Dexter Perkins Papers

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Dexter Perkins papers
Creator: Perkins, Dexter, 1889-1984
Call Number: D.73
Dates: 1905-1975
Physical Description: 12 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Book correspondence and revisions
Series III: Lectures, lecture notes, and course notes
Series IV: Subjects
Series V: Personal records
Series VI: Publications
Collection Overview
Title: Dexter Perkins papers
Creator: Perkins, Dexter, 1889-1984
Call Number: D.73
Dates: 1905-1975
Physical Description: 12 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Dexter Perkins was born in Boston, graduated from Harvard in 1909 and earned his doctorate in philosophy there in 1914. He joined the Rochester Faculty that year as an assistant professor of history. He advanced to full professor in 1925, when he became head of the history department.

Dr. Perkins was an official United States historian at the 1945 San Francisco Security Conference that preceded the organization of the United Nations. Later that year, he was the first to teach a new course on American History and Institutions at Cambridge University. He also taught at Uppsala University in Sweden and was instrumental in creating the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies in Austria, presiding over annual gatherings from 1950-1961. During his long association with the American Historical Association he served as both president and secretary.

Dr. Perkins was the author of 17 books, many of them on the formation and conduct of America foreign policy. He was regarded by his contemporaries as a leading expert on the Monroe Doctrine, about which he wrote several volumes. After his retirement in 1954, he became the first John L. Senior Professor of American Civilization at Cornell University and held that chair until 1959. He also continued to write and lecture at institutions in this country and abroad. His memoirs, "Yield of the Years," appeared in 1969.

He died in May, 1984 at the Brightonian Convalescent Care Center in Rochester. He was 94 years old.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of correspondence (personal and about book and articles published); outline of courses taught at the University of Rochester; subjects of interests; and some of his published articles and speeches.

World War (1914-1918)
Perkins, Dexter, 1889-1984
University of Rochester -- Faculty
United Nations Conference on International Organization
Immediate Source of Acquisition
The material was received from the President's office on July 9, 1971. Correspondence received from Dr. Perkins on October 19, 1973.Access
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[Item title, item date], Dexter Perkins papers, D.73, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 1-19Correspondence, October 1905-July 1920
Box 2, Folder 1-9Correspondence, August 1920-1955
Series II: Book correspondence and revisions
Box 3, Folder 1American attitude towards war (Yale Review, Winter, 1949)
Box 3, Folder 2Life of James Monroe
Box 3, Folder 3Book for Harvard Press
Box 3, Folder 4The New Deal End World War II book
Box 3, Folder 5-6Hands off - revisions
Box 3, Folder 7Charles Evans Hughes book
Series III: Lectures, lecture notes, and course notes
Box 4, Folder 1Benjamin Franklin: philosopher and public servant
Box 4, Folder 2Declaration of Independence: American idealism
Box 4, Folder 3The Constitution: American imperialism
Box 4, Folder 4George Washington: soldier and statesman
Box 4, Folder 5Harry S. Truman: the growth of a politician
Box 4, Folder 6Woodrow Wilson: idealist
Box 4, Folder 7Pearl Harbor
Box 4, Folder 8Theodore Roosevelt: pragmatist
Box 4, Folder 9Note on my family
Box 4, Folder 10Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, 1943
Box 4, Folder 11Lectures, 1951-1953
Box 4, Folder 12San Francisco conference
Box 4, Folder 13William H. Seward, Secretary of State Speech at Union College celebration
Box 4, Folder 14American approach to foreign policy, Sweden
Box 4, Folder 15-16Lectures
Box 4, Folder 17-18Lecture notes: miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 1Lectures: History 132
Box 5, Folder 2Lectures: History 137-8 (1789-1815)
Box 5, Folder 3Lectures: History 137-8 (1815-1848)
Box 5, Folder 4Lectures: History 137-8 (1848-1865)
Box 5, Folder 5Lectures: History 137-8 (1865-1898)
Box 5, Folder 6Lectures: History 137-8 (1898-1921)
Box 5, Folder 7Lectures: History 137-8 (1933- )
Box 5, Folder 8Lectures: History I
Box 5, Folder 9History III
Box 5, Folder 10History IV: through the Spanish American War
Box 5, Folder 11History IV: senior thesis on the Spanish American War
Box 5, Folder 12Cornell course, Spring 1954
Series IV: Subjects
Box 6, Folder 1American expansionism
Box 6, Folder 2American nationality and American ideals
Box 6, Folder 3American reparation policy
Box 6, Folder 4Agriculture

Box 6, Folder 5Articles of Confederation and Constitution
Box 6, Folder 6American Revolution: military
Box 6, Folder 7Some aspects of the revolution social forces
Box 6, Folder 8Blaine, James G.
Box 6, Folder 9British politics and the American Revolution
Box 6, Folder 10Can we learn from experience, 1918-194?
Box 6, Folder 11Central America
Box 6, Folder 12Civil War: political aspects, military and naval aspects
Box 6, Folder 13Cleveland and Harrison: financial questions
Box 6, Folder 14Colonial conflict on the eve of the revolution
Box 6, Folder 15Colonial economic organization and social life
Box 6, Folder 16Coolidge
Box 6, Folder 17Cuba
Box 6, Folder 18Defense, 1952
Box 6, Folder 19Depression of the 1870's, two depressions, 1873 and 1929
Box 6, Folder 20Diplomacy to 1800: introductory lectures on diplomacy
Box 6, Folder 21, 23Diplomacy to 1800: diplomacy of American Revolution
Box 6, Folder 22Diplomacy to 1800: Constitution and diplomacy, principle of isolation
Box 6, Folder 24Diplomacy to 1800: Constitution and diplomacy, rupture with France
Box 6, Folder 25Diplomacy to 1800: French alliance and peace negotiations
Box 6, Folder 26Diplomacy to 1800: foreign policy of the Confederacy
Box 6, Folder 27Diplomacy to 1800: Washington diplomacy
Box 6, Folder 28Diplomacy 1800-1822: Madison and the War of 1812
Box 6, Folder 29Diplomacy 1823-1860: diplomacy of the Mexican War
Box 6, Folder 30Diplomacy 1823-1860: Anglo-American relations, 1837-1846
Box 6, Folder 31Diplomacy 1823-1860: Texas
Box 6, Folder 32Diplomacy 1823-1860: diplomacy of Jefferson's second administration, Louisiana Purchase
Box 6, Folder 33Diplomacy 1860-1876
Box 6, Folder 34Diplomacy 1860-1876: diplomacy of the Civil War
Box 6, Folder 35Diplomacy of WWI
Box 6, Folder 36Diplomacy in the 1920s
Box 6, Folder 37Diplomacy of the Hoover administration
Box 6, Folder 38Diplomacy 1932-1950
Box 6, Folder 39Diplomacy since 1945
Box 6, Folder 40Disarmament: war debts and reparations
Box 7, Folder 1Dred Scott Case: Bleeding Kansas War
Box 7, Folder 2Economic development to 1860
Box 7, Folder 3Eighteenth century rationalism: Benjamin Franklin
Box 7, Folder 4Economic development, 1865-1880: business boom after Civil War
Box 7, Folder 5Election of 1860
Box 7, Folder 6Evolution of the courts
Box 7, Folder 7Financing the revolution: supply of gunpowder in 1776
Box 7, Folder 8The fine arts
Box 7, Folder 9Grant Hayes and Garfield
Box 7, Folder 10Haiti
Box 7, Folder 11Holy alliance
Box 7, Folder 12Hoons
Box 7, Folder 13Immigration in the United States: labor and immigration, capitalism and immigration
Box 7, Folder 14Imperialism
Box 7, Folder 15Internal problems in Monroe's administration
Box 7, Folder 16Introductory lecture through voyages of discovery and Christopher Columbus
Box 7, Folder 17Inventions
Box 7, Folder 18Andrew Jackson and the Jacksonian period
Box 7, Folder 19Thomas Jefferson
Box 7, Folder 20Labor to 1860
Box 7, Folder 21Labor since 1860: social radicalism
Box 7, Folder 22Latin American and World War I
Box 7, Folder 23Abraham Lincoln: election of 1860
Box 7, Folder 24Loyalist side of the revolution, rebel side of the revolution
Box 7, Folder 25Manufactures and shipping
Box 7, Folder 26Medicine before 1860
Box 7, Folder 27Mexico
Box 7, Folder 28Monroe doctrine
Box 7, Folder 29Missouri compromise
Box 7, Folder 30Money question
Box 8, Folder 1The Negro
Box 8, Folder 2Nuclear weapon
Box 8, Folder 3Orient in the 1920's
Box 8, Folder 4Pamphlets on Latin America and Central America
Box 8, Folder 5Pamphlets on the Far East
Box 8, Folder 6Pan-Americanism
Box 8, Folder 7Peace Conference and the League of Nations
Box 8, Folder 8Peace movement, Woman's movement
Box 8, Folder 9Personalities from 1815-1830: Monroe, Adams, Clay, Calhoun, Webster
Box 8, Folder 10Political and social progress, Age of reform, National Legislator
Box 8, Folder 11Population: the Western frontier
Box 8, Folder 12Positive work of the revolution
Box 8, Folder 13Puerto Rico and Cuba
Box 8, Folder 14Relations with France and Spain
Box 8, Folder 15Rise of the new capitalism
Box 8, Folder 16Samoa, Hawaii, and Philippines
Box 8, Folder 17Science in America doctrine of evolution
Box 8, Folder 18Roosevelt, Theodore
Box 8, Folder 19Roosevelt, Theodore: foreign policy of Latin America and Morocco
Box 8, Folder 20Roosevelt and the Far East
Box 8, Folder 21Roosevelt: biography and domestic policy
Box 8, Folder 22Santo Domingo
Box 8, Folder 23Slavery question: United States, 1837-1850
Box 8, Folder 24Spain, France, and England in America: the Colonies and colonial conflict
Box 8, Folder 25South and Reconstruction results of the Civil War
Box 8, Folder 26State department speaks
Box 8, Folder 27T.R. Tap
Box 8, Folder 28U.S. policy towards China and Japan
Box 8, Folder 29Venezuela
Box 8, Folder 30Washington, George
Box 8, Folder 31West in the Revolutionary period
Box 8, Folder 32Woodrow Wilson: biography and bibliography
Box 8, Folder 33Wilson and the war
Series V: Personal records
Box 9, Folder 1Loubat prizes
Box 9, Folder 2Photograph of Dexter Perkins, 1918
Box 9, Folder 3Cloth insignia, postcards, 1910's
Cloth insignia: 2 items, 3 postcards - European scenes

Box 9, Folder 4Schedule of trip to England, May-June 1948
Box 9, Folder 5San Francisco conference, April-May 1945
Box 9, Folder 6Retirement, April 1954
Newspaper clippings, faculty meeting

Box 9, Folder 7-9Planned Parenthood
Box 9, Folder 10"The Professor" manuscript poem by Helen A. Cramer
Box 9, Folder 11-12Miscellaneous notes
Series VI: Publications
Box 10, Folder 1The Constitution and the American spirit, 1937
Box 10, Folder 2The love of knowledge, The guide of life, 1937
Box 10, Folder 3Bulletin of the Robert Morris Associates, 1939
Box 10, Folder 4Fundamental principles of American foreign policy, 1941
Box 10, Folder 5The State department speaks, 1944
Box 10, Folder 6Woodrow Wilson: an interpretation, 1946
Box 10, Folder 7Geographical influence: American history, 1947
Box 10, Folder 8Salzburg understanding: 1947-1953
Box 10, Folder 9The memoirs of Cordell Hull, 1949
Box 10, Folder 10PMULA, 1950
Box 10, Folder 11Headline series: the story of US foreign policy, 1951
Box 11, Folder 1Yale review, 1951
Box 11, Folder 2-4Reprint from the Diplomats (1919-1939), 1953
Box 11, Folder 5The Perkins lectures, 1956
Box 11, Folder 6American way, 1957
Box 12, Folder 1We shall gladly teach, 1957
Box 12, Folder 2The satisfactions of a teacher of history, 1960
Box 12, Folder 3Wells express, 1960
Box 12, Folder 4The Monroe doctrine, 1963
Includes 2 book reviews

Box 12, Folder 5Newspaper articles
Box 12, Folder 6Official program of the Steuben Society, 1964
Box 12, Folder 7Review of politics, 1969
Box 12, Folder 8American Academy of Arts & Sciences records, 1973-1974

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