Franklin Florence Papers

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Franklin Florence papers
Creator: Florence, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-2023
Call Number: D.167
Dates: 1962-1972
Physical Description: 8 boxes, 1 package
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Related Materials
Content List
Series I: Reynolds Street Church of Christ
Box 1a (34 folders)
Membership Committee: folders 4-10
Box 1b
Building and Grounds Committee: folders 13-21
Education: folders 22-29
Box 1c
Education: folders 22-29
Sermons: folders 30-34
Box 2a (29 folders)
Finance: folders 3-14
Box 2b
Finance: folders 3-14
Box 2c
Series II: Social and political action
Box 3a (43 folders)
Rochester Area Churches
Box 3b FIGHT
Box 3c
FIGHT- Eastman Kodak Company Dispute - folders 29-33a
FIGHT- Jobs and Job Training - folders 34-43
Box 4a (42 folders)
FIGHTON - folders 1-10
Box 4b
FIGHT Urban Development and Housing - folders 19-29
Box 4c
FIGHT Urban Development and Housing - folders 19-29
FIGHT Financial - folders 30-33
Box 5a (50 folders)
FIGHT Correspondence - folders 6-15
Box 5b
Action for a Better Community (ABC) - folders 19-34
Box 5c
Rochester Jobs Incorporated (RJI) folders 35-41
Model Cities Incorporated - folders 43-50
Box 6a (51 folders)
Rochester Northeast Development of Model Cities Incorporated (RNED) - folders 1-51 through box 7 - folders 1-8
Box 6b RNED
Box 6c
Rochester Northeast Development of Model Cities Incorporated (RNED) - folders 1-51 through box 7 - folders 1-8
Correspondence with Staff Members:
Box 7a (37 folders)
RNED Financial - folders 2-8
UNITED Inc. - folders 9-13
Elections - folders 14-15
Racial Issues - folders 16-25
Box 7b
Racial Issues - folders 16-25
Box 8a (9 folders plus book and audio tape)
UR BSU Occupation of the Frederick Douglass Building
Rev P. David Finks
FIGHT and Education
Box 8b:
Collection Overview
Title: Franklin Florence papers
Creator: Florence, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-2023
Call Number: D.167
Dates: 1962-1972
Physical Description: 8 boxes, 1 package
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Florence came to Rochester, NY, from the segregated south as a young preacher in 1959. He was born August 9, 1933 in Miami Florida to Hozel and Bertha Florence. At age 16, Florence was drawn to the ministry by the influential Church of Christ evangelist Marshall Keeble. Florence attended Nashville Christian Institute from 1948-1952, a black elementary and secondary school affiliated with the Church of Christ where he met Mary, his future wife. He attended Pepperdine College in Los Angeles (also affiliated with the Church of Christ) but dropped out after 2 years. He returned to Florida and was ordained a minister in West Palm Beach where he became the pastor of the 18th Street Church of Christ. At the age of 25, Florence was recruited to become the pastor of the Reynolds Street Church of Christ in Rochester, NY, where he moved with his wife and children.

During the 1960s Florence emerged as a prominant civil rights leader and advocate of black power. In the early '60s Florence developed a friendship with Malcolm X who spoke in Rochester shortly before his assassination. In response to the Rochester race riots of July 1964, The Board of Urban Ministry (BUM) a group of local Protestant clergy, began encouraging black religious leaders to organize their community. The ministers originally invited the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to come to Rochester to initiate a campaign. After sending delegates to Rochester to appraise the situation the SCLC declined the invitation but recommended that the Board turn to the Chicago based Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) and its "radical" leader Saul Alinsky.

The bid to bring Alinsky to Rochester was met with fierce opposition by many. In the midst of the controversy Alinsky sent two of his associates, Ed Chambers and Ron Jones, to the Flower City to begin to organize the Black community. Florence was chosen to head the steering committee of the newly formed community based black activist organization that was given the name FIGHT; an acronym for Freedom, Integration, God, Honor, Today (the "I" was changed in 1967 to stand for "Independence"). For Alinsky, it was paramount that communities organize themselves. He remained in the background in the role of consultant and white liberals interested in the civil rights movement in Rochester were asked to step aside and allow blacks to speak for themselves. These white activists formed Friends of FIGHT (later to become Metro Act) which developed alongside FIGHT as a separate organization. Florence was formally elected president of FIGHT at the first annual FIGHT convention in June 1965. He held the presidency from 1965-1967 and again in 1968.

Rochester's urban problems were typical of many northern cities which experienced a rapid immigration of blacks from the south between 1950 and 1970. As white residents and businesses moved to the suburbs, inner city blacks faced high unemployment, poor housing and substandard schools. FIGHT's mission was to address this defacto segregation and the social problems that resulted from it. FIGHT pledged to train unskilled blacks and move them into the prosperous Rochester economy, to develop and renew urban neighborhoods, to create quality education and, perhaps most importantly, to develop political activism and community participation amongst poor urban blacks. For example, FIGHT insisted that there be greater black representation in other anti-poverty agencies like the city controlled Action for a Better Community (ABC). While these platforms put Florence and his organization into the Rochester news it wasn't until FIGHT took on Rochester's largest employer, the Eastman Kodak Company, in 1966 that Florence and his organization were brought into the national limelight.

As part of FIGHT's ongoing effort to expand employment opportunities for urban blacks, the organization demanded that Kodak implement a job training program and hire 500-600 newly trained black Rochester residents as part of their workforce. These demands triggered a two year controversy between FIGHT and Kodak. The FIGHT campaign was a significant attempt to challenge rooted patterns of institutional and economic discrimination in the north, during a critical period of transition and reassessment for 'the movement' nationally. The FIGHT crusade against Kodak represented an attempt to expand the notion of civil rights in the wake of national legislation ending dejure segregation in 1964 and '65. The campaign is well documented in these papers. Kodak and FIGHT eventually reached an agreement in the summer of 1967 and in the interim, Rochester Jobs Incorporated (RJI) was formed with Florence as vice-president. RJI, formed by a group of interdenominational clergymen in March 1967, aimed to connect unskilled workers with training and jobs. It was intended to diffuse the FIGHT-Kodak controversy. While RJI did not do this, the organization was successful in placing over 700 people in jobs within 8 months of its creation.

While Florence lost the presidency of FIGHT in 1969 to Bernard Gifford, the controversial social and political activist remained a force to be reckoned with in Rochester. Along with his continued participation in FIGHT, Florence was involved with the Rochester anti-poverty agency ABC and The Rochester Northeast Development Corporation (RNED). His papers chronicle these and other political endeavors. The collection is arranged thematically, beginning with Florence's papers from the Reynolds Street Church of Christ. Following these are documents from FIGHT, primarily those of the early years when Florence was in power. Documents from the conventions and steering meetings as well as the specific FIGHT campaigns are included. Also included are Florence's records of FIGHTON the Black owned and operated metal stamping plant that came about through the planning of FIGHT, Xerox, and the Rochester Business Opportunities Corporation (RBOC).

Following Florence's FIGHT papers are materials concerning ABC, incorporated in December, 1964 to effectuate the Federal Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. A large portion of the agency's funding came from the federal Office of Economic Opportunity which allocated money through the state. During its early years, Florence and FIGHT blasted ABC on the grounds that it failed to represent Rochester's poorest citizens. By 1966, Minister Florence was on the Board of Directors as well as participating in two of ABC's committees. Over the years, FIGHT and ABC would come to work together on various campaigns.

Following Minister Florence's papers concerning ABC are papers from RJI. Readers will find references in this section to the Concentrated Employment Program, (CEP), ABC, and Operation Mainstream. CEP was a federally funded program sponsered by RJI. The New Careers Program, a component of CEP was subcontracted to ABC. CEP was the parent organization for Operation Mainstream which provided in part, the funding for FIGHTON.

The last major section of the collection are papers concerned with the Model Cities Program and the Rochester Northeast Development Corporation (RNED). The Model Cities Program was a federally funded operation to revive selected neighborhoods in various US cities. In 1968 Rochester had three proposed Model Cities projects. FIGHT announced it would block the Model Cities program unless it had control of the planning process. FIGHT elected a Model Cities Board that they claimed represented the poor in the three city wards targeted by the program.

RNED arose out of the desire for meaningful citizen participation in the Model Cities Program. In order to ensure an equal partnership between the City of Rochester and the Model Neighborhood Council, 36 voting members of the council formed RNED as an advocacy group for the council. RNED was incorporated August 6, 1969. Minister Florence became its executive director the following year. As well as addressing housing issues, RNED became involved in various education campaigns including the federally funded Talent Search program.

Following the RNED documents are papers from UNITED Incorporated, a consulting firm set up by Minister Florence and Ron Jones, one of Alinsky's original organizers in Rochester and a man active in RNED as well.

In 1972 Florence ran for State Assembly for the Liberal Party. There is a small folder on this unsuccessful endeavor.

Scope and Content
Minister Florence's papers contain a large number of publications from various organizations around the country as well as articles from magazines and journals reflecting his interest and involvement in race relations, poverty, urban development and other social justice issues. These are arranged thematically with folders concerning race relations and civil rights followed by specific issues such as the war in Vietnam and the uprising at Attica State Prison. Florence was active on the Observer Committee as a negotiater following the Attica uprising. He was said to have delivered one of his most effective speeches while being held with other observers in the compound.

The collection is divided into two parts: church and social activism. This, however, is a somewhat artificial division. Clearly, Florence and other Rochester Ministers saw their role as clergymen as requiring them to be involved in social justice issues. Florence's Reynolds Street congregation became divided over Florence's outspoken and controversial role in FIGHT and ousted him as their pastor in 1970. Florence and several dozen followers went on to establish the Central Church of Christ (on Plymouth Avenue since 1974) where he is still the minister today (1998).

The user of the collection will find a scattering of sermons, speeches, press releases and personal correspondence written by Minister Florence. The majority of the collection, however, consists of official agency correspondence, budgets, and proposals. Much of the material has been photocopied due to water and mold damage. Originals have been kept wherever possible.

New York (State)--Rochester
Press releases
Florence, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-2023
Freedom, Integration, God, Honor, Today (Organization)
African American clergy
Civil rights workers
African American civil rights workers
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Gift of Minister Franklin D. Florence, 1980.Access
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[Item title, item date], Franklin Florence papers, D.167, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterRelated Materials
Researchers interested in the early days of FIGHT should also consult the collection of papers on the Rochester Race Riots (D.185) .

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Reynolds Street Church of Christ
Box 1a (34 folders)
Folder 1. Programs and Newsletters 1968-1969
Folder 2. Church By-Laws
Folder 3. Leadership Training
Membership Committee: folders 4-10
Folder 4. Committee Members and Training 1966-1969
Folder 5. Senior Citizens Sunday-August 10, 1969
Folder 6. Membership and Visitation Lists, 1959-1972 (see also Box 8, folder 10)
Folder 7. New Member Packet
Folder 8. Personal/Evangelistic Work
Folder 9. Correspondence re removal of membership of Edgar D. Brown
Folder 10. Correspondence re problems with Northside Church of Christ
Folder 11. Efficiency Committee
Folder 12. Worship Committee
Box 1b
Building and Grounds Committee: folders 13-21
Folder 13. Building and Grounds Committee
Folder 14. Correspondence with other Churches re Building Fund
Folder 15. Correspondence with Paden Company re new building plans and contract
Folder 16. Purchase orders for building and subcontract agreements
Folder 17. Materials purchased for building: receipts 1964-1965
Folder 18. Materials purchased for building: receipts 1964-1965
Folder 19. Records of building cost
Folder 20. Building Fund Correspondence
Folder 21. Building Committee for Peace Memorial Free Methodist Church, Chili NY
Education: folders 22-29
Folder 22. Teacher Training: meetings and information
Folder 23. Training Class for Young Men
Folder 24. Sunday School/ Youth Program
Folder 25. Adult Bible Study
Box 1c
Education: folders 22-29
Folder 26. Parent Education and the Family Program
Folder 27. Lessons: Teens and Adults
Folder 28. Bible School Records 1958-1961
Folder 29. Vacation Bible School sign-up (undated)
Sermons: folders 30-34
Folder 30. Sermon for Baccalaureate Service, Class of 1961, N.C.I. (Nashville Christian Institute?)
Folder 31. Batsell Baxter Radio Sermons, Church of Christ, Nashville Tenn. 1953-1954
Folder 32. ?
Folder 33. Sermons (not written by Franklin Florence)
Folder 34. Notes and Sermons: Franklin Florence
Box 2a (29 folders)
Folder 1. Church Bulletins
Folder 2. Announcements
Finance: folders 3-14
Folder 3. Financial Committee
Folder 4. Financial Reports and Budget Proposals 1966-1969
Folder 5. Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks
Folder 6. Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks
Folder 7. Records of Weekly Offerings 1964
Folder 8. Receipts, bills, past due notices: 1964-1969
Folder 9. The Bond Program
Box 2b
Finance: folders 3-14
Folder 10. Correspondence and records re Bond Fund w/ Nashville Securities Incorporated
Folder 11. Correspondence and records re Bond Fund w/ National Plan and General Plan, Fort Worth TX
Folder 12. Correspondence and records re Bond Fund w/ Leake, Henry, Golden, Burrow Potts
Folder 13. Payroll: Paden Company/Reynolds Street Church of Christ 1962-65 (incomplete)
Folder 14. Miscellaneous financial
Folder 15. Central Ladies Class (Central Church of Christ)
Folder 16. Chorus
Folder 17. Miscellaneous meetings and reports
Folder 18. Bulletins and Publications from other Churches of Christ
Folder 19. Bulletins and Publications from other Churches of Christ
Folder 20. Religious Publications and materials from other churches (other denominations)
Box 2c
Folder 21. Religious publications used for Worship Planning
Folder 22. Religious Catalogues
Folder 23. Fall Revival 1969
Folder 24. Miscellaneous Correspondence 1957-1972
Folder 25. Literature and notes on Roman Catholicism, 1960
Folder 26. Radio and Newspaper Advertising
Folder 27. Administrative documents from other Churches
Folder 28. Miscellaneous photographs
Folder 29. Miscellaneous
Series II: Social and political action
Box 3a (43 folders)
Rochester Area Churches
Folder 1. Statements on 1964 Rochester Racial Riots, Council of Churches and Canon St. Julian Simpkins
Folder 2. Race and the Church
Folder 3. Rochester Area Minister's Conference
Folder 4. Board for Urban Ministry (a part of the Rochester Area Council of Churches)
Folder 5. Rochester Area Council of Churches
Folder 6. Catholic Interracial Council/ Dioces and Bishop's Task Force/ U.S. Catholic Conference
Folder 7. Presbyterian Interracial Council
Folder 8. 'Development of a Protestant Work Ethic', correspondence to Franklin Florence
Folder 9. Miscellaneous Correspondence
Folder 10. Black Churches of Rochester
Folder 11. Rochester Churches miscellaneous
Box 3b FIGHT
Folder 12. Saul Alinsky and the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF)
Folder 13. NBC Newscast 1967: McGee, Alinsky, Florence, Finks, Sheen, Hunt
Folder 14. 1st FIGHT Convention/ Constitution/ Delegates Caucus/ Member Groups 1965
Folder 15. 2nd FIGHT Convention, 1966
Folder 16. 3rd FIGHT Convention, 1967
Folder 17. 1968 Delegates Council
Folder 18. 5th FIGHT Convention 1969
Folder 19. FIGHT Conventions/ Constitution, 1970-1971
Folder 20. FIGHT Policies and Issues
Folder 21. FIGHT Committees
Folder 22. 'The FIGHTER', 2 publications: February 1967 and tribute to Malcolm X
Folder 23. FIGHT Steering, 1965
Folder 24. FIGHT Steering, 1966-1968
Folder 25. FIGHT Steering, 1969
Folder 26. FIGHT Steering, undated
Folder 27. Administration
Folder 28. Correspondence and Press Statements re: Personnel
Box 3c
FIGHT- Eastman Kodak Company Dispute - folders 29-33a
Folder 29. FIGHT - Kodak Dispute, 1966
Folder 30. FIGHT - Kodak Dispute, 1967
Folder 31. FIGHT's 'Focus on Flemington' April 1967
Folder 32. Articles/ Newspaper Clippings re FIGHT and Kodak
Folder 33. FIGHT - Kodak Dispute, 1968 and undated
a. "Kodak, FIGHT, and the Definition of Civil Rights in Rochester, NY: 1966-67" by R. Wadhwani. Published in The Historian, Fall 1997.
FIGHT- Jobs and Job Training - folders 34-43
Folder 34. FIGHT JOBS, Program Proposal 1968
Folder 35. FIGHT: Job Training
Folder 36. Affirmative Action Program for the Rochester Area
Folder 37. Job Program with Sibleys, Star Market and A
Folder 38. Civil Service Job Training Program
Folder 39. Government Programs and Funding
Folder 40. Inner City Welding - Ritter Pfaundler
Folder 41. Self Determination Symposium December 12, 1968
Folder 42. Jobs and Job Training Miscellaneous
Folder 43. Operation Mainstream (see also CEP, folders 38 and 39)
Box 4a (42 folders)
FIGHTON - folders 1-10
Folder 1. FIGHTON Proposal "Operation Mainstream": Joint Study, FIGHT and Xerox
Folder 2. FIGHTON Proposal "Operation Mainstream": Joint Study, FIGHT and Xerox, 2nd copy
Folder 3. FIGHTON By-laws and Overview
Folder 4. FIGHTON Term Loan Agreement
Folder 5. Agreement with Xerox
Folder 6. Meetings of Board of Directors
Folder 7. Interoffice Memorandum
Folder 8. Financial Statements
Folder 9. "FIGHTON Today: Beginning of the Beginning"
Folder 10. FIGHTON miscellaneous
Folder 11. Xerox Training Proposal "Step Up"
Folder 12. "Step-Up" and Correspondence with Xerox
Box 4b
Folder FIGHT Education - folders 13-18
Folder 13. FIGHT Education
Folder 14. Fight and Rochester City School District
Folder 15. Head Start Program
Folder 16. Reports and Articles on Education
Folder 17. Speaking Invitations/ meetings/ reports
Folder 18. FIGHT Education miscellaneous
FIGHT Urban Development and Housing - folders 19-29
Folder 19. FIGHT Urban Renewal
Folder 20. State Publication: "Survey Moderate-Income and Low-Rent Housing Need and Demand Rochester NY" October, 1962
Folder 21. Third Ward Urban Renewal Project
Folder 22. "Third Ward Development Plan": FIGHT Publication
Box 4c
FIGHT Urban Development and Housing - folders 19-29
Folder 23. Eleventh Ward Urban Renewal
Folder 24. High Falls Area Urban Renewal
Folder 25. FIGHT Square
Folder 26. FIGHT Housing miscellaneous
Folder 27. Local Housing information from other organizations
Folder 28. Proposal for "We, Ourselves": Community Action Organization of Erie County Incorporated, September, 1966
Folder a. Report on Resident Participation in Poverty Program: Correspondence from James Cunningham 1966
Folder 29. Reading materials on Urban Renewal, Poverty, Housing
FIGHT Financial - folders 30-33
Folder 30. Charities Registration Form
Folder 31. Project Budget - Operation Mainstream
Folder 32. Receipts, creditor's notes etc.
Folder 33. FIGHT Financial miscellaneous
Box 5a (50 folders)
Folder 1. FIGHT media contacts
Folder 2. State Supreme Court Decision re 1970 FIGHT election
Folder 3. Speech to BUILD Organization in Buffalo, NY by Florence (1967?)
Folder 4. Write ups on FIGHT
Folder 5. FIGHT Press Releases Miscellaneous
FIGHT Correspondence - folders 6-15
Folder 6. Ron Jones file (IAF consultant sent to Rochester by Alinsky)
Folder 7. 1964-1965
Folder 8. 1966
Folder 9. 1967
Folder 10. 1968
Folder 11. 1969
Folder 12. 1970-1971 (includes note from Mrs. Harper Sibley)
Folder 13. 1972
Folder 14. undated
Folder 15. Telegrams (includes telegram from Nelson Rockefeller)
Folder 16. FIGHT Miscellaneous
Folder 17. Photocopied Newspaper Clippings on FIGHT and FIGHT related issues
Folder 18. Friends of FIGHT
Box 5b
Action for a Better Community (ABC) - folders 19-34
Folder 19. ABC Constitution and Structure
Folder 20. Correspondence with NY State Office of Economic Development (OEO)
Folder 21. ABC Board of Directors
Folder 22. Financial Reports and Funding Information
Folder 23. US Deptartment of Labor Invoices
Folder 24. Personnel
Folder 25. Market Research Project - ABC and Urban League of Rochester
Folder 26. Media Representation and Proposals to the Media
Folder 27. FIGHT Proposition re ABC
Folder 28. ABC elections
Folder 29. Summer Program Report
Folder 30. Summer Youth Opportunities
Folder 31. Neighborhood Service Information Centers (NSIC)
Folder 32. NSIC Health Care
Folder 33. New Careers Program (see also CEP)
Folder a. Planned Variations Coalition
Folder 34. ABC miscellaneous
Box 5c
Rochester Jobs Incorporated (RJI) folders 35-41
Folder 35. Formation of RJI
Folder 36. By-laws, Working Principles
Folder 37. Meetings of the Board of Directors
Folder 38. Concentrated Employment Program (CEP) - (see also Operation Mainstream and ABC)
Folder 39. CEP Contractors Invoices
Folder 40. RJI miscellaneous
Folder 41. Training Resources Incorporated (TRI) (became RJI)
Folder 24. Rochester Business Opportunities Corporation (RBOC)
Model Cities Incorporated - folders 43-50
Folder 43. Model Cities and Citizen Participation - SCLC and FIGHT Grievances
Folder 44. FIGHT Proposal for Economic Development of Model Cities Neighborhood
Folder 45. Model Cities Council Administration, Jeffrey Swain 1971 correspondence
Folder 46. HUD Planning Requirements
Folder 47. Model Neighborhood Area
Folder 48. Model Neighborhood Program - Baden Street Settlement House
Folder 49. Montgomery Neighborhood Center
Folder 50. Model Cities miscellaneous
Box 6a (51 folders)
Rochester Northeast Development of Model Cities Incorporated (RNED) - folders 1-51 through box 7 - folders 1-8
Folder 1. RNED Overview, Structure, By-laws
Folder 2. Housing
Folder 3. Proposed Housing Program with HWD Service Corporation
Folder 4. Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Folder 5. Land Lots Available after August, 1971 due to Foreclosure
Folder 6. Tot Lot Evaluations
Folder 7. Citizen Participation Project
Folder 8. Training Agreement: RNED and Model Cities
Folder 9. Grant Money
Folder 10. UTAP signed petitions
Folder 11. Security Guard Recruitment Program
Folder 12. RNED Board Meetings
Folder 13. Interoffice Memos
Folder 14. Administration
Folder 15. Mr. S.S. Huja (RNED Executive Director) correspondence
Folder 16. Correspondence
Box 6b RNED
Folder RNED Education
Folder 17. "Application Information and Program Manual: Talent Search, Upward Bound, Special Services" US Department of Health, Education and Welfare
Folder 18. Talent Search: Overview/ Proposals
Folder 19. Talent Search Advisory Council
Folder 20. Talent Search Annual Report June 30, 1971
Folder 21. Annual Report 1970-1971: Miami Dade Junior College Talent Search and University of New Hampshire Talent earch Information
Folder 22. Paperwork from other cities' Talent Search programs
Folder 23. Student Lists: RNED Talent Search Program
Folder 24. Educational Opportunities Program (EOP)
Folder 25. Counselor Aide Program
Folder 26. Upward Bound Program
Folder 27. Learning Now Academy - Summer Program 1971
Folder 28. Learning Now Academy - Youth Opportunity Projects
Folder 29. Street Academy
Folder 30. Right to Read Program
Folder 31. College Orientation Seminars
Folder 32. Paperwork for US Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Education
Folder 33. Education Committee/ Parent Committee
Folder 34. Parent Association
Folder 35. Evaluations and Statistics re Education Programs
Folder 36. Informations from the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology
Box 6c
Rochester Northeast Development of Model Cities Incorporated (RNED) - folders 1-51 through box 7 - folders 1-8
Folder 37. Information from other Universities/ "Black Studies" Programs
Folder 38. Consolidation: Talent Search, Upward Bound, Special Services, EOP
Folder 39. RNED Education: Office Memos
Folder 40. Staff Meetings
Folder 41. Personnel
Correspondence with Staff Members:
Folder 42. James Winston
Folder 43. James Cantrell
Folder 44. Rowena Monts
Folder 45. Ned Adams
Folder 46. Hubert Smith
Folder 47. Mary Farrar
Folder 48. Planning Research Associates (P/RA)
Folder 49. P/RA Financial Dispute
Folder 50. Correspondence with Accountants
Folder 51. Grants/ Finances
Box 7a (37 folders)
Folder 1. RNED Education miscellaneous
RNED Financial - folders 2-8
Folder 2. Financial Statements 1970-1971
Folder 3. Pre-Christmas Ball
Folder 4. Receipts/ Bills
Folder 5. Bank Notices
Folder 6. Expenditure Authorization Forms 1971-1972
Folder 7. Disbursements
Folder 8. Miscellaneous Financial
UNITED Inc. - folders 9-13
Folder 9. Purpose/ Overview
Folder 10. Client: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Folder 11. Client: Black Congressional Caucus
Folder 12. Work Folder and Budget
Folder 13. Funding
Elections - folders 14-15
Folder 14. "Operation Breakthrough": Florence's bid for State Assembly 131st District, 1972
Folder 15. Miscellaneous City Elections
Racial Issues - folders 16-25
Folder 16. Florence on racial issues
Folder 17. "Race Relations '67: Where do we Stand?" Rochester Times Union Publication
Folder 18. SNCC literature (see also Vietnam)
Folder 19. SCLC literature
Folder 20. Black Panther literature
Folder 21. 1966 National Conference on Black Power
Folder 22. National Black Political Convention - Gary, Indiana 1972
Box 7b
Racial Issues - folders 16-25
Folder 23. Articles on Race and Civil Rights
Folder 24. Articles on Race and Civil Rights
Folder 25. Miscellaneous information and publications on Racial Issues
Folder 26. Urban League of Rochester
Folder 27. National Urban League
Folder 28. Vietnam (Voters for Peace, SNCC and others)
Folder 29. Attica
Folder 30. Welfare Reform
Folder 31. "The Meaning of Rochester NY" - author and date unknown
Folder 32. Petition to deny relicensing of WOKR
Folder 33. Charitable Foundations: Rules for collection of contributions
Folder 34. Community Police Evaluation Program
Folder 35. Neighborhood Health Council
Folder 36. Miscellaneous Helth Care
Folder 37. Information on Disabilities
Box 8a (9 folders plus book and audio tape)
Folder 1. Magazines plus a listing of magazines, books and newspapers too damaged to keep
Folder 2. Newspaper Clippings 1964-1968
Killens, John Oliver. "Explanation of the 'Black Psyche.'" The New York Times Magazine. 7 June 1964. 3 pp.
"Shriver Proposes School Changes." Democrat and Chronicle. 20 November 1966.1 p.
"Editorial: Segregation, Solomon." Democrat and Chronicle. 28 December 1966.1 p.
"Rochester: A City in Torment Hunts in Vain for Race Harmony." Miami Herald. 25 April 1967. 1 p.
"Dr. Cooper: The Ghetto's Great Need is a Sense of Community." The Brighton-Pittsford Post. 1 February 1968. 2 pp.
"US Jury Indicts 16 In Chicago Rioting." Publication unknown. 21 March 1968. 1 p.
"Former FIGHT president Florence to speak in Poplar Ridge Sunday." The Citizens-Advertiser. 2 May 1968. 1 p.
Boller, Charles. "Interfaith Body OKs Training." Democrat and Chronicle. 18 October 1968. 1 p.
"Advertisement: Rochester: Time for Thanks." Publication unknown. 20 November 1968. 1 p.
Wilson, Joyce. "FIGHT Raps Reading Test in Inner City." Democrat and Chronicle. 14 December 1968. 1 p.
Wilson, Joyce. "Push Is on for Inner-City School Control." Democrat and Chronicle. 17 December 1968. 1 p.
Wilson, Joyce. "'Third R' Trips Third Graders." Democrat and Chronicle. 18 December 1968. 1 p.
Folder Colgate Rochester Divinity School Occupation
McLoughlin, John. "Black Students Seize Divinity School." Democrat and Chronicle. 3 March 1969. 2 pp.
Tammeus, William D. "Black Seminarians Contacting Groups." [Times-Union]. 1969. 1 p.
Ashworth, William. "A Brief Look Inside 'Fortress.'" Democrat and Chronicle. 6 March 1969. 2 pp.
Tammeus, William D. "Protesters, School Deadlocked." Times-Union. 7 March 1969. 1 p.
Nauer, Mike. "Blacks Keep Doors Barred." Democrat and Chronicle. 9 March 1969. 2 pp.
Tammeus, William D. "Seminary Meeting 'Fruitless.'" Times-Union. 12 March 1969. 1 p.
Lovely, Dan. "CRDS Students Polled—Reopen School or Not?" Democrat and Chronicle. 12 March 1969. 1 p.
"Divinity School Talks Still Go On." Democrat and Chronicle. 16 March 1969. 1 p.
"Sit-In at Seminary To End Thursday." Times-Union. 18 March 1969. 1 p.
Lovely, Dan. "Seminarians To End Sit-in." Democrat and Chronicle. 19 March 1969. 1 p.
Lovely, Dan. "Colgate Dilemma: 'Quicksand.'" Democrat and Chronicle. 19 March 1969. 1 p.
Lovely, Dan. "Divinity School Woos Mrs. King." Democrat and Chronicle. 19 March 1969. 2 pp.
Tammeus, William D. "12 Blacks Named For Trustees at Colgate-Bexley." Times-Union. 30 March 1969. 1 p.
Folder 4.
UR BSU Occupation of the Frederick Douglass Building
Williams, Jack. "Blacks U.R. Aide Huddle." [Times-Union]. [March 1969]. 1 p.
Wiliams, Jack. "Whites Hold UR 'Rap-In.'" Times-Union. 5 March 1969. 1 p.
"Reply Unacceptable' Blacks Inform UR." Times-Union. 7 March 1969. 1 p.
"Black Students Union Ends Takeover at UR." Times-Union. 10 March 1969. Partial. 1 p.
Wiliams, Jack. "Sit-In Over, Issues Stay Alive at UR." Times-Union. 11 March 1969. 2 pp.
Wilson, Joyce. "UR Tells Efforts: Black Personnel Hard to Find." Democrat and Chronicle. 18 March 1969.
Rev P. David Finks
Finks, David P., Reverend. "Church and the City: The Decentralization Issue." Courier-Journal. 28 February 1969. 2 newspaper clippings. 1 p each.
Finks, David P., Reverend. "Church and the City: FIGHT's Positive Record Overlooked." Courier-Journal. 4 April 1969. 1 p.
Finks, David P., Reverend. "Letter to the Editor: Criticizes Newspapers on Racial Issues." Times-Union. 30 April 1969. 1 p.
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FIGHT and Education
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Wilson, Joyce. "Florence Challenges on Schools." Democrat and Chronicle. 11 February 1969. 2 original clippings. 2 pp.
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"Board Rule Not a Concern." Times-Union. 1 April 1969. 1 p.
"Pupil Names For Tutoring Given FIGHT." Democrat and Chronicle. 7 April 1969. 1 p.
Education—School 4, Violence, RTA
Community Development and Business
Folder 5. Newspaper Clippings - undated FIGHT vs Kodak
Callaway, Marvin. "Civil Rights Leader Contends Negroes Demand 'Freedom Now.'" [Oregonian]. 1 p.
"FIGHT Attempts Intimidation." publication unknown. 1 p.
Folder 6. FIGHT and Education
Folder Power, Mike. "FIGHT Calls Schools of Inner City 'Worst.'" [Democrat and Chronicle]. 1 p.
Folder Boller, Charles. "Control Kay In Schools, FIGHT Says." [Democrat and Chronicle]. 1 p.
Folder 7. Newspapers:
Frederick Douglass Voice. 20-27 March 1969. Front page: News from the University of Rochester.
Home Town News. 23 May 1967.
National Guardian. 16 September 1967.
National Guardian. 26 March 1966.
National Guardian. 18 June 1966.
National Guardian. 29 July 1967.
Program Toward Black Liberation. n.d.
Outlet. August 1971.
Souvenir Edition. 12 March 1972.
National Guardian. 4 June 1966.
Muhammad Speaks. 20 December 1963.
Muhammad Speaks. 27 January 1967.
Muhammad Speaks. 10 June 1966.
Muhammad Speaks. 28 October 1966.
Harambee. 25 August 1966.
Harambee. 15 September 1966.
Folder 8. Photographs; includes pictures of Florence, Malcolm X, FIGHT (see also package)
Folder 9. Miscellaneous
Folder 10. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Upstate Magazine, July 21, 1985: feature article on Franklin Florence
Folder 11. "We Must Make Our Own World... LeRoi Jones": small textile banner with a graphic of Jones and a LeRoi Jones quote. [Silk screened?].
Folder 12. Membership records for Reynolds Street Church (see also Box 1, folder 6)
Box 8b:
"Hearings before the Subcommittee on the War on Poverty Program, 1965"
FIGHT Convention Recording (reel to reel) 6-11-65
FIGHT Convention Recording (CD) 6-11-65, Part 1 of 2. Runtime: 1:10:00.
FIGHT Convention Recording (CD) 6-11-65, Part 2 of 2. Runtime: 1:14:00.
Notes on FIGHT Convention Recording 6-11-65; includes excerpts from Minister Franklin Florence's speech at the end of the convention. Taken April 2010, TS, 3 pp.
Package: 2 oversize photographs from FIGHT meetings
Tube: FIGHT Banner

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