Chester Carlson Photographs

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Chester Carlson Photographs
Creator: Carlson, Chester Floyd, 1906-1968
Call Number: D.314
Dates: 1906-1998
Physical Description: 11 boxes, 4 scrapbooks, 1 folder
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Box 1
Box 2:
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7
Box 8:
Box 9:
Box 10:
Box 11:
Collection Overview
Title: Chester Carlson Photographs
Creator: Carlson, Chester Floyd, 1906-1968
Call Number: D.314
Dates: 1906-1998
Physical Description: 11 boxes, 4 scrapbooks, 1 folder
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Chester Carlson, inventor of xerography was born in 1906. His family moved to Seattle, California, Mexico and Arizona during his childhood At times the Carlson family lived in desert huts and mountain cabins. Because his father was nearly an invalid, Chester Carlson supported the family, mostly through odd jobs and manual labor.

When he was 17, his mother died, leaving him the sole breadwinner. The family at one time lived in a former chicken coop with a concrete floor. Chester slept in an alley, in a sleeping bed he made. "It looked very doubtful if I could ever go to college," Carlson had once said. "Invention was the one chance to start with nothing and end up with a fortune."

Carlson earned a spot in Caltech, graduating amid the Great Depression with a pocket notebook of 400 invention ideas such as a raincoat with gutters, a see-through toothpaste tube, and a better bottle cap. Eventually he took a job in New York City patent office.

He studied in the public library, where he was amazed by the amount of labor exerted to hand copy documents. Carlson saw the need for a quick copier. Then in 1937, he discovered photoconductivity, a property in which a material changes electrical characteristics under light. By projecting an image on a photoconductive drum, he could change the static charge on only the black spaces that formed text or images. He would then dust the drum with a dark material and static would hold the dust in place until Carlson could transfer the dust to paper and fuse it into place making a copy. Carlson spent nearly ten years trying to sell his idea to many companies, but was rejected everywhere. Eventually a small photo supply company, Haloid Co. in Rochester, NY bought the idea and developed his invention. Haloid flourished with the new invention, changing its name to Xerox, a term playing on the Greek words for "dry" and "writing."

Chester Carlson married Dorris Hudgins in January 1946. He and Dorris lived in a Rochester, NY suburb and donated to spiritual and parapsychological groups. Carlson was uncomfortable with the sudden wealth his invention brought, and dealt with that by giving the money away, usually anonymously. He made contributions to organizations that promoted world peace. He supported civil rights organizations and bought apartment buildings in New York City and Washington, D.C. and arranged for the buildings to be racially integrated.

Carlson died of a heart attack on September 19, 1968. He was 62. Dorris Carlson lived until 1998 and continued their works in community and religious programs by contributions and service.

Scope and Content
This collection is comprised of over 1700 images housed in 11 archival boxes and 4 scrapbooks and one oversized folder. These images depict the lives of Chester and Dorris Carlson, from early childhood through adolescence and young adulthood, and include their extended families. The images also reflect their lives together as husband and wife, and Dorris' life after the death of Chester Carlson in 1968.

New York (State)--Rochester
Carlson, Chester Floyd, 1906-1968
Carlson, Dorris
Immediate Source of Acquisition
This collection of personal and public images of the Carlson and Hudgins families was donated to the department of Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation of the University of Rochester by the Carlson's daughter, Catherine Carlson in 2004. Two photographs of Dorris Carlson gift of Laura Reynolds, 2018.Access
The Chester Carlson Photographs is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
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[Item title, item date], Chester Carlson Photographs, D.314, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1
Folder 1. Framed portrait of Chester Carlson as a boy, probable aged 3 and lock of hair enclosed (2 photographs)
Folder 2. Childhood (1 photograph)
Folder 3. Chester Floyd Carlson age 2 ½ years old with mother- 1908 (1 photograph)
Folder 4. Chester Carlson with his mother, Ellen and father, Olaf Carlson, July 1909, in Kingsburg, CA (2 photographs)
Folder 5. Ellen, Chester, and Olaf Carlson, Jul 1909 Kingsburg, CA (1 photograph)
Folder 6. Chester F. Carlson, with mother and father in 1911 (1 photograph)
Folder 7. Chester and Margaret, 4th of July, 1912, L.A. West 32rd (1 photograph)
Folder 8. Chester Carlson, mother and Dr. McKinney (1 photograph)
Folder 9. Chester Carlson in the hoop, 8th St. 1914 and school picture (2 photographs)
Folder 10. Chester Carlson's family living in Crestline California, 1915 (2 photographs)
Folder 11. Children in school.(Crestline, CA 1915) Their fathers worked in the mine in the mountains. All the kids went down from the mountain when the mine closed in the winter. Chester remained behind as the sole student of the teacher. (1 photograph)
Folder 12. Ellen Carlson, Chester's mother, 727 Gesham Court.(1 photograph)
Folder 13. framed oval Wedding portrait (1 photograph)
Folder 14. Ellen and Olaf Carlson (2 photographs, 1 negative)
Folder 15. Roy Carlson also became a scientist, chemist, physicist. He invented the Carson stressmeter to measure the stress of dams. He worked on the Aswan Dam and also Niagara water power electricity generators. (4 photographs)
Folder 16. Chester Carlson, high school age at shack that he built for laboratory and sleeping room back of house. (1 photograph)
Folder 17. Hawkins family- framed image of Ellen Hawkins Carlson and one image not framed, Ellen and Sunday School class, small image of Ellen, (4 photographs)
Folder 18. Chester's Aunt Ruth Hawkins (1 photograph)
Folder 19. Chester's grandmother on his mother's side (1 photograph)
Folder 20. Chester Carlson and Aunt Esther Hawkins. He was named for her, but never like the name, Chester (1 photograph)
Folder 21. Minnesota 1901- Chester Carlson's mother with family, year the name Hawkinson become Hawkins, image of Oscar F. Hawkins, Chester's uncle. (2 photographs)
Folder 22. Chester and Dorris Carlson, 9/7/1952, at Uncle Wendell's in Minneapolis. (1 photograph)
Folder 23. Hawkins family-Roy Edenholme, Sweden, 1905 (1 photograph)
Folder 24. Hawkins relatives, November 1962, (2 photographs)
Folder 25. Junior College, Professor Howard Bliss would take groups of students on outings. Taught at Riverside Community College. (2 photographs)
Folder 26. Images of Chester and Kitty (friend at Junior College) (3 photographs)
Folder 27. Group shots of friends at Junior College and Coop Club at Gas Plant (4 photographs)
Folder 28. Chester on camping trip to Death Valley while attending Riverside Community College. (5 photographs)
Folder 29. Images of California including Big Sur, Carmel. (17 photographs)
Folder 30. Images of Utah and Nevada (30 photographs)
Folder 31. More scenic images of CA, Utah and Nevada (50 Photographs)
Folder 32. Chester at California Institute of Technology (1 photograph)
Folder 33. Chester on beach, 1930 (1 photograph)
Folder 34. Overlooking Palm Spring, CA February 1930, National Land Trust (1 photograph)
Folder 35. Chester in Cement Plant where he worked while attending college (1 photograph)
Folder 36. Scenic images of CA. from Howard Bliss (college friend) (10 photographs)
Folder 37. Chester in New York City, 1934 (2 photographs)
Folder 38. New York City years (5 photographs)
Folder 39. Chester Carlson and his first wife, Elsa von Mallon. (1 photograph)
Folder 40. Astoria, NY. (11 photographs and negatives)
Folder 41. Chester in 1946 (1 photograph)
Box 2:
Folder 1. Wedding Day, January 20, 1946, Chester and Dorris (5 photographs)
Folder 2. Fairport Home (23 photographs)
Folder 3. Family life in Pittsford, NY (14 photographs)
Folder 4. Family life in Pittsford, NY (9 photographs)
Folder 5. Chester with dog, Dandy in Pittsford home (2 photographs)
Folder 6. Fairport and Pittsford, NY – negatives
Folder 7. Chester Carlson in front of Zen Center, 1968- contributed heavily to the beliefs of Zen Buddhism. (1 photograph)
Folder 8. Image of Dr. Cornelis de Kiewiet, President of the University of Rochester and Chester Carlson, Establishment of the Ellen Hawkins Carlson scholarship. May 15, 1959 (1 photograph)
Folder 9. Portrait of Chester Carlson, June 13, 1968. (16 photographs and negatives)
Folder 10. Portrait of Chester and Dorris Carlson, December 3, 1986- (35 color slides)
Folder 11. Images published in the biography, Copies in Seconds, by David Owen. (20 photographs)
Folder 12. Images published in the biography, Copies in Seconds, by David Owen. (8 photographs)
Folder 13. Christmas cards (no dates)
Folder 14. Portrait of Chester Carlson (no date) (2 photographs)
Folder 15. Notes and Copies
Box 3
Folder 1. Chester Carlson portraits in jackets (10 photographs)
Folder 2. Chester Carlson portrait from Xerox Corporation (no date) 1 photograph
Folder 3. Chester Carlson Studio portrait, 1962 (10 photographs and negatives)
Folder 4. Chester Carlson Studio portrait, 1962 (18photographs)
Folder 5. Chester Carlson Portrait (1 image)
Folder 6. Chester Carlson Portrait, 1968 (7 small photographs, 1 large photograph)
Folder 7. Chester Carlson Portrait (no date) (1 photograph)
Folder 8. Chester Carlson Small portraits (various dates)
Folder 9. Chester Carlson Portrait etched in glass
Folder 10. Chester Carlson images of Chester Carlson receiving awards and honors
Folder 11. Chester Carlson receiving awards and honors (negatives)
Folder 12. Image of Chester Carlson at R.M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam (1 photograph)
Folder 13. Image of Chester Carlson in boat at Benares India, in 1964 (1 photograph)
Folder 14. Chester Carlson at Acolman Monastery near Mexico City, April 1957 (photograph)
Folder 15. Chester and Dorris at Niagara Falls (1954) (1 photograph)
Box 4
Folder 1. First Xerographic print- Astoria, NY October 22, 1938
Folder 2. Image of Dr. John H. Dessauer, Chester Carlson, Joseph Wilson of Haloid Co. demonstrating the xeroprinter- November 22, 1948. (3 images)
Folder 3. Chester Carlson with model of first electrophotographic machine, (1 image)
Folder 4. Chester Carlson and Nywan Levin London, April 1958 (1 image)
Folder 5. Xerography, 1962 (16 images)
Folder 6. Chester Carlson and Dr. V.M. Fridkin Moscow- July 23, 1965 (1 image)
Folder 7. Presentation of Xerography equipment by Chester Carlson, Inventor of Xerography in Museum of History and Technology Auditorium, October 17, 1965.
Folder 8. George Carr and Chester Carlson, Xerox, Webster, NY 1966 (1 image)
Folder 9. Joseph Wilson –portrait (1 image)
Folder 10. Images are color xerographic copies developed at Xerox from a slide projector to Xerox machine, 1974. (6 images)
Folder 11. Postcard of the Xerox building, Rochester, NY
Folder 12. Xeroxed copies of Chester Carlson demonstrating his invention (3 images)
Folder 13. Annual Report Cover 1988
Folder 14. Artistic rendering of college image (3 images)
Folder 15. Photograph of 6ft. by 6ft. portrait of Chester Carlson for the Xerox Lubey by Dick Lubey, October 1989.
Folder 16. Photograph of bust of Chester Carlson
Folder 17. Artistic rendering of portrait of Chester Carlson (5 images)
Folder 18. Xerox Portrait presentation (5 images)
Folder 19. Family Friends, Duke Slater and Mary Barnitz
Folder 20. Family Friends, Dr. Marie Higsbee
Folder 21. Family Friends, Ona and Loring Blanchard
Folder 22. Family Friends, Carlson Home The Barnitz' and Ralph Chapin
Folder 23. Family Friends; W. Taylor' cocktail party, December 1967; Richard and Pauline, 1973 (2 images)
Folder 24. Family Friends: Christmas greetings from A. J. Twogoods ; Christmas greetings from the Barnitzs'
Box 5
Folder 1. School certificates of Dorris Hudgins (Chester Carlson's second wife)
Folder 2. Dorris as a young girl (6 images)
Folder 3. Dorris –Early Childhood (12 images)
Folder 4. Dorris –Teen Years (17 images)
Folder 5. Dorris -parents and grandparents (6 images)
Folder 6. Dorris – Sarah Bonwell Hudgins (Dorris' mother) (2 images and some notes and a letter from Chester Carlson)
Folder 7. Dorris' sister Violet and Frank Greco (9 images)
Folder 8. Dorris' brother, Rupert Eugene Hudgins (2 images)
Folder 9. Hudgins family (10 images)
Folder 10. Dorris and Lu Talbott – Wedding Day –December 7, 1921(15 images)
Folder 11. Memorabilia and pictures of Dorris and Lu Talbott's wedding
Folder 12. Dorris and Lu, 1920's and 1930's, visiting the farm and Lu in Military (31 images)
Folder 13. Dorris Carlson in 1921, (1 image) with negative
Folder 14. Dorris Carlson, 1930's (2 images)
Folder 15. Dorris Carlson during the 1920's and 1930's, working in New York City (72 images)
Folder 16. Friend: Alice LeGaroff
Folder 17. Friend: Mrs. Wheeler, mother of Carl Wheeler, friend of Dorris'
Folder 18. Reprints of miscellaneous photographs (5 sheets)
Folder 19. Miscellaneous negatives
Box 6
Folder 1. Relatives and Friends of Dorris, including first husband, Lu Talbott, 1920-1970's (50 images)
Folder 2. Relatives and Friends of Dorris, including first husband, Lu Talbott, 1920-1970's (80 images)
Folder 3. Scrapbook (7 photographs)
Folder 4. International Layman's Movement February 24, 1970 (3 images)
Folder 5. Dalai Lama visit September 8, 1979-(notes and 6 images)
Folder 6. Dalai Lama, Dorris and Catherine Carlson (1 image)
Folder 7. Tuesday Meditation Group, 1970's-1990 (6 images)
Folder 8. Family of Dorris' niece Alla married to Paul Fialcowita-correspondence
Folder 9. Dorris sister, mother of Alla – early 1940's-1950's (53 images)
Folder 10. Fialcowita Family –1960's (21 images)
Folder 11. Fialcowita Family- 1970-1972 (56 images)
Folder 12. Fialcowita Family- 1973-1980's (57 images)
Box 7
Folder 1. Framed portrait of Dorris Carlson as a young girl (1 image)
Folder 2. Portrait of Dorris Carlson in 1921 (1 images)
Folder 3. Studio portrait of Dorris Carlson, 1945 Age 45 (2 images)
Folder 4. Portrait of Dorris Carlson – March 1963 (2 images and negatives)
Folder 5. Portrait of Dorris Carlson- 1967 (10 images)
Folder 6. Various Portraits of Dorris Carlson in the 1970's
Folder 7. Photograph of Dorris Carlson – 1983 (1 image)
Folder 8. Portrait of Dorris Carlson- 50th Anniversary of Xerography –1988 (8 images)
Folder 9. Portrait of Dorris Carlson-85th Birthday –1988 (9 images)
Folder 10. Portrait of Dorris Carlson-no dates- (7 images)
Folder 11. Large Image of Dorris and Chester at their home in Pittsford, NY
Box 8:
1. Chester Carlson-parents, grandparents, Childhood until met Dorris Talbot Carlson (200 images)
2. Chester Carlson-1946-1968- Canandaigua, Fairport, Pittsford, Travel (175 images)
3. Chester Carlson-Business Awards, Ceremonies (100 images)
4. Early photographs of vacations of Dorris and Chester (100 images)
5. Early photographs of Dorris and family (100 images)
Box 9:
Reproduction of painted portrait of Chester Carlson presented at Xerox Corporation (3 images)
Chester Carlson image taken by Life Magazine photographer, July 20, 1963 mage)
Chester Carlson portrait, June 13, 1968
Chester Carlson portrait (no date)- 1 image
Chester Carlson portrait (no date)- 2 images
Award: Edward Longstreth Medal – October 21, 1953
Award: The John Scott Medal and Premium- June 19, 1964
Award: Inventor of the Year Award- 1964
Award: Societe Encouragement au Progres- Medaille D'Honeur- 1968
Award: American Society of Mechanical Engineers- Holley Medal, 1968
Award: World Academy of Art and Science – Resolution of Appreciation-in honor of thelate Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science
These are bound paperbacks of copied newspaper and journal articles of the life of Chester Carlson and his invention of the Xerox machine
Box 10:
Folder 1. Book 1, 1940-October 1948
Folder 2. Book 2, 1948-1950
Folder 3. Book 2, November 1948-June 1950 (Microfilm blowback)
Folder 4. Book 3, 1950-1952-1953
Folder 5. Book 4, 1953-May 1955
Folder 6. Book 5, 1955-1956
Folder 7. Book 6, 1957-1959
Folder 8. Book 6 ½ -1960-1966 (supplement for books 6 7)
Folder 9. Book 7, 1963-1968
Box 11:
Folder 1. Book 8, 1968-1969
Folder 2. Book 9, 1970-1979
Folder 3. Book 10, 1980 (plus cartoons)
Folder 4. The Haloid Company, 1947-1948
Folder Scrapbooks:
No. 1 Chester Carlson- family, relatives and friends (225 images)
No. 2. Dorris Carlson- family, relatives and friends (175 images)
No. 3 Dorris Carlson- family, relatives and friends (175 images)
American Society Psychical Research – Drawings and other Chester Carlson Artwork
Folder Oversize Folder:
Photograph of Swami Vivekananda Birth Centenary Dinner, March 1963.

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