Kingslake Papers

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Kingslake papers
Creator: Kingslake family
Call Number: D.333
Dates: 1903-2003
Physical Description: 27 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
A: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Collection Overview
Title: Kingslake papers
Creator: Kingslake family
Call Number: D.333
Dates: 1903-2003
Physical Description: 27 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Rudolf Kingslake was one of two founding faculty members of what was to become the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester in 1929, the other being A. Maurice Taylor of Cambridge University. The faculty was completed in that first year by Brian O'Brien. These three taught geometrical, physical, and physiological optics respectively. Hilda Kingslake was also highly qualified in optics, and was briefly employed in optical design and research. She devoted most of her prodigious energy to civic betterment, especially the concerns of women, and to providing reading material for shut-ins, as well as raising the two Kingslake sons. She was very influential in the establishment of the Optical Society of America, and served as its president (as did Rudolf.) She chronicled the history of OSA, as well as the history of the Institute of Optics. By her wishes, few of her personal papers remain. The original name of the Kingslake family was Klickmann, which father Martin Klickmann changed to Kingslake in May 1917, due to strong anti-German sentiment in Great Britain during the first World War, vide M8. This finding aid was compiled by Martin L. Scott, for many years a friend of the Kingslakes. He is writing a biography based on these papers, and would welcome contributions at of letters and reminiscences from others who knew the Kingslakes.

Scope and Content
The Kingslake Archive contains the papers and related items of two giants in the field of optics, Rudolf Kingslake and his wife Hilda Conrady Kingslake. Dr. Kingslake kept detailed records of almost everything he did, much of which is preserved in this Archive. This chronicle begins at his birth with an extraordinary book kept by his father, vide M38. Correspondence, publications, teaching records, technical and historical presentations, awards and distinctions, and family papers are here. The records of his work at Eastman Kodak Company as Director of Optical Design are not here, and probably were destroyed by the company as part of its curiously-named Record Retention Program. In his retirement years Rudolf made an extensive index of objects in the Technology Collection of George Eastman House, the International Museum of Photography and Film, and these are filed as the K# series at that Rochester, NY institution. The extent of his influence in the field of optics may be judged by there being in early 2008 more than 16,500 citations of his name in the popular Internet search engine, Google.

The series included in this collection are: A series, which contains miscellaneous correspondence. CFL series contains the Christmas Family Letters from their inception in 1963 through 1970. These documents were produced by Martin Kingslake, compiling contributions he solicited from his six living children scattered over the world. Each child wrote up the year's activities of themselves, their spouses, and offspring. Each CFL contains up to 70 typed pages printed by offset lithography, drilled, covered, and string-bound. Final copies were sent by Father Kingslake to all contributors. FC series consists of correspondence relating to the Kingslakes' family and friends, and sorted by years. Many of the letters are with their original mailing envelopes, some of which have interesting notes by the recipients. M series contains miscellaneous papers, books, and objects found in desk drawers and various places in the home. They are listed in the order found, but there was no apparent original order. P series contains personal papers: birth, medical, marriage, education, recreation, travel, social, financial. S series covers mainly, but not exclusively, the years of RK's retirement.

Dates written thus: DDMonYY are 20th century. Others are DDMon18YY or DDMon20YY with the millennium indicated in full.

The abbreviations used in this finding aid are:

AEC: Alexander Eugen Conrady, father of HGK, tutor of RK and HGK, Married Annie Bunney, daughter of an inn-keeper, Apr01, died 16Jun44, (Annie, 28May41). Hilda oldest of four daughters with Doris, Rene, Mable

BJT: Brian J. Thompson, literary executor for RK

EK, EKCo: Eastman Kodak Company

HGK: Hilda G. Kingslake, wife of RK, daughter of AEC

IO: Institute of Optics, University of Rochester

MLS: Martin L. Scott, indexer of this collection

OSA: Optical Society of America

RK: Rudolf Kingslake

SMPTE: Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SPIE: Society of Photo-Instrumentation Engineers

SPSE: Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers, later IS&T (Society for Imaging Science and Technology)

Kingslake, Rudolf
Kingslake, Hilda G.
University of Rochester. Institute of Optics
Kingslake family
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Beginning in 2002, the Kingslake papers were gathered and placed in the Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the Rush Rhees Library of the University of Rochester by Dr. Brian J. Thompson, Rudolf's literary executor. He was a long-time friend of the Kingslakes, a former Director of the Institute of Optics, and is now (2009) Provost-Emeritus of the University.Access
The Kingslake papers is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
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[Item title, item date], Kingslake papers, D.333, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Finding aid publication date: 1903-2003
Content List
A: Miscellaneous Correspondence
AJ Turton to RK, 4Mar30. AJT was a colleague at International Telephone and Telegraph Laboratories, vide M-18. Jocular letter wonders if RK has added a middle initial now that he is in America; ITT now incorporated in Delaware, USA, to the amazement of the British.

AEC to RK, 25Jan31. Replies to RK's letter of 4Jan, not found, regarding permission to use what he learned from AEC in his own teaching in Rochester; this is granted with request for acknowledgement; mentions Part II of "Applied Optics and Optical Design" in preparation; trading hints on demonstrating various optical aberrations; expects health and cheer will return with better weather and lengthening days; affectionate regards to his daughter.

David Wright to RK, 4Apr31. DW faculty at Imperial College, London, but apparently this work was done at a commercial firm, recently combined with Columbia [could be PYE, Ltd/MLS] gave television demonstration to the Physical and Optical Society, having 150 scan lines. Kerr cell light valves; Baird, "the silly ass", has sued for infringement.

Rush Rhees to RK, 23Jun31. President of UR writes apparently from vacation in Maine; announces salary increase for RK.

Gilbert Greenwood to RK, 12Oct31. Writing from shipboard on way from England to teaching post in Rangoon, Burma. (GG fellow graduate of Imperial College, London?) Leaving England for lack of job opportunities.

B Langton to RK, (no date, posted 3Oct32) Looking for lens designer in England; may apply himself.

Hamilton Harty (later Sir) to RK, 11Jan35. English orchestral conductor, probably in Rochester to conduct forerunner to the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, answers RK's letter about Holst's music; he does not appreciate it, and will not conduct it, but says perhaps his own fault for not appreciating. Written on stnry of Sagamore Hotel, Rochester, half block from Eastman Theater.

Rush Rhees to RK, 14Feb35. Informs of advance from Assistant Professor of Geometrical Optics to Associate Professor; no salary increase since he is already being paid at Associate levels; hopes not necessary to discontinue IO. RK to Rush Rhees, 23Feb35. Thanks for promotion, sorry RR retiring as President of UR.

(J) Stuart Campbell to RK, 23Jun37. (Addressed to RK at Imperial College in London. JSC replaced AM Taylor at IO in 1935. JSC died suddenly in 1939.) Technical matter of spectrograph; appreciation of LC Martin at UR; difficulties with "dunderhead" students; one has epileptic fit during trigonometry lecture; faculty friction between Wilkins and Lee DuBridge; rivalry of Physics and Optics departments; awkwardness during visit of Niels Bohr; merger of IO with Physics not likely now; perhaps new role for IO in industry-supported research; Fassin recommends preceding plan; progress of graduate students, one fainting during orals, "laying his eyebrow open on the cement floor."

EF Fincham to RK, 10Aug37. (EFF did significant work in ophthalmic optics.) Thanks from his home in England for hospitality while in Rochester; regrets lost opportunity for publication, discussion of paper.

LC Martin to RK, 21Dec38. (After one year exchange of positions and houses with the RK.) Visit from UR Pres. Alan Valentine while he and wife in London; hint of RK's new connection with EKCo; no-growth policy at Imperial College, London; limited time for research in his chosen area, electron optics; problems in work on electron microscope; possible need to close Imperial College if there is war or move away from London; cold spell causing pipes to freeze because of British way of external plumbing; scope of faculty work.

LC Martin to RK, 4Aug43. Asks about Conrady's second volume of "Applied Optics and Optical Design"; his letters to AEC unanswered, surmises because of declining health; could R&HGK take on publishing?; regrets AEC's isolation from his old institution; proposed him for an award.

David Wright to RK, 20Nov44. Sorrow at death of AEC; London air raids, flying bombs; hits in neighborhood; sending children away from London for safety; coping with "f-b's" in family life; wrote a book on colorimetry for Hilger's; getting appointment as consultant to Kodak, Ltd. on colour and vision; comment on USA presidential campaign, Wilkie/Roosevelt; enclosed photograph of his children with pet hen and eggs.

Leonard House to RK, 24Mar46. LH of Ridley College, Ontario. LH responds probably to RK's query about the suitability of Ridley school for his children; Ridley modeled on Eaton and Harrow; corporal punishment and bullying; asks about US manufacturers possibly interested in his patent of a sighting device.

ES Lothrop, Jr. to RK 9Dec99. Sends royalty check for reprinting of article. BJT answers for RK, incapable of responding following a stroke. Who'sWho in America 55th ed. 2001, 56th ed. 2002, 57th ed. 2003. 12Mar03, and 58th ed. 2004; Who'sWho in Science and Engineering 6th ed. 2002-2003. BJT approves copy for all. SJ Church to RK, 6Nov99. Amateur photographer and lens historian ask questions about unusual lens. RK has answered previous similar inquiries from him. BJT answered by phone. A Bannon to RK, 17Sep97. Director of George Eastman House thanks for friendship and support, and proud to associate with RK on publication of latest book, "The Photographic Manufacturing Companies of Rochester, New York". F Watson to WH Knox, 8Feb02. Email with reply. Questions about short focus lenses for architectural photography; asks for transmission to RK; done through BJT. RK to TL Rupp, 30Jun98. Ltr from TLR 25Jun (not found) told of RK's book "History of the Photographic Lens" being translated into Japanese; RK sends corrections. Review of "History of the Photographic Lens" appearing in The New Scientist, 7Apr90, very positive; in Shutterbug, Dec89, again very positive; Australian Camera, Feb91, may be difficult to find, but highly recommended (RK hand corrects mis-spelling of his name.) Publisher's promotional piece for "History of the Photographic Lens."

"The Photographic Manufacturing Companies of Rochester, New York" -- Copy of the book itself; notes and dates; list of persons to whom copies were given.

Membership cards, various SMPTE, Life Fellow 2000, 01, 02, 03, this list with note to society from BJT mentioning power of attorney OSA Honorary Member 2001(?), 02, 03. Rochester Engineering Society 2002-03.

BJT's notes on archive sources for RK's academic life.

The CFL series contains the Christmas Family Letters from their inception in 1963 through 1970. These extraordinary documents were produced by Martin Kingslake, compiling contributions from his six living children scattered over the world. Each child wrote up the year's activities of themselves, their spouses, and offspring. Each CFL contains up to 70 typed pages printed by offset lithography, drilled, covered, and string-bound. Bound copies were sent to all contributors. Every person referred to is coded to indicate relationship to Martin Kingslake, e.g. GGC=great-grandchild. Two more documents preceded the Family Christmas Letters. They were The Family Tree Book, and The Family Party, which are known only by being referred to in CFL1. No copies of these are in the Archive. The Family Party covered the period July 1950 toDecember 1960. CFL1 picks up at that point. After 1970 there is an interruption in this series till we find collections of received Christmas cards gathered from various drawers and bookcases by BJT when the apartment at Valley Manor was closed. These cover the years 1997 through 2003.There is nothing written by RK or HGK in these. The précis here mention only the material submitted by the Rochester Kingslakes for themselves and David's family. There is extensive material from other branches of the Kingslake family.

1963 Rudolf reports working on the second edition of "Lenses in Photography", and of editing a multivolume, multiauthor work on optical design. He ruefully notes that writing these various articles himself (which he was thoroughly capable of) would have been easier than the extensive rewriting that most authors' manuscripts require. Hilda continues busy on various committees and boards of welfare agencies, and on her library service to 16 nursing homes, which is now in its tenth year. Much activity related to OSA, including Hilda's major involvement with the Rochester Oct62 meeting. In Mar63 both attended OSA in Florida, RK flying down, HGK driving – a three-day trip. Impressed by launch of Saturn rocket. Grand-daughter Ann (4yo) visits in Rochester for 2 weeks. David works for industrial firm in PA.

1964 Shock over death of Pres. Kennedy. Very pleased with visit to Japan. Hilda addresses local chapter of OSA on rise of applied optics since 1900. David for first time writes for himself. He bought a rural house in eastern PA. Drives VW to the NJ shore on weekends, getting 35mpg compared to 15-20 for American cars. D continues flute lessons.

1965 RK reports 10 nationalities taking his evening classes at UR. HGK writing a history of OSA. David's wife Joan writes for the CFL this year. Ann in Montessori school, suffers encephalitis, but recovers. Family recreations center on out-of-doors activities.

1966 RK reports the upset to his system by jet flights from coast to coast. Enjoyed presenting a 2-week intensive course at UCLA, then VistaDome train back to Chicago. Visiting foreign optikers some mainly from India, Japan, England.

1967 High-speed electronic computers now replace laborious older methods. RK's 5th volume "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" finally published. He vows never again to edit a multi-contributor work, as many of the authors were not dependable. David reports daughter Ann seems to have inherited her father's scholastic ineptitude. David takes up photography, and RK brings him the family's darkroom equipment.

1968 RK will retire at the end of this year, according to Kodak's policy requiring retirement at age 65. Extensive travels and teaching in the American far west.

1969 This year, Martin Kingslake, the driving force behind the CFLs, died 13Dec1969 at age 93. Although retired from EK, R still teaches at UR and lectures extensively around the US. Having no secretary now, he fixes up a spare bedroom for a study. While in England R and H visit their Kodakid Kenneth Dyson, now in ambulance service of RAF. 40th wedding anniversary. David sees his future not in the technological world, but in the artistic.

This last of the Christmas Family Letters is a rough assembly of separate letters the Kingslake siblings sent to each other. By its irregular mix of typed, duplicated, and hand-written contributions it shows the powerful organizing force Father Martin had provided. RK volunteers to take up Father's role in distributing the Letter, and suggests all send pictures to be included next year. This seems not to have happened. Rudolf, eldest of the siblings, speaks for all, "We were all greatly saddened to hear of Father's death, just over a year ago, and the family will never again feel quite the same. He was a remarkable leader and kept us all together in a wonderful way." RK reports his happiness in retirement, and his enjoyment cataloging the equipment archive at George Eastman House. Publishing, editing, and lecturing continue. He writes proudly of HGK's work taking over 40,000 books to shut-ins over the past 16 years, for which she received the "Volunteer of the Year Award" from the Council of Social Agencies. RK had built her many wooden racks for the books.

Cards and letters received 1997. These contain some family information.

Cards and letters received 1998. These contain some family information.

Cards and letters received 1999. These contain some family information.

Cards and letters received 2000. These contain some family information. RK suffers a stroke. Ltr BJT to Mr.&Mrs. EJ Koval, 4Jan2000. Describes closing of Valley Manor apartment, move to Episcopal Church Home, RK and HGK mental and physical health. Death of RK's sister Frieda 23Feb2000.

Cards and letters received 2001. These contain some family information. Ltr from Kenneth Dyson, former Kodakid. Death of HGK's sister Irene.

Cards and letters received 2002. These contain some family information. David Kingslake died 26Jun2002. HGK's 100th Birthday. Cards and letters from Joyce K., Geoff & Una, others.

Cards and letters received 2003. These contain some family information. Card from staff of Optical Research Associates, with notes from 10 staff members, many former students of RK, on death of HGK. HGK died 14Feb2003. RK died 25Feb2003.

The FC series consists of correspondence relating to the Kingslakes' family and friends. Most letters are with their original mailing envelopes. These were collected from various locations and grouped in yearly folders. For convenience a copy in this folder of p12 of M38 gives the names, dates, and relationships of family members. Included in this series are letters from 1929, which was a year significant year that included the marriage of R&HGK, their removal to America, and the founding of the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester.

Auntie Jessie Higham (RK's mother's sister) to R&H, 30Aug29. Wedding gift of old silver.

Auntie Jessie Higham (RK's mother's sister) to R&H, 30Aug29. Wedding gift of old silver. Cedric Kingslake (RK's brother) to RK, 5Nov29. His new company letterhead, comic parody poem

Martin Kingslake (RK's father) to RK, 26Nov29, (Margaret) K (RK's mother) to HGK, 28Dec29, X-mas festivities.

Aunt Jessie Higham to R&H, 6Feb30.

Frida (RK's sister) to R&H, 6Mar30. Saw plays of GB Shaw.

Jack ____ to RK, 14Mar30.

Margaret to RK, 27Aug30, she on vacation, he&H visiting in London.

Three bon voyage telegrams 29Aug30, from Conrady family, Doris, "all at Happisburgh" (vacation place) to R&H departing Liverpool for Montreal on Cunard Liner "Andania".

"Smiler" Miles to RK, 10Dec31 X-mas card.

"Smiler" Miles to RK, 10Dec31 X-mas card.

Vincent (cousin?) to RK, 15Dec31, theater inspector thanks for wedding gift.

Card to R&H signed by all at supper, Boxing Day 1931, Kingslake family home, Camberwell.

TT to RK, 5Feb32, RK lived with the Browns in Whitbey Bay while working at Grubb-Parsons 1927-28. Browns probably New Church also.

Geoff K (RK's brother, 12 years younger) to RK, 6Feb32. long details of visit to works of Tower Bridge, many technical drawings.

"Margaret K to R&H, 8Sep32, note after R&H visited.

Auntie Dorrie (AD Brown)(RK's father's sister) to R&H, 5Dec32.

Boxing Day greetings to R&K signed by all at 171 Grove Lane.

Geoff K to RK, 9Jun33, 30p, Austin 7 car mechanical problems, many mechanical drawings, description of electrical exhibit.

"Frida (RK's sister Elfrida) to R&H, 24Jul33, apparently soon to marry "Teddy", sketch of ring of Teddy's design, and Alice (Cedric's wife) to make it.

Uncle Walter to R&H, 3Sep34. Recalls visit of RK's mother to America; questions re Swedenborg.

Martin Kingslake (RK's father) to R&H, 20Jan35. Mentions tight schedule of playing organ at his two churches; family gossip; surprise that Mendelssohn wrote a horn sonata; hopes Rhees successor at UR will be a good one.

TT Brown (vide FC-11a) to RK, 29Mar35, note on envelope "written a year before his death". Out of work because of general economic depression; Grubb-Parsons laying off; G-P just shipped very large telescope to Toronto; news of New Church; deaths of several friends and relatives.

Bernard (Higham, RK's mother's brother) to R&H, 26Apr35. BH in Bombay; has just taken new job as (manager?) of Willingdon Sports Club; mixed membership, Indians and Europeans; founded to bridge racial gap.

Martin K to RK, 29Oct35. Happy for news that R&H may spend a year in UK during exchange with LC Martin; puts in long hours at insurance firm; gets plenty of music weekends as his relaxation.

Photograph of Dacre Gardam's children, Robert and Stella, vide FC-35, FC-42.

RK to Father, draft of letter sent 7Apr35. Asks father not to broadcast news of his career outside the family, not to "advertise" him; R concerned that chances for advancement could be damaged by father's bragging. RK to Mother, draft of letter sent 21Apr36. Mother has apparently reported father's umbrage at the above request and has demanded an apology. H appears to have written to explain, but this has not been accepted. Present letter is further attempt to set matters straight.

Mother to R, 23Aug36. Loving letter with family news; anticipation of Ks' sabbatical in UK; birthday greetings; looking forward to seeing grandchild.

Picture postcard, Joyce (RK's sister) to R&H& David, 2Sep36, from vacation camp Iden Rock "nr Rye".

Comic postcard, Doris to H, sent to greet them at new home (LC Martin's).

Mother to R, 14Sep36, from camp at Iden Rock; vacation news, anticipation of arrival for sabbatical.

X-mas card from Uncle Walter & Aunt Crissie, with photograph of them.

Geoffrey (brother of RK) to R, 7Dec36. Describes his work in stress calculations for aircraft design; New Church activities; repairs to decrepit (Austin 7?) car; asks advice on stereo photography.

Picture postcard RK to AEC, postmarked Bonn, Germany, 1937, asks about beer shop converted to museum.

Bernard Higham to R&H, 2Jan37, from Bombay, Rambling letter; extended apology for not having written; "but then I have always thought that the essence of a letter is not the news it conveys so much as the tangible evidence it shows that the sender has the addressee in mind and is sufficiently well disposed to him to take a considerable amount of trouble over him!"; "What a pity that the Duke of Windsor didn't fall in love with a nice American girl."

Charles Gardner to R, 9Jul37. Thanks for gift of overcoat. CG apparently New Church (familiar name for The Church of the New Jerusalem, based on the philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg) minister.

Picture postcard of town of Chester, H's mother to R, 13Aug38. Tells of holiday travels.

Denis __, to "Antie Hilda & uncle Rudof" thanks for X-mas gift; handmade card. (age8).

Dacre Gardam to R&H, 4Jul39. Happy at news of Alan's birth (first son of R&HGK); family news. Wedding invitation, Joyce Gardam to AW Penn, 26Aug39 Evan Gardam to his father and sister, 2Jul39. About his work. (all items in same envelope).

Wedding invitation, Una Court to Geoffrey K., 2Sep39, photograph of couple.

Denis __ (nephew) to R&H, 1Jan40, thanks for X-mas gift of a book on American trains.

Cedric (R's brother) to R&H, 14Jun40, Env. opened for inspection in the post. Describes his wife Alice's final illness.

Ewan __ to R&H, 1Jul40, response to apparent offer by K's to take their two children for the duration of the war; refusal, with great thanks;moved from London to Wales for safety.

PAM Dyson to RK, 7Nov40. Father of "Kodakid" Kenneth Dyson. PAMD is a draftsman for Kodak Ltd. in their plant ar Ruislip. Thanks for taking care of his child; mentions needing help in maths. Dysons live near aerodrome and watch British fighter planes chase off the invading German planes; describes anti-aircraft fire shaking their home; rationing of tea, sugar, butter; optimistic for victory.

Maria Holz to RK, 30Jan41, In German Gothic script, transcribed by RK, [translated for this project by Jane Smith] postmark Bonn, Germany. Answers previous letter from RK, not found; no reply found. Asks after family and new child, mistaking it for a girl. News of wartime Germany; 3 brothers in service; wishes she could go; no food shortages.

Oswald H. Warne to RK, 8Feb41. Introduces self as cousin to RK's father. (Father's mother's name was Warne). Asks for family news. Answered, but reply not kept. Two photographs of D Gardam's children, Robert and Stella. Dates marked cannot both be correct. Vide FC-22.

Auntie Dorrie (AD Brown) to R&H, 9Nov41, tells of helping relocate bombed medical dispensary, Ipswitch, Suffolk.

Una K (Geoff's wife) to H, 27Nov41. recounts how they get on in war-time, with rationing, National Service.

Uncle Bernard to R&H, 12Jan41. Still managing club in Bombay; little impact of war on India at this time.

Uncle Bernard to R&H, 24May42. Family news, death of wife in England; petrol rationing.

GT Watkins to RK, 24May42, old friend sends family news.

Martin K (RK's father) to R, 6Oct42. Ltrs taking 5 weeks across Atlantic; R had mentioned he was eligible for national service, father thinks unlikely in light of his work; UK rationing system working well; now living at 24Acland Crescent, their old home at 171 Grove Lane destroyed (by bombing); old car sold for £5; doing some accounting in retirement, now age 66; had 2-hour daylight saving time; high taxes to play for war, expects will have to pay after winning the war to rebuild former enemies' countries, as after WWI; his old office at insurance company still standing, but badly damaged; clearing ground for new garden, bringing plants from old garden at 171; glad David is now going to school, and remembers R's disappointment on first entering school that "drilling" did not mean making holes in wood. Martin K. to R, 7Jan43 (in same env. with above). Problems transferring funds to UK; glad to hear David (second son of R&HGK) likes school; improved educational methods to be thanked; MK called back to his former employment part-time, regular employees having been taken into national service; compares differences among his children with those of R's; asks if R knows how much brother Geoff has contributed to the success of the Mosquito fighter plane used by the RAF; growing interest in the music of Sibelius; R has asked for opinion of music of (Gustav) Holst, M says practically dead now, but expects greater appreciation in 30-40 years; thanks heartily for X-mas gift of cardigan, unobtainable in GB; walks with aid of two sticks.

Auntie Dorrie to R&H, 28Nov42. Has been ill, and now retired; enjoys visiting relatives.

Arthur Smith to RK, 8Dec42. Involved in war production in GB; amazed at abilities of women in skilled jobs; half of staff is female, many middle-aged housewives with children, grand workers, very enthusiastic; good news of war, confident of victory; child ill with respiratory conditions; home has new roof after damage in blitz; home life quiet as few go out evenings because of blackout; volunteers as Air Raid Warden; domestic help almost impossible to get; longs to visit in USA when Atlantic is safe again; sends picture of child.

"Greetings from the Christmas party at Coulsdon 1942 to RUDOLF & HILDA", mailed 24Dec42, signed by the 13 attendees.

Stanley and Graham Sutton to R&H, 28Dec43, children thank for X-mas presents; GS hopes "you can read this letter. I am just learn to real-right."

Emily Brown (Auntie Emmie, R's father's sister) to R&H, 25Jan43. Responds to letter that took about two months from USA; now has 53 nieces & nephews of all degrees, asks after David & Alan; R's Uncle Norman has responsible post with London County Council; rarely travels far from home and shelter due to war restrictions; curtails detail for fear of censoring; names relatives in military positions; oranges not seen & shell eggs rare, but rationing works well; never short of real necessities; no queues as in WWI; stopped subscription to New Church Herald, disliking editorials and hairsplitting.

Margaret K (R's mother) to R, 3 letters. 10Jan43, 7Feb43, 14Mar43. Thanks for cloth to make dress; responds to question of raising many children; David, now about 7, apparently giving R&H trouble; father had traditional X-mas lantern show [gas illuminated magic lantern, requiring new lime, a Kingslake X-mas tradition]; rely greatly on the radio for entertainment in evenings, some "funny, some merely silly, or unbearably jazzy & croony & awful." Young child, Judith, daughter of Joyce & Cedric, died of complications from ear infection, after long illness in hospital (no antibiotics available for civilian use); worry over Joyce (R's sister, age25) being called into Army. Photograph of Joyce (Joy) aged 83.

Rev. Brian K (R's brother, age36) to R&H, 8Feb43. Thanks for parcel; his letter. returned by censor for his having mentioned needing certain items, requests for presents being forbidden. Thank you letter. from BK's daughter Margaret, age7. 2 photographs of BK's family on first film since birth of youngest; waiting list for film.

Geoff K. to R, 13Jan42. Difficulties in celebrating holidays; ration troubles; long work hours and volunteer duties; family news; G can now reveal that he was working on the deHavilland Mosquito airplane, constructed partly of plywood; glad to see Americans now beginning to use wood also; amused to see in American magazines that it may be possible to use plywood for stressed members!; amateur photography faded out in GB for want of supplies, but bought used quarter-plate view camera; asks advice on photographic problems; Check sent with all presents to cover duties.

Cedric K. to R&H, 4Mar43. Thanks for parcel at X-mas; tells of death of daughter Judith, vide FC-54; collapse of mother, Joyce, following death; comfort that Judith is with her Maker.

Martin K. to R, 12Mar43. Censoring concerns; thanks for donation to the family New Church in Flodden Rd.; trouble with legs improving; busy with part-time accounting work.

Marian Gardam to R&H, 6Jun43. family news, especially of children; photographs of hers, and Stella.

Martin K. to R, 30Jun43. Thanks for EK annual report; enjoys return to work at insurance co.; not enough time for gardening; Joyce (R's unmarried sister) has temporarily adopted child of man killed at Dunkirk; Joyce to enter nurses' training in two years; Cedric to marry again in Aug.

Alan Brown to RK, 13Jul43. A paragraph cut out by censor. Son of family RK lived with when working for Grubb-Parsons, vide 11a; now in Fleet Air Arm training in Canada; hopes to visit R when on leave; seems to have impression that NY=NYC, and that Rochester must be near NYC.

Bernard to R&H, undated (posted1943). Touring India on long holiday using a 1935 Ford V-8 saloon equipped with a device that makes producer gas from coke, air, and water; with this, car tops out at 20mph; war seems not to have bothered him at all; passes along following letter, as requested: Geoff to Cedric, 28Jun42. Visit to wood research institute; fascinated by card index using perforated and slotted cards with needles to sort (probably McBee Keysort system).

Formal photograph of Cedric's wedding party, married to Ivy Muriel Carr 7Aug43, mailed 18Oct43.

Alan Brown to RK, 20Sep43. Still hoping to visit K's in Rochester, nearer now, in Kingston, Ont. Note on env. indicates was told he could also bring a friend.

Cedric & Ivy to R&H, 14Oct43. Mentions R's letter in which he told of visiting Montreal and visiting the 76-inch reflecting telescope built by Grubb-Parsons while R worked for them; C tells how he met Ivy; asks if RK knows Donald McMaster of Kodak (VP; of course RK did know him); DMcM said folks in Rochester couldn't decide which Kingslake, R or H, was the more brilliant!; much family news.

Margaret K to R, 10Oct43. family news, holiday trip, someone gave some lemons, first they had seen in years!; 7 photographs of new garden.

Alan Brown to R&H, 12Oct43. Thanks for visit to Rochester; details of his training in instrument and other flying; 5 photographs of K family with Kodakid, and of house at 56.

Auntie Dorrie to R&H, 5Dec43. Annual letter; tells of bomb blast damage to relative's house; air alerts so often they do not notice them; asks if H still has domestic help; still works sometimes in the medical dispensary where formerly employed for 30-some years. R's note on env. "not ansd, died during 1944."

2 photographs. (1)"At Silverside (near Arnside) in October1943" children's ages, family of Rev. Brian K, vide FC-55. (2)"Scott Winfield Smith III" summer 1939.

Cedric K to R&H, 2Jan44. Praises his new wife, Ivy, for her skill in raising his children under wartime conditions. Food rationing working well; fresh milk and eggs scarce. Camera club activities; one member patenting flash synchronizer. Trains crowded to maximum. C has sold out his interest in his construction company. Working now on documenting major construction project. Thanks for presents to family.

Family photographs from Brian K, (R's brother), no date. Brian and wife with infant.

Margaret K to R, 14Dec43, but mailed 24Jan44.Family news; difficulties of travel; getting to know and like Ivy; Cedric graying – "is it the war?" [Interlocking references in many letters; family keeps in good touch with one another.] No family X-mas celebration this year, as travel is restricted. 2nd letter in same env. 28May44. Glories in the blooming garden; saw uplifting "picture" of effort to save a rare nesting bird –"absolutely English"; visit by sister Joyce, nurse; saw King Haakon of Norway leaving Buckingham Palace; toured camp where German prisoners-of-war were kept; Father working on hymnbook for New Church. 3rd letter in same env., 23Jul44. Effect of buzz-bombs on English life; can't invite friends to sleep in shelter, so overnight visiting is curtailed; describes noise of buzz-bombs (does not use that term) then the silence, then the explosion "and someone's homes are gone!"; walking vacation nr Minehead; 23 people in train carriage intended for 8, and more still in the corridor, but the crowd good-tempered and jolly; Auntie Dorrie's estate; grocer limits number of persons in shop during threats of air-raids for fear of panic – Gov't orders!, "but we keep smiling!"

Auntie Emmie (R's father's sister) to R&H, 25Jan44. Addressed to "Mr." And used no letters after name, for "democratic" reasons; travel now discouraged by signs at stations; lost gate in front hedge (iron for war effort?); bomb damage to her house now repaired inside, but outside and greenhouse require "permits"; names nieces and nephews "greats & great-greats"; teaching children manners; Victorian ways; remembers little R hating to meet ladies out-of-doors because he didn't like to take his hat off.

Geoff to R, 27Jan44. Thanks for X-mas parcel and check to pay duty; his work with the Home Guard; compares his son's development with Alan's; 8 annotated photographs of his children at play; replies to R's telling of American use of metal vs. wood for many things, including furniture, although wood increasingly used due to shortages of metal; cannot tell of his work in aircraft design for security reasons; had gotten a hive of bees in his garden.

Peter Higham (son of Bernard) to R, 4Feb44. His father's death in India.

GE Gardam to R, 13Feb44. Remembers visits to K family when R was young; R's analysis of his children's characters; rationing fair and not too restrictive; availability of clothing a problem; doesn't like design of men's suits – no turnups (cuffs), fewer pockets -- public reaction so strong, orders rescinded; household items very difficult to find; no toys or worthwhile books for children; has researched a process to increase production of guns; women in war production work do very well; women conscripted for war jobs if no small children at home; sent son to "private" school, despite much public sentiment against such schools in the new egalitarian Britain; people still enjoy going to London for pleasure, despite the bombing; many perceptive remarks on the behavior and beliefs of American servicemen; would entertain anyone R would recommend they should see, with the excuse of an introduction for R to "tide over the initial awkwardness"; have made no friends in 4+ years.

Martin K to R, 15Mar44. Thanks for parcel of food, many sweets, arriving 6 weeks after posting; Lord Wooton managing British food supply much better than in WWI; family birthdays; no longer goes out after blackout in evening; thanks for gift of money to the Church; enjoyed Elgar's "The Kingdom" but doesn't think if matches his "Dream of Gerontius" (of which Elgar wrote, "This, if anything of mine, is worthy of your memory."/MLS); tired of tenants' complaints; proposes way to sell rental property needing R's help.

Margaret K to R, 2Apr44. Birth of Elfrida's baby; Joyce's collapse from overwork; death of Auntie Dorrie; demolition of 171Grove Lane, damaged by a landmine, which also killed a Mrs. Smith, has started, sad that her sons will not see their original home again; [RK and all siblings were born at 171.]

Rochester Fur Dressing Co. to RK, 26Jun44. Regrets not being able to mount a mole apparently caught by one of the K boys. R's note on env. "Don't burst out with this at mealtime. I will tell him."

Alan Brown to K's, 10aug44(?). No postage on env.; marked "On Active Service". AB in 881th squadron of Royal Navy, on an aircraft carrier; all equipment, planes, carrier are American, including "iced water fountains everywhere and a soda fountain!"; cinema & concerts in the hangar; hockey on the deck; good collection of gramophone recordings on board; when in England completed his set of recordings of Bach Double Concerto; family news, new baby; longs for letters.

Martin K to R, 4 letters in same env. 29May44. [Difficult to read] Spending much time at old job, and working on New Church hymn book; misc. accounting jobs for church and family; doesn't feel 68; 16Jun44. Some legal/financial document sent for R's execution regarding sale of property at Eagle Hill. 28Aug44. [on letterhead of The General Conference of the New Church] MK and Rev. GW Wall are Joint Secretaries of the New-Church Hymn Book Committee; asks R's help in getting permission to reprint a hymn by a Rochester composer. Draft of letter from RK to accomplish the above. 22Sep44. 20Oct44. Hopes to sell house occupied by old couple when one dies; rents now extremely low; prevented by Act of Parliament from increasing rents; very busy with hymn book.

Geoff to R, 21Sep44. Thanks for X-mas presents; Home Guard activities easing up; black-out and dim-out regulations; have lived through 5 years of black-outs; grown indifferent to distant bomb explosions; hopes to resume tradition of X-mas gatherings; end of European war seems in sight; very pleased with way food for the population was managed, the sinking of supply ships and the burning of warehouses notwithstanding; nutrition of children and expectant mothers better during the war than before.

Brian's children, Angela & Margaret, to Uncle Rudolf and Auntie Hilda, 28-29Oct44 & Jan45. Thanks for letters and presents; news of the small world; Father Christmas at the children's church party had to make excuse for no toys – bombed at Accrington.

GE Gardam to R, 26Nov44. End of war in sight; abolition of fire-watching; disbanding of Home Guard; removal of black-out; stationed in Wales; home in London badly damaged by flying bomb; news of far-flung friends, deaths in war of several; family photograph.

Geoff to R, 31Dec44. Thanks for X-mas parcel; more spare time now that Home Guard is abolished; 11 pounds of honey from his bees; wants to revive interest in jewelry making using old false teeth, etc.; more bee lore; Una to H, 19Nov44. Need to make or find second-hand toys for children due to scarcity; extra fat and meat ration for X-mas; anticipates time when trans-Atlantic travel is possible again; Geoff now working on design of civil aircraft; G enjoyed flying in Mosquito, which he helped design; news of children.

Maggie Higham (wife of Steven, R's mother's brother) to R&H, 7Jan45. Thanks for cardigan for Steven, now bed-ridden; S taking a long time to die and is weary of life, [cf RK's attitude in his 90s. He frequently told MLS, "Marty, Don't grow old."]; Steven's brothers Bernard and Horace died earsily.

Geoff to R, 23Jan45. Thanks for X-mas parcel; American stuffed toys last 3x English; compares his disobedient son with R's; son jealous of "perfect" sister; taking math courses; responsible for strength of fuselage of new airliner at deHaviland; Una only woman on social committee or residents' association, and therefore in charge of refreshments; rarely get to visit mother and father in London; car not affordable; G received father's microscope for X-mas, and will use it for study of bee diseases; asks optical questions about microscope; although War is over, photographic supplies still scarce; still making gold jewelery; after War blackouts ended, car lights increased, Home Guard "stood down", work overtime reduced then ceased; with VE (Victory in Europe) and VJ (Victory in Japan) days street lighting returned, still cannot change jobs in critical industries without official approval; still feel that they are at war; general feeling in GB of disgust at America for having prospered from the war, while GB took the brunt of it (extensive detail).

Mabel Warne (1st cousin, once removed) to R, 1Mar45. bridging awkward relationships between branches of the family; mentions AEC's "book of the family" which he scrupulously keeps; tells her life's story; companion cured of depression by electroshock; with her, MW owns and manages a small orchard; "will you have me as a cousin?"Ans'd but no copy.

Martin K to R, 18Mar45. Dorrie's estate; Joyce's training as nurse-midwife; wants employment in Dr. Barnard's homes or with Waifs and Strays Society; awaiting printer's proofs of Hymn Book; membership in New Church decreasing; (MK has two typewriters but corresponds by hand); discusses W Walton's "Belshazzar's Feast, criticizes Olin Downes' critique and comparison with Handel's "Belshazzar"; death of Steven Higham; mother's health greatly affected by the bombing during the war; (M&MK now both 69); would RK like a subscription to the New Church Herald.

Auntie Emmie to R, 12Mar45. Enjoyed 80th birthday; cannot take care of Margaret K till she is in better health; deaths of many family members; Kenneth Dyson no longer living with R&K, but perhaps still in USA.

Martin K to R, 6May45. Still doing some work for insurance firm, but may have to give that up to relieve his wife back home again, if domestic help not available; GB now has PAYE (pay as you earn) like US withholding tax; much work on New Church Hymn Book.

Margaret K to R, 11Jun45. Thanks for parcel of food and clothing; comedy show on conditions of the day; visits to and from many relatives; did not see the Victory Parade, but heard broadcast; Father limps a bit and uses a stick.

Martin K to R, 18Oct45. Work on Hymn Book committee; hopes young men will soon return to the insurance office so he can give that up, but will those with Captain's rank want to come back to their old jobs?; Margaret K to R, 18Oct45. Family news; sister Joyce takes job at new maternity hospital, but soon quits as they have no servants and want nurses to do char work and "scrape blackout paint from windows."; describes bomb damage to old family home; general devastation of entire neighborhood.

Rev. Brian K to R&H, 19Nov45. Thanks for parcel; though war is over, conditions not improved, and in some ways worse; B to do several months' missionary work in Nigeria; packed and ready to go on 24 hours' notice; much administrative indecision and foot-dragging; may need to postpone for a year, due to rainy season; famine in Nigeria; need to take packaged food; tinned milk from USA most welcome; wants to take photographs in Nigeria for lecture slides on return, but film virtually unavailable; ciné film (Pathé 9.5mm) also unavailable; youngest daughter speaks poorly, needs older children to interpret; list of presents sent.

GE Gardam to R, 19Nov45. (from Transient Officers Billets, Ulm, Bavaria) Sent to visit German factories of the same industry he was in at home; billeted in apartment of spinster school teacher; inspects letters, etc., terrible devastation; servile population, gathering firewood; dislikes American sweet things for breakfast.

Cedric, Ivy, and children to R&H, 25Nov45. Many in family visiting parents for X-mas; amazed to hear of R's use of computing machines; amazed that USA has factory that can produce one Liberator airplane per hour!; visited Mable Warne, "a quaint bird," and bought of her damsons and honey; move to new home in Derby; his firm building 35 Council houses and pulling down air-raid shelters; limited higher education for children; "When are you coming home again?"

Martin K to R,16Nov45. Thanks for book on atomic energy; death of Auntie Emmie; plans for X-mas. Martin K to R, 17Nov45. He has listed 2 Eagle Hill properties to be sold; fed up that Government controls peg rental rates at 1914 levels!; suggestion for X-mas present to Joyce; Martin K to R, 25Nov45. Sends book, hoping it will be of interest; pencils for the boys; Brian finally to go to Africa for missionary work 29Nov. Margaret K to R, 25Nov45. Wanted to send Halma game, but not yet available [See "How to Speil Halma by Paul Jennings in "The Jenguin Pennings."/MLS] the exertion of going out and shopping causes heart palpitations, but around home is comfortable; Father only talks if you ask him; sewing for many family members; black fog prevented attendance at concert at Albert Hall; but attended another, the first in years – Berlioz' "Faust"; Farewell party for Brian; new tree for the garden; sends picture book of London.

Family photographs (12) from England, various years. Margaret & Susan, Dec41 Susan, Joyce & Judith, Oct42 Gerald Charles, Margery Judith & mother, Jul45 R's mother Margaret with her daughters Frida & Joyce, Mar45 Stella &Robert (Gardam), 1945 Gerald, Margery, & John, Aug46 do., 1947, and with parents, Dec47.

Cedric & Ivy to R&H,20Jan46. Thanks for X-mas parcel; Ivy's father is groom on large estate, still active at 74: Brian reached Africa safely; controls on building, shortage of secondary schools; Council houses limited to 1000 sq.ft.; hopes for better business' change-over from war to peace basis is difficult; petrol still rationed; have Wolsley Ten car, RK has Pontiac; added electric heat to supplement the open fire in the lounge; son makes complex mechanical toys. 3 photographs of family, home, car.

Photograph of Cedric, Jan46. professional portrait.

Martin K to R, 22Jan46. Thanks for X-mas parcel, especially the fruit cake; family news; enjoys R's description of his work at EK, and the programs of concerts attended; M sends programme of X-mas concert at Southwark Cathedral; difficulties in attracting a minister to the Flodden Road church, outbid by another congregation; cutting back on office work, his department formerly all male, is now mostly female; selling of tenant houses very cheap; figures on German bombs falling on London; Flodden Road New church needs funds, and M asks R for a loan to be repaid; news clippings of unexploded bomb being disarmed.

Brian K to R&H, 14Feb46. Air-letter from Nigeria. Finds life there interesting; many learned natives with advanced degrees from European and British universities, and also naked savages, with hints of human sacrifice and cannibalism; vivid description of inland settlements; his arrival at villages is preceded by "talking drum" announcements, and instructions to welcome or be fined!; New Church has churches in 38 villages spread over an area as big as England; visited and prayed with lepers; feels the hope of the New Church for the immediate future is in Africa, and will die out in America and Europe until the effects of the Last Judgement is worked out; problem is that there are 7 languages here and only 3 have Bibles.

Una to R&H, 18Feb46. Thanks for X-mas parcel; Geoff offered position at Percivel, but needs release from deHavilland; coupon values for clothing sent; son Richard sends letter of thanks for book.

Martin K to R, 17Mar46. Sale of houses slow; thanks for gift of money to New Church.

Martin K to R, 20May46. Thanks for gift of books; house sale still dragged on by solicitors; Brian returning soon on troop ship.

Martin K to R, 13Jul46. Houses finally sold, proceeds divided; excessive duty on gift of socks; New Church has new minister, just inducted; Aunt Beatrice Higham sold her house to New Church for manse at modest price; New Church newsletter.

Notice of offer for sale of Eagle Hill houses.

Joyce (R's sister) to R&H, 1Nov46. Invited and longing to visit R&H in America along with mother; hoping the weather will be hot in USA, as England is so cold; wants to buy in USA professional clothing for new nursing position (no coupons needed); American Consulate says affidavit needed stating relationship, duration of visit, and responsibility. Misc. family photographs (12) of Joyce and her nieces and nephews.

Martin K to R, 25Nov46. Sending X-mas presents for children; Hymn Book nearing publication; annoyed at printer's lack of care; please return previous envelope with airmail stamp for Joyce's collection. Margaret K to R&H, 25Nov46. Bringing jewelry she made for H; looking forward to trip to America.

Martin K to R, 11Nov46. Sent paper to sign (other family members will also sign) for gift to Auntie Flora on her 80th birthday; forwards note from grandson Dennis, who used matriculation present money to buy a slide-rule; 2 photographs of "tea on the lawn" 6Jul46, for induction of new minister at Flodden Road church.

2 photographs, "Smith Summer 1946" & "the Wrights (sent Dec1946)."

Rev. Arthur Clapham to R&H, 10Jan47. New minister at New Church in Burnley, Lancs.; discouraging state of the congregation; had been run "by women … like a school for children."

Iva to R&H, 14Jan47. Thanks for X-mas parcel; adds her thanks to Cedric's; troubles of being a step-mother; still some shortages relating to the war.

Donald & Lois Warne to R&H, 12Jan47. Now in Greenville, SC; sending an old clock for the K boys to take apart and reassemble; first attempt at making home movies of her child; remembers good times with the Ks in Rochester; 3 photographs of son Preston.

Cedric & Iva to R&H, 13Jan47. Thanks for X-mas parcel; cheque to cover duty was too much, so extra given to the New Church; Iva plays badminton weekly; haven't had candied peel for making fruit cake for 7 years; difficulty getting food for a party they are having; bread ration stamps need to be saved to buy cake; being friendly with the baker helps get better things; they now have the family baby grand piano; Iva leaving her job, as owner is reducing business as he ages; may be hard to get another good job in as small a town as Derby; asks about Kodak's lens business; why are lenses coated?; pros and cons of continuing price controls; coal ration is 5 hundredweight per month, and can't always get that; may be able to get shale-meat soon, and wonder what it will be like.

Martin K to (R&H), 12Jan47. Thanks for X-mas gift of cardigan, which matches his "best suit"; still doing the church accounts; mentions Byzantine architecture of new New Church building at Derby. [See FC-118 for photographs.] Margaret K to R&H, 12Jan47. Thanks for X-mas parcel of clothing and food; looking forward to trying the Bisquick; milk still rationed at ½ pint per person per day; New Church New Year Party today with conjuring show; attended Brian's induction at Derby 4Jan; 3 of her children and 8 grandchildren attended, some meeting for the first time since the war; Geoff made her a gold-topaz pendant.

Geoff to R, 3Feb47. Thanks for X-mas parcel; skirt for Una a bit tight, but adjustment to it and to her own periphery make it fit; he is now at Percival Aircraft in London working on stress analysis of a 6-8 passenger plane; Una "supply" teacher for Herts. County Council; G studying The Atom, reading Rutherford; lectured local group on the atomic bomb; quantum theory difficult; also studying Special Relativity; difficulty with son's temperament; daughter whines for what she wants; thanks for help on optical questions; lists other aircraft made by Percival; excuses small letter paper as being the only size now sold. Una to R&H, (3Feb47). Swopped presents with Joyce for better fit.

Martin K to R, 21Feb47. Sends 2 postcards with pictures of the new New Church at Derby where Brian is pastor, MK has taken on job of editing Conference Rules for New Church; Tune Book [for organists and choirs, as opposed to the Hymn Book for congregations?] production delayed by strikes; failures of the general electrical supply; Britain plagued by strikes and shortages.

Cedric & Ivy to R&H, 30Mar47. Delighted with food parcel; surprised that although sugar is still rationed in the US, 2 pounds had been sent; gives point values of various rationed foods; queueing and patience still needed; has new job as building manager of the Denby Gas Co. with 45 workmen under him; have a new parrot which only chatters when alone, never for visitors; dental problems; Ivy attended tea to mark end of ladies' badminton season.

Martin K to R, 21Mar47. Trip of Margaret and Joyce to visit America had to be abandoned because of inability to book passage; perhaps can be done after Sept next; floods and heavy snowfalls plaguing England; sends copy of new Hymn Book. Martin K to R, 10May47. Hymn Book and Tune Book being well received; monetary inflation spiraling; reviewing the New Church Conference records for past 130 years; trouble with arrangements for transfer of property after his death; laments fuel shortages; Martin K to R, 4Jun47. Sends New Church-related papers (not found); boy's group at New Church very successful.

Cedric & Ivy to R&H, 9Jul47. Thanks for copy of Life Magazine on depression in England; fruits of their garden help with high prices and scarce supply; surprised that most houses in USA are made of wood; his work with commercial production of heating gas; activity with amateur theatrical group; daughter excelling in school; hopes David will bloom; parrot taciturn (vide FC119); strike at gasworks needed staff to run the operation, Cedric using the mechanical shovel; Ivy's suspected appendicitis; Ivy to Wimbleton to see tennis matches.

Cedric & Ivy to R&H, 14Dec47. X-mas at home due to lack of petrol; parcel from America had just the things needed for X-mas cake; shortages continue; less milk now available than during war; plans for family visits; making wood toys for 120 children of works' families; enjoying evening-dress dances; cold snap caused crisis at gasworks; wonders what will happen to the works when it is nationalized; son may have to do army service before going to university; sold the parrot because of cost and mess (vide FC121.)

Marian Gardam to R&H, 14Dec47. Thanks for X-mas parcel; children amused at animal biscuits; Photographs of Robert and Stella; news of children's schooling; Robert has outgrown his tantrums; Norman's activities: county council, teaching German, church; she in Bromley Choral Society and cycles with Joyce; hopes David will be brilliant later on in one direction; clothes need constant patching and mending; Labour Government have not made a good job of the post-war situation.

Margaret K to R&H, 19Dec47. Thanks for X-mas parcel of butter, sugar, dried fruits, fats; Joyce visiting; went to London and saw Royal Wedding pictures in Technicolor; petrol shortage will keep Cedric and Ivy at home; marvels at R's many travels; buses crowded on Sundays with women and market bags, preventing her from going to church; old neighborhoods being leveled for new housing; will send Hilda a pair of work gloves as worn in the Women's Services; Martin K to R, 19Dec47. Wishes for happy X-mas; this letter in place of usual cablegram.

Margaret K to R&H, 18Jan48. Great thanks for parcel of shoes; news of family and friends; urges card games for Alan and David to build arithmetic skills; friend badly hurt in bombing; enjoyed the annual "lantern show" by Martin [magic lantern with lime-light from gas cylinders, a family tradition/MLS]; inequalities of the customs fees on parcels received; Back of envelope has prices of chemical apparatus R purchased for boys, given about 1990 to MLS.

Martin K to R, 27Jan48. Thanks for X-mas parcel; food-stuffs provided the first blancmange since 1939; liked cutting R had sent about the whole of Brahms' works being presented in Rochester; war damage to house finally being repaired; attempt to rejuvenate soda-water siphon drenched kitchen. Martin K to R, 5Feb48. Sending book "The Lost Treasures of London" on war damage.

Geoff to R, 4Jan48. Thanks for X-mas parcel; food situation still worse than during the war; thanks especially for the bed-sheets, which require elaborate paper-work, and are only issued to newly-marrieds and growing children; carol singing with friends at home, accompanied by the gramophone, there being no piano; greeted by old teacher at a reception at Royal Aeronautical Society; apprehensive about future of aircraft industry in UK; sackings to reduce costs.

Margaret K to R, 21Mar48. Church Socials are different now with families having young children; MK arranged music of amateur members; Joyce frequently ill; children unable to sit still and concentrate from disruption of air-raids and evacuation; Auntie Flora Klickmann (Martin's sister) published another book, advert. From Times Lit. Sup.; war damage now all repaired at home; garden and forced house flowers doing very well. Martin K to R, 22Mar48. Accounts on duties for parcels. Statement of accounts for New Church church and appeal for funds.

Richard K, (son of Geoff), to RK, 11Apr48. Thanks Uncle Rudolf for set of building blocks.

Frida (Elfrida, sister of R) to R&H, 23May48. Food rationing now off for the first time since 1940; now free to select one's own milkman, not government-assigned one; visited Science Museum and missed having R to guide; sending back issues of Punch; also children's notes of thanks for presents.

Tony Higham to R, 1Jun48. Urologist thanks R for sending special bulbs for cystoscope; questions still unanswered about the nationalization of health service; fear that bad surgeons will be helped and good ones unrewarded.

Martin K to R, 10Jun48. Brian's booklet selling well. Inflation driving prices up; hard on pensioners like himself; will probably go back to work; attended BBC light pops concert; looking forward to proposed visit to England next year; Margaret K to R, 11Jul48. Summer travels to visit relatives, historical pageant at St. Albans Martin K to R, 12Jul48. Corrects Mother's dates of events; War Damage Commission sent check for loss of 171 Grove Lane in 1940; that property now converted to rental flats. Photographs of Jennifer, Angela, Margaret in Derby, children of Brian.

Cedric&Ivy to R&H, 2Sep48. Hoping to get son into a new "red brick" university, as traditional schools are all full, preferences given to ex-servicemen; they have let car license lapse, as gas is rationed at only 1.5 gal/month; undercertain about his job when the company is nationalized next month; starting of a repertory theater in Derby by subscription; took parents to theater in London for "Annie Get Your Gun."

Frida (sister of R) to R&H, 3Oct48. Back of env. has list of items to be sent; children's diseases; train watching, seeing the Royal Scot railway train; appreciation of English rural scenes; suggests "American cloth" (oilcloth ?) tablecloth; milk shortages again; Photographs of children Gerald, Margery, John.

Martin K to Kingslake, 6Dec48, cablegram; "UNEXPECTEDLY AND PEACEFULLY MOTHER PASSED AWAY FIFTH DECEMBER JOYCE WAS PRESENT WRITING = FATHER = Martin K to R, 15Dec48. Death of his wife, Margaret, mother or R, on 5Dec at age 72; details of her last day, an active and happy one; very unexpected; card of thanks for sympathies (2). Photographs of Martin and Margaret in the garden of their last home, and of Martin sitting alone inside.

Beatrice (Higham) (sister to Margaret, R's mother) to H&R. Sympathy on loss of mother. Margaret was cremated.

Geoff K to R, 1Jan49. His promotion to Chief Stressman for aircraft company; experimenting in electronics with war surplus gear; his son also joins in this; still making jewelery; bees have all died; reactions of family members to Mother's passing; sending Punch subscription as a present. Una to R&H, 1Jan48. Tells of X-mas with Father and Joyce; traditional lantern show; expecting baby in March; hospital will be free under new Health Scheme.

Martin K to R, 6Jan49 Florrie Emily Green to come and keep house for him and Joyce. Do 12Jan49. Details of Mother's death; medical report; great outpouring of sympathy from friends; needed to have 150 cards printed; house filled with flowers.

Martin K to R, 3Feb49. Received 123 letters of sympathy on death of Mother; sad at news that Brian is giving up ministry to be schoolmaster, as church didn't pay enough to support his family; substitutes as organist for his former pupil in Blenheim Grove; sorry for David's leg fracture; comments on article about mis-naming of string instruments; giving lecture on "the orchestra" using phonograph records and wall charts to group at Flodden Road Church; Do, 1Jun49. Announces he has asked Florrie (Florence Emily Green) to be his wife; summer or fall wedding planned; several other children congratulate. Do, 24Jul49. Wedding to be Sat. 27Aug; encloses formal invitation, see FC142 See also FC145.

Frida to H, 26May49. Thanks for clothing for children; depends on home-grown food as store prices are so high; makes preserves to the extent of sugar availability; sends obsolete ration book as curiousity; Photograph of her three children.

Maria Holtz to RK, 18May49. [typed letter in German, longhand translation by W Schade] She has lost many friends in the war; asks after RK's family and students; (she may have been a student of his); destruction of Bonn and Munich; beautiful trees were cut for fuel; Beethoven's house spared; asks if he remembers various sights; lost job in pharmacy; has heard that jobs as housekeepers are plentiful in America; would like an American boarder; refers to herself as "little German teacher-ess." Photographs: herself, one of Cologne, two of Bonn. Do, 12Jun48 [longhand letter in German].

____ to M/M RK, posted 28Aug49. Wedding invitation and announcement card.vide FC139.

Photographs (4) at 24 Acland of R&H, David, Alan, Martin, Florrie.

Arthur Smith to RK, 6Dec49. News of old school (Imperial College, London) chums and of British optical industry in general; five family photographs.

Oswald Warne to "cousins R&H" (son of R's father's mother, so really cousin to R's father), 4Jan50. Just moved to Tucson from Phila. for his wife's health; building new home with his own hands; speculates that Martin's new wife was his intended in about 1898 or 99; OW and his wife Margaret send New Years greetings.

David to mother HK, 12Nov50. Bears sticker of The Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ; trip to play sports with Blair (Academy) in Blairstown, NJ about 90 miles from Peddie; requests a medication quickly; needs Bible for religion class. School emblem seems to show cowboy and mountains, latin motto illegible. DK is 13. Do, 4Jan51. Weather warm; no buzzards; sends South American coin to brother Alan. Do, 26Jan51. Affectionate card with note; thanks for parcel of food and supplies; much likes the things to make printing stampers; plans for visit home. Do, 18Apr51. School did well in games with Admiral Farragut school; Do, undated; Thanks for baseball mit; asks if grape juice is good, had to buy Bible.

Gertrude E. & Mabel H. Faithfull, 10Jan51. Marvels at colored photographs sent following recent visit; enjoyed King's broadcast X-mas message; [Who are these women; how related to family?] Cedric & Ivy. 6Feb51; Thanks for special calendar with family color photographs from last year's visit; discusses pictures month by month.

Martin K to David K, 28(month?)51. Photographic postcard of London Bridge; includes Guardian Building, where MK was employed. May have been a birthday greeting.

Frida (R's sister)to R&H, 27Jan52. Thanks for X-mas gifts; son John, photograph enclosed, likes the toys for his Hornby trains; many things still in short supply; 2.5 pounds of dried fruit expected to last a year; intimation that Joyce is displeased with Father remarrying, son Gerald whiz at collecting stamps; misses being with grandfather Martin.

Dorothy Wright (wife of Prof. David Wright) to H&R, 11May52. Thanks for X-mas parcel and for hospitality during their recent visit to USA. David lectured at Royal Institution. Two photographs of K family, one with Dorothy.

Photographs of Jennifer, Angela, and Margaret, children of Brian.

Arthur Smith to K, 10Jan53. Thank for X-mas gift package; thrilled with Life Savers candy; he appeard to be in optics with Wray optical firm; the envelope has stamp "Buy a British Lens Because It's Better"; factory is expanding; saw photographs of R's sons in book LP; Margery Smith to H, 10Jan53. Thanks for parcel, especially raisins; they were allotted ¼ pound for holidays; usually had to rations children to "just one" to eat; asks if K's are coming over for the coronation (of EII). Two photographs of their children taken with new Wrayflex camera.

David to "Pa", 13Apr53. (DK is 16 years old.) Discussion of buying boat and motor for it, breaking in on canal before taking to Canada; asks for specific terms for getting boat and motor, (how much obedience?); asks for list of specific things he must do for R to put his signature on a license (application); cut finger healing well; sorry for dirty envelope (shoe polish).

Photographs: Norman, Robert, and Stella Gardam, Sep53, two, one with cat. John & Margery, children of Frida Peter, William, Paul Newall (no other identification) Elizabeth, daughter of Geoff and Una.

HGK to Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation, 7Jul49.Seeks advice on selection of schools for boys, especially David.

Death notice for David Kingslake, from Rochester D&C, 10Jul2002. DK died 26Jun2002 Death notice for David Kingslake, from Charlestown (WVA ?) Mail, 2Jul2002.

Correspondence and program for Maurice Evans lecture-recital in support of the British War Relief Society, 16Feb41. RK headed ticket committee.

Alan Kingslake 6Jun39-14Jul56. Alan drowned in a swimming accident while at summer camp in Pennsylvania, age 17. Body found 9 days after drowning; immediately cremated. Lists of notes and calls of condolences, flowers received. Two poems; two letters from friends in Maine who knew Alan from summers there. Notes (by HGK?) toward a reply. Note by HGK summer1956 about Alan's passing, describes his personality, interests, strengths, faith. "...(He was) found kind & obedient, gentle by all except his Father, who found all boys evil, malicious – woe, woe is me!" "...(H)e died a good chap – not having to murder men in war." Horror at receiving ashes, clothing from camp. Note added March57: disposal of his ashes, some to favorite camp in Maine (probably Camp Maranacook, Readfield, ME, vide FC253), some in home garden. Note added 1983: wild crabapple tree grows in yard where his ashes were scattered. Vide P17.

Wedding of Margaret Higham, niece of R&H, 1958. Letter and photographs.

Christmas cards from friends in Japan, probably 1964.

Alleyn's School papers. Annual reports, Old Boys' Magazine. (Envelope has "Gardam Feb75" in RK's hand. GE Gardam sent a son to some private school.)

David K papers & photographs Invitation to DK's graduation from Peddie School, 12Jun55 DK's wedding (to Joan) photographs 23Aug58 RK to DK, 26Sep63. Advice on money being given for purchase of house. Simplistic advice on money management to a grown son. DK to parents, 24Jan64. Tells of promotion and new responsibilities at Budd Co.; problem of choice of new car; hopes for camping trips and FM radio; delight in new home. RK's note on envelope "Keep this letter." Photograph of DK, Oct89, with psaltries he made, apparently at some sales event. DK to parents, 6May86, on his letterhead "Bowed Psaltries David Kingslake" from Red Creek, West Virginia. Thanks for visit in Rochester, problem with site for new house. DK to RK, 21Jul89. Thanks for gift of bonds and solar-powered calculator; questions about its working; application to his instrument making; progress on new house; news of folk arts shows and amount of sales, joke about heat. DK to parents, 12Aug92. News of vacation plans at Cape Hatteras; photographs of table he made; his goal to make all the furniture for his home. DK to parents, X-mas95. Thanks for books on furniture; sends present of chair-side table he made; Dorothy designs and finishes some furniture he makes; she has won several prizes for her designs; three photographs of her at work.

HH Emsley to RK, 29Jan55. Seeks photograph of AEC for a book he has written. Sim. 4Apr55, Thanks for sending photographs; news of old friends in optics.

Alan K to mother, 24Nov55. et seq. Coat lost on train, then found; news of his classes at The Hill School, Pottstown, PA.

A Clapham to R&HGK, 2Jan56. News of the New Church in island of Jersey; poor attendance; "Jersey French" derived from old Norman French; growth of Jersey as a holiday resort; Jersey laws differ from some mainland laws.

MK to RK, 25Apr56. Thanks for 80th birthday present of £50, "shock of (his) life"; bought portable radio set "to plug in anywhere in the house"; what other children did for his birthday.

Mabel H. Faithful to R&HGK, 24Dec56. Sad at Alan's death; good times at Brighton with friend; wonders how Christmas is kept in America; thinks all the Kingslakes are clever; death of her blind, deaf brother; only she remains of her family.

Angela (daughter of Brian) to "Uncle Rudolf and Auntie Hilda", 29Dec57. From Johannesburg, South Africa; thanks for gift of money; will use it for her return-home fund; can't bring pet dog back because of quarantine, but monkey could come straight through; working at Gestetner's (duplicating company).

Brian K (in Florida) to R&HGK, 26Aug57. Angela met and got engaged to Purser' Clerk on ship to England. Martin and Florrie have met his family and approve; he is C of E, but amenable to New Church; he asked for transfer to shore job, she working two shifts to save for wedding; visiting professor from USA says "racialism dying out"; chairman of African Music Society; has Willys station wagon and Nash Rambler; 5 photographs of Angela with intended and others.

Joyce K (in New Zealand) to R&HGK, Oct58. Glad they like David's wife, Joyce; (David still in college, Lehigh University, Bethelem, PA); mentions photographs enclosed but not found.

Beatrice Higham K to R&HGK, 5Sep59. Congratulations on arrival of granddaughter; family news.

Oswald H. Warne to R&HGK, 10Dec59. Cousin to MK; family news.

G&G Fassin to R&HGK, holidays 1960, seasonal card, inquiry about family.

MK to RK, (4 documents, all in one readdressed envelope) 13Aug60 (hand-written) Family news and referral to enclosed "autobiography" of Brian K; 13Aug60 (typed) Gives key to names in Brian's "autobiography" and corrigienda by MK;4Oct60 Christmas gift of book he is sending, "The Memoirs of Lord Ismay" [Could not find in Debrett's/MLS] (no date) "THE RUINED HOUSE," An Essay in Autobiography by Basil Kirke (Brian K), 8p typescript. [Very valuable for insight into family life/MLS.] BK visits the ruin of the original family home at 171 Grove Lane, Camberwell, destroyed by a parachuted land mine during WWII; reminisces about childhood adventures; RK as older brother leads many activities; much self-reliance; RK's many electrical, acoustic, and optical activities; RK makes lens and telescope; Cedric K very good with things mechanical, makes chessboard with every square a different wood, Brian not good at such; R, C, and M wire the house for electric light, checking their work with a "megger;" R restores church organ after paint spill; family coinage "ledmunny"; ruined house as allegory for the modern world. Donald J Thomson to MLS, 8Dec2003, personal communication, Explains "megger." Note: Brian K. also wrote a book, "For Heaven's Sake!" with chapters on the application of Swedenborgian principles to daily life. Published byThe Christopher Publishing House, North Quincy, MA 1974. LC 74-75163 Many of the chapters read like sermons. Copy in UR Rare Books BV 4832.2.K54 1974.

Cedric&Ivy K to R&HGK, 1Sep60. Send 2 wedding photographs; sorry for RK's jaundice; family news.

Oswald H. Warne to "Cousins" R&HGK, 25Apr60 & 1Dec60. Now living in California and hopes to see the K's.

Arthur Clapham to R&HGK, 9Jan61, Apology for typing a personal letter; poor performance of organist at New Church service; travels from their home in the Channel Isles to Scandinavia; quotes Danish lady saying Danish not so much a language as a disease of the throat.

Maurice Taylor & Peggy (Brian's daughter Margaret) to R&HGK, 11Dec61. Delighted with gift of Dr. Mees' book (probably From Dry Plates to Ektachrome Film); family news.

Norman Kershaw to RK, 1Dec61. Congratulations to R&HGK for producing the second volume of Conrady's "Applied Optics and Optical Design"; NK was AEC's student in 1916; head of Kershaw&Sons optical manufacturers. Pamphlet about that compamy's war efforts.

"Auntie B" Mrs. Bernard Higham to HG&RK, 13Dec61. Heard K's on audio tape: family news.

Kogoro Yamada to RK, 19Mar61. Ltr of transmittal of a book he wrote, "George Eastman and Eastman Kodak"; prominent mention of RK.

Photograph of and her children, X-mas61.

Oswald Warne to R&HGK, Dec61. Cousin to RK's father; hard living on small pension.

MK to RK, 21Oct61. Mimeographed 4th letter to family with final plans for a Family Party in Dec., first in 11 years; (MK now 85); to be audio taped for those overseas; MK seems to be paying all expenses, including travel, for everyone attending.

Zyun Koana to RK, 8Jun62. Thanks for kindness during stay in Rochester. Visited 33 places of optical interest on trip around world, returning now to Tokyo. Lectures on ultramicrofilming. Tells of using joke in lecture; well received at IBM in USA, but not in Germany. Mentions enclosing translation of item RK had asked for [not found]. Also encloses diagram of Auto-Nikkor lens f/1.4, F=5cm. [RK criticized such diagrams being called "cross-sections" as the true cross-section of any lens is a circle. Lens diagrams are longitudinal sections.] Regards HGK as "most intelligent and warm-hearted lady I have ever met in my trip."

Maurice & Peggy Taylor to R&HGK, 8Dec62. He has accepted to a professorship at Bowdoin College, Maine, USA. Hope his daughter will not marry an American. Other family news.

Charles G. Wynne to RK, 1Jun62, & (attached) CGW to HGK, same date. Concerning staying with them when over here for Summer Course in Optics.

Several letters gathered together in one envelope by RK. Envelope labeled "Vivien Higham".Here in order found. John B Higham to RK, 22Jun63. Thanks for hospitality to Vivien on visit to USA. Received copy of "The Family Party" from MK. JB Higham to RK, 29Sep62. Vivien may get job in USA. Other family news. Vivien Higham to "Aunt Hilda", 17May63. Thanks for visit in Rochester. Vivien Higham to "Cousin Rudolph", 2Apr63. [RK bristled at the wrong spelling of his first name.] Proposes visit. Now living in Chicago. Vivien Higham to R&HGK, 10Aug63. Has spent summer working at Yellowstone Park. Now will travel throughout the US. Says can now legally drink alcohol. Vivien Higham to RK, 20Nov62. Introduces herself and hopes to visit them in Rochester. Has just gotten a job in Chicago.

John ______ to "Uncle and Auntie", 6Feb63. Post card from NZ; thanks for money; travelling NZ and Australia with Margery.

HH Hopkins to R&HGK, Jul63. Travelling to Rochester (probably for a course) and politely declines K's invitation to stay with them, as he will have wife and two children with him.

LC Martin to R&HGK, 2Jan63. Family news; new edition of his book "Technical Optics, Vol. 1."

LC Martin to RK, 20Feb67. Thanks for favorable review of his "The Theory of the Microscope"; obscure allusion to some others in optical field.

Shigeo Minanis to R&HGK, 7Dec63. Photographic X-mas card of family.

David Brown to R&HGK, 21Sep63. Thanks for hospitality during visit in Rochester; visited Dr. Mayall at Tucson, then Mounts Palomar and Wilson; enclosed photograph of R&H.

Zyun Koana to RK, 2Mar63. Will send an antique Japanese sword guard for RK's appreciation of Japanese art; photographs with this letter; elected Chairman of Physics Department of Univerisity of Tokyo; refers colleague interested in high-speed optical polishing.

Aunt B (Beatrice Higham, sister to RK's mother) to R&HGK, 14Dec63. X-mas good wishes; family news.

"Florrie & Father" (MK & second wife) to R&HGK, posted 6Oct63. String-bound notes of "New Zealand Tour, February and March 1063" by Rev. EC and Mrs. Howe.

Hiroshi Kubota to R&HGK, posted 16Dec64. X-mas card and note; thanks for present of silver bowl; two photographs.

Aya (Mrs. Hiroshi) Kubota to HGK, posted 16Dec64. Photographs of Japanese ladies with identifications, taken at optical conference in 1964; again thanks for gift.

Beatrice Higham to R&HGK, 9Jan64. Disappointed not to receive letter with Rochester news; seems to enjoy her life in some kind of elder housing.

Cedric & Ivy to R&HGK, 12Nov64. Picture post card of a 1923 Morris Cowley, an automobile the K boys once owned.

John R. Miles to RK, 20Oct64. Sends 8 photographs of trip to Japan.

John & Ruth Ban to R&HGK, 26Jul64. Thanks for hospitality; sends address of his father, a Christian clergyman in Tokyo, with directions in Japanese to show to taxicab driver.

Auntie B to R&HGK, 14Dec64. Thanks for long letter; was rude last year asking for a letter (vide FC200); news; Peter, Uncle Bernard's son, Governor of Gloucester Prison; Florrie not well, but MK is "full of beans."

Florrie & Father (MK) to HGK, 15Jan64. (MK now 88yo) Thanks for lengthy New Year letter; tells of holiday events; hints for next year's presents – pillow cases for Florrie, miniature orchestral scores, and unused USA commemorative stamps for him.

Zyun Koana to RK, 14Oct64. Glad to see RK again at ICO Conference; two half-frame slides taken with camera whose lens was designed by man in slide; congratulations on Progress Medal.

Auntie B to HGK, 4Mar64. Thinks David K may resemble the Higham side of the family; hopes R&HGK will visit her soon.

Beaumont (Newhall) to RK, 26Jan64. Post card of London from Director of George Eastman House.

Hideya & Yasko Gamo to R&HGK, 21Dec64. X-mas card and 5 photographs of K's at sushi bar.

Peggy & Maurice (Taylor) to K's, 5Aug65, picture post card of Rochester (England) Cathedral; family news.

Brian & Ivy (Kingslake) to K's, 29Aug65, picture post card of New Church church in Portuguese Bend, CA, designed by FL Wright. News of trip across USA; preaching in all New Church churches on Pacific Coast.

Shoji Sasagawa to K's, 28Jun65. Thanks for hospitality, 6 photographs.

Koichi Yuta to K's, 22Aug65. Grateful letter for kindness in Rochester; two photographs (half-frame slides) of K's at Letchworth Park, apology for non-Kodak processing of film.

____ Walles to K's, 4Dec65. Photographic greeting card from Sweden.

Hideko Koana to HGK, 20Nov65. H Koana is wife of RK's student, Zyun; thanks for gift of brooch, describes Noh-play doll she sent; deep appreciation for kindness.

Kogoro Yamada to K's, 20Jan65. Pleasure of meeting K's in Tokyo; thanks for "Lenses in Photography."

Koichi Yuta to K's, 26Jul65. "Summer Greeting" with explanation of the Japanese custom of sending such. Moved to new address. Do., 6Nov65. Sends another new Rochester address; learning to drive. Do., Thanks for kindnesses; first came her to learn lens design, but now also wants to understand this country and its people.

Vera (Kingslake?) to Uncle Rudolf and Auntie Hilda, 7Feb65. Wife of Dennis. Thanks for gift of money to new baby, Jonathan. Spent money on wheeled chair and swing, rest to National Savings. Two photographs of baby.

Jennifer ______ to R&HGK, 4Apr65. Daughter of Brian. Picture postcard of Wellington, NZ, where she and her family of 4 now live.

Susan & Ian Birkenshaw to R&HGK, 3Dec65. Xmas card with photograph of them and children.

Auntie Bea to HGK, 3Feb65. Death of Churchill; saw state funeral on TV of friend in another part of her old-age home; family news; hope for a visit from R&H.

Zyun Koana to RK, 24Feb66. Thanks for receiving him Aug65; encloses photographs of him and RK in latter's office. Thanks for hospitality at home. Asks RK to receive Y. Doi, chief optical designer of Fuji. Speaks of two kinds of optical designers: (1) purists not concerned for practicality, and (2) those "proud of making a good design under severe boundary conditions." Doi of latter type. RK to Koana, 2Mar66. Agrees gladly to see Doi; has two Doi patents in file.

Hideko&Zyun Koana, ____65. Xmas card with microscopic test image on glass. (in envelope).

Shigeo Minamis to R&HGK, 20Dec65. Photographic holiday card of his family; mentions work on far IR optics at Ohio State Univ.

M Ikeua to R&HGK, 29Dec66. Photographic postcard of MI, wife, and child; thanks for hospitality in Rochester; now back at Minolta; saw RK in Kodak ad in Physics Today.

Z Koana to RK, 6May66. Thanks for hospitality to Y Doi of Fuji; Sends translated text of a short story, "Kanzan and Jittoku," by Mori-Ohgai of Japan, written about 1916, a ten-page typescript. The significance of this story to anything else in this archive is unclear. The K's, though, especially R, were interested in Japanese art and culture. ZK mentions order of naming in Japan and in the West – he is Koana-Zyun in Japan, and Zyun Koana in the West.

Elizabeth K to Uncle Rudolf & Auntie Hilda, ?Dec66. Daughter of Geoff&Una. Writing from Penang, Malaysia; thanks for Xmas present of cash, used to buy a star sapphire and silk yardgoods in Thailand – "You've clothed me for about a year, and bejewelled me too!" Drove 1000 miles from Penang to Bangkok despite warning about road conditions and terrorists. More adventures.

Richard K to Uncle Rudolf&Auntie Hilda, 3Jan66. Son of Geoff. Thanks for Xmas presents; working on advanced radar; two photographs of RK, wife, infant Nicola; visit to MK, who played three piano solos written by Uncle Brian; MK very lively at 89.

Auntie B (Higham) to R&H, 16Sep65. Family news; complains of advertisements interrupting TV programs, thus prefers BBC; old friend wanted to give her her TV when she passed on, but B refused it.

KF Dyson to RK, 24Aug66. Addresses R as "Father"; now living in Caledonia, NY; working on farm Ruliffson's?), driving tractors; will write "Mother" as soon as possible; wishes R happy birthday; sent parcel.

Shigeo Minamis to R&HGK, 25Dec66. New Year greeting and family photograph. Still doing infrared work, and RK's "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" helps him. Son reads about Edison and Livingstone.

__ Inglestam to R&HGK, Xmas66. Appreciates the 50-year history and the volumes of "Applied Optics and Optical Design"; Reviewing the latter for some publication.

Max & Edith Herzberger to R&HGK, Dec66. Apparently living in Zurich since EK retirement; visitors from many countries visit; family doing well in their professions; M has lectured in many cities, but thinks his doctrine will not be accepted in his lifetime; best wishes for holidays.

__Inglestam to R&HGK, 22Jan66. He is in physics department of Instute of Technolory Bromma, Sweden; American optics seems to be leading the world now.

M Isshiki to R&HGK, 17Aug66. Thanks for kindness during stay in Rochester; tells everyone in Japan that Rochester is "a splendid place to live in; calm and beautiful." Two photographs: RK at Hannyaen Inn, Japan, and of koto players.

M___ D___ to HGK, 12Jan67. (cannot read name) Found 65&66 Xmas cards waiting on return to Australia from USA; Ted working on cooperative US-Aust. spectroscopic telescope project for southern skies; family news.

Doreen & Robert Ditchburn to R&HGK, 8Dec67. Holiday card; after reading of Rochester events, wonders how soon "colored" problems will come to their city in England.

O Wannag to HGK, 2Nov67. From Oslo, Norway; describes the beauty and peace of a vacation spot. Transparency photographs of young man and woman.

H Goutail to RK, 22Sep67. From Paris; thanks for kindness and hospitality and visit to laboratories.

Sten Walles to R&HGK, 29Nov67. Holiday card with photograph of children.

Auntie B to HGK, 5Apr67. Thanks for letters and slippers; wishes to be visited; hopes R will enjoy retirement.

Mitsub Ikeda to R&HGK, Dec67. Photographic postcard of son; hope to be visited when next the K's come to Japan.

Brian & Jill to R&HGK, Aug67. Postcard from NZ; on world tour; will preach in Melbourn and Sydney.

Auntie B to R&HGK, 7Dec67. Holiday wishes; wobbly on legs, year since been to a shop, nothing to write about, because nothing happens to her; looks forward to visit and to family letter from MK.

Maurice & Peggy Taylor to R&HGK, Mar67. At Easter time remembering beingin Rochester two years ago for a white Easter; most memorable in US visit was the tall trees of California; growth of university enrollments; MT retiring next year.

do. 10Dec67. P must wear a special corset for back ailment; enjoy their travel trailer, not wired for heat and light; hope to visit in US next summer.

Shigeo Minamis to R&HGK, Dec67. Family picture and holiday greeting; he at Osaka Univ. teaching and researching.

Koichi Yuta to R&HGK, 18Nov67. Holiday greeting; remembers the snows and cold of Rochester; human relations more satisfactory in US than in Japan.

Richard K to R&HGK, Xmas67. Photograph of his children to their great-uncle and great-aunt.

Koichi Yuta to R&HGK, 1Feb67. Thanks for New Year's gift of Metro. Museum of Art calendar; glad people of US enjoy the art of Japan.

do., Jan67. Postcard; first blossoms of spring; sent maps of Japan to aid K's' next visit.

Zyun Koana to RK, 13Jan67. Aerial photographic postcard with labelled cities; invites K's to dinner party in their newly remodelled home.

Aya Kubota to R&HGK, 30Dec67. Hand painted holiday greeting and thanks for card.

Arthur & Margery Smith, 25Jul68. Ltrhd of Wray optical works; may need to retire soon as Rank is ready to buy Wray; newspaper clipping re Richard Reason, maker of optical gauging instruments.

Ethel Abrahams to HGK, 18Nov68. Xmas card & note; [Connection unknown./MLS]

Susan & Ian Birkenshaw to R&HGK, 20Nov68. Xmas card and family photograph; childrens' card.

Denis ____. (nephew) Oct68. Photograph with adopted baby, Anne.

Elizabeth K to R&HGK, 30Jul68. Leaving Penang for US; details of extensive travel plans.

Susan (Birkenshaw, niece) to R&HGK, 29Sep68. Thanks for subscription to Scientific American; gave one copy to a Jehovah's Witness to convince him Man was not created 4000 years ago; are there doorstep evangelists in US?; training children to maths; new baby Stephen came 1Jun; joys of the third child; father doesn't like babies till they are 6mo; tried cheaper Ilford film but didn't like it; Kodak colors not realistic but pleasing – "rose-tinted spectacles"; "must be marvelous to work for union-free, strike-free company prepared to do well by pure efficiency"; Ian not happy in his job; forced herself to speak up at meetings; has first-aid certificate.

Liz (Elizabeth K)to R&HGK, 31Oct68. Post card from San Francisco; on her way across country.

MK & Florrie to R&HGK, 11Apr68. Announcing death of Auntie B. 23Mar; MK awaiting estate settlement; B left R&HGK a cash legacy.

Geoff K to R&HGK, Mar68. Postcard from Bangkok; needed to make "panic trip" to Singapore via Moscow.

MK&F, 13Jan68. Note on env. by RK "MK aged 91+9mths"; M&F now living in Brighton; thanks for Xmas letter; rereads it to Florrie several times, and to other family members; Nat. Geo. magazines appreciated again and again; shopping will have to wait for a favorable conjunction "like the planets"; M walked with two sticks and the help of a neighbor through blizzard to play organ at church, as usual; Elizabeth takes many coloured slides and narrates her travels on tape to go with them; Florrie's sight impared, reading difficult; each morning, except Sundays, MK and a Miss Salmon (neighbor) play piano duets for 3hr, yesterday was their 250th such meeting; CFL=Christmas Family Letter; CFL, 66 sheets this year, now collated and shipped by seamail; gave copy to his doctor who said "what a wonderful thing I had done to help people 100 years hence to know how an ordinary middle class family had spent part of their time" (MK was quite overcome by this).

MK to R&HGK, 19Dec68. Thanks for USA stamps and colour photographs; mentions card sent for RK's 65th birthday; remembers automobile trip years ago when sons' were excited to see speedometer approach 30mph; CFL may not be published till Feb.; Elizabeth K teaching English to immigrant children, "...hope(s) my children are picking up a bit of English. I am learning quite a lot of Hindustani."; Bank of England permission needed to send funds to Auntie B's foreign legators, RK and Brian K.

Elizabeth K (niece) to R&HGK, 16Jun68. Thanks for generous gift of money and offer of (what?); May rearrange trip to USA on the "Europa"; still in Malaysia; asks help is funds transfer.

Z Koana to R&HGK, 26Mar68. Retiring as Professor of Physics at Utokyo, mandatory in 60th year; named Emeritus; family news; son to enter UT; two photographs – his last lecture, and wife.

S Yonezawa to R&HGK, Aug68. picture postcard announcing plans to marry; coming to Rochester to study; invites to dinner when wife arrives.

"My Autobiography" & "My life with Hilda G. Conrady (1902- ) holographs, with transcriptions by MLS. Remarkable, rambling document, written in his last years; parts difficult to read; evidence of micrographia?; page order uncertain; tellings and retellings of childhood events. Note on Swedenborgian Church and its teachings. Begins with characteristic modesty, "This may bore you, but it covers most of my childhood memories."

Press releases and clippings re RK EK press release 1966 "Kodak Scientist Edits Optics Reference Volumes" refers to 5-volume "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" EK press release 1968 Dr. Rudolf Kingslake retires at Eastman Kodak" announces W Price as successor. Biographical note on and approved by RK to Gene Richner, who kept the files of Kodak senior managers for use in public relations publications, 26Feb69. contains comments by Glen Matthews. Biographical information, brief version, for EK, 1969. Rochester Democrat&Chronicle, 6Dec51, article and photograph on publication of "Lenses in Photography". Kodakery, 5Feb70, Photograph with 5 volumes of "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering", "Retiree Edits Book on Optics."

Boston (England) letters from childhood Cedric K to RK, 13Apr40. Sends a batch of 13 letters, cards, drawings "Rudolf Klickmann" sent him and his family at home, from Boston, England where RK was sent to live with relatives during an illness of his mother in late 1909. RK is 6 years old. Very charming and precocious. Drawing of sailing ship "Ellen Kristin" being towed by tug in Boston (England) harbor.

Misc. HGK Correspondence. [H had requested that most of her personal papers be destroyed after her death. Some survive intermingled with R's, perhaps with her intent/MLS] Alan K to HGK, 7Jul53, postcard. From Camp Maranacook, Readfield, ME., requests medicines, received T-shirts. [Alan K age 14.] Alan K to HGK, 8Jul53. HGK sent him a page of questions with spaces left for answers. He comments on cold weather, need for black tape, attempts at infrared photography, making a canoe paddle, application for fishing license, swimming Cristiano (?) ____ to Alan K, __ ___ 1953, picture postcard of and from Italian steamship Andrea Doria, in envelop with the following: Frances ____ to HGK, 22Mar53. Andrea Doria stationery. Mentions of Bob Hopkins, shows optical connection. Mentions of Alan while visiting in Rochester, but not of David, perhaps because of he was at boarding school at that time. post scriptum from Guliano ______ to R&H, appreciates hospitality and friendship. Martin K to HGK, 2Apr53, air letter. Thanks for box of "eats and drinks" (still shortages even this long after WWII), redecorating home, Joyce to visit from NZ next year, want new minister at Flodden Road church. Susie ____ to HGK, 30May53. Writes from Boston, remembering good times in Rochester; looking forward to seeing film of Accession of Elizabeth II RK to HGK, 13Apr37. Writes from Bonn, Germany of concert in Beethoven Hall. "Xx" by initial signiture. JH Watson to HGK, 4Mar55. Sends Register of Old Students of the royal School of Mines at her request. HJ Fladd to HGK, 23Apr53. Confirms rental of cottage on Canandaigua Lake for 19July to 1Aug. List of photographs in RK's hand refers to pages (of a scrapbook?) No photographs found to match. List of people's names in RK's hand grouped "Mine, Thine, Ours" with causes of deaths of some. List in RK's hand with numbers from his lecture slide collection, now destroyed by family, related to photographic industry in Rochester. Page in RK's hand showing geneology of HGK, see AEC in abbreviation list above. Clipping (partial) from Brighton-Pittsford Post, 9Jan69 announcing RK's retirement from EK. Folder label in RK's hand "AEC letters – 1929-34." Folder and letters not found. Visitor's Pass to view Kodak Park Works issued to Mrs. R Kingslake, 6April33. The pass is printed on a postcard-size sepia photograph of Kodak Park from the air. Signed by EP Farnum (?) Photograph of HGK with Alan (?) about 1940-41 probably in Highland Park, Rochester, NY, at lilac time.

Memorial Biographies of RK and HGK Optics and Photonics News, May 2003, Vol. 14, No. 5. pp10,11, by BJ Thompson Optical Engineering, May 2003, Vol. 42, No. 5, by DC O'Shea, editor.

Flora Klickmann: From the Crystal Palace to the Flower Patch at Brockweir by David Lasell. FK was RK's Aunt Flora, noted author of books on gardening, and editor girls' and ladies' magazines. This book contains much information about RK's aunts and uncles on his father's, Martin Kingslake's, side, including his brother Brian's recollections of their Aunt Flora. Chapter 3 especially noteworthy. BJT to Nancy Martin, 13Apr2005. BJT sends the above book and the following photograph. Photograph (actually color office copier copy of a photograph) RK and Richard Kingslake, son of RK's brother Geoffrey, dated Oct68, but probably the previous summer. Richard held a PhD on the faculty of Univ of Glasgow. Labeled by Una Kingslake (Richard's mother) "The 2 Dr. R. Kingslakes."

Kingslake remembrances, RK and HGK, various RK obituary, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle 26Feb2003 NM Graver to MLS, email 17Feb2003, 11:34am. Remembers RK commenting on death of son Alan, and the Kingslake Medal. NM Graver to MLS, email 17Feb2003, 5:23pm. Remembers HGK's driving directions. Rolf Fricke to MLS, email 13Mar2003. Good comments on the probable reason for the Klickmann/Kingslake name change, incorporating Philip Condax's theory. WH Knox to Pat Souloff, email (7Mar2003) Names contributors to the bookcase for special books on optics on Physics and Astronomy Library, UR. Remembrances of RK by members of The Photographic Historical Society, email 13Mar2003. By John Bloemendaal, Rolf Fricke, Leon Jacobson, Nick Graver, Sharon Bloemendaal, Jim Lorenzo, Alan Kattelle, Frank Calandra, Todd Gustavson.

The M series contains miscellaneous papers, books, and objects found in desk drawers and various places in the home. They are listed in the order found, but there was no apparent original order.

RK's papers for D.Sc. degree from Imperial College, London, 1950.

Papers relating to the visit of Doris and Rene (Irene) Conrady, HGK's sisters. Sworn statements 14Dec46 by RK and HGK on their ability to support the sisters during the visit, and anticipating the visit of Margaret and Joyce Kingslake, mother and sister of RK, in the spring of 1947. Property tax record, 1946.

Documents relating to the desired sheltering of English relatives during WWII, 1940ff.. Also the sheltering of "Kodakid" Kenneth Frank Dyson. [The other Kodakid the Kingslakes sheltered was Mildred Sutton, who was probably in her teens, and who probably did not stay long with them.] Vide S-51, Kenneth & Sue to Mother and Father" 22Aug94 et seq.

US 76Th Congress, seating diagram, 1939.

Provenance of a Japanese painting, copy, that hung in the Kingslake living room, 12Nov64.

Floor plans for Kingslake residences, drawn by RK. 95 Nightingale Lane, Bromley, England (LC Martin's house, used by the K's during the job exchange with LCM) ; 59Merriman St., and 59 & 1260 Genesee Park Blvd., 56 Westland Ave, Rochester, NY Vide M-14, M-16, & M-39.

Invitation to "Professor and Mrs. Kingslake" to visit George Eastman, Sunday 22Dec?? (between 1929&1931).

"Vere Foster's Copy Books, Lettering Plain and Ornamental, #10" "R. Klickmann" crossed out and "R.Kingslake", (Father changed family name in 1917 because of strong anti-German sentiment, cf. royal family), with worked examples, especially p22. "Fricke on German name change" by Rolf Fricke, a friend and student of RK, written in 2003. Excellent information on the changing of Germanic names for political reasons.

Portrait of Rush Rhees, President of UR, from Rochester Alumni Review, no date. RR hired RK as founding member of IO faculty.

Instruction book for Ford Model A, copyright 1929; Ford car brochure. The K's bought this car shortly after arrival to tour much of the USA.

Corres. with EH Cumpston, atty., for fees in professional advice in Stimson/National Colortype Co. suit, 1934-5.

Newspaper clippings of collapse of bridge into Niagara River, late Jan38. (lacunae from ink spill).

Kenneth Frank Peter Dyson, "Kodakid" sheltered during WWII by Kingslakes. Health and school reports, 1940-44. Child of Kodak family in England.

Tourist cabin plan "Aquitania", Cunard White Star Line (sister ship to Lusitania.). Jan36. RK's and HGK's cabin C136 marked. His year of exchanging positions and homes with Prof. LC Martin of Imperial College, vide M-16.

Olive Cross Wilkins death, 13May37. Wife of TR Wilkins, Director of IO at UR .Memorial program 15May37, and newspaper clipping. Ltr TRW to R&H in England on exchange.

Exchange of jobs and houses between RK and LC Martin of Imperial College, London, 1935-36. 35 letters & notes of RK, HGK, LCM, AEC, tradespersons, gov't agencies, etc. Regarding a letter in German from a female, RK asks advice of AEC on polite address. LCM encloses tickets to Royal Institution lectures. LCM's list of useful data about the house the Ks will live in. [LCM had written the definitive text "Introduction to Applied Optics", 2 vol. Pitman 1930. These 2 books were part of RK's library already donated to UR Library, vide BJT corres. 4Oct01andM-16.]

Sir Henry Wood, Lady Wood, their daughters. 2 photographs, no date, marked for reproduction. At their home, Apple Tree Farm, Chorley Wood. [Henry Wood Promenade Concerts a tradition at Royal Albert Hall, London. At age 25 HW and Robert Newman started a series of concerts for "ordinary people". Originally at Queens' Hall 1895-1941. Conducted by HW for 45 years. Ks probably attended these concerts while on job exchange, vide M-16.]

Farewell letter from staff of International Standard Electric Corp., 9Sep29. Wishes for prosperity and happiness to RK, 16 signatures.

Souvenir of Maelzel's automaton, #8465. Ink dwg of Cupid shooting arrow drawn by automaton made by inventor of metronome prior of 1838. Description overleaf. Device at Franklin Institution, Philadelphia.

Corres. re RK's move from UR to EK, 1937. Mees, Lovejoy, Valentine, etc. RK to CEK Mees, 17Oct37 shows his belief in fairness, openness, dignity.

"Scientific American" corres. re. Conrady's vol. 2 of "Applied Optics and Optical Design", 1944-1946, AG Inglalls, assoc, editor of SA and author of its amateur telescope-makers' column.

Early writings of RK: "Jim Smith by R. Klickmann, Book 1" and do Book 2. adventure tale of imperialism, with dwgs. Embossed cover of book 1. No dates. "R Klickmann's Symphony containing Lombard Street, etc., ca. 1913. Scored for trumpet, drum, whistle, singing, piano, chorus SATB, finishing with God Save the King. [The following were in an envelope sent by RK's brother Cedric (613 Burton Rd. Little___, Derby, England) Feb70.] "1918 Catalogue of Museum Visitors, Contents of Museum (Aug1 – Oct31, 1918)" RK aged 15, 111Exhibits,23 Visitors. 5p details of exhibits. "Electrical Exhibition & Show, Breakfast Room, 171 Grove Lane, Dec25, 1919-Jan25, 1920" RK age 16. 94 exhibits, 27 working models, 23 visitors. 6p details of exhibits "Catalogue of Exhibition of Optical & Photographic Apparatus, Apr17 – May15, 1920" RK age 16. 8p details of exhibits. "Report of OPENING CEREMONY of the new CAR GARAGE situate at 171 Grove Lane SE5, 28Mar25, 5pm" 4p narrative. Diagrams of prism binocular, spectroscope, refracting and reflecting telescopes, microscope all drawn by RK on the backs of various papers of Guardian Assurance Co., for which his father worked. Probably ca. 1914-5. Vide M55.

Religious papers "Directory of New Churches in America, 1928" several tear sheets, including New Your State. [Only church in NYS outside NYC was in Buffalo, where RK preached several times. The New Church as a follow-on to The New Church of Jerusalem founded after Swedenborg's death in 1772. (Emanuel Swedenborg 1688-1772) ES did not found his own church, but his followers called themselves Swedenborgians.] "To Any Lad" no date, pamphlet by CA Hall, published by the New Church, London. Moral guide for a lad approaching manhood. "The Child's First Catechism" (New Church) hand-written copy by RK. Nine sermons written by RK 1928-32, and delivered in UK and Buffalo 1928-40.

Picture postcards: unsent, no messages: Austin "Seven" car 1922, Fabulous Miami Beach, Ocean-front motels Miami Beach, Hotels along Indian Creek Miami Beach. [RK purchased a Austin "Seven" in 1927 with certain accessories for £150/4, vide "Rudolf's Accounts, October 1921 onward."]

FBI Civil Fingerprint Card, (RK's?) prints only, no personal data. [perhaps for military clearance in war-time].

New Church letters 1939, possibility of congregation in Rochester, card list of potential members with notes. The Ks were later members of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Rochester.

Polaroid glasses for viewing stereo projection. 2 pairs, early model, linearly polarized, axes ±45° from vertical.

British War Relief Society Christmas Card, no date, envelope marked "Keep".

Christmas Card 1937, imprinted "56 Westland Avenue Rochester NY" envelope marked "Keep".

US Patent Office Interference #22514, Mayo-Locke suit, 1903 [Reason for RK's interest not evident.]

Newspaper clippings ("cuttings" would be the UK term) D&C, 29Mar87, article by DF Raub on RK's work at George Eastman House, orig. & Xerox copies Brighton-Pittsford Post, 1Jun83, Castle family T-U, 19Feb65, natural gas in NYS T-U, 1Oct65, removal of buildings from Main St. bridge T-U, 22Jan58, Erie Canal remembered __, no date, one part of 5 on origin of Western Union Telegraph in Rochester B-P Post, 25Feb65, GE reminiscence by EA Pavior T-U, 25Jul79, death of Dr. HW Williams, neurosurgeon B-P Post, 14Aug85, Strong Family Association of America T-U, 11Jul86, Herdle sisters and the Memorial Art Gallery T-U, 4Nov87, Sibley Music Library B-P Post, Jan90, Guide to George Eastman House Kodakery, __Jan61, "Kodak Committee Contributes Words for New Dictionary" Photograph RK and many other EK scientists. Vide S63A.

"R. Kingslake Routes" Map of Southern Scotland, England, & Wales showing RK's travels "since 1919 Boat and Road trips (traversed in any manner, walk, tram, bus, car, cycle, motor, etc.)" Routes inked in black. 22x30", mounted on cloth. [Crude estimate: 5000 miles./MLS]

Income Tax forms and corres., UK, Mar28 et seq.,for RK and HGK.

"Microscopes", Handbook of Optics, Chapter 17, OSA, 1995. Shinya Inoué & Rudolf Oldenbourg, both of Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA. SI knew RK when he was at the UR Medical School 1953-59. "To Dr. Rudolf Kingslake, for your amusement. With Authors' Compliments. 5/10/95 Shinya Inoué" (Also contains errata sheet for LDF).

Articles on Lenses by RK published in "Image" (George Eastman House), 22 articles appearing from 1953-85.

Martin Kingslake (Rudolf's father), last will Mar69, letter to his 6 children on distribution of material things; comments and response requested, hand-written notes by RK, 21 notes. "The Graphophone" oil painting by Will Penn: copy of this painting hung on RK's wall in Episcopal Church Home, Rochester, NY,. along with copy of dwg of MK by J Northcott.

"Rochester Correspondence" Extensive corres. on offering and acceptance of position at UR, difficulties with immigration quotas, including a letter from George Eastman to US Government officials asking for their assistance. A short, factual, biography by RK to Rush Rhees, 2May29. Also included is the "Life History Album of Rudolf Klickmann, tables and charts recording the development of body and mind from childhood upwards, with introductory remarks, second edition, rearranged by Francis Galton, DCL, FRS" London, 1902. Title page embossed stamp "Presentation Copy" N.B. The family name of Klickmann was changed by father Martin Kingslake in May1917 due to strong anti-German sentiment during WWI. This entire book is a valuable resource. [F Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, and known as the Father of Eugenics, spent considerable money and effort to encourage meticulous record keeping of persons from birth onward. For Galton vide "A Life of Sir Francis Galton", NW Gillham, Oxford, NY, 2001; "Francis Galton: The Life and Work of a Victorian Genius", Elek, London, 1974; K Pearson, "The Life, Letters, and Labours of Francis Galton", Cambridge, vol.1 1914, vol.2 1924, vols 3a, 3b 1930. Ltr. Galton to M Klickmann, 2Nov03, response to MK letter (not found) mentioning the mis-labeling of height/weight charts in book; letter in pocket inside back cover of book./MLS] The Introductory Remarks note, referring to the book, "Any one of them might serve as ground-work for an autobiography." Samples: Born 28Aug03, 10:50pm, Rudolf Klickmann, oldest son of Martin Klickmann and Margaret Klickmann (neé Higham). Baptized New Church (Swedenborgian) 1Nov03. Precis by BJT in file. Example: MK notes in 3rd year "painfully methodical, sense of order strongly developed; 4th year "Reasoning power strongly developed - as applied to scientific subjects - mathematics, mechanics, etc."The entries through the 9th year are in father's hand, and thereafter in RK's. Note: Page 20 has two pictures of two-year-old RK which are screened reproductions printed by letterpress engraving. This could not have been done for home use, but these must have appeared in some mass-printed publication. Both are well-made commercial photographs, and could have been used in a catalog or advertisement.

Arrangements for exchange of positions and homes with LC Martin and RK, dated 30Oct33-17Jun36. RK frequently remarked that he and LCM exchanged everything except wives. RK to LCM 4Nov33 especially interesting for expenses of living and traveling in USA, vide M-16.

"The Optical Society (UK) List of Officers & Members, 1926. RK & HGK listed as student members.

Lecture Slide Index (1986) meticulous index of over 1700 2x2" slides. Illustrations for RK's lectures are keyed to these numbers. The slides themselves are tragically missing and presumed discarded by the family.

"Fifty-Year History of the Optical Society of America, 1916-1966", Largely the work of HGK. Her copy with additions and corrections.

RK's published papers, complete (?) set, signed and numbered in order of publication, e.g. "Op 1." Number 69 in the reprints, "Fredrick Ives Medalist for 1973", contains a list of publications to that date. [In Oversize L.] The earlier papers, published while still in England, show his early competence, and in the discussion sections that follow, show his polite response to just criticism and vigorous defense against unjust. His later publications, following retirement from Kodak mostly deal with the history of photographic apparatus and manufacture. They are not here. Paper Op. 8, An Experimental Study of the Best Minimum Wavelengths for Visual Achromatism, contains letters received: two from H Dennis Taylor and one from William H Wave__ son commenting on the article.

Two Forwards by RK. [added to files by BJT] (1) for "The Stereoscope' by Sir David Brewster, 1971 reprint of 1856 edition by Morgan and Morgan, and (2) "Technology of Our Times: People and Innovation in Optics and Optoelectronics" edited by F Su, published by SPIE.

"Photographic Lenses" catalog, Bausch & Lomb, 1920. removed to catalog file. [RK's file of optical and related catalogs is not kept with the Kingslake archive, but integrated into the extensive optical catalog file already maintained in Rare Books, UR Library.]

Physics Today reprint of Vol. 1, #1, May48, Limited reissue in 1998 in celebration of 50th Anniversary, with letter SR Weart to RK, 17Jul98, in thanks for RK's support of Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics.

Optics and Photonics News, Oct96, Vol. 7, #10, "OSA Celebrates 80 Years of Optics". RK photograph among many on cover.

Early History of the International Commission for Optics, by J Howard, with note JH to RK and HGK, Jul95.

Program: School of Optics Inaugural Conference, 11-12Jan99, Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando.

Register of Old Students and Staff of The Royal College of Science, 6th edn., 1951. RK & HGK listed p119; names of others in optics ticked. In Oversize M. Imperial College, London is part of RCS.

"Twelve 'Columns' about Colour", by WD Wright, private reprinting as memorial to his late wife. Ltr "David" Wright to RK & HGK 24Nov90, reminiscences of work on color perception and daltonism.

Book Prizes awarded to RK while at Imperial College of Science and Technology Session 1921-22, The Tyndall Prize in Physics, Part 1 – "A Text-Book of General Astronomy for Colleges and Scientific Schools", CA Young, revised edn., Ginn and Co., 1904; and "The Theory of Modern Optical Instruments", A Gleichen, tr HH Elmsley and W Swaine, 2nd edn, HMSO, 1921. Session 1924-25, The Governors' Prize in Mathematics – "The Theory of Optics" P Drude, tr CR Mann and RA Millikan, Longmans, Green, 1922. RK tipped on photograph of Drude to half-title page; and "Spectroscopy" ECC Baly, Vol 1 (of 2) 3rd edn., Longmans, Green, 1924. RK received other book prizes, which may be in the other books of the Archive. In Oversize M [Note: There is at least one prize book earned in the lower schools by "Rudolf Klickmann", which may be among the books already given to the Library.]

Medals (in Oversize-Q) George Eastman Medal, "Presented to Rudolf Kingslake in recognition of more than a quarter century of service with the Eastman Kodak Co. 1962 (as received by all EK employees after 25 years employment.) J Traill Taylor Memorial Lectureship Medal. Obverse J Traill Taylor, Born January 23rd 1827, died November 8th 1895, also engraver's name, lower left quadrant, JA Restall, Birm'm, reverse Memorial Lectureship, edge Awarded to Prof. AE Conrady A.R.C.S. F.R.A.S. for the XXIII Trail Taylor Memorial Lecture. October 12th 1920. Frederic Ives Medal, for distinguished work in optics, awarded to RK 1973 by OSA Progress Medal, of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, to RK, 1984, for outstanding technical achievement. SMPTE members' lapel pin Melioria Medals (2) of UR, presented to RK & HGK UR River Campus 50th Anniversary Medal, 1930-1980.

Humorous booklet presented to RK on his retirement, Jan69, written and signed by his coworkers at EK; optical terms are amusingly defined; plastic comb-bound.

Early writings of RK. Gathered by MK and sent to RK 6Sep56. Letters, copybook, "Mr. Stake on Desert Island", "Klickmann's Book of Geometry", Ledmunny Bank documents, 3 volumes of "The Ar-Kay Monthly Magazine of Fiction" Jan-Mar1916 (with brother Cecil) with political cartoons. Vide M22.

AEC & family photographs, autograph. Camping on the Thames in a boat like that in RK's favorite book by JK Jerome, "Three Men in a Boat." Also Dr. Spitta, authority on the microscope.

Estate accounts of Doris Conrady, sister of HGK, d. 8Feb99.

Sale of house, 56 Westland Ave. 17Oct95 Legal papers, brief financial history of the house from decision to purchase Oct37 to sale Oct95, dispersal of household items.

RK's notebooks for Practical Optics at Imperial College, London, 5 books for courses beginning Oct21 to Dec23, with instructors'comments (LC Martin in most cases.) In Oversize N.

Awards, Honors, Degrees Portrait on 25th anniversary of employment at EK, color photographs Outstanding paper award from SMPTE for paper on Zoom lens Fellow of University Club of Rochester US Citizenship, 1954 Rochester Engineering Society, Inc. membership Who's Who in Engineering, selection for inclusion in 6th edition Tau Beta Phi (honorary engineering fraternity, engineering equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa), 1982 Assistance with Journal of Applied Photographic Engineering, of SPSE, 1977, 1979 OSA membership OSA Fellowship, 1961 SMPTE appreciation as speaker, 1966 OSA, Rochester Chapter Honorary Member, 1971 SPIE Life and Fellow member card SPIE membership SPSE Fellowship Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers Fellowship, 1975 OSA Honorary Membership, 1984 SMPTE Life Fellow University of London, Doctor of Science, 1950 University of Rochester, Doctor of Science, 1986, with citation and RK's acceptance remarks.

Conradi patent Duncan Moore to BJT, Jan2004. Email. Found 1964 patent (page one copy here) issued to Rudolf Conradi for a microscope illuminator of variable aperture and field size; wonders if this could be RK's invention under the former spelling of his father-in-law's name. [Conradi was the spelling AEC used before he moved to England; spelt Conrady thereafter./MLS] BJT to Moore, 20Jan2004, copy to MLS. Speculates could be a relative or a coincidence. MLS notes that RK was at the time of the patent an employee of Kodak, and as such, had signed over patent rights to his employer. Also to be devious was totally outside RK's character. Copy of "The Development of the Zoom Lens" by RK, JSMPTE Aug60.

Papers found in RK's copy of "Conrady" first London edition. Advertising flyer from Dover Publications announcing the publication of Volume II of AE Conrady's "Applied Optics and Optical Design", which the author left in an unfinished state to be completed by R&HGK. Book review (unsigned, but by a former student of AEC) of Conrady II in The Dispensing Optician admiring the work, but declaring it to be, unlike Conrady I, of little use to most dispensing opticians. Photographs of AEC, two, about 5x7". AEC's image is here cropped from a larger group picture. (It is remarkable that a family with such involvement in photography should have so few images of this man./MLS).

Mailed advertising flyer for Optical System Design by RK. By publisher Academic Press, lacking order form. Book was purchased from this by its recipient, D Dejager.

Lens information index cards. This sample of about one hundred 3x5-inch file cards represents only a small part of a huge alphabetical file created by RK, these few cards detailing only the photographic lenses made by the Wollensak Optical Company of Rochester. The larger collection was built by RK over his professional lifetime as he encountered a photographic lens, a patent, or a description of a new lens. The cards are printed with a form containing the name, application, focus, aperture, classification (according to Kingslake's letter system), patent number, designer, and a drawing of the longitudinal section. If he actually had the lens in hand, he would include notes on its performance as determined on the famous T-bar lens bench of his design. The bulk of the collection is lost. In Oversize L.

Computer's Manual II, a set of notes by RK for an internal course of instruction in the Optical Design Department at Kodak. The term "computer's" here refers to persons who compute, and this was the standard usage until the 1940s. The notes are printed by various processes, with chapters dated from 11/54 to 5/59. These notes were the gift of Donald DeJager, a member of RK's department, and contain his penciled class notes.

The P series contains personal papers: medical, education, recreation, travel, and social activities.

Repairs after a fire at 56 Westland Ave., 1951. Questions of contractor's charges.

Brochures and invitation to vacation at Portage Lake Lodge, Nobel, Ontario, 1948.

Wedding of RK and HGK, 14Sep29, Invitation, banquet seating plan, list of presents, calling cards, text of hymns "Crown with thy benediction" and "Now thank we all our God".

Vacation plans for Chatham, MA, 1943.

Alan Horace Kingslake, report cards, grades K-10, report of testing service Jun49.

Alan Kingslake camp report, summer55, Camp Maranacook, Readfield, ME.

Cabin reservation, Genesee State Park, Jun49.

Accidents: Medical bills for HGK's broken forearm, 28Jul53. Corres. re auto accident in Westfield, MA, 27Jul74.

Schedule of camping rates, Fair Haven Beach State Park, NY, 1947.

WWII food ration books 1-4 for Kingslake family and K Dyson. Some stamps remaining.

Auntie Bea's Will (Miss Beatrice Higham) Dec68. RK to receive £300.

Lifetime Lease Agreement with Valley Manor (Presbyterian Residence Center) 1570 East Ave., 23Mar95.

Christmas cards received, 2000.

Klickmann-Kingslake name change, a Deed Poll as recorded in the Public Record office of the Royal Courts of Justice 15May17, this being an official copy made 6Sept29, with raised seals; vide M8.

R&HGK Vital Papers Certificates of Naturalization: RK, #7116467, 27Apr54; HGK, #7116468, 27Apr54. Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage, 14Sept29, RK&HGC, in the presence of AEC, MK, Arthur Clapham, R Dawson (registrar.) Certificate of Birth, Rudolf Klickmann, 28Aug03, 40 Millbrook Road, Brixton, Camberwell, London, to Martin Klickmann and Margaret Klickmann formerly Higham Certificate Copy of Entry of Birth, 16Feb02, Hilda Gertrude Conrady, 104 Park Street, St. Pancras, to Alexander Eugen Conrady and Annie Conrady formerly Bunney Cards found in RK's wallet: Social Security registration (R&H), Social Security Health Insurance (R&H); BC/BS, Brighton Momorial Library, UR retiree, UR debit vending card, UR Med. Cntr parking.

Conrady Kingslake and Alan Horace Kingslake Vital Papers David's registration of birth with the British Consulate at NY, 11Jul36, born 28Jun36. Alan's registration of birth with the British Consulate at NY, 9Oct39, born 16Jun39. (Since their parents were British subjects until 1954, both boys probably held dual citizenship. US law at that time may have required that a choice of nationality be made at majority./ MLS) Alan Horace K Certificate of Birth, NYS Department of Health, 16Jun39 raised seal. Alan HK, "Child should take this certificate when it first goes to school" Alan HK certificate of baptism, 20Apr46, St. Luke's (Episcopal) Church, Rochester R Teeter to RK, 24Jul56, funeral director in Hawley, PA, sends following certificates Alan HK Certification of Death, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 14Jul56. "accidental drowning, dove into water, did not surface" at Camp Pocono on Lake Paupack, Wayne County (two copies, one bearing note on back "Remains scattered, Tuesday Oct.16, 56 at Maranowok Camp, Maine) Vide FC158, P7. Record of Interment of Cremated Remains, AHK, 23Jul56, Maple Hill Crematory, St. Mary's Road, Wilkes- Barre, PA.

"Cash Book", detail expenditures (to the penny) for the period Dec35 to Jul40. Covers the period when the K's exchanged jobs, homes, automobiles ("everything except wives" RK said) with LC Martin of Imperial College. Page 35 begins the accounting in British currency to page 75 for return to US. Much here about daily life from the minute accounting of all expenditures. "Ready Reckoner" tables prepared by RK for easy conversion from pounds to dollars and vice versa on the conversion rate of $4.80 to the pound sterling.

"Accounts Sept 1929 to Dec 1935, VI, R Kingslake, Commenced on Tuscania II 26 Sept 1929" This is the fourth of RK's life series of financial account books. It begins on the day of departure of the newly-married Kingslakes for America on the ship Tuscania. The accounts actually begin a few days before departure on 21Sept in British currency and show shipboard expences. This is continued as accounting in dollars on the second page when they landed in America. Much information on the establishment of their home in the new land.

The S series covers mainly, but not exclusively, the years of RK's retirement. Reading texts of lectures.

Nature references, 1917 – 10 letters to the editor of Nature regarding British optical science and related topics.

Rochester Times-Union article about HGK, 11 July 1970, orig. and copy.

Who's Who 1971 extracts, LC Martin, FJ Cheshire, RM Walmsley, SP Thompson, WD Wright, J French.

"The First Fifty Years, The Institute of Optics, 1929-1979" by HGK– 4 copies copies1&2 - unmarked copy3 – "RK copy" notations in Appendix I copy4 – "HGK" plastic covered, filled with notes, newspaper clippings, reprints and other material, probably in preparation for HGK's editing of "The Institute of Optics, 1929-1987", q.v.

"The Institute of Optics, 1929-1987", " by HGK – 2 copies, one with sl water stain to cover1.

"Fifty-Year History of the Optical Society of America, 1916-1966", by a committee with HGK as chairman (sic), RK copy, with corrections and additional notes, see also S-22.

"Negs & spare prints for H's 1987 History of Institute of Optics".

BJT to HGK 10Feb1976 w/response, request to write short history of IO, along with approx. 50 reprints of "Institute of Optics 1929-1979: a brief commemorative, by HGK from 1Oct 1979 Applied Optics, vol.18, no.19, pp3223-3230.

"Biographical Memorandum" on AE Conrady, by HGK, from Applied Optics, Part 2 1960. 3 Xerox copies.

"The First Institute of Optics in the World" by HGK, Optics & Photonics News ­vol.2, no.7, July 1991, tear sheets and 2 xerox copies.

"From local section to national society: OSA's Rochester roots" by HGK, Optics News, Apr1988, 6 xerox copies, one annotated.

"Optics in the University of Rochester, Whence, Whereat, and Whither" by HGK, Optics News, summer 1979, 32 reprints and 5 xerox copies.

"A History of the Institute of Optics" by RK and HGK, Applied Optics, vol.9, no.4, April 1970, 48 reprints.

Notes on optics at Imperial College, 1917-1982, typescript 15p, WT Welford, with cover letters to HGK 23Nov1981, 26Jan1982, with airmail envelope.

"Alexander Eugen Conrady, 1866-1944", by RK and HGK, Applied Optics, vol.5, no.1, Jan1966, 43 reprints.

Report on the 47th annual meeting OSA, 3-5Oct62, by HGK, w/cover letter date unclear, to ED McAlister.

"Effects of Primary Spherical Aberration on Optical Images" by Miss HG Conrady, Proceedings of the Optical Convention, Part II, 7 covered reprints.

"An Experimental Study of the Effects of Varying Amounts of Primary Spherical Aberration on the Location and Quality of Optical Images" by Miss HG Conrady, reprinted from The Photographic Journal, vol.lxvi, 1926, 7 covered reprints.

"Study of the Significance of the Foucault Knife-Edge Test when Applied to Refracting Systems", by Miss HG Conrady, reprinted copy1- unmarked copy2 – "R Kingslake" contains RK's holograph of German text and translation of note in Zeitschrift fur Instrumentatenkunst. (?sp) referring to this paper.

"Optical Society (of America) Membership List, Nos 1 to 1220"; indicates members 1-30 as charter members, notes dates and reasons why no longer a member: died, DNP (did not pay?), and resigned.

"Directory of the Optical Society of America" published as Part 2 of "Journal of the Optical Society of America", Dec1961, RK copy, with notations.

"Fifty-Year History of the Optical Society of America, 1916-1966", few RK annotations, see also S-6.

HGK's appointment as Fellow of OSA, with letters of transmittal and thanks.

"Some Suggestions for Further Reading", 2 pages mimeographed, mainly ophthalmological optics, stapled back-to-back on cardboards.

"Journal of the Optical Society of America Cumulative Index, vols41-53, 1951-1963" HGK copy.

"My Second Law" by RK, holograph with extensive supporting notes. Kingslake's Second Law states that the person whose name is attached to something is not the originator of it. [The Law is self-referential, RK told me./MLS] Vide S-40.

Set of index-tabbed pages, some with titles of chapters (?) for a general work on optics, by RK.

Bequest and final affairs of Suzie Williams. Pocketed folder. Inheritance to RK and HGK redirected to UR, grave marker arrangements, other related corres.

Call to action for OSA annual meeting Oct 3-5,1962, HGK, Chairman (sic). 500-600 expected, note says 960 attended.

Hakkoreoth Reading Club, HGK's Collection. History, constution, programs 1960-1982, missing 1973-74.

Imperial College faculty photographs. Pollard, FJ Cheshire, BK Johnson, LC Martin, AE Conrady, some with biographical data, in env labeled "IC Fac photos".

Godolphin and Latymer School, Iffley Road, London. HGK's school. Her contribution to the Bursary Fund, misc. pamphlets. Ltr. Sister Doris to HGK, 20May80, Describes reunion at G&L School; surprised at how "Americanized" one of the "old girls" is, considering that she was "born and bred and educated in Britain!" See also S-45.

HGK's correspondence and misc. documents related to health care organizations.

HGK – church related.

Misc. photographs. W Fujimura's funeral 20May1999, Kingslakes with Wolfs at Valley Manor, The Photographic Historical Society banquet.

Extension Course records, I of O, 1929-1944, original and Xerox copy.

"Photometry of Optical Systems" from binder. Chapter 1 "The Fundamental Concepts of Photometry" typescript with annotations, correspondence, calculations.

From file pocket "Book on Photometry" containing notes, reprints, commercial instrument data, notes "The Photometry of Optical Systems" by RK, 12Sept1946 (hectograph) 20p, Summer Schools 1963-64 (mimeograph), 11p, and 35mm microfilm negative of longer version – [Last frames severely infected with micro-spots (red-spots), a deterioration of the silver image on long storage./MLS].

Plaque – awards to HGK, from Roch. Public Library. Special Recognition, 11Nov1985, and taped to back of wooden plaque, Volunteer Service, 18Oct 1985. In Oversize A.

OSA officers lists, various years.

Loose-leaf notebook, 6x9.5". Notes for "My Second Law", notes on early optical industry in Rochester, notes on early photographic lenses and optical scientists. Photographs at photography symposium at George Eastman House, and OSA meeting 20May1998. See also S-26.

"Applied Optics at Imperial College, 1917-18 to 1967-68", May 1968, Commemorative booklet, 28p, Texts of addresses by WD Wright, EM Martin, LC Martin, R Kingslake. 3 copies, Copy 1 with slight notes by RK. Also "Manufacturing Optician International", July 1968, p14ff.

S42A, B
Imperial College Annual Reports, 1978-1992, missing 1986. Two inner folders because of size.

Laboratory notes, HGK, Feb1932. Composition book, Spectroscopic and photometric studies.

Visiting Nurse Service, HGK. Minutes, budgets, publications.

Godolphin and Latymer School, School magazines. This was HGK's preparatory school. Edward Elgar (later Sir), music master. Contemporary commentor on English girls' schools calls them "expensive potting shed(s) of the English Rose." Vide S-32.

Texas Instruments Programmable SR-59 calculator and printer. Oversize B.

Optics Programs for the SR-59 calculator. Instruction books. Oversize C.

Papers relating to running the 47th annual meeting of OSA, 2-5Oct1962, Rochester, HGK. Oversize D.

"The early history of light guides and fibre optics" by Kaye Weedon, typescript of early draft. Also photographic copy of a drawing made about 1870 showing Colladon's demonstration of light following a falling plume of water.

Amusements: office humor, Murphy's Law variants, etc.

Alpha. Corres. A Abrahams, Peter to RK, 5Jan96, optical history Mann, Allen to RK, 12Aug92, zoom patents Fantone, SD to RK, 15Jul92, review and reject article for "Applied Optics" (engineering journal of OSA) RK holograph to granddaughter Ann, 30Sept86, notes for typed letter?, advice on buying a home Allum, Bob to RK, 7May81, round letter to ICENAE (Imperial College Exiles in North America (East), Abramczyk, Ted to RK, 14Jul75, high school student request Tear sheets article on Ansel Adams from The American Way, Oct74 Allen, VH, editor JSMPTE, to PR Dept, EKCo, 13Jan69, RK copy, seeks information for Biographical Note on retirement Copy of editorial, "Wanted: Optical Engineers" by Clarke Newlon, Missiles & Rockets, 29 Aug65 Altman, FE to RK, 5Mar62, sends carbon copy of poem "The Owl Critic" by JT Fields, and 3 photocopies, one to S-50.

Alpha. Corres. B News release, Amer. Optical Co., 26Jun51, appointment of RE Bannon, O.D., to "Applied Optics" staff, article on REB, portrait of WB Lancaster Bercovitz, J to RK, 9Mar97, inquiry on center of perspective of lens, asks RK to write his autobiography RK to EI Betensky, 8Apr85, thanks for gift of Vivitar lens and asks for diagram to publish Bowers, OE, to RK, 1Feb94, thanks for catalog information on CP Goerz Beckmann, LH, to RK, 28Jun94, recalls meeting in Roch. and sends computer diskette of an optical design program he wrote Book announcement "Contesting Images" by JK Brown, spring94 RK to LHJF Beckmann, 12Jun94, recalls meeting in Roch., sends ISBNs for AEC books. Bowers, OE to RK, 11Jan94 and reply, asks information on found Goerz "binocular," actually monocular. Bercovitz, J to RK 30July93 and reply, question and discussion of center of perspective of lens, also praise for RK's publications R Bryant to P Condax, 11Jun90, copy RK, dinner invitation. RB editor of Minolta Mirror, for which RK wrote an article. Town of Brighton to RK, 7Jun90, notice of sidewalk at 56 Westland unsafe, and note of compliance Bietry, J to RK, 30Oct89, former student shows that Ealing copied an optical description from an RK book and used it in their literature without attribution. RK modestly replies. Ballard, SS to RK and Elsa Garmire, 30Nov87, Nobel prize for G Lippmann confirmed Bennett to Editor, Optics News, 1Apr86, copy to RK, parallel optical computing Barr, ES, to RK, 30Dec85, et seq., 7 letters, seeking biographical information on Peter Barlow, and others, also Barr family Christmas letter 1985 Brixner, B to RK, 26Jun85, requests bio data on Petzval Ballard, S to RK, 8Mar85, congratulation on RK's election to honorary member of OSA, holograph RK's reply Beebee, AM to RK, 3Jan79, congratulations on Engineer of the Year award by Rochester Engineering Society, also note of AMB and HGK serving together on VNS board, indication of acknowledgement Best JC to RK, 25Apr75, and Wolfe RD to RK, 20May75, sending Vivitar 35-85 zoom lens gift, RK's replies Baird, WS to HGK, 28Jan74, requests return of OSA files lent for writing history, HGK's reply, and amusing note about mis-delivery of original carton from Baird-Atomic. Betts, RF, MD to RK, 28Nov73, seeks information for medical study, notes for reply Baumeister, PW, to M Hercher, 4Apr73, RK appointed to thesis committee for D Moore. Buchdahl, HA to RK, 11Aug72, requests grant from EKCo, RK refers to DL MacAdam Booth, JM to RK, 11Jul72, 2 replies, visual pupil diameter related to brightness and resolution RK to The Academic Registrar, Univ. of London, 20Feb72, recommending J Burch to head Applied Optics at Imperial College, London Bingham, R to RK, 11Sept70, and reply, request to publish data on Kodak shutters and films RK had sent him Berman, A to RK, 27May69, and reply, seeks candidates for re-establishment of optics research at Navy Res. Lab. (Barr), S to RK, 6Oct67, apparently sent old camera with roll of film, asked RK to have it processed and send pictures, RK notes on back 1A Autographic, Kodak Junior RK to P Bond, 8Jun67, thanks for gift of 45 camera shutters Ballard, SS to RK, 29May67, and reply, appreciation of early volumes of "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering", especially Shannon on lens testing Biberman, LM to OSA members, 23Apr65, round letter proposes special interest groups within OSA, RK replies with constructive counter Buchdall, H, to RK, 18Feb57, peevish rebuttal of criticism, RK's conciliatory and constructive reply. Buchdall, H to RK, 30May57, reply to above rejecting suggestions with reasons

Alpha. Corres C Church, SJ to RK, 3Jul96, 6Aug96, 3Jan97, w/brief notes on replies, early photographic lenses, Tessar not derived from the Triplet RK to PP Clark, 16Apr93, thanks for favorable review of OP RK to MA Covington 18Dec92 and MAC to RK, 13Dec92, 2Jan93, MAC sent his book on amateur astrophotography, appreciative thanks, discussion of technical terms JO Castandea to RK, 17Jan92, and reply, invitation as Distinguished Lecturer at Anniversary of National Astrophysics Observatory, Mexico, declined citing age RK to PBS-TV station WXXI, 2Jul90, appreciation of broadcasts of Wagner operas, comment on use of close-ups of singers, inadequate stage effects, English subtitles, etc. No reply. RK to W Carlough, 6Feb82, Thanks for optical manufacturers' catalogs, listed, 1912-30, note about RK's first camera 1910, which he disassembled and could not reassemble RK to P Condax, 30June81, urges George Eastman House's acceptance of D Goldbergs's large collection of early photographic lenses E Chan to RK, 22Nov80, now working at Hughes, wanting to return to EK KB Atkinson to RK, 2Mar79, et seq, inquiry about AEC, replies by HGK, discovers AEC and Pulfrich both born in Burscheid, other parallels K Condit to RK, 5Jan79, card of congratulations on RK being named Engineer of the Year by Roch. Eng. Soc. Newspaper clipping attached. EV Cohen to RK, 7Jul80, Academic Press request to examine ms by DJ Lovell for book of optical anecdotes. Strong recommendation by RK. EV Cohen to RK, 13May77, request to examine proposals for books by ON Stavroudis on optical design, RK dubious, citing ONS is mathematician and such are often impractical. RR Chirra to RK, 7Jan75, sends 35-85mm varifocal lens, RK thanks in name of IO, and thanks for being entertained, requests optical diagram of similar lens. RK to Canon USA, 1Aug74 et seq, attempted repair of son's damaged camera, RK's confusion at term "drop ship" EV Cohen to RK, 13Oct71 et seq., request to judge ms by D Sinclair for publication. RK declines, citing close connection, and gives names of alternate reviewers. FVD Coke to RK, 6Oct70 et seq., and replies, perspective in paintings and photographs compared, appointment as Consultant in Lenses and Shutters to George Eastman House, assistance to E Lothrup on projected book. P Condax to RK, 4May69, gives new address in LA. RK to GH Cook, 5Jul67, requests information on Taylor-Hobson Talykron shutter, Cook sends data and actual shutter RK to College and Specialist Bureau, letter of recommendation for S-H Fang as teacher, cites his 1938 grades AK Chapman to RK, 16Jan63, visit of HE White. (AKC was Chairman of the Board, EKCO.) Portrait of JVH Coates, torn from book and pasted on larger page, separating, browning. RK to AEC "Grandpa", 15May38, 8p holograph, evidence of being much carried folded, tells of new postion at EK, CEK Mees tells RK is wanted to succeed Dr. Fredrick on retirement, new Univ. pres, not much interested in optics, work at both EK and UR, little time for coma and IR RI work, describes Hawk-Eye Works, names W Schade and M Herzberger, computational methods, commends MH's computational method, decries focusing Tessar-types by varying front air-space, factory problems, glass annealing, will be full time at EK by mid-July, tapering back UR commitment, but enjoy teaching, RK and HGK delight in new house, she making curtains, "little Mannie" name for son, servant two days/week, having to spell words around son, describes play. RK to AEC "Papa", 6Jul31, 15p holograph, 59 Genesee Park Blvd., Chicago trip to Yerkes Observatory and Chicago Planetarium, perspective of new country and its people, Wisconson, Michigan, Iowa, hear and high humidity, shower-bath in all modern hotels, Immigration Quota Permits, suspicion of alcohol, Ford factory tour not pleasing, man/machine struggle, Ford should slow production, but RK benefits with superb salon car for £120, animal stockyards, Detroit 46-storey skyscraper, optical perspective from great height, details of lecture/demonstration at Planetarium, commends Zeiss on wonderful instrument, 40-inch refractor at Yerkes, welcome by Director, 60-inch with spectroheliograph, diagram of solar spectrograph, astronomer FE Ross (formerly of Kodak Research Laboratories) a lens designer, old scope has mechanical clock drive, but newer use line AC!, compares poor old Greenwich to prosperous Yerkes, marvel at the Mississippi River, on return, stayed a day in Chicago but saw no shooting!, whole trip 1950 miles cost $83, vibrations of car makes RK drowsy, HGK shares driving, photographs much overexposed on new film (off by a stop). Lens testing bench being finished, hope that Part II of book will progress rapidly.

"Cirker" Many letters to and from H. Cirker, president of Dover Publications, and others of that firm from 1958 to 1980. Requests for RK's opinion on the reprinting of various books related to optics, offers to RK of books from their catalog in payment for advice, offers rarely accepted by RK, RK thanks Dover for keeping arcane optics works in print, the reprinting of AEC's two volumes.

Alpha. corres. D JM Diamond to RK, 17&24Jun95, RK replied to first letter but kept no copy, keen amateur's questions. Kenneth & Sue to Mother & Father, 22Aug94, & 6Mar94, Plans to come in May changed, perhaps because of the Kenneth's poor health, but visited in Rochester June, also David in WVa. Kenneth is Kenneth Frank Dyson, one of two Kodakids, British children of Kodak workers brought to the US during WWII for safety to stay with Rochester Kodak families; Sue is his wife. Also envelope with a color postcard of the harbour at Whitby on the NE coast of England with note and arrow to "our hotel", and printed color advertising piece for "The Sandbeck Hotel, 2 Crecent Terrace, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3EL, owned and managed by Kenneth and Sue. See also M-3. RK to R Donnelly, 22May90, sends possible forward for a proposed book, lists optical milestones since his coming to US in 1929. Text of interview with Robert Fischer from "Optical Engineering Reports" Jan84, good historical material. Note of appreciation about BJT near end of this interview transcript. JE Durrenberger to RK, 15Jun88, and reply, enquiry about early high-speed motion picture cameras R Ditteon to RK, 6Jan88, and reply, asks for examples of problems to give his students using RK's LDF, RK sends problems he used. MG Dreyfus to RK, 9Sept87, query on optics of a stadiameter answered with copy of article from old journal L(eslie)(P) Dudley to RK, 19Jun69, invitation to dine in LA WF Delaney to RK, 3Mar69, sends US patent application by RK for a printer lens accessory J Dyson to RK, 28Jan&21Feb66, and reply, suggests 6th volume for "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" to deal with mechanical aspects of optical instrument design. L(eslie)P Dudley to RK, 23Apr63, and reply, applying for position at EK L(avinia)P Dudley to RK, and reply, revision of article on LENS in Encyclopedia Americana D DeJager to RK, 16Jun61, and reply, asks for home study of lens design, RK recommends AEC books, EK later hired DeJager as lens designer. D Dewey to RK, 3Oct60, regarding article IMAGE for Encyclopedia Americana.

Alpha. Corres. E R(Dick) Emsley to RK & HGK, 2Jan66, friendly letter inviting visit in England, hoping the K's were unharmed by Rochester riots. RK to Eidolon Corp., 18Sept92, inquiring about their newly-advertised nodal-slide lens test bench Interview with RK, "Optics News" Oct89, facts not found elsewhere, growth of optical design field, what he would do if starting career over WB Elmer to RK, 7Apr87 et seq, regarding fellowship in OSA, also review of WEB's book by RK Glen Matthews Red Apple Award program, Dec86, RK received the award in 86 M Elle, to RK, 9Mar83, note regarding photograph, not found, taken summer 43 RK to R Edmund, 19May86, and reply, suggestion for a finder for the Edmund Astroscan telescope, one of which RE had given RK some years before. W(Bill) Ewald to RK, 22&23Apr85, discussion of focusing accuracy of SLR and RF cameras RK to WB Elmer, 20Feb80, thanks for copy of 2nd edn of book on illumination reflectors W(Bill) Ewald, undated, dwg of slide projector illuminating system D Eisendrath to RK, 5Feb78, (1) ANSI standard matter, (2) continuation of pupillary magnification topic, see below, and exposure correction factor when using assymetrical lenses reversed for enlargement WB Elmer to RK, 16Jul78, thanks for good review of book on reflectors D Eisendrath to RK, 29Dec77, and reply, start of papillary magnification discussion, see above RA Fields to RK et al, 2May75, invitation to demonstration of Hollogon rotary projection system RK to W(Bill) Ewald, 1May75, optics of a non-intermittent motion picture projector DB Eisendrath to RK, 24Aug73, thanks for help with publication on "gremlins" in photography DB Eisendrath to RK, 5Nov(year not given, but probably before 1960 as phone number is shown with named exchange), mentions of good places to visit in England.

"Eiconix", corres from Jan73 to Aug80 on RK's consulting for that firm, design criteria for enlarger, high-resolution stereoscope, lens test bench, tilting prism anamorphoser.

Alpha. Corres. F G. Forbes to Community of The Institute of Optics, 12Nov93, announces his return to Australia Grandchildren of Don Feder to family and friends, 1Dec92, six grandchildren, ages 2 to 9-1/2 request letters, pictures, poems for a "scrape" book for their grandfather's 75th birthday celebration. HGK responds with a note telling how RK met and invited DF to come from NBS to EK in 1956. RK adds note with details. B Torgan to RK, 5Dec92, Franklin Institute plans awarding a medal to R Winston work on reflectors, RK counters with hint that a more worthy recipient for work in the same field is WB Elmer; supplies much documentation. RE Fischer to RK, 19Aug91, invites RK to give paper on photographic lens types at winter conference. RK declines, citing winter age, and lack of recent contact with field. Suggests a Japanese presenter. P Ferraglio, to RK, 21Mar91 et seq, they share information on optical matters, RK offers gift of microscope and books G Van der Voort, (no date), asks for information on LV Foster of B&L, RK supplies R Donnelly to RK, 24Feb89, thanks RK for brief article submitted to OE Reports, RK supplies correction for typo, and adds amusing examples of "English is a Crazy Language" RK to RE Fischer,10Jan89, sends filler material for EO Reports RK to S Fantone, 28Oct87, questions and suggestions on construction of lens testing bench. SF replies 8Dec87 RE Fischer to RK, 8Oct84, informs RK of his being named Life Member of SPIE RK to S Fantone, 27Dec84, offers sketches and ideas for lens testing bench AS Filler, to RK, 25Aug80, sends copy of Lummer's Photographic Optics, London, 1900. RK to RE Fischer, 28Oct84, humble thanks for Life Membership, mentions other recognitions from SPIE Reprint of interview of RK by RE Fischer, OE Jul/Aug83 RK to RE Fischer & WJ Smith, 9Apr83, responds to plan for recognizing 80th birthday, suggests changes, insists on paying expenses EA Pepper to RK, 12Aug82, sets up interview with RE Fischer, later published, vide RK to RE Fischer, 28Oct84 above RE Fischer to RK, 15Sep82, thanks for interview, refers to audio tape in Bellingham office WJ Smith & RE Fischer to RK, 21Mar83, invite RK to 80th birthday celebration at SPIE meeting 22-26Aug83 RE Fischer to RK, 8Jul83, sends final edit of interview, refers to devastation of San Diego by Dept of Defense last-minute withdrawing of about 100 papers HGK to WF Smith, RE Fischer, & J Yaver, thanks and apology for leaving plaque. RE Fischer to RK & HGK, 19Sep83, sends plaque RK to RE Fischer, 22Sep83, arrival of plaque, thanks, notes SPIE is unusually friendly, unlike impersonal OSA AR Fultz to RK, 25Apr78, requests advice on telescope optics manufacture. RK replies with suggestion for computation. LC Fell to RK, 3Feb75, outcome of court case Michigan Society of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Bayne Optical, Inc. v. Michigan State Board of Examiners in Optometry, no. 73522 CB Fenn to RK, 24Mar74, congratulations and clipping re RK's appointment as Acting Dean of College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, UR AA Fleischman to RK, 3Jun73, requests review of patent disclosure. RK comments on novelty. PC Foote to RK, 5Sep72, sends portrait of A Warmisham that RK had requested. RK thanks. RK to LC Fell, 17Aug71, and other letters together relative to court case, v.s. RD Fricke to RK, 29Nov66, transmits request of H Freund for biographical information on innovative American lens designers. RK replies qualifications PM Field to RK, 21Jun66, vindicated at trial re infringement of 3M patent, sends thanks __ Fishter to RK, 20Oct64, arrangement for visit with RK PM Field to RK, 11May64, thanks for consultation re infringement, v.s. DR Farmen to RK, n.d., sends copies of DRF's corres. with DA Spencer & Lord Barbazon re optical effect in windows of Russacks Hotel HE Farmer to RK, 17July61, RK to receive SMPTE award for zoom lens history paper. RK thanks and plans to attend meeting.

Alpha. Corres. G R Gordon-Gilmore to RK, 27Jan98, requests help in reconstructing Wollensak telescope. Note that RK answered 31Jan98 NM Graver to RK, 15Jan95, several topics in collecting and disposing of photographic apparatus. Note of answer 21Jan95 RK to NM Graver, 9Feb94, answering NMG's of 5Feb94, publication of RK's work on history of Rochester optical and photographic companies RK to Douglas Goodman, 24Aug92, answering DG's 19Aug92 inquiry on Fresnel lenses and photofinish cameras, contains example of Kingslake's Second Law N Goldberg to RK, 3Apr92, Thanks RK for encouragement to write his book "Camera Technology" CA Grimes to RK 7Dec89, thanks for help with Kodak publication R Gallagher 5Sept89 telephone note, provides literature citations RK to Eastman Kodak/Publication, 15June88, invoice for calculations and data for publication Copy of Shoptalk column from Popular Photography magazine, Dec86 by N Goldberg, with note by NG. Quotes RK's telling of amusing early lens design stories. N Goldberg to RK, 15Nov82, sends photograph with query on optical phenomena shown. 7Dec82 RK answers diagram and calculations RK to D Goldstein, 16Aug80, thanks for gift of zoom projection lens; discusses antique lenses RK to(N) George, 21July80, suggests 5 names of persons to consider to teach geometrical optics at IO RK to DS Grey, 19Dec79, recalculates properties of a zoom lens DSG patented and finds discrepancies D Goldstein to RK, 8Jan79, congratulates RK on Engineer of Year from Roch. Engineering Soc. And thanks for having studied under him at IO N George to RK, 21Mar78, asks opinion on promotion of DT Moore to Assoc. Prof. DTM's c.v. RK reply27Mar78. Second letter NG to RK, undated, but probably 21Mar also, asks separate consideration for unlimited tenure. RK gives strong support N Goldberg to RK, 18Aug75, thanks for reprints of RK and HGK work on lens testing; sketches of his autocollimator and lens test bench C Gardner to HGK, 20Jan76, reissue of US Savings Bonds of Alan H. Kingslake, RK to CG 11Feb76, and extensive phone notes related S Guida to RK, 17Jun74 et seq, translating "Applied Optics and Optical Design" into Italian, RK and HGK corres with Dover Card, Memorial Service for JW Graham, Jr., 24Sept74 RK to Faculty of College of Eng, and Appl., Science, no date, death of JW Graham, founder of CE&A N Goldberg to RK, 11May72, offers to donate B&L Autotime shutter N Goldberg to RK, 17May72, sends 3 shutters, RK thanks RK to N Goldberg,1May72, remembers recent meeting, discusses alignment of collimator N Goldberg to RK, 19Apr72, seeks visit when in Rochester N Goldberg to RK, 5May69, letter and ms of article based on interview; RK's corrections on ms. Ms later published in Pop. Phot. Magazine as "The man who loved computers". H Le Boiteux & AG Girard to RK, 12Jan59, (in French) calculations and formulas; mention of mechanical aid in ray tracing RK to N Goldberg, 8May69, retyped, edited version of ms in 5May letter, Travel itinerary for RK, HGK, and Miss Doris Conrady, for 2-week trip Aug67 thru western Canada and US Pacific NW. Executors Cash Statement, Martin Kingslake, (father of RK) deceased 13Dec69, wax-sealed document date 6Oct71 (or 10Jun71). Guardian Assurance Co. Ltd. To RK, various dates mid-68, maturity of life insurance policy apparently taken out for RK by his father G Andrews to RK, 29Nov60 and earlier, examination and possible purchase of Cooke Varo zoom lens for 35mm motion picture photography, earliest practical zoom lens, Also Kodak 100-inch aerial lens. [(GW) Goddard's Law; There is no substitute for focal length./MLS] KS Gibson to RK, 27Apr59, conferring fellowship in OSA GW Goddard to E Goulden, 11Oct50, Air Force Tests of the Garutso Lens, optical tyro adds elements to standard lenses, claiming extended depth of field. Stunning refutation by Goddard. Program, 4th Annual Photographic Arts Dinner, 7June49, Philadephia, Col. GW Goddard, speaker; biographical sketch of GWG. Invitation to 80th Birthday Celebration for GW Goddard, Dayton, on 13June69.

Alpha. Corres. H A Hosley to RK, 20Aug97, and copy of letter and diagram to editor of Scientific American magazine proposing bizarre theory of light based on unchanged velocity in all media. No reply. (Anson Hosley, director of research for Case-Hoyt printing co.) Tear sheets "OSA at 75, Remembering OSA's Honorary Members" by JN Howard, Optics & Photonics News, Jul91 Invitation to award presentation to D Moore as Distinguished Inventor of the Year, 18Mar93, by Rochester Intellectual Property Law Assoc. S Houde-Walter to RK, 9Dec91, thanks for tour of George Eastman House and special lens display RK to CL Humphreys, 30Jan91, thanks for data on OSA membership; points out discrepancies M Haworth-Brook to RK, 10Oct &9Nov90, reply 2Nov90, query lens used by early French landscape photographer L Hyde to RK, 17Feb90, query on camerae obscurae in private homes BJ Howell to RK, 1Feb90, suggestion for indexing style RK uses for optical patents he describes for "Applied Optics" RE Hopkins to H Kogelnik, 20Nov89, comments on proposed name change for OSA JE Hartt to RK et al, proposal of Oxford Univ. Press book on time-gating of light RK holograph, list of publishers who refused from Jul72 to Aug89 to publish a 3rd edition of LP RK to JE Hartt, 8Oct88, replies to her inquiry about his writing a book on the photographic shutter; she interested for Oxford Univ. Press; he denies RK to WT Hanson, 20Jun86, addresses him as Chmn. Of Bd of George Eastman House, decries present state of House exhibits, asks for more technology and pictures the general public would be interested in. No reply. RK to DG Hall, 1Feb85, suggests E Leith and J Upatnieks for Ives Medal; lesser recommendation for DS Grey and CG Wynne JN Howard to RK, 16May84, asks opinion on revised sign convention for trigonometric ray tracing. RK responds with diagram and further suggestions. R Hanau to RK, 3Jul81, nostalgic note on older mechanical calculators in optics; RK replies similarly, admiring the H-P SR-59. F Horton to RK, 6Oct80, Congressman congratulates RK on his receipt of SPIE gold medal, attaches newspaper clipping. Harold _, to RK, 14Jan79, note in colored markers congratulating on 1978 Engineer of the Year award TH Hawks to RK, 19Oct73, congratulations on receipt of Ives medal MJ Herzberger to RK, 9May73, congratulations on receipt of Ives medal Brochure of Chadwick House, Nantucket, MA, AC Hardy to RK, 3Jan67, charming reminiscence of early days in photography, and of suggesting concept of reversed telephoto lens to CW Frederick of EK, which was rejected. RK replies with facts of late patent and manufacture by others. RG Hufford to RK, 20Jul64 et seq., announces RK to receive Progress Medal of SMPTE; RK "very pleased and somewhat amazed" PG Harmant to RK, 1Dec63, finds very early iris diaphragm in photographic lens; asks and receives RK's comments RK to RE Hopkins, 27Jul62, report on the "Invited Summer Conference" RK to G Herbig, 10May60, thanks for tour of 120-inch telescope at Lick Observatory RE Hopkins to HGK, 1Jul57, thanks for planning hospitality of conference FL Higgins to RK, 13Aug28, manager of EK Hawk-Eye Works tells RK they have no vacancy. TI Harris to RK, 17Feb90, Reflections on TIH's 60th birthday and RK's influence on his life.

Alpha. Corres. I EH Immergut to RK, 2Oct91, invites RK to write "Optics, Geometrical" for proposed "Encyclopedia of Applied Physics"; declined, citing age. Picture card from l'Institut d'Optique, Paris, undated, 6(month illegible). HGK to Director of the Optics Section, Imperial College, London (Prof. Welford), 14Oct81, requests copy of history of department E Ingelstam to N George, ccHGK, 25Sep79, unable to attend OSA golden anniversary, but sends appreciation and gives news of Swedish optical institute R Olley to Imperial College, London graduates, 8May 79, invites to annual meeting of "Imperial College Exiles in North America (East)" Brochure: "The Imperial College of Science and Technology 1969 Appeal" and extensive correspondence related to RK and HGK gift of $6000 to Playfair Foundation for Imperial College, London, cost of a study bedroom in honor of AEC. RK to International Silver Co., 8Jan69, purchase of more place settings Sub-folder: Imperial College, early Optics Department, booklet "Optics at Imperial College; the Early Years" by GE Satterthwaite, 2 copies, one inscribed to RK and HGK by author (pencil corrections), other notes connected to the 80th Anniversary Celebration, 6Jun97.

Alpha. Corres. J R Johnson to RK, no date, college student known to the Ks to wish them well M Lodge to RK and HGK, 30Jan98, thanks for renewed membership in Rochester Historical Society M, Johnston to RK, 28Sep95, requests as editor of Photo Techniques magazine an article on optics. RK notes he is too old and too long retired. RB Johnson to RK, 12Aug93, sends requested information on CCDs and comments on the merits of global optimization in automatic lens design; reply thanks and agrees. M Moriyama to RK, 30Jun93, thanks for contribution of old English camera to JCII Camera Museum, photographs of museum display and of wall of plaques thanking donors. (printed on German paper) RK to M Jacob, 12Nov90, comments on and corrects MJ's article on an early daguerreian lens. SW Johnson to RK, 4Oct90, publisher asks opinion on optical design text ms .RK cites weaknesses; recommends against publication. RT Jones to RK, 27Oct88 et seq, praises "Lens Design Fundamentals", questions calculation of OFC. RK defends and gives calculations. RB Johnson to RK, 29Mar88, passing of John Maurer. RB Johnson to RK, 7May87, misc. optical questions. RB Johnson to RK, 8Sep87, sends copy of German book on telescope design. RB Johnson to RK, 20Jan87, invites RK to speak in Huntsville, Ala., several replies working out details. L Jacobson, to RK, 17Jul86, identity of old American microscope. RB Johnson to RK, 14Oct85, invitation to visit and speak at U of Ala., Huntsville. RK accepts. WE Mason to HGK, 23Aug79, revision to homeowner's insurance. RV Jenkins to RK, 8Mar76, thanks for assistance on his book "Images and Enterprise, Technology and the American Photographic Industry, 1839-1925." JH Jaffe to RK, 27Aug73, congratulations on Ives medal. RK thinks for his hospitality in Israel. D Shapere, to RK, 19Feb69 et seq., requests comment on R Jenkin's request for funding his book proposal, vide supra. RK gives qualified support. Mrs. FD Johnson to RK, 16Oct61, thanks for payment for portraits of early lens designers supplied by Royal Photographic Society.

Alpha. Corres. K Announcement card, plate-sunk engraved, birth of son Alan Horace, 16Jun39 K Kabelac to RK, 26Jun95, UR ms librarian thanks for donation of optical catalogs etc.,and letters of congratulations on receipt of Ives Medal in 1973. These should be integrated into the larger RK file. JR Conge to WF Kinney, cc RK, 6Jan95, seeks information on Icaroscope designed by B O'Brian for atomic bomb tests. A Kattelle to RK, 1Oct94, invitation to attend The Movie Machine, Society 5th Annual Meeting the following week. D Kingslake to RK & HGK, 15May94, thanks parents for gift of equipment for receiving satellite TV: photograph of Virginia and satellite dish. H Kogelnik to RK, 1Nov89, et seq., notification of proposed name change of OSA to Optics and Photonics Society, strongly dissenting replies by RK and HGK RK to Kent State Univ. Press, 17Mar88, comments on the wisdom of publishing a book of letters from David Brewster to WH Fox Talbot. Asofa to RK, 21Sep82, on litigation involving Dynascope device, and reply LK Paull to (D) Quinn, 8Nov77, bears OSA stamp received 11Nov88, RK note "file Kerr", this is a copy marked to HGK, signature illegible T Kowal to RK, 17Mar75, thanks for help on Wood's color diffraction photographs, invites to see his collection of photographica. Disclosure agreement, 1May75, Hollogon Rotary Projection System of WP Ewald. RK to T Kowal, 12Mar75, explanation and diagrams of Wood's color diffraction photographs, T Kowal to RK, 20Jul74, thanks for meeting in Rochester RK to AH Katz, 28Oct72, delight in meeting in San Mateo, "Garutzo" (really Garutso) lens; vide Goddard S-57 CL Kraft to RK, 8Feb7, et seq., thanks for visit to Boeing, and discussion of old plate camera, and replies. RK to RM Kiltz, 25Jan71, thanks for visit to United Control and submits expenses for consulting. E Kaprelian to RK, 26May69 et seq., sends gift of aerial mapping lens and shutter, information on CC Minor; invites RK and HGK to visit, with replies Announcement of retirement reception for RK and co-workers at EK, 10Jan69 RK to K Kitano, 6May68 et seq, inquires about copy of book describing cameras in the Pentax Gallery. KK responds with gift of book, RK thanks. E Kaprelian to RK, 25Mar66, discusses and sends old camera shutters, describes unusual lens. RK thanks and gives information on lens. H Kubota to RK, 24Jun64, invitation to chair session of International Committee on Optics Conference on Photographic and Spectroscopic Optics; visa application form.

"R Kaplan, Academic Press" 1987-1992, publication of "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" series, "Lens Design Fundamentals", and other books including N Goldberg's Camera Technology.

"Alan Kattelle", 1987-1993, various matters of history of amateur motion pictures preparatory to AK's publication of a book on that subject, late 1990s.

Alpha. Corres. L R London to RK, 5Jan94 &5Sep94, thanks for apparatus and information relating to Kodak Pocket cameras of 1890s. E Lothrop to RK, 16Apr94, and reply, announces semi-retirement; plans for book on American plate magazine cameras E Leighten to RK, 17Jan94 et seq. with reply, former student of RK ca 1937 recounts his work, sends greetings R London to RK, 26Nov93 et seq. with reply and note from NM Graver, all relating to Kodak Pocket cameras of 1890s, with ms of article on same by RL T Lian to RK & HGK, 19Feb92 et seq., with replies, former student (?) now at Beijing Inst. Of Tech. cites usefulness of RK's and AEC's publications, sends his book on reflecting prisms, which the Ks praise. AJ Luebbers to RK, 16Aug76, appreciation of recent Optical Design course, sends catalog of American Science Center RK to A Mazurkewitz, 29Sep93, follows phone inquiry from AM about Lian book on prisms. Announcement of OP publication by SPIE RK to G Lambert, 7Jul88, RK designs a telescope objective at GL's request, with full calculations. A Lewis to RK, 18Jun90 et seq., postcard, note and cartoon from former co-worker (?) DF Leary to RK, 26Oct89. image brightness and visibility in rifle aiming telescopes. Vide convoluted correspondence filed under Waido in S54. RG Lerner to RK, 30Dec88, wants update of RK's article on geometrical optics for Ency. of Physics J Lukitsh to RK, 19Nov84, thanks for review of JM Cameron photographs RK to R Lathan, 4Dec83, encloses this year's donation to UR President's Society and asks if total his donations have reached Associates Life Member level, encloses tally from 1960-1982. A Lewis to RK, 22&28Jul82, raises problem in ray tracing; RK sends calculations K Lyons to RK, 19Sep82, thanks for RK's letter of recommendation for a position at UNC/Chapel Hill, description of Morehead Internships in Planetarium Administration and Education there. A Lohmann to RK, 24Jun80 and reply, RK sends copies of AEC papers from 1904-5 from HGK's home files L Larmore to BJT, 10Mar76, copy to RK, paper by Burch and Forno win SPIE 1975 Kingslake Medal. RK to J Leone, 19Jul75, congratulations on 45 years at UR; thanks for help in making demonstration apparatus. RK to RL Lamberts, 13Jun75, remarks about three candidates for Fellowship in OSA RP Loveland to RK, (Sep74), requests help for D Padgitt with his book on the history of the American microscope; with reply and copy of publication DJ Lovell, to RK, 31Mar74, and reply, versions of the invention and manufacture of the first achromatic lens by Hall, Dollond, Bass; cites King's History of the Telescope. DJ Lovell to RK, 4Mar74, requests information on old Steinheil lens, RK replies RD Lathan to RK, 27Jun73, congratulates on Ives Medal HM Lester to RK, 27Aug63, thanks for explanation of statement in AEC's book RK to HW Leibowitz, 1Sep72, thanks for letter of 7Aug (not found), comments on dissertation by RT Hennessy on instrument myopia; meekly corrects spelling and usage. W Lotmar to RK, 1Feb62, asks RK sponsorship for membership in OSA RT Lamb to RK, 26Apr60, sets visit by RK to Ampex in CA, asks help with modifying projectors for thermoplastic recording read-out.

Alpha. Corres M S Morton to RK, 31Jan96 et seq, and reply, origin of the panoramic camera, article from BJPhot, WEK Middleton to RK, 24Aug94, read paper on Coddington; recalls old days of OSA DT Moore, to RK&HGK, 27May93, appreciation for having been named first Kingslake Professor of Geometrical Optics B Miller to RK, 24Jan93, thanks for article on E Gundlach A Mann to RK, 20Feb92, asks help selecting key papers on zoom lenses; also invites to panel on same at SPIE meeting, with replies. DT Moore to Y Lin, 14 Feb92, assistance in applying for admission to IO P Merigold to RK, 10Oct89, and reply, early history of Cooke optics and opticians. RK to W Mandler, 6Feb91, asks information on Leitz Elcan lens JS Miller to RK, 14Jan91, asks information on Leitz Elcan and other lenses. W Mandler to RK, 16Feb91 with reply, further on Elcan lenses DT Moore to Alumni of IO, 10Oct90, invitation to reception in Boston during OSA meeting, 8Nov90 A Mann to RK, 27Sep90, asks for suggested topics for review paper on zoom lenses, RK notes brief reply with no suggestions beyond author's L. Mandel to H Kogelnik, 26Oct89, ccRK objection to name change of OSA PA Merigold to RK, 7Sep89, history of optical design and manufacture in UK, information from records he saved; RK thanks List of (EK) Matthews Red Apple Award and Cornwell Challenge Trophy to 1988; RK won Red Apple 1968. RA Mayer to RK, 19May86, congratulates on honorary doctorate from UR RK to R Abrams, 24May85, supports L, Mandel's recommendation of E Wolf for Honorary Membership in OSA; also LM's priors on this subject RK to Duncan (Moore), 25Feb85, curtly notes invitations have been sent for "First Annual R. and H. K. Seminar on Optical Engineering" and that he and HGK have not received a copy; KJ Teegarden and DM's secretary reply RR Shannon to E Martin, 8Dec82, with cover note EM to RK 15Dec82, RK appears to have suggested T Smith's papers on geometrical optics be sent to U of AZ J Maxwell to RK, 25Oct80, offers to share lens design programs for small calculator; RK thanks 31Dec80 E Marom, to RK, 8Oct80, thanks for gift of "Lens Design Fundamentals" book E Marom to RK, 10Jun80, reminds of book gift; RK replies, promises sending, recalls visit to Israel Jun73 RK to Marchant Calculator Division, 17Apr75, requests photographs of calculators to illustrate a talk on "Lens Computing Since 1920." Photograph clipped from Roch. Times-Union, 20May75, mechanical calculator and computer at SF Mint E Marom toRK, 3Dec73 & 31Jan74, delay replying due to Israeli war, Ives Medal congratulations, use of gift of money from RK to aid needy students. J Minnis to RK, 15Jun 72 & 9Oct72, questions about early history of home movies and camera collecting; RK sends reprints. J Minnis to RK, 1Jun72, information and queries on early photographic shutters and other apparatus; RK replies with names and dates GE Manville to RK, 30May68, recalls Jubilee celebration of Imperial College, London, sends data on Grubb-Parsons; RK thanks. GW Mentch to RK and others, 24Oct62, calls to meeting to decide how to respond to E Ostroff's request for Kodak items for his photographic exhibit at Smithsonian Institution. EG Martin to RK, 21 Aug62, sends silver letter-opener in thanks for help with optical problems. Photograph of 16 men gathered around a conference table in EK Research Labs, B59, Dec61, open book and papers on table, possibly these are contributors to a reference book (dictionary?). Ten men identified. Vide M31. (CE) K Mees to RK, 14Sep51, thanks for copy of "Lenses in Photography" and praises it.

"MG Moses", 11Aug80 et seq. He and RK share information on photographic optics, especially for spy and sub-miniature cameras. 22Oct85 letter contains clever poem about Halley and his comet. Photograph of RK & HGK at Photohistory V, Oct 82. Note on original folder "See Wollensak 3-ring binder."

"JA Maurer" A collection MA Maurer (wife of JAM) to RK, note transmits the following 12 items of RK correspondence found among JAM's things after his death. RK to JA & M Mauer, 17Dec83, shares enthusiasm for Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator for optical problems; recalls being in Alaska shortly after 1964 quake. RK&HGK to J&M Maurer, 10Dec84, Christmas letter, books selling well, writing history of photographic lens, tries to read minds of early lens designers, wonders of TI-59 calculator, first EK computer for lens design, Bendix G-15, encourages attending lens design conference in NJ, Halley's comet jingle, value to historian of catalogs over actual apparatus, old movies seen recently at George Eastman House. RK to JA Maurer, 6Dec79, encourages JAM to write history of photographic sound recording, still teaching lens design, IO 50th Anniversary, 50% of graduates attended, HGK's history of IO, editing vol. VI of "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering", RK to JA Maurer, 20Jul87, glad JAM gave apparatus to Prof. Johnson, RK gave up regular teaching, writing book on history of photographic lens, would be glad to receive microscope lenses, origin of B&L logo. RK to JA Maurer, 28Nov58, sorry for missed phone call, using Bendix and IBM computers for EK lens calculations. RK to JA Maurer, 15Dec73, comments on JAM retiring from manufacture and concentrating on consulting, RK retired 5 years ago, still teaching, comments on small vs large computers, worries about future of lens design. RK to JA Maurer, 16Dec75, uses cameras from his collection to illustrate course in Modern Camera Design,visited Nikon, Canon, Minolta factories in Japan, sees computer control of cameras and cars, "There is no limit to what man can do, except run a country." RK to JA Maurer, 3May78, sending complimentary copy of "Lens Design Fundamentals", ray tracing with SR-52 calculator, written while students take final exam, copy enclosed, lens design book finished, history book now started. RK to JA Maurer, 9Dec80, comments on reception of "Lens Design Fundamentals", JAM apparently too busy to write on movie equipment for "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" series, getting out of touch with modern optics, salaries of graduates, cost of things in 1929. RK to JA&M Maurer, 10Dec83, "Optical System Design" (notes for the course of that name given for years at IO) now published, gives seminar in Santa Fe, tours Los Alamos Nat. Lab., 80th birthday plaque from SPIE, giving up teaching at IO, taught lens design since 1932 to over 900 students, always enjoy JAM's critical letters. John Flory obituary, Roch. Times-Union 9Oct87, RK to JA Maurer, 20Dec82, how RK got interested in lens design, enjoys teaching, female students do as well as men "and why not?", contributions to EK suggestion system by blacks, women, women as novelists and poets, no women in optics patents he has reviewed, what to include in book on geometrical optics, coherence as basis of Abbe theory of microscope, difficult concepts in optics and mathematics, encourages JAM's use of a TI-59 calculator, uselessness of some optical writing, Herzberger thinks that expressing a problem in notation solves it, as a doctor thinks naming a disease cures it, plans book on history of photographic lens, students at Jerusalem Institute of Technology study religion in morning, optics in afternoon, encourages JAM on writing book on motion picture engineering, gift of EK Disc camera from HGK, death of LC Martin at 90, early teachers at Imperial College, London, IO statistics, Here follows RK's own JA Maurer file Christmas card from M and J Maurer 1959 MA Maurer, to DT Moore, 2May89, inventory of optical glass left by JAM DT Moore to MA Maurer, RK copy, 24Jan89, plans to receive optical glass M&JA Maurer, Dec72, Christmas note, retiring from business at 68 to become consultant M&JA Maurer, 2Dec73, regrets missing OSA meeting in Rochester, needs to design plastic lens for medical imaging, JA Maurer to RK, 21Dec73, philosophy of lens design, separate roles of computing machines and human designers JA Maurer to "RK, Dec76, Christmas card, enthusiastic about optical work with TI-52 calculator, tour of Lick Observatory, visit to Tucson Optical Science Center. JA Maurer, to RK, 16Dec77, seeing solar eclipse 12Oct, programming SR-52 calculator, design of Erfle eyepiece, machine to grind paraboloidal surfaces. RK to JA Maurer, 3May78, sends copy of "Lens Design Fundamentals" book, competent papers by Offner and Rosin, starting on history of photographic lens book JA Maurer to RK, 16May78, appreciation of "Lens Design Fundamentals", compares with other books, Offner anecdote, AV Bottallico female lens designer JA Maurer to RK, Dec78, Christmas card and note, photographic sound recording JA Maurer to RK, Dec79, Christmas card and note, paper on sound recording progressing well, Ross effect in photographic emulsions, congratulates HGK on history of IO, apologizes for not contribution chapter to "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering" on motion pictures JA Maurer to RK, 13Jan81, Zeiss' delayed appreciation of the methods of AEC, new vs. old optical notation, appreciation of F Twyman's "Prism and Lens Making", principles vs. theory in instructional books, can optical quality be found from calculations better than from actual test of a sample lens? JA Maurer to RK, 23Dec81, early influence of Carpenter/Dallinger "The Microscope and Its Revelations", low regard for Herzberger's chapter on geometrical optics in Handbook of Physics, opinions of several other optical books, takes RK's encouragement to write book on motion picture equipment design, quality of EK and RCA telecine equipment. JA Maurer to RK&HGK, 14Dec83, Christmas card and note. JA Maurer to RK&HGK, 16Dec83, calculation of lens for night vision device, soon to be 80 and wanting to enjoy Halley's comet again as in 1910, picture from Alaskan trip. JA Maurer to RK&HGK, 17Apr87, thanks for TI-59 programs, at 82 having to relearn somethings about optical design, wife six years younger, what to do with lens testing bench, description and photograph of bench. RK to JA Maurer, 8May87, suggests home for JAM's lens testing bench: Univ. of Ala at Huntsville. JA Maurer to RK&HGK, 12Jul87, happy with Univ. of Ala. As home for lens tester, offers RK many microscope objectives he had tested, concluded Zeiss, Leitz, Watson, Beck, and B&L had all come close to perfection in their apochromatics as long as flat fields were not attempted, assumes the Watson apos were of Conrady's design. M Maurer to RK, 22Mar88, tells of JAM's death (23Aug04-20May88), asks for message to be read at memorial service, promises to send microscope lenses. RK to M Maurer, 25Mar85, draft of hand-written reply, mentions their long correspondence, their shared philosophy of lens design, RK and others at EK called him "honest John" for his careful speech and precise and frank statements, first met in 1940, RK details many awards and medals JAM received, promises to send memorial service remarks. Note of thanks from MM 28May88. Memorial Service program for JAM, 10Apr88, with RK's remarks as read. M Maurer to RK, 16Apr88, thanks for recollections of JAM which were read at service by R Woodruff, offers Spencer microscope. [RK gave to MLS about1997.] RK to M Maurer, 23Apr88, RK's notes for a hand-written reply, carefully asks for JAM's TI-59 calculator, M Maurer to RK, 20Apr88, found lost microscope lenses, sending them. R Woodruff to RK, 15Apr88, reminiscences of JAM and IO, his and wife's work histories. RK replies and gives some personal history. RK to M Maurer, 27Apr88, notes for handwritten reply, thanks for carefully-sent microscope lenses. List of 20 lenses. [RK gave to MLS about 1997.] M Maurer to RK, 2May88, sending more lenses and calculator, having microscope packed carefully. RK to M Maurer, 10May88, notes for reply, profuse thanks for 30objectives, 15 eyepieces, microscope, accessories; wanted calculator as back-up for his own aging one. M Maurer to RK, 12Jun88, offers other of JAM's things, queries what to do with large amount of raw optical glass. RK to M Maurer, 16Jun88, notes for reply, praise for JAM, asked D Moore or IO about optical glass, and he would like to have it. M Maurer to RK, 25Jun88, will give glass to IO.

RK to J McInnes, 29Oct90, suggestions for OSA poster DL MacAdam to J Quinn, 19Feb90, opposes name change of OSA G Macdonald to HGK, 18Oct 83, offers nomination for Women Engineers Achievement Award, HGK declines. RK to DL MacAdam, 1Mar71, sends MS of History of the (EK) Optical Design Department RK to TJ Lucey, 19May69, et seq., difficulty in subscribing to Aviation Week Magazine RK to (J) McLeod, 26Oct67, spherical aberration data for a lens RK to JD McLean, 9Oct67, design considerations for a walk-in camera obscura for Toronto museum B Solandt to RK, Jun67, three photographs of 19th century microscope with camera lucida attachment, notes on its lenses. Referred by J MacFarlane DL MacAdam to RK, 29Mar66, planning presentations for National Meeting of OSA RK to DL MacAdam, 25Mar66, concern for quality of papers at OSA meetings J McKeown to RK, 6Feb85 et seq., queries concerning his Price Guide to Cameras, and replies.

RK to National Geographic Society, 19Feb98, notes for a letter on gift subscription troubles. TF Naylor to RK, 30Dec92, letter and envelope with three photographs of 19th century view camera with unusual shutter, and reply TF Naylor to RK, 10Oct90, thanks for criticism of article. RK to TF Naylor, 27Sep90, offers corrections to a recent talk. TF Naylor to RK, 11Mar88, query on name terminations of camera lenses, and extensive reply. Program, Newton Symposium, UR, 20-24Oct86. TF Naylor to RK, 6Oct86, requests identification of convex mirror of black glass, with reply. [Although RK does not mention it, this may be a "Lorraine Mirror" used in the days before spectral sensitization of films to provide contrasty pictures of clouds. These were usually plane, and this is the only convex, or wide-angle, one I have heard of./MLS] TF Naylor to RK, 3Jan86, requests permission to reprint RK's article on the Grun Liquid Lens, permission granted. HEJ Neugebauer to RK, 19Nov84 et seq., requests help with obtaining a book, tells of recent health problems, research on entropy of systems not near equilibrium, and replies. TF Naylor to RK, sends monograph on 35mm cameras, RK thanks and sends several of his papers; RK to H Nagel, 14Jan76, seeks copy of book on Nagel and Kodak cameras made in Germany; HN replies and sends book. RK to New World Books, 19Nov75, purchase of a book on history of the camera. B Newhall to RK, 23Dec72, post card on diffused-focus lenses. B Newhall to RK, 14Nov72, soft-focus lenses information request; reply with diagram. OR Anderson to RK, 16Mar72, maps from National Geographic Society. RK to B Newhall, 11Aug67, mounting method for cells of 24" f/6 aerial lens. B Newhall to RK, 15Feb67, requests comment on display of lenses at George Eastman House. B Newhall to RK, 27Jan67, refers two lens inquiries for answer. RK to WC Wright, 31Jan67, offers to examine Rossar lens. RK to J Frye, 31Jan67, identifies Seroco camera, offers to study lens, if lent. RK to B Newhall, 5May66, systems of lens aperture markings. FE Nicodemus to RK, 27Jul65, first volumes of "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering", text on photographic photometry. B Newhall to RK, 14Apr65, Niépce's lenses. B Newhall to RK, 8Apr65, Niépce's lenses. B Newhall to RK, 18Jan65, thanks for arranging complimentary membership. B Newhall to RK, 15Apr64, membership in George Eastman House. RK to B Newhall, 6May63, requests return of process lens. RK to B Newhall, 1May63, thanks for collection of Coburn's photographs. B Newhall to RK, 15Nov61, submits practical method of determining f-number of lens; asks if valid; reply affirmative. M Waters to RK, 24Apr61, refers request for information of Busch lens set; reply. B Newhall to Associates of George Eastman House, Oct60, new publication policies. RK to B Newhall, 7Oct60, lenses for George Eastman House collection. RK to B Newhall, 3Feb59, thanks for picture of Wollaston, requests copy of catalog of out-of-print books. B Newhall to Associates of George Eastman House, 28Jan59, news of George Eastman House activities and publications. RS Schultze to B Newhall, 26Jan59, thwarted attempt to obtain a photograph of HW Lee.

Newport Research Corp. RK to President of NRC, May77, et seq. and replies, proposes design of improved optical bench for lens testing; NRC considers manufacture, then declines. RK to T Galantowicz, 20Feb84, response to apparent TG inquiry on design of optical bench of simpler design. Original mechanical drawings for apparatus.

A Reiss to RK, 12Aug94, offers reprints of RK's article in Optics & Photonics News, "Who Discovered Coddington's Equations?" J Oberheuser to RK, 6Jul90, thanks for help in obtaining books for gifts to her husband, Joe, a former student of RK. E Garmire to OSA Members, 1May93, introduces new executing director DW Hennage. TI Harris to Friends of Optical Research Associates, 1Oct91, introduces R Hilbert as new president of ORA. DC O'Shea to RK, 16Apr91, sends ChunKan MS to review for "Applied Optics". Reply cites good science, but obscure exposition, impenetrable English of Chinese author. DC O'Shea to RK, 26Feb91, sends Sharma MS to review for "Applied Optics". RK recommends publication. DC O'Shea to RK, 15Jan91, sends another ChunKan MS for review. RK recommends publication after editing the English. O'Shea to RK, 2Aug90, requests autographing of book. J Robbins to RK, 21Nov89, proposes RK write a book on photographic shutters. RK states his qualifications for part of the project. JM Eastman to H Kogelnik copy with note for HGK, 19Nov89, opposes name change for OSA. RK to Technical Activities Manager of OSA, 17May89, joins RE Hopkins in nominating BJT for Ives Medal of OSA. Brochure "The Real Estate Department" no date, law firm of Chamberlain, D'Amanda, Oppenheimer & Greenfield. R Oppenheimer to RK, no charge for legal services. RK to T Olds, 15Apr87, cover letter for photographic items donated to Boys and Girls Club of Rochester. D O'Brien to RK, offers honorary doctorate; RK accepts. Text of acceptance speech. IR Gatland to RK, 31Oct86, asks opinion on promotion of DC O'Shea to full professor at Georgia Tech. RK supports. RK to DC O'Shea, 4Sep85, congratulates on his new book "Elements of Modern Optical Design"; compares extensively with RK's "Optical System Design" (notes for the course of that name given for years at IO), praises highly. DC O'Shea to RK, (Sep85 ?), thanks for 4Sep85 letter, proposes collaboration on another book. J Oberheuser, to RK, 17Nov78, asks RK to sign "Lens Design Fundamentals" for her husband. J Oberheuser, to RK, 29Nov78, thanks for signing book. RK to R Oppenheimer, 7Apr75 et seq., and replies, transferring War Bonds purchased for deceased son Alan to son David. RK to B O'Brien, 15Mar70, possible correction to the history of IO regarding O'Brien's contributions. TC Laurin to RK, 29Jan70, invites RK and HGK to visit offices of Optical Publishing Co. Note that RK agrees to go by car in good weather. Optical Design Department Personnel (EK), 1968, and Optical Engineering Personnel, Department 89 (EK) Nov68, notes possibly indicate acceptances of invitations to a party. A Offner to RK, 3Jun60 and reply, invitation to present at SPIE seminar, declined.

OSA, Rochester Section MH Huth to HGK, 1May79, acknowledges receipt by UR Library of minutes of meetings of Association for the Advancement of Applied Optics from its founding in 1915 to 1924, forerunner of OSA. Corporate Leadership Forum Program, OSA, 10-12May 91, (No location, probably WDC) HM Smith to R Lamberts, announces Honorary Membership in OSA for HGK, list of contributions and publications. Lists of officers of Association for the Advancement of Applied Optics (forerunner of OSA) and Rochester Chapter OSA, 1915-1951. OSA, Rochester Section, officers and council, 1915-1976. Constitution of the OSA, Rochester Section, proposed 9Apr37, with amendments to 1Dec59. OSA Rochester Section, List of Program Committees, 1942-1978. OSA Rochester Section Honorary Members, Jan79. OSA Rochester Section, joint meetings with other societies, 1928-1974. OSA Rochester Section, 1999-2000 program. OSA notes on capital needs, and development issues, Sep88. Invitation card to opening of new OSA headquarters, WDC, 19May91, guide to building layout.

Programs, OSA Rochester Section, (most) 1928-1999.

Eugene Ostroff (Photographic historian, Smithsonian Institution) RK to EO, 1973-1984, with some replies, many topics in photographic history: Gundlach Optical Co. early solar enlargers, perspective with large-diameter lenses, etc. "Principal Types of Photographic Objectives" 22p MS with hand notes "Photography: and Strangely Enough, It Works", G Thornton, NYTimes, 29Apr73, on new photography exhibit by EO at Smithsonian RK to EO, 17Jun87, Claudet's Focimeter for determining the separtion between visual and actinic foci.

Alpha. Corres. P RK to Ritepoint Pen Co., 14Apr93 et seq., ordering refills for ball pens, with replies. RK to Editor, Photonics Spectra, 27Dec93, protests the term "corner cube," rightly considers it a cube corner; gives grammar lesson; no reply K Price to RK, 8Jan93, card thanking for book, and for RK's influence on her father, Wm. Price, who was RKs successor at EK as Director of Optical Design. MM Price to RK, 9Nov92, requests RK autographs to place in copies of OP she will give her 5 children, which are named. Margaret (Peg) Price was wife of William. A Pendleton to RK, 12Mar90, editor of Optics & Photonics News thanks for letter on proposed name change for OSA. A Pudney to RK, (undated, but with RK note of phone call Aug87), death of Dr. Koana of Tokyo Univ., remembers her work with filters at HE. MJ Price to RK, 20Jan86, asks permission to quote RK's review of "Opto-Mechanical Systems Design by Paul Yoder. EA Pepper to RK, 24May83 et seq., publication of transcript of tape-recorded interview with R Fischer in "Optical Engineering". RK expresses concern about verbatim publishing of an informal chat, and edits accordingly. L Preus to R Fricke, 24Aug82 et seq., searching for portraits of lens designers to send to RK. RK thanks. J Phelps to RK, 11Oct82, sends comments on EK ms on lenses for amateur photographers. D Paskin to RK, 21Sep81, thanks for history of Rochester lens companies; sends specifications of Schneider Variogon lens. RK to D Pupo, 19Sep77, apologizes for missing The Photographic Historical Society meeting; suggests meeting on Goerz history. FB Patrick to RK, 23Jan77, reminiscence of early lens computation methods. FB Patrick to RK, 18Feb76, sends paper he is submitting for publication: "The Effectiveness of Seeing with a Telescope". RK comments and sends related articles. RK to WH Price, 1Jul75, sends his article on lens coating at EK. S Phillips to RK, 30Oct73, sends graph of RK and HGK at a banquet. RK to E Purdum, 10Jul74, replies to letter of 1Jul74 (not found) concerning shutters. C Patorski to RK, (date unreadable), postcard request for reprint of paper. BG Ponseggi, to SPIE Members, 11Jun73, requests volunteers to serve the organization in various ways. FB Patrick to RK, Jan72, enjoyed RK's paper on Optical Design at Kodak; sends copy of his paper on vision with binoculars. RK replied Feb72 but no copy. RK to I Pobboravsky, 30Nov71, thanks for copy of thesis on Daguerreotype process, encourages further work. WH Price to RL Weber, 21Jan70, sends copy of little glossary of optical terms presented to RK at his retirement, with permission for RLW to use it in his book "Jocular Physics." JM Palmer to RK, 13Oct69, requests permission to quote from RK publication. Granted. RK to FH Perrin, 31Aug65, supplies extensive list of comments for the publisher of Optical Industry Directory. RK to C Pribus, 18Aug65, sends his analysis of Leitz 90mm Summicron. Program: Colloque sur les Materiaux Optiques, Paris, 5-8Aug61, RK attended. WH Price to RC Jackson, 1May59, comparison of Bendix and Royal McBee computers.

William H. Price Scholarship Fund, Brochure: The Optical Engineering Scholarship Fund, two copies, one dated by RK 1993. Bulletin: The William H. Price Scholarship in Optical Engineering, 9Mar86. RE Fischer to Price committee, 2Jun86, sets committee meeting. RE Fischer to RK, 3Dec86, announces his move from Hughes Aircraft to US office of E Leitz Canada. RE Fischer to Price committee, 29Dec86, press release on criteria for selection. RE Fischer &MM Price to Price committee, 21Apr87, instructions to those rating applications. B Weidkamp to Price selection committee, 28Apr87, applicant's submission. RK to RE Fischer, 11May87, sends judgment of 15 applicants. RE Fischer to selection committee, 27May87, asks for rerating of top applicants. RK replies. RE Fischer &MM Price to Price committee, Jun89, proposal to award in 89; concurrence requested. Application form (no date.) RE Fischer &MM Price to Price committee, Jun93, announces Julie Bentley, IO, as winner. RE Fischer &MM Price to Price committee, May93, five applications received, sent for rating. Application of JL Bentley, May 93.

Patent trials, reports. Copies from US Patent Quarterly involving Farrand Optical, Co., 3M, Zoomar Inc.

Alpha. Corres Q JW Quinn to RK, 9Oct90, thanks RK for major contribution to Optics Center Fund, surplus to be used for education, RK to be invited to opening. RK to JW Quinn, 2Jan90, informs that plans to let members attending annual meeting vote of proposed name change is not legal under the Constitution of OSA; JWQ replies. RK to JW Quinn, 11May87, sends obituary of RW Ditchburn, Fellow of OSA. JW Quinn to RK, 20Dec84, announced RK's election as Honorary Member of OSA. RK's humble reply. RK to JL Quigley, 9Oct68, writes strong letter in praise of DP Feder.

Alpha. Corres. R GL Rogers to RK, 29Feb96, sends copies of papers and hint on alignment of Twyman-Green interferometer. Newspaper article, 20Mar87, RK at George Eastman House as volunteer. GL Rogers to RK, 21Nov94, thanks for information on missing paper. R Salluzzo to members and subscribers of Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, 31Mar95, announces appointment of Robert Bernhardt as Principal Conductor/Artistic Director. GL Rogers to RK, 26Sep90, testing of lenses and mirrors by interferometry; RK replies. HGK to LJ Ranaletta, 16Apr94, thanks for good treatment at Episcopal Church Home hopes that there will be vacancy when she needs again. MJ Riedl, to RK, 8Nov92, sends 19th Century quotes decrying photography or even attempting it. HGK to CJ Atkins, 24Oct92, advises president of Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra that the Ks will no longer be able to attend concerts, but that their contributions will continue as before. C Russ to RK, 7Oct86, sends test photographs made with several older lenses and asks evaluation. RK replies helpfully. MJ Riedl, to RK, (no date, but probably Aug92) birthday good wishes and thanks for what he learned from RK's publications. RK warmly replies philosophically. Good anecdotes. RK to S Ray, 10Aug92, sends complimentary copy of OP in appreciation of their shared optical interests. DM Rosencrantz to RK, 26Jan92, wants autographed copy of OP; RK's gracious reply. C Robinson to RK, 25Sep91 et seq., design and use of wide angle and wide field lenses for architectural photography, with detailed replies. S Ray to RK, 13May91, glad to have met in Rochester; shared interest in HD Taylor; SR offers to research London sources for topics of interest to RK; hopes to continue correspondence. RK heard HDT's last talk before the London Optical Society. RK to S Ray, 15Jul91, asks help tracing law of refraction before Snell. MF Riedl to RK, 23 Oct89, he and RK exchange anecdotes of early lens designers. W Reinecke, to RK, 9Mar88, request card for reprint, sent 12May. C Russ to RK, 15sep86, further on practical lens testing. RK to the Secretary of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, 12Oct84, testy letter concerning election of directors; replies from RPO and their law firm. MJ Reidl, to RK, 23Feb83, comments and questions on examples in "Lens Design Fundamentals"; RK gratefully acknowledges and rebuts. C Rydel to RK, 8Nov82, query on skew ray tracing. RK sends formulae. E Rich to RK, 9Sep81, remembers meeting at SPIE, sends limericks. RK responds in kind. RK to RCA Record Division, 18Mar80, requests libretto for Berlioz Requiem to enjoy with BSO/Munch performance. JC Owens to RK, 1Mar78, asks nominations for Richardson Medal. RK responds to EG Rawson, chmn, and nominates W Ewald with extensive list of accomplishments. JL Rayces to RK, 2Mar76, concerning review of a patent. KH Ruddock to RK and HGK, (no date), thanks for donation to retirement presentation for Prof. Wright from Imperial College, London. HK Ruddock to RK, 29Aug73, announcing dinner for retirement of WD Wright, and reply with gift. RK to DC Ryon, 28Mar73, comments on DCR's chronology of Kodak and Brownie cameras. Grateful reply. John_ to HGK, 4Nov71, thanks for hospitality to Page Scholar, K Roach, sponsored by English Speaking Union. RS Reiss to RK, 19Jul67, asks help with references to opto-mechanical engineering. RK sends list of 16 books. RH Ray to RK, 2Sep64, invitation to presentation of Progress Medal of SMPTE to RK. AO Rankine to Sir H Jackson, concerning offer of head of Optics at Imperial College, London.

Alpha. Corres. S LT Schtleben to AE Conrady, 13Apr42, waiting for Part II of "Applied Optics and Optical Design". A Sherry to RK, 6Mar90, rambling letter about older camera lenses, no note of reply. Brochure: The Spring House (restaurant, Rochester) R and K, Steele, children of JK Steele, Thanks for gift of books. RK to DL Shealy, 29Aug94, thanks for reprints of papers on Coddington equations. F Su to RK, 10Jul90, sends copy of Technology of Our Times, SPIE publication, in thanks for RK's contribution to it. MLS to RK and HGK, 14Apr94, thanks for presentation on AEC to microscope collectors group. MLS to RK, 11Mar94, recommends book by G Hartley, question of effective aperture in microscope. RK to D Stein, 3Mar94, sends information on soft-focus camera lenses. HR Suiter to RK, 5Oct93, asks permission to copy figures from RK's publications; RK agrees. FD Smith to RK, 5Aug93, requests contribution to the endowment of the Ives Medal as a way to honor J Quinn. RK refuses, citing other things more worthy of reward. Further reply by FDS. __ to RK, 10Jun93, (sender's name snipped off when portion of letter was returned), requests permission to use figure from RK paper as cover picture on SPIE book. Granted. EA Pepper to RK, 4Jun93, invites RK to membership of SPIE Publications Committee. L Pancoe to RK, 10Feb93, asks permission to reprint paper in book on zoom lenses. Granted. PR Stremple to RK, 3Apr92, needs information on production of enormous prisms. WP Siegmund to RK, 26Aug92, reminiscences of studies with RK prompted by seeing publication of OP. Replied but no copy kept. T Johnson to RK, 20May92, asks permission to use RK quote on SPIE brochure. Granted. MLS to RK, 23Apr91, sends names of publishers who might bring out 3rd edition of "Lenses in Photography", which eventually came out as "Optics in Photography". R Donnelly to RK, 15Aug91, wants quote from RK to use ad for SPIE journal. Frank and probably unwelcome reply. K Peaks to RK, 5Dec90 et seq., with replies, confusion in addresses and in ordering conference proceedings SF Spira to RK, 12Dec90, query about lens design work of GS Dey for EK. Fact-filled RK reply. T Steve to RK, 8Mar90, appreciation for RK's influence in his studies and career, with gift. WJ Smith to RK, 24Oct89, enjoyed interview in Optics News and new book. RK to Editor OE Reports of SPIE, 6Jul89, new source for Poliopticon optical construction kit. WA Springer to RK & HGK, their dentist giving up private practice for work with professional society. They congratulate and request referral. B Shube toRK, 27Aug85, sends copy of D O'Shea's "Elements of Modern Optical Design" RK's graceous thanks. RK to SF Spira, 16Jan85, sends for information on early zoom lens and its designer; SFS thanks and invites visit. RK to RR Shannon, 12Feb85, sending papers relating to planning and founding of optics center at Tucson, AZ. RK to WJ Smith, 10Jan85, happy with complimentary review of "Optical System Design" (notes for the course of that name given for years at IO), apologizes for omissions in index. RL Sproull to RK, 1Apr84, appointment Professor Emeritus of Optics at UR. RL Sproull to RK, 1Jan82, extends his appointment at UR. RL Sproull to RK, 1Jan83, reappointment for one year. J Stone to RK, 12May82et seq., writing book on use of view camera; seeks help on historical questions. RK gives sources. RL Sproull to RK, extension of appointment to 31Dec81. RR Shannon to RK, 20May80, announces awarding of SPIE Gold Medal, its highest award. Thankful acceptance. RL Sproull to RK & HGK, 18Oct79, thanks for "magnificent gift" RL Sproull to RK, 27Jun79, extension of appointment to 1Jun79. RK to WJ Smith, 30Mar79, thanks for good review of "Lens Design Fundamentals" in "Journal of the Optical Society of America", and discussion of lens design philosophy. RL Sproull to RK, 9Jan79, congratulations on Engineer of the Year Award. RK to IJ Spiro, 22Jul77, serious difference taken with proposed change in units of photometry and radiometry. A Szulc to RK, 15Jul76, remembers visit; sends paper on eyepieces; asks opinion of small calculators. RK stresses students need instruction in synthesis, not in analysis, his and Conrady's approach. Tells of experience with the calculators. RL Sproull to RK, 21Mar74 et seq., happy RK will become Acting Dean of Engineering, offers salary. RK accepts, but would decline salary; asks advice. Further perks offered. BG Ponseggi to RK, 15May72 et seq., announces selection to receive Karl Fairbanks Memorial Award. Modest acceptance. Samples of Scotchlite, Nov53. MP Rimmer, memo to ITEK employees, 5Mar69, announces RK visit 6Mar69 MLS to CJ Staud, 13Nov68, concern about diminishing display of apparatus at George Eastman House. Samples of Scotchlite from HC Staehle, no date. RH Schwartz to EK, 2July64, query about properties of lens for aerial gun camera. RK replies with specifications, then adds gently chiding note about grammar and legibility. HH Selby to RK, 7Oct60, sending rare Harrison & Schnitzer Globe Lens, and booklet about his commercial business in agar. RK replies with patent and other data on lens; appreciates agar book. RR Shannon to RK, 9Apr85, regrets missing presentation of Honorary Membership in OSA to RK.

Alpha. Corres. T BJT to RK & HGK, 7Apr93, sends press release on appointment of D Moore to the Kingslake Chair. BJT to RK, 19Nov93, asks opinion of paper by Yakimovsky for publication in OE. RK defers to experts in mirror systems; also sly comment. BJT to RK, 5Mar92, announces festschrift for RK in coming issue of OE. BJT to RK & HGK, 5Mar93, plan to recommend D Moore for the Kingslake Chair, Both respond enthusiastically. Corrects spelling of RKs name. RK to BJT, 12Feb93, concerning aptness of title of OE and the articles it contains; with reply. B Torgan to RK, 14Dec92, thanks for information of R Winston. BJT to RK, 25Nov92, refers paper on design of microscope objective for OE; RK gives conditional approval, pending addition of structural data. NS Tyler to RK, 13Aug92, requests help finding lens for "Matchbox" camera (spy camera made by EK for US government during WWII); RK suggests sources. NST thanks with postcard. BJT to RK, 16Oct91, refers paper for OE. RK replies with suggestions to clarify thinking. BJT to RK, 25Sep89, asks RK to produce volume for Milestone Series of SPIE on photographic lenses. RK suggests other possible editors. RK to BJT, 10Jan86, recommends abandoning projected book on lens testing. BJT to RK, 8Jan85, pleased that the Ks consent to having a chair at IO named for them. Congratulates on honorary membership in OSA. BJT to RK, 21Nov84, congratulations on life membership in SPIE. HGK to BJT, 7Feb85, honored by proposal of joint K chair at IO, but thinks her name inappropriate on symposium Mar85; recommends name Kingslake-Hopkins or reversed for series. BJT to RK, 31Oct84, should K Teegarden be reappointed as Director of IO? RK has reservations. RK to K Teegarden, 1Nov83, resigns as part-time faculty due to health problems; offers his teaching notes and exam questions to replacement. No reply. RK to U Tillmanns, 2Nov82 et seq., enjoyed her talk of Swiss contributions to photography; trades portraits of notable lens designers. U Tillmanns to RK, 23Nov82, portraits of lens designers, and history of Biogon lens. With reply. BJT to faculty, staff, students of IO, 16Oct79, hearty thanks for their participation in OSA annual meeting. BJT to RK &HGK, 18Oct79, profuse thanks for their help, encouragement, and financial support of IO and UR over 50 years. BJT to A Taylor, 16Aug78, urges the acquisition of the Southall (or Adolph Lomb Optical Library) from the U of VA for UR Libraries. BJT to Committee for Kingslake Medal and Prize, 17Dec74, requests vote for best paper in OE. RK replies with careful evaluation. BJT to RK, 17Sep74, announces RK's election to the board of; RK graciously accepts. BJT to Faculty of IO, 13Mar74, suggests D Moore to replace Balasubramanian; asks opinions. RK heartily endorses. RK to BJT, 19Dec73, submits expenses for trip to WDC to evaluate Dynascope, device for freely viewing microscope's image without looking through eyepieces. H Tobin to RK, 7Nov73,congratulations on Ives Medal. BJT to RK, 6Sep(no year), thanks for $800, no indication of with what project this is associated. A Tanabe to RK, 1Sep70 et se., wishes to visit and discuss Canon photographic lenses and future of lens design. RK welcomes warmly.

Tel-Aviv Jan73 Correspondence of E Marom with BJT and RK regarding a course in Optical Design at the Tel-Aviv University School of Engineering for the Israel Laser and Elector Optics Society to be presented in Jun73. Group photograph of faculty with students.

Alpha. Corres. U Invitation to Ninetieth Birthday Celebration for RK, 9Jun94, also cards with notes from C Kramer, Malacara, A Turula, K. Sangmeister. RK to Manager of University Club, 7Jan95, regretfully resigns from UC due to age, but requests membership applications for referring new members. Joined UC in Jan65. J Fitzpatrick, 2Jan85, public relations officer of UR will share news of RK's honorary membership in OSA with local papers and Rochester Engineer. Press release. UR Record of Faculty Appointment through 31Dec82, RK to JC Low, 14May79, cannot attend annual meeting of University Club as it coincides with Roch. Philharmonic Orchestra; endorses HGK suggestion of same date HGK to JC Low, 14May79, suggests opening main lounge to all diners, (excluding children) hosted by a member of the club, but not to include women hosting women. Gen. Mgr replies; HGK counters. [Interesting example of institutionalized male chauvinism./MLS] E Uiga to RK, 3Aug76, total delight with last week's Optical Design course; RK thanks. JC Urbach to RK, Feb74, sends instruction manual for camera he sold to RK; regrets he will miss RK's visit (to Palo Alto?) RA Uzemoff to RK, 14Jul69 et seq., invited RK to speak to student chapters of SMPTE and SPSE at RIT; RK accepts. HA Unvala to RK, 24Jan69, requests reprint; RK notes having sent. PJ Utz to RK, 3May68, JL Goodyear applying for job at Hughes Aircraft; gave RK as reference. RK excuses himself as not knowing JLG very well; gives course grades.

Alpha. Corres. V DW Vandiver, 30Jun90, aspiring photographic technician enjoys RK's "History of the Photographic Lens". W Vaughan to RK, asks RK to autograph his copy of "History of the Photographic Lens". W Vaughan to RK, 2Aug82, enjoys RK's design programs for SR-59 calculator; asks permission to share with others. RK happy to grant permission, and offers full list of his programs. P Volkmann to RK, 31Mar80, inquiries about early Compound shutter and AEG Sky lens. E Kaprelian forwards. P Volkmann to RK, sends color transparencies of only known stereo Compound shutter, requests photograph of AEG sky camera, wants to trade shutters. P Volkmann to RK, 2Dec79 et seq., wants to trade rare shutters, RK not interested in trade' offers to buy original Compound; sends photographs. P Volkmann to RK, 22Jun79 et seq. collecting and trading early rare photographic shutters and AEG lens. W Vaughan to RK, 8Jun78, asks autograph in "Lens Design Fundamentals", remembers working at Hawk-Eye; cordial reply. JJ Villa to C Spoelhof, (no date), Literature and patent search for high aperture, wide field Catadiopteric systems (EK internal mail) JJ Villa to JL Boon, 24Jan68, requests permission to publish article on catadioptric lenses. I Vics to B Newhall, 14Feb 61, referred to RK, problem projecting original Kodacolor lenticular 16mm film. RK helps.

Alpha. Corres. W R Winston to RK, 9Jan96, thanks for sending Elmer's notes on optical design of reflectors. WL Wolfe to RK, 2Sep93, et seq., sends draft of MS on flux calculation prior to submitting for publication; RK comments. DF Winnek to RK, 30Dec92, explains method of stereo encoding. Charles W (?) to RK, 3Sep92, sends information on Olympus Stylus camera. D Winnek to RK, 30Nov92, sends lenticular stereo picture; RK asks how it was done. E Wolf to J Quinn, 6Feb90, curt note requesting OSA certificate of incorporation; questions attempt to change name without referring to total membership. E Wolf to RK, 1Nov89, sends copies of correspondence relating to attempt to change name of OSA. E Wolf to GB Lubkin 22Jan90, asks editor of Physics Today to print letter on attempt to change OSA name and publication title. E Wolf to honorary members and past presidents of OSA, 23Jan90, encourages opposition to attempted OSA name change. WL Wolfe to RK, 5Jan90, president of SPIE asks permission to name Conrady Award in Optical Engineering. RK passes to HGK. She replies with happy endorsement and supplies needed information. E Wolf to RK, 29Dec89, thanks for copy of "History of the Photographic Lens"; and further to protest of OSA name change. E Wolf to RK and HGK, 15Nov89, thanks for copies of letters opposing OSA name change. RP Waido to DF Leary, 31Oct89, practical considerations in spotting scopes for rifles. DF Leary to RP Waido, 26Oct89 and other correspondence related to optics of spotting scopes. RK to DJ Warner, 8Apr85, admires her book on the Clarks; sends information on other American lens makers. DJW thanks and promises information. FM Winnie (Rev.) to RK, 8Nov79, congratulations on Engineer of the Year award; and thanks for what the K's have done for St. Luke's Episcopal Church. B Shube to RK 27Apr78, Wiley-Interscience has published Malacara's Optical Shop Testing; she sends a copy for RK's comments. RK has high praise for the text, but makes suggestions for additions and improvements, particularly the very inadequate index. RK to FJ Warzak, 10Feb78, encourages FJW's corporation to build optical bench on RK's design; offers plans. WA Wallis to RK, 18Mar74, pleased RK accepts appointment as Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science; invites to RK and HGK to luncheon for M/M E Gibson WA Wallis to RK, 18Apr74, announces RK's appointment as Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science, effective 1Apr74. WA Wallis to Faculty of College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 18Mar74, announces appointment of RK. Original suggestion came from Faculty Advisory Committee on the Deanship. Postal receipt for forms sent to District Court of Western Hampden, MA, mailed 7Aug47. UR Currents 22Mar74, article on RK appointment as Acting Dean. K Weedon to RK, 31Aug73, inquiry from Kodak Norge about Kingslake's 2nd Law. RK responds with many examples of the law to add to those suggested by KW. RK to A Wada, 14Mar63, thanks for antique sword guard forwarded for H Hirooka. WD Wright to RK, 6May68, concerns the text and title of RK's address at Imperial College, London for the 50th anniversary. WD Wright to RK, 8Feb68, et seq., invites to speak at 50th anniversary of optics at Imperial College, London. WD Wright to AEC, 8Jan29, (copy), reports having visited K's in Rochester; describes city and countryside; centralization of his and other work on talking pictures in Camden, NJ; other work on colored floodlighting, physiological optics, and television optical systems. CEK Mees offered WDW a position in optics design; cites reluctance to leave England and love of work on colour vision. WD Wright to RK and HGK, 20Sep68, sending copies of Optics Jubilee Booklet. WD Wright to RK and HGK, 7Jun68, appreciation for RK's part in Jubilee. Comments on tragedy of shooting of R Kennedy. RK to LR Baker, 24Oct68, surprised to hear WD Wright sent MS of RK's talk at Imperial College, London Jubilee to Optica Acta for publication without getting RK's permission; agrees to publication, but wants HGK's name added. Piqued that there was no communication from editor, nor was there any mention of reprints; cites 40 years of publishing papers and never an omission like this! WD Wright to RK, 7Oct68, further to publication problem in Optica Acta. LR Baker to RK, 29Oct68, apology for not requesting permission to publish; and for not including HGK's name. WD Wright to LR Baker, 4Jun68, grants unauthorized permission to publish RK's address.

PR Yoder to RK, 14Apr98, requests permission to reproduce figure from RK publication. PR Yoder to RK, 4Sep92, thanks for book by K Rantsch on optomechanics. M Yelles to RK, 23Nov87, asks evaluation of book for Academic Press on "High Collection Non-Imaging Optics" by R Winston. RK comments N Yasue to RK, 23Dec86, asks list of RK writings. RK sends list. E Gardiner to RK, 16Apr et seq., asks to review 'Opto-Mechanical Systems Design" by P Yoder, and recommend on publication. RK recommends highly and sends minute notes on stylistic and editorial changes. J Yaver to RK, 14Jul82, Invites RK and HGK to attend SPIE at the expense of the society. F Yamamoto to RK, 17Sept82, asks how to buy "Lenses in Photography". RK responds it is out of print and new publisher being sought. J Yaver to RK, 11Sep81, SPIE wanted to relieve RK's expenses to attend meeting, but accept's RK's donation as contribution to the Founder's Scholarship Fund. RK to J Yaver, 11Sep81, thanks for check, which he will use to attend future meetings. RK to J Yaver, 31Aug81, thanks for paying hotel bill, but returning money for scholarship fund. Program of 25 Anniversary of SPIE attached. Note to call HGK after lecture. WA Young to RK, 5Jan79, sends volumes 9&10 of Encyclopedia of Practical Photography. Remembers early patent with RK on wide angle device. J Yaver to RK, 6Sep78, sends $400 honorarium for travel to San Diego for presentation of Kingslake Medal at SPIE. RK thanks. AT Young to RK, 18Oct78, need for baffling in two-mirror telescopes; takes exception to remarks in "Lens Design Fundamentals". RK accepts correction with grace and thanks. PR Yoder to RK, 6Apr77, invites paper on Achieving High Levels of Performance in Camera Objectives. RK defers and suggests his successor at EK, WH Price. WA Young to RK, 28Aug75, congratulates on recent writings; remembers time working together, a shared patent, work at lens bench. Sends Professional Photoguide, which he edited. RK thanks, appreciates circular slide rules; sends other reprints. RK to G Young, 22Jul73, S Raup had asked why RK declined a group tour of Elmgrove (EK) plant. RK expresses his disappointment at recent tour; gives detailed critique. PA O'Brien, answers that GY is out of town and will answer on return. No reply from GY. B Yonenaka to R Kingslake, 14Oct71, asks evaluation of RB Johnson for employment at RAND Corp. RBJ had not told RK of giving his name as reference. RK gives good but limited endorsement. RK to K Yuta, 24Sep70, thanks for gift of tea; tells of retirement; converted small bedroom to home office; wishes to see him again. AW Young to RK, 12Dec67, asks if RK could recommend a reviser for Twyman's Prism and Lens Making. RK suggests several names. K Yamada to RK, 30Dec66, offers sample of new high-index Kzfs50 optical glass by Fuji; personal notes. K Yuta to RK, Aug65, notes on optics education and optical societies in Japan. WA Young to RK, 7Jan64, questions of terminology in ASA photographic standards, with reply. RK to M Yaekel, 13Dec62, places order for a reversion prism on Hawk-Eye works. PR Yoder to RK, 14Mar61, thanks for appreciation of his paper on coma. RK cites several references for demonstration methods. H Yoshinaga, to RK, 29Jul59, thanks for hospitality while in Rochester.

Alpha. Corres. Z RM Sweet to RK, 12Sep86, thanks for copy of LP RK to S Zwirn, 21Jun70, recommends rejection of paper by SPIE for lack of novelty.

George Eastman House, RK as Trustee, 1997-98, agenda and minutes of meetings, financial statements, special topic reports.

Health Insurance, 1993-96, EK, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare documents. EK life insurance policy 1976 removed and given to BJT, Feb02.

George Eastman House Newsletters, Oversize E.

The Photographic Historical Society meeting notices, 1966-1998, (early years Antique Photographic Society), Constitution & Bylaws, index by RK, photographs of early 73 meeting. Oversize F.

PhD Questions, 1971-1986, composed by RK for use in qualifying examinations.

IO "Image" publication, various.

IO Student Group Photographs, 1972-1985, most years, with names.

Career booklets for optics and photographic science, SPSE, OSA.

Military Standard Photographic Lenses, MIL-STD-150, 12May59, two copies, one with corrections by RK.

Experimental TV images, no date, two photographs from RCA of high-resolution B/W TV.

English-Speaking Union, "English Around the World" publication, most issues 1969-1973.

Utility costs for 56 Westland Ave., graphs and tabulations of water, gas, and electricity consumption at K's residence in Rochester, 1957-1983.

Nodal Slide Lens Testing Bench, plans for variations of RK's 1932 design. Paper by RK presented at OSA, Toronto, 1977.

Amateur Movie-Making Innovations, Nov71, EK press release with chronology. Extensive notes by RK on Kodak apparatus with dates and features.

Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society, certificate, RK elected to membership 21Oct82 in New York Kappa chapter (UR) [Engineering equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa/MLS].

"The Rise of the Optical and Photographic Industries in Rochester" reading version presented at the UR Forum, 10Apr84; corres. with R Koch arranging the series. Keyed to slides, not present. RK to NM Graver, 10Spt86, list of plate and film manufacturers in Rochester.

"Lee A. DuBridge – The Rochester Years", reading version presented 21Sep84 at the symposium "Frontiers of Physics" sponsored by NYS section of Amer. Physical Soc. And UR. Keyed to slides, not present.

"The Development of the Photographic Objective", reading version (2 copies). Presented 23Jan85 at SPIE in LA, CA. Keyed to slides, not present. Printed version appeared in vol. 531-05.

"Some Impasses in Applied Optics" presented 28Mar85 at the inauguration of the "Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Seminar Series in Optical Engineering" Reading text keyed to slides, not present. Seminar program; biographical note and remarks by BJT.

"Lens Designers Are People Too", reading version keyed to slides, not present. Presented at International Lens Design Conference of OSA, Cherry Hill, NJ, 11Jun85; RK's handout of persons mentioned with their dates. Conference announcement and program dedicated to WH Price. RK's notes on Price's career at EK. Program of WHP's memorial service, 17Feb85. Corres with Peggy Price.

"The History of the Photographic Objective", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented to Roch. Section OSA 22Apr86 and OSA 5May87. Section meeting notice.

Acceptance speech on receiving Honorary DSc degree from UR, May86.

DT Moore to RK, 19Feb87, requests lecture for his Optics 442 class on the Development of the Camera Lens. RK's list of slides, but no text. Reprint from Photonics spectra on lens molding.

"Pioneers of Photographic Lens Design and Manufacture", reading version (2 copies) with slide list; slides absent. Presented 24Jun86 at SPSE First International Congress: Pioneers of Photographic Science & Technology. Print version. Appendix: List of Manufacturers of Camera Lenses. Corres. with E Ostroff and others gathering information and illustrations.

"Lens Optimization Program" lecture notes and overhead transparencies, May87.

"How Lenses Were Designed Before the Computer", reading copy with slide list; slides absent. Presented Huntsville Univ. 6May87 and RIT 12May87.

FD Smith to RK, 16Jul87, invites RK to speak at recognition dinner 18Oct for R Hopkins; acceptance and text or talk (2 copies). List of attendees.

Book-signing at George Eastman House, 24Oct89, remarks on matters not in the book, "History of the Photographic Lens," good anecdotes.

"The Ten Distortions in Photography", Apr95, slide list and rough outline only, no text. K Varnedoe to RK, 13Nov75 et seq. with replies, questions of visual perspective in paintings. Clippings of distorted images. Unrelated photographs of GE, D Ryon & V Moyes curators of EK Patent Museum, 28Jun72.

Photographs of lens manufacturing operations and machinery, mostly photographic, some ophthalmic.

Color portrait of RK, 2 copies, one marked "from G(H) Aklin Nov.75". These are prints made by the Kodak Dye Transfer process. Found in an envelope bearing the name of LM Condax, Bldg 59 (EK, Kodak Park). [LMC was the inventor and perfector of that process, and it is reasonable to assume the print is by his hand./MLS].

Film Manufacturing (EK) Informational Assignment, Jan54, to familiarize with color technology. Examples of color processes, group photographs, humorous "diploma".

Photographs of EK double monochromator, model 4, serial #1, Mar51.

K. Yamada – notes on optics in Japan. K Yamada to HGK, 24Feb64, et seq. with replies.

Miscellaneous photographs RK with Gen. G Goddard, Aug76 Whole-sky lens Cooke Vario lens Image made wit Beck sky camera RK with Rochester Mayor Ryan, 13Feb79, in connection with Engineer of the Year Award (?), also group IC Gardner to RK, 16Nov51, received MS: sends group photograph of or 18Oct51 symposium on optical imagery at Nat. Bur. Stds. RK thanks, requests enlargement, makes identifying overlay. OSA at Wright Field, Oct47, aerial group photograph at night by aerial flash (probably under direction of Gen. Goddard) ASA Standards Committee Z-52 group photograph, ca1942, London Conference on Optical Instruments, 19-26Jul50, programs and group photograph with RK's identifying overlay and copy negative. RK & HGK at unidentified banquet, Aug79, 4 views RK & HGK at SPIE event, Aug76 RK at desk at EK, undated Ektachrome transparency DE Stoltzmann to RK, 10Jul90, sends photographs from June International Lens Design Conference in Monteray, CA, RK thanks. A Pudney to RK, Oct85, sends photographs of Dr. Z Koana in 1960s. RK portraits, 1942. RK portrait, 1946. RK portrait, Aug74, at SPIE meeting by N Goldberg. RK passport photographs, undated, Plymouth Photo Studio, Rochester RK portrait, Sep64, for Progress Medal RK with old cameras and lenses at George Eastman House, Jul71, by NM Graver RK portrait, Mar73, at UR by Knapp RK by window, 11Oct81, by NM Graver RK in home of P Condax, Sep81,by PC, 2 views. E Moore with RK presenting first Conrady Award, Jul90, at SPIE HGK & RK portraits from Neisner Studio, 10Nov79, with bill. (Very good of HGK) RK passport photographs, 5Oct79, by Neisner Portrait Studio, with bill. RK photograph, Aug85, by B Johnson at Coronado Island RK passport photographs, 18Jun84, by Monroe County Clerk's Office. (These are a stereo pair.) RK lecturing, Oct74, by V Hamilton. RK sorting lenses of the Sipley Collection at George Eastman House, Aug81, contact sheet of 30 views and frame 9 enlarged. RK taking photograph with Kodak Disc camera at SPIE meeting, Westlake Village, CA 1983, by E Sisco.RK at EK desk, Nov54, by B Newhall, RK at work on lens calculation with Freiden calculator. RK Portrait "A", Sep52, 6 copies, with negatives from that sitting and a film positive. RK Portrait "B", undated, 4 copies, with negatives from that sitting. RK Portrait "C", undated, no prints, only negatives of the sitting. RK at desk, May52, 3 views, backs stamped "357", "Wolbarst", envelope "Photographs of RK made by Sederquist with Voigtlander Petzval Camera". [Sederquist was a professional portrait photographer in Rochester, who also taught portraiture./MLS].

"Optical System Design vs Lens Design", 18May7, to Industrial Associates Meeting, reading version keyed to slides, not present.

"Recent Developments in Photographic Lenses", 26Oct77, to the Delaware Section, OSA, reading version keyed to slides, not present. RK to K Moran, 30Sep77 et seq., to arrange presentation. RK to RM Edmund, 27Oct77, thanks for tour of Edmund Scientific and thanks for gift of telescope.

"The Story of the Goerz Optical Company", Dec77, reading version keyed to slides, not present, no indications where presented, second copy, and publication version. (Contains the vonHoegh-and-the-goose story.)

"The Development of the Photographic Lens" Jan78, Brody lecture, slide list only.

"Lens Design Without a Computer", 28Aug78, to SPIE in San Diego, reading version keyed to slides, not present, with diagrams and calculations. RE Fischer to RK, 1Jun78, confirmation of presentation and personal note of things for RK's contribution to his career. RK replies that REF was his student in 1965-66, and got the highest mark in the course first semester, a bit less the second.

Lectures at Oberlin College, 21-22Sep78, "The Search for the Photographic Lens" and The Design of Optical Systems", reading versions of both keyed to slides, not present. Extra copy of Design talk. RC Hilborn to RK, 4May78 et seq. with replies and thanks. Program, information on the college.

Engineer of the Year Award, 20Feb79, RK's remarks, announcement in The Rochester Engineer, dinner program, seating at head table, RE Rice to RK, 22Dec78 announces choice of RK with response, mentions in the press. (Dr. Kalman Vizy wrote letter of recommendation to RES for that award, copy not found.)

"Fifty Years of Optics at the University of Rochester", 24Apr79, reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Given at Industrial Associates luncheon.

"The Design of Optical Systems", 9Jan79, reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Given at RIT to joint student chapters of SPSE and SMPTE. MP Gulden to RK, 19Dec78 invitation with answer. WR Carpenter to RK, 4Dec80, another invitation to address same groups, with answer.

Lecture on camera lenses for Optics 101, no text; slide list only, slides not present. Given annually79-82.

"Optimizing the SR-59" poster paper on use of a small programmable calculator for lens design. Presented 3Jun80 at OSA Spring Conference on Applied Optics, Mills College, Oakland, CA. Actual computer code not present. Annotated conference program, Mills College information.

"Some Interesting and Unusual Lenses" Special presentation at banquet of OSA conference, 3Jun80, vide S-122. Reading copy keyed to slides, not present.

"Lecture on Bausch and Lomb Shutters", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented to the Photographic Historical Society, Rochester, 22May81.

"Reminiscences – Optical and Otherwise", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. For the Rochester Chapter, OSA, 5May81, with meeting notice. (good anecdotal source).

"My Fifty Years of Lens Design", written for Optical Engineering, Sep81. 23Jul81 et seq., corres with HL Horner, 'Reports' editor. Photograph of (1930s?) mechanical desk calculator.

"Some Colorful Personalities in Photographic Lens Design", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Given at Photohistory V, Rochester, Oct82. Also shortened version with portraits, captions, dates.

"My fifty Years of Lens Design", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. OSA San Diego section, 14Dec82. Good biographical material. Corres. related to arrangements and expenses. RK considers air fare and hotel costs outrageous; refuses to bill for meals, as "I have to eat anyway." OSA office invites RK to speak to any local sections; he is very willing.

SPSE Visiting Lecturer, 1973-74. "The Search for the Photographic Lens", given in 6 cities (Binghamton, Rochester, Boston, New Orleans, Chicago, Palo Alto), extensive corres. Key: ED Llarena to RK, 12Jan73, and RK to WR Towns, 25Feb74. Vide S-148 for MS.

"Influence of the Eye on the Performance of Visual Systems", presented at SPIE meeting 28Aug73, 2 copies of reading version keyed to overhead transparencies, present. Printed version tearsheets. Corres. relating.

"The Evolution of the Camera Shutter", presented at Photohistory'73, Rochester, NY, reading copy keyed to slides, not present. 2 revisions for publication. R Fricke to RK 23Jul73, et seq., with replies, invites participation. E Purdum to RK, 31Aug73, et seq, with replies, sends 12 photographs of shutters.

"The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented to the Photographical Society, Rochester, NY Mar74. "The Rochester Camera and Lens Companies", RK, The Photographic Historical Society, Mar74, 13pp. Gift of NM Graver.

"What is Engineering?" reading copy, no slides. Presented to Engineering and Applied Science students, course EAS-111, Sep74.

Lens Classification Lecture, Apr75. List of topics and illustrations, no text, used in Lens Design class.

"Recent History (1920-1960) of Lens Design", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented at International Lens Design Conference, Haverford, PA, 23-27Jun75.

"The History of the Photographic Lens", modified version for the Student SPSE section, RIT, Sep76. reading copy keyed to slides, not present.

Lectures on optics for IEEE seminar series at RIT, WF Coombs to RK, 6Sep68 et seq., with replies. Outlines only.

"In retrospect – some notes on the history of the Institute of Optics", MS and corres. with BJT and editor of Applied Optics publication.

"The State of the Art of Precision Lenses", notes only, no reading text. Presented 5Mar70 to student chapters of SPSE and SMPTE at RIT, corres., also 23Jun69 to southern CA Chapter SPSE, and to Dupont research 2Apr70, corres.

"Catadioptric Optical Systems", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented 14May69 to Los Angeles chapter SPSE, and to Rochester section 5Mar70.

"Lenses for Leica Cameras", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented at Leica Collectors International, extensive notes and issues of the Camera Collectors' Club Bulletin from the Riverside (CA) Camera Museum.

Bolt Beranek and Newman lectures 1969-70, corres and course notes for optics courses taught in Cambridge, MA Dallas, TX, and Los Angeles, CA.

"History of Photographic Lenses" Reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented at Photohistory Symposium 20Sep70. Brief outline for publication.

"Early Photographic Lenses" reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Given to accompany the :"Eyes of the Past" exhibit at the Buffalo (NY) Science Museum, 27May70. Exhibit guide (2copes), corres. with W Dunn, museum director, declines honorarium, travel direction.

"Condenser Design", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented 6Sep72 at OSA-Illumination Engineering Society Topical Meeting, Boulder, CO., long and short abstracts, invitation, program, notes, diagrams.

"The Search for the Photographic Lens" Reading copy (and extra) keyed to slides, not present. Given 11 times between 1972-76 as SPSE Traveling Lecturer, Vide S129.Also for OSA chapters in Los Angeles, Chicago, Stanford, CA.

"The Design of Lenses", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented Nov58 to SPSE in Rochester and Ithaca, and Apr59 in Binghamton.

"Electronic Computers in Optical Design", panel discussion for Rochester SPSE/OSA meeting, 11Feb60. RK moderator and presenter with W Price, D Harper, D Feder. Example of design of a telescope objective. Tear-sheet summary from SPSE Reporter.

"Perspective in Photography", Reading copy keyed to slides, not present, but MS has tipped-on small images of slides. Given 22Mar54 as part of B Newhall's course in photographic arts offered by UR and George Eastman House. Program of that series. Vide S-153.

"The Development of the Zoom Lens", published Aug60 in JSMPTE, vol. 69, pp534-544. D Goldstein to RK, 21Mar60, drawings and Elgeet lens specifications. Copies of articles pertaining.

"Perspective in Photography", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Presented at SPSE meeting, 9Apr64, part of Visual Encyclopedia. Outline. Vide S-151.

"The Photometry of Optical Systems", class notes of course given in IO Summer School, Jun60.

"Optics: Theoretical and Practical", reading copy with indicated slide changes, but slides not specified nor present. Presented Aug62 in San Francisco.

"Education in Optics", Presented at the OSA meeting in Rochester, 2Oct62, 2 copies.

"A Classification of Photographic Lens Types", published in "Journal of the Optical Society of America", vol 36 no5, pp251-255, 2 copies, one with notes, May46, and earlier version used inside EK. Reading version keyed to slides, not present.

"Photometric Units and Definitions" Reading copy keyed to slides, not present, 3 copies. Presented 12Nov64 at Rochester SPSE as part of their Visual Encyclopedia. Meeting notice and letter. Summary in SPSE Reporter vol22 no5, Jun-Jul65. Also presented Los Angeles Jun66.

Photographs of HGK in various activities and with friends. Article from T-U newspaper (undated) lauding her work with University Wives Home Library Service, nursing homes, Friends of the Rochester Public Library, etc. Certificate of Recognition from Volunteer Bureau of the council of social Agencies. Clipping of first recipient of RK and HGK professorship, 10May89. Other recognitions.

"Instructions for the Use of the Lens Testing Interferometer", RK, 5Aug31.

"The Testing of Optical Systems, a course of lectures" presented at Imperial College, London Oct36 by RK.

"The Diffraction Structure of the Elementary Coma Image" galley proofs of article in Phys. Soc. Proc. Vol60 (no date). MS received 25Oct47.

Junior Product Study Lectures (EK), "Hawk-Eye Story" Nov49 and "Some New Lenses" Oct48. Reading copy keyed to slides. Slides and charts not present.

"The History of Photographic Optics", reading copy keyed to slides, not present. Probably read at Fort Monmouth about 1952.

"Bibliography of Reflection Optics as applied to telescopes, microscopes, etc." A survey covering 25 years compiled by JD Sykes, research librarian, Polaroid Corp., Nov50.

"Optics" article for Encyclopedia Britannica, 1955. W Yust to RK, 25Aug55 et seq., and replies. RK notes on folder "not used".

"The Design of Lenses", reading copy keyed to slides, not present; presented 13Nov57 at a technical conference at Kodak Park.

"Professor Rudolf Kingslake conducting his course in OPTICAL SYSTEM DESIGN at the Institute of Optics of The University of Rochester, July 28 August 1, 1975" a book of photographs by N. Goldberg, with note, 21Aug75.

Photofinish camera information from JP O'Neill.

HGK photographs and newsclippings. Two portraits, one Alwyn Studio Jun79, other undated. Clippings relate to book and volunteer work.

Photographs of snowstorm showing out-of-focus shutter images.

Photograph with recipient of SPIE Kingslake Medal and Prize, 14Jul92. Saito, RK, B Newman (recipient), Casasent. Cover of OE Aug93 with portrait of RK.

Portraits of RK, taken at George Eastman House by BP Galasso, 28Aug91, and others, undated, multiple copies, no negatives.

Lens Design Group at EK, group portrait of RK with his group, Feb65, with negative, taken in lobby of Kodak Office. J Villa to MLS Sep93, identifies group members in photograph. Dates of RK's predecessors: CW Frederick 1879-1942, FE Altman 1893-1964, WE Schade 1889-1973. Commemorative cards of French optikers, Fabry and Cotton, autographed. Notes on location of portraits of optikers. Classroom photograph of Campbell, ca. 1937.

Art-work for "Applied Optics and Optical Engineering", RK's chapters, and Richardson's chapter on gratings. Ink on vellum.

"Ghost" images. Corres. and photographs of ghost images in night scenes caused by reflections of bright sources.

Photographs illustrating perspective changes with focal length and camera position, Bruce Elly, photographer, 1930, used in LP.

Illustrations of lens types, photographs and lith negatives, for "The Complete Photographer".

"Optical Glass from the Viewpoint of the Lens Designer" in Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 1Jun44, RK presented same at 46th Annual Meeting of ACS 12Apr44.

Audio tape of presentation by RK on the life and work of AE Conrady, 27Mar94, to the Microscope Historical Society, Rochester Cell, at the home of MLS. Ltr of thanks MLS to RK, 14Apr94. Introduction for MHS Journal.

Biographical information, EK files. PRIMARY SOURCE. Obtained Apr94 by MLS from the EKCo. Archives. Employment, family, publications, personal data, press releases. Also Ives Medal Citation.

MS of "Applied Optics and Optical Design" (Conrady Pt. II) Carbon copy of typed draft by RK and HGK, marked for typesetting. Art-work draw by HGK, ink on vellum. In Oversize G.

RK teaching records. Lens Design 1930-83 continuous; Junior optics 141-241, various years 1969-1980. Registrants, attendance, class notes, laboratory problems, grades, examination questions. In Oversize H.

"Optical System Design", master copies for course notes given to students in IO Summer School, 133pp.

Biographies and portraits of famous persons in optics. Data and images used in "History of the Photographic Lens" 139 entries. Notable omission: RK. List of names in folder; data and portraits in Oversize I, J, K.

Corres. relating to the republication of AEC's "Applied Optics and Optical Design" Vol. 1 and the publication of Vol. 2, with texts for dedication and forward to Vol. 2.

Corres. relating to second edition of "Lenses in Photography". Binder in Oversize O.

RK's course notes for Optics 2, a special evening course for Kodak and B&L employees, 1929-1930. Binder in Oversize O.

Notes on 28 photographic companies compiled by David Gibson, director of EK Patent Museum. Many if not all of these companies were acquired by EK. Binder in Oversize O.

String models of ray aberrations, eight in all, constructed by RK (or perhaps HGK) from cardboard and colored threads held taut with small lead weights. Note on wrapper says there are similar models made with aluminum plates in his department at EK. In Oversize P.

Recognitions, Obituaries, and Memorials for R&HGK 97th Birthday recognition in Optics & Photonics News, Nov2000 "Award Winner Visits Rudolf Kingslake," SPIE's OE Magazine, Feb2001, Robert Fiete wins Kingslake Medal, shows it to him; first time he has seen it. Resident Portrait of R&HGK, Episcopal Church Home Staff Newsletter, Nov2000. RK obituary, Rochester D&C, 27Feb2003 RK obituary, Daily Messenger, 28Feb2003 Editorial/Obituary, Optical Engineering, May2003, DC O'Shea, editor SPIE OE Magazine Apr2003 In memoriam, R&HGK SPIE OE Magazine, Jul2002, A tribute to R&HGK Email from OSA 25Feb2003 Rochester D&C, 26Feb2003, RK obituary (date of death 25Feb2003) Rochester D&C, 16Feb2003, HGK obituary (date of death 14Feb2003) The Photographic Historical Society "In Memoriam" printed from their website 21Mar2003. Anecdotes by several members of that society: Jack Bloemendaal, Rolf Fricke, Leon Jacobson, Nick Graver, Jim di Lorenzo, Alan Kattelle, Frank Calandra, Todd Gustavson. OSA News, (not dated) HGK brief obituary BJT to Vivian Walworth, 23July2003. Thanks for copy (attached) of RK in memoriam from IS&T (Society for Imaging Science and Technology, formerly SPSE) Reporter, June2003. From the Internet – Candles of Condolence from Kiroshi Kimata, Jeanne D Gray, Roger Hopkins, Brenda Lyons, Conrad Stenton, Wayne H Knox, Eric Van Stryland, Jannick Rolland, MJ Soileau, Robert Hutchison, Bob & Myrta Knox, Stuart Phillips, Clive Warren, Bill & Betty Ewald, Patarick Perez, Charles Kennemore, Michael Pritchard, David A Richards, Kit Price Blount, Brian Blandford, Arthur Carrieri, B Martin Levine, Mordechai Lando, Denis Kingslake, Jane McManus, University of Rochester School of Engineering and Applied Science, Mrs.Donn Drake, Terry and Edward Grissing, Andrea Hopkins JP Weiksnar to BJT 21Feb2003. Fax regarding RK's membership in SMPTE. "Hilda and Rudolf Kingslake – Two Lives Devoted to Optics" article in Optics & Photonics News, May2003 by BJT RJ Potter to BJT, 16May2003, Appreciation of the preceding article, and tribute to the K's. Hilda Gertrude Kingslake – Rudolf Kingslake, obituaries in Physics Today, Sep2003, by BJT. [Particularly valuable as a brief biography of their life together./MLS].

Letters of sympathy, 2003. Joyce K to BJT, 16Feb2003. RK's sister glad to hear of Hilda's passing, being "a great follower of 'Voluntary Euthanasia'." Encloses the following item: Joyce to RK, date as prior, for BJT to pass along to RK. Kim Schaff to Brian & Joyce Thomson, undated. Thanks them for their "kind and compassionate care" of the K's. Eleanor McQuilkin to RK, 24Feb2003 Appreciation of HGK's work and friendship, book club, Wednesday Club, the hospital, Eastman Theatre. [Name may not be accurate; very difficult to read./MLS] Sheri Banks to RK, __Feb2003. Signed, "your neighbor"; offers comforting Biblical quotations, encloses Jehovah's Witnesses tract. Una and Geoff K to BJT, 1_Feb2003. Sends sympathy and love. Cynthia Lang to BJT, 19Feb2003. Receptionist at the Episcopal Church Home thanks BJT for his loving care of the K's. Jennifer Walker to family of H&RK, 1Mar2003. Sympathy from members of UR Women's Club. Cynthia Lang to BJT, 26Feb2003. Great thanks for his loyal care of the K's. Laura and Chris Brophy to BJT, 3Mar2003. Sympathy. Angela & Arthur Cale to Brian, Joyce, and Joan (Thomson), (no date). Sympathy, "end of an era." Janis Dowd to RK, 19Feb2003. Remembers H's Book Club volunteer work, and "program to enlist retired professionals to offer their skills to social service agencies." Sympathy.

Photographs Last photographs: A half-used film found in RK's Olympus camera was developed by BJT after his death. It appears to have been there a long time, judging from the image degradation. The two events pictured are a meeting of The Photographic Historical Society, and a birthday party for RK at the Episcopal Church Home, probably his 97th or 98th. Alan & David, very young, not dated. Badly worn and torn, scuffed, as though it had been carried in a wallet. Note on envelope "scanned and repaired by Andrew Thomson." [Copy of restoration being sought./MLS] R&HGK with BJT and others at Episcopal Church Home. RK & BJT at Faculty Club, 12Dec96 HGK & ____ Stoicheff at OSA meeting in Rochester, Oct87 R&HGK and sons and home, various IO party in Kingslake's home, not dated, but perhaps 1960s BJT's house while Provost of UR, 20Oct96 William Price & RK R&HGK, San Diego, Aug76 Daniel Malacara, RK, Duncan Moore, at conference, Jun93 RK & the Stoicheff's at BJT's, 20Oct96 RK, Warren Smith, Wm. Price at SPIE luncheon, Aug83 Christina Young, RK, Daniel Vukobratvich at SPIE convention, 1992 RK at SPIE at Del Coronado Hotel, Aug85, taken by Barry Johnson RK's 80th birthday at Del Coronado, BJ&Joyce Thomson, HGT arriving for reception HGK at 80 RK and Bill Fujimura at The Photographic Historical Society meeting, 21Jan95 Home at 56 Westland Ave. after the sale, 11Sep95 Lee DuBridge, 21Sep84 Emil Wolf & RK, Mar88 BJT & Daniel Malacara at Faculty Club, Mrs. & D Malacara, Aug88 Party at dinner before RK's talk on Israel, 6Apr98. BJ&Joyce Thomson BJ&Joyce Thomson &RK at 80th Birthday Ann, David, HGK, RK, Joan, Nov75 Warren Smith & Wm. Price, Aug83 RK at PhotoHistory Conference, 1982 Bill Ewald & Bill Fujimura at The Photographic Historical Society meeting, 15May97 RK at 90th Birthday at Memorial Art Gallery, 9Jun94 D Malacara &RK, 9Jun94 HGK sitting on stool made by son David, Christmas83 RK at 90 years holding bowed psaltry made by son David Duncan Moore & RK at summer school, 15Jun93 RK at book-signing for "Optics in Photography", SPIE, Jul92 R&HGK in conference at a conference, probably 1980s HGK at reception at IO, early 1985 RK before screen at IO, early 1985 HGK portrait, 1980 R&HGK with optical notables at conference at IO, early 1985, two views.

Late Misc. Items Eaton Lothrop, Jr. to RK, 16Jun97. Requests article for Dutch publication for photographic collectors. Bill Ewald to RK, 30Jul97. Sends clipping about large gradient-index lens applications. Sylvia Wall to RK, 21Jan98. Thanks for advice on lenses of Julia Margaret Cameron in portraiture. Card with notes for speedy recovery from George Eastman House Board of Directors Margie Price to RK, 17Jul98. News of the Price Scholarship; several photographs taken during her June visit. Koichi Yute to RK, 10Sep99. Career news; has 60 optical patents while at Olympus Optical; then professor at two universities in computer science; now retired to write books. Alan Kattelle to RK, 5Feb98. Asks permission to use illustrations from "Lenses in Photography" in his book. Sandra Lee to RK, 9Feb2001. Asks RK to assist in remembering what Kodak did with glass containing hazardous chemicals; BJT arranges interview between RK and Leader Environmental, an investigating firm. Jack Rogers to RK, no date. Thanks for loan of "Reminiscence" and sends anecdote. JP Weiksnar to RK, 1Feb2003. SMPTE wants to convert members email receipt of newsletter; BJT answers for RK.

Toast to RK at George Eastman House dinner in honor of his 75th birthday, 14Sep79, by MLS.

Proposed merger of OSA and SPIE JA Thorner to OSA Past Presidents, 21Oct98. Included report of OSA/SPIE Joint Task Force (not found) RK to JA Thorner, undated. RK, a member of both societies, strongly opposes the merger; by citing the friendliness of SPIE, implies the stuffiness of OSA.

Naval Research Laboratory offer FR Furth to RK, 18Jul49. Invites RK to be candidate for position of Director of Research at the naval Research Laboratory. RK to FR Furth, 26Jul49. Politely declines, citing happiness with current positions at EK and UR, lack of knowledge of certain areas the NRL investigates, and reluctance to leave Rochester.

Transcribed text of an interview with RK by Robert Koch, Oral History Officer of UR, 9Aug83. The original cassette audio tape is in Rare Books & Special Collections, and a cassette copy is in this folder. [This paper copy has corrections by MLS.]

Canon camera, model FT (body only, no lens) serial 235806. (battery removed to prevent corrosion) A very basic mechanical 35mm single-lens reflex camera with match-needle exposure metering used by RK in his travels and to copy flat objects for his lectures. Several of his students when working for optical companies would send him lenses, none of which were found. Kodak Ektar lens in shutter, typical of such made by Kodak during RK's tenure. In Oversize Q.

"Letters of congratulations to RK on his receipt of the FE Ives Medal of the OSA" A loose-leaf binder with 80 letters in transparent pages, assembled for RK by HGK, see Evans letter. Letters by Yoder, Givens, Benford. John, Hercher, Bennett, Johnson, Sigmund, Sherwood, Ruben, Wolff, Price, Dubé, Tatian, Kelly, Smith, Litten, Feinberg, Farman, Hoesterey, Tarbush, Evans, Goldstein, O'Neill, Evans (to HGK), Christo, Parks, Smith. Buchroeder. Neumer, Phillips, Thompson, Gilkeson,Hoadley, Keim, Feinberg, O'Brien, Fuller, Krolicki, Day, Carpenter, Polster, Harvey, Hagerott. Aronson, Harper, Hayes, Lidfeldt, DeJager, Rimmer, Merion, Orden, Munnerlyn, Fujimura, Hopkins, Norton, Harris, Bedherer, Harris, Schnable, Warzak, Ballard, Shannon, Forsyth, Gray, Villa, Koval, Hudak, Sherman, Sinclair, Feder, Price, Rogers, Urbach, Matter, Larks, Koomen, Wood, Rabedeau, Smith, Adachi, This is not exhaustive as there are many other such letters elsewhere in the archive. Search on "Ives Medal" for others. In Oversize R.

WJ Smith to RK, 6Mar02. Encloses copy of 3rd ed. of his "Modern Optical Engineering," long note of "respect, admiration, and awe" for RK and his teachings; considers him "the Master;" regards also to H; still remembers her paper on spherical aberration. Copy here, original in book mentioned.

Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Seminar in Optical Engineering. Program of the commencement of this series and BJT's speech at the banquet, 28Mar85.

Theory of Optical Instruments(Optics 241-242) Notes for the Course by R. Kingslake, 164pp. These very detailed and illustrated mimeographed notes were given by RK to students in his course. This copy is the generous gift of Karen Sangmeister (BS Optics, UR, 1976) and contains her additional notes taken during lectures. There are also several exams with her answers and his comments. K. Sangmeister's notes on a conversation with RK on 5Mar81. K. Sangmeister's note to ML Scott, rec's 10Feb05, but probably written in Jan. K. Sangmeister's copy of Applied Optics, 1Oct79, with HGK's article on the first 50 years of IO. All in Oversize S.

Honoring RK on his 75th Birthday at George Eastman House. RK spent most of his retirement years cataloging apparatus in the Technology Collections of George Eastman House, where he also served on its Board of Trustees as regular and later as Honorary member. He also published several books and monographs on the technological history of photography during these years. The House honored him on 14Sep79 with a banquet in its Marble Room. Martin Scott was asked to give the toast, and a copy of his remarks are here.

The Life and Works of Rudolf Kingslake (Plenary Paper) by BJ Thompson, and contained in Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol. 5249, pp1-13. In Oversize T. Also, BJT's reading version in folder S205, with cover letter by BJT, and with factual corrections by MLS.

Miscellaneous correspondence, found late RK to Fairchild Space and Defense Systems, 16Feb95. Request for illustrations for a talk; brochure received MLS to RK, 23Apr91. Recommends possible publishers for the 3rd edition of "Lenses in Photography", later brought out by SPIE as "Optics in Photography". RK to MLS, 6Jun67. Thanks for gifts of lenses and camera. Copies of optical patents of lenses FJ Mulligan to RK, 20Jun75. Mulligan was keeper of a vast surplus of optical elements at Hawkeye Works. Sends list of about 80 retired HE foremen and employees: names, addresses, birthdates, phone numbers; and deceased. Earl Quinn's Birthday Club members, which met 3-4 times/year. "Kodak Glasses" nd. Card of the properties of 6 Kodak Rare Earth Glasses showing their refracative indices at 5 wavelengths and dispersion and density. Found in RK's wallet. JM Diamond to RK, 28Nov95. Responds to statement in "Optics in Photography" about lens names; sends examples and MS of article he wrote about over-volting lamps for color photography. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) image of RK's brain, 20Feb95. UR Medical Center, original film and paper print Photograph of RK's 90th Birthday Luncheon, UR Faculty Club, L to R, Todd Gustavson, Andrew Eskind, RK, Martin Scott, Philip Condax, (unknown), Brian Thompson Portrait of RK by Barbara Galasso, staff photographer, George Eastman House, probably 1990s, two copies Award to RK by Episcopal Church Home, 29May2002, "Best Professor" Daniel Malacara Hernandez to BJT, 3Apr2003. Writing on news of RK's death. Appreciation of Rudolf and Hilda's influence on his life. DMH was the first holder of the Kingslake Chair, IO. PhD '65.

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