Drawer 1, File 54Burnard, Elwood William. Place of certain extracurricular activities in the guidance program of the secondary school, 1946
Drawer 1, File 55Burns, Thomas A. Changes in high school economics' textbooks: a comparison of five books of the 1920s with five books of the 1930s, 1938
Drawer 1, File 56Burris, Mary Ellen. Survey review of the literature on feedback and implications for instruction, 1968
Drawer 1, File 57Burton, Dorothy B. Survey of the history, purposes and activities of the NYA Resident Work Center with special reference to New York State, 1942
Drawer 1, File 58Bush, John Edward. Review of public school budgetary procedures for the beginning school administrator, 1945
Drawer 1, File 59Bushlack, Antoinette Marie. Analysis of the effect of anxiety, social class values, and self concept on academic achievement, 1967
Drawer 1, File 60Butler, Harry. Science education in the secondary schools of China, 1947
Drawer 1, File 61Byrne, Vincent J. Some new relationships between industry and education: how some large industrial firms plan to enter the education market and influence education in the 70's, 1966
Drawer 1, File 62Campbell, Walter. Development of the syllabus in plane geometry in New York State, 1948
Drawer 1, File 63Cardoso, Zacarias J. General survey of the evolutionary phases of education in Kenya: traditional, colonial and transitional, 1969
Drawer 1, File 64Carlson, Robert Warren. Sound motion picture in science teaching, 1948
Drawer 1, File 65Carson, Belle. Meaning theory in the teaching of arithmetic in the primary grades, 1947
Drawer 1, File 66Casey, Ella Faulds. Reliability and validity of personality tests, 1941
Drawer 1, File 67Cashen, Donald William. Review of existential - phenomenology and the impact of this philosophical attitude on counseling, 1969
Drawer 1, File 68Castellano, Frank Joseph. Place of certain visual aids in science instruction, 1947
Drawer 1, File 69Catalano, Dorothy Dana. Neurosis and reading behavior, 1970
Drawer 1, File 70Catedral, Alfredo Perla. Trends of college admissions policies and practices in the United States, 1947
Drawer 1, File 71Cerasani, Clotilda M. Place of grammar in American secondary schools, 1946
Drawer 1, File 72Chaffee, Everett Charles. Study of the development of elementary school science in New York State, 1947
Drawer 1, File 73Chandler, Beverly Hamilton. Socioeconomic status and its relation to attrition rates in therapy, 1977
Drawer 1, File 74Chirco, Michael A. Evaluation of the school census in a small section of Rochester, New York, 1948
Drawer 1, File 75Cioffi, John Gerald. Bilingualism: its relationship to international testing and to adjustment, social and emotional, 1948
Drawer 1, File 76Clapp, Lawrence Edward. Better Counselors for Better Counseling, 1950
Drawer 1, File 77Clark, Charles Norton. Guidance Program for a Modern Language Department, 1948
Drawer 1, File 78Clicquennoi, Kenneth R. Some factors involved in the formation of salary schedules, 1944
Drawer 1, File 79Closter, George Franklin. Survey to Determine the Accuracy of the School Census in a Sector of the City of Rochester, New York, 1948
Drawer 1, File 80Coco, Joseph. Effect of World War II on Teachers' salaries in the public schools of United States, 1945
Drawer 1, File 81Coe, Burr Deline. Study of Ability Grouping with particular reference to pupils of superior mental ability in the secondary school, 1945
Drawer 1, File 82Cole, Franes. Leaning Modalities in Reading, 1968
Drawer 1, File 83Cole, Joseph William. Suggested Program of Group Guidance Instruction for Filmore Central High School, 1948
Drawer 1, File 84Collins, Margaret Ann. Examination and Analysis of theories of vocational choice, 1962
Drawer 1, File 85Collins, Robert Leo. Plan for the Development of a Comprehensive Educational Program for the Office of Family Life of the Diocese of Rochester, New York, 1970
Drawer 1, File 86Congson, Lillian Benz. Suggested Course of Study for an eleventh grade homeroom period in a small high school, 1944
Drawer 1, File 87Conlon, J. Thomas. Guidance related content in the preparation of elementary teachers, n.d.
Drawer 1, File 88Cook, Imogene B. Selected Aspects of Education discussed in nonprofessional publications, 1943
Drawer 1, File 89Cooper, Dorothy C. Review of the Sociological and Psychological considerations in developing programs for the middle-class variant, 1965
Drawer 1, File 90Corsall, Vincent Anthony. Analysis of projection-type materials used in Education, 1947
Drawer 1, File 91Coryell, Todd J. Investigation of the Nature of Higher Education in the predominantly Negro Colleges and Universities in the United States, 1968
Drawer 1, File 92Cox, L. John. Industrial Arts-An integral part of General Education, 1948
Drawer 1, File 93Craig, W. Frederick. Review of the Literature Concerning the organization and problems of the student press in the United States, 1968
Drawer 1, File 94Cross, Anita F. Nature and Use of the Cumulative Record as an Administrative, Educational and Counseling Document within the rural secondary school, 1947
Drawer 1, File 95Cross, Marjorie H. Analysis of the Sequential development of the language of the young child, 1948
Drawer 1, File 96Crowder, Mary Virginia. Visual Perception: Theoretical Bases of Development; Related Research; and Conclusions and Implications for the School, 1969
Drawer 1, File 97Curtis, Helen C. Employment Counseling of Disadvantaged Youth of the Black Community, 1970
Drawer 1, File 98Curtis, Robert Edmund. Physics Curriculum and its relation to life activities, 1947
Drawer 1, File 99Daly, Raymond Edward. Extra classroom activity funds in American Public High Schools, 1948
Drawer 1, File 100Dansky, Patricia Anne. Education for Tomorrow, 1972
Drawer 2, File 101Davidson, Bruce Browning. Study of the Differences between the Outcomes in terms of Knowledge and Understanding of Two Similar Groups of High School Seniors which Prepared Differently for the Same Unit in an American History Course, 1949
Drawer 2, File 102Davis, Betty L. Exploratory study of the influences of stress on the test performance of high and low anxious students (thesis is missing), n.d.
Drawer 2, File 103Davis, Beverly A. Self-concept of Negro Children and Classroom Relevancy: an Action Project, 1968
Drawer 2, File 104Davis, Beverly A. Attitudes of Self among Elementary School Pupils (supplement to paper), n.d.
Drawer 2, File 105Davis, Beverly A. Job Attitudes among Elementary School Pupils, n.d.
Drawer 2, File 106Davis, Gerald G. Improvement of the Service of the Substitute Teacher, 1948
Drawer 2, File 107De Bernardo, Eva Mary. Bibliotherapy: a review of literature, 1975
Drawer 2, File 108De Jesus, Estrella. Study of the Role of the Teacher as a Counselor, 1965
Drawer 2, File 109De Ordio, Joseph Paul. Place of Student Ecology in Higher Education, 1968
Drawer 2, File 110Dearnley, Marion F. Public Relations in Higher Education: an overview, 1965
Drawer 2, File 111Deblinger, Jo Ann. Review of Techniques for the Measurement of Social Distance, 1972
Drawer 2, File 112Dembowski, Frederick L. Cost Benefit Analysis and Education: procedures and problems, 1975
Drawer 2, File 113Denison, Glenn M. History of Charlotte High School, a study of some changes in secondary Education as shown by the records of one school for fifty-two years, 1945
Drawer 2, File 114Dennis, Wilbur E. Analysis of the Emotional Climate of the Preadolescent Child, 1954
Drawer 2, File 115DeRitis, Mary C. Technological Media and Systems in Implementing Vocational Guidance Theory, 1972
Drawer 2, File 116Deritter, Louis Ralph. Individual Differences and their Effect upon the Teaching of Secondary School Mathematics, 1949
Drawer 2, File 117Devadutt, Sushila. Motivation of Learning in the Classroom, 1973
Drawer 2, File 118Diehl, Helene N. Failure-Induced Psychological Stress and Task Performance, 1967
Drawer 2, File 119DiGiacomo, Sister M. Trinita. Critical Thinking and Critical Reading, 1970
Drawer 2, File 120Diver, Jerome David. Motivation for Becoming a Public School Administrator, 1966
Drawer 2, File 121Divito, Michael Vincent. Study of Professional Negotiations in Public Education, 1967
Drawer 2, File 122Donegan, Sister Leo Xavier. Organization and practices of Guidance in Secondary Schools, 1948
Drawer 2, File 123Donley, Dorothy M. Investigation of the Factors influencing the valuing process of the Preadolescent, 1969
Drawer 2, File 124Dorsey, Carol Ann. Instructional Versus Developmental Approach to Valuing in the Elementary School, 1969
Drawer 2, File 125Doty, Arthur F. Development of Program -Solving in Mathematiacs through the use of the "Dependencies or Graphical Method", 1946
Drawer 2, File 126Doyle, Ruth M. Impact of the War on Social Studies Teaching in the Secondary School, 1948
Drawer 2, File 127Drum, Katherine A. Study of the New York Regents Examinations Given During the Periods 1900-1910 and 1930-1940, 1942
Drawer 2, File 128Dryer, Marian Day. Comparison between the Grammar School for Girls in Watford, Herfordshire, England and the New York State High Schools, 1949
Drawer 2, File 129Du Bois, James Ernest. Social Studies in a Changing World, 1949
Drawer 2, File 130Dudley, Catherine M. General Survey of Issues and Techniques Relating to the Evaluation of Public Elementary School Teachers, 1969
Drawer 2, File 131Dudley, Katherine. Differentiation of Instruction in Arithmetic to Meet the Needs of Individuals, 1949
Drawer 2, File 132Duguay, Richard C. Problems of the Beginning Teacher and their Effect upon the Teacher-Learning Relationship, with Implications, Recommendations and Considerations for the Role of the Counseling and Guidance Specialist, 1969
Drawer 2, File 133Dunn, W. Bryan. Analysis of Two Roles of the Superintendent of Schools in Collective Negotiations, 1968
Drawer 2, File 134Dupre, David J. New Social Studies: Implications and Tangents of Evaluation, 1970
Drawer 2, File 135Dutcher, Jean Erbelding. Inquiry into Sources of Student Power within the Secondary School, 1969
Drawer 2, File 136Dutcher, Mary H. Review of Recent Literature Relating to the Teaching of Arithmetic in the Elementary Schools, 1941
Drawer 2, File 137Duval, Donald Francis. Summary of the Historical Trends in the Study of Administration and Leadership Since 1900, 1973
Drawer 2, File 138Dvorin, Harriette Gandel. Teacher Behavior in the Inner-City Classroom and its Effect on Pupil Achievement, 1972
Drawer 2, File 139Dyer, Peter T. Historical and Philosophical Background, the Policy, the Tools and Techniques, and the Processing Procedures which Determine the Selection of Students for Admission to Selective Institutions of Higher Learning, 1966
Drawer 2, File 140Eden, James Edward. Some Observations on the Management of Higher Education, 1967
Drawer 2, File 141Edwards, Ann H. Ojemann's Teaching Program in Human Behavior and Mental Health and Its Potentials for an Elementary Guidance Program, 1971
Drawer 2, File 142El-Azzabi, Suleiman Said. Influence of Early Childhood Experiences of Intellectual Development, 1970
Drawer 2, File 143Eltzroth, Marjorie. Culture Free Intelligence Tests: A Review of Selected Literature, 1969
Drawer 2, File 144Emmanuel, Judith A. Investigation of the Role and Function of Job Placement in Institutions of higher Learning, 1963
Drawer 2, File 145Engdahl, David A. Survey of Programmed Instruction in Secondary and Adult Education, 1966
Drawer 2, File 146Ennis, Ralph McPherson. Study of 1535 Drop-Outs from Central High School, Washington, D.C., 1947
Drawer 2, File 147Epley, James Gilore. Social Insurance for Professional School Personnel, 1942
Drawer 2, File 148Epping, Paul Theodore. Role of the Homeroom in providing a Continuum of Guidance particularly from the Viewpoint of Orientation Educational and Vocational Guidance and Personality Development, 1948
Drawer 2, File 149Everingham, Blanche B. Study of the work camp as an aspect of the high school work experience program, 1945
Drawer 2, File 150Ewald, Elizabeth Jane. How does community and occupational participation of eighteen graduate girls four years out of high school reveal the school's program?, 1950
Drawer 2, File 151Exley, Sara. Paraprofessionals in the schools, 1973
Drawer 2, File 152Fabry, Frederick N. Relationship of merit pay to teacher morale and teacher effectiveness, 1966
Drawer 2, File 153Faegre, Christopher L. Exploratory study of the use of auto-instructional materials with disturbed adolescents, 1962
Drawer 2, File 154Fahy, John Daniel. Understanding the gifted child, 1953
Drawer 2, File 155Farrell, James Brian. Symbiosis of education and socio-economic melioration: a review of selected research and cognate literature, 1966
Drawer 2, File 156Farrell, Mary L. Cybernetic models of behavior, 1972
Drawer 2, File 157Felstein, Thelma. Analysis of the pre-nursing testing program of the Meadville City Hospital, Meadville, Pennsylvania, 1946
Drawer 2, File 158Fenner, Eudora. Necessity of indoctrination for democracy, 1943
Drawer 2, File 159Finkle, Donald B. Parent-Teacher Association, 1948
Drawer 2, File 160Fischer, Mary Ann Kinsky. Individualized reading program in the classroom, 1973
Drawer 2, File 161Fish, Gary M. Use of support personnel: implications for the counseling profession, 1969
Drawer 2, File 162Flynn, Helen Conway. Leader behavior style and job satisfaction, 1972
Drawer 2, File 163Fonda, Eleanor Marie. Modern trends in health education, 1946
Drawer 2, File 164Foote, Howard Lewis. Trilateral examination of University governance, 1970
Drawer 2, File 165Form, Arnold Lincoln. Appraisal of the teacher union movement in America and its probable future, 1947
Drawer 2, File 166Fortune, Helen K. Importance of role-playing in the elementary classroom setting with implications for the elementary guidance specialist as consultant to the elementary staff, n.d. (file contents missing 3/07)
Drawer 2, File 167Fortune, Sister M. de Chantal. Investigation of the use of tests in counseling, 1964
Drawer 2, File 168Fotch, Mildred A. Use of teachers' meetings as a supervisory technique in the improvement of teachers in service, 1948
Drawer 2, File 169Fox, A. Leo. Analysis of the organization and administration of the training program formulated for the employees of the Rochester Ordnance District during World War II, 1944
Drawer 2, File 170Fox, Sister Barbara. Informal education an alternative for inner city schools, 1972
Drawer 2, File 171Francis, Beverly S. American fiction as an aid in the teaching of American history, 1947
Drawer 2, File 172Frank, Devello. Developmental reading in high school, 1949
Drawer 2, File 173Frasch, Forest Alton. Opportunities for guidance in the home room of the secondary school, 1945
Drawer 2, File 174Frazier, Clifton T. Review of the interpersonal relations theories and their implications for counseling, 1968
Drawer 2, File 175Frederick, Myra H. Tests and their uses in ninth grade algebra, 1948
Drawer 2, File 176Frederick, William Casper. Development of the preparation of single -salary schedule, 1947
Drawer 2, File 177Freund, John C. Youth as a stage of life, 1972
Drawer 2, File 178Friedman, Marcia. Rationale for sequential development, 1971
Drawer 2, File 179Fulkerson, W. Kenneth. Study of recent changes in attitudes toward the purposes of the social studies, 1938
Drawer 2, File 180Fusilli, Louis A. Rationale for behavioral objectives for learning, 1971
Drawer 2, File 181Gadway, Clarence W. Brief survey of commercial education in the United States with special reference to New York State, 1949
Drawer 2, File 182Gaesser, David Louis. Pastoral counseling: a comparison of the anthropology and philosophical foundations of Dr. Viktor Frankl's logo therapy with that of the morality of Fr. Bernard Haring and their implications for pastoral counseling, 1970
Drawer 2, File 183Gale, Barbara Kerr. Coeducation as related to the sense of community at the University of Rochester, 1972
Drawer 2, File 184Gamble, Robert L. Group work in guidance in the secondary school: a review of trends and major emphases in characteristics and results of the recent research, 1971
Drawer 2, File 185Game, Phyllis Henryetta. Meaning versus discrimination issues in beginning reading, 1965
Drawer 2, File 186Garagan, Venancio Gemal. Critical study of five current curriculum patterns, 1963
Drawer 2, File 187Garcia, Thelma I. Strengthening the guidance program of the University of the Philippines Preparatory School, 1966
Drawer 2, File 188Gardner, Ovitta Sue Harris. Individual differences in modes of perception and their implications for early childhood education, 1969
Drawer 2, File 189Gardner, Sister Mary Irene. Certain qualities of administrative leadership helpful to planning and executing desired educational changes, 1968
Drawer 2, File 190Gazley, Donald M. Program of public relations in a rural central school, 1945
Drawer 2, File 191Gentles, Ruth G. Role of the school library in the guidance program of the secondary school, 1951
Drawer 2, File 192Gerst, Wilbur. Study of urban education, 1973
Drawer 2, File 193Geschwind, Harold Willet. History of the teaching of instrumental music in the Rochester public schools, 1944
Drawer 2, File 194Gibson, Jay. Some administrative procedures affecting teacher morale, 1948
Drawer 2, File 195Gigliotti, Ronald S. Comparative study of selected areas of the literature and the admission process in six post-high school institutions in the Rochester, New York area, 1964
Drawer 2, File 196Gilbert, Margaret. Characteristics of the disadvantaged and their implications in education, 1971
Drawer 2, File 197Gilmore, Jane A. Methods of evaluating guidance in the secondary school, 1947
Drawer 2, File 198Ginther, Mildred. Role of democratic human relations in education, 1949
Drawer 2, File 199Gockley, Gilbert. Elementary education: in congruency between philosophy and practice, 1969
Drawer 2, File 200Goldin, J. Roger. Critical review of the goals of counseling within the framework of the individual and society, 1966
Drawer 3, File 201Gonzalez, Carlos Samuel. Investigation of educational philosophy in Japan in relation to her socio-economic and political background, 1967
Drawer 3, File 202Good, Leo Victor. Ego development of the Negro child and its implications for the guidance specialist, 1969
Drawer 3, File 203Gourley, Rosemary Ward. Description of secondary education in Costa Rica, 1946
Drawer 3, File 204Gove, Jeannette Maria. Techniques for the social interpretation of public education, 1947
Drawer 3, File 205Grady, Charlotte. Some basic concepts of democracy which can be taught in the English classes of the secondary school, 1947
Drawer 3, File 206Graf, William. Christian theology of revolution with overtones in the radical student movement, 1970
Drawer 3, File 207Graham, Terrell Taylor. Current appraisal of mature women returning to higher education, 1972
Drawer 3, File 208Granger, William C. School-community communications: the role of the school board, parent teachers association, lay-advisory organizations, and school professional personnel, 1971
Drawer 3, File 209Gray, Mary Jane Cook. Analysis of the issue of values in the counseling relationship, 1964
Drawer 3, File 210Green, Karl E. In-service training for teachers of a small school system, 1953
Drawer 3, File 211Green, Nelson K. Presentation of arguments for the centralization of the Churchville area school districts, 1947
Drawer 3, File 212Greenwell, Celestine. Contribution of the study of Latin to the study of English, 1945
Drawer 3, File 213Griffiths, Phillip Benjamin. Examination of pressures placed upon American public school teachers, 1949
Drawer 3, File 214Gross, Norman Nathan. Problem of German re-education, 1948
Drawer 3, File 215Gulley, Philip G. Higher education and the student personnel worker: Waiting for Godot, 1972
Drawer 3, File 216Haessig, Alma E. Possible integration of the theory of continuous progress and the current administrative practices of classification and promotion, 1948
Drawer 3, File 217Hall, Truman Le Roy. Spot survey of the school census in a small sector of Rochester, New York, 1948
Drawer 3, File 218Halpern, Arlene. Adolescent's struggle for autonomy and its implications for the counselor's role, 1974
Drawer 3, File 219Ham, MaryAnna D. Critical review of the empirical literature investigating the process and outcome of therapeutic counseling with members of a minority group, 1975
Drawer 3, File 220Hamel, Clara Alice. Factors in the social development of the deaf, 1949
Drawer 3, File 221Hanau, Laia. Examination of the literature on the academic nonachievement of gifted children, 1960
Drawer 3, File 222Hannan, Patricia M. Use of videotape replay as an aid to self-confrontation in counseling, psychotherapy, and the education of counselors and psychotherapists, 1971
Drawer 3, File 223Harner, Sally Westheimer. Delinquency prevention and treatment, 1975
Drawer 3, File 224Harrington, Barbara Kathryn. Approaches to the study of language, 1973
Drawer 3, File 225Harris, Sabra Twitchell. Study of the methods and materials used in teaching science in the intermediate grades, 1945
Drawer 3, File 226Harrison, Leo. Sound film as a teaching aid in the secondary school, 1947
Drawer 3, File 227Hartmann, Wilbur K. Administration and supervision of extra-curricular activities finances, 1947
Drawer 3, File 228Harvey, Kathryn P. Development of reading readiness with first grade children, 1945
Drawer 3, File 229Harvey, Robert Henry. Investigation of transfer of training in secondary school mathematics, 1949
Drawer 3, File 230Haycock, C.S.C., Rev. Donald J.. Survey of the research dealing with group counseling and the underachiever, 1966
Drawer 3, File 231Heberle, Sister Mary Judith. Opinions of High School Business Teachers and Representatives of Major Businesses in the Rochester area concerning the introduction of Data processing in the High School Business Curriculum, 1964
Drawer 3, File 232Heinsler, Theresa R. Creativity and Intelligence, 1970
Drawer 3, File 233Henderson, David Clark. Role of the Elementary Counselor in the Early Identification and Prevention of School Drop outs, 1969
Drawer 3, File 234Henderson, Sidney Charles. Socio-Psychological Effects of Racial Segregation, 1970
Drawer 3, File 235Hendryx, Louise. Problem of Juvenile Delinquency and its Importance to the School from the Standpoint of Prevention and Treatment, 1940
Drawer 3, File 236Hery, Ann Marie. Teaching of Local History in Monroe County, New York, 1949
Drawer 3, File 237Hettinger, Betsy H. Investigation into Human Relations Training and its Implications for Counselor Education, 1972
Drawer 3, File 238Hill, Norman John. How the Schools May Influence Public Opinion, 1949
Drawer 3, File 239Hill, Pauline. Cognitive Styles and Learning Behaviors among Middle and Lower Class Children, 1971
Drawer 3, File 240Hillman, Evajill. Analysis of Elementary School Guidance Goals and Methods, 1964
Drawer 3, File 241Hitchcock, Diane. Early identification of Reading Disability, 1972
Drawer 3, File 242Hixson, John Gifford. Secondary School Mathematics and the Second World War, 1947
Drawer 3, File 243Hochbrueckner, Edmund Julius. Program for the diagnosis, correction, and prevention of reading disabilities in the Roosevelt School in Newark, New York, 1949
Drawer 3, File 244Hollander, Abe Arthur. Guidance Implications of the Core Curriculum, 1948
Drawer 3, File 245Holmes, Nancy D. Nutrition Education in the Elementary School, 1966
Drawer 3, File 246Holmquist, William C. Rotter's Social Learning Theory and Research: Some Implications for Counseling and Psychotherapy, 1971
Drawer 3, File 247Holtz, Suzanne. Recent Trends in Intercultural Education, 1947
Drawer 3, File 248Holzbauer, Ida. Self-Concept of the Elementary School Child with Implications for the Education of Elementary Indian Students, 1969
Drawer 3, File 249Horne, Walter G. Review of Legibility-Readability Research, 1964
Drawer 3, File 250Horr, Donald Edward. Organization and Curriculum Adjustment of a Class for Mentally Retarded Students, 1951
Drawer 3, File 251Horsey, Edna A. Geography in an American History Course, 1949
Drawer 3, File 252Howard, William J. Nature of Empathy with Implications for Counselors-in-training, 1968
Drawer 3, File 253Hubbard, Robert E. Evaluation of the Individual Laboratory methods versus the Lecture Demonstration method of Teaching High School Chemistry, 1948
Drawer 3, File 254Hunt, Patricia. Study of a Remedial Reading Program in a Sixth Grade, 1946
Drawer 3, File 255Hyde, Ellis B. School Public Relations in the Small American Community, 1949
Drawer 3, File 256Ideman, Carolyn A. Effects of Marijuana and Implications for Counseling, 1974
Drawer 3, File 257Imber, Michael. Persuasive Counseling through Effective Communication, 1974
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