Lionel McKenzie Papers

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Lionel McKenzie papers
Creator: McKenzie, Lionel W.
Call Number: D.299
Dates: 1957-1996
Physical Description: 6 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Series I: Intramural mail, 1957-1994
Series II: University committees and local societies
Series III: Department meetings and recruitment
Series IV: Local materials
Series V: Preprints, 1986-1996
Collection Overview
Title: Lionel McKenzie papers
Creator: McKenzie, Lionel W.
Call Number: D.299
Dates: 1957-1996
Physical Description: 6 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Lionel McKenzie was born on January 26, 1919, in Montezuma, Georgia. He received his undergraduate degree from Duke University in 1939. He then attended Princeton University from 1939-1942 where he earned Masters and PhD degrees in Economics. McKenzie's distinguished teaching career brought him to MIT, Duke University, Yale University and finally to the University of Rochester in 1957, where he served as chair of the Economics Department. McKenzie continued teaching at the University of Rochester until his retirement in 1967.

After becoming an Emeritus professor, McKenzie made contributions to a variety of organizations. He served as a representative of the Economic Society to the Mathematics Division of the National Research Center, Associate Editor for the International Economic Review and other notable economics journals. McKenzie also served as Vice President and then President of the Econometric Society in the 1970s. McKenzie then joined the faculty at Harvard University in 1980 as the Taussig Research Professor.

Throughout his career, McKenzie published numerous articles and was one of the chief architects of modern general equilibrium theory, and he received a number of prestigious awards, including an Honorary Doctor of Law from the University of Chicago in 1991.

Lionel McKenzie died on October 12, 2010, at the age of 91.

Scope and Content
The Lionel McKenzie Papers document McKenzie's career as an Economic Professor. The majority of the materials in the collection are letters written to and from McKenzie. There are also materials that document his committee and society work. A third body of materials consists of department meetings and faculty recruitment. There are also documents related to McKenzie's research.

McKenzie, Lionel W.
University of Rochester -- Faculty
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Lionel McKenzie donated his papers in August 2003. Subsequent materials have been added in 2010 and 2011.Access
The Lionel McKenzie papers is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
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[Item title, item date], Lionel McKenzie papers, D.299, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Intramural mail, 1957-1994
Box 1, Folder 1Lionel McKenzie [LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1993-1994
Box 1, Folder 2Local mail, 1999-2000
Box 1, Folder 3Rochester email, 1998
Box 1, Folder 4Local (Dean File) letters, 1994
Box 1, Folder 5[LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1993-1994
Box 1, Folder 6-7[LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1992-1993
Box 1, Folder 8-9[LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1991-1992
Box 1, Folder 10-11[LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1990-1991
Box 1, Folder 12-13[LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1989-1990
Box 1, Folder 14-15[LM], correspondence, internal-outgoing, 1988-1989
Box 1, Folder 16Intramural outgoing, 1987-1988
Box 1, Folder 17Intramural incoming, 1987-1988
Box 1, Folder 18Correspondence, intramural outgoing, July 1, 1986- June 30, 1987
Box 1, Folder 19Correspondence, July 1, 1986-June 30, 1987
Box 1, Folder 20Correspondence, July 1, 1985-June 30, 1986
Box 1, Folder 21Correspondence, July 1, 1984-June 30, 1985
Box 1, Folder 22Correspondence, July 1, 1983-June 30, 1984
Box 1, Folder 23Correspondence, July 1, 1982-June 30, 1983
Box 1, Folder 24Correspondence, July 1, 1981-June 30, 1982
Box 1, Folder 25Correspondence, July 1, 1980-July 1, 1981
Box 1, Folder 26Incoming, July 1, 1979-July 1, 1980
Box 1, Folder 27Outgoing, July 1, 1979-July 1, 1980
Box 1, Folder 28July 1, 1978-July 1, 1979
Box 1, Folder 29Incoming, July 1, 1977-July 1, 1978
Box 1, Folder 30Outgoing, July 1, 1977-July 1, 1978
Box 1, Folder 31Incoming, July 1, 1976-July 1, 1977
Box 1, Folder 32Outgoing, July 1, 1976-July 1, 1977
Box 1, Folder 33Incoming, July 1, 1975-July 1, 1976
Box 1, Folder 34Outgoing, July 1, 1975-July 1, 1976
Box 1, Folder 35Intramural correspondence, July 1, 1974-July 1, 1975
Box 1, Folder 36July 1, 1973-July 1, 1974
Box 1, Folder 37July 1, 1972-July 1, 1973
Box 1, Folder 38July 1, 1971-July 1, 1972
Box 1, Folder 39July 1, 1970-July 1, 1971
Box 1, Folder 40July 1, 1969-July 1, 1970
Box 1, Folder 41July 1, 1968-July 1, 1969
Box 1, Folder 42July 1, 1967-July 1, 1968
Box 1, Folder 43July 1, 1966-July 1, 1967
Box 1, Folder 44Intramural incoming correspondence, September 1965-1966
Box 1, Folder 45September 1965-1966
Box 1, Folder 46September 1964-1965
Box 1, Folder 47Intramural outgoing correspondence, September 1964-1965
Box 1, Folder 48Ford Foundation correspondence, 1964-1965
Box 1, Folder 49Intramural correspondence, September 1963-1964
Box 1, Folder 50September 1962-1963
Box 1, Folder 51September 1961-1962
Box 1, Folder 52Halord, 1961-1962
Box 1, Folder 53Incoming intramural correspondence, September 1960-1961
Box 1, Folder 54September 1960-1961
Box 1, Folder 55September 1959-1960
Box 1, Folder 56September 1958-1959
Box 1, Folder 57September 1957-1958
Box 1, Folder 58Intramural correspondence, September 1957-1958
Box 1, Folder 59Gilbert correspondence
Series II: University committees and local societies
Box 2, Folder 1Research policy curriculum, CNA etc.
Box 2, Folder 2Research policy, old minutes
Box 2, Folder 3Research policy, role of Graduate Dean
Box 2, Folder 4Research policy, CNA (Center for Naval Analysis)
Box 2, Folder 5Math committee, establish Statistics department?, 1960
Box 2, Folder 6Institute for Advanced Study
Box 2, Folder 7Dean committee, Clark selected, 1963
Box 2, Folder 8Committee ASA
Box 2, Folder 9Canadian Study Committee
Box 2, Folder 10Genovese, Named Professor Committee
Box 2, Folder 11Senate current, 1977-1981
Box 2, Folder 12Senate Committee on Graduate Study Reports, 1983
Box 2, Folder 13CUG report
Box 2, Folder 14Applied math
Box 2, Folder 15Lionel McKenzie, Dean search
Box 2, Folder 16Math chair. Applications
Box 2, Folder 17Committee of Graduate Studies
Box 2, Folder 18Math chairman
Box 2, Folder 19Rhodes Scholarship, 1972
Box 2, Folder 20Rhodes Scholarship, 1967
Box 2, Folder 21Rhodes Scholarship, 1969
Box 2, Folder 22Rhodes Scholarship, 1968
Box 2, Folder 23Rhodes Scholarship, 1970
Box 2, Folder 24Rhodes Scholarship, 1971
Box 2, Folder 25Research policy and enter. contracts and grants (Meeting of Senate Committee)
Box 2, Folder 26Phi Beta Kappa, Iota of New York Chapter, 1972-1973
Box 2, Folder 27Council on Graduate Studies
Box 2, Folder 28Phi Beta Kappa
Box 2, Folder 29Faculty Council
Box 2, Folder 30Committee on Committees
Box 2, Folder 31Dean Search Committee
Box 2, Folder 32Dessaur Ad Hoc Committee on Lecture Series (current)
Box 2, Folder 33Phi Beta Kappa
Box 2, Folder 34Dean Advisory Committee
Box 2, Folder 35Library interviews
Box 2, Folder 36Statistics Committee
Box 2, Folder 37X-Club
Box 2, Folder 38Mechanical Engineering Committee (or Establish a Ph.D.), 1961
Box 2, Folder 39Buffalo, Cornell, Rochester conference
Box 4, Folder 1Junior School
Box 4, Folder 2VSC, 1980
Box 4, Folder 3Cornell visit
Box 4, Folder 4Princeton Department advisory councils
Box 4, Folder 5Dessauer lecture series
Box 4, Folder 6National Defense Education Act
Box 4, Folder 7Council on Graduate Studies, 1957-1958
Box 4, Folder 8Memorandum from Dean's Office
Box 4, Folder 9Graduate Council
Box 4, Folder 10Education Council
Box 4, Folder 11Ad hoc Committee, 1971
Box 4, Folder 12Tenure Committee
Box 4, Folder 13Senate Steering Committee
Box 4, Folder 14River Campus Council
Box 4, Folder 15Research Policy Secretary
Box 4, Folder 16Ford Grant
Box 4, Folder 17Interim River Campus Council
Box 4, Folder 18Phi Beta Kappa, 1972-1973
Box 4, Folder 19Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Education
Series III: Department meetings and recruitment
Box 3, Folder 1Kreps honorary degree
Box 3, Folder 2Rochester business, etc.
Box 3, Folder 3Department meeting, 1972-1974
Box 3, Folder 4Doctoral program
Box 3, Folder 5Department meetings
Box 3, Folder 6Department meetings, 1971-1972
Box 3, Folder 7Awards of prizes
Box 3, Folder 8Appointments
Box 3, Folder 9Department meetings, 1969-1971
Box 3, Folder 10Department meetings, April 1988
Box 3, Folder 11Department meetings, etc., from July 1981
Box 3, Folder 12Department meetings, from September 1974
Box 3, Folder 13Department meetings, 1978
Box 3, Folder 14Department meetings, from January 1985
Box 3, Folder 15Mics. on students and requirements for major in Economics
Box 3, Folder 16Comments on roast
Box 3, Folder 17Letter to President Jackson on math program
Box 3, Folder 18Department mailings, November 1991
Box 3, Folder 19Graduate programs Economic Department
Box 3, Folder 20Graduate students
Box 3, Folder 21Prizes
Box 3, Folder 22Promotions
Box 3, Folder 23Recruiting
Box 3, Folder 24Thomson
Box 3, Folder 25Building
Box 3, Folder 26Recruiting for Economic history
Box 3, Folder 27Recruiting and promotions
Box 3, Folder 28Donald Gilbery Memorial Lecture
Box 3, Folder 29"Some Remarks on the Rise of Graduate Study in America"
Box 4, Folder 20Miscellaneous on graduate students
Box 4, Folder 21Department replacement of graduates
Series IV: Local materials
Box 4, Folder 22My retirement conference
Box 5, Folder 1Curriculum vitae
Box 5, Folder 2Letters on plan for department
Box 5, Folder 3Reorganization plans for University of Rochester
Box 5, Folder 4Fayerweather, Professor in Math
Box 5, Folder 5Lehman fellows
Box 5, Folder 6Masters candidates
Box 5, Folder 7PhD Studies at University of Rochester
Box 5, Folder 8Promotions, etc.
Box 5, Folder 9Job applications, 1957-1958
Box 5, Folder 10Course outlines
Box 5, Folder 11University school
Box 5, Folder 12University of Rochester Senate
Box 5, Folder 13Senate, 1968-1972
Box 5, Folder 14Application to ONR
Box 5, Folder 15Xerox candidates
Box 5, Folder 16Central N.Y. Economic Association, 1960
Box 5, Folder 17Economic History candidates
Box 5, Folder 18Research programs total budgets (all)
Box 5, Folder 19Recruiting- old
Box 5, Folder 20Personnel recruitment, September 1960- September 1961
Box 5, Folder 21Personnel recruitment, 1959-1960
Box 5, Folder 22Personnel recruitment, 1958-1959
Box 5, Folder 23Personnel recruitment, September 1964-September 1965
Box 5, Folder 24Personnel recruitment, September 1963-September 1964
Box 5, Folder 25Personnel recruitment, 1963-1964
Box 5, Folder 26Personnel recruitment, 1962-1963
Box 5, Folder 27Personnel recruitment, September 1962-September 1963
Box 5, Folder 28Personnel recruitment, September 1957
Box 5, Folder 29Personnel recruitment, June 1961
Box 5, Folder 30Recruiting, 1964-1965
Box 5, Folder 31Recruiting, 1965-1966
Box 5, Folder 32Course schedules, Fall 1966
Box 5, Folder 33Graduate students
Box 5, Folder 34Department members
Box 5, Folder 35Chamber of Commerce
Box 5, Folder 36CORE letters, faculty activities
Box 5, Folder 37Fellowship committee
Box 5, Folder 38Rhodes
Box 5, Folder 39Senate
Box 5, Folder 40Graduate Education Committee Report
Box 5, Folder 41Report on Graduate Studies
Box 5, Folder 42Campaign (Japanese Effort) Japanese students
Box 5, Folder 43Activity reports
Box 5, Folder 44Local academic odds and ends
Box 5, Folder 45Yannelis letters (recommendation)
Box 5, Folder 46Incoming (recommendation)
Box 5, Folder 47Yano recommendations
Box 6, Folder 1Friedman Intramural, 1980
Box 6, Folder 2Topics in GE, former students
Box 6, Folder 3Curriculum vitae
Box 6, Folder 4Research projects (Hepr)
Box 6, Folder 5Courses
Box 6, Folder 6Students and faculty
Box 6, Folder 7Courses (schedules): Early years after years of chairmanship
Box 6, Folder 8Course descriptions, etc.
Box 6, Folder 9Deans reports, [LM] activities
Box 6, Folder 10Election to MAS
Box 6, Folder 11List of Japanese students and dates of Ph.D., April 1980
Box 6, Folder 12Paper distribution list
Box 6, Folder 13Center
Box 6, Folder 14SSRC
Box 6, Folder 15Graduate program current
Box 6, Folder 16Rhodes scholars
Box 6, Folder 17NSF grant
Box 6, Folder 18Research grants from Ford NDEA fellowships
Box 6, Folder 19Curriculum vitae and student list
Box 6, Folder 20Makoto Yano
Box 6, Folder 21Management library
Box 6, Folder 22ESU summer scholarships
Box 6, Folder 23RCER reports
Box 6, Folder 24Recruiting lines
Box 6, Folder 25Fliers
Box 6, Folder 26Graduate student records
Box 6, Folder 28Recruiting committee
Series V: Preprints, 1986-1996
Box 6, Folder 27Rochester, Mod. Val. Theory, April 1980
Box 6, Folder 29Classical Theorem on Existence of Competitive Equilibrium, December 1979
Box 6, Folder 30Gross Substitutes (New Palgrave), July 1986
Box 6, Folder 31Turnpike Theory (New Palgrave), June 1986
Box 6, Folder 32General Equilibrium (New Palgrave), April 1986
Box 6, Folder 33The Comparative Statistics and Dynamics of Stationary States, May 1983
Box 6, Folder 34Turnpike Theory, Discounted Utility, and the Von Neumann Facit, July 1982
Box 6, Folder 35The Classical Theorem on Existence of Competitive Equilibrium, September 1980
Box 6, Folder 36The Classical Theorem on Existence of Competitive Equilibrium, revised, September 1980
Box 6, Folder 37Optimal Economic Growth, May 1984
Box 6, Folder 38Optimal Economic Growth and Turnpike Theorems, revised, March 1980
Box 6, Folder 39A Primal Route to the Turnpike and Liapounov Stability, 2nd Harvard, November 1980
Box 6, Folder 40Optimal Economic Growth and Turnpike Theorems, revised, July 1979
Box 6, Folder 41Optimal Economic Growth and Turnpike Theorems, revised, February 1979
Box 6, Folder 42Optimal Economic Growth and Turnpike Theorems, original, August 1978
Box 6, Folder 43Originals of manuscripts, November 1976
Box 6, Folder 44Originals of manuscripts, March 1976
Box 6, Folder 45Book
Box 6, Folder 46Presidential Address: Existence of Competitive Equilibrium, 1977 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society, 22-25
Box 6, Folder 47The Catalog of Lionel McKenzie Library, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University, 2004

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