Musical Activities Collection

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Musical activities collection
Creator: University of Rochester
Call Number: UA1
Dates: 1875-2014
Physical Description: 20 Linear Feet
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Related Materials
Content List
Correspondence and other records, 1932-1987
Programs, 1875-2014, undated
Photographs, color slides, and negatives, 1908-1987
Posters, 1911-1985
Scrapbooks, 1884-1995
Audio and video recordings, 1940-2010
LPs, 1940-1987, undated
Reel-to-reel tapes, 1960s-1990s
CDs, 1990s-2000s
Audio cassettes, 1980s-2010s
VHS tapes, 1960, 1964, 1991-1992
Collection Overview
Title: Musical activities collection
Creator: University of Rochester
Call Number: UA1
Dates: 1875-2014
Physical Description: 20 Linear Feet
Repository: University of Rochester Archives

Biographical/Historical Note
Musical activities have been an important part of campus life at the University of Rochester since at least the 1870s, when groups included a glee club and a chapel choir. An orchestra and a banjo club were also performing in the late 1800s; and in the early 1900s, the glee club often performed with a mandolin club. The ensemble that came to be known as the Men's Glee Club was joined in 1911 by its counterpart from the College for Women, the Women's Glee Club. These groups sometimes sang together--including a performance over NBC Radio from New York City in 1939 and a joint Christmas concert in 1949--even before they shared a campus. (University of Rochester women lived on the Prince Street Campus until 1955, when the River Campus became coed.) The Marching Band, which played at football and basketball games, was another feature of musical life at the University.

In 1954, through cooperative efforts by students and administration, Ward Woodbury Jr. '54E (PhD) was appointed director of music for the River Campus. Soon after his arrival, several new performing groups were organized, including the All-University Symphony Orchestra, the Concert Band, and the YellowJackets, all of which are still active today. (The All-University Symphony Orchestra is now called the Symphony Orchestra, and the Concert Band is now the Wind Symphony.) The YellowJackets were established in 1956, and during their early years the group's members were selected from the ranks of the Men's Glee Club. The group consisted of thirteen members, twelve vocalists and one accompanist.

The musical groups performed regularly on the University of Rochester campuses, including giving annual concerts at Christmas (when concerts were followed by a holiday dance) and in the spring. Reviews of musical performances appeared promptly in the Campus Times (or its forerunners the Campus and the Tower Times), as newspaper clippings in this collection reveal. Both the men's and women's glee clubs often toured and performed with other groups. For example, the Women's Glee Club traveled to Dartmouth College and to Princeton University to perform with the men's glee clubs at those schools, hosting their counterparts for reciprocal concerts in Rochester. The Men's Glee Club conducted similar exchanges with the University of Toronto, both visiting and hosting its Hart House Choir. Woodbury toured extensively with the Men's Glee Club and the YellowJackets, visiting Florida, Chicago, and Europe, for example. The Men's Glee Club even performed nationally on the Ed Sullivan Show under his guidance. On their European tour in summer 1963, the YellowJackets performed for members of the United States military and their families.

Woodbury left the University in 1966, and Taavo Virkhaus became the next director of music. Robert Allen, who had joined the River Campus in 1965 as assistant director of music, led the men's and women's glee clubs, among other vocal groups.

New musical groups continued to appear on the River Campus, including the Women's Ensemble, started in 1969. This group was formed in a similar manner to the YellowJackets, with members selected from the Women's Glee Club. In 1975, the group's name changed to Vocal Point; and while it originally used instrumental accompaniment, it had become an a capella performing group by the early 1980s. After Hours and the Midnight Ramblers, also capella groups, started performing in 1998.

In the early 1980s, the YellowJackets began to shift toward an a cappella approach, and in the late 1980s they added vocal percussion, creating the style and sound they are presently known for. Until 1958, the YellowJackets wore blue blazers paired with red and black ties. From 1958 on, they have worn their familiar yellow blazers with the exception of several years in the 1980s. In 2000, the YellowJackets officially separated from the River Campus Music Department and became a student-run organization recognized by the University's Students' Association. The group competed in the third season of NBC's The Sing-Off in 2011

Scope and Content
The Musical Activities Collection includes six series: Correspondence and Other Records (1932-1987); Programs (1875-2014, undated); Photographs, Color Slides, and Negatives (1908-1987); Posters (1911-1985); Scrapbooks (1884-1995); and Audio and Video Recordings (1940-2010).

In addition to correspondence, the Correspondence and Other Records series includes information relating to budgets, concert and other event planning, the formation of new musical groups, and other topics. The series includes items relating to various musical groups, including the All-University Orchestra, Chapel Choir, Marching Band, Men's Glee Club, Pep Band, and Women's Glee Club. It contains information about membership in groups, summer sessions, University of Rochester songs, and other topics. The bulk of the records are from the late 1950s and 1960s. Selected materials from this time frame include correspondence relating to the Men's Glee Club's appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, a tribute concert to Howard Hanson (who was Director of the Eastman School of Music at the time), and three separate weekends dedicated to the music of Stravinsky, Mozart, and Bach.

The Programs series also includes materials relating to various musical groups, including the Chapel Choir, the Men's Glee Club, the Women's Glee Club, Vocal Point, and the YellowJackets. Programs from seasonal concerts and from special events such as the Men's Glee Club's 100th anniversary concert are included. Materials are organized chronologically.

The Photographs, Color Slides, and Negatives series contains an assortment of images of groups such as the Chapel Choir, Marching Band, and Men's and Women's Glee Clubs. Events depicted include the Men's Glee Club's 100th anniversary tour (1976) and a Glee Club trip to Italy (circa 2000). The series also includes portraits of Ward Woodbury, Leonard De Paur, and other individuals.

Posters advertise several events, including the Men's Glee Club's 1926 Home Concert and its 100th anniversary tour.

The Audio and Visual Recordings series consists of LPs, reel-to-reel tapes, CDs, audio cassettes, and video tapes. The content includes LPs of Hector Berlioz's Requiem, performed by the All-University Symphony Orchestra, the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs, and the Cecilian and Orpheus Chorales, of Carmina Burana, and of various other performances.

Scrapbooks contain materials such as photographs, concert programs, news articles (including newspaper reviews), and captions. Some scrapbooks describe various musical groups' activities over a given time period (an academic year, for example), and others describe the activities of a single group during a similar time period. They are generally organized chronologically, providing a summary of activities during a given academic year or years.

New York (State)--Rochester
Music--Societies, etc.
Musical groups
College students--Societies, etc.
University of Rochester
Immediate Source of Acquisition
The collection initially consisted of audio recordings, scrapbooks, films, color transparencies, photographs, programs, correspondence, and other records that were transferred to the University Archives from the office of Ward Woodbury, Director of Music, in June 1966. Additional audio recordings were transferred from the Music Department in July 1994. Programs from 2004-2005 concerts were transferred by Josef Hanson of the Music Department in June 2005. Men's Glee Club records and other materials including posters, scrapbooks, posters, photographs, color slides, and negatives were received in November 2009. An additional box of color slides, showing the Men's Glee Club 100th anniversary, was added in January 2014. Both accruals were transferred from the Music Department by Josef Hanson. The collection also includes a September 2014 accrual of programs, audio and video recordings, and slides from the University of Rochester Music Department.Access
For access to this collection, please contact the University of Rochester Archives ( at least two business days prior to your planned visit.

Please note: Some materials may be restricted or require permission for use.

To request reproductions or permission to publish materials from the collection, please contact the University of Rochester Archives ( Researchers may be responsible for determining any copyright questions.

[Item title, item date], Musical activities collection, UA1, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterRelated Materials
Additional materials relating to musical groups, including photographs and scrapbooks, are available. Please contact the University Archives ( for more information.

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: University of Rochester Archives
Address: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation
River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14627-0055

Content List
Correspondence and other records, 1932-1987
Box 1, Folder 1Bach - B Minor Mass, 1963-1964
Box 1, Folder 2Bach Weekend, 1964
Box 1, Folder 3Berlioz Requiem, 1965
Box 1, Folder 4Bookkeeping, 1955-1959
Box 1, Folder 5Budgets, 1954-1955
Box 1, Folder 6Budget, 1955-1956
Box 1, Folder 7Budget, 1956-1957
Box 1, Folder 8Budget, 1957-1958
Box 1, Folder 9Budget, 1958-1959
Box 1, Folder 10Budgets, 1959-1960
Box 1, Folder 11Budgets, 1960-1961
Box 1, Folder 12(Budget) CC7B - Finances, Fall 1961
Box 1, Folder 13Budget, 1961-1962
Box 1, Folder 14Budget, 1962-1963
Box 1, Folder 15Budget, 1963-1964
Box 1, Folder 16Budget, 1964-1965
Box 1, Folder 17Canadian Arts Festival, 1965-1967
Box 1, Folder 18Canning Service, 1953-1964
Box 1, Folder 19University Choir, 1955-1956
Box 1, Folder 20Chapel Choir, 1956-1957
Box 2, Folder 1Chapel Choir, 1957-1958
Box 2, Folder 2Chapel Choir, 1958-1959
Box 2, Folder 3Soloist - Chapel Choir Auditions, 1958-1959
Box 2, Folder 4Chapel Choir Soloists, 1959-1960
Box 2, Folder 5Chapel Choir, 1959-1960
Box 2, Folder 6Chapel Choir, 1960-1961
Box 2, Folder 7Chapel Choir Soloists, 1960-1961
Box 2, Folder 8Chapel Choir, 1961-1962
Box 2, Folder 9Chapel Choir Soloists, 1961-1962
Box 2, Folder 10Chapel Choir, 1962-1963
Box 2, Folder 11Chapel Choir Soloists, 1962-1963
Box 2, Folder 12Chapel Choir, 1963-1964
Box 2, Folder 13Chapel Choir Soloists, 1963-1964
Box 2, Folder 14Chapel Choir, 1964-1965
Box 2, Folder 15Chapel Choir Soloists, 1964-1965
Box 2, Folder 16Chorus - University, 1965-1966
Box 2, Folder 17Christmas Concert, 1957
Box 2, Folder 18Christmas, 1958
Box 2, Folder 19Christmas, 1959
Box 2, Folder 20Christmas Concert, 1960
Box 2, Folder 21Christmas, 1962
Box 2, Folder 22Christmas, 1963
Box 3, Folder 1Christmas, 1964-1965
Box 3, Folder 2Clark (Dean), 1964-1966
Box 3, Folder 3Cole (Dean), 1960-1966
Box 3, Folder 4Commencement Orchestra, 1959
Box 3, Folder 5Band - Concert, 1955-1956
Box 3, Folder 6Band - Concert, 1956-1957
Box 3, Folder 7Concert Band, 1958
Box 3, Folder 8Concert Band, 1959
Box 3, Folder 9Concert Band, 1957-1960
Box 3, Folder 10Concert Band, 1961
Box 3, Folder 11Concert Band, 1962-1963
Box 3, Folder 12Contemporary Weekend, 1966
Box 3, Folder 13Ed Sullivan, 1960
Box 3, Folder 14Contemporary Music Weekend, 1966
Box 3, Folder 15Elijah, 1962
Box 3, Folder 16Festival of Contemporary Art, 1959
Box 3, Folder 17Festival of Contemporary Arts, 1960
Box 3, Folder 18Hazlett / France, 1960-1963
Box 3, Folder 19Freshman Letters and Brochures, 1959-1961
Box 3, Folder 20Hanson Concert, 1963
Box 3, Folder 21Hendl, 1964-1965
Box 4, Folder 1Henry File, 1961
Box 4, Folder 2Hopeman Chimes, 1966
Box 4, Folder 3Inter-Fraternity Song Contest, 1959
Box 4, Folder 4King David, 1966
Box 4, Folder 5Marching Band, 1948-1959
Box 4, Folder 6Marching Band, 1959-1960
Box 4, Folder 7Marching Band, 1961
Box 4, Folder 8Marching Band, 1962-1963
Box 4, Folder 9Marching Band, 1963-1964
Box 4, Folder 10Marching Band, 1963-1965
Box 4, Folder 11Marching Band Correspondence, 1935-1956
Box 4, Folder 12Marching Band Correspondence: Band Uniforms, 1936-1948
Box 5, Folder 1-2Marching Band Uniforms, undated
Box 5, Folder 3Men's Glee Club, 1949-1962
Box 5, Folder 4Men's Glee Club, 1953-1954
Box 5, Folder 5Men's Glee Club Attendance, 1980-1984
Box 5, Folder 6Men's Glee Club Constitution, 1980s
Box 5, Folder 7Men's Glee Club Notes by Student Joseph Poutre, circa 1985-1986
The notebook in this folder also contains Poutre's notes on coursework and film exhibitions.

Box 6, Folder 1Men's Glee Club Finances, 1954-1955
Box 6, Folder 2Men's Glee Club Invitations, Tickets, and Announcements, 1932-1941, undated
Box 6, Folder 3Men's Glee Club Manager's Folder, 1954-1955
Box 6, Folder 4Men's Glee Club Engagements, 1954-1955
Box 6, Folder 5Men's Glee Club Engagements, 1955-1956
Box 6, Folder 6Men's Glee Club Home Concert, 1955
Box 6, Folder 7Men's Glee Club Home Concert Notes, 1954-1955
Box 6, Folder 8-9Men's Glee Club Old Letters, 1927-1956
Box 6, Folder 10Men's Glee Club Newsletter, circa 1960-1970
Box 6, Folder 11Men's Glee Club: Pennsylvania Railroad Luncheon Menu, 1932
Box 7, Folder 1Men's Glee Club Officers' Reports, 1955-1956
Box 7, Folder 2The Messiah, 1955-1956
Box 7, Folder 3Men's Glee Club Business Manager, 1955-1956
Box 7, Folder 4Men's Glee Club I Jame [?] Concert, 1956
Box 7, Folder 5Men's Glee Club Engagements, 1956-1957
Box 7, Folder 6Men's Glee Club Business Matters, 1956-1957
Box 7, Folder 7Men's Glee Club Reports, 1956-1957
Box 7, Folder 8Tour Rejects, 1957
Box 7, Folder 9Men's Glee Club Home Concert, 1957
Box 7, Folder 10Men's Glee Club Whittemore and Lowe, 1957
Box 7, Folder 11Men's Glee Club General, 1957-1958
Box 7, Folder 12Men's Glee Club Engagements, 1957
Box 7, Folder 13Men's Glee Club Reports, 1957-1958
Box 7, Folder 14Men's Glee Club Executive Committee Minutes, 1958
Box 7, Folder 15Men's Glee Club Festival, 1958
Box 7, Folder 16Men's Glee Club Home Concert, 1958
Box 7, Folder 17Men's Glee Club General, 1958-1959
Box 7, Folder 18Men's Glee Club Report, 1958-1959
Box 7, Folder 19Miscellaneous, 1959-1960
Box 7, Folder 20Men's Glee Club Tour, 1959
Box 7, Folder 21Men's Glee Club Home Concert, 1959
Box 7, Folder 22Men's Glee Club 1959 Program, 1959
Box 8, Folder 1Men's Glee Club General, 1959-1960
Box 8, Folder 2-4Men's Glee Club Reunion, 1960
Box 8, Folder 5-7Men's Glee Club Miscellaneous, 1953-1961
Box 8, Folder 8Men's Glee Club Reports, 1960
Box 8, Folder 9Men's Glee Club Festival with RPO, 1960-1961
Box 8, Folder 10Men's Glee Club General, 1960-1961
Box 9, Folder 1Men's Glee Club Report, 1961
Box 9, Folder 2Men's Glee Club, 1961-1962
Box 9, Folder 3Men's Glee Club Africa, 1961-1962
Box 9, Folder 4Men's Glee Club Report, 1962
Box 9, Folder 5Men's Glee Club Correspondence (J. Howlett), 1961-1962
Box 9, Folder 6Men's Glee Club, 1961-1962
Box 9, Folder 7Men's Glee Club Correspondence (D. Iverson), 1962-1963
Box 9, Folder 8Men's Glee Club General, 1962-1963
Box 9, Folder 9Men's Glee Club Recording, 1963
Box 9, Folder 10Men's Glee Club Reports, 1963-1964
Box 9, Folder 11Men's Glee Club General, 1963-1964
Box 9, Folder 12Men's Glee Club, 1964-1965
Box 10, Folder 1Men's Glee Club Reunion, 1964-1965
Box 10, Folder 2Men's Glee Club 100th Anniversary Reunion, 1976
Box 10, Folder 3Men's Glee Club History, 1960-1965
Box 10, Folder 4Men's Glee Club History and Timeline, 1964-1965, 1970s
Box 10, Folder 5Men's Glee Club Publications, 1956-1965
Box 29University of Rochester Men's Glee Club Anniversary Celebrations, 1960-1986
The pages have been removed from this sign-in book for preservation reasons. They are housed in box 10, folder 6.

Box 10, Folder 6Men's and Women's Glee Club Anniversary Celebrations Sign-in Book, 1960-1986
This folder contains pages removed, for preservation reasons, from a sign-in book entitled The University of Rochester Men's Glee Club Anniversary Celebrations. The exterior of the book is housed separately in box 29. The pages show that in addition to members of the Men's Glee Club, members of the Women's Glee Club attended anniversary celebrations in 1976 and 1986 and at Homecoming 1984.

Box 10, Folder 7Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Awards, undated
Box 10, Folder 8Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Clippings, 1936-1970
Box 10, Folder 9Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Correspondence, 1954-1956, 1965-1966, 1986-1987
Box 10, Folder 10Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Recording, Travel, and Translation Information, circa 1951-1965
Box 10, Folder 11Men's and Women's Glee Clubs Reunion, 1986
Box 11, Folder 1Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1955-1958
Box 11, Folder 2Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1959-1966
Box 11, Folder 3Mozart-Cosi and Requiem, 1964-1965
Box 11, Folder 4All-University Symphony Orchestra Mozart Recitals and Orchestra, 1965
Box 11, Folder 5Mozart Weekend General, 1964-1965
Box 11, Folder 6Mozart Weekend, 1965
Box 11, Folder 7Mutual Broadcasting Program, 1962
Box 12, Folder 1Pep Band, 1959-1963
Box 12, Folder 2Pianos and Organ, 1954-1961
Box 12, Folder 3Reports to Dean Habein, 1955-1956
Box 12, Folder 4-5Song book, 1954-1959
Box 12, Folder 6-7University of Rochester Songs, 1948-1956
Box 13, Folder 1Stravinsky Weekend, 1962-1963
Box 13, Folder 2Strong Auditorium Concert Series Invitations, 1966-1971
Box 13, Folder 3Summer Session Materials, 1955-1959
Box 13, Folder 4Summer Session Materials, 1960
Box 13, Folder 5Summer Session Materials, 1961
Box 13, Folder 6Summer Session Materials, 1962
Box 13, Folder 7Summer Session Materials, 1964-1966
Box 13, Folder 8Symphony Organization, 1955-1956
Box 14, Folder 1Symphony Orchestra Personnel, 1955-1956
Box 14, Folder 2Symphony Orchestra Personnel, 1956-1957
Box 14, Folder 3Symphony Orchestra, 1957-1958
Box 14, Folder 4Symphony Orchestra Personnel, 1957-1958
Box 14, Folder 5Symphony Orchestra, 1956-1957
Box 14, Folder 6Sympony Orchestra, 1957-1958
Box 14, Folder 7Symphony Orchestra, 1958-1959
Box 14, Folder 8Symphony Orchestra, 1959-1960
Box 14, Folder 9Symphony Orchestra Personnel, 1959-1960
Box 14, Folder 10Symphony Orchestra, 1960-1961
Box 15, Folder 1Symphony Orchestra Personnel, 1960-1961
Box 15, Folder 2Symphony Orchestra, 1961-1962
Box 15, Folder 3Symphony Orchestra (1962-1963) and Personnel (1961-1962)
Box 15, Folder 4Sympony Orchestra, 1962-1963
Box 15, Folder 5Symphony Orchestra, 1963-1964
Box 15, Folder 6Sympony Orchestra Personnel, 1963-1964
Box 15, Folder 7Symphony Orchestra, 1964-1965
Box 15, Folder 8Symphony Orchestra, 1965-1966
Box 15, Folder 9Symphony Orchestra: Brief History, 1965
Box 15, Folder 10Symphony Orchestra 10th Anniversary, 1965
Box 15, Folder 11TV Scripts: Glee Club; University Open House, December 19, 1956; April 18, 1956; December 15, 1957
Box 15, Folder 12Temple Performance, 1962-1963
Box 15, Folder 13Women's Glee Club, 1954-1955
Box 16, Folder 1Women's Glee Club, 1955-1956
Box 16, Folder 2Women's Glee Club, 1956-1957
Box 16, Folder 3Women's Glee Club, 1957-1958
Box 16, Folder 4Women's Glee Club, 1958-1959
Box 16, Folder 5Women's Glee Club: Officer Reports, 1958
Box 16, Folder 6Women's Glee Club, 1959-1960
Box 16, Folder 7Women's Glee Club Reports, 1959-1960
This folder contains one officer report and a roster of members.

Box 16, Folder 8Women's Glee Club, 1960-1961
Box 16, Folder 9Women's Glee Club, 1961-1962
Box 16, Folder 10Women's Glee Club, 1962-1963
Box 16, Folder 11Women's Glee Club, 1963-1964
Box 16, Folder 12Women's Glee Club Reports, 1963-1964
Box 16, Folder 13Women's Glee Club, 1964-1965
Box 17, Folder 1YellowJackets, 1956-1957
Box 17, Folder 2YellowJackets: Europe Correspondence, 1962-1963
Box 17, Folder 3YellowJackets, 1959-1960
Box 17, Folder 4YellowJackets: Europe Correspondence, 1959-1962
Box 17, Folder 5YellowJackets, 1957-1959
Programs, 1875-2014, undated
Box 18, Folder 1Programs, 1875-1899
Box 18, Folder 2Programs, 1900-1942
This folder also contains a newspaper clipping (circa 1914-1915).

Box 18, Folder 3Programs, 1943-1949
Box 18, Folder 4Programs, 1950-1957
Box 18, Folder 5Programs, 1958-1959
Box 18, Folder 6Programs, 1960
Box 18, Folder 7Programs, 1961
Box 18, Folder 8Programs, 1962
Box 18, Folder 9Programs, 1963
Box 18, Folder 10Programs, 1964
Box 19, Folder 1Programs, 1965
A program from the Men's Glee Club's 90th anniversary concert in 1964/1965 was provided to the University Archives in June 2016 by the Special Collections division of the University of Tampa's Macdonald-Kelce Library. The program indicates that the Men's Glee Club performed in Tampa, Florida, on 23 March 1965. This copy of the program contains an insert that served as an order form for the group's 90th anniversary souvenir album.

Box 19, Folder 2Programs, 1966-1968
Box 19, Folder 3-4Programs, 1969-November 1985
Box 19, Folder 5Programs, November 1985-Fall 1986
Box 19, Folder 6Programs, Fall 1986-February 1987
Box 19, Folder 7Programs, February-October 1987
Box 19, Folder 8Programs, November 1987-April 1988
Box 19, Folder 9Programs, April-December 1988
Box 19, Folder 10Programs, Spring 1989-March 1991
Box 19, Folder 11Programs, April-November 1991
Box 20, Folder 1Programs, December 1991-November 1992
Box 20, Folder 2Programs, November 1992-December 1993
Box 20, Folder 3Programs, December 1993-2002
Box 20, Folder 4Programs, 2004-February 2005
Box 20, Folder 5Programs, February-December 2005
Box 20, Folder 6Programs, January-April 2006
Box 20, Folder 7Programs, April-October 2006
Box 20, Folder 8Programs, October 2006-April 2007
Box 20, Folder 9Programs, April-November 2007
Box 20, Folder 10Programs, November 2007-April 2008
Box 20, Folder 11Programs, October 2008-February 2009
Box 20, Folder 12Programs, March-October 2009
Box 20, Folder 13Programs, October 2009-February 2010
Box 20, Folder 14Programs, April-Summer 2010
Box 20, Folder 15Programs, October-December 2010
Box 21, Folder 1Programs, February-October 2011
Box 21, Folder 2Programs, October-December 2011
Box 21, Folder 3Programs, January-February 2012
Box 21, Folder 4Programs, February-April 2012
Box 21, Folder 5Programs, April 2012
Box 21, Folder 6Programs, May-November 2012
Box 21, Folder 7Programs, December 2012-October 2013
Box 21, Folder 8Programs, October 2013-April 2014
Box 21, Folder 9Programs, undated
Box 22, Folder 1Programs (large), 1964-2010
Photographs, color slides, and negatives, 1908-1987
Box 23, Folder 1Photographs: Amahl and the Night Visitors, 1958
Box 23, Folder 2Photographs: Concert Band, 1957-1964
Box 23, Folder 3Photographs: All-University Symphony Orchestra, 1957-1965
Box 23, Folder 4Photographs: Cecilian and Orpheus Corales, 1963-1965
Box 23, Folder 5Photographs: Chapel Choir, 1960-1965
Box 23, Folder 6Photographs: Women's Glee Club, 1957-1965
Box 23, Folder 7Photographs: Men's and Women's Glee Club, 1961-1964
Box 23, Folder 8Photographs: Men's Glee Club, 1955-1960
Box 23, Folder 9Photographs: Men's Glee Club, 1961-1965
Box 23, Folder 10Photographs: YellowJackets, 1958-1965
Box 23, Folder 11Photographs: DePaur, Leonard, undated
Box 23, Folder 12Photographs: Woodbury, Ward, undated
Box 23, Folder 13Photographs: Molzahn, Carol, circa 1958- circa 1959
Box 24, Folder 1Glee Club Photographs with Correspondence from Beth Fainberg to David Schildkret, 1985
Box 24, Folder 2Photographs: Chapel Choir, undated
Box 24, Folder 3Photographs: Women's Glee Club, circa 1980
Box 24, Folder 4Photographs: Glee Club, undated
Box 24, Folder 5Photographs: Glee Club, circa 1980
Box 24, Folder 6Photographs: Men's and Women's Glee Club, circa 1950
Box 24, Folder 7Photographs: Glee Club Florida Tour, Undated
Box 24, Folder 8Photographs with Correspondence, 2002
Box 24, Folder 9Photographs: Men's Glee Club Contact Sheets, 1976
Box 24, Folder 10Men's Glee Club 1976 Tour, 1976
Box 24, Folder 11Men's Glee Club Centennial, 1976
Box 24, Folder 12Photographs: Glee Club Italian Tour, circa 2000
Box 25, Folder 1Color Slides: Marching Band, 1964
Box 25, Folder 2Color Slides: Glee Club, Including Historical Photographs, April 4, 1986
Box 25, Folder 3Color Slides: Historic Glee Club, April 4, 1986
Box 25, Folder 4-6Color Slides: Men's Glee Club 100th Anniversary, April 1976
Box 25, Folder 7-8Color Slides: Outdoor Musical Showcase, October 1987
Box 25, Folder 9Glee Club Negatives, September 30
Box 26Oversize Photographs: University of Rochester Musical Clubs, group, 1920-1921
Box 26Oversize Photographs: University of Rochester Musical Clubs, group, 1911
Box 26Oversize Photographs: Glee Club, group, 1908
Box 26Oversize Photographs: Glee Club, group, 1911 or 1912
Box 27Oversize Photographs: Glee and Mandolin Clubs, 1895-1896, 1901-1902
Box 27Oversize Photographs: Glee Club, 1890-1891, 1895-1896, 1952-1953
Posters, 1911-1985
Box 28Men's Glee Club 100th Anniversary Concert Tour posters (4), Roger Wilhelm Director, March 5-6, 1976
Box 28Men's and Women's Glee Club Concert Tour, Winter Park, Tampa, and Naples, Florida, March 9-16, 1985
Box 28University of Rochester Musical Clubs, Cuba High School Auditorium, March 30, 1911
Flatfile 1Poster, Glee Club Annual Home Concert, April 22, 1926
Flatfile 1Men's Glee Club 100th Anniversary Concert Tour, Roger Wilhelm Director, April 10, 1976
Scrapbooks, 1884-1995
Box 30Scrapbook 1: Men's Glee Club, 1884-1950
This scrapbook contains records of the Men's Glee Club from 1884 to 1950, with the majority of the content relating to the period 1930 to 1940. It consists of memoranda and correspondence, supplemented by concert programs and some newspaper articles. Selected items include the 1909 Club Constitution, a 1927 document that placed the organization under the directorship of a graduate advisor, and travel itineraries for concert tours to Chicago and Washington, D.C. Correspondence discussing the club's 1940 Easter performance at the White House is also included, as is a newspaper heading on the adjacent page proclaiming the performance a "flop."

Box 31Scrapbook 2: Men's Glee Club, 1950-1960
This scrapbook follows the Men's Glee Club's successes between 1950 and 1960 using articles from The Campus, Tower Times, Campus Times, Democrat and Chronicle, and local papers from tour destinations. Selected materials document intercollegiate festivals, Ward Woodbury's appointment and curriculum vitae, the role members of the Men's Glee Club played in his appointment, and concert tours to Washington, D.C., Toronto, Chicago, and Colorado.

Box 32Scrapbook 3: Men's Glee Club, 1983-1986
This scrapbook follows the activities of the Men's Glee Club between 1983 and 1986. It comprises mainly concert programs and itineraries supplemented by some newspaper articles and two pages of photographs.

Box 30Scrapbook 4: University Choir, 1993-1995
This scrapbook contains photographs of the University Choir between 1993 and 1995, most of which are accompanied by a title and caption. The photograph selection includes both posed photographs and candid ones. Selected events include the choir's 1993 retreat at Letchworth State Park and its 1995 European Tour to England and Wales.

Box 33Scrapbook 5: Women's Glee Club, 1958-1964
Through correspondence, programs, newspaper clippings, and travel itineraries, this scrapbook outlines the activities of the Women's Glee Club between 1958 and 1964. Performances of note include trips to Dartmouth College, the University of Rochester's Stravinsky Weekend, and a tribute concert for Howard Hanson. Also included is a copy of the Women's Glee Club Constitution.

Box 34Scrapbook 6: Women's Glee Club, 1960-1964
Containing correspondence and newspaper articles, this scrapbook follows the performances of the Women's Glee Club between 1960 and 1964. Select instances include annual holiday and Parents' Weekend concerts, the club's participation in Elijah alongside the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and the Men's Glee Club, and trips to Buffalo, Dartmouth College, and Hamilton. Also included is correspondence documenting the growth in membership of the club, which resulted in the formation of a new secondary choral group, the Cecilian Chorus.

Box 35Scrapbook 7: Women's Glee Club, 1964-1968
This scrapbook details the performances of the Women's Glee Club between 1964 and 1968 (covering a broader range than the label on the cover suggests) through the use of photographs, news clippings, and concert programs, which are supplemented by descriptive captions. Selected performances include several exchange concerts for which the combined Rochester Glee Clubs both hosted and visited the glee clubs of Dartmouth College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Lehigh University. The Women's Glee Club also hosted the French Choral Mixte Universitaire de Lyon in 1965, and the concert program is included.
The date on the cover of this scrapbook is not comprehensive.

Box 36Scrapbook 8: Women's Glee Club, 1974-1978, 1943, 1946, 1947
This scrapbook covers the performances and other activities of the Women's Glee Club between 1974 and 1978 through the use of programs, captions, articles, and some correspondence. Selected events include a performance at the Eastman School of Music, an exchange series with the Youngstown Men's Glee Club, and participation in the 1978 River Campus Music Week. A concert seating chart for the Women's Glee Club supplements the other materials. Also included are three concert programs from 1943, 1946, and 1947 (one from each year).

Box 36Scrapbook 9: Women's Glee Club, 1978-1980
Primarily concerning the years 1978 to 1980, this scrapbook follows Women's Glee Club activities through the use of photographs, captions, newspaper clippings, and concert programs. Selected events include a concert exchange between the combined University of Rochester Glee Clubs and the Hart House Choir of the University of Toronto, Boar's Head dinners, holiday concerts, fundraisers, and the Men's and Women's Glee Club Spring Tour of 1980. Also included are correspondence and other materials donated by Glee Club alumnae that refer to the years 1937, 1939, 1949, and 1950, alongside a collection of University songs composed by women.

Box 34Scrapbook 10: Women's Glee Club, 1980-1983
Through photographs, articles, and programs, this scrapbook outlines performances by the Women's Glee Club between 1980 and 1983. Selected events (other than annually recurring concerts) include the club's participation in the 27th Annual Bach Festival, its performance with Rutgers University's glee club at Strong Auditorium, and a guest performance by Harvard University's glee club.

Box 37Scrapbook 11: Women's Glee Club, 1985-1986
Concerning the academic year of 1985-1986, this scrapbook gives a concise summary of the performances and other activities of the Women's Glee Club through the use of articles, programs, and captions. Selected performances featured in the scrapbook include the annual Parents' Weekend concert and the Rochester Intercollegiate Choral Festival (which also involved groups from the Eastman School of Music, Nazareth College, and the Rochester Institute of Technology).

Box 38Scrapbook 12: Musical Activities, September 1954 - December 1956
Beginning with the appointment of Ward Woodbury as musical director for the College of Arts and Sciences, this scrapbook follows his early years in the position, during which time the All-University Symphony Orchestra, Chapel Choir, and Concert Band were formed.

Box 38Scrapbook 13: Musical Activities, January 1957 - May 1958
This scrapbook highlights the activities of university musical groups such as the Men's Glee Club, the Women's Glee Club, and the All-University Symphony Orchestra, as well as selected theater performances such as Amahl and the Night Visitors. Materials include newspaper clippings from the Democrat and Chronicle and Campus Times in addition to many concert programs.
A group of clippings and other items that had been inserted, but not attached, in this scrapbook were removed to a separate folder for preservation reasons in 2015. The folder and scrapbook are housed in the same box.

Box 39Scrapbook 14: Various Musical Organizations, September 1958 - May 1960
This scrapbook chronicles selected concerts and other events between September 1958 and May 1960, focusing primarily on the Men's Glee Club but also including other groups such as the Women's Glee Club. It is comprised largely of articles from the Campus Times, supplemented by articles from the Democrat and Chronicle, concert programs, and some photographs.

Box 39Scrapbook 15: General Scrapbook, 1960-1962
This scrapbook covers activities between 1960 and 1962. It focuses mainly on the Men's Glee Club, but also contains records from other groups on campus such as the Women's Glee Club, All-University Symphony Orchestra, and Concert Band. Selected topics include Joseph Henry's period as acting Music Director during Ward Woodbury's leave of absence, Catharine Crozier's performance of Handel's concerto in B flat for organ, and the Men's Glee Club's tour to Florida. The scrapbook consists mainly of clippings from the Campus Times and Democrat and Chronicle as well as concert programs.

Box 40;
Box 41
Scrapbook 16: Various Musical Activities, 1962-1966
Spanning the last four years of Ward Woodbury's tenure at the University of Rochester (1962-1966), this edition offers a detailed account of the musical activities of River Campus ensembles. Of the many performances described, selected events include the YellowJackets' tour of United States Armed Forces bases in Europe, combined performances with other universities, a Men's Glee Club trip to Toronto, a concert honoring compositions by Howard Hanson (at the time director at the Eastman School of Music), and several "theme weekends" focused on Stravinsky, Bach, and Mozart. Selected materials include Campus Times articles, concert programs, and some photographs and correspondence.
For preservation reasons, in 2015, the pages of this scrapbook were removed from their original housing, numbered, and placed into folders preserving their original order.

Box 37Scrapbook 17: Women's Ensemble, 1974
Consisting of programs, articles, correspondence, and captions written by student director Cecilia Carter, this scrapbook follows the Women's Ensemble (soon to renamed Vocal Point in 1975) during 1974. Among the events described are a performance at the Pullman Memorial Universalist Church in Rochester and a performance of songs from Anything Goes on the River Campus.
For preservation reasons, in 2015, the contents of this scrapbook were removed from their originally housing and placed into folders, preserving their original order.

Box 33Scrapbook 18: Vocal Point, 1975-1979
Through correspondence, photographs, concert programs, Campus Times articles, and flyers--accompanied by detailed captions--this scrapbook describes performances and other activities of Vocal Point (formerly the Women's Ensemble) between 1975 and 1979. Materials document the group's independent concerts as well as collaborations with other groups such as the YellowJackets and the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs.

Box 42Scrapbook 19: Viennese Ball Photos, circa 1990
This album is comprised principally of photographs, with several brief captions that signal transitions between different sets of pictures. The first of these subjects is the Viennese Ball, and the photographs included provide examples of the decorations used, the music provided, and the festivities and dancing that took place. The second subject is a 1990 retreat held by a musical group; photographs document various activities and team-building exercises.

Box 43Scrapbook 20: Men's Glee Club, 1960-1980
This Men's Glee Club scrapbook contains photographs, clippings, correspondence, posters, concert programs, schedules, postcards, and other ephemera from the academic years 1960/1961 to 1979/1980. Among the events documented are tours, such as the club's Florida tour in March 1961 and its Canadian tour in January 1963, and the 100th anniversary of the club. The scrapbook contains some materials relating to the Women's Glee Club.

Box 44Scrapbook 21: YellowJackets European Tour, 1961-1963
This scrapbook contains materials from 1961 to 1963 relating to the YellowJackets' European tour in the summer of 1963. The tour consisted of performances at United States Army bases in France, Italy, and Germany. Contents of the scrapbook include articles as well as various materials relating to auditions, concerts, and travel. Articles, from the Campus Times and other publications, publicized the group in the months leading up to its tour. Audition materials include a draft of an audition announcement for women performers and the audition forms of the three women who were later selected to tour with the YellowJackets. Materials relating to the group's concerts include a program outline, concert lineups, and a typed sign to reserve a piano. Travel materials consist of flight information, a boarding pass, a luggage tag, maps of public transportation, a booklet called Facts for Entertainers created by the Special Activities Division of the Army, a menu translator from the Army Service Clubs, conversion tables for currency and units of measurement, and hotel ephemera. With a postcard from France, tourist brochures, maps of tourist attractions, tour guide books, and napkins from restaurants, the scrapbook shows that although the YellowJackets were busy with their performances, they made time to enjoy being tourists. The scrapbook also includes a booklet about the Melody Maids, a touring, all-female group that performed for the Army; the USO Annual Report, 1961; correspondence from Private Don Nelson to the office of University President W. Allen Wallis expressing his thanks for the YellowJackets' performance in Schwetzingen, Germany; and correspondence from the assistant to the president thanking Private Don Nelson for his letter.
For preservation reasons, in 2016, the pages of this scrapbook were removed from their original housing, numbered, and placed into folders preserving their original order. Some items had separated or were separating from the pages where they had originally been taped; these materials were placed into folders without their former backing. When it was possible to determine the original layout of materials on a given page, a photocopy of the layout was included in the folder. Several items appear to have been inserted in the scrapbook, but not attached; these were placed into folders corresponding to the pages where they were found.

Box 45Scrapbook 22: The YellowJackets Go to Europe, 1961-circa 1965
Materials in this scrapbook, which range from 1961 to circa 1965, include correspondence and applications regarding overseas touring, guidelines for September 1962 to September 1963 touring from the National Music Council Armed Forces Overseas Touring Committee, letters from University administration, articles and letters printed in various publications including the Campus Times, and a United Service Organization newsletter.

Please see the folder listing below for details about the contents of this scrapbook.
For preservation reasons, in 2016, the contents of this scrapbook were removed from their original housing in a binder and placed into folders preserving their original order. In cases when multiple items were laid out on a page, photocopies were made to capture the original layout before items were removed.

Box 45, Folder 1Cover page; application for September 1964-September 1965 overseas touring, circa 1963-1965
On the application, when asked why they believed their group was qualified to perform in the tour, the YellowJackets answered, "Our group exists because we like to sing. All members of the YellowJackets are selected from the Men's Glee Club according to musical ability and have the desire to sing the lighter variety of music offered by the YellowJackets. Our concerts are informal with a proper blend of spontaneity and professional polish. Our previous USO tour has given us our most valuable experience. Performing for the armed forces has taught us to be adaptable to any audience and has demonstrated the type of entertainment our troops would enjoy."

Box 45, Folder 2Correspondence relating to September 1962-September 1963 overseas touring and application; Dr. Ward Woodbury quotation; photocopy of Democrat and Chronicle article, 1961, May 5, 1963
Along with their letter of interest to Archie N. Jones, chairman of the National Music Council Armed Forces Overseas Touring Committee, the YellowJackets included a brochure which had their picture and a description of their group. The description stated, "a group of the highest quality voices selected from the celebrated Men's Glee Club of the University of Rochester. This outstanding group entertains with novel arrangements of the best popular songs, lively spirituals, clever 16th century glees, and the close harmony of 'barbershop' singing." The YellowJackets wrote to Dr. Ward Woodbury, their director, for his approval on their decision to apply for overseas touring. He wrote back, "By all means go ahead with the application for Overseas Touring Group. … 'Press foreward [sic] with vigor!'" The article in the Democrat and Chronicle includes information about the YellowJackets' performance of their tour program on 1 June 1963 in Strong Auditorium. This program included "arrangements of popular tunes such as 'Moon River' and some from 'West Side Story', 'The Music Man', 'Porgy and Bess', spirituals and novelty numbers."

Box 45, Folder 3Correspondence relating to letters of recommendation and tour dates; letter in Campus Times, November 1961-April 1962
The YellowJackets were originally offered the opportunity to tour overseas from 24 September 1962 through 8 October 1962. Provost McCrea Hazlett, other University administrators, and Dr. Ward Woodbury decided to decline the dates offered due to concerns that touring during the academic semester would cause the YellowJackets to fall behind in their coursework. Members of the group and some other University of Rochester students were disappointed with this decision because they believed the YellowJackets would not be permitted to tour at all. On 23 March 1962, the Campus Times printed a copy of a letter written to Provost McCrea Hazlett by College Cabinet President Robert Pelcyger which stated, "It was with extreme disappointment that I learned of your recent action declining the invitation extended to the YellowJackets by the Government without prior consultation with either Dr. Woodbury or the group itself. … I am not questioning the sagacity of your decision. I do not know enough about the situation to arrive at a judgment concerning the worth of the proposed trip. I am protesting your apparent total disregard of the views and opinions of those persons, both students and Dr. Woodbury, who are most directly concerned." On 3 April 1962, Provost Hazlett clarified to the YellowJackets that they would have the opportunity to tour in the summer. In response, Robert Pelcyger wrote to the editor of the Campus Times on 6 April 1962 and said, "I would like to make the following corrections. … The invitation to the YellowJackets was not declined unconditionally. Rather, the government was notified that the proposed dates were unacceptable. … Dr. Woodbury was consulted before the final communication was sent. I want to apologize for these inaccuracies in the previous letter."

Box 45, Folder 4Correspondence relating to tour planning; publicity including Campus Times article, April-July 1962, September 1962
Box 45, Folder 5Correspondence and advertisement relating to group expansion; 1964-1965 Overseas Tour announcement and application, 1962, circa 1963
The typed application for overseas touring in this folder appears to be a final draft; an earlier version is included in the scrapbook as well, immediately after the cover page. This version of the application shows that the YellowJackets had responded to a suggestion by Archie N. Jones, chairman of the National Music Council Armed Forces Overseas Touring Committee, that they add female performers to their show for more variety. After holding auditions for their summer 1963 European tour, the YellowJackets added three female vocalists, a drummer, and a bass player to their performances.

Audio and video recordings, 1940-2010
A number of LPs and reel-to-reel tapes in this collection have been transferred to digital format. Please contact the University of Rochester Archives ( for more information.

LPs, 1940-1987, undated
Hopeman Memorial Chimes, undated
Elysian Fields, Men's Glee Club, undated
University of Rochester Medley: An Arrangement of University of Rochester Songs by Arthur Satz '51, All-University Symphony Orchestra, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, Orpheus Chorale, and Cecilian Chorale, undated
Glee Club, spring 1940
Speak of the Devil, Kaleidoscope Club, written by Jeanne Brennan '40 and Anna Marie Sinclair '40, 1940 March 8-9
University of Rochester Navy Band, 1944-1945
Make It Fast, Quilting Club, 1949
Centennial Ode: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the University of Rochester, 1850, Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Eastman School of Music Chorus, 1950
Harem Scarem, Quilting Club of the University of Rochester, 1951
Kaleidoscope Club, 1952
Andean Love Call, Quilting Club, 1952
Where Do We Go from Here?, Kaleidoscope, 1953
Id's a Gamble, Quilting Club, 1954
What the Devil?, Kaleidoscope, 1954
Station WRUR Studio Transcription, Q-Club, 1955
A Star Is Made, Quilting Club, 1956
Audition for Ed Sullivan Show, Men's Glee Club, 1956
Men's Glee Club concert volume I, 1956-1957
Men's Glee Club test record volume I, 1956-1957
Open Haunting Season, Kaleidoscope, 1957
My Fir Lady, Quilting Club, 1957
Men's Glee Club volume II, 1957-1959
Men's Glee Club test record volume II, 1957-1959
YellowJackets test record, 1958
YellowJackets of the University of Rochester Men's Glee Club, 1958-1959
Christmas on the Campus, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, and Chapel Choir, 1959 December 13
Christmas Concert: Shepherds Rejoice by Frackenpohl, Men's Glee Club with Brass Ensemble, 1959
Men's Glee Club volume III, 1959-1961
Men's Glee Club test record volume III, 1961 April 3
Audition Record, Men's Glee Club Christmas test record, 1961
Men's Glee Club and YellowJackets volume IV, 1961-1963
Trumpets on the Tower, Easter Sunday, Chapel Choir, 1965
90th Anniversary album and excerpts from 74th Annual Home Concert, Men's Glee Club, 1965
Men's Glee Club 90th Anniversary, test record, 1965 March 11
The University of Rochester presents Requiem by Hector Berlioz, All-University Symphony Orchestra, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, Orpheus Chorale, Cecilian Chorale, 1965
The University of Rochester presents Requiem by Hector Berlioz, test record, All-University Symphony Orchestra, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, Orpheus Chorale, Cecilian Chorale, 1965
The University of Rochester presents American Jazz Mass, Parents Weekend 1966, and excerpts from A Christmas Concert 1965, University Chorus, 1965-1966
American Jazz Mass, test record #24026, All-University Chorus Christmas Concert, 1966
King David by Arthur Honegger, performed by Women's Glee Club, Rensselaer Polytechnic Glee Club, and Orchestra, 1966 April 17
University of Rochester Presents Carmina Burana by Carl Orff and Parents Weekend Concert, 1966
University of Rochester Presents Carmina Burana, test record (CB I), 1966
University of Rochester Presents Carmina Burana, test record (CB II), 1966
New Sounds, YellowJackets featuring the Tritones, 1966
YellowJackets test record, 1966
A Margin of Madness, Jesters, 1967
Men's Glee Club Concert, 1967
Colgate University Glee Club and University of Rochester Women's Glee Club Combined Concert, 1968
The YellowJackets in Concert, including the Tritones, Kaleidoscope, 1968
YellowJackets of the University of Rochester: 30th Year, 1987
Reel-to-reel tapes, 1960s-1990s
CDs, 1990s-2000s
Audio cassettes, 1980s-2010s
VHS tapes, 1960, 1964, 1991-1992

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