Sanford A. Gradinger Papers

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Sanford A. Gradinger Papers
Call Number: D.276
Dates: 1977-2010
Physical Description: 8 boxes, 3 Posters, 2 photographs
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Separated Materials
Content List
Box 1: Andrei Sakharov
Box 2: Andrei Sakharov (Continued)
Box 4: Andrei Sakharov/Ida Nudel
Box 5: Andrei Sakharov/Ida Nudel (Continued)
Box 6: Refuseniks
Box 7: Refuseniks (Continued)
Box 8: Refuseniks (Continued)
Collection Overview
Title: Sanford A. Gradinger Papers
Call Number: D.276
Dates: 1977-2010
Physical Description: 8 boxes, 3 Posters, 2 photographs
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Sanford A. Gradinger is a Rochester businessman and founder of Centra Financial Group. In 1977 he became involved in an international human rights struggle in which he joined forces with others in Rochester to help reunite the Edward Lozansky family. Lozansky came to the US from Russia in 1976 expecting that his wife, Tanya, the daughter of a three-star Russian general, and their daughter would soon follow. However, they were not granted permission to leave. Immense public efforts were made to apply pressure on the Soviets to release the Lozanskys as well as other dissidents and refuseniks.

As an active participant in these activities, Gradinger and his wife Stephanie traveled to Washington, DC where they met with White House and State Department officials. Gradinger ultimately went to the Soviet Union where he met with Andrei Sakharov and other refuseniks.

Much of this activity was carefully monitored by the KGB as confirmed by files discovered at KGB headquarters after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Scope and Content
Sanford Gradinger's papers chronicle the efforts put forth by the Andrei Sakharov International Committee (founded at the University of Rochester in 1978) to engender human rights within the Soviet Union. The Committee's goals were to keep Sakharov alive, reunify the Lozansky family, and agitate for emigration rights for Soviet Jewry like Ida Nudel and Rimma Bravve. These efforts included a series of highly publicized concerts in the US and Europe as well as contacts with numerous public figures.

This collection includes correspondence, photographs, clippings, ephemera, posters and travel memorabilia.

Soviet Union
Newspaper clippings
Gradinger, Sanford A.
Lozansky, Edward D. (Edward Dmitrievich), 1941-
Sakharov, Andreĭ, 1921-1989
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Sanford A. Gradinger donated this collection to the University on October 26, 2000. Additional material was donated by Gradinger on August 10, 2010 and September 13, 2011.Access
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[Item title, item date], Sanford A. Gradinger Papers, D.276, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterSeparated Materials
Books from Sanford Gradinger that were placed in the General Stacks:

Bailey, George (editor). Kontinet 4: Contemporary Russian Writers (Call Number: PG3213 .K6 1982)

Bukovsky, Vladimir. To Build a Castle: My Life as a Dissenter (Call Number: DK275.B84 A37)

Eddy, Sherwood. The Challenge or Russia (Call Number: DK267 .E21c)

Khrushchev, Nikita. Khrushchev Remembers (Call Number: DK275 .K38Akhr)

Kopelev, Lev. Ease My Sorrows ( Call Number: PG3482.7 .K83Au)

Levine, Irving R. Main Street, U.S.S.R. (Call Number: DK276 .L66m)

Lozansky, Edouard. Pour Tatiana (Call Number: DS135.R95 L69514 1984)

Lozansky, Edward. For Tatiana (Call Number: DS135.R95 A36 1986)

Meisel, James H. and Kozera, Edward S. The Soviet System (Call Number: JN6503 .M51m 1953)

Ratcliff, Carter. Komar and Melamid (Call Number: N6999.K57 R38 1988)

Shcharansky, Anatoly. Fear No Evil (Call Number: DS135.R95 S497 1988)

Shcharansky, Anatoly and Avital. The Journey Home (by the Jerusalem Post) (Call Number: DS135.R95 A113 1986)

Shevchenko, Arkady N. Breaking with Moscow (Call Number: UB271.U52 S437 1985)

Smith, Hedrick. The New Russians ( Call Number: DK288 .S59 1990)

Smith, Hedrick. The Russians (Call Number: DK288 .S59 1990)

Voslensky, Michael. Nomenklatura (Call Number: JN6549.E9 V6813 1984)

Wiesel, Elie. The Jews of Silence (Call Number: DS135.R92 W5313 1966)

Williams, Albert Rhys. The Russians (Call Number: DK273 .W72r)

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Finding aid publication date: Revised August 2017.
Content List
Box 1: Andrei Sakharov
Folder 1. Gradinger's chronology of events
Folder 2. Sakharov International Committee and Andrei Sakharov Institute stationary
Folder 3. Sakharov, Andrei: 1980-86: Board Business of Andrei Sakharov Institute
Folder 4. Press and publicity, 1980-84
Folder 5. Sakharov, Andrei 1983: Institute Ed.
Folder 6. Sakharov, Andrei: 1983: Andrei Sakharov Day and Lozansky Reception
Folder 7. Yankelevich, Efrem: writings 1983-85
Folder 8. Sakharov, Andrei: Info and Harry J. Lipkin 1983-84
Folder 9. Human Rights Day, 12/9/1983
Folder 10. Sakharov, Andrei: 1983: Pre-concert committee work (misc.)
Folder 11. Sakharov, Andrei: Committee: Rochester 1984
Folder 12. Soviet Emigree Orchestra 1983-84; 1984 Rochester Concert
Folder 13. Sakharov, Andrei: 1984: Pre-concert, press and appeal
Folder 14. Sakharov, Andrei: 1984: Concert press clippings
Folder 15. Sakharov, Andrei: 1984: Concert tour
Box 2: Andrei Sakharov (Continued)
Folder 1. Sakharov, Andrei: 1984: Concert tour
Folder 2. Sakharov, Andrei: 1984: Concert tour
Folder 3. Sakharov, Andrei: 1984: Concert tour
Folder 4. Sakharov, Andrei: Concert 1984: Rochester
Folder 5. Sakharov, Andrei: Concert Rochester 5/9/1984 (See oversized posters in same Box)
Folder 6. Sakharov, Andrei: Concert Rochester: Flyers 5/9/1984
Folder 7. Sakharov, Andrei: Concert: Carnegie Hall 5/21/1984
Folder 8. Sakharov, Andrei: Concert in Amsterdam 5/24/1984
Folder 9. Sakharov, Andrei: Institute Conference 9/14-15/1984
Folder 10. RIT Conference: Soviet Realities 3/22-23/1985
Folder 11. Syracuse University National Issues Forum: 11/7/1985 and 12/5/1985
Folder 12. Sakharov, Andrei: 1985: National Andrei Sakharov Day, May 15, 1985
Other c level: Otherlevel with otherlevel: Box
Folder 1. Sakharov, Andrei: 1985-86: Talks and news clippings (Mrs. Bonner)
Folder 2. Sakharov, Andrei: 1985-86: Mrs. Bonner
Folder 3. NYC Concert 5/20/1986: Sakharov, Andrei and Bonner
Folder 4. Sakharov, Andrei 1984; Mrs. Bonner illness 1986
Folder 5. Gradinger Binder 1 (originals returned to S. Gradinger)
Folder 6. Gradinger Binder 2 (originals returned to S. Gradinger)
Folder 7. Gradinger Binder 3 (originals returned to S. Gradinger)
Folder 8. Correspondence 1985-95
Folder 9. Guide to Gradinger Papers at the American Jewish Historical Society (printed 2010)
Folder 10. Miscellaneous 1979-85
Folder 11. Oral history recording from American Jewish Historical Society 2010
Folder 12. Press and publicity 1985-2008
Folder 13. Sakharov Institute meeting minutes 10/9/1988
Folder 14. Congresswoman Slaughter: Beizer Family 1987
Folder 15. Congresswoman Slaughter: Bravve Family 1987-88
Folder 16. Congresswoman Slaughter: Damaceanu Family 1987
Folder 17. Congresswoman Slaughter: Guberman Family 1987
Folder 18. Congresswoman Slaughter: Rabinovich Family 1987
Folder 19. Congresswoman Slaughter: Shustorovich Family (1987)
Folder 20. Congresswoman Slaughter: Tsimberou Family (1987)
Folder 21. Congresswoman Slaughter: Yom Kippur (1987)
Folder 22. Congresswoman Slaughter: Zapesochny Family (1987)
Box 4: Andrei Sakharov/Ida Nudel
Donated by Gradinger in Aug. 2010 and Sept. 2011:
Folder 1. Sakharov, Andrei: 1980-84 Documents: Sakharov Int. Committee
Folder 2. Sakharov, Andrei: 1979-86: Business
Folder 3. Sakharov, Andrei: 1985-86: Seminars
Folder 4. Sakharov, Andrei: 1986-87: Board
Folder 5. Sakharov, Andrei: 1986-87
Folder 6. Sakharov, Andrei: 1987-88: Refusnik, Russia trip
Folder 7. Sakharov, Andrei: 1987
Folder 8. Sakharov, Andrei: 1987: articles and clippings
Box 5: Andrei Sakharov/Ida Nudel (Continued)
Folder 1. Sakharov, Andrei: 1988-89: Comes to America
Folder 2. Sakharov, Andrei: Remembrance 1989-90; Dec. 14, 1989: Sakharov dies
Folder 3. Sakharov, Andrei: Misc
Folder 4. Sakharov, Andrei: Postcards and opinion program Tapes, April 23, 1984
Folder 5. Legislative Resolution 1983
Folder 6. Nudel, Ida
Folder 7. Nudel, Ida
Folder 8. Nudel, Ida: Sports
Box 6: Refuseniks
Folder 1. Refuseniks 1977-2000: Scharansky and Others
Folder 2. Refuseniks 1979-82: Lozansky
Folder 3. Refuseniks 1979-87: Misc., Lozansky
Folder 4. Refuseniks 1979-89: Misc.
Folder 5. Refuseniks 1984: Soviet Jews
Folder 6. Refuseniks 1986-87: Bravve Case
Folder 7. Refuseniks 1987: Soviet Jews (Washington March)
Folder 8. Refuseniks 1987
Folder 9. Refuseniks 1987: Yom Kippur Hunger Strike
Folder 10. Refuseniks 1987: Ukrainians
Book: They Were True Heroes by Yakov Suslensky
Please note this book has been removed the collection and cataloged separately.

Box 7: Refuseniks (Continued)
Folder 1. Refuseniks Fall 1989: General Reception
Folder 2. Refuseniks 1990: Italy Trip
Folder 3. Refuseniks 1990: Jobs for Jewish immigrants
Folder 4. Rome, Italy Talk: Oct. 1990
Folder 5. Refuseniks 1990: Ukraine
Folder 6. Refuseniks 1991-92: Ukrainians
Folder 7. Refuseniks
Folder 8. Refuseniks Bravve, 1986-88
Folder 9. Refuseniks book by Donia Rosen The Forest, My Friend
Box 8: Refuseniks (Continued)
Folder 1. Refuseniks Temple Ukrainians
Folder 2. Refuseniks: Moscow - New Year (Independent Univ.)
Folder 3. Kopelev, Lev
Folder 4. Items removed from Gradinger Books
Folder 5. Refuseniks Lozansky: Film papers
Folder 6. Publications regarding doing business in Russia, mostly early 1990s
Folder 7. Travel memorabilia from 1987 trip to Russia:
a. 1987 small notebook
b. Leather travel diary: SAG
c. Small notebook
d. Envelope of snapshots
Folder Oversized Material:
Peace Child poster (brought in on Nov. 22, 2000 by Jared Gradinger with S. Gradinger)
Poster of "Sports Feelings" – International Museum of Photography 1989
2 large photographs- Ida Nudel and schoolchildren 1994
Mounted poster from Notre Dame concert
Oversized posters of Sakharov Concert in Rochester, May 9, 1984
Large photograph Sept. 1987: Andrei Sakharov and Sandy Gradinger at A.S. Apt. Moscow KGB monitored conversation

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