Senior Orations

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Senior orations
Creator: University of Rochester
Call Number: UA283
Dates: 1868-1877 ; 1913-1914
Physical Description: 0.93 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Content List
Collection Overview
Title: Senior orations
Creator: University of Rochester
Call Number: UA283
Dates: 1868-1877 ; 1913-1914
Physical Description: 0.93 Cubic feet
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Biographical/Historical Note
The senior oration was for decades a prominent feature of the commencement ceremony. The guidelines for the first University of Rochester graduating class in 1851 established that the oration would first be critiqued by the faculty two weeks prior to graduation. They should be no more than ten minutes in length and in English, with the exception of a few students who would speak Greek. By 1867, however, orations in Greek and Latin were discontinued.

As the century progressed, the oratory tradition came under increasing scrutiny. In the late 1880s a group of students petitioned the Board of Trustees for the orations to be abolished on the grounds that the ramblings of "sixteen embryonic Websters" was overly tiresome. Their request was denied but a need to brighten up commencement had been voiced. By the twentieth century the growth in class size had limited orations to only a select few exemplary scholars. Many students opted instead to do a senior essay.

Scope and Content
The Senior Orations held by the University Archives run from 1868 to 1877. The collection also contains several senior essays from 1913 and 1914 by female students, who were first admitted to the University of Rochester in 1900.

New York (State)--Rochester
Commencement ceremonies
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[Item title, item date], Senior orations, UA283, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: University of Rochester Archives
Address: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation
River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1Andrews, James Sherlock. "Theodore Winthrop"
Box 1Bailey, James Murray. "The Ministry of Suffering"
Box 1Capen, Frank Sumner. "Limitations of Human Knowledge"
Box 1Clark, Daniel. "Music"
Box 1Clark, John, Jr. "Conversation in the Church"
Box 1Crosby, David. "The Love of Unity - A Source of Error"
Box 1Davis, William Henry. "The First Elation"
Box 1Hall, Theodore Francis. "Chivalry"
Box 1Huntington, Frank. "Old England Ours"
Box 1Kuichling, Emil. "The Influence of Engineering on Civilization"
Box 1Love, John. "American Contempt for the Past"
Box 1Miller, Henry Thaddeus. "The Historical Method"
Box 1Morey, William Carey. "The Catholicism of Literature"
Box 1Paine, Willis Seaver. "The True Primum of Mobile"
Box 1Strong, George Theron. "The Father of American Literature"
Box 1Taylor, James Monroe. "Power of a Controlling Thought"
Box 1Allen, Henry Newell. "The Periodic Development of English Literature"
Box 1Baldwin, George Colfax, Jr. "The Sword, The Letter, and the Plough"
Box 1Barrett, Albert Tennyson. "The True Test of a Nation's Glory"
Box 1Fowler, Isaac Dubois. "The Spherical and the Universal in Art"
Box 1Glass, Edgar Patterson. "The Literature of Legends"
Box 1Green, Freeman A. "How Long Can a Nation Live?"
Box 1Hale, Albert Cable. "The English Colonial System"
Box 1Holland, Theodore Banks. "Charles Dickens on Instruction and Philanthropy"
Box 1Howe, Adelbert Jasper. "The Coronation of Labor"
Box 1Kelley, Chauncey Regan. "Lincoln's Place in History"
Box 1Kendall, Horace Fidelio. "The Spirit of Unrest a Powerful Agent in Civilization"
Box 1Leavens, George Gregory. "Mind and Muscle"
Box 1Main, Arthur Elwin. "The Myths of the New World"
Box 1Marsh, Forest Alfred. "The Historical Significance of Satire"
Box 1McKinney, James Prescott. "The Influence of the Moorish Invasion on European Culture"
Box 1McMaster, Joseph. "College Life Ideal and Real"
Box 1Morehouse, Albert W. "True Heroism"
Box 1Munro, John Page. "Ben Johnson"
Box 1Palmer, Charles Hart. "The Telegraph as a Historical Teacher"
Box 1Raymond, Alonzo Clayton. "A Written or an Unwritten Constitution"
Box 1Taylor, Zachary Philo. "The Influence of Roman Law"
Box 1Wayte, William Edwin. "Unrecognized Influences"
Box 1Williams, Theodore Baker. "The Poets of the Augustan Age"
Box 1Bartlett, Ezra Albert. "Benefits of Immigration"
Box 1Bentley, Sardius DeLancey. "Minority Representation"
Box 1Chapin, Theodore Frelinghuysen. "The Influence of Theorists Illustrated by Adam Smith"
Box 1Coon, Stephen Mortimer. "Centralization in America"
Box 1Duboc, Albert Michel. "The Political Situation in France"
Box 1Fowler, John Kennedy. "Power and Right in Politics"
Box 1Gates, Merrill Edwards. "The Stolen Fire of Comtism"
Box 1Gilman, Albert Winfield. "Rights of Minorities"
Box 1Hanford, Thaddeus. "The Significance of the Alaska Purchase"
Box 1Head, John Quincy. "Routes Across Our Continent"
Box 1Kellogg, Milo Gifford. "Science and Revelation"
Box 1Martin, John Wesley. "Aesthetic Culture"
Box 1Marvin, Richard Pratt. "Alfred the Great"
Box 1Munn, John Pixley. "Faith in the Laws of Success"
Box 1Nordell, Philip Augustus. "Questions of Origin"
Box 1Pattengill, Willis Wayland. "International Morality"
Box 1Spahn, Jacob. "German Unity"
Box 1Bishop, Frank Backus. "The Fundamental Basis of National Growth"
Box 1Blossom, Thomas Edward. "Literature an Exponent of National Life"
Box 1Churchill, Marcellus Austin. "The Character of Cromwell"
Box 1Clauson, Olin Jacob. "Education the Safe-Guard of the Republic"
Box 1Ely, Edward Talbot. "Enlightened Laziness"
Box 1Emerson, Henry Pendexter. "The Unconscious Mission of Puritanism"
Box 1Folsom, Benjamin. "The Anarchy of the Press"
Box 1Freiday, Jacob Anthony. "The Injustice of the Prejudice Towards the Jews"
Box 1Hubbell, Walter Sage. "Italy and Cavour"
Box 1Hull, Robert Bruce. "Intelligent Morality Essential to the Stability of Government"
Box 1Jones, Lawrence Tyrell. "The Diffusive Element in Modern Civilization"
Box 1Lyon, Albert Jonathan. "Is There a Science of History?"
Box 1Miller, Frank W. "The Eloquence of Truth"
Box 1Scott, John Hart. "Luther and Erasmus"
Box 1Shaffer, William Henry. "Interrogation Marks"
Box 1Thanbyah, Theodore. " The Contest for Supremacy in Asia "
Box 1Webb, William Watson. "The Theorist and the Man of Sense"
Box 1Wilkin, George Francis. "The Worship of Concepts"
Box 1Williams, Charles Miller. "Two Notable Peace Sermons"
Box 1Worcester, Alfred M. "International Sympathy"
Box 1Baldwin, Schulyer Colfax. "Bismarck"
Box 1Bausum, George Frederick. "American Sympathy with Russia"
Box 1Fosdick, Frank Sheldon. "Molière and the Augustan Age of France"
Box 1Hart, Edward Phelon. "Whitewashing"
Box 1Hudnut, James Monroe. "The Permanence of Democratic Institutions"
Box 1Hudnutt, Isaiah Borroughs. "Conventional Morality"
Box 1Little, Adelbert Pierson. "The Conditions of National Growth"
Box 1Mills, William Theodore. "Spasmodic Virtue"
Box 1Morey, Lewis H. "The Inventor and the Conqueror"
Box 1Newhall, Alfred Augustus. "The Market Price of Brains"
Box 1Perkins, George Hamilton. "The Moral Element in Art"
Box 1Powers, Ivan O. "The Expression of National Enthusiasm in Song"
Box 1Sproull, Theophilus. "The Benefits of Separation"
Box 1Stewart, David Fay. "English Estimate of America"
Box 1Thornton, George Howard. "The American Newspaper Press"
Box 1Van Dyck, Andrew. "Scientific Method, Universal in Application"
Box 1Warren, Charles Mortimer. "Who Reads an American Book?"
Box 1Wile, Isaac Abram. "The Cosmopolitan Character of the Jews"
Box 1Wile, Solomon. "The Barbarism in Civilization"
Box 2Barry, Charles Patrick. "Edmund Burke"
Box 2Barry, Thomas Francis. "The Labor Question"
Box 2Dayton, Benjamin Bonney. "The True Statesman"
Box 2Edick, Philo Henry. "Reserved Power"
Box 2Ellison, Frank Thompson. "The English Revolution of 1688"
Box 2Fish, Frederick Samuel. "The Conflict of Man with Nature"
Box 2Gibbs, Charles Lincoln. "The Pacific Railway"
Box 2Herrick, Charles Clark. "National Integrity"
Box 2Hudnutt, Edward Webster. "The Mormons"
Box 2Hunt, Ebenezer Warren. "Successful Agitation"
Box 2Linfield, George Fisher. "Taine as a Literary Critic"
Box 2Michaels, Marcus. "The Neglect of Political Science"
Box 2Newton, Charles Livingston. "Moral Epidemics"
Box 2Olds, George Daniel. "English Conservatism"
Box 2Roberts, George Lane. "Transportation"
Box 2Vedder, Henry Clay. "The Unification of Italy"
Box 2Vrooman, Charles Miner. "John Hampden and Prince Rupert"
Box 2Adams, John Quincy. "Culture and Religion"
Box 2Atchinson, George Altidore. "Sophocles, the Bible, Shakespeare"
Box 2Bishop, Levi Jesse. "Ethics of the Bar"
Box 2Bristol, Homer Culver. "Hebrew Poetry"
Box 2Buell, Jesse Whipple. "What Shall be Done with Turkey?"
Box 2Chadwick, Albert Fearing. "Agitation Not Power"
Box 2Dox, Rutger. "Personal Morality, the Corner Stone of the State"
Box 2Glen, Frank Elmer. "The Historical Significance of Language"
Box 2Grant, Edward F. "Unintentional Misrepresentation"
Box 2Haight, George W. "Congress of Nations"
Box 2Hewitt, Henry Harrison. "Land Tenure in England"
Box 2Moore, Samuel Prescott. "Library Style of the Future"
Box 2Moscrip, Charles Henry. "Charles Sumner, the Advocate of Freedom"
Box 2Nichols, William Hastings. "The Development of the Idea of Human Brotherhood"
Box 2Nott, Frederick Josiah. "Mazzini as an Exponent of National Unity"
Box 2Paine, Edwin Gaylord. "The Reflex Action of Reform Work"
Box 2Parker, Charles Barnsdall. "Transcendental Epochs"
Box 2Pierce, Horace Greeley. "Japanese Reform"
Box 2Slocum, Arthur Gaylord. "The Cosmopolitan Character of the American People"
Box 2Sumner, Charles Ralsey. "Supply and Demand"
Box 2Whelan, Ralph Waldo. "The Statesmanship of John Milton"
Box 2Wilkins, Archibald Charles. "John C. Calhoun"
Box 2Allen, George. "The True Physician a Philanthropist"
Box 2Bassett, Julius Anthony. "Legal Study as a Means of Culture"
Box 2Carman, Frederick. "Minor Morals"
Box 2Fassett, Jacob Sloat. "The Unifying Influence of the Press"
Box 2Freeman, Spencer Hedden. "Government Patronage of Science"
Box 2Hirshfield, Marcus. "The Lesson of the Commerce"
Box 2Holt, Luther Emmett. "A Typical Conservative"
Box 2Holt, Nelson Curtice. "Our Political Indebtedness to Alexander Hamilton"
Box 2Jenks, Adelbert Frank. "The Theology of Mr. Lowell's Cathedral"
Box 2Munro, Jacob Weed. "Hepworth-Dixon's Defence of Francis Bacon"
Box 2Ordway, George Langdon. "The Historical Education of the Statesman"
Box 2Outwater, Theron. "New Science versus Old Science"
Box 2Owen, Harvey James. "Elements of Power in Mohammedanism"
Box 2Pendleton, Garnett. "Strivings After Utopia"
Box 2Rowley, Francis Harold. "Individualism the Puritan Element in American Character"
Box 2Stearns, George Raynolds. "The Dependence of Genius"
Box 2Stickney, William Soule. "Why Should the State Educate?"
Box 2Young, Frederick William. "The Typical Reformer"
Box 2Alling, Joseph Tilden. "The Emancipation of the National Conscience"
Box 2Bellamy, Francis. "The Poetry of Human Brotherhood"
Item is housed in its own folder in Box 2.

Box 2Bulkley, Benjamin Reynolds. "The Element of Time in Reform"
Box 2Calvert, John Betts. "Webster's Reply to Wayne"
Box 2Coon, George Washington. "Agassiz as an Intrepreter of Nature"
Box 2Dodge, Edward Clare. "The Literary Influence of the English Bible"
Box 2Gorton, Charles Wilder. "The Financial Basis of Government"
Box 2Griffen, Arthur B. "The Golden Age of the Christian in the Future"
Box 2Hunt, Horace Holmes. "Scholarship in Politics"
Box 2Taylor, Thomas Augustus. "Commercial Integrity"
Box 2Tuttle, Horace Johnson. "Wages, the Results of Partnership"
Box 2Vanderburgh, Frederick Augustus. "Imagination Essential to the Historian"
Box 2Vosburgh, William Richardson. "Mirabeau the Orator"
Box 2Weidenthal, Nathan. "The Interdependence of Modern Society"
Box 2Wilkins, Frank Lemoyne. "Law and Religion"
Box 3Aiken, Eugene Clarence. "Socialism"
Box 3Angell, Edward Boynton. "The Historical Value of Scott's Novels"
Box 3Brown, John E. "The Moral Element in Literature"
Box 3Cheney, James Loring. "Political Philosophy and Constitutional Liberty"
Box 3Cronise, Adelbert. "True Conservatism"
Box 3Egbert, Andrew Jackson. "The Voice and the Pen in Politics"
Box 3Garton, Joseph Vanor. "Ethics in Politics"
Box 3Gates, Frederick Taylor. "Modern English Feudalism"
Box 3Hair, Luther Madison. "The Statesmanship of John Milton"
Box 3Jacobs, William Wilson. "The Civilization of Turkey"
Box 3Lemen, Theodore Adolphus. "The Pacific Tendency of Political Economy"
Box 3Lyon, Edmund. "Roger Williams"
Box 3Maurer, Edward Washington. "The Crisis and the Man"
Box 3Phinney, Herman Kent. "The True Function of Criticism"
Box 3Handler, Constance N. "The Modern Orphan Asylum"
Box 3Hunt, Anna Seely. "The Philosophy of Walt Whitman"
Box 3Long, Marian J. "The Elementals of Ruskin"
Box 3Schooler, Bessie. "The Assimilation of the Jews"
Box 3Cudebec, Bertha Marie. "The Modern Library - Its Aims and Achievements"
Box 3Hatch, Marjorie G. "The Impressionist School of French Art"
Box 3Lush, Hazel Jean. "Rochester's Italians"
Box 3Murenberg, Mildred Elizabeth. "Helen Keller"
Box 3Sauer, Julia L. "Mormonism as a National Problem"
Box 3Wilson, Sara E. "The Consumers' League Movement"

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