Ward's Natural Science Establishment Papers, Addition

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Collection Overview
Call Number: D.258
Dates: 1854-1998
Physical Description: 32 Boxes, 3 Packages, 2 Scrapbooks, and 2 Framed Photographs
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Scope and Content
This collection continues the history of Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Rochester, New York as started in the Henry Augustus Ward Papers (call number A.W23) and continued in the Ward's Natural Science Establishment Papers (call number D.231). While the first collection of the Establishment (D.231) concentrates on the history of Ward's from the 1950s through the 1980s, covering mostly the financial and business aspects of the company, particularly from the time when William C. Gamble was president of Ward's (1962 through 1980), this newest addition to the collection, while smaller in volume, is much broader in scope. It encompasses the history of Ward's from its earliest beginnings with Henry A. Ward in 1862 through the sale of the company in 1998. It also includes many historical materials on the extended Henry A. Ward Family.

The collection was donated to the University of Rochester on July 29, 1998, on behalf of Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Inc., by Kurt Gelke, current President of Ward's, and Kenneth G. Rainis, Vice-President of Biology. It is meant to supplement the original collection, despite its broader scope and chronology. Materials in this collection would be useful to historians of science, science education, business, Henry A. Ward and the Ward family, and the City of Rochester.

The WARD'S NATURAL SCIENCE ESTABLISHMENT PAPERS, ADDITION is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
Reproductions are made upon request but can be subject to restrictions. Permission to publish materials from the collection must currently be requested. Please note that some materials may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the researcher's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections. For more information contact rarebks@library.rochester.eduCitation
[Item title, item date], WARD'S NATURAL SCIENCE ESTABLISHMENT PAPERS, ADDITION, D.258, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterRelated Materials
Historical Material. Boxes 1-5. Printed materials from journals, magazines, and newspapers about the Establishment; Speeches and research on Ward's history; Collections, exhibits, and large projects conducted by Ward's; Building and site information; and product information.

Financial Reports and Business Records. Boxes 6-8. Financial statements of the company from the 1870's through the 1980's; Inventories; Annual reports; Business agreements; Purchase agreements; Customer invoices; Real estate appraisals and proposals; Legal consultations.

Employee Information. Boxes 9-10. Newspaper articles, special projects, obituaries, benefits, etc.

Correspondence. Boxes 11-16. Named correspondence including early Henry A. Ward letters written and received, Dean L. Gamble, William C. Gamble, and Ward Family correspondence; Business correspondence including customer letters, Jumbo research correspondence, and Mineral Department correspondence.

Ward Family Historical Material. Boxes 17-18. Includes information on Henry A. Ward, his second wife Lydia Avery Coonley Ward, his son Charles H. Ward, and grandson Roswell Ward.

Gamble Family Historical Material. Box 19. Dean L. Gamble and William C. Gamble, 1931-1981.

Printed Materials and Publications. Boxes 20-22. Ward's Price Lists, collection advertisements, announcements, circulars, guides, educational material; Company newsletters and handbooks; Materials from other establishments referencing Ward's as well as publications from other collectors and competitors; 1860's through 1990's. Ward's Price Lists, collection advertisements, announcements, circulars, guides, educational material; Company newsletters and handbooks; Materials from other establishments referencing Ward's as well as publications from other collectors and competitors; 1860's through 1990's. The collection contained many catalogs and other publications from Ward's Natural Science Establishment, dating from the 1860's through the 1990's, which have been separated from the rest of the collection and are to be catalogued.

Bound Volumes from W.N.S.E. Library. 4 volumes, removed from collection to be catalogued.


Ephemera. Box 23. Gift certificate; Television advertisement; Commemorative Coins; Audio cassette.

Photographs. Boxes 24-32, Packages 1-3, and Framed Photographs in Alcove 3, Bin 24. Includes photos of Ward's employees, Ward Family, sales conferences, parties, buildings and sites, collections, exhibits, and preparations. Also included are negatives, slides, and glass plates. Dates range from early days of Ward's (some earlier) through 1997. See addendum to the register for a detailed listing of the contents of each box and folder.

Scrapbooks. 2 Scrapbooks, shelved at end of collection. Contain information and ephemera pertaining to Ward's Centennial Year of 1962 and the Centennial Celebration held on July 24, 1962.

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1
Printed Material
1. Journal and magazine articles, 1870's to 1950's.
2. Journal and magazine articles, 1960's to 1990's.
3. Newspaper articles--general, 1890's to 1950's.
4. Newspaper articles--general, 1970's to 1990's.
5. Frank A. Ward Foundation--newspaper articles, 1927.
6. Ward's Centennial, 1862-1962--newspaper articles, 1962.
7. KDI Corporation, Cincinnati, OH--newspaper articles, 1970.
Box 2
Speeches, Writings, and Research
1. Dean L. Gamble--speeches about Ward's, 1949 and 1952.
2. Dean L. Gamble--research on Ward's, 1834-1954.
3. Karl Schmidt--c. 1940's research on taxidermy and Ward papers in UR Library, 1860's to early 1900's.
4. Karl Schmidt--c.1940's research on Ward's "Alumni", 1860's to early 1900's.
5. Karl Schmidt--c.1940's notebook listing of "Men at Ward's, 1875-1900", w/ Roswell Ward additions, 1962.
6. Dick Buck--student research paper on Ward's, date unknown.
7. Arthur S. Hamlin, Canandaigua Scientific Association--speech about Ward's, 1967.
8. "Ward's Wall of Fame"--Ward's staff research project, 1993.
Box 3
Collections and Exhibits; Large Projects
1. Megatherium, 1866. Includes 1977 research correspondence.
2. Henry A. Ward at the U.S. Centennial, 1876. Scrapbook, 1965.
3. Brooks Museum--University of Virginia, 1877. Includes 1966 D.L. Gamble correspondence.
4. The Mammoth--Pittsburgh Exposition, 1879; Cincinnati Expo., 1881. Bound volume.
5. Milwaukee Industrial Exposition, 1883. Notice of Ward's collections at Expo.
6. Jumbo the Elephant, 1885. Newspaper and magazine articles, 1885-1960's.
7. Prince Imperial--preserved horse, 1886. Historical articles, 1886, 1982.
8. World's Columbian Exposition--Chicago, 1893. Official Guide; 1966 scrapbook.
9. Sperm Whale--Bishop Museum, Hawaii, 1898-1899. Includes Frank A. Ward letters to William T. Brigham, 1899-1902.
10. Wyoming Village Hall, Wyoming, NY--Coonley-Ward Collection Exhibit, 1991.
Box 4
Building/Site Information
1. Ridge Rd. Facility, Irondequoit--1942 to early 1980's.
2. Pittsford Facility--1966, c.1968 opening.
3. Henrietta Facility--Ground Breaking Ceremonies, 1982.
4. Cosmos Hall Fire--newspaper article, 1869.
5. College Ave. Fire--newspaper articles, 1930.
6. Ridge Rd. Barn Fire--newspaper articles, 1951.
Box 5
Product Information
1. Ward's Historical Preservation Techniques, 1939-1979.
2. Schmitt Box / American Entomological Co.--historical, 1910's, 30's, 70's and 80's.
3. MLA (Modern Learning Aids) History, 1970's.
Box 6
Financial Statements
1. 1894-1978, company financial records.
2. Bound Volume: Financial Statements, Vol. 1, 1929-1939.
3. Bound Volume: Financial Statements, Vol. 2, 1941-1950.
Box 7
Inventories and Product Listings
1. Ward Howell, 1875-1880.
2. Ward Howell, 1881-1891.
3. College Ave. Fire, 1930--Mineral Dept. losses, sales, and George Letchworth English's recommendations.
4. Ridge Rd. Barn Fire, 1951--inventory and losses, including pre-fire inventories, 1948-1951.
5. Ridge Rd. Barn Fire, 1951--inventory and losses, including 1995 audit of fire inventory sheets.
Box 8
1. Executive Committee Reports, Minutes, 1894; Annual Report, 1898.
2. Business Agreements--1890, 1924, and 1946.
3. Purchase Agreements, Bills of Sale--1870's to 1890's.
4. Customer invoice, bill, 1889.
5. Oblong Waterflood Project--William C. Gamble's oil/gas venture. Correspondence, records, 1961-1964.
6. Oblong Waterflood Project--correspondence, records, 1965-1969.
7. Real estate appraisals, proposals--1971, 1981.
Box 9
Files of Individuals, A-J
1. Carl Akeley--historical articles, 1926, 1964, 1986.
2. Fred Amos--Museum Service Bulletin, article written by, 1958.
3. Henry Barbeau--retirement party flyer, 1997.
4. Richard Casanova--newspaper article, 1949.
5. Robert Casey--obituary, 1991.
6. Robert Dinse--newspaper clipping, 1978.
7. George Letchworth English--presentation argument to Ward's Directors, 1929.
8. Dean L. Gamble--insurance forms and benefits information, 1945-1981.
9. Reginald W. Hartwell--obituary, 1989.
10. William Herbert--newspaper article, n.d.
11. William T. Hornaday--obituary, 1937; journal article, 1991.
12. John (Jack) Hosking--employee info, documents, and newspaper articles, 1946-1983.
13. Richard F. Hunt--Ward's Bulletin article, 1970.
14. Forrest Jenkins--assignment of Patent for embalming fluid, 1946.
15. David E. Jensen--articles written by, 1950's-1970's; Katherine Jensen eulogy, 1981.
Box 10
Files of Individuals, K-Z; Miscellaneous
1. Oscar Kirchoff--legal document, 1950.
2. Tom Lally--obituary, 1957.
3. Theodore H. Romaniak--article written by, 1946.
4. Remi Henry Santens--historical article, n.d.
5. Doris Schmitt--newspaper article, 1979.
6. Arthur Ware Slocum--obituary, 1938.
7. Bertha E. Slye--newspaper article, 1946.
8. Robert Vance--newspaper article, 1936.
9. Jake VanHall--newspaper article, 1979; retirement plans, 1990; historical presentation by, 1992.
10. Timothy Westbrook--Monroe County Legislature Election campaign pamphlet, late 1970's.
11. William Morton Wheeler--diary, 1884, typescript; Mrs. Dora Emerson Wheeler obituary, 1947.
12. Charles Wray--newspaper articles, 1978; Rochester Museum and Science Center article, 1985.
13. Miscellaneous--new employee announcements, 1947; address lists, n.d.; etc.
Box 11
Named Correspondence--Barbeau, H. through Gamble, D.L.
1. Henry F. Barbeau, 1981-1992.
2. P.T. Barnum to Henry A. Ward--Jumbo correspondence, 1884-1885 (See also: Henry A. Ward Papers, A.W23); letter to C.F. Wadsworth, 1864.
3. Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) to Henry A. Ward, 1872-1887.
4. Grover Cleveland to Henry A. Ward, 1884.
5. George Letchworth English, 1917-1932.
6. Dean L. Gamble--general correspondence, c.1930-1939; 1965-1966.
7. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1959.
8. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1960.
9. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1961.
10. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1962.
11. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1963.
12. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1964.
13. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1965.
14. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1966.
15. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1967.
16. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1968.
17. Dean L. Gamble and Henry Gresham, 1969.
Box 12
Named Correspondence--Gamble, W.C. and Gamble, D.L.
1. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1963.
2. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1964.
3. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1965.
4. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1966.
5. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1967.
6. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1968.
7. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1969.
8. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1970.
9. William C. Gamble and Dean L. Gamble, 1975.
Box 13
Named Correspondence--Gamble, W.C., General Business
1. William C. Gamble, Jan.-Mar., 1976.
2. William C. Gamble, Apr.-Jun., 1976.
3. William C. Gamble, Jul.-Sept., 1976.
4. William C. Gamble, Oct.-Dec., 1976.
5. William C. Gamble, Jan.-Mar., 1977.
6. William C. Gamble, Apr.-Jun., 1977.
7. William C. Gamble, Jul.-Sept., 1977.
8. William C. Gamble, Oct.-Dec., 1977.
9. William C. Gamble, Jan.-Mar., 1978.
10. William C. Gamble, Apr.-Jun., 1978.
11. William C. Gamble, Jul.-Sept., 1978.
12. William C. Gamble, Oct.-Dec., 1978.
13. William C. Gamble, Jan.-Mar., 1979.
14. William C. Gamble, Apr.-Jun., 1979.
15. William C. Gamble, Jul.-Sept., 1979.
16. William C. Gamble, Oct.-Dec., 1979.
17. William C. Gamble, 1980-.
Box 14
Named Correspondence--Gueret, E. through Vassar College (M.P. Jewett)
1. Edmund N. Gueret--letter from William T. Hornaday, 1891; Henry L. Ward correspondence, 1906 and 1928 (See also: Henry L. Ward Papers, A.W25).
2. Alfred C. Hawkins, 1910-1937.
3. William T. Hornaday to Henry A. Ward, 1873 (See also: Henry A. Ward Papers, A.W23).
4. John (Jack) Hosking to Henry Barbeau, 1983-1997.
5. Edwin Howell, 1885; 1903-1904.
6. David Jensen--letter from Robert Vance, 1936; from Dean L. Gamble, 1972.
7. William P. Letchworth--letters from Henry A. Ward, 1876-1879; photocopied letters from Henry L. Ward, 1899.
8. Karl Schmidt, 1934-1943, including letters from Dean L. Gamble, 1934-1935.
9. Vassar College (M.P. Jewett) to Henry A. Ward, 1861-1868.
Box 15
Named Correspondence--Ward Family
1. Anna T. Ward--telegraph from Charles H. Ward, 1899; misc. correspondence, 1925.
2. Charles H. Ward--letter to Henry A. Ward, 1896; Palmer School of Chiropractic correspondence, 1904; sympathy telegraphs re: death of Henry A. Ward, 1906 (See also: Charles H. Ward Papers, A.W22).
3. Charles H. Ward and Roswell Ward, 1935-1942.
4. Edward Smith (Ted) Ward, 1909.
5. Frank A. Ward--letter to Edwin Howell, 1892; to Charles H. Ward, 1907.
6. Henry A. Ward--misc. letters written by, 1875-1905 (See also: Henry A. Ward Papers, A.W23).
7. Henry A. Ward--misc. letters received, 1854-1905.
8. Henry A. Ward to Lydia Avery Coonley, 1892.
9. Henry A. Ward to Edwin Howell, 1876-1892.
10. Henry A. Ward and Eliza Chapin Ward, 1847-1870.
11. Henry A. Ward to Frank A. Ward, 1903.
12. Henry M. Ward to Henry A. Ward, 1871.
13. J.B. Ward to Henry A. Ward, 1867.
14. Lydia Avery Coonley Ward to Charles H. Ward, 1906-1907.
15. Roswell Ward, 1924-1948 (See also: Roswell H. Ward Papers, A.W29).
16. Roswell Ward, 1952-1964.
Box 16
Business Correspondence
Folder Folders:
1. Customer correspondence, 1879-1881; 1964-1990.
2. Fire of 1930--Sympathy letters, general, 1930-1931.
3. Fire of 1930--Sympathy letters to George Letchworth English, 1930.
4. Fire of 1930--Sympathy letters to Robert Vance and Frank H. Ward, 1930.
5. Geological Society of America--George Letchworth English and Dean L. Gamble correspondence, 1931-1932.
6. Jumbo research correspondence, 1969-1994; including P.T. Barnum photocopied correspondence, 1884-1885.
7. Mineral Department--Index of correspondence, dates received and replied, 1905.
8. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. and Jack Hosking, 1975-1977. U.S. Bicentennial Exhibit featuring 1876 Ward's Exhibit for U.S. Centennial.
9. Miscellaneous correspondence (not necessarily to Ward's), 1872-1885.
Box 17
Named Folders
1. Alice M. Ward--final wishes and obituary, n.d.
2. Andrew Ward, b. 1597, d. 1659.--pamphlet for his descendants, 1906.
3. Artemas Ward--book review of his biography, c.1921.
4. Charles H. Ward--newspaper article, c.1939; obituary, 1943 (See also: Charles H. Ward Papers, A.W22).
5. Edward (Ted) Smith Ward--1963 William C. Gamble historical correspondence.
6. Frank A. Ward--obituary, 1927.
7. Frank Hawley Ward--obituary, 1958 (See also: Ward [Frank Hawley] Family Papers, D.92).
8. Frederick Townsend Ward--magazine articles, 1929 and 1932; book review of biography, 1949.
9. Rev. George Kemp Ward--obituary, c.1938; Caroline Peirpont Ward (Mrs. George K. Ward)--obituary, 1939.
10. George Merritt Ward--obituary, c.1927.
11. Grace M. Ward (Mrs. Artemas Ward, Jr.)--obituary, 1952.
12. Harriet Kemp Ward (Mrs. Levi A. Ward)--obituary, 1906.
13. Henry A. Ward--personal journal, typescript, 1854-1896; articles written by, 1902-1904 (See also: Henry A. Ward Papers, A.W23).
14. Henry A. Ward--newspaper correspondence, 1854-1906.
15. Henry A. Ward--newspaper excerpts from D
16. Henry A. Ward--last will and testament, 1905; 1908 notes.
17. Henry A. Ward--newspaper clippings on his death, 1906.
18. Henry A. Ward--historical newspaper articles, 1863-1897; 1970's and 1980's.
19. Henry A. Ward--historical printed material, 1896-1986, including William T. Hornaday article, 1896.
20. Henry L. Ward--newspaper interview, c.1880; newspaper article, 1941 (See also: Henry L. Ward Papers, A.W25).
21. Ira Luther Ward--marriage announcement, n.d.
22. 22. Dr. Levi Ward--Rochester Savings Bank advertisement, 1934; portrait drawing, n.d.; Mehitabel Hand Ward (Mrs. Dr. Levi Ward)-newspaper portrait, 1934.
23. Levi Alfred Ward--portrait drawing, n.d.
24. Levi S. Ward--obituary, 1926.
25. Lydia Avery Coonley Ward--Henry A. Ward marriage announcement, 1903; obituary, 1924.
26. Mary H. Ward (Mary Douglas Ward, Mrs. Frank A. Ward)--obituaries, 1935; newspaper articles re: her estate, 1936.
27. Ward Family--miscellaneous historical articles, 1946 and 1953.
28. Grove Place--Ward Family residence in Rochester, newspaper articles, 1930's (See also: Ward [Frank Hawley] Family Papers, D.92).
29. Ward-Garcia Corporation--newspaper article, 1958.
Box 18
Roswell Ward Materials (See also: Roswell H. Ward Papers, A.W29)
1. Henry A. Ward biography, "Mammoths and Meteors", published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 1933.
2. Agreement between Roswell Ward and UR Library re: Henry A. Ward Papers, 1938. Includes UR Library Bulletin article, 1947.
3. Draft of Roswell Ward article, "Wireless Torpedoes", 1942.
4. Newspaper article about Roswell Ward, c.1948.
5. Book review, 1949--Henry A. Ward: Museum Builder to America, by Roswell Ward.
6. Draft of speech for W.N.S.E. Centennial Celebration, 1962.
7. W.N.S.E. background checks on Roswell Ward, 1964.
8. Ward Family history research, genealogies, newspaper articles, etc.--dates vary.
9. Anti-Chiropractic book project, based on Charles H. Ward correspondence of 1901--Roswell's research materials, 1950-1960.
10. Anti-Chiropractic book project--Mar.-Sept., 1961.
11. Anti-Chiropractic book project--Oct.-Dec., 1961.
12. Anti-Chiropractic book project--1962-1963.
Box 19
Gamble Family Historical Material
1. Dean L. Gamble--historical, biographical, 1931-1981. Includes newspaper articles, 1931; Bulletin articles, 1974; obituaries, 1981.
2. William C. Gamble--25th Anniversary at Ward's, 1975.
3. William C. Gamble Family holiday card, 1963.
Box 20
Ward's Printed Materials and Publications: Price Lists
1. Price Lists--Numbers and dates unknown.
2. Price List--1890, handwritten.
3. Price Lists--1904-1915 (Nos. 1-150, incomplete).
4. Price Lists--1915-1920 (Nos. 151-225, incomplete).
5. Price Lists--1921-1929 (Nos. 228-325, incomplete).
6. Price Lists--1930-1963 (Nos. 331-501, incomplete).
Box 21
Ward's Printed Materials and Publications: Miscellaneous
1. Collection Advertisements, Announcements, Circulars--1863-1932.
2. Collection Advertisements, Announcements, Circulars--1934-1980's.
3. Mineral Department Product Information--1960's.
4. Guides--Mineral Collectors Guide, 1953; Science Shopper's Guide, 1980; Ward's Canada, 1980.
5. Educational Material--Curriculum Aids, study pamphlets, and informational essays, 1930's through 1980's; some dates unknown.
6. Ward's Lesson Pak for Elementary School Science--Teacher's Guide, 1966.
7. Company Newsletters-- "Ward's Chatter", 1940-1941.
8. Company Newsletters-- "Bay Views", 1946-1949.
9. Company Newsletters-- "The Insider", 1977.
10. Company Newsletters-- "The Wardite Newsletter", 1978.
11. Company Newsletters-- "Ward's World", 1992-1993.
12. Employee Handbook, c.1960's and 1970's.
Box 22
Printed Materials and Publications: Other Establishments
1. Collections from other establishments referencing Ward's--1966, 1977.
2. Collections from other establishments referencing Ward's--1991, 1993, 1998 (re: Blaschka Glass Models).
3. Publications from other establishments, collectors, and competitors, 1894-1981.
Box 23
Ward's Gift Certificate--date unknown.
"Silent Sam" Skeleton--original card used in WHAM-TV production where Ward's skeleton was used, date unknown.
Ward's Centennial Commemorative Coins, 1862-1962 (7 bronze coins).
Audio cassette--Ground Breaking Ceremonies, Henrietta Plant, April 1982.
Scrapbook 1: Ward's 100th Anniversary Year, 1962. Includes newspaper articles, cards and letters, catalog covers, photographs, and ephemera collected throughout the entire year of 1962.
Scrapbook 2: Ward's Centennial Celebration, July 24, 1962. Includes newspaper articles, invitations and replies, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera pertaining to the celebration activities and events.
Box 24
Photographs--Individuals, A-G
1. George Ahn, n.d. [c.1960's].
2. Harold Alling, n.d.
3. Fred Amos [c.1950's-1960's].
4. Jim Anthony, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
5. Jules F.D. Bailly, n.d. [c. late 1800's].
6. Arthur B. Baker, n.d. [c.1880's].
7. Lois Ballard, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
8. Henry Barbeau, 1960's-1990's.
9. Richard Barringer, 1962.
10. Robert Bitgood, n.d. [c.1970's].
11. Rosza Bodo, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
12. Dr. ___ Broom, n.d. [c.1950's].
13. Judy Brown, 1977.
14. Mary (Catalano) Brush, n.d.
15. Louis Buralt (?), 1871.
16. Robert Casey, 1950's-1970's.
17. George Clement, 1970's.
18. Hazel Conklin, n.d.
19. John Critchley, n.d. [c.1870's-1890's].
20. Charles DeCampenier (?), n.d. [c. late 1800's].
21. Robert Dinse, 1977.
22. Rob Donaldson, 1978.
23. Dorothy Eggelstein, n.d. [c.1960's].
24. George Letchworth English, n.d. [c.1930's].
25. Jack Finn, 1979.
26. Bill Fisher, 1978.
27. Frank Fletcher, n.d. [c.1930's-1940's].
28. ___ Follansbee, n.d.
29. Dean L. Gamble, 1930's-1950's.
30. Dean L. Gamble, 1960's-1970's.
31. Dean L. Gamble and William C. Gamble, 1950's-1970.
32. William C. Gamble, 1940's-1960's.
33. William C. Gamble, 1970's.
34. William C. Gamble Family, 1966.
35. Gustav Garay, n.d.
36. Robert L. Gering, n.d.
37. Lillian Girard and Robert Girard, n.d. [c.1962].
38. William R. Gormly (?), 1872.
39. Wayne Grady, n.d. [c.1962].
40. Paul Green, n.d.
41. Henry Gresham, n.d. [c.1960's].
42. John E. Griswold (?), n.d.
43. Edmond N. Gueret, [n.d., c. late 1800's and] 1940.
Box 25
Photographs--Individuals, H-P
1. Fred Hall, n.d. [c.1950's].
2. Helen Hand, n.d.
3. Thomas Hargrave, n.d.
4. Russell Hatch, 1977.
5. H.W. Henshaw (?), n.d. [c. late 1800's].
6. E. Hepburn (?), n.d.
7. A. Leo. Hewitt (?), [c. late 1800's].
8. Marita Heymann, 1955 [and n.d., c.1950's-1960's].
9. Franklin C. Hill, 1878.
10. Isban Hiso___ (?), n.d. [c. late 1800's].
11. J. Edward Hoffmeister, n.d.
12. W.H. Holmes, n.d. [c. late 1800's].
13. Jim Honey, n.d.
14. William T. Hornaday, n.d. [c.1870's-1880's].
15. John ("Jack") Hosking, [n.d., c.1950's-1960's and] 1973.
16. Richard F. Hunt, n.d.
17. Libbie Henrietta Hyman (?), n.d. [c.1960's].
18. Bettina B. Jackson and Daniel F. Jackson, n.d. [c. late 1960's].
19. David Jensen, 1950 and 1955 [and n.d., c.1950's].
20. David Jensen, 1963 and 1970 [and n.d., c.1960's-1970's].
21. Roy Johnstone, 1952.
22. Eugene Jones, n.d.
23. Raymond H. Kahn, 1964 [and n.d., c.1960's].
24. Don Kelly, n.d.
25. C. Kirchoff, c.1870's-1890's.
26. Oscar Kirchoff, c. 1870's-1930's [and n.d.].
27. John Kittrell, [n.d., c.1960's-1970's and] 1977.
28. Darlene ("Dee") Kreiser, n.d. [c.1950's-1970's].
29. Tom Lally and Claudia Lally, n.d. [c.1940's-1950's].
30. Jim Larkin, c. 1972.
31. Clarence Lauderdale, n.d. [c. late 1800's].
32. Harry Lauderdale, n.d. [c. late 1800's].
33. T. Loew (?), 1885.
34. Frederick A. Lucas, n.d. [c.1870's].
35. John N. MacKendrick, 1963.
36. ___ Massey (?), n.d. [c. late 1800's].
37. Jack Mastowski, n.d.
38. Arthur Mathewson, 1865.
39. Louis Matthey, n.d. [c.1970's].
40. Don Matties, 1977.
41. Kathy McGibbon, 1978.
42. William McMurtie, 1874.
43. Donald J. Merchant, n.d. [c.1960's].
44. Guido Merinetti, 1944 [and n.d., c.1940's-1950's].
45. Greg Miller, c.1970's.
46. Justus F. Mueller, 1955 [and n.d., c.1940's].
47. Homer G. Newton, n.d. [c.1860's].
48. John O'Connor, [n.d., c.1950's and] 1987.
49. John ("Jack") O'Keefe, n.d.
50. Charles Papp, n.d.
51. Joe Parisi, n.d. [c.1970's].
52. Steve Parisi and Rosemary Parisi, 1977.
53. Cindy Pastarnik (?), c.1975.
54. A.C. Peale (?), n.d. [c. late 1800's].
55. Beth Pearsall, n.d.
56. ___ Piatt, c. late 1870's.
57. Darwin Platt, n.d.
58. Frank Porter, n.d.
59. ___ Potter, n.d. [c.1890's].
60. Harry L. Preston, n.d. [c. late 1800's].
Box 26
Photographs--Individuals, Q-Z and Unidentified
1. Robert Quigley, [n.d., c.1960's-1970's and] 1973.
2. John H. Renshaw, n.d. [c. late 1800's].
3. ___ Rogers, n.d.
4. Robert Roudabush, n.d. [c.1930's-1950's].
5. Gardner Ryan, c.1969.
6. Joseph Santens, n.d. [c. early 1900's, 1950's].
7. Walter J. Schirmer, n.d.
8. Karl Schmidt, n.d.
9. Doris Schmitt, n.d.
10. Ester Schott, n.d.
11. Jerry Schott, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
12. Carl Schwind, n.d.
13. Ward Seldon (?), n.d.
14. Dr. ___ Shadle, n.d.
15. Anthony Sorrentino, 1974.
16. Victor Sprague, 1955.
17. Leonard Steinberg, c.1950.
18. Joseph Stoecklein, n.d.
19. Robert Sullivan, 1975.
20. Lazlo Szombathelyi (?), n.d.
21. Earl A. Tieppo, n.d.
22. Linda VanBell, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
23. Robert Vance, n.d. [c. early 1900's-1930's].
24. Joe Viana, [n.d., c.1970's and] 1977.
25. Charles Wachtelhausen (?), [n.d., c.1970's and] 1978.
26. John Waldie, n.d. [c.1940's-1950's].
27. Howard Walsh, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
28. ___ Washburn, n.d.
29. Adalbert ('Al') Weber, n.d.
30. Helen Weber, n.d.
31. Leonard Weiss, n.d. [c.1966-1967].
32. Timothy J. Westbrook, n.d. [c.1960's].
33. George Whitwell, 1956 [and n.d., c.1950's].
34. George Wild, n.d. [c.1870's].
35. Art Williams, 1978.
36. Ron Wood, c.1968.
37. Ruth Wood, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
38. Charles Wray, n.d. [c.1950's-1960's].
39. Robert Yaeger, n.d. [c.1940's-1950's].
40. John M. Youngpeter, [n.d., c.1950's-1960's and] 1967.
41. Jose G. Zeledon (?), 1871.
42. Hatton Zimmerman, n.d.
43. Unidentified individuals, displaying preparations, c.1860's-1960's.
44. Unidentified individuals, miscellaneous, c.1860's-1960's.
Box 27
Photographs--Ward Family
1. Gertrude L. Green (?), third wife to Charles H. Ward, n.d.
2. Clayla Ward (Mrs. F. Hawley Ward), 1962.
Edward Ward, n.d. [c. early 1900's].
3. Frank Hawley Ward, n.d. [c.1940's].
4. George Merritt Ward, n.d. [c. early 1900's].
5. Hawley W. Ward, n.d.
6. Henry A. Ward, c.1850's-1902.
7. Henry A. Ward and Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody), c.1872.
8. Henry A. Ward and Phoebe Howell Ward, 1860.
9. Henry A. Ward Family--Headstones at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Early photo, n.d.; recent photos, 1990's.
10. Henry A. Ward--Historical material, various dates; some dates unknown.
11. Henry L. Ward, n.d.
12. Henry Meigs Ward, c.1890's.
Box 28
Photographs--Groups, Parties, Picnics, Sales Conferences
1. Ward's full staff photos, 1941-1986.
2. Ward's employees sitting on mounted rhinoceros, 1872.
3. Ward's employees holding specimens of their specialties, c.1870's; 1894.
4. Ward's Mineral Department employees, c.1960's.
5. Ward's employees at work, c.1960's-1980's.
6. Ward's employees--miscellaneous groups, 1924; 1950's-1993.
7. Miscellaneous group photos (not necessarily Ward's employees), n.d. and 1947.
8. Ward's parties and picnics, 1983 and 1987.
9. Ward's parties and picnics, 1992.
10. Ward's parties and picnics, 1993 and 1997.
11. NSTA Conference, 1968; Ward's Geology Symposium, 1968.
12. Ward's Sales Conference, 1973.
13. Ward's Sales Conferences, 1974-1976.
14. Science Kit purchase of Ward's--scrapbook, 1980.
15. Miscellaneous sales/conference/meetings photos, 1950's-1970's.
Box 29
Photographs--Buildings and Sites, 1880's-1960's
1. Early Ward's Facilities' Departments--sketch drawing photos, n.d.
2. Early Ward's Facilities--sketch drawing photos and actual photos of Cosmos Hall and Chronos Hall, c.1880's-1890's.
3. Ridge Rd., Irondequoit Facility, 1942-early 1980's--Aerial photos, various dates.
4. Ridge Rd., Irondequoit Facility, 1942-early 1980's--Landscape photos, various dates.
5. Ridge Rd., Irondequoit Facility, 1942-early 1980's-Building photos, various dates.
6. Ridge Rd., Irondequoit Facility--Barn photos, 1940's-1950; Fire, 1951.
7. Monterey, California, Cannery Row Facility--Buildings and employees, 1960's.
8. Monterey, California, Cannery Row Facility--35 mm. negatives, 1962.
9. Monterey, California, Cannery Row Facility--35 mm. negatives, 1962.
Box 30
Photographs--Buildings and Sites, 1960's-1990's and Miscellaneous
1. Pittsford Facility, 1968.
2. Henrietta Facility, 1982-1983.
3. Ward's redwood trunk sign, 1960's.
4. Unidentified Ward's building and facilities photos, n.d.
5. Brooks Museum, University of Virginia, n.d.
6. Rogers High School, Newport, n.d.
7. Maine--dogfish operation, [n.d., c.1950's-1960's and] 1982.
8. Midas Mine--drawings, n.d.
9. Trudy ___'s (?) house, 1997.
10. Trudy ___'s (?) house, 1997.
Box 31
Photographs--Ward's Collections, Exhibits, and Preparations
Folder Exhibits:
1. Chicago Interstate Exposition--1874
2. Coonley-Ward Collection Exhibit--Wyoming Village Hall, Wyoming, NY, 1991.
Folder Specimen Preparations:
3. Alligator, 1983 and 1989.
4. Bison skeleton, 1989.
5. Jumbo--Henry A. Ward to P.T. Barnum correspondence photos, 1885; Henry A. Ward letter of intent, 1885; Bill for Jumbo's mounting, 1886.
6. Jumbo--mounted skeleton, n.d. [c.1885-1886].
7. Jumbo--stuffed and mounted, n.d. [c.1885-1886].
8. Mammoth / Mastodon skeletons and stuffed, c.1870's-1920's.
9. Megatherium drawing photo, n.d. [1866].
10. Octopus model, n.d.
11. Prince Imperial (?)--preserved horse, n.d. [c.1886].
12. Ward's specimen preparations, miscellaneous, n.d.
Folder Miscellaneous Collection Photos:
13. Ward's catalogs and bulletins--miscellaneous photos, 1883-1969.
14. Promotional photos and drawings, n.d.
Folder Charles H. Ward Anatomical Laboratory:
15. Japanese models of human fetal development, 1920's.
16. Palmer College of Chiropractic--vertebrate preparations, c.1962.
17. Bertha Schoenberger with human skeleton, n.d.
Box 32
Glass plates-early photos of Ward's preparations, late 1800's.
Miscellaneous slides, 1962-1977.
Henry Barbeau's retirement picnic, 1997--5 envelopes.
Photo album of Henry Barbeau's retirement picnic, 1997.
Box 33
Correspondence, 1931
Correspondence, 1932
Correspondence, 1933
Correspondence, 1934
Relationship between Ward's and the University of Rochester
Package 1:
Portraits--Henry A. Ward, n.d. [c.1860's]; F. Hawley Ward, n.d. [c.1940's]; and Dean L. Gamble, n.d. [c.1940's].
Package 2:
Photographs and drawing of William C. Gamble as a boy, c.1936.
Package 3:
Aerial photographs of Ridge Rd., Irondequoit and Pittsford facilities [n.d., c.1940's-1960's and] 1962.
Alcove 3, Bin 24:
Framed photographs--Henry A. Ward, n.d. [c.1840's]; Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Ridge Rd., Irondequoit facility, n.d. [c.1970's].

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