Carman Barnes Papers

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Collection Overview
Title: Carman Barnes papers
Creator: Barnes, Carman, 1912-1980
Call Number: D.155
Dates: 1830-1980
Physical Description: 18 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation

Biographical/Historical Note
Carman Barnes was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 20, 1912. Her father was James Hunter Neal. Her mother, Lois Diantha Mills, was well known throughout the South as a lyric poet and writer of mountain folklore under the names Diantha Mills and later, Diantha Barnes. Carman Barnes took her name from her first step-father, Wellington Barnes, founder and treasurer of Chattanooga's Dixie-Portland Cement Company, who died in 1927. Her second stepfather, George Pullen Jackson, (1874-1953), was a musicologist, folklorist and educator best known as an authority on Negro and white spirituals.

Carman Barnes was educated at the Girls' Preparatory School in Chattanooga and the Ward-Belmont School for Girls in Nashville. She published her first novel, Schoolgirl, when she was sixteen; it became an international best seller. Working with Alfonso Washington Pezet, she dramatized the story and it opened for a short run at the Ritz Theatre on Broadway on her eighteenth birthday. Paramount Pictures bought the rights for $30,000, but it was never made into a film. Barnes would publish four more novels in the next four years. In 1930-31, Barnes' celebrity resulted in writing and acting contracts with Paramount-Publix Pictures Corporation and she went to Hollywood. In later years, she would tell interviewers that she was never given any writing work to do and that while she was photographed "700 times in the first week," she was never given the opportunity to act in a film.

Throughout the late 1930s and the 1940s, Barnes explored a range of esoteric pursuits with varying degrees of seriousness. She made a number of attempts to establish "schools", or "Groups", to share her learning and interests. The most successful of these ventures were a series of lectures by Claude F. Bragdon and P.D. Ouspensky, respectively. In 1940, Barnes met the architect, theatre designer and writer Claude F. Bragdon and went on to sponsor a series of 19 of his lectures on a variety of topics primarily related to art and mathematics. Later published as The Arch Lectures, these talks were organized and hosted by Barnes and attended by members of their respective circles and other invitees. In 1941 Barnes began to study with the Russian philosopher and mathematical physicist Petr Demianovich Ouspensky both privately and via a "Group". Correspondence and materials strictly related to the Bragdon and Ouspensky lectures, as well as Barnes' "Girls' Group" may be found in Box 9; both the Bragdon and Ouspensky correspondence files contain references to their lecture series as well.

In 1945, Barnes married Hamilton Fish Armstrong, writer on international politics and editor of Foreign Affairs. Together they wrote A Passionate Victorian, a play about the English actress Fanny Kemble. It was never produced. Following more than ten years of publishers' rejections of various works, Barnes' novel Time Lay Asleep was published in 1946. Barnes and Armstrong separated after a few years and formally divorced in 1951. In that year, Barnes travelled to Europe, settling in Austria. She suffered the first of several breakdowns in the summer of 1952 and was treated with insulin shock therapy and psychotherapy, among other methods. Barnes would never return to the United States. She died in Salzburg, Austria on August 19, 1980.

Carman Barnes' novels:

Scope and Content
The collection consists of Barnes' correspondence [Boxes 1-7] to/from a wide assortment of friends, colleagues and family members; notes and ephemera relating to her interest in the esoteric, primarily from the 1940s [Box 8]; notes, seating arrangements, invitation lists and correspondence relating to Barnes' organization of lectures by Claude Bragdon and P.D. Ouspensky [Box 9]; address books and social records from the mid to late 1940s during her marriage to Hamilton Fish Armstrong [Box 10]; biographical information, photographs, and financial documents [Box 11]; and research for, and drafts of, a majority of her writing [Boxes 12-16].

The correspondence files retain Carman Barnes' own organization system: they are organized alphabetically and then chronologically within each name folder. Among the correspondents are: Claude F. Bragdon, Leopold Stokowski, Mabel Dodge Luhan, P.D. Ouspensky, Theodore Dreiser and Vincent Bendix. The correspondence between Barnes and her lifelong friends Clara Martin and Mary St. John present the fullest picture of Barnes' personal life. Correspondence strictly related to invitations to Bragdon and/or Ouspensky lectures are filed in Box 9.

Boxes 17 and 18 contain the papers of Barnes' mother, Lois Diantha Mills Barnes, 1889-1939, who was well known in the South as a lyric poet. She was discovered by Frank L. Stanton and Wighton F. Melton, each of whom would serve as poet laureate of Georgia. The Gorham Press (Boston) published a volume of her verse, Poems, in 1925. She was president of the Chattanooga Writers Club, a member of the Tennessee Poetry Society and Vanderbilt University Woman's Club. In addition to poetry, she also wrote a number of (unpublished) short stories. Box 17 contains correspondence, most notably with the poet Wightman F. Melton (17:8), and early musical work, some of which was done in collaboration with Nathan Kroll. Box 18 contains assorted drafts of Diantha Barnes' poetry and prose writing. This material appears to span several decades and to contain multiple drafts of individual works. Due to the volume of material, its arrangement has not been altered since its acquisition.

Barnes, Carman, 1912-1980
Bragdon, Claude Fayette, 1866-1946
Stokowski, Leopold, 1882-1977
Luhan, Mabel Dodge, 1879-1962
Uspenskiĭ, P. D. (Petr Demʹi︠a︡novich), 1878-1947
Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945
Bendix, Vincent, 1882-1945
Martin, Clara Jackson
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Purchased from Clara Jackson Martin, 1981.Access
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Database of correspondence .

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1"A" misc. - Bel Geddes
Folder 1"A" Misc., 1935-1947.
Folder 2Joine Alderman - Carman Barnes, ., 1940-43
Alderman and Barnes shared many esoteric interests and friends. Alderman hosted a salon in Hollywood, CA. Included in the folder are newspaper clippings referring to salon events.

Folder 3Nancy Allen - Carman Barnes, ., 1944-51
Nancy Allen was Barnes' cousin.

Folder 4Gregor Armstrong - Carman Barnes, ., 1946
Gregor Armstrong, born Helen MacGregor Armstrong September 3, 1923, was the daughter of Hamilton Fish Armstrong and his first wife Helen MacGregor Byrne.

Folder 5Hamilton Fish Armstrong - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-51
Hamilton Fish Armstrong (1893-1973) and Barnes married in 1945. They separated in 1949 and divorced in 1951.
See also Hamilton Fish Armstrong to Barnes, Box 11:9 re: stocks.

Folder 6Helen Maitland Armstrong - Carman Barnes, ., 1944
Helen Maitland Armstrong was Hamilton Fish Armstrong's sister.

Folder 7Authors and Artists - Carman Barnes, ., 1939-40
Folder 8"B" Misc., 1938-50.
For more "Brandt and Brandt", see also Harold Freeman, Box 3:24.

Folder 9Genevieve Beckwith - Carman Barnes, ., 1945-46
Beckwith was the sister of Barnes' stepfather, George Pullen Jackson.

Folder 10Jesse C. Beesley, Jr. - Carman Barnes, n.d.-1930?
Beesley was Democratic delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Tennessee in 1924, a journalist, and likely a childhood friend of Barnes'.

Folder 11Norman Bel Geddes - Carman Barnes, ., 1944
Bel Geddes (1893-1958) was an industrial and theatre designer.
See also 8:11.

Box 2Bendix - Boone
Folder 1Vincent Bendix, about, of, and obituaries.
Bendix (1882-1945) was an automotive and aviation inventor and industrialist. He and Barnes were engaged in the late 1930s. Folder contains annual reports of Bendix companies, newspaper clippings, etc.

Folder 2Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1935-36
Folder 3Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1937
Folder 4Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1938
Folder 5Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1939
Folder 6Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1940
Folder 7Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1941
Folder 8Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, ., 1942-44
Folder 9Vincent Bendix - Carman Barnes, undated.
Folder 10Adolfo Best Maugard - Carman Barnes, undated.
Best Maugard (1891-1964) was a Mexican artist and experimental filmmmaker.

Folder 11Joseph P. Bickerton - Carman Barnes, ., 1930-31
Bickerton was a N.Y. attorney who handled Barnes' contract disputes related to Schoolgirl.

Folder 12J. Allen Boone - Carman Barnes, n.d., ., 1940-45
Boone (1882-1965) was the author of several books about non-verbal communication with animals. The folder contains some ephemera relating to his Strongheart books and radio addresses.

Box 3Bragdon - Gunther
Folder 1Claude F. Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., 1940
Bragdon (1866-1946) was an architect, writer and theatre designer whose "Arch Lectures" of 1940-41 were sponsored by Barnes.
See also 8:4, 9:1-3, and 10:1.

Folder 2Claude F. Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., January-March, 1941
Folder 3Claude F. Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., April, 1941
Folder 4Claude F. Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., May-August, 1941
Folder 5Claude F. Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., September, 1941
Folder 6Claude F. Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., 1942-46
Folder 7Henry Bragdon - Carman Barnes, ., 1946-48
Henry Bragdon (1905-1980) was the oldest son of Claude F. Bragdon.

Folder 8Florence Britton - Carman Barnes, undated [], 1930s?
Britton was an actress.

Folder 9"C" misc., ., 1931-1949
For Cass Canfield, see Harper and Brothers, Box 4:2.

Folder 10Ethel Carter - Carman Barnes, ., 1938
Carter was a relative of Barnes.

Folder 11William Chadbourne - Carman Barnes, ., 1944
Folder 12"D" misc., ., 1936-50
Folder 13Davies, Hardy, Schenck and Soons - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-50
Davies, Hardy, Schenck & Soons was a New York law firm.

Folder 14Blanche DeVries (Bernard) - Carman Barnes, ., 1940s
DeVries (1891-1984) was a yoga instructor, interior designer, and patron of the arts. She was married to Pierre Arnold Bernard.
Along with correspondence, this folder contains DeVries' c.v. and a copy of Swami Paramananda's Creative Power of Silence.

Folder 15Theodore Dreiser - Carman Barnes, ., 1938-42
Dreiser (1871-1945) was an American author.

Folder 16John Foster Dulles - Carman Barnes, ., 1948-49
Folder contains a copy of Dulles' 1948 pamphlet "The Christian Citizen in a Changing World."

Folder 17"F" misc., undated.
Folder 18Esther Farrar - Carman Barnes, ., c. 1944
Correspondence relates primarily to Barnes' "The Swastika Cycle."

Folder 19William Ferber - Carman Barnes, ., 1943
Folder 20Nell Few - Carman Barnes, ., 1943-46
Few (1867-?) was Barnes' godmother.

Folder 21Lloyd Fisher (Herr and Fisher, attorneys) - Carman Barnes, ., 1947
Folder 22Henry B. Forbes - Carman Barnes, ., 1930
Forbes was a producer, performer and general manager. He produced Barnes' Schoolgirl in 1930.

Folder 23John Fort - Carman Barnes, ., 1930s-45
Folder 24Harold Freeman - Carman Barnes, ., 1948-49
Freeman was head of the theatre department of Brandt and Brandt literary agency.
See also 1:8 for Brandt and Brandt.

Folder 25"G" misc., ., 1935-36
Folder 26Jasa Geraud - Carman Barnes, ., 1948
Folder 27Mimi Goelet - Carman Barnes, ., [1940s]
Folder 28Jacques Gonat - Carman Barnes, -undated., 1942
See also 9:9.

Folder 29Peter Grimm - Carman Barnes, ., 1947-48
Folder contains a copy of Grimm's 1947 pamphlet "Russia Seen from Within" and a carbon of a letter journalist James Vincent Sheean sent to his editor from New Delhi.

Folder 30George Grosz - Carman Barnes, ., 1948-49
Grosz (1893-1959) was a German artist. Barnes organized a series of painting classes taught by Grosz.

Folder 31John Gunther - Carman Barnes, undated.
Gunther (1901-1970) was an American author and journalist.
See also 11:9.

Box 4"H" misc. - Luhan
Folder 1"H" misc., ., 1936-49
Folder 2Harper and Brothers - Carman Barnes, ., 1944-50
Folder contains correspondence of Cass Canfield (1897-1986). Canfield served in a variety of positions at Harper's, 1924-1967. See 11:8 for contract.

Folder 3Hearst's International - Carman Barnes, ., 1934-35
Folder 4Horace Liveright, Publisher - Carman Barnes, ., 1930-50
Folder 5House of Field - Carman Barnes, ., 1939-40
Folder 6Mary Howry - Carman Barnes, ., 1944-51
Howry was a Denishawn dancer in the 1920s.

Folder 7Robert Hunt - Carman Barnes, ., 1931-1940s
Folder 8Inez Haynes Irwin - Carman Barnes, ., 1934-1949
Irwin (1873-1970) was a writer and editor.

Folder 9Michio Ito - Carman Barnes, ., 1941
Ito (1892-1961) was a dancer and choreographer.

Folder 10"J" misc. - undated.
Folder 11George Pullen Jackson - Carman Barnes, ., 1940-50
Jackson (1874-1953) was a musicologist, folklorist and educator best known as an authority on the Negro and white spiritual. He and Barnes' mother, Lois Diantha Barnes, were married 1926-1939.
File also contains Jackson's pamphlet "The American Amish Sing Medieval Folk Tunes Today." See also 17:7.

Folder 12George Pullen Jackson, Jr. ["Bud"] - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-50
"Bud" Jackson Jr. was the son of Barnes' stepfather, George Pullen Jackson.

Folder 13Jo and Wilkins Jackson - Carman Barnes, ., 1959-72
Folder 14Robert Edmond Jones - Carman Barnes, ., 1944
Jones (1887-1954) was an American scenic designer, and an influential member of the "new stagecraft" movement.

Folder 15Sara Jones - Carman Barnes, ., 1944-48
Folder 16Sunder Joshi - Carman Barnes, ., 1949
Folder 17"K" misc., ., 1934-50
Folder 18Claude Kendall, Publisher - Carman Barnes, ., 1934-36
Folder 19G. Maillard Kesslere - Carman Barnes, ., 1938-44
Kesslere (1894-1979) was a photographer. He was one of the last students of the William Merritt Chase portrait studio.

Folder 20Jiddu Krishnamurti - Carman Barnes, ., 1941-49
Krishnamurti (1895-1986) was writer and speaker on fundamental philosophical and spiritual subjects.
See also 8:16.

Folder 21Lucy Kroll - Carman Barnes, ., 1939-41
Kroll (1910-1997) was a talent agent.
See also 11:9.

Folder 22Nathan Kroll - Carman Barnes, ., 1936-41
Kroll (1911-2000) was a film producer and musician. He and Barnes' mother, Diantha Barnes, collaborated on some musical works in the late 1920s and 1930s.
See also 17:2, 17:15-31.

Folder 23"L" misc., -undated., 1936
Folder 24Lawrence Langner - Carman Barnes, ., 1933
Langner (1890-1962) was a playwright, author and producer.

Folder 25Werner Laurie, Ltd. - Carman Barnes, ., 1930-35
Folder 26Peggy LeBoutillier - Carman Barnes, ., 1936-47
Folder 27R.C. Leffingwell - Carman Barnes, ., 1946
Leffingwell was Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury 1917-20.

Folder 28Ed Leven - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-50
Leven was a film producer.

Folder 29Alfred de Liagre - Carman Barnes, ., 1948-49
de Liagre (1904-1987) was a stage producer and director.

Folder 30Mabel Dodge Luhan - Carman Barnes, ., 1930s-41
Luhan (1879-1962) was a writer.
Folder contains some clippings about Luhan.

Box 5"M" misc. - Mouradoff
Folder 1"M" misc., ., 1940-45
Folder 2Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1931-40
Clara Martin, nee Jackson, and her sister Mary (St. John), were Barnes' roommates at Ward-Belmont School for Girls in Nashville; the three remained close friends throughout their lives.

Folder 3Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1943
Folder 4Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1944
Folder 5Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1945
Folder 6Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1946
Folder 7Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1947
Folder 8Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1948
Folder 9Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1949
Folder 10Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1950
Folder 11Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1951
Folder 12Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1952
Folder 13Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1953-56
Folder 14Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1957-61
Folder 15Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, ., 1962-73
Folder 16Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, incomplete.
Folder 17Clara Martin - Carman Barnes, undated.
Folder 18Lottie Maurer - Carman Barnes, ., 1939-41
Maurer and Barnes met through James Schafer, for whom Maurer worked. She worked for Barnes on a cookbook which was never published.
Folder contains an annotated carbon typescript of Rev. Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish's Counsel to Women.

Folder 19James Maxon - Carman Barnes, ., 1930-45
Maxon was a childhood friend who became Bishop of Tennessee.

Folder 20Wightman F. Melton - Carman Barnes, ., 1931-44
Melton was Georgia's poet laureate January 25, 1943-October 12, 1944.
Folder includes pamphlet "Poems of Trees" and a signed print of Melton's "So Long Will We Love Georgia." See also 17:8.

Folder 21Grant Mouradoff - Carman Barnes, undated.
Mouradoff was a dancer. Barnes credited him as the "initial impulse" for her dance drama The Swastika Cycle.
See also Box 14:9-11.

Box 6"N" misc. - Stokowski
Folder 1"N" misc., ., 1949
Folder 2Eliza Nash - Carman Barnes, ., 1937-49
Folder 3New York Public Library - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-50
Folder includes some New York Public Library ephemera.

Folder 4Nordlinger, Riegelman and Benetar - Carman Barnes, ., 1949
Folder 5Harold Ober - Carman Barnes, ., 1934-37
Ober (1881-1959) was a literary agent.

Folder 6Petr Demianovich Ouspensky - Carman Barnes, ., 1941-43
Ouspensky (1878-1947) was a Russian author, philosopher. See also Box 9.

Folder 7Maxwell Perkins - Carman Barnes, ., 1936
Perkins (1884-1947) was an American editor, primarily at Charles Scribner's Sons.

Folder 8Alfonso Washington Pezet - Carman Barnes, ., 1929-40
Pezet and Barnes shared credit for Schoolgirl.

Folder 9Amos Pinchot - Carman Barnes, ., 1938
Pinchot (1872-1944) was an American political leader.

Folder 10Rhea Polk - Carman Barnes, ., 1949
Polk was the widow of George Polk, a CBS news correspondent murdered in Salonika on May 16th, 1948 while covering the Greek civil war.

Folder 11Lorine (Livingston) Pruette - Carman Barnes, 1931-?
Pruette (1915-1974) was a psychologist, writer and lecturer.

Folder 12"R" misc., ., 1947-50
Folder includes 2 notes from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Folder 13Natacha Rambova - Carman Barnes, ., 1940-41
Rambova (1897-1966) born Winifred Shaughnessy, was a costume and set designer, writer, and silent film actress. She was the second wife of Rudolf Valentino.

Folder 14Amaury de Riencourt - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-50
de Riencourt was a French historian, scholar and lecturer.

Folder 15Lillian D. Rock - Carman Barnes, ., 1934-38
Rock was a New York attorney.

Folder 16Rogers, Hoge and Hills - Carman Barnes, ., 1950
Folder 17"S" misc.- Carman Barnes, ., 1931-50
Folder 18Mary St. John - Carman Barnes, ., 1945-50
St. John and her sister Clara Martin, nee Jackson, were Barnes' roommates at Ward-Belmont School for Girls in Nashville; the three remained close friends throughout their lives.

Folder 19Mary St. John - Carman Barnes, ., 1951-55
Folder 20Mary St. John - Carman Barnes, ., 1956-65
Folder 21James Schafer - Carman Barnes, 1939-42.
James B. Schafer founded the Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians in the 1920s. By the late 1930s, he had a tremendous following, particularly among women and had become a very wealthy man by selling "fellowship certificates". The Attorney General brought charges against him in 1940 and he was imprisoned in 1942.

Folder 22James Schafer - by and about, ., 1939-42
Folder 23Martin Shallenberger - Carman Barnes, ., 1948-49
Folder 24(James) Vincent Sheean - Carman Barnes, ., 1948
Sheean (1899-1975) was an American journalist and novelist.

Folder 25Alice Sprague - Carman Barnes, ., 1941-43
Folder 26Leopold Stokowski - Carman Barnes, ., 1939-44
Stokowski (1882-1977) was a conductor. See also Box 8:11.

Box 7"T" misc. - "Y" misc.
Folder 1"T" misc. - Carman Barnes, ., 1936-50
Folder 2Juliana Taberna - Carman Barnes, . [See also 9:4.], 1942-49
Folder 3Dorothy Thomas - Carman Barnes, ., 1931-44
Thomas was a writer.
Folder contains some photocopies of her columns. See also 9:8.

Folder 4"U" misc. - Carman Barnes, ., 1949-50
Folder 5Antonio Velasco - Carman Barnes, ., 1940-41
Born in Mexico, Velasco was a doctor and herbalist.

Folder 6"W" misc. - Carman Barnes, ., 1930-50
Folder 7Kitty Wade - Carman Barnes, undated.
Folder 8Cleome Carroll Wadsworth - Carman Barnes, ., 1942-49
Wadsworth (1896-1998) was a textile designer and painter. She worked for a time for Norman Bel Geddes and was a close friend of Claude F. Bragdon. See also Box 9:10.

Folder 9Hansel Wolfram - Carman Barnes, ., 1941-42
Folder 10Aubrey Wolton - Carman Barnes, undated.
Folder 11Vallie Young - Carman Barnes, ., 1944-46
Folder 12"Y" misc. - Carman Barnes, ., 1936
Box 8Esoterica
Folder 1Notes from Dr. Emmet Fox, New York City. See also 17:6., 1936-37
18 pages.

Folder 2Notes on color, undated.
2 pages.

Folder 3Notes on numbers, undated.
1 page.

Number in philosophic symbolism.
1 page.

The square; the nine numbers of man.
1 page.

The creative symbols of number.
4 pages.

Folder 4Notes on astrology, []., 1940s
The twelve zodiacal signs.
10 pages.

The seven steps.
1 page.

Zodiacal signs and symbols.
1 page.

Chart conjunctions.
3 pages.

Seven of Scorpio.
1 page

The seven aspects (or planes) of consciousness.
1 page.

Philosophic summary of the zodiacal pattern of creative evolution.
2 pages.

The zodiacal "Three, One, Four, One Five".
9 pages.

Scorpio astrological forecast.
9 pages.

Printed information on "Sagittarius" pasted on Shelton Hotel stationary with manuscript notes by Claude F. Bragdon.
1 page.

Notes on Scorpio and Sagitarrius.
1 page.

Notes on horse and winged horse.
2 pages.

1 page.

1 page.

1 page.

Folder 5Astrological charts of Carman Barnes.
Letter to Barnes from Evangeline Adams, regarding astrological forecast., July 3, 1931
2 pages.

Chart of Carman Barnes.
17 pages.

Planetary indications for Carman Dee Barnes.
Delineation of the horoscope for Carman Dee Barnes.
Folder 6Reading of the horoscope of Lois M. Barnes by Marion Meyer Drew, ., July 8, 1925
Folder 7Notes on dance.
Keep Fit to Music!
1 page.

Ballet bar[re] work.
2 pages.

Miscellaneous notes.
1 page.

Folder 8Notes on diet and nutrition.
The Original 7-Day elimination diet.
5 pages.

Printed card for Vejuice Vitality Cocktails.
1 page.

Diet for anemia/low blood pressure.
2 pages.

High blood pressure.
2 pages.

Folder 9Notes on Tarot.
The twenty-two major keys of the Tarot.
2 pages.

Folder 10Notes on Yoga.
Requirements for the study of Yoga.
1 page.

1 page.

Types of Yoga.
1 page.

Nasal cleansing breath.
10 pages.

Routine for holidays, ., December 13, 1940
1 page.

Routine for Sunday evening, ., December 20, 1940
1 page.

1 page.

Mental postures.
1 page.

Clippings about yoga.
1 page.

Cleansing routines.
1 page.

Folder 11Yoga Demonstration, ., December 20, 1942
List of people invited.
2 pages.

Nancy Wilson Ross
Alice Hughes
Leopold Stokowski
Eleanor Beckham
Jane Pickens
Lloyd Fisher
Norman Bel Geddes
Mary Steele
Folder 12"Study of the human personality."
"Study of the human personality."
21 pages + 4 cards of drawings.

Diagnostic psychology--Roman's diagnosis of Carman Barnes.
1 page.

Folder 13Notes on Egyptian history: Paleolithic to Feudal Age.
3 pages.

Folder 14Three basic systems of mankind (Buddhism, Taoism, The Bible).
9 pages.

Folder 15Notes on world cultures.
7 pages.

Folder 16Notes taken after an interview with Jiddu Krishnamurti, Easter, .See also 4:20., 1941
2 pages.

Folder 17Miscellaneous clippings and typed quotations; various sources.
20 pages.

Folder 18"I am that I am" class work.
Mimeograph, 20 pages. Photocopy, 2 pages.

Folder 19Extract from "Tennyson as a Religious Teacher", by Charles F.G. Masterman.
4 pages.

Folder 20Maria Bauer.
March 11, 1941.
3 pages.

March 14, 1941.
6 pages.

Folder 21Notes from Blavatsky.
2 pages.

Folder 22Evening with Antheil, Strong, Fetterly, Barnes, etc.
3 pages.

Folder 23Salon for Carman Barnes and Burr Mc Intosh, ., March 11, 1941
3 pages.

Folder 24Notes on Psychology course from Jewel Fetterly.
4 pages.

Folder 25Notes on success process.
5 pages.

Folder 26Miscellaneous notes.
Typescript 15 pages and manuscript 10 pages.

Folder 27Notes on Lord's Prayer via Ray of Creation.
2 pages.

Folder 28Ray of Creation, notebook "a".
44 pages.

Folder 29Ray of Creation, notebook "b".
Includes some notes written by Claude F. Bragdon and P.D. Ouspensky.
45 pages.

Folder 30Ray of Creation, notebook "c".
33 pages.

Folder 31Ray of Creation, notebook "d".
23 pages.

Folder 32Gurdjieff movements, exercises # 4, 10, 15, 16, 21.
5 pages.

Folder 33Enneagramms.
2 pages.

Box 9The Arch, Ouspensky, Group
Box 9, Folder 1The Arch Lectures, by Claude F. Bragdon
Advertisements from Creative Age Press for The Arch Lectures.
2 pages.

The Arch, VIII, ., October 2, 1940
10 pages.

The Arch, XV, . 2 copies., November 20, 1940
7 pages.

Box 9, Folder 2Mailing list for "Mathematical Abstractions," exhibition of paintings by Claude F. Bragdon, 1941 at New York's Ferargil Gallery
Summary of Barnes' and Bragdon lists.
1 page.

Bragdon's mailing list.
12 pages.

Barnes' mailing list.
8 pages.

Box 9, Folder 3Mailing list for Arch lectures, Ouspensky lectures, 1940-1941
Letter from Mary Gorham, The Gateway Bookshop, to Barnes, with list., November 15, 1940
1 page.

"Original" mailing list, beginning "Monday night".
15 pages.

Mailing list.
4 pages.

Mailing list for Ouspensky lectures, new series beginning ., June 2-3, 1941
30 pages.

Box 9, Folder 4Correspondence re: Ouspensky and Group, January-February, 1942
10 pages.

Barnes to Juliana Taberna, January 2, 1942
Arthur Davison Ficke to Barnes, ., February 4, 1942
Lucile N. to Barnes, ., February 6, 1942
Amedee Ozenfant to Barnes, ., February 20, 1942
Mary Steele Ross to Barnes, ., February 22, 1942
Jane Lloyd to Barnes, ., February 25, 1942
Gloria to Barnes, ., February 23, 1942
Estelle Winwood Bradley to Barnes, ., February 24, 1942
Helen Howe to Barnes, ., February 26, 1942
Draft, Barnes to invitees, ., February 1942
Box 9, Folder 5Letter No. 1, 25 invitations to Ouspensky lecture, February 24, 1942
25 pages.

Box 9, Folder 6Correspondence re: Ouspensky and Group, March-April, 1942
Helen Howe to Barnes, ., March 2, 1942
Anne Pettengill to Barnes, ., March 2, 1942
Mrs. Donald Leith to Barnes, ., March 3, 1942
Eileen Burns to Barnes, ., March 17, 1942
Barnes to Eunice Whittlesey, ., April 8, 1942
Alice Kirkpatrick to Barnes, ., April 8, 1942
Barnes to Jack Trubee, ., April 8, 1942
Mildred Onick to Barnes, ., April 16, 1942
Barnes to Mrs. James Shewan, ., April 16, 1942
Special Letter No. 3, Barnes to invitees, ., April 18, 1942
Eunice Whittlesey to Barnes, ., April 24, 1942
Thomas Wilfred to Barnes, ., April 22, 1942
Alice Kirkpatrick to Barnes, ., April 22, 1942
Dorothy Thomas to Barnes, ., April 22, 1942
Alice Nikitina to Barnes, ., April 24, 1942
Mary ? to Barnes, ., April 24, 1942
Ruth Wylie to Barnes, ., April 25, 1942
Elizabeth Derby to Barnes, ., April 26, 1942
Eunice Whittlesey to Miss Englehart, ., April 27, 1942
Malivina Hoffman to Barnes, ., April 27, 1942
Carol ? to Barnes, ., April 29, 1942
Agnes Rowe Fairman to Barnes, ., April 30, 1942
Stanley Young to Barnes, ., April 30, 1942
Box 9, Folder 7Miscellaneous mailing lists for Ouspensky lectures, April 1942
People to invite to Ouspensky lectures.
1 page, torn.

Invitation letter (no. 2), addressed to Hazel Hayes., April 20, 1942
1 page.

Various iterations of 'list of names letter # 2 sent to'.
9 pages.

Names received ., April 28
1 page.

Letter No. 2 'sent to'., May 5
1 page.

Ouspensky lecture, invitees and attendees., May 7, 1942
4 pages.

Report on lecture., May 7, 1942
1 page.

Descriptive list of attendees.
1 page.

Annotated mailing list.
10 pages.

New Ouspensky reading.
1 page.

Box 9, Folder 8Correspondence re: Ouspensky and Group, May 1942
Barnes to Eunice Whittlesey, ., May 1, 1942
Barnes to Dorothy Thomas, ., May 1, 1942
Barnes to Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt Mayor, ., May 1, 1942
Winifred Burden to Barnes, ., May 1, 1942
Barnes to Group members, ., May 2, 1942
Barnes to Stanislaus Chylinski, ., May 2, 1942
Victor ? to Barnes, ., May 4, 1942
Barnes to Estelle Winwood Bradley, ., May 4, 1942
Barnes to Arthur Ficke, ., May 4, 1942
Barnes to Minette Duffy, ., May 6, 1942
Barnes to Irene Harris, ., May 6, 1942
Margaret Byard to Barnes, ., May 4, 1942
Amedee Ozenfant to Barnes, ., May 5, 1942
Mary Steele Ross to Barnes, ., May 5, 1942
Christine Frederick to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
John O'Hara Cosgrave to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
Carl Van Vechten to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
Frank L. Patterson to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
Jean Van Doren to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
Maurice William to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
Cecilia ? to Barnes, ., May 6, 1942
Count Walewski to Barnes, ., May 7, 1942
Margaret Mamlock to Barnes, undated.
Arthur Davison Ficke to Barnes, ., May 7, 1942
Edith Ellis to Barnes, ., May 8, 1942
Barnes to Count Walewski, ., May 9, 1942
Barnes to Jack Trubee, ., May 9, 1942
Consuelo Sides to Barnes, ., May 7, 1942
Barnes to Consuelo Sides, ., May 9, 1942
Myra Kinglsley to Barnes, ., May 11, 1942
Grace Brown to Barnes, ., May 11, 1942
Jean Van Doren to Barnes, ., May 11, 1942
Mildred Onick to Barens, ., May 12, 1942
Jacques Gonat to Barnes, ., May 12, 1942
Nancy Wilson Ross to Barnes, ., May 13, 1942
Adele Wolkin to Barnes, ., May 25, 1942
Box 9, Folder 9Correspondence re: Ouspensky and Group, June 1942 -. January 1943 January 1943
Irene Harris to Barnes, ., June 2, 1942
Alice Kirkpatrick to Barnes, ., June 3, 1942
Marie El-Khoury to Barnes, ., June 17, 1942
Elizabeth Derby to Barnes, ., June 22, 1942
Dorothy Thomas to Barnes, ., June 27, 1942
Mildred Onick to Barnes, ., June 29, 1942
Irene Harris to Barnes, ., July 8, 1942
Claire McCardell to Barnes, ., July 15, 1942
Stanislaus Chylinski to Barnes, ., January 9, 1943
Box 9, Folder 10Correspondence re: Ouspensky and Group, undated
Myra Kinsley to Barnes.
Elsie Beers to Barnes.
? [on Ritz Tower letterhead] to Barnes.
Leslie Grey Mayer to Barnes.
Claire McCardell to Barnes.
Francis Bel Geddes to Barnes.
Barnes to members.
Myra Kingsley to Barnes.
Cleome Carroll Wadsworth to Barnes.
Josephine ? to Barnes.
Cherry Pinkard to Barnes.
Eunice Whittlesey to Barnes.
5 items.

Cleome Carroll Wadsworth to Barnes.
Printed invitation.

Betty Patterson to Barnes.
2 items.

Sarah Draper to Barnes.
Jane ? to Barnes.
Erlyn ? to Barnes.
? Draper to Barnes.
Marjorie Melton to Barnes.
Cherry Clark to Barnes.
From Louisville, Kentucky.

Mary ? to Barnes.
Jane Lloyd to Barnes. [2 items]
Box 9, Folder 11Attendance cards for Bragdon's Arch lectures and/or Ouspensky series
Box 9, Folder 12Seating arrangements, Ouspensky lectures, February 24-September 23, 1942
Attendees, seating arrangement, ., February 24, 1942
3 pages.

Attendees, ., March 3, 1942
1 page.

Attendees, seating arrangement ., March 10, 1942
2 pages.

Seating arrangement, ., March 17, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., March 24, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., April 1, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., April 8, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., April 15, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., May 7, 1942
2 pages.

Seating arrangement, ., June 4, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., June 24, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., July 1, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, July 8, 1942.
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., July 22, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., August 5, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., August 12, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., August 19, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., August 26, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., September 2, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., September 9, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., September 16, 1942
1 page.

Seating arrangement, ., September 23, 1942
1 page.

Box 9, Folder 13Information on some invitees to Ouspensky lectures
5 pages.

Box 9, Folder 14Short list of terms
4 pages.

Box 9, Folder 15Ouspensky lecture "Introduction"
19 pages.

Box 9, Folder 16Ouspensky lecture no. 1, May 7, 1942
Box 9, Folder 17Ouspensky lecture no. 2
20 pages.

Box 9, Folder 18Ouspensky lecture no. 3
14 pages.

Box 9, Folder 19Ouspensky lecture no. 4, March 17, 1942
Original typescript (18 pages).
Carbon typescript (14 pages).
Box 9, Folder 20Ouspensky lecture no. 5
14 pages

Box 9, Folder 21Notes on question and answer periods, Ouspensky lectures, September 1942 September 2-23, 1942
1 page

Box 9, Folder 22List of attendees, Ouspensky lecture, January 12, 1943
1 page.

Box 9, Folder 23Barnes' address book for Ouspensky Group and "Girls' Group"
Box 9, Folder 24Record of lectures, "Girls' Group"
3 pages.

Box 9, Folder 25Lists of invitees and attendees, "Girls' Group" lectures, and undated, February-July, 1942
Box 9, Folder 26Group rules
3 pages.

Box 9, Folder 27Material for Group work
Morning Ritual.
1 page.

Evening Ritual.
1 page.

General group meditation.
2 pages.

1 page.

17 exercises, beginning "nasal cleansing breath".
17 pages.

Manuscript notes.
2 pages.

Box 9, Folder 28Re: In Search of the Miraculous
Edgar Snow of Saturday Evening Post to Barnes, ., February 25, 1950
1 page.

Review of In Search of the Miraculous, by Rom Landau in The World Review.
2 pages.

Blurb about In Search of the Miraculous, by unknown.
1 page.

Box 9, Folder 29Flyers for Lectures
at New York's Town Hall, July 7-28.
5 copies.

Private readings of In Search of the Miraculous.
5 copies.

Town Hall meetings as introduction to ideas of G. Gurdjieff, etc.
2 copies.

Box 10Social engagements/address books, 1940s.
Folder 1Barnes' Christmas cards, ., 1930s-40s
6 items.
1940 Christmas greetings from Carman Barnes is a copy of Bragdon's November 20 Arch Lecture and features Bragdon's image for Barnes' bookplate on the front cover.

Folder 2Barnes' address book and loose address pages.
Folder 3Party lists.
Undated, on Barnes' letterhead.
1 page.

11 pages.

Weekend of ., May 24, 1943
1 page.

5 pages.

., October 29, 1950
1 page.

Folder 4List of friends and associates, c. ., 1942
3 pages.

Folder 5Party planner book, ., 1945-49
Folder 6Engagement book, ., 1946
Folder 7Engagement book, ., 1948
Folder 8Assorted arts flyers, ., 1940-50
Invitation to be a "Priestess" in a Ruth St. Denis piece, ., September 27, 1940
Toscanini concert, ., December 6, 1941
William Horne benefit concert, ., November 30, 1948
Indonesian Evening at Asia Institute, ., December 20, 1948
American Academy of Arts and Letters Ceremonial, ., May 27, 1949
The Subjects of the Artist: a new art school, catalogue for 1948-49.
Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Assoc., calendar of events 1948-49.
Claude F. Bragdon exhibit "An Architect Sets the Stage," ., September 26, 1950
Asia and the Opium World.
Water Colors by Bueb.
Eliena Krylenko.
Pied Piper Puppeteers.
Folder 9Uday Shankar in New York.
Shankar and his film Kalpana at East and West Association.
Brochure for Shankar and his Hindu Ballet at the 48th St. Theatre.
Playbill for Shankar and His Hindu Ballet, December 27, 1949 with premiere performance inset.
Invitees to reception for Shankar, ., December 27, 1949
12 pages.

Correspondence re: reception for Shankar.
Barnes to S. Hurok, ., December 10, 1949

Barry Hyams to Barnes, ., December 16, 1949
S. Hurok to Barnes, ., December 16, 1949
Eugene Reynal to Barnes, ., December 22, 1949
Bill Ormerod [?] to Barnes, ., December 22, 1949
Carleton Sprague Smith to Barnes, . [sic], December 22, 1948
Richard Walsh to Barnes, ., December 23, 1949
Consul General of India to Barnes, ., December 23, 1949
Folder 10Eugenie Baizerman exhibit in New York, ., 1950
Draft of Barnes' letter re: exhibit and list of recipients.
2 pages.

Draft of Barnes' letter to Saul Baizerman.
1 page.

Mimeograph for "Eugenie Baizerman and her Art".
2 pages.

Printed exhibit materials.
Brochure for The Artists' Gallery.
Box 11Biographical; Photographs; Financials
Folder 1Biographical information; clippings about Barnes.
Various autobiographical material prepared by Barnes.
15 pages.

Carman Barnes to Miss Harris, W.S. Crawford Ltd, London, explaining Schoolgirl., December 1929
Newspaper clipping, Barnes, Clara and Mary Jackson;, September 7, 1929.
1 page.

Newspaper clippings, . British press reviews of Schoolgirl., 1930
2 pages.

Newspaper clipping, c. ., 1930
2 pages.

Newspaper clipping, Atlanta Constitution, ., February 22, 1931
1 page.

Newspaper clippings, c. ., 1931
2 pages.

Mailing envelope from Claude Kendall Publisher with advertising stamp for Barnes' Young Woman.
Newspaper clipping, ., May 30, 1936
1 page.

Newspaper clipping, c. ., 1937
1 page.

Newspaper clipping, ., February 24, 1937
1 page.

Newspaper clipping, ., May 19, 1937
1 page.

Newspaper clipping, c. ., 1937
2 pages.

Newspaper clipping, ., December 5, 1937
2 pages.

Newspaper clipping, ., December 30, 1945
1 page.

Newspaper clipping, re: Hamilton Fish Armstrong.
1 page.

Newspaper clippings, c. ., 1947
2 pages.

Newspaper clipping, ., February 27, 1951
1 page.

Newspaper clipping, ., March 4, 1951
3 pages.

Copper plate for Barnes' calling card.
1 photograph.

Folder 2Photographs.
Barnes and Clara Jackson [Martin] at Ward-Belmont School for Girls, ., 1928
1 photograph.

Clara Jackson [Martin], c. ., 1928
1 photograph.

Barnes as a young woman in Tennessee.
2 photographs.

Portrait of Barnes for dust jacket of Time Lay Asleep.
3 photographs.

Portrait of Barnes with fur stole, c. ., 1950
1 photograph.

Portrait of Barnes in Alabama, c. ., 1951
1 photograph.

Various pictures of Barnes in Austria, c. ., 1950s
9 photographs.

Barnes with others in Austria, c. ., 1950s
11 photographs.

Barnes with her dog, Wolfie, in Austria, ., 1950s
10 photographs.

Property of C.B. Bruce, Peter Island.
1 photograph.

Postcard photograph of island home, possibly that of Cleome Carroll Wadsworth in the Virgin Islands.
1 photograph.

Nancy O'Brien Allen's children.
1 photograph.

Group of children in swimsuits, unidentified.
1 photograph.

Barnes' dog, Wolfie, c. ., 1950s
5 photograps.

Photograph of drawn portrait of Barnes, c. ., 1960
1 photograph.

"Buffy" Count Ester Lozy & "Okie" Count Funf Ruchen at Cafe Bazaar, c. ., 1950s
1 photograph.

Folder 3Residences.
J. Edward Gay [real estate agent] to Barnes re: properties, ., May 6, 1946
3 pages.

undated "Resolution".
Floor plans of 14 East 10th St., N.Y., N.Y.
Barnes to East Hampton Mayor Judson Banister, ., August 18, 1950
Folder 4Inventories.
Book inventory, Carman Barnes' Library, ., December 9, 1940
18 pages.

Inventory of phonograph records, ., May 16, 1942
6 pages.

Inventories, 40 Central Park South, ., February 1943
19 pages.

Inventory, Apt. of Miss Carman Barnes, 40 Central Park South, N.Y., undated.
2 copies, typescript and carbon; each 15 pages.

Inventory, Apt. of Mrs. Hamilton Fish Armstrong--7B--40 Central Park South, N.Y., undated.
10 pages.

List of household good for resale to Barnes, ., February 12, 1949
1 page.

List of furnishings, etc. at 20 East 8th St., Apt. 5-B, N.Y., N.Y.
5 pages.

4 pages.

Jewelry inventory February 17, 1943.
1 page.

Jewelry appraisal, undated.
1 page.

Cartier delivery slip, ., September 13, 1949
Item lists, undated.
Typescript, 2 pages; manuscript, 2 pages.

Folder 5Steinway and Sons. Sales contract ; invoice, April 1, 1943 April 3, 1943
3 brochures.

Folder 6Weekend and travelling lists.
Folder 7Income tax returns ., 1942-1946
Folder 8Contracts.
Paramount Publix Corp with Barnes, ., September 16, 1930
7 pages.

Superior court of CA re: Paramount/Barnes contract, ., February 23, 1931
Harper and Brothers and Barnes for Time Lay Asleep, ., November 15, 1944
Estate of Ouspensky and Barnes re: Strange Life of Ivan Osokin, ., November 22, 1949
Holme Press and Barnes, ., November 22, 1949
Macmillan Co. and Barnes for Evil Under the Sun, ., December 19, 1949
Jacob Charney, attorney to Barnes re: Ouspensky contract, ., January 6, 1950
Folder 9Stock sales to friends.
Hamilton Fish Armstrong to Barnes, ., June 2, 1944
1 page.

Hamilton Fish Armstrong to Barnes, ., September 27, 1944
1 page.

Tess Shirer to Barnes, ., October 18, 1944
1 page.

Barnes to John Gunther, ., October 18, 1944
1 page.

Barnes to Tess Shirer, ., October 20, 1944
1 page.

Barnes to Leonora Morris, ., October 24, 1944
1 page.

Mary Stevens for Hamilton Fish Armstrong to Barnes, ., November 2, 1944
1 page.

Barnes to Lucy Kroll, ., November 10, 1944
1 page.

Hamilton Fish Armstrong to Barnes, ., March 13, 1945
1 page.

Barnes' list of friends who bought stocks.
2 pages.

Folder 10Correspondence, etc. re: Andover Kent Aviation, ., March-December 1944
Folder 11Correspondence, etc. re: Bendix Helicopters, ., January 1944-July 1945
Folder 12Correspondence, etc. re: Langley Aviation Corp., December 1944-May 1947.
Folder 13Insurance, miscellaneous ., 1939-1949
Folder 14Invoices from Mme. Guyot Petrovich Gowns, N.Y. ., February 1947-January 1949
Folder 15Expense records, ., 1946-1949
Folder 16Check receipt book, ., September 1946-March 1947
Folder 17Check receipt book, ., May 1947-December 1947
Folder 18Check receipt book, ., August 1949-April 1950
Box 12Genealogical research; American History research.
Folder 1Miscellaneous genealogical notes.
Folder 2Correspondence; County Clerks, Bureau of Census - Barnes; October 1936-January 1938; June 1945.
Folder 3Correspondence; Institute of American Genealogy - Barnes, April-June, 1944. Folder includes some Institute brochures.]
Folder 4Correspondence; Sidney Merriam, genealogist, - Barnes, July 1936-January 1938.
Folder 5Correspondence; Ethiel Mills-Barnes, September 1936-1937, undated.
Folder 6Correspondence; Mills Family, 1902; 1937-1938.
Folder 7Correspondence; Helen and Philota Rorabeck-Barnes, November 1936, January 1938.
Folder 8Correspondence; Julian Smith-Barnes, October 1936.
Folder 9Correspondence; Mabel T. R. Washburn [The National Historical Society]-Barnes, November 1937-December 1945.
Folder 10Correspondence re: genealogical research, misc.
Folder 11Correspondence and notes re: American History research, 1937. Newspaper clippings, print sources re: American History research, 1940s.
Folder 12Notes on book and reference sources.
Folder 13Correspondence Brentano's and Scribner's bookshops - Barnes, 1937-1944.
Folder 14Notes, general, American History.
Folder 15Names.
Folder 16Research notes. England: reign of Henry VIII, Elizabethean reign, King James.
Folder 17Growth of trade and capitalism.
Folder 18Colonization and commercial enterprise.
Folder 19English expeditions.
Folder 20Portuguese, Spanish, French and other expeditions.
Folder 21Pilgrims' clothing before Leyden.
Folder 22Dutch scene and coming of pilgrims to Holland.
Folder 23Leyden, the separatists and separatists in Scrooby.
Folder 24Start of English immigration to America; The Colonial mind; Description of the Mayflower.
Folder 25Puritans; Transition from Colonial to American; The Yankee.
Folder 26New England scene; English expressions; Customs and anecdotes; Clothing; firearms and scenery; furniture; Witchcraft..
Folder 2717th and 18th Century America.
Folder 28Oswego county.
Folder 29America before white man; Indians.
Folder 30Williamsburg; Jamestown; Virginia.
Folder 31John Smith and Pocahantas.
Folder 32Emotions.
Folder 33Historical poems.
Box 13The History Cycle
Folder 1a-eNotes for The History Cycle.
Folder 2Notes on characters for The History Cycle.
Folder 3Outlines and notes for The History Cycle.
Folder 4a-bDrafts, Chapter I, "The Arm of Flesh".
Folder 5Drafts, Chapter II, "The Arm of Flesh".
Folder 6Drafts, "The Arm of Flesh".
Box 14Miscellaneous writing. Schoolgirl; Gentlemen, the Queel!; Swastika Cycle; etc.
Folder 1Typescript School-Girl, A Play in Three Acts by A.W. Pezet and Carman Barnes, c. ., 1930
Folder 2Carbon typescript, apparent working copy, alternate draft, School-Girl, A Play in Three Acts by A.W. Pezet and Carman Barnes, c. ., 1930
Folder 3Copyright registration cards and correspondence for Gentlemen, The Queel! [a musical play in two acts] by Carman Barnes, Diantha M. Jackson and Nathan Kroll, c. . [See also 17:21.], 1936
Folder 4Typescript, Gentlemen, The Queel! [a musical play in two acts] by Carman Barnes, Diantha M. Jackson and Nathan Kroll, c. ., 1936
Folder 5Miscellaneous notes and story ideas. [See also 14:3; 17:21.]
Folder 6Notes and drafts for a story or play, with provisional title "It's an Old Southern Custom," c. ., March 1943
Folder 7"Southern Belle."
Folder 8"You Don't Have to be Crazy."
Folder 9a-bNotes for The Swastika Cycle, c. . [see also: Correspondence with Esther Farrar 3:18 and Grant Mouradoff 5:21.], 1943
Folder 10Correspondence re: copyright for The Swastika Cycle, ., October 1943-February 1944
Folder 11Three drafts of The Swastika Cycle.
Folder 12"Wake Over a Dead House," undated.
Folder 13Notes for "Music of the Spheres." [These notes contain some information on people in Barnes' circle, e.g. Bragdon, Ouspensky, Bendix.]
Folder 14"Music of the Spheres." [Typescripts of several chapters, possibly different drafts. Apparently incomplete.]
Folder 15Notes for ballets.
Folder 16Favorite Dishes of my Friends.

Folder 17The American Galleries. Typescript proposal for "the creation of a system of educational galleries throughout the country".
8 pages.

Box 15Time Lay Asleep; Untitled Van Selden manuscript; etc.
Folder 1Notes for and drafts of assorted passages for Time Lay Asleep.
Folder 2Time Lay Asleep, title-page--page 113.
Carbon typescript.

Folder 3Time Lay Asleep, pages 114-229.
Carbon typescript.

Folder 4Time Lay Asleep, pages 230-339.
Carbon typescript.

Folder 5Time Lay Asleep, pages 340-436. [end]
Carbon typescript.

Folder 6Time Lay Asleep, title-page--page 76.
Original typescript.

Folder 7Time Lay Asleep, pages 77-144.
Original typescript.

Folder 8Time Lay Asleep, pages 145-200. [end]
Original typescript.

Folder 9Notes from Novel Writing Course with Manuel Komroff, Columbia University and notes on novels., 1942
Folder 10Notes on short story technique and how to write radio drama.
Folder 11Character list, untitled Van Selden manuscript
Folder 12Untitled Van Selden manuscript, incomplete.
Folder 13Untitled Van Selden manuscript, fragments.
Box 16Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian, notes; drafts; c. 1948-1949
Folder 1Visual and print materials re: Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 2Home, Sweet Home, a play by Margaret Armstrong.
22 pages.

Folder 3Notes for Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 4Notes for and drafts of assorted passages of Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 5Draft fragments of Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 6Various drafts of Act I, Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 7Various drafts of Act II, Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 8Various drafts of Act III, Fanny Kemble / A Passionate Victorian.
Folder 9a-eDrafts of A Passionate Victorian, by Carman Barnes and Hamilton Fish Armstrong, c. ., 1948
Box 17Lois Diantha Mills Barnes. Correspondence; Musical work.
Folder 1Photograph of Diantha Barnes, undated; Daughters of the American Revolution certificate, March 1938.
1 photograph.

Folder 2Correspondence, misc. ., 1924-1940
Most of this correspondence relates to DB's writing.

Diantha Barnes to Mr. Stanton, ., March 28, 1924
1 page.

Paul Severance, The New South Magazine, to Diantha Barnes, ., December 27, 1927
1 page.

Ann Watkins to Diantha Barnes, ., February 21, 1930
1 page.

G. C. Waterston to Diantha Barnes, ., April 23, 1930
1 page.

Richard Badger [the Gorham Press] to Diantha Barnes, ., March 16, 1931
1 page.

Martha Barnett for Florence Vincent Inc. to Diantha Barnes, ., July 27, 1931
1 page.

Warren F. Lawrence to Diantha Barnes, ., August 20, 1931
1 page.

Hazel L. Berge, Fawcett Publications, Inc. to Diantha Barnes, ., December 12, 1932
1 page.

Robert Sparks Walker to Diantha Barnes, ., June 17, 1937
2 pages.

Richard Halliday [Paramount Publix Corp.] to Diantha Barnes, ., May 18, 1932
1 page.

Theodore ? of Paramount Line, Inc. to Diantha Barnes, ., March 27, 1936
1 page.

Library of Congress Copyright Office to Diantha Barnes, ., May 1939
Copyright registration, "He Played for the Czar," by Diantha Mills Jackson and Nathan Kroll.
2 pages.

Diantha Barnes to Unity School of Christianity, ., May 18, 1939
3 pages.

Carman Barnes to Hardwick Moseley [Houghton Mifflin, Co.], re: Diantha Barnes' writing., May 30, 1940
2 pages.

R.P. Harnden, Houghton Mifflin Co. to Carman Barnes, re: Diantha Barnes' writing., August 14, 1940
1 page.

The Lookout to Diantha Barnes, undated.
1 page.

Nathan Kroll to Ben Gross, The New York Daily News, undated.
8 pages.

Folder 3Diantha Barnes to Carman Barnes.
16 undated greeting cards.

Folder 4Carman Barnes to Diantha Barnes. [9 greeting cards.]
9 undated greeting cards.

Folder 5Correspondence Donald Grady Davidson - Diantha Barnes.
Davidson, 1893-1968, was an American poet, essayist and teacher. He was a member of the Fugitives, along with Robert Penn Warren, Allen Tate, etc.

Mss. poem, untitled with dedication "To the Jacksons, With best regards, Donald Davidson".
2 pages, plus photocopy.

Donald Davidson to George Pullen Jackson, ., January 17, 1928
1 page.

Folder 6Correspondence Emmet Fox - Diantha Barnes, ., 1939
Pamphlet for service by Emmet Fox, ., May 15, 1938
Emmet Fox to Diantha Barnes, ., March 21, 1939
1 page.

Diantha Barnes to Emmet Fox, ., May 18, 1939
2 pages.

Copy of pamphlet "The American Spirit" by Emmet Fox.
Flyer for Easter service by Emmet Fox, ., April 9, 1939
1 page.

Folder 7Correspondence George Pullen Jackson - Diantha Barnes, ., 1930-1933
Jackson and Diantha Barnes were married 1926-1939.

Photograph of Jackson, with message on back, undated.
1 photograph.

Financial receipts. c. ., 1930
3 pages.

Order on Wages, Vanderbilt University, ., April 10, 1930
1 page.

Chattle Mortgage, ., April 10, 1930
Bill of sale, Diantha Barnes - George Pullen Jackson, ., May 13, 1932
1 page.

George Pullen Jackson - Diantha Barnes, ., May 15, 1932
2 pages.

George Pullen Jackson - Diantha Barnes, ., July 1, 1932
1 page.

George Pullen Jackson - Diantha Barnes, ., September 21, 1932
2 pages.

George Pullen Jackson - Diantha Barnes, ., March 1 1933
2 pages.

Thomas A. McGrath to Diantha Barnes, ., May 6, 1937
1 page.

Folder 8Correspondence Wightman F. Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., 1924
Melton was Georgia's poet laureate January 25, 1943-October 12, 1944.

Melton - Mrs. Harden, ., January 7, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 13, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 17, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 20, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 22, 1924
1 page.

"Call My Little Ones Home," by Melton, undated.
1 page.

"My Captive, Captivating Queen," by Melton, undated.
1 page.

"Faithful Forever," by Melton, undated.
1 page.

"The Call of the Hills," by Melton, undated.
1 page.

"Her Arms," by Melton, undated.
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 26, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 29, 1924
2 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., January 30, 1924
2 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, undated, Monday.
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 1, 1924
3 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 1, 1924
3 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, undated.
2 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 3, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 4, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 8, 1924
4 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 9, 1924
6 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, ., February 10, 1924
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, undated Friday morning.
3 pages.

"With the Stars," poem by Melton. undated.
1 page.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, undated Thursday 3 p.m.
7 pages.

Melton - Diantha Barnes, undated Thursday night.
3 pages.

Folder 9Correspondence Mary L. Raines - Ethiel C. Mills, ., 1896-1908
Folder 10Correspondence Evelyn Sills Preston - S.H. Preston, ., 1893-1914
Folder 11Correspondence Frank Smith - Mills Family, ., 1890s-1915
Folder 12Horoscope for Diantha Barnes.
Folder 13Financial records re: 1930 income tax.
Folder 14Published music scores.
Folder 15Miscellaneous manuscript music scores, no lyrics.
Folder 16Miscellaneous manuscript lyrics, untitled and fragments.
Folder 17Miscellaneous manuscript music and lyrics, untitled.
Folder 18Manuscript music and lyrics "Am I Wrong?"
Folder 19Manuscript music and lyrics "But I'll Make Up for That."
Folder 20Manuscript lyrics "Can It Be You?"
Folder 21Manuscript music and lyrics "Gentlemen, the Queel!" [See also 14:3-4.]
Folder 22Manuscript music and lyrics "In the Fragrance of the Night."
Folder 23Manuscript music and lyrics "Let's Build an Island in the Sky." [Music by Nathan Kroll, lyric by Diantha Barnes.]
Folder 24Manuscript music and lyrics "Love Has Made a Loafer." [Music by Nathan Kroll, lyric by Diantha Barnes.]
Folder 25Manuscript music and lyrics "My Gypsy Love."
Folder 26Manuscript music and lyrics "Take a Tip From Me It's Love." [Music by Nathan Kroll, lyric by Diantha Barnes.]
Folder 27Manuscript music and lyrics "There's a New Face in the Moon To-Night."
Folder 28Manuscript music and lyrics "They Tell Me it's True."
Folder 29Manuscript music and lyrics "What Manner of Love Is This."
Folder 30Manuscript music and lyrics "Who Can Tell."
Folder 31Manuscript music and lyrics "Willingly."
Box 18Lois Diantha Mills Barnes. Poetry and prose writing.
Folder 1Two notebooks. [c. .], 1910s
Folder 2List of greeting card companies.
Folder 3Photocopy of Poems, by Diantha Barnes. Boston: Richard G. Badger, The Gorham Press, ., 1925
Folder 4"Men Call Me Mad," poems by Diantha Mills Barnes,

Folder 5Sheaf of poems, some included in "Men Call Me Mad."

Folder 6a-mPoems, manuscript and typescript, undated.
These poems have been left in the order in which they were arranged when the collection was acquired.

Folder 7Prose: "Vinegar To Thy Kiss"/"Passion Is Costly"/"The Lunar Sex" [suggested titles]
188 pages.

Folder 8Prose: "Daffy Right Off! A story of the Tennessee Mountains."
2 typescripts: bound, 18 pages; unbound, 21 pages.

Folder 9Prose: "Red Lust."
Bound carbon typescript, 62 pages; additional typescript, possibly incomplete.

Folder 10Prose: "Buzzards."
Bound typescript, 19 pages; typescript, from "Fairyland", 25 pages; typescript, 21 pages.

Folder 11Prose: "Little Sister."
12 pages

Folder 12Prose: "The Healers," by Emma Bell Miles, Albion View, Tenn.
Folder 13Prose: "The Cook-Stove," by Emma Bell Miles.
Folder 14Prose: "Wingslip," by Warren Lawrence and Diantha Mills.
"Wingslip," by Warren Lawrence and Diantha Mills.
63 pages

"Wingslip," by Warren Lawrence and Diantha Mills.
62 pages

"C'est la Guerre," by Warren F. Lawrence, c. ., 1929
30 pages

Folder 15Three notebooks.
Folder 16Prose: "Ladies Must Love," by Sofia Barloff.
Folder 17Prose fragments.
Folder 18Prose: "Unclean," by Sofia Barloff.
Several versions.

Folder 19Prose: "Magdalene of the Mountains."
Folder 20Prose: "Moccasin Flower."
Folder 21Prose: "Mimosa of the Mountains."
Two versions.

Folder 22a-cProse. Untitled manuscripts.

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