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University historian's office papers
Creator: May, Arthur James, 1899-1968
Call Number: UA339
Dates: 1964-1969
Physical Description: 10.36 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Series I: Chronological files, 1846-1966
Series II: Typescripts
May's Working Typescript
Indexing Typescript
Klein's Typescript
Series III: Subject folders
Series IV: Medical school material
Series V: Card files
Chronological and Alphabetical Card Lists of College of Arts and Sciences Faculty
Alumni-Alumnae Publications Card Index
Bibliography Cards
Collection Overview
Title: University historian's office papers
Creator: May, Arthur James, 1899-1968
Call Number: UA339
Dates: 1964-1969
Physical Description: 10.36 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Biographical/Historical Note
The work on A History of the University of Rochester began with the retirement of Professor Arthur J. May in 1964. President W. Allen Wallis offered May, a newly named professor emeritus, a position as University historian with responsibility for writing a book detailing the history of the University. May accepted the task and began his research with the help of two assistants, Florence H. Merritt and Ruth M. Kugler.

May graduated from Wesleyan University and received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. His area of expertise was European history. May used a variety of published and unpublished sources to research University history, including University and student publications, manuscripts, minutes of the Board of Trustees, and his first-hand observations from his 35 years of employment. He reached out to alumni through Rochester Review magazine to ask for historical material such as diaries and letters. May also used a variety of Rochester city publications to describe community development alongside University history. His research encompassed over 110 years of University history.

May had produced a draft with an introduction and chapters 1 to 37 at the time of his unexpected death in 1968. He had started research for the remaining chapters about undergraduate life at the River Campus and Eastman School of Music after World War II. Florence Merritt wrote chapters 38 and 39, combining his research and her own. The last intended chapter, 40, was to chronicle the Medical Center from 1945 to 1961, but it was not written. Lawrence (Larry) E. Klein, Class of 1971, edited and abridged the manuscript, producing the version that would be published. Klein had been an interdepartmental major and a member of the Campus Times staff and student government at the University of Rochester. He was a graduate student in history at John Hopkins University when he submitted his final contribution to President Robert L. Sproull—the "Bibliographical Appendix"—in 1974.

In 1971, Karl S. Kabelac, then assistant librarian in the Department of Rare Books, Manuscripts and Archives, created an index to May's unabridged version of the History . This version, which includes footnotes, and Kabelac's index are available online. University Public Relations worked towards final approval and publication of the abridged version, including the photographs to be incorporated, in communication with President Sproull. Klein's edited and abridged version was published by Princeton University Press in 1977.

In a review of the book in New York History, Wendell Tripp noted its contribution to not only University history but the history of New York State and the United States. He commented on Klein's great skill in organization and composition to reduce the drafted chapters originally totaling 1500 pages without removing May's style "marked by grace and wit."

Scope and Content
The University Historian's Office papers,1964-1969, contain research for and typescripts of the book A History of the University of Rochester. Most material was created or used by University Historian Arthur J. May and his assistants, Ruth Kugler and Florence Merritt.

The collection consists of five series. The Chronological Files series contains material about periods of time in the University's history, dating back to 1846 and ending in 1966. The Typescripts series contains three versions of the History (an unabridged draft of the chapters, an unabridged indexing copy with annotations, and a draft showing revisions by editor Lawrence Klein). The Subject Folders series contains notes, correspondence, and other material that is focused on topics rather than a chronology. Medical School Material consists of annual reports and supplementary documents about the School of Medicine and Dentistry departments. The Card Files series is made up of three sets of index cards describing faculty of the College of Arts and Science, published works by alumni, and other sources for the History.

Series 1: Chronological Files

Series 2: Typescripts: Includes 3 subseries: May's Working Typescript, Indexing Typescript, and Klein's Typescript (all arranged by chapter number).

Series 3: Subject Folders: Arranged alphabetically.

Series 4: Medical School Material: Arranged alphabetically by department name.

Series 5: Card Files: Includes 3 subseries: Chronological and Alphabetical Card Lists of College of Arts and Sciences Faculty (arranged according to when faculty began working at the University and, within a given year, by rank of the instructor), Alumni-Alumnae Publications Card Index (arranged by last name), and Bibliography Cards (subdivided into Archives, Unpublished Source Material, Printed Source Material, Secondary Works, Faculty Publications, and Not Used).

New York (State)--Rochester
Universities and colleges
University of Rochester
History of the University of Rochester
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Received from Florence Merritt, research assistant for the completion of University history, when the office was disbanded, May 20, 1969. Yellow carbon copy (39 manila folders) was received from Marguerite Barrett, administrative assistant to Vice President for Special Academic Programs McCrea Hazlett, July 10, 1969. Card files were transferred by Lawrence Klein May 14, 1980.Access
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[Item title, item date], University historian's office papers, UA339, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterBibliography
Klein, Lawrence Eliot. "Bibliographical Appendix." A History of the University of Rochester, 1850-1962, by Arthur J. May. Princeton University Press, 1977, pages 345-47.

May, Arthur James. "A Message from May." Rochester Review December 1964-January 1965. Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester.

May, Arthur James, 1950s, Public Relations Faculty/Staff Files, Series 1, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester.

May History of the University of Rochester, 1970-1975, Public Relations Subjects Files, Series 7, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester.

May History of the University of Rochester, 1977 and later, Public Relations Subjects Files, Series 17, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester.

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Wallis, W. Allen. Foreword. A History of the University of Rochester, 1850-1962, by Arthur J. May. Princeton University Press, 1977, pages vii-x.

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: University of Rochester Archives
Address: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation
River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Chronological files, 1846-1966
The Chronological Files series mainly contains research from publications, some of which is in the form of transcriptions and/or excerpts, with frequent annotations. Publications come from news and archival sources such as Rochester Review, the Rochester Daily Democrat, the William Nathan Sage Papers, and the Martin Brewer Anderson Papers. Also included is a handwritten draft of chapter 37 of the History.

Box 1Chronological files, 1846-1862
Box 2Chronological files, 1863-1887
Box 3Chronological files, 1888-1905
Box 4Chronological files, 1906-1917
Box 5Chronological files, 1918-1927
Box 6Chronological files, 1928-1935
Box 7Chronological files, 1936-1943
Box 8Chronological files, 1944-1949
Box 9Chronological files, 1950-1952
Box 10Chronological files, 1953-1960
Box 11Chronological files, 1961-1966
Includes a file consisting of a handwritten draft of chapter 37 ("In Pursuit of Excellence"), dated 1968.
Draft of chapter 37 was a gift of Ruth Kugler, August 31, 1982.

Series II: Typescripts
This series contains three sets of typescripts. The first set consists of May's drafts of chapters, with related material such as correspondence and notes; it also includes chapters 38 and 39, which were completed by Florence Merritt. Often the pages are annotated, and on the first page of each chapter, dates are listed with initials and notes such as "corrections" or "checked."

The second set, an indexing typescript, contains a photocopy of May's chapters showing annotations made by Karl S. Kabelac in 1971. Underlined markings on this typescript indicate the keywords Kabelac included in the index he created to facilitate use of this extensive manuscript.

A third set contains drafts of chapters edited and abridged by Lawrence Klein. Other material includes correspondence between Klein and President Sproull, with attached drafts, discussing Klein's progress in editing the book and creating the bibliography in 1973-1974.

May's Working Typescript
Box 12, Folder 1Chapter 1
Box 12, Folder 2Chapter 2
Box 12, Folder 3Chapter 3
Box 12, Folder 4Chapter 4
Box 12, Folder 5Chapter 5
Box 12, Folder 6Chapter 6
Box 12, Folder 7Chapter 7
Box 12, Folder 8Chapter 8
Box 12, Folder 9Chapter 9
Box 12, Folder 10Chapter 10
Box 12, Folder 11Chapter 11
Box 12, Folder 12Chapter 12
Box 12, Folder 13Chapter 13
Box 12, Folder 14Chapter 14
Box 12, Folder 15Chapter 15
Box 12, Folder 16Chapter 16
Box 12, Folder 17Chapter 17
Box 12, Folder 18Chapter 18
Box 12, Folder 19Chapter 19
Box 13, Folder 1Chapter 20
Box 13, Folder 2Chapter 21
Box 13, Folder 3Chapter 22
Box 13, Folder 4Chapter 23
Box 13, Folder 5Chapter 24
Box 13, Folder 6Chapter 25
Box 13, Folder 7Chapter 26
Box 13, Folder 8Chapter 27
Box 13, Folder 9Chapter 28
Box 13, Folder 10Chapter 29
Box 13, Folder 11Chapter 30
Box 13, Folder 12Chapter 31
Box 13, Folder 13Chapter 32
Box 13, Folder 14Chapter 33
Box 13, Folder 15Chapter 34
Box 13, Folder 16Chapter 35
Box 13, Folder 17Chapter 36
Box 13, Folder 18Chapter 37
Box 13, Folder 19Chapter 38
Box 13, Folder 20Chapter 39
Indexing Typescript
Box 14Chapters 1-19
Box 15Chapters 20-39
Klein's Typescript
Box 16Chapters 1-20; bibliography
Series III: Subject folders
Subject folders focus on topics from the University's history. Material includes notes, correspondence, lists, quotations from news articles, pamphlets, and maps.

Box 17, Folder 1A
Box 17, Folder 2Alumni
Box 17, Folder 3Alumni listed in history (by chapters and page)
Box 17, Folder 4Anderson, Martin Brewer (president)
Box 17, Folder 5Archives: Collection of new material from departments
Box 17, Folder 6Athletics
Box 17, Folder 7B
Box 17, Folder 8Bibliography
Box 17, Folder 9Buildings
Box 17, Folder 10C
Box 17, Folder 11Chaplain's Office
Box 17, Folder 12Chronological events, 1943-1958
Box 17, Folder 13Clippings
Box 17, Folder 14Contrast (newspaper), 1964
Box 18, Folder 1D
Box 18, Folder 2de Kiewiet, Cornelis (president), biography
Box 18, Folder 3Delta Kappa Epsilon history by Ezra Hale (Class of 1916)
Box 18, Folder 4Dictionary of American Biography sketches
Box 18, Folder 5E
Box 18, Folder 6Eastman, George
Box 18, Folder 7Eastman, George, and Clarence A. Livingston
Box 18, Folder 8Eastman School of Music and Sibley Music Library correspondence, 1910-1933
Box 18, Folder 9Eastman School of Music, 1930-1940
Box 18, Folder 10Eastman School of Music, 1930-1945
Box 18, Folder 11Eastman School of Music, 1945-1962
Box 19, Folder 1Eastman School of Music reference notes
Box 19, Folder 2Education, School of
Box 19, Folder 3Engineering, College of
Box 19, Folder 4F
Box 19, Folder 5Faculty, original, 1850
Box 19, Folder 6Faculty: Rosters, etc.
Box 19, Folder 7Federal Work-Study program
Box 19, Folder 8Fraternities
Box 19, Folder 9G
Box 19, Folder 10General on education, 1835-1845
Box 19, Folder 11Graduate School
Box 19, Folder 12H
Box 19, Folder 13Hill, David Jayne (president), biography
Box 20, Folder 1Histories, departmental, 1950-1965
Box 20, Folder 2History: Alumni listed in history
Box 20, Folder 3History: General, University of Rochester
Box 20, Folder 4History: Rochester and Rochester Historical Society publications
Box 20, Folder 5Honor system, 1902-1930
Box 20, Folder 6Honorary degree conferrals
Box 20, Folder 7K
Box 20, Folder 8King, Rolf, materials furnished, 1846-1848
Box 20, Folder 9L
Box 20, Folder 10Landmarks, memorabilia, etc.
Box 20, Folder 11M
Box 20, Folder 12May, Arthur James
Box 20, Folder 13May, Arthur James, notes
Box 20, Folder 14May, Arthur James, rough notes for preface and epilogue
Box 20, Folder 15McKelvey references
Box 21, Folder 1Medical Center
Box 21, Folder 2Medical Center, to 1929
Box 21, Folder 3Medical Center, 1930-1945
Includes material about World War II.

Box 22, Folder 1Medical Center, 1945-1962
Box 22, Folder 2Metzdorf, Robert Frederic, correspondence, 1944-1950
Contains correspondence mostly with Dean Lester Oatway Wilder and President Alan Valentine.

Box 22, Folder 3N
Box 22, Folder 4Nursing School, 1920-1945
Box 22, Folder 5Nursing School, 1946-1962
Box 22, Folder 6O
Box 22, Folder 7P
Box 22, Folder 8Paviour, Ernest Averill
Box 23, Folder 1Picture inventory
Box 23, Folder 2Pictures
Box 23, Folder 3Post-War Planning Committee: Materials from Professor Katherine Koller, 1943-1944
Box 23, Folder 4Professorships
Box 23, Folder 5Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Department of: Materials from Mrs. C. Luther Fry, 1944-1945
Box 23, Folder 6Q
Box 23, Folder 7R
Box 23, Folder 8Requisitions
Box 23, Folder 9Research administration, 1953-1966
Box 23, Folder 10Review (Rochester), Tidbits for the
Box 23, Folder 11Rhees, Rush (president)
Box 23, Folder 12Rochester Alumni Review: List of references (some used)
Box 23, Folder 13S
Box 23, Folder 14Sibley Library
Box 23, Folder 15Sports
Box 24, Folder 1T
Box 24, Folder 2Trustees: Complete listing
Box 24, Folder 3Trustees: Executive Board and honorary degree conferrals
Box 24, Folder 4Trustees, original, 1850
Box 24, Folder 5U
Box 24, Folder 6Undergraduate life
Box 24, Folder 7Undergraduate life: Arthur James May notes
Received from Vice President McCrea Hazlett's office in January 1971.

Box 24, Folder 8University History: Correspondence, 1969-1970
"University History" here refers to Arthur May's book.

Box 24, Folder 9V
Box 24, Folder 10Valentine, Alan (president)
Box 24, Folder 11W
Box 24, Folder 12Wallis, W. Allen (president)
Box 24, Folder 13Women, 1900
Box 24, Folder 14Women, 1922-1930
Box 24, Folder 15Y
Series IV: Medical school material
This series outlines the history of the School of Medicine and Dentistry, particularly its departments, through annual reports. Some department files include correspondence between department chairs and May. Annual reports often are addressed to the dean or president in office at the time of the report and give updates on a department's staffing changes, research progress, teaching, and needs. Supplementary material includes historical overviews, graduate information, faculty directories, and research lists.

Box 25, Folder 1Bacteriology annual reports, 1950-1965
Box 25, Folder 2-3Dental program
Box 25, Folder 4Departmental reports: Graduate Studies, 1957-1966
Box 25, Folder 5-6Departmental reports: Orthopedic Surgery, 1951-1952
Box 25, Folder 7Departmental reports: Otolaryngology, 1950-1965
Box 25, Folder 8Departmental reports: Pathology, 1952-1965
Box 25, Folder 9Departmental reports: Psychiatry, 1965
Box 25, Folder 10Obstetrics-Gynecology, 1953-1965
Box 26, Folder 1Pedriatrics
Box 26, Folder 2Pharmacology, 1958-1965
Box 26, Folder 3Physiology, 1959-1965
Box 26, Folder 4Psychiatry, 1965-1967
Box 26, Folder 5-7Surgery, 1950-1965
Box 26, Folder 8Surgery: Anesthesia
Box 26, Folder 9Urology, 1958-1965
Series V: Card files
The Card Files series contains 3 subseries. The first, Chronological and Alphabetical Card Lists of College of Arts and Sciences Faculty, contains typed information about faculty members including their name, highest degree, professional history, and years served. If applicable, the year of resignation is also included, along with additional details. Another set of faculty cards within this subseries lists each name with highest degree; these cards, arranged alphabetically, serve as an index to the chronological cards.

The Alumni-Alumnae Publications Card Index subseries contains cards listing publications authored by alumni. Each card contains the name of the graduate, the title of work(s), call number(s), and publication information. The cards show University of Rochester libraries and Library of Congress location information for these publications.

The Bibliography Cards subseries contains index cards showing the titles of and publication information for works used as sources in the history. Some cards include author(s), call number(s), and library location(s).

Chronological and Alphabetical Card Lists of College of Arts and Sciences Faculty
Box 27University of Rochester College of Arts and Science faculty, listed chronologically (numbers 1-1332), 1850-1961
Box 28University of Rochester alphabetical index to chronological list, A-N
Box 29University of Rochester alphabetical index to chronological list, O-Z; other chronological lists
Alumni-Alumnae Publications Card Index
Box 30Books authored by alumni and alumnae, A-Q
Box 31Books authored by alumni and alumnae, R-Z, and books authored by faculty, graduate students, etc.
Bibliography Cards
Box 32Bibliography

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