James Watson and Peter Meiksins Study of Engineering Profession

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James Watson and Peter Meiksins study of the engineering profession
Creator: Watson, James Milton, 1931-
Call Number: D.462
Dates: 1980s-1990s
Physical Description: 10 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Revision Information
Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Processing Information
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Series I: Research materials
Series II: Interviews
Subseries 1: Interviews, examples
Subseries 2: Questionnaires
Subseries 3: Interview recordings
Subseries 4: Interview transcript files
Collection Overview
Title: James Watson and Peter Meiksins study of the engineering profession
Creator: Watson, James Milton, 1931-
Call Number: D.462
Dates: 1980s-1990s
Physical Description: 10 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Sociologist James M. Watson was born in 1931 in Los Angeles, California and received his B.A. in Philosophy and his Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA. His thesis on the Watts Riot, for which he directed the field interviews, was one of the first studies of 20th century race riots that revealed the important role of police brutality as a key factor. Funded partly by government grants, it was requested by then Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's office.

After a first job at Indiana University, Watson came to the U. of Rochester in 1968, where his thesis chairperson, (Raymond J. Murphy) had become chair of the Sociology Department. A local firm had donated $50,000 to the University to set up an "Urban Observatory" to study the race riot that had occurred in Rochester and other cities, and some data had already been collected locally by Rochester sociology professor Dean Harper.

When the U of R Sociology was disbanded a few years after his arrival, Watson was invited to become the Chairperson of the Sociology Department at SUNY Geneseo. Watson remained at Geneseo for some 17 years serving as Chair and teaching a variety of courses. Watson's research interests also included the study of professions, theory, and class structure. One of the several research projects he was involved in was the study of engineers.

The material donated herein is based on an incomplete interview- in- depth- study of that profession. He was especially sensitive to the challenges of coding the interview material. Also included in this donation is some data that Watson and colleague Peter Meiksins did of a more survey research type with regard to engineers. Professor Watson was keenly interested in the divide between engineers who created and those who administered, or ones who moved from one focus to the other---i.e. with the topic of job satisfaction and its larger implications for society. He intended future research to include a special focus on women engineers. The interviews were done in the northeast, especially in upstate New York and Connecticut. However, Professor Watson died unexpectedly in August of 2010.

In retirement Professor Watson also taught at the Eastman School of Music, exercising his considerable interest in and knowledge of all types of music, music history and the sociology of music.

Scope and Content
The James Watson and Peter Meiksin Study of Engineering Profession is comprised of two series: Research Materials and Interviews. Both series span the late 1980s and 1990s. The first series includes two folders with notes related to an engineering study Watson conducted, which may be the same one referred to in the Interviews series. The second series includes lists of participating institutions and individuals, selected interview transcripts and questionnaires that subjects submitted.In addition to the eight manuscript boxes of questionnaires, there are 112 cassette tapes with interviews conducted by Watson and Meiksin as part of their study. There are also 58 3 1/2 inch floppy discs with selected interviews transcribed into a software called, Ethnograph.

Series I: Research Materials

Series II: Interviews

Interviews (Sound recordings)
Watson, James Milton, 1931-
Meiksins, Peter, 1953-
Processing Information
This collection was processed by Lori Birrell and Lee LaFleur in 2013. Finding aid written by Lori Birrell and Lee LaFleur in 2013.Immediate Source of Acquisition
The papers were the gift of Leah S. Watson, 2012.Access
The James Watson and Peter Meiksins study of the engineering profession is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
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[Item title, item date], James Watson and Peter Meiksins study of the engineering profession, D.462, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Lori Birrell and Lee LaFleur; revised 2022 by Lev Earle
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Finding aid publication date: 2013
Revision Information
August 2022: This finding aid was revised in August 2022 to update formatting, revise box arrangement, and including information about the digitization of the materials.

Content List
Series I: Research materials
Box 1, Folder 1-2Research materials and interview transcripts
Series II: Interviews
Subseries 1: Interviews, examples
Box 1, Folder 3List of participating institutions and survey's scoring breakdown
Box 1, Folder 4Interview questions
Box 1, Folder 5Donald Allred, interview transcript
Box 1, Folder 6John Long, interview transcript
Box 1, Folder 7Richard Lux, interview transcript
Box 1, Folder 8J. Cobb, personal background data
Box 1, Folder 9Peter Flowers, personal background data
Subseries 2: Questionnaires
Box 1, Folder 10A1-8
Box 1, Folder 11A9-14
Box 1, Folder 12A22-23
Box 1, Folder 13A25-32
Box 1, Folder 14A33-37
Box 2, Folder 1A38-42
Box 2, Folder 2A46, 48-51, 53
Box 2, Folder 3A56-61
Box 2, Folder 4A62-63, 65-68
Box 2, Folder 5A70-72, 74-76
Box 2, Folder 6A77-81, 84, 87
Box 2, Folder 7A88, 90-91, 93, 95-96
Box 2, Folder 8A97-102
Box 2, Folder 9A103-107
Box 2, Folder 10A111-116
Box 2, Folder 11A117-123
Box 2, Folder 12A125-131
Box 2, Folder 13A132-138
Box 3, Folder 1A140-146
Box 3, Folder 2A146-156
Box 3, Folder 3A157-164
Box 3, Folder 4A166-174
Box 3, Folder 5A175-183
Box 3, Folder 6A184-192
Box 3, Folder 7A195-201
Box 3, Folder 8A202-208
Box 3, Folder 9A209-213
Box 3, Folder 10A214-223
Box 3, Folder 11A224-232
Box 3, Folder 12A233-240
Box 4, Folder 1A241-251
Box 4, Folder 2A253-265
Box 4, Folder 3A266-271
Box 4, Folder 4A273-284
Box 4, Folder 5A285-294
Box 4, Folder 6A295-303
Box 4, Folder 7A304-310
Box 4, Folder 8A311-316
Box 4, Folder 9A317-322
Box 4, Folder 10A323-333
Box 4, Folder 11A334-339
Box 4, Folder 12A341-347
Box 5, Folder 1A348-354
Box 5, Folder 2A355-362
Box 5, Folder 3A363-370
Box 5, Folder 4B11-18
Box 5, Folder 5B1-10
Box 5, Folder 6B19-31
Box 5, Folder 7B32-40
Box 5, Folder 8B41-49
Box 5, Folder 5B51-57
Box 5, Folder 10B58-64
Box 5, Folder 11B65-72
Box 5, Folder 12B74-79
Box 5, Folder 13B81-89
Box 6, Folder 1B90-96
Box 6, Folder 2B97-102
Box 6, Folder 3B103-110
Box 6, Folder 4B111-118
Box 6, Folder 5B120-126
Box 6, Folder 6B129-135
Box 6, Folder 7B138-147
Box 6, Folder 8B149-154
Box 6, Folder 9B155-162
Box 6, Folder 10B163-166
Box 6, Folder 11C3-10
Box 6, Folder 12C12-19
Box 6, Folder 13C20-30
Box 6, Folder 14C33-40
Box 6, Folder 15C42-46
Box 7, Folder 1C47-55
Box 7, Folder 2C57-68
Box 7, Folder 3C69-78
Box 7, Folder 4C79-86
Box 7, Folder 5C90-96
Box 7, Folder 6C97-103
Box 7, Folder 7C104-111
Box 7, Folder 8C113-118
Box 7, Folder 9C119-126
Box 7, Folder 10C130-131, D1-5
Box 7, Folder 11D6-16
Box 7, Folder 12D19-26
Box 7, Folder 13D29-35
Box 7, Folder 14D36-49
Box 8, Folder 1D53-59
Box 8, Folder 2D60-69
Box 8, Folder 3D73-78
Box 8, Folder 4D80-86
Box 8, Folder 5D87-93
Box 8, Folder 6D94-102
Box 8, Folder 7D103-110
Box 8, Folder 8D113-120
Box 8, Folder 9D123-130
Box 8, Folder 10D131-139
Box 8, Folder 11D142-147
Box 8, Folder 12D149-151
Subseries 3: Interview recordings
Box 9.OA- Gre
Allred, Donald (2 cassettes)
Biasi, Terry (2 cassettes)
Brown, Mike (2 cassettes)
Chang, Linda (2 cassettes)
Cobb, Josh (2 cassettes)
Connell, Richard (4 cassettes)
Cordery, Robert (2 cassettes)
Czernick, Roman (2 cassettes)
Davidson, Mike (2 cassettes)
Dearlove, John (2 cassettes)
Durst, Robert (2 cassettes)
Flowers, Peter (2 cassettes)
French, Dale (2 cassettes)
Garguilo, Joe (2 cassettes)
Gillespie, Frank (2 cassettes)
Gravell, Linda (2 cassettes)
Greener, Jehuda (2 of 4 cassettes)
Box 9.OGre- N
Greener, Jehuda (2 of 4 cassttes)
Hallaby, Adonis (2 cassettes)
Haque, Shahid(2 cassettes)
Hass, Dan (2 cassettes)
Hughes, Marjaneh (3 cassettes)
Jeffrey, Brigette (3 cassettes)
Kessler, David (2 cassettes)
Kuchyt, Jerry (2 cassettes)
Kurtz, Andy (4 cassettes)
Lang, John (2 cassettes)
Levy, Steve (2 cassettes)
Lux, Richard (3 cassettes)
Martin, Bud (2 cassettes)
McRay, Nelson (3 cassettes)
Millman, David (2 cassettes)
Moore, Karen (2 cassettes)
Naclerio, Ed (2 cassettes)
Box 9.OP- Z
Palamar, Peter (2 cassettes)
Raman, G. (2 cassettes)
Riello (2 cassettes)
Scwartz, Leon (2 cassettes)
Silverberg, Mort (2 cassettes)
Sisson (2 cassettes)
Smith, Paul (1 cassette)
Stevens, Lee (2 cassettes)
Supron, Steve (2 cassettes)
Taylor, Bret (2 cassettes)
Valcarcel, Eric (3 cassettes)
Weiss, Armin (3 cassettes)
Wenner, Steve (3 cassettes)
Young, Doug (2 cassettes)
Zemelman, E. (2 cassettes)
Zuidema, Eric (2 cassettes)
Subseries 4: Interview transcript files
Box 10.OTranscribed interviews on 3 1/2 floppy disks
Allred, Donald (2 floppy disks)
Biasi, Terry (2 floppy disks)
Chang, Linda (2 floppy disks)
Czernick, Roman (2 floppy disks)
Dearlove, John (2 floppy disks)
French, Dale (2 floppy disks)
Garguilo, Joe (2 floppy disks)
Gravell, Linda (2 floppy disks)
Greener, Jehuda (1 floppy disk)
Hallaby, Adonis (2 floppy disks)
Hughes, Marjaneh (1 floppy disk)
Jeffrey, Brigette (2 floppy disks)
Kessler, David (2 floppy disks)
Kurtz, Andy (1 floppy disk)
Lang, John (1 floppy disk)
Levy, Steve (2 floppy disks)
Lux, Richard (1 floppy disk)
Naclerio, Ed (2 floppy disks)
Palamar, Peter (2 floppy disks)
Raman, G. (2 floppy disks)
Riello (2 floppy disks)
Scwartz, Leon (2 floppy disks)
Sisson (1 floppy disk)
Stevens, Lee (2 floppy disks)
Supron, Steve (1 floppy disk)
Taylor, Bret (1 floppy disk)
Valcarcel, Eric (1 floppy disk)
Watson, James (4 floppy disks)
Weiss, Armin (2 floppy disks)
Wenner, Steve (2 floppy disks)
Young, Doug (3 floppy disks)
Zemelman, E. (1 floppy disk)
Zuidema, Eric (1 floppy disk)

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