Mary Norbert Korte Papers

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Mary Norbert Korte papers
Creator: Körte, Mary Norbert, 1934-
Call Number: D.408
Dates: 1966-2010
Physical Description: 10 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Related Materials
Content List
Series I: Poems
Subseries I: Poems By date, 1966-2009
Subseries II: Alphabetized poems
Subseries III: Miscellaneous poems
Subseries IV: Published poems
Series II: Correspondence
Series III: Public appearances, activism materials, and awards
Series IV: Biographical information and personal ephemera
Series V: Audio-visual materials
Series VI: Photographs and surrogate images
Collection Overview
Title: Mary Norbert Korte papers
Creator: Körte, Mary Norbert, 1934-
Call Number: D.408
Dates: 1966-2010
Physical Description: 10 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Born in 1934, Mary Norbert Korte grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Her younger years were heavily influenced by her Catholic family and when she graduated high school in 1952 she joined the St. Rose Convent in San Francisco (Korte, Knight 257). During this period in her life she earned a master's degree in Silver Latin but continued to strictly practice her faith (Knight 258).

Her life changed forever when she attended the Berkeley Poetry Conference in 1965. She was the only nun in attendance but was deeply moved. "She [had] found her true calling (Knight 258)." Excited by her new found love, she stole food from the Convent to give to her starving poet friends and started writing a different, more unconfined type of poetry (Knight 258-9).

In 1968, Korte realized that her religious community did not share her penchant for political activism and writing. She left the convent the same year and moved to Berkeley. Obtaining a job in the psychology department at the University of California, Korte was able to explore herself as a writer and an activist (Knight 258).

In the fall of 1972, Korte was nominated for a National Endowment award and later that year moved to her current residence in the redwood forest in Mendocino County, California. Along with her writing and activism she took up a new project, that of being an environmentalist (Knight 259-260).

Before 1997, Korte had spent most of her life teaching. She was one of the original Poet/Teachers for the California Poets in the Schools program. Thirty years of her life was devoted to this program (Kurt Raw Data). In 1997 she stopped teaching to be the Environmental Director for Coyote Valley Tribe (Biography). To support herself she teaches at a college on an Indian reservation, bringing the joys of writing to students.

Her own publications include Beginning of Lines (1968), Hymn To The Gentle Sun (1967), and Mammals of Delight (1978) including many anthologies such as Remember Our Fire: Poetry by Women (1969) and Poems Read in the Spirit of Peace & Gladness (1966). Today she lives quietly and writes extensively in the Redwood Forest in Mendocino County (260-261).

Scope and Content
The Mary Norbert Korte Papers consists of 10 boxes of Korte's personal papers, including correspondence, manuscript and printed material, works by other authors, printed material and ephemera, biographical documents and materials.

Körte, Mary Norbert, 1934-
Poets, American
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[Item title, item date], Mary Norbert Korte papers, D.408, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterRelated Materials
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Korte, Mary Norbert. An Edited Biography. Raw data. Willits, California. This is a piece of information that she wrote and edited. This is one of the original versions but we are also in possession of other versions.


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Aldebraran Review

Berkeley Poetry Conference

Blue Moon

Everything Irish

Hollow Orange 3

Manhattan Review

Or, Oar, Ore #1


Quarterly News-Letter

Remember Our Fire

The The

Three Poems for Christmas

Way Poems

See also: Knight, Brenda. "Mary Norbert Korte: Redwood Mama Activist." Women of the Beat Generation: the Writers, Artists, and Muses at the Heart of a Revolution. Berkeley, CA: Conari, 1996. 257-61. Print. PS508.W7 W585 1996

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Poems
Subseries I: Poems By date, 1966-2009
Box 1, Folder 11966-1976
grows within me slippery..., 1966
Sharp moving grace, 8 January 1966
For senses are made..., 1967
A quality of woman, 9 March 1967
My divine deed..., 5 April 1967
Among the lions night is still, 3 May 1967
have seen you by the blind..., 20 August 1967
Letter 60, 17 October 1967
Hymn for death and resurrection, 6 October 1967
To tell you what it's like..., 9 October 1967
Lightfall, 28 November 1967
The fire of resurrection, Easter 1968
Let me make you song..., Easter 1968
The road is wrong..., Easter 1968
A poem for the resistance, 3 April 1968
The labyrinth, Spring 1969
Letter 24, 2 September 1969
Ecology action, 11 November 1969
Pineapple (for Yoko Ono), 1970
Natural and acquired politeness, 26 May 1970
Fragment in the manner of a lament, 5 June 1970
The window: for the death of Kenneth Patchen, 8 January 1972
Keep it up, 13 January 1971
Letter to Alta, 20 January 1971
Love poem, 28 January 1971
Report, 6 February 1971
Of patience and doors, 23 February 1971
We have no waterbed, 23 February 1971
Sundayafternoon paper, 7 March 1971
Sundaymorning paper, 7 March 1971
Fourth annual protest poem against war, 24 April 1971
The Westerly movements, 27 May 1971
Sonnet for the hostage, 9 June 1971
Saying I want you is a dance, 27 June 1971
Moving, 28 October 1970, 27 June 1971, 24 August 1971
A smile / Or anything else of value, September 1971
When light picked out importance of the windowframe, 30 September 1971
Everybody's making love or else expecting rain, 1972
Letter fifty: the drowned Phoenician sailor, 8 January 1972
Every time some thing happens some goddam poem will come of it, 16 February 1972
We covered the last place we came down..., 6 April 1972
The great blue heron is not a beautiful bird, May 1972
Thursday, 25 May 1972
Wednesday, 31 May 1972
I M A G E, 19 June 1972
Just like in the movies, 6 September 1972
The rose is a symbol of rage, 7 December 1972
American cradle, 1973
The violational heroine, 15 February 1973
The ten things I look for..., 28 February 1973
For Peter when it is cold, 2 March 1973
For Peter who is away, 30 July 1973
Letter 53: Paradigm to Shirley Kaufman, August 1973
Letter 55: To Peter and Fruud, 18 November 1973
Every day shaggy mane mushroom, Fall 1974
On the death of Anne Sexton, 11 October 1974
All their precious time, 19 November 1974
Letter 60, 1975
Letter sixty-one: Dear mama, 1975
Owl In Cloisonne, 3 January 1975
Winterbirds in woods, 3 January 1975
What a catch..., 14 March 1975
Prescription for the Feast of All Fools, 1 April 1975
In the woods, 25 May 1975
Summit meeting - Ft Bragg Willits Road - 1756 feet elevation, October-April-November 1974-1975
Journal / Aubade, April-November 1975
Wood ducks, April 1976
Greek road dust is our bones, 4 May 1976
Poem for my mother on my forty*second birthday, 7 June 1976
I love you she says, 15 June 1976
And the deer came to be with its neck broken, Fall 1976
Armageddon, 2 September 1976
Poem instead of putting in a window, 5 November 1976
Box 1, Folder 21976-1979
The fault is like closed hands, 1977
Finishing a book in Berkeley, 1977
The skin the tip clipped..., 1977
Turning 40 in Willits, 1977
Boiling point, 15 January 1977
Thunderheads and menageries, 24 January 1977
Letter on the first day of spring, 20 March 1977
Reading Ferlinghetti in an outdoor bathtub one week into spring, 7 April 1977
Sonnet, 25 April 1977
Sanctuary station wildlife and artists' refuge, May 1977
Jumping into the American river, 21-24 September 1977
Tour de force, 25 October 1977
Letter sixty-two: other lives, 10 December 1977
The cat, 1978
The mole, 13 October 1978
Seeing through the hole in the sky, December 1978
Feet of cable/feet of steel, 1979
Last winter we wanted to take that one down, 1979
Keeping still mountain, 1979
If you do not see me dancing about shadow boxing..., 26 February 1979
Forest of quaking aspen, 10 December 1979
Box 1, Folder 31980-1989
The Don Quixote Memorial woodlot, 1980
Relax you fool enjoy the mystic countryside, 1980
This room of trees and moving earth this room where no one knows how sky begins, 1980
Poem to give a house direction, Fall 1981
A bear came into my heart, 3 December 1981
After a winter of drowned mushrooms, 1982
When we had covered the last place we came down..., 1982
The exercise is about blood, 26 February 1982
So you come out..., 29 April 1982
Finally when you have to, 29 April 1982
Closer than hawks, 30 July 1982
O mama you dance now your poor feet fly, 3 August 1982
The fruit flies will go away as soon as the table's been washed..., 6 August 1982
Tools, 19 August 1982
Quetzacotl, 19 August 1982
Machismo, 1 September 1982
O God (for John Lennon) a day in the life, 28 November 1982
Behind a Burger King truck, 5 December 1982
Waxing moon, 28 December 1982
Down the highway to hopland where it floods out every year slides heSaid Lookit that slides, January 1983
No mattresses over 20 feet in length, 2 January 1983
The generation of teachers like fire, February 1983
Neurotic light, May-July 1983
Incantation while sharpening the chain saw, August 1983
The list of house, 20 August 1983
Fugitive ink, 22 November 1983
Fugitive ink: a progress over many miles, 1984
The little lame balloonman, 1985
Chasing down the muse, 29 September 1984
A day in the life in the day, 1986
Stalking the wild beatles, 13 January 1986
Greenham women are everywhere, 1987
Eddie Mae the cook dreamed sister Mary ran off with Allen Ginsberg, 1988
The story of Uncle Guido, 9 March 1988
My mother Gaia the mole, 14 May 1989
Living on the edge, 17 October 1989
Grandmother to me at my father's grave, 16 December 1989
Box 1, Folder 41990-1994
Sometimes golden eagles, 1990
Country bars are the best she thinks..., 16 December 1991
Engraved announcement, 1992
Dangerous lines, 16 January 1992
A breviary in time of drought: preface, 16 January 1992
Full moon of the Albion nation, 15 June 1992
Wooden woman with hair, 22 September 1992
Well remember God remember, 8 October 1992
Lines in the dark, midwinter 1992
At the wolf summit, 19 January 1993
Her sisters & brothers crossing roads person..., 11 August 1993
She hears that the FBI once spent 2 years investigating the song Louie Louie, 11 August 1993
Twelve, 22 November 1993
She knew it was only the refrigerator door..., 31 October 1994
Box 1, Folder 51995-1999
This year will be the..., 1 January 1995
More than you being a nice Catholic boy & me..., 1 January 1996
Promise to the headwaters forest promise to a mother redwood tree, 5 March 1996
Rehearsal, May 1996
The Noyo ridge rabbit, 7 May 1996
Episode in which she explains why she likes art that moves, Midsummer 1996
Falling in to the burn pile, September 1996
They are all singing, 15 September 1996
Falling in to the burn pile, 23 September 1996
Listening to the radical political figure while doing dishes, 24 September 1996
Letter to Lew Welch, 6 October 1996
That point (exactly in the middle), 6 October 1996
Visit, 6 October 1996
Election night, 5 November 1996
The cape buffalo among us, 6 November 1996
A day of action for headwaters forest, 15 November 1996
...the world of sisters & brothers..., 1 January 1997
John Muir welcomes Judi Bari into heaven, 2 March 1997
Do not touch the rain stick, 20 March 1998
Anna & Abraham, 2 April 1997
Jerry and Judi & the spotted owl, 5 August 1997
Meet me in Carlotta, 14 September 1997
Workingman's weed, 11 October 1997
6:30 AM PDT: Bill Clinton's checkers speech, 11 September 1998
Election night is at the full of the moon, 27 October 1998
17th annual Willits library poetry marathon, 14 November 1998
Divorce, 22 November 1998
You pull roadkill off highways to make a safe place for the crows, 1 December 1998
Justice, 1 January 1999
In those days, 16 February 1999
Why the hero, 17 April 1999
A good life as in God's country, 29 April 1999
But to wildflowers, 30 April 1999
Domestic cat is not a subsistence hunter (why we do not need another war), 3 May 1999
Heli Campcommet copter logging, 5 May 1999
Let me know, 28 May 1999
We persist in building roads next to water, 7 July 1999
Wellness: a little poem for EPA youth, 12 August 1999
2 poems: Outback and Musics on car radios, 19 August 1999
Once there was a fellow named Ray..., 7 December 1999
Box 1, Folder 62000-2001
How Dominican prepared me for life, 2000
Still as water, we can hear the land tell us of what is to come..., 1 January 2000
The Redwood Valley oaks, 25 January 2000
I am the woman who lives in the woods..., 13 March 2000
Industrial boss..., 14 June 2000
RUNNING DREAM: Sometimes it's the dead sometimes it's landed UFO's, 20 June 2000
Elegy for wild sage poetry, 5 September 2000
Small Thanksgiving poem, 23 November 2000
Fishing in the waters of heaven, 2001
G Stein's ghost: I want to go to Fairy Godmother School, 20 February 2001
Sitting in a hole at the bottom of the world, 21 February 2001
Aluta Continua: a box of chocolate bars for Judi Bari and the Rainbow Ridge 500, 24 May 2001
Prescriptions for a ritual exorcism, 25 July 2001
Golden jubilee, 28 July 2001
Offering it up, 1 October 2001
Speechless light, 10 December 2001
Box 1, Folder 72002-2003
Hawthorn court (Spring II), 2002
Weather station, 2002
How we look, 15 March 2002
Magic road, 7 June 2002
A few open lines about the current situation, 8 August 2002
North woods rain listening to songs from Africa, December 2002
Living with Paul Blake's dragon boat & other works of art, 5 December 2002
Haven't heard kingfisher lately, 12 December 2002
For you I would leave flowers, 13 January 2003
Undo the knot of war, 18 January 2003
A true unspoiled by sordid politics valentine for the U.N. Security Council, 14 February 2003
It's her truck, 25 March 2003
Technology, 18 July 2003
Psychology, 25 July 2003
How come there's no Vermont, 13 August 2003
The Noyo ridge rabbit, 22 August 2003
You done good dear, Fall 2003
He's got diamonds on the soles of his shoes, 2 September 2003
Theology, 5 September 2003
Doxology, 7 September 2003
Biology, 8 September 2003
Felinology, 8 September 2003
A really really really good man, 12 October 2003
This go-round, 13 October 2003
Box 1, Folder 82004-2006
This is a poem about computers & how a lot of people tell me they needn't drive me crazy but they do, 15 January 2004
He's got diamonds on the soles of his shoes, 15 April 2004
Life & the world are the same in Irish, 15 May 2004
For the Jubilarians, 31 July 2004
Today is the kind of day..., 28 August 2004
Poem beginning with the name of my favorite grocery store, 6 September 2004
Betha's Kitty Boutique, 17 September 2004
Harvest time blues, October 2004
Chugging down the EA road, 14 October 2004
Bible history I, 26 October 2004
The government guru, 2 November 2004
Get a gun get a dog, 1 January 2005
She's got diamonds on the soles of her shoes, 6 May 2005
Giant magnets, 25 May 2005
For Marilyn-- I speak for more than myself, 30 July 2005
Hiroshima, 5 August 2005
They say light will come back, 21 December 2005
Hang out long enough in one place you get from time to time to see some awesome things, 17 May 2006
In the time of green berries, 21 June 2006
You see some strange things when you work for a tribal government, 30 June 2006
Box 1, Folder 92007-2009
Bible history II, 1 January 2007
Winter disappointment haiku, 28 February 2007
Rooted In the vernal equinox, 21 May 2007
Thanksgiving for Delma, 27 March 2007
no George I failed to file not out of some civil disobedience action but because I failed to file I just failed to file, 12 April 2007
Rain stick sits..., 2 April 2007
Redneck bling, 3 August 2007
Sasquatch, 9 August 2007
A thank-you note, 10 July 2007
Hot running water & a fridgerator, 16 June 2007
Down in the hole, 12 November 2007
The big seven-oh for my brother & his buddies, 20 October 2007
Bad luck trees, 21 September 2007
Now is the age when memory is warmest..., 12 September 2007
When the great Thunder God comes..., 2008
Walking on eggs, 1 January 2008
Travelin', 14 February 2008
Persephone gets to come into the light, 12 March 2008
White bread blues, 15 March 2008
In praise of magic realism, 13 May 2008
Romantic notions hit the brick wall, 22 May 2008
Country wedding, 31 August 2008
Root canal, 26 September 2008
There is a there there Gertrude, 9 November 2008
(Faux) Farewell To Doggie Diner, 18 November 2008
The last cowboy, 18 January 2009
Utterly cool, February 2009
(Always in the woods), 14 February 2009
Feng shui firewood, 15 April 2009
Dangerous lines, Summer 2009
All the ways all the things an Morrison, 7 June 2009
When you live alone, 10 June 2009
Subseries II: Alphabetized poems
Box 2, Folder 1Poems, A - C
A roof over one's head
After the death of Gavin Arthur
All the ways all the things Van Morrison
Always the woods
And the deer came to be with its neck broken
Artistic statement
ALTUA CONTINUA: a box of chocolate bars for Judi Bari and the Rainbow Ridge 500
The bathroom mirror
Blue spirit the phantasma
books of redwood douglasfir pine...
Critical mass
A certain anger
The cat
The cat the ghost & she
To come out of the warrior class is to come out of a 1000-year-habit
Chasing down the muse
Childhood east
It is chickenshit...
Conversation overheard
Box 2, Folder 2Poems, D - F
Dangerous lines
Do you want me to call the po-lice
Documentation in the form of delirium
The dog
Down the highway to hopland where it floods out every year & slides he said lookit that slides
Did I make a poem for my brother & sister on your 40th birthdays
Eleanor & Madeline's last trickortreat
Elegy for wild sage poetry
The endless poem
Enough basta no more fini seldom fini
Farewell to the giant sequoia
Fifty lives a day at Camp Anguish
Fiona Perkins speaks eloquently of those secret places, full of wonder...
For Carmille & David
For my dear companion
For travellers
Fourth annual poem against war
Fragment in the manner of a lament
Box 2, Folder 3Poems, G - K
Giant magnets
Goddess of night and morning
The going
Going to jail with the lesbians
The grammar of war
Greenham women are everywhere
Have you noticed
He said/there is a sparrowhawk
Hooking up the heartmachine
How Dominican prepared me for life
How I would be some night-creature of God...
How is this lucida calligraphy and this is the lowercase for copperplate gothic
How you go about putting off the time of dying
Hundreds of years ago...
I used to think...
In praise for magic realism
In the garden of the years
In the long long time
In the story that is always...
In the years of little rain...
In this country in this time
Indian summer
Into the long long time
Jerry & Judi & the spotted owl
Jesus saves in Northern California
Journal / Aubade
Jumping into the American river
Just as you said love it's a death
Box 2, Folder 4Poems, L - Q
The Ladies Breakfast League
LEARNING CURVE: response to the atomic clock
The length of loyalty
Letter 7
Letter 56: to Morton Marcus
Letter of the first day of spring
The little lame balloonman
Living in the woods...
Living the dream
Magic potion
No mattresses over twenty feet in length
Mary worries at her words so...
Meanwhile back at family Christmas
Meet me in Carlotta
In memoriam: a history of great affairs of the world in rain
Millennium trees
Mirror on the vanity table
Moon for mothers Ireland
Neurotic light
Notes on talking
The Noyo ridge rabbit
O God (for John Lennon) a day in the life
O mama you dance now your poor feet fly
In the orchard afternoon sun cold
Of patience and doors
The permission
The permission / The reading / The road
Persephone gets to come into the light
Pileated woodpecker movies in 9AM...
Poem beginning with the name of my town
Poem for Marco and Peter
Poem to go with a bottle of Yukon Jack
The poet
Portrait of my mother
In praise of magic realism
Promise to Judi Bari Promise to Headwaters Forest Promise to a Mother Redwood Tree
Box 2, Folder 5Poems, R - S
It is raining there is...
Recipe for ecology
Redneck bling
Redwood trees call forth...
A roof over one's head
This room of trees and moving earth this room where no one knows how sky beings
Root canal
The rose is a symbol of rage
See! Another spring
Seeing through the hole in the sky
Seldom: because the FBI investigated Louie-Louie
A seldom used line/ often profession
She has earnest conversations with...
She knew it was only the refrigerator door...
She said
She was buried in a Nieman-Marcus box
Sisypha: running dream
The sixth year of drought
So one enters the woods
Song for the long-ago lover
Sometimes a great ship slides...
Sometimes golden eagles
Spring/summer bed
Box 2, Folder 6Poems, T - Z
To tell you what it's like...
Then speak no stars...
It is them as steals...
Theology: breathing
There are ya-yas everywhere
They say if you live next to a river long enough...
This room of trees & moving earth this room where no one knows how sky begins
To those women from my mother to Mother Superior to Mother Earth
Throwing firecrackers out the window while the ex-husband drives by
Thunderheads & menageries
Tirade I: in the seasons of little rain
Tirade II: cafe woman
Tirade III: germ theory
Turning 40 in Willits
Twenty thousand lawyers
Vietnam you bombed us all
Vivian's ghost
Voice II
Water the key to it all
Weather jealous
We covered the last place...
We're getting there- just wait
We wood
What is a catch...
When you left me I began to dream of crowds
Who is Mel Lawson and why is he writing such shit
The window: for the death of Kenneth Patchen
Wooden woman with hair
You are my planet
Subseries III: Miscellaneous poems
Box 3, Folder 1Miscellaneous first pages of poems
Box 3, Folder 2Miscellaneous second pages of poems
Box 3, Folder 5Manuscripts
Hymn to the gentle sun
Beginning of lines
Mammals of delight
Subseries IV: Published poems
Box 3, Folder 3Published poems, A - T
American cradle
Bible history
Country wedding
Down the highway to Hopland where it floods out every year & slides he said lookit that slides
Election night is at the full of the moon
Fourth annual poem against war
Funeral at sea
A grammar of war
The generation of teachers like fire
Hawthorne court (Spring II)
How Dominican prepared me for life
Letter twenty-three
My mother & Gaia & the mole
Poem to give a house direction
Promise to Headwaters Forest Promise to a Mother Redwood Tree
Reading from I Ching
Seldom: because the FBI investigated Louie-Louie
Turning 40 in Willits
Box 3, Folder 4Published poems, T - Z
Thanksgiving for Delma
They say light will come back
This year will be the winter spring the summer...
Two poems
Walking on eggs
Utterly cool
While we slept America
Series II: Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 1Personal correspondence, from A - B
Aldwell, Julie (Jules), 24 December 1979-3 June 2008
3 letters
See Wood, Tera

Ball, Betty, 28 June 2004
Barry, Joe, George, & Bart, 2007 October 20
Big Eagle, Duane & Katherine, 31 July 1979-21 October 1982
10 letters

Black, Ray, 21 May 1983, undated
2 letters

Bosque, Gloria, 9 March 1979, undated
Bruneau, Betsy & family, 1 January 2005-14 January 2008
Burgess, Steve & Carolyn, 15 December 1982
Burke, Clifford, undated
Burkhardt, Hanna, 29 August 2001-14 December 2004
4 letters

Box 4, Folder 2Personal correspondence, from C - E
Canan, Janine, from MNK, 31 July
Carr, David, 10 March 1973-5 April 1982
3 letters

Cowan, David, 2 March 1980
Craig, Edward, 17 August 1979-19 December 2001
3 letters

Cummins, Kathy, 20 July 1977-13 May 1980
2 letters

DeBar, Janet, 6 June 2009
Di Prima, Diane - from MNK, undated (never sent)
Dorbin, Sandy, undated
Doty, Mark, 9 October 2007
Earley, Beth, 7 February 1978-13 March 1980
5 letters

Edell, Hally, 11 October 1979
Elliott, Therica, 2 May 1979-18 December 1979
2 letters

Box 4, Folder 3Personal correspondence, from F - H
Frank, Diane, 17 September 2007-15 September 2008
Also includes a letter from MNK, 21 September 2007
2 letters

Gallo, Kate, 25 August 1979
Grapes, Jack, 17 June 1980-21 June 1981
Griffith, E.V., 28 October 1978
Griggs, Kari (Kari Temple), undated
Guenther, Allanya, 17 March 1981-8 April 2002
2 letters

Hassler, Scott, 31 March 1982
Hayden, Wayne, from MNK, 1 June 1980
Hellman, Steve, 5 June 2007
Hiatt, Ben L., 8 February 1981-22 June 1983
Includes an undated response from MNK
9 letters

Hiatt, Juliene, 24 August 1982
Higgins, Ellen and Mary Ellen Jones, 29 March 1976-20 July 1981
6 letters

Hopkins, Lib, 25 September 1978
Hunt, Nan, 1980
Hunt, Jean, undated
Hunter family, undated [1996?]
Box 4, Folder 4Personal correspondence, from J - M
Jones, Mary Ellen, 20 July 1981-undated
4 letters
See Higgins, Ellen

Kaufman, Shirley, 1 January
Kirchoff, Terry (Martha and Paul), 1978-December 2007
8 letters

Kirkpatrick, Don, 29 May 2007
Krebs, Al, 2 January 1981
Korte, George, 26 June 1998
McCarthy, Randy, 14 December 1978
McMann, Cindy, undated-8 October 2008
3 letters

Mears, Darla, 3 August 1979
Mendocino Litfest - Dot Brovarney, 31 August 2007
See also Cindy McMann

Miller, Rose, 3 January 2009
Milne, Sharon, 31 October 1981
Morgan, Michele, 3 November 2001
Muchowski, Val - from MNK, undated
Box 4, Folder 5Personal correspondence, from N - R
Neruda, Pablo, 22 February 2008
Nye, Naomi Shihab, 5 November 2007
O'Brien, James Edward, 9 October 1978
Parks, Annette, 5 September 1979
Parks, David, 5 September 1978
Patch, Ray, 19 May 1983
Patchen, Kenneth - from MNK, 14 September 1967
Peals, P. [?], May 1983
Pendell, Dale (Kuksu journal), 19 March 1981
Pred, Noah, March 12, undated
Birth announcement

Phantasm - Jackson, Larry S., 28 April-30 September 1980
3 letters

Rain, Patricia, 5 June 1978
Rath, Paula G., 21 June 1980-20 July 1981
3 letters

Ray, William (Bill) J., 27 May 2007
Rose, Sharon, 29 September 1982
Ross, Cliff, 21 July 1979
Ross, Neil W., 17 May 1999
Includes an undated response from MNK

Rule, Robin, undated
2 letters

Rule-Gustafson, Ari and Kate, 31 December 2008
Box 4, Folder 6Personal correspondence, from S - Z
S., Karen & Wilbur, 4 September 1978
Sides, Lora Sue, 8 June 2007
Simon, John Oliver, 13 September 1978-2 January 1982
8 letters

Simpson, Sister Patricia, December, circa 2008
Pano Stephens [Law office], 14 December 2007
Stroud, Joseph, 24 April [circa 1998?]
Suntree, Susan, 16 April 1979-2 August 1982
5 letters

Tannenbaum, Judith, 4 March 1979
Vane, Paul, 22 September 1977
Vecchione, Patrice, 16 June 1982
Volz, Jory, 28 July 2007
Walsh, Eileen, 15 August 1979
Warde, Valerie, undated
Weiss, Ruth, 7 June 2009
Wells, Judy, 12 April 2005-9 May 2008
2 letters

Wheatwind, Mimi, August 1982, undated
2 letters

Wood, Tera & Julie (Jules) Aldwell, 24 December 1979-3 June 2008
3 letters

Zier, Alison, December 1979-24 March 1980
Box 4, Folder 7Personal correspondence, first name only, from A - J
Alicia, undated
Anna, 5 April 1979
Arthur (signature not legible), undated
B, undated
Sister Bernetta, 18 July 1968
Betsy & George, 1998-2002
3 letters

Big, 15 January 1980-17 August 2001
3 letters

Bobette, undated
2 letters

Cindy & David, undated
Derry/Barry, undated
Deni, 25 April 1979
Don, undated
Ellen, 20 September 1977
Eva, 6 August 1982
Hal (signature not legible), undated
J[...] J[...] (signature not legible), undated
Jamie and Irene, 28 September-14 November 1978
4 letters

Jeff, 5 November 1978, undated
Jetta, 20 July 1979
Joanna & George, undated
MNK's nephew

John, Janet, and Darren, [December 1975?]
Box 4, Folder 8Personal correspondence, from MNK to first name only
Box 4, Folder 9Personal correspondence, first name only, from K - Z
Karin, undated
Laurel and Bob, 13 October
Lu, 15 June 1980
M[...] (signature not legible), undated
Mallory, 13 May 1979
Marcelino, undated
Mary, 25 April 1979
Melissa, [1982]
Michelle and Miguel, undated
Mike (Walnut Creek), 23 August
Missy, 25 April 1979
Newman, undated
Noelle, 27 October 2002
Natale, undated
P & R, 1995
Robin, June 1983
Shelley, undated
Ted and Cathy, undated
Toby, 8 August 1981
Wanda, 15 May 1978
Box 4, Folder 10Professional & financial correspondence, A - M
To and from MNK

Anderson Valley Advertiser
Bottomfish Magazine
California Arts Council
California Poets in the Schools
Conari Press
Continuing Presences - Koolish, Lynda (Stanford University)
Coyote Valley Tribal Council
Diocese of Oakland (California)
D-Q University
Friends of the Noyo
See also William Ray correspondence

Inez Foster Elementary School, San Antonio, TX
John Swett Unified School District, Crockett, CA
Kennedy High School, Sacramento, CA
Little Magazine
Mendocino College
Mendocino County Courthouse
Mendocino County Library
Mendocino County School District
Merlin Press
Box 4, Folder 11Professional & financial Correspondence, N - Z
To and from MNK

National Endowment for the Arts
National Institute for Mental Health
P.E.N. American Center
Performing Tree
Pot Shard Press
Prairie Home Companion
Redwood Nation Earth First!
San Francisco Oracle
San Francisco Public Library
Shell Oil Company
Sonoma State University
Thurston Auto Plaza
Toiyabe Indian Health Project, Inc.
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement
University of Rochester
Who's Who in Poetry 1978
Willits Art Commission
Writers Read
Miscellaneous professional & financial correspondence
Box 4, Folder 12Professional correspondence, to Oyez - Hawley, Robert (Bob)
To and from MNK

Series III: Public appearances, activism materials, and awards
Box 5, Folder 1Public appearances, activism materials and awards
Box 5, Folder 2Coyote Valley Reservation
Box 5, Folder 3California Poets in the Schools
Box 5, Folder 4Teaching
Box 5, Folder 5Dominican Sisters
Box 5, Folder 6Sanctuary Station
Box 5, Folder 7MNK's activist activities
Includes songs, rally fliers, speeches, letters, and other miscellany

Box 5, Folder 8Activism
Box 5, Folder 9Awards and honors
Box 10, Folder 3Four posters for public appearances, 1990-2010
In oversized box

Box 10, Folder 4Miscellaneous broadsides
In oversized box

Repeated on Rainbows Dancing, compiled at random, San Hedrin High School students in Poetry Workshop, 1983-1984
2 copies

Magic Chant, by Maria Cockroft, California Poets in the Schools Workshop, 1982
War is not healthy...
Box 10, Folder 5Broadsides of MNK's poems
In oversized box

The big five-oh
2 copies, one signed with inscription

In 3 pieces, signed

The jester is not always volunteer
1 copy, signed

Noyo redwoods jubilee, 16 October 2010
1 copy, signed with inscription

Utterly cool, February 2009
3 copies, 1 signed

Jumping into the American River, 18 May 1984
2 copies, 1 signed

Series IV: Biographical information and personal ephemera
Box 6, Folder 1MNK's notebooks
Box 6, Folder 2Pieces from manuscripts and compilations of MNK's work and MNK's work with other people
Box 6, Folder 3Miscellaneous handwritten poems, prose, notes and drawings by MNK
Box 6, Folder 4Poetry by others
Box 6, Folder 5Articles & reviews
Box 6, Folder 6Rainy Day Women Press
Box 6, Folder 7Biographical Information, written by MNK and others
Box 6, Folder 8MNK's accident, February 5, 1970
Box 6, Folder 9Personal ephemera
Box 6, Folder 10Miscellaneous ephemera
Box 9Miscellaneous ephemera - T-shirt, California Poets Society
Box 10, Folder 1Matted poem about MNK's father with a photograph of him, 2006-2007
In oversized box

Series V: Audio-visual materials
Box 7, Folder 1Judi Bari Medical Benefit, Willits, CA, February 2, 1997
The Noyo Ridge rabbit
Jump into the American River
Because the FBI investigated Louie Louie
Meet me in Carlotta on Sept. 15
Box 7, Folder 2Miscellaneous files
Have seen you by the blind
Drawing by MNK
Poem for Joan Baer
Pg. 2, Letter to Patchens
Pg. 1, Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Patchen
Poem, a new flower
Patchen tribute I
Patchen tribute II
Box 7, Folder 3Five poets of Willits read "Song of myself" by Walt Whitman, October 28, 2006
Box 7, Folder 4Mary Norbert Korte, Luck and Love, Mendocino, February 13, 2009
Box 7, Folder 5Mary Norbert Korte: Poetry, 2004
Box 7, Folder 6Mary Norbert Korte, Willits, California, April 2008
Box 7, Folder 7Mary Norbert Korte, 2005
Box 7, Folder 8Richard Peek & Mary Norbert Korte; dialogue of the collection
Series VI: Photographs and surrogate images
Box 8, Folder 1CDs of photographs
Box 8, Folder 2Photographs of Mary Norbert Korte
Box 8, Folder 3Photographs of other subjects
Box 8, Folder 4Surrogate images, computer printouts, photocopied items, and newspaper clippings
Box 8, Folder 5Negatives
Box 10, Folder 2Photograph of MNK as a child
In oversized box

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