Nathan Brandt Papers

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Nathan Brandt papers
Creator: Brandt, Nat
Call Number: D.304
Dates: 1818-1994
Physical Description: 29 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Content List
Series I: The Man Who Tried to Burn New York
The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Box XII The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Box XI: The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Mr. Tubbs' Civil War
Harlem at War
Audiocassette tapes
Collection Overview
Title: Nathan Brandt papers
Creator: Brandt, Nat
Call Number: D.304
Dates: 1818-1994
Physical Description: 29 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Nathan Brandt (born 1929) is a veteran journalist who began his career with CBS News as a senior news writer, then turned to print journalism. He was a reporter on several newspapers before joining the New York Times as editor, working primarily on the National News Desk. Subsequently, he was Managing Editor of American Heritage Magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Publisher's Weekly. He is past president of the nation's oldest journalists' organization, the Society of the Silurians. A native of New York City, Brandt majored in history at the University of Rochester (BA, 1951) and was a member of the school's history honor society, the Morey Club. Under the name of Nat Brandt, he has written many books and articles on American history. The Man Who Tried to Burn New York, which deals with the Confederate plot to burn New York City in 1864, won the Douglas Southall Freeman History Award in 1987. Brandt's other books include Mr. Tubb's Civil War, Harlem at War: The Black Experience in WWII, The Town That Started the Civil War (which was a Book-of the-Month Club and History Book Club selection), The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder, Massacre in Shansi, and When Oberlin was King of the Gridiron: The Heisman Years. Brandt has lectured extensively on the Civil War and given presentations at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. on both the Civil War and Harlem during World War II. He was co-creator of the television series Crucible of the Millennium. He has taught as an adjunct professor of journalism at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of New York University and at St. John's University in Queens.

Scope and Content
The Nathan Brandt papers are primarily composed of research notes and background material for the writer's books, and are organized in series by title:

Series I: The Man Who Tried to Burn New York, [dates]

Series II: The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder, [dates]

Series III: Mr. Tubbs' Civil War, [dates]

Series IV: Harlem at War, [dates]

There are also a number of interviews on audiocassette, which are found in Series V: Interviews.

Records (Documents)
Brandt, Nat
Authors, American
The Nathan Brandt papers is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
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[Item title, item date], Nathan Brandt papers, D.304, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: The Man Who Tried to Burn New York
Box 2, Folder 1Kennedy - West Point records
Box 2, Folder 2Kennedy - Civil War service
Box 2, Folder 3Kennedy Civil War service records
Box 2, Folder 4New York City, 1864 - Descriptions
Box 2, Folder 5New York City - Records
Box 2, Folder 6New York City - Night of the fires, November 25, 1864
Box 2, Folder 7New York City Volunteer Fire Dept.
Box 2, Folder 8Confederate attempt to burn New York City
Box 3, Folder 1Kennedy - Canada
Box 3, Folder 2Canada - Northwest Conspiracy
Box 3, Folder 3Conspiracy - Records
Box 3, Folder 4Kennedy - Trial
Includes letter he wrote to Abraham Lincoln defending his intentions.

Box 3, Folder 5Trial- Legal issues raised
Box 3, Folder 6Kennedy - Relations in the war
Box 3, Folder 7Kennedy - Johnson's Island Prison
Box 3, Folder 8Kennedy - In Fort Lafayette and execution
Box 3, Folder 9Aftermath
Box 3, Folder 10Newspaper photostat file
Box 3, Folder 11Editorial comment - New York
Box 3, Folder 12Editorial matter
Box 3, Folder 13Chronologies
Box 3, Folder 14Questions
Box 3, Folder 15Personalities
Box 3, Folder 16Informers and spies
Box 3, Folder 17Illustrations: Map of N. Y.; View of Fort Lafayette; Shanties, NY City 1866
Box 4, Folder 1Louisana - Background and War
Box 4, Folder 2Louisiana - Background
Box 4, Folder 3Maps - New York City and Louisiana
Box 4, Folder 4Confederate Veteran Magazine
Box 4, Folder 5Some notes on Allison diary and Edward W. Tailer diaries
Box 4, Folder 6"Confederate Operations in Canada and New York" by John Headley
Box 4, Folder 7"Robb Cobb Kennedy, The Incendiary Spy" by Dion Haco
Box 4, Folder 8Excerpts from "War of the Rebellion" and United Daughters of the Confederacy magazine
Box 5, Folder 1Stephen DE W. C. Beekman
Box 5, Folder 2John Y. Beall
Box 5, Folder 3Train ambush - Dec, 1864
Box 5, Folder 4New York, October-November 1864 - plot
Box 5, Folder 5New York, November 26, 1864 - NYC and plot
Box 5, Folder 6Accomplices in plot
Box 5, Folder 7Kennedy - Capture after plot
Box 5, Folder 8Kennedy- in NYC Prison -1865
Box 5, Folder 9Names and places
Box 5, Folder 10Reproduction of Correspondence of Department of East Military Commission Proceedings in case of Robert C. Kennedy
Box 6, Folder 1-2Bibliography and footnotes
Box 6, Folder 3Footnotes without page reference
Box 6, Folder 4Part 1-The Fires, Chapter 1 -3
Box 6, Folder 5Part 2- The Man with a Limp, Chapters 4-6
Box 6, Folder 6Part 3- The Plot, Chapters 8-10
Box 6, Folder 7Part 4-The Fires- Reprise, Chapters 11-13
Box 6, Folder 8Part 5- The Chase, Chapters 14-17
Box 6, Folder 9Part 6- The Trial, Chapters 18-20
Box 7, Folder 1Part 7- Fort Lafayette- Chapters 21-24
Box 7, Folder 2Part 8- Aftermath, Chapters 25-26
Box 7, Folder 3Research trip- Alfred University and Tioga County
Box 7, Folder 4Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 5Book and publishers
Box 7, Folder 6The New York Times, November 22, 1964
Box 7, Folder 7Bound copy of book
The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Box 8, Folder 1Correspondence and notes concerning article about Sergeant York in American Heritage Magazine, 1981
Box 8, Folder 2Research notes- Sergeant York
Box 8, Folder 3Handwritten notes and research of Sergeant York
Box 8, Folder 4"Sergeant York and His People"
Box 8, Folder 5Chapters of Sergeant York: His Own Life and War Diary by Tom Skeyhill
Box 8, Folder 6Research notes for article "Andersonville Reminiscence"- Simeon M. Dufur in Quarterly Journal of Military History
Box 8, Folder 7Cookbook
Box 9, Folder 1August Belmont
Box 9, Folder 2Jeremiah Black
Box 9, Folder 3James Brady
Box 9, Folder 4John Breckinridge
Box 9, Folder 5Aaron V. Brown
Box 9, Folder 6Richard Brodhead
Box 9, Folder 7James Buchanan
Box 9, Folder 8B. F. Butler
Box 9, Folder 9Samuel Butterworth
Box 9, Folder 10John Calhoun
Box 9, Folder 11Mary B. Chestnut
Box 9, Folder 12Samuel Chilton
Box 9, Folder 13Clement C. Clay, Jr. and Mrs. Clay
Box 9, Folder 14Henry Clay
Box 9, Folder 15Thomas Clingman
Box 9, Folder 16Howell Cobb
Box 9, Folder 17John Cochrane
Box 9, Folder 18Da Ponte Family
Box 9, Folder 19Adele Cutts Douglas
Box 9, Folder 20Charles Eames
Box 9, Folder 21Thomas Florence
Box 9, Folder 22John Forney
Box 9, Folder 23Mrs. Rose O'Neal Greenhow
Box 9, Folder 24William Gwin
Box 9, Folder 25A. Oakley Hall
Box 9, Folder 26Emanuel B. Hart
Box 9, Folder 27Julia Magruder
Box 9, Folder 28William Marcy
Box 9, Folder 29Thomas Meagher
Box 9, Folder 30James Orr
Box 9, Folder 31Robert Ould
Box 9, Folder 32George Pendleton
Box 9, Folder 33Philip Phillips
Box 9, Folder 34John Savage
Box 9, Folder 35John Slidell
Box 9, Folder 36Edwin Stanton
Box 9, Folder 37C.E. Stuart
Box 9, Folder 38Roger Taney
Box 9, Folder 39Jacob Thompson
Box 9, Folder 40Robert Walker
Box 9, Folder 41James Wayne
Box 9, Folder 42Henry Wikoff
Box 9, Folder 43William Wiley
Box 9, Folder 44Charles Wilkes
Box 9, Folder 45Wood brothers
Box 9, Folder 46New Year's Day 1859
Box 9, Folder 47Beekman Explanation
Box 9, Folder 48Tammany
Box 9, Folder 49"Sickles- the Incredible" by W.A. Swanberg, DAB
Box 9, Folder 50Sickle Trial-Legal
Box 9, Folder 51Trial report by Wentworth Stanley, 1859
Box 9, Folder 52Opening Speech of John Graham to the jury, on the part of the Defense, on the trial of Daniel E. Sickles, April 9th and 11th 1859
Box 9, Folder 53The Diary of Philip Hone, excerpt
Box 9, Folder 54Reverdy Johnson
Box 9, Folder 55John Kelly
Box 10, Folder 1French, B.B.
Box 10, Folder 2John L. and Charles Graham
Box 10, Folder 3George Sickles- Civil War
Box 10, Folder 4Sickles, Daniel; Edgar
Box 10, Folder 5Philip Barton Key
Box 10, Folder 6Eyewitness -Sunday February 27, 1859
Box 10, Folder 7Sickles aftermath
Box 10, Folder 8Teresa Sickles
Box 10, Folder 9Laura Sickles
Box 10, Folder 10Chronology
Box 10, Folder 11Chronologies,1818-1856, 1857-59
Box 10, Folder 12Correspondence of William Hobart Royce and Edgcumb Pinchon 1941-1943
Box 10, Folder 13Gwin Ball- April 8, 1858
Box 10, Folder 14Congress Debates-District 3
Box 10, Folder 15Key's sister- Mrs. George Pendleton
Box 10, Folder 16Sickles- research
Box 10, Folder 17Excerpt from "Dan Sickle" by Edgcumb Pinchon
Box 10, Folder 18Publishers' correspondence
Box 10, Folder 19Chapter of Brandt's book sent to Herb Katz
Box 10, Folder 20Sickles- Magazine article
Box 11, Folder 1Washington architecture
Box 11, Folder 2-3Washington description
Box 11, Folder 4-5Washington City; sights and secrets
Box 11, Folder 6-7Washington society and Congress
Box 11, Folder 8Blacks and enslaved people in Washington
Box 11, Folder 9Guns
Box 11, Folder 10Greenwood Cemetery
Box 11, Folder 11-12Reproductions of newspaper clippings
Box 12, Folder 1Dan and Teresa Sickles, Key - Families
Box 12, Folder 2Illustrations
Box 12, Folder 3Notes and bibliographies
Box 12, Folder 4Congressional Cemetery
Box 12, Folder 5-6Personalities
Box 12, Folder 7Beecher-Tilton Scandal
Box 12, Folder 8H.W. Beecher
Box 12, Folder 9Beecher family
Box 12, Folder 10Beecher Research
Box 12, Folder 11Brooklyn
Box 12, Folder 12New York City description
Box 12, Folder 13New York- History and Directories
Box 12, Folder 14Plymouth Church
Box 13, Folder 1Strong, Diary
Box 13, Folder 2Washington Tragedy
Box 13, Folder 3Washington- Layfayette Square
Box 13, Folder 4Washington- Personals
Box 13, Folder 5-6Newspaper articles
Box 13, Folder 7Newspaper articles- weather
Box 13, Folder 8Newspaper articles-Reactions
Box 13, Folder 9Illustrations
Box 13, Folder 10Correspondence concerning illustrations
Box 14, Folder 1-2Chapter 1 and 2
Box 14, Folder 3Chapter 3 and 4
Box 14, Folder 4Chapter 3 and 5
Box 14, Folder 5Chapter 5
Box 14, Folder 6Chapter 6
Box 14, Folder 7Chapter 6 and 8
Box 14, Folder 8Chapter 8
Box 14, Folder 9Chapter 9
Box 14, Folder 10Chapter 11
Box 14, Folder 11Chapter 12
Box 14, Folder 12Chapter 13
Box 14, Folder 13Chapter 14
Box 14, Folder 14Chapter 15
Box 14, Folder 15Revisions
Box 14, Folder 16Bibliography
Box XII The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Box XI: The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Box IX: The Congressman Who Got Away With Murder
Box X: The Congressman Who got Away with Murder
Box XIII The Congressman Who Got Away with Murder
Mr. Tubbs' Civil War
Box 15, Folder 1On McCleelan/other officers
Box 15, Folder 2Van Zile, P.T.
Box 15, Folder 3Van Orsdale, A. A.
Box 15, Folder 4Co. E. 34th Reg. N.Y. Vols.
Box 15, Folder 5Co. I 103rd Reg.N.Y.
Box 15, Folder 6Co. C. 85th Reg. N.Y. Vol
Box 15, Folder 7Co. D. 179 th Reg. NY Vol.
Box 15, Folder 8Co. H 161st Reg. N.Y. Vols
Box 15, Folder 9Co. F 107th Reg. NY. Vol. NF. (Orr)
Box 15, Folder 10149 th Reg. PA. Vol. inf.
Box 15, Folder 11Humphrey, William Thomas
Box 15, Folder 12Maxson, H.R.
Box 15, Folder 13Schell, Augustus
Box 15, Folder 14Letters- General data
Box 16, Folder 1General data
Box 16, Folder 2Bibliography
Box 16, Folder 3Andrews, J.T.
Box 16, Folder 4Armstrong, D.
Box 16, Folder 5Casson, M.
Box 16, Folder 6Kimball, H.P.
Box 16, Folder 7Kimball, L.
Box 16, Folder 8Kimball, O.S.
Box 17, Folder 1Stevens, S.
Box 17, Folder 2Stebbins, O.M.
Box 17, Folder 3Spencer, A.
Box 17, Folder 4Self, W.E.
Box 17, Folder 5Prentice, W.R.
Box 17, Folder 6Scudder, G.P.
Box 17, Folder 7Tubbs, Charles
Box 17, Folder 8Tubbs, Henry
Box 17, Folder 9Tubbs family
Box 17, Folder 10Stebbins-Agitator-Articles
Box 17, Folder 11Final draft- "Letters," footnotes
Box 17, Folder 12PIX- Permissions- Letters Tubbs
Box 18, Folder 1Maps and time chart
Box 18, Folder 2Wellsboro and Tioga County
Box 18, Folder 3-4Co. A. 1st PA Rifles (Bucktails)
Box 18, Folder 5Co. F-45-Reg. Pa Vols.
Box 18, Folder 649th Regiment, Otto, V.
Box 18, Folder 7Co. C 2d Regiment Veteran Cavalry
Box 18, Folder 8Company B. 136th -PA Army Potomac
Box 18, Folder 9Battery E
Box 18, Folder 10Description of Washington
Box 18, Folder 11Portraits
Box 18, Folder 12Anonymous letter
Box 18, Folder 13Chronology / Battles- Letters/Agitator
Box 18, Folder 14Illustrations
Box 18, Folder 15Footnotes
Box 18, Folder 16Osceola in the War
Box 19, Folder 1Osceola
Box 19, Folder 2Alfred Academy- Orophelians
Box 19, Folder 3Alfred
Box 19, Folder 4Union College
Box 19, Folder 5Steuben County and Madison County N.Y.
Box 19, Folder 6Other friends
Box 19, Folder 7Hospital experiences / Medical data
Box 19, Folder 8Mutinous incidents, Stoughton captured
Box 19, Folder 9Gripes
Box 19, Folder 10The press, rumors
Box 19, Folder 11Death, disease and sickness
Box 19, Folder 12Girls (see also Other friends)
Box 19, Folder 13Comradeship and loneliness
Box 19, Folder 14Slavery / Abolition / Black troops
Box 19, Folder 15Deserters
Box 19, Folder 16Victory and the end of the war
Box 19, Folder 17On outbreak of War and Patriotism, enlisting
Box 19, Folder 18Army forts and camps - including Camp Curtain, PA
Box 19, Folder 19Enemy of looting and foraging
Box 19, Folder 20Pay and bounties
Box 19, Folder 21Traveling, sights, and scenery
Box 19, Folder 22World politics
Box 19, Folder 23On dodging service
Box 19, Folder 24Fort Sumter, Hatteras, New Berne, New York City
Box 19, Folder 25Harper's Ferry and Virginia
Box 19, Folder 26Newport News, VA
Box 19, Folder 27Vicksburg, Arkansas, and Mobile, Louisiana
Box 19, Folder 28The South, revenge, and vindication
Box 19, Folder 29Despair over War/Optimism
Box 19, Folder 30Epigraphs
Box 19, Folder 31On Lincoln, Congress, Washington, D.C.
Box 19, Folder 32U.S. politics
Box 19, Folder 33Peace Democrats
Box 19, Folder 34Camp life
Box 20, Folder 1Soldiering
Box 20, Folder 2Weaponry
Box 20, Folder 3Fighting/Other war experiences
Box 20, Folder 4Guerrilla activities
Box 20, Folder 5Pictures- Envelopes and negatives, extras
Box 20, Folder 6Letter writers- General and bio
Box 20, Folder 7Fraternizing with the enemy
Box 20, Folder 8Nostalgia- Thoughts of home
Box 20, Folder 9Mail
Box 20, Folder 10Others
Box 20, Folder 11Letters-first draft
Box 29 (Ovesize)Tubes of Maps, Newspaper photostats, Maps, 1865
Harlem at War
Box 21, Folder 1Warning signs
Box 21, Folder 2Black in the WWI Army
Box 21, Folder 3NYC -Times Index Crime- research
Box 21, Folder 4FDR-Race Relations
Box 21, Folder 5Urban Problems and Violence
Box 21, Folder 6Home Front
Box 21, Folder 7March on Washington and Exec. Order 8802 FePC
Box 21, Folder 8U.S. Violence
Box 21, Folder 9Mrs. FDR
Box 21, Folder 10Detroit Riot, June 1943
Box 21, Folder 11Survey of Harlem Blacks, 1942
Box 21, Folder 12Violence - Civilian - Scottsboro Boys
Box 21, Folder 13Crime WWII
Box 21, Folder 14Hoover, Black press - Relations
Box 21, Folder 15Hoover- Black press FDR -Policy
Box 21, Folder 16Black G.I.
Box 21, Folder 17British Blacks
Box 21, Folder 18In their Footsteps, Behind the Harlem Riots
Box 21, Folder 19Blacks - Riots
Box 22, Folder 1Washington, D.C.
Box 22, Folder 2War - Black attitudes
Box 22, Folder 3Advances
Box 22, Folder 4Army - Eyewitness
Box 22, Folder 5Jews and Blacks
Box 22, Folder 6Roy Wilkins
Box 22, Folder 7Other bios
Box 22, Folder 8Amsterdam - Star News, December 1941
Box 22, Folder 9NAACP - Other protest groups
Box 22, Folder 10Arnold De Mille
Box 22, Folder 11New York cops
Box 22, Folder 12War and delinquency
Box 22, Folder 13Crime wave - Predications
Box 22, Folder 14Crime and war
Box 22, Folder 15Blacks - U.S. military service in England
Box 22, Folder 16Crime - War - Causes
Box 22, Folder 17FBI crime reports, 1941
Box 22, Folder 18FBI crime reports, 1943-1945
Box 22, Folder 19Black grievances
Box 22, Folder 20Zoot Suit (Riot), 1943
Box 22, Folder 21Detroit Riot, 1943
Box 23, Folder 1Adam Clayton Powell
Box 23, Folder 2A. Philip Randolph
Box 23, Folder 3Marvel Cooke
Box 23, Folder 4Edward Dudley
Box 23, Folder 5Dr. James Jones
Box 23, Folder 6Virginia D. Murphy
Box 23, Folder 7Foster Palmer
Box 23, Folder 8Doris Saunders
Box 23, Folder 9Jack Scarville
Box 23, Folder 10Walker Smith
Box 23, Folder 11Arthur A. Tritsch
Box 23, Folder 12Allen Worrell
Box 23, Folder 13Evelyn H. O'Garro
Box 23, Folder 14Chronologies
Box 23, Folder 15Great Depression and New Deal
Box 23, Folder 16Propaganda
Box 23, Folder 17Home Front - Overall
Box 23, Folder 18Claude Brown
Box 23, Folder 19Bourne, St. Clair T. Bourne
Box 23, Folder 20Pearl Buck - 1933 Speech, et al
Box 23, Folder 21Harlem conditions - Eyewitnesses
Box 23, Folder 221943 - Black witnesses
Box 23, Folder 23Harlem description
Box 23, Folder 24Chapter 13 material
Box 23, Folder 25Chapter 9 and 10 material
Box 23, Folder 26Blacks - Hollywood and other media
Box 24, Folder 1Savoy Ballroom Controversy of 1943
Box 24, Folder 2The Riot
Box 24, Folder 3L.A. Zoot Suit Rioting, June 1943
Box 24, Folder 4Conditions of Harlem
Box 24, Folder 5Riot of 1943 - Capeci
Box 24, Folder 6Harlem Riot of 1935
Box 24, Folder 7Brooklyn - Bedford-Stuyvesant area
Box 24, Folder 8NYC - Race situation
Box 24, Folder 9U.S. pre-riot violence
Box 24, Folder 10Harlem Riot - Background
Box 24, Folder 11July 31 - Newspapers
Box 24, Folder 12Evelyn Cunningham
Box 24, Folder 13Marcus Garvey
Box 24, Folder 14Crime and juvenile delinquency
Box 24, Folder 15Hastie on Air Corps
Box 25, Folder 1History - Blacks in New York
Box 25, Folder 2Langston Hughes
Box 25, Folder 3Malcolm X
Box 25, Folder 4Fred Mays
Box 25, Folder 5Claude McKay
Box 25, Folder 6Roi Ottley
Box 25, Folder 7Gordon Parks
Box 25, Folder 8Westbrook Pegler
Box 25, Folder 9Police, Valentine
Box 25, Folder 10Walter White
Box 25, Folder 11Fiorello LaGuardia
Box 25, Folder 12Setting the Scene: August 1, 1943
Box 25, Folder 13Aftermath - Harlem Riot
Box 25, Folder 14Beyond 1943
Box 25, Folder 15Warning signs / Racial violence in the U.S.
Box 25, Folder 16Footnotes
NYC - Crime
Box 26, Folder 11941
Box 26, Folder 21942
Box 26, Folder 31943
Box 26, Folder 41944
Box 26, Folder 51945
NYC - Race
Box 26, Folder 61941
Box 26, Folder 71942
Box 26, Folder 81943
Box 26, Folder 91944
Box 26, Folder 101945
Box 26, Folder 11Delinquency - U.S.
US - Crime
Box 26, Folder 121942
Box 26, Folder 131944
Box 26, Folder 141945
US - Race
Box 26, Folder 151941
Box 26, Folder 161942
Box 26, Folder 171943
Box 26, Folder 181944
Box 26, Folder 191945
Box 27, Folder 1NYC gangs
Box 27, Folder 2NYC Police force
Box 27, Folder 3NYC police reports
Box 27, Folder 4NYC Police Commision report
Box 27, Folder 5Staten Island Crime - 1945
Box 27, Folder 6Blacks Urban Problem
Box 27, Folder 7Black crime - World War II
Box 27, Folder 8Lewis Valentine
Box 27, Folder 9Race problems
Box 27, Folder 10Causes of the Harlem Riot
Box 27, Folder 11Brooklyn crimes - 1943
Audiocassette tapes
Marvel Cooke interview, May 18, 1993
Evelyn Hunt, O'Garro, April 27, 1993
Interview with Dr. James Jones, January 25, 1994
Allen Worrell, April 1, 1993
Interview with Evelyn Cunningham, April 28, 1994
Interview with St. Claire Bourne at his home in Brooklyn, May 18, 1994
Dories Saunders interview, April 22, 1993
Interview with Fred Mays and Jack Scarville, January 14, 1994
Interview with Walker Smith at Warren Goodman's home in Ossining, NY, April 7, 1994
Box 28, Folder 1Job hunt materials, including resume, 1970s

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