Treasurer: Subject Folders

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Treasurer: subject folders
Creator: University of Rochester. Treasurer
Call Number: UA332
Dates: 1920s-1960s
Physical Description: 3.85 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Table of Contents:

Scope and Content
Content List
Gifts, grants, fellowships, scholarships, etc.
Box 1 A-M
Box 2 N-Z
Box 2 A-J
Box 3 K-Z
Unarranged folders on research grants
Box 3 Folders not in alphabetical order
Collection Overview
Title: Treasurer: subject folders
Creator: University of Rochester. Treasurer
Call Number: UA332
Dates: 1920s-1960s
Physical Description: 3.85 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Scope and Content
Subject folders from the treasurer's office. Mainly relating to gifts and grants to the University of Rochester and research contracts at the University in the late 1940s and 1950s. A small amount of material from other periods, including George Eastman correspondence relating to Strong Memorial Hospital (1920's).

New York (State)--Rochester
Universities and colleges--Finance
Financial records
University of Rochester. Treasurer
Strong Memorial Hospital
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Publisher: University of Rochester Archives
Address: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation
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500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
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Content List
Gifts, grants, fellowships, scholarships, etc.
Box 1A-M
Abbott laboratories

Abbott laboratories fellowship
American cancer society, inc.
American cancer society., inc.
American chemical society
Dr. W. Albert Noyes Jr.

American cyanamid company fellowship 770-194
American medical association
Dr. S. W. Clausen Grant 624; Dr. J. P. Lambooy Grant 659

American otological society
American otological society
American philosophical society
Professor William H. Coates

American research development corp.
Andrews, Kate R. foundation
Arthur J. Gosnell, trustee (Aita Jogi)

Baker, George F. scholarships
Barnard college - social studies fellowship
Bausch and Lomb optical company
Scholarship agreement

Beaunit mills chemistry fellowship
1947-1957 (Rogosin)

Beaunit mills fellowship
Beechnut company
Graduate fellowship in botany

Beechnut packing company
Peppermint research grant; Botany - Dr. Steward

Beechnut packing company
Biological stain commission
Dr. Elmer Stolz

Biological stain commission
Burke property - 43 Prince St.
Provision of will

Carpenter, Henry Allen scholarship (science)
The Celanese corporation
Chambers fund
Childs, Jane Coffin memorial fund (medical research)
Commonwealth fund
Connecticut hard rubber company
Council of Rochester regional hospitals
Dr. Koos

Council of social agencies, inc.,1954-1955
Curtiss - Wright fellowship 770 - 325
Distillation products - botany
Donner foundation - cancer research division
Dow chemical company
Dreyfus foundation - chemistry
Dreyfus foundation., inc.
Dupont., E. I. de Nemours and company
Fellowship plan

Dupont summer research grant,
Dupont de Nemours fellowship 770-110
Eastman Kodak fellowship
Eastman Kodak company fellowship
Eastman Kodak fellowship
Electro - physiology grant
(Anonymous) Dr. Fenn; Dr. Wright

Esso corporation
General electric company
Geology microscope fund - R, C. M. Page
Gifts - pending
Prospects of prospective gifts
Gleason, Andrew (William Gleason medical research)
Gleason, James (miscellaneous gifts)
Greater University Fund 1924 and 1948
Confidential pledges

Group relations material Professor Gittler
Haloid Company
Hanovia chemical and manufacturing company - fellowship
Charles Hoeing book fund
Elon Huntington Hooker fund
Hutchison, Charles F.
Industrial fellowships (general correspondence)
Italian women's civic club
Dante scholarship

Life insurance medical research fund
Drs. Stotz, Fenn, Emmel

Eli Lilly company (Drs. Wendt, McCann, Nasset and Izzo)
Eli Lilly company
Liver extract #55 and lextron

Loan fund
Barbara Lull fund for epilepsy
Not endowed 711-100

Markle, John and Mary foundation
Masonic Foundation for medical research and human welfare
Monsanto chemical company fellowship 770-321
Box 2N-Z
National Fund for Medical Education
National Research Council - National Academy of Science
National Research Council (A.E.C. Fellowships)
National Vitamin Foundation (Dr. Mason)
NROTC-NACP, etc.-- Correspondence, Bookstore
New York State Council for Retarded Children, Inc. 1956-57
Nutrition Foundation, Inc.
Nutrition Fund
Pepsi Cola Scholarship Board
Perkins Graduate Study Fund
Graduate American History Fellowship
Pfaudler Company
Fellowship agreement

Pfaudler fellowship
Phillips Petroleum company
Physics, visiting lecture fund
Reconstruction finance corporation - Office of rubber reserve of the R.F.C.
Research corporation
Drs. Gates and Friess

Rochester gas and electric corp.
Dr. Kaltreider
Rockefeller foundation
Rogosin foundation
Charles L. Rumrill company
Runyon, Damon memorial fund for cancer research, inc.
Mrs. Charles A. Brown - Gift for kitchenette (in Welles-Brown Room) - Rush Rhees Library
Rystan company., inc. (Dental research) Drs. Hein and Costich
Searle., G. D. and company (Dr. Wendt)
Killian J. Schmitt fellowship 1952-1953
#-75 book fund

Seward, William H. (Gift to library)
Shell oil company
Sherman Clarke fellowship fund
Smith Klein and French foundation
Squibb, E. R. and sons
Stuart, Lyman K. (Drs. Morton, Jr. and McCann)
Summerhays, William and Sons (scholarships)
Swift and company
Dr. Filer

Sylvania foundation fellowship 770 - 326
Tuttle, Fordyce (Eastman School fellowship)
Union carbide and carbon fellowship 770 - 295
Union carbide and carbon - Linde Div. 770 - 320
United fruit company (Dr. Nassett)
United states casualty company (Cyclotron)
United states public health service (Current grants)
United states public health service (expired grants)
United states rubber co.
Upjohn company (Dr. Morgan)
Whitney, Helen Hay foundation
Woodward, Ernest
Agreement regarding contribution

Yawman-Erbe company fellowship in mechanical engineering
Box 2A-J
Adams (Ruth I. Levis) estate
Allen (T. Winspur) estate
Athletic field - City of Rochester, Board of Education
Athletic field - School Board, University field
Atomic energy project (University of Rochester)
Cardinal, Arthur

Chemicals and glassware purchasings
Box 3K-Z
Koos, Dr. Earl L. - Publication agreement
Regionville: A study of health patterns and behavior

List of material formerly in attic now in basement (11/1951)
Munro, Annette G.
NROTC unit and construction of naval science building later called "Harkness Hall"
Strong Memorial Hospital
Mrs. Helen Strong Carter and Mrs. Gertrude Strong Achilles

Strong Memorial Hospital - Wing W
Ten year plan
Unarranged folders on research grants
Box 3Folders not in alphabetical order
N 6 ori - 126 - Correspondence - Naval Research
N 6 ori - 241 - Correspondence - Naval Research
Navy - general correspondence
Correspondence - army, navy, etc.
Contracts in safe

ORSD material
W 33 - 038 ac 18317 air material command
Spragg and O'Brien

W 36 - 039 sc-44535
W 49 - 007 MD - 394 Drs. Berrty, Gilda, Capt. Burnett
W 49 - 007 MD -420 Dr. Costich (Drs. Morton and Young)
W 30 - 291 TNG (AAI) - 9 Optics and Physics
Clark, Price, Rogers

W 30 - 291 TNG (AAI) - Optics
Lt. Col. Gee

W 33 - 038 ac - 14713 air material command
Dr. Fenn

Maj. Gerald M. McDonnell - AEC radiation biology and medicine trainee clearance statement
Capt. Marion E. McDowell - clearance statement
W 30 - 115 - ORD 4263
W 18 - 108 - CM 1142
W 30 - 291 TNG (AAI) 53 optics - Major Jean; Capt. Krolick
W 33 - 038 ac - 14741 air material command - Dr. Adolph
W 33 - 038 ac - 17665 air material command - Major Cain
W 44 - 109 - QMS - 52 - Dr. Schwartz - correspondence and contract
W 44 - 109 - QMS - 1235 Dr. Schwartz
War department quartermaster corps

W 44 - 109 - qm 1235 war department quartermaster corps
Dr. Schwartz

W 30 - 291 - TNG (AAI) - 53
Major Jean; Krolicki, Optics

W 33 - 038 - ac 14741 - Dr. Adolph
Air material command

W 36 - 039 - sc - 44535-.- optics
W - 038 - ac - 17665 - Major C. C. Cain
O'Brien army service forces, engineer board - W - 44 009 - eng 399 RESTRICTED contract and correspondence
W - 44 - 009 - eng 470 O'Brien - RESTRICTED
W - 49 - 007 - MD 394
Drs. Berry, Gilde, Burnett
W - 49 - 007 - MD - 420 -- O.I. 42-48
Dr. E. Costich (Morton, Young)

Texas company
O.C.R - New drug #10
Lederle laboratories

National Academy of Sciences
Restricted subcontract QMC 41, Dr. R. Plato Schwartz

Quartermaster corps W44 - 109 - qm - 1189
Dr. R. Plato Schwartz

Irwin - Maijgren
Surplus property

X-Ray department
Equipment received through NYA labor - federal security appropriation act 1945 public law 373, 78th Congress
Navy department - equipment from MIT research laboratory
N 6 Ori - 54

N 6005 - p - 8912 - Naval personnel general expenses 1951
Navy V-12 running contract
#N 1405 - 89244A

DA 30 - 291 - AI - 159 Radiological physics
Captain Hilcken and 1st Lt. J.C. Clark

Contract W - 18 - 035 - CWS - 885; Order #5 - 9628

Dr. E.O. Wiig
Contract W - 18 - 035 - CWS - 1301; Order #6 - 6189

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