The Wednesday Club (Rochester, Ny) Papers, 1890

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Call Number: D.135
Dates: 1890-present
Physical Description: 15 boxes, 1 oversize folder, 3 volumes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6
Box 7
Box 8
Box 9
Box 10
Box 11
Box 12
Box 13
Box 14
Collection Overview
Call Number: D.135
Dates: 1890-present
Physical Description: 15 boxes, 1 oversize folder, 3 volumes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
The Wednesday Club is a women's organization devoted to literary and intellectual pursuits, as well as issues of civic concern. The membership is composed of active and socially prominent women in the Rochester, New York area.

Founded in 1890 by Carrie Butts Stoddard, Hetty Hopkins Adams, Sara Fisher, and Rose Alling, the club has seldom exceeded twenty in membership. Invitations to join are extended upon unanimous decision of the group. They meet approximately once per month during the year with a four month break for the summer. The meetings are held at the members' homes--each member hosting in her turn. At each meeting a light lunch is served and a paper of original research by one of the members is presented, with discussion following the reading. The Wednesday Club papers consist of Secretary's Minutes from the Club's founding in 1890 through 2009. Also included are Member Biographical Information forms, which the organization sent to its membership as part of its centennial celebration. Schedules and announcements of meetings document the longevity of the Club. Most valuable in this collection are the surviving reading copies of papers presented. The research papers chronicle the opinions of middle and upper-class women related to a variety of topics including travel, disarmament, gender limitations, welfare reform and the domestic arts. Most notable, were those read by Alice Wood Wynd, Harriet Steele Rhees, and Rose Alling. Papers presented by guest lecturers are also included in this collection. Correspondence, as well as materials related to the Club's Centennial Celebration, and photographs document the development of the organization.

For a history of The Wednesday Club see: Nancy Wharton Bolger, "The Wednesday Club: a Centennial History," The University of Rochester Library Bulletin, vol. 41, (1989-1990), 38-51.

Immediate Source of Acquisition
Gift of The Wednesday Club, March 1980 and subsequent additions.Access
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[Item title, item date], THE WEDNESDAY CLUB (ROCHESTER, NY) PAPERS, 1890-, D.135, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1
Secretary's Minutes, May 13, 1890- May 9, 1906
Secretary's Minutes, October 3, 1906- March 8, 1922
Secretary's Minutes, October 11, 1922- January 29, 1936
Secretary's Minutes, October 28, 1936- May 9, 1951
Secretary's Minutes, October 10, 1951- October 17, 1956
Box 2
Secretary's Minutes: 1953- 1956
Secretary's Minutes: 1956- March 4, 1959
Secretary's Minutes: April 1, 1959- August 1, 1961
Secretary's Minutes: October 1961- 1964
Secretary's Minutes: October 1964- Spring 1967
Secretary's Minutes: 1967- 1969
Secretary's Minutes: 1969- 1972
Secretary's Minutes: 1972-1974
Secretary's Minutes: 1974- 1976
Box 3
Secretary's Minutes: 1976- 1979
Secretary's Minutes: 1979- 1981
Secretary's Minutes: 1982- 1987
Secretary's Minutes: 1988- 1989
Secretary's Minutes: 1990- 1995
Secretary's Minutes: 1996- 1999
Secretary's Minutes: 1999- 2004
Secretary's Minutes: 2004- 2006
Secretary's Minutes: 2006- 2009, Undated
Club Guidelines
Members Biography Form and Membership Lists
Members Biographical Information: A- C
Members Biographical Information: D- H
Members Biographical Information: J- O
Members Biographical Information: P- W
Box 4
Member Lists and Contact Information (Restricted Materials)
Schedule of Meetings: 1892- 1964
Schedule of Meetings: 1964- 2009
Meeting Announcements: 1981- 1999
Meeting Announcements: 2000- 2006, Undated
Member Index of Papers Given: A-J, 1890-
Member Index of Papers Given: K- Z, 1890-
Box 5
"The History of the Wednesday Club" Rose Alling, 1940
"The Beautiful and the Picturesque" Ruth Atwater
"How I came to Love the Morgan" Betsy Brayer, 1980
"Japanese English" Betsy Brayer, 1986
"Kodak Girls" Betsy Brayer, 1996
"Red Star over Hong Kong" Betsy Brayer
"Two Faces of the Dragon" Betsy Brayer, 1989
"About Adam's Apple" Nancy Bolger, 1976
[Dial] Nancy Bolger, ca. 1979
"The Divine Helen" Nancy Bolger, 2001
[On the Prevalence of Susceptibility (Creationism) and the Fox Sisters] Nancy Bolger, 2005
"The Paper, Speak, Memory" Nancy Bolger, 1992
"Heartthrobs: Do Blondes Really Prefer Gentlemen?" Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 1988
"Lighting the Fire" Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 1991
"Oh! Susannah! ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder); ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder); H-E-L-P!!!!" Sharon Dwyer Buzard and Susannah Helen Buzard, 1996
"Wringing the Bell: Emily Dickinson Revisited" Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 1994
"Cybernetics" Janet Clark
"Blood Tells: Genome Project" Willa S. Cockett, 1998
"Hubble Space Telescope Contributions to Astronomy: 1993- 1996" Willa S. Cockett, 1996
"Infinity" Willa S. Cockett, 1992
"The Pathophysiology of Decompression Sickness: An Overview" Willa S. Cockett
"The Uncommon Monnet" Willa S. Cockett, 1989
"The Wednesday Club: 1890- 1970" Dorothy Cumpston, 1970
Box 6
"Rochester's Gay Nineties" Mrs. Danforth, 1942
"Give the Lady What She Wants" Katherine Koller Diez, 1983
"Rochester I Knew in 1942" Katherine Koller Diez, 1985
"Why Not Give it a Try! Lady Travelers in the 19th and 20th Centuries" Katherine Koller Diez, 1982
"Women Who Made a Difference" Katherine Koller Diez, 1981
'Resume of "Her Italy"' Clara Fenn, 1965
"Rugs and also Yarns" Clara Fenn, 1970
"Tip of the Tongue" Marion Fry, 1975
"Convalescent Hospital for Children" Esther Gabel, 1966
[Health Care] Ann Githler
"California Does have its Faults" Jan Gleason, 1993
"Fathoming the Depths: David Packard's Contributions" Jan Gleason, 1998
"[Disarmament] Victoria Harris, 1983
"The Women of Riyadh" Mary Hayden
Box 7
"Art in Public Space" Marion Hawks, 1988
"Beyond the Canvas" Marion Hawks, 1990
"Changed Attitudes Toward Work" Marion Hawks, 1981
"Gypsies" Marion Hawks, 1971
"The Lake" Marion Hawks, ca. 1969
"No Laughs" Marion Hawks, 1984
"Our Hardy Pilgrimage" Marion Hawks 1978
"The Palio" Marion Hawks, 1994
"Project Amazon" Marion Hawks, 1983
"Renaissance Man" Marion Hawks, 1978
"Return of the Native" Marion Hawks, 1976
"Santo, Santero" Marion Hawks, 1993
"The Passing Seasons: Notes from a Farm's Day Book, 1870- 1879" Isabel Herdle, 1979
"The Split Infinitive" Sarah Jay Hughes
Box 8
"The First Fifty Years: The Institute of Optics 1929- 1979" Hilda G. Kingslake, 1979
"A Soliloquy on Time" Hilda G. Kingslake, 1981
"Tons and Traces" Hilda G. Kingslake, 1963
"The Case of Canandaigua One" Margaret Joynt, 1992
"The Four Georges and their Buildings" Margaret Joynt, 1985
"Mind" Margarety Joynt, 1988
"Our 88 Jewels" Margaret Joynt, 1994
"A Roster of Remarkable Women" Margaret Joynt, 2017
"A Playwright, a Painter, an Economist, an Historian and Friends" Margaret Joynt, 1989
"Czechoslovakia" Duda Kurtvirt, 1969
"Beyond the Gates" Ramsey Lawless, 1984
"Heaven Is…" Ramsey Lawless, 1982
[Neighborhood Organizations] Ramsey Lawless, 1973
"Oh No, Not Again!" Ramsey Lawless, 1987
"What's Up? America's Commitment to Space" Ramsey Lawless, 1989
"Before the Flood" Florence Macomber, 1972
"Dear Mr. President" Florence Macomber, 1983
"Doggerel" Florence Macomber
"Iran" Florence Macomber
"John Paul Jones- the Man and the Myth" Florence Macomber
"The Ladies, God Bless 'em" Florence Macomber, 1974
"Light Impressions" Florence Macomber, 1977
"Money Talks" Florence Macomber, 1976
[Panama Canal] Florence Macomber, 1987
"The Philbilly Turkey Trot" Florence Macomber
Box 9
"Adelaide Crapsey" Eleanor McQuilken
"Ho Ho Kus" Eleanor McQuilken
"The Hopi" Eleanor McQuilken, 1984
"Lafcadio Hearn" Eleanor McQuilken
"The Prima Donna del Mondo" Eleanor McQuilken, 1974
"Prometheus" Eleanor McQuilken, ca. 1970
"Saints" Eleanor McQuilken
"Snow" Eleanor McQuilken, 1975
"The Siena Pianoforte" Eleanor McQuilken
"[Thurdeau, Edward Livingston] Eleanor McQuilken
"Word- Watching" Eleanor McQuilken
"A Gentle Mediocrity? An Essay on Madame Germaine de Stael" Joyce Mitchell Melissinos, 1984
"Was She a Dove Among the Eagles? An Essay on the Life and Work of Elizabeth Gaskell" Joyce Mitchell Melissinos, 1985
'"Let there be Something that Remains," A Memorial to John Graham and the War on Poverty' Judith O'Brien, 1987
"Women in the Church: A Rochester Perspective" Judith O'Brien
"Cable Television: Coming, Ready or Not" Geraldine Redding, 1970
"Rochester at the Turn of the Century" Harriet Rhees, 1942
[Alaska] Mary Rob, 1977
"Geriatrics and Mental Illness" Mary Rob, 1973
"A History of Tobacco" Mary Rob, 1979
[Kodiak Island] Mary Rob, 1977
"On the Way to the Super Market" Mary Rob, 1975
"Tin, Trays, Peddlers and Mrs. Brazier"
"Two Seasons of the Noatak" Mary Rob, 1985
"It's Fun to Learn" Steve Thomas, 1990
"Different Ways of Knowing" Karen Trueheart, 1994
"Heartprints for Humanity" Karen Trueheart
Box 10
"The Conquest of Mexico" Anne Wallis
"Wood Fires for Heating Homes in America" Anne Wallis, 1974
"Eliza Lucas- Pinckney, Citizen" Katharine W. Whipple, 1975
Register of Alice Wynd's Papers, 1945- 1981
"The Arctic" Alice Wynd, 1975
"Can We Export Capitalism?" Alice Wynd, 1959
"De Labore" Alice Wynd, 1947
"The Economics of Agriculture" Alice Wynd, 1964
"Hawaii" Alice Wynd, 1961
"Public Episode" Alice Wynd, 1977
"Public Welfare No. 2" Alice Wynd, 1960
"Reflections--- 1970" Alice Wynd, 1970
"The Rockies" Alice Wynd, 1948
"The Sea" Alice Wynd, 1971
"Some Great Economists" Alice Wynd, 1966
"State Board of Welfare, 1937- 1942" Alice Wynd, 1946
"Television" Alice Wynd, 1968
"Television" Alice Wynd, 1972
"The U.N. Dix Ans Apres" Alice Wynd, 1955
"World Organization" Alice Wynd, 1945
"Women of Note" Alice Wynd, 1979
"The Ups and Downs: Class and Manners in America" Unattributed
Materials Related to Papers Given
Box 11
Correspondence: 1955- 1979
Correspondence: 1980- 1981, 1986
Correspondence: 1989- 1994, 1999- 2003, Undated
Twenty- Fifth Anniversary Program, 1915
Centennial Celebration, 1990
Nancy Bolger's: "The Wednesday Club: A Centennial History", 1990
Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases: ca. 1962- 1999
Photographs of Members, 1956, Undated
This folder also includes a copy of a photograph taken of the members for the 2017 year.

Photographic Negatives, 1956
Eleanor McQuilken 95th Birthday and Memorial
Box 12
Knitted Hats, 1932
Box 13
"Can Charter Schools Solve the Problem?", Ruth Atwater
"Nothing Succeeds Like Failure", Ruth Atwater
"Omina Mutantur or, Everything Changes", Ruth Atwater
"What Every Girl Should Know", Ruth Atwater, 2000
"Wild Relations", Kate Bennett, 2008
"Marie and Me(e)", Nancy Bolger, 2008
"Book, Bugle and Bayonet", Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 1999
"Dark Shadows", Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 2001
"Dream Flutes and Drum Beats", Sharon Dwyer Buzard
"Gumption: A Triptych", Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 2001
"Kiss My Sassafras", Sharon Dwyer Buzard
"Long Division", Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 2004
"LOSS: Sudan, India, New Orleans, Tibet, Saudi Arabia", Sharon Dwyer Buzard, 2008
"Around the World with Dots, Dits, Dashes and Hiram Sibley", Betsy Brayer
"But is it Art?" Betsy Brayer, 2000
"Eygptomania" Betsy Brayer, 1994
"Packets Glide on Treetops: And Other Stories of the Genesee Valley", Betsy Brayer
"They Came- but Only Some Stayed", Betsy Brayer, 2007
Yankee Go Home!" Betsy Brayer, 1979
Box 14
"Canandaugua Lake", Dorothy Cumpston and Notes
"Tribute", Victoria Harris, 2003
"42 Main Street", Sarah Jay Hughes, 1965
"Follow the Drinking Gourd", Margaret Joynt, 2002
"Gaelic Phoenix", Margaret Joynt, 2000
This folder contains the paper given, as well as a cassette recording of the presentation.

"Jane Jacobs and Rochester", Margaret Joynt, 2004
"The Rise of Universities", Margaret Joynt, 2009
"In the Cause of Ireland", Eleanor McQuilken
"A REEL STORY, A Biographical Family Sketch", Angela Bly Pichichero, 2017
"Wer Ich Ben (Who I Am)", Angela Bly Pichichero
"Legal Representation of Children in New York", Elizabeth Pine, 2002
"Oaths", Elizabeth Pine, 2006
Subject: Personal Background, Mary Rob, 2006
"In Search of Identity", Christina Selian, 2008
"Mastering the Art", Christina Selian
Subject: Personal Identity, Christina Selian, 2002
"The Queens I Have Known", Christina Selian, 2016
"The Only Devils", Karen Truehart
"A Goodly Bundle", Martha Weissberger, 1993
"E Pluribus Unum?" Martha Weissberger, 1993
"Tower of Babel", Martha Weissberger, 1995
"Trying Not to Fall Off", Martha Weissberger
"A Raisin in the Sun", Martha Weissberger
"Nor any drop to drink", Martha Weissberger
"I Know a Secret", Martha Weissberger
"Under the Cork Tree", Martha Weissberger
"Once Upon A Time", Martha Weissberger
Box 15: Presentations and Business Papers, 1981-2016
Folder 1"Revisiting the Towpath" and "When They Do Know What They Do", Martha Weissberger
Folder 2"The Cumaean Sibyl", Alice Wood Wynd, February 1981
Folder 3"On Beauty" and "In 2016 our 88 Jewels..." - Margaret Joynt, 2013, 2016.
Folder 4 "Better Together?" and "Beneath the Veil" - Jody Asbury, 2014,2015
Folder 5"First Impressions" and "Decisions, Making" - Francis S. Lennie, 2014, 2015
Folder 6"The Vue" and "Don't Think, But Try" - Nana Bennett, 2013, 2015
Folder 7"Choosing a Good Life" - Angela Pichichero, March 4, 2015
Folder 8"Robert... Really? Changing Ways, Coming Together" - Kate Bennett, November 5, 2014
Folder 9"Anonymous Was a Woman" - Betsy Brayer, October 1, 2014
Folder 10"Musings From My 50th Reunion" - Susan Robfogol, June 4, 2014
Folder 11"Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History" - Victoria Harris, December 3, 2014
Folder 12"A mind, like a parachute, only works when it is open", "A Long Line of Women", "Bending a Curve" - Nancy M. Bennett, 2006, 2008, 2011
Folder 13"Two Birds", "Who, What, Where, and Why?" - Sharon Dwyer Buzard, April 3, 2015 and May 6, 2015
Folder 14"Eternal Echoes", "Amandla", "Head, Heart, Hand", March 2, 2005; January 4, 2012; October 2, 2013
Folder 15"Sticky Details", December 7, 2011
Folder 16"Writing a Note", "Connecting to Elizabeth: A Ramble" - Deborah Fox, December 4, 2013 and February 3, 2016
Folder 17"Mine the Gap: My Shoulder Season Sojourn" - Sebby Wilson Jacobson, May 4, 2016
Folder 18"Bending and Bridging: The ties that bind" - Barbe de Leew, April 6, 2016
Folder 19Secretary's Minutes, 2009-2016
Folder 20Schedule of Meetings, 2004-2018
Box 15, Folder 21"Maslow wasn't Wrong and Neither was Harold" - Jody Asbury, 2017
Box 15, Folder 23"Fletcher and I" - Nancy Bolger, 2017
Box 15, Folder 24"Sui Generis: Rediscovering Two Rochester Originals" - Mary Buchan, 2018
Box 15, Folder 25"Epilogue for Who, What, When, Where... And Why" - Sharon Dwy Buzard, 2015
Box 15, Folder 26"On a Mission" - Barbara de Leeuw, 2018
Box 15, Folder 27"The Three Ladies and their Secret" - Deborah Fox, 2017
Box 15, Folder 28"Education City" - Susan Robfogel, 2010
Box 15, Folder 29"Cuba" - Susan Robfogel, 2005
Box 15, Folder 30"Personalized Medicine: Pharmacogenomics" - Susan Robfogel, 2007
Box 15, Folder 31"Realistic Optimist or Pollyanna: Saudi Arabia and Isreal?" - Susan Robfogel, 2018
Box 15, Folder 32"The Seed School"- Susan Robfogel, 2012
Box 15, Folder 33"The Education of Women Part II" - Susan Robfogel, 2016
Box 15, Folder 34"When the Spirit/Shekhina/Sakinah Moves You: My 19th Century Guide to my 21st Century Life" - Marjorie Searl, 2018

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