Ward Macomber Family Papers

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Call Number: D.161
Dates: 1829-1974
Physical Description: 18 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7
Box 8
Box 9
Box 10
Box 11
Box 12
Box 13
Box 14
Box 15
Box 16
Box 17
Box 18
Collection Overview
Call Number: D.161
Dates: 1829-1974
Physical Description: 18 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
The Levi Ward family first came to upstate New York in 1807. Levi Ward (1745-1839), his son Levi Ward (1771-1861) and their families moved from Connecticut to Bergen, Genesee County. In 1818, the younger Levi Ward, a doctor, settled in Rochester, where he lived until his death. Levi Ward's son Levi Alfred Ward (1801-1881) also lived in Rochester, where he was active in the insurance business and in numerous local charitable organizations.

Scope and Content
This collection, the Ward-Macomber Family Papers, 1829-1974, contains material relating to Levi Alfred Ward's son Levi Frederick Ward (1842-1907) and his family. On October 13, 1864 Levi Frederick Ward married Alice Smith (1844-1913). They had three children. Levi Smith Ward (1864-1926) married Florence Yates (1871-1931) in 1895. They had one son, Levi Yates Ward (b. 1904), who later changed his name to Andrew Lee Yates Ward. Laura Page Ward (1867-1959) married Francis Selden Macomber (1867-1956), a Rochester lawyer, also in 1895. Frederic Kemp Ward (1876-1910) married Hortense Thomas (1878-1909), the daughter of the architect John R. Thomas (1848-1901). Frederic Kemp and Hortense Ward had two children, Frederic Kemp Ward, Jr. (b. 1904) and Caroline Allen Ward (b. 1905). After their parents died, the children lived with their aunt and uncle, Laura Page and Francis Selden Macomber.

The collection consists primarily of correspondence. The first four boxes contain letters written by Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber (Pagie) to each other. Most of the letters date from 1890 to 1925. The fifth and sixth boxes house correspondence written to the couple by other family members and friends. Boxes 7 and 8 contain other family correspondence, including many letters written by Levi Frederick Ward (Lee) to his wife Alice (Smith) Ward (Allie) in the 1860s and 1870s. There is also an exchange of letters between Frederic Kemp Ward (Fritz) and his fiancée, Hortense Thomas, written in 1902. Most of the letters center on family activities or on business of pleasure trips, especially European trips, made by various family members. There is a group of letters written by Frederic Kemp Ward, Jr. (Ted) to his aunt, his uncle and his sister during several summers spent at camp in Maine. Caroline Allen Ward (Sister) and her brother also wrote to their aunt and uncle from the boarding schools they attended during the latter part of the second decade of the 20th century and the early 1920s.

The collection includes a box of Laura Page (Ward) Macomber's diaries, written between 1890 and 1914, some genealogical material, personal and business papers belonging to the family, and newspaper clippings. In addition, there are four boxes of photographs. The first box contains several miniatures, thirteen ambrotypes, four daguerreotypes, and two photographs in cases. In the next two boxes are photographs of family members. The last box houses some oversize photographs of family members, of the Rochester flood of 1865, and of other Rochester buildings.

This box contains some oversize photographs of Caroline Allen Ward, Hortense (Thomas) Ward, John R. Thomas, Levi Smith Ward, Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, Frederic Kemp Ward, Levi F. and Alice (Smith) Ward. It also contains some photographs of the 1865 Rochester flood, some interior and exterior photographs of the house that Frederic Kemp and Hortense (Thomas) Ward built at 80 Westminster Road in 1903, and some photographs of St. Peter's Church, Rochester, N.Y. In addition, the box contains a memorial statement written on parchment to Mr. and Mrs. Levi F. Ward from the Rochester Lawn Tennis Club on the occasion of the death of Frederic Kemp Ward in 1910.

Immediate Source of Acquisition
Gift of Caroline Allen Ward, January 12, 1981.Access
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Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1
Correspondence between Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page ~(Ward) Macomber, 1890-1906
1. Correspondence, 1890-1894
2. Correspondence, 1895
3. Correspondence, 1896
4. Correspondence, 1897-1899
5. Correspondence, 1900-1903
6. Correspondence, 1904
7. Correspondence, 1905
8. Correspondence, 1906
Box 2
Correspondence between Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, 1907-1915
1. Correspondence, 1907
2. Correspondence, 1908
3. Correspondence, 1909
4. Correspondence, 1910
5. Correspondence, 1911
6. Correspondence, 1912
7. Correspondence, 1913-1915
Box 3
Correspondence between Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, 1916-1922
1. Correspondence, 1916
2. Correspondence, 1917
3. Correspondence, 1918
4. Correspondence, 1919
5. Correspondence, 1920-1921
6. Correspondence, 1922
Box 4
Correspondence between Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, 1923-1942, undated
1. Correspondence, 1923
2. Correspondence, 1924
3. Correspondence, 1925
4. Correspondence, 1926-1942
5. Correspondence, undated
Box 5
Correspondence to Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, 1873-1914
1. Correspondence, 1873-1881
2. Correspondence, 1882-1884
3. Correspondence, 1885-1887
4. Correspondence, 1888-1890
5. Correspondence, 1891-1894
6. Correspondence, 1895-1900
7. Correspondence, 1901-1912
8. Correspondence, 1913-1914
Box 6
Correspondence to Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, 1915-1952, undated
1. Correspondence, 1915-1916
2. Correspondence, 1917
3. Correspondence, 1918-1924
4. Correspondence, 1925-1936
5. Correspondence, 1937-1942
6. Correspondence, 1943-1949
7. Correspondence, 1950-1952
8. Correspondence, undated
9. Correspondence, undated
Box 7
Ward Family Correspondence, 1861-1882
1. Correspondence, 1861-1867
2. Correspondence, 1868
3. Correspondence, 1869-1874
4. Correspondence, 1875-1879
5. Correspondence, 1880
6. Correspondence, 1881
7. Correspondence 1882
Box 8
Ward Family Correspondence, 1883-1974, undated
1. Correspondence, 1883-1885
2. Correspondence, 1886
3. Correspondence, 1887-1894
4. Correspondence, 1895-1901
5. Correspondence, 1902-1906
6. Correspondence, 1907-1974
7. Correspondence, undated
8. Correspondence, undated
Box 9
Laura Page (Ward) Macomber Diaries, 1890-1914
1. Diary, 1890
2. Diary, 1891
3. Diary, 1892
4. Diary, 1893
5. Diary, 1894
6. Diary, 1896
7. Diary, 1898
8. Diary, 1901
9. Diary, 1905-1909
10. Diary, 1910-1914
Box 10
1. Page and Allen Family Ancestry
2. Selden Family Ancestry
3. Thomas Family Ancestry
4. Book: Ward
5. Book: Ward Brothers, Champions of the World
6. Ward Family Coat of Arms
7. Ward and Smith Family Ancestry
8. Bible Pages
9. Miscellaneous Genealogical Material
Box 11
Personal Family Papers
1. Levi Smith Ward, School Certificate, 1878
2. Frederic Kemp Ward, School Certificate, 1892
3. Miscellaneous School and Lesson Bills
4. Frederic Kemp Ward, Tennis Tournament Book, 1889-1903
5. Wedding of Levi Frederick Ward and Alice Smith, October 13, 1864
6. Engagement and Wedding Gifts, Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page Ward, 1893-1895
7. Wedding of Francis Selden Macomber and Laura Page Ward, April 18, 1895
8. Tenth Wedding Anniversary, Francis Selden and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, April 18, 1905
9. Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary, Francis Selden and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, April 18, 1920
10. Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, Francis Selden and Laura Page (Ward) Macomber, April 18, 1945
11. Wedding of Levi Smith Ward and Florence Yates, October 2, 1895
12. Wedding of Frederic Kemp Ward and Hortense Thomas, January 7, 1903
13. Wedding of Andrew Lee Yates Ward and Priscilla Camp, June 23, 1931
14. Valentine's Day Dance, February 14, 1906
15. Coming-out Tea for Caroline Allen Ward, November 25, 1925
16. Alice Smith Ward Bible, 1854
17. Poetry, Theatricals and Amusements
18. Miscellaneous Manuscript Material
Box 12
Family Papers
1. Insurance Policies, 1829-1861
2. Power of Attorney given to Levi A. Ward for Connecticut School Fund (n.d.)
3. Mrs. Levi F. Ward, Book of Newspaper Clippings, November 1866
4. Partnership between Francis B. Mitchell and Charles Angel, 1869
5. Photograph of Mayors of Rochester including Levi A. Ward, 1869
6. Correspondence with Levi F. Ward re: Storr's Trust, June-July, 1882
7. Settlement of Laura Page Smith's Estate, 1893
8. F..W. Angel correspondence re: Settlement of William H. Angel's Estate, 1895
9. University Extension Subscriptions, 1895
10. Bank Book, Laura Page Ward (n.d.)
11. One Page of Household Accounts Book, 1895-1896
12. John R. Thomas (Hortense's father, architect) correspondence with Samuel J. Tilden, New York State Governor, 1875 (copies)
13. John R. Thomas safe-deposit box lists and Correspondence with his sister
14. Francis A. Macomber, Receipt for Payment of Lawyer's Tax, 1867
15. Francis S. Macomber, Special Military Orders, October 23, 1880
16. Francis S. Macomber, North Carolina State Hunting License, 1906 1907 Season
17. Agreement between Francis S. Macomber and M. E. Wolff for purchase of lot - 27 Portsmouth Terrace
18. Francis S. Macomber Trip on the Yacht Virginia with George Eastman, January 1913
19. Francis S. Macomber, Miscellaneous Trip Itineraries
20. Map: Summer Reports of the Coast-Lake and Mountain Regions along the Boston Maine Railroad and Connections, 1913 Season
21. Copy of Francis S. Macomber letter of recommendation re: Catherine Ward's admission to the University of Rochester College for Women, June 10, 1936
22. Francis S. Macomber's eighty-fifth birthday party speech, 1952
23. Memorial Resolutions, Francis S. Macomber's death, 1956
24. Laura Page (Ward) Macomber speech to the Daughters of the American Revolution and other D.A.R. material (n.d.)
25. Laura Page (Ward) Macomber's service to Rochester General Hospital
Box 13
Baby Books
1. Baby Book, Frederic Kemp Ward, Jr. (Ted), born 1904
2. Baby Book, Caroline Allen Ward,(Sister), born 1905
3. Baby Hair of Frederic Kemp Ward, Jr. and Caroline Allen Ward
Box 14
Newspaper Clippings
1. Newspaper Clippings, End of World War 1, 1918
2. Newspaper Clippings, Ward Family
3. Obituary Notices
4. Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
Box 15
Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, Photographs in Cases, and Miniatures
1. Miniatures
One miniature in Case
Thirteen Ambrotypes
Four Daguerreotypes
Two Photographs in Cases
Box 16
1. Levi A. and Harriet (Kemp) Ward
2. Anson D. and Laura (Page) Smith
3. John R. and Julia (Munson) Thomas
4. Levi F. and Alice (Smith) Ward
5. 3 Gibbs Street - Home of Levi F. and Alice (Smith) Ward
6. Frederic Kemp Ward (Fritz)
7. Hortense Thomas Ward
Box 17
1. Francis Selden Macomber
2. Laura Page (Ward) Macomber (Pagie)
3. Francis S. and Laura P. (Ward) Macomber
4. Frederic Kemp Ward, Jr. (Ted)
5. Caroline Allen Ward (Sister)
6. Frederic K. Ward, Jr. and Caroline A. Ward
7. Levi Yates Ward (name changed to Andrew Lee Yates Ward)
8. Miscellaneous
Box 18
Photographs (Oversize)

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