Hooker Family Papers

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Hooker family papers
Creator: Hooker family
Call Number: D.130
Dates: 1790-1963
Physical Description: 27 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Related Materials
Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Financial, legal, and business papers
Series III: Personal papers
Series IV: Political papers
Series V: Photograph albums
Collection Overview
Title: Hooker family papers
Creator: Hooker family
Call Number: D.130
Dates: 1790-1963
Physical Description: 27 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Horace Hooker (1794-1865) came to the Rochester area from Windsor, Connecticut in 1821. He became a prominent settler in Carthage, a settlement on the east side of the Genesee River which later became a part of Rochester. His brothers James Hooker (1792-1858) and Henry Hooker (1803-1893), as well as his brother-in-law, Elisha Beebe Strong (1788-1867), husband of Dolly Goodwin (Hooker) Strong, also settled in the area.

Horace Hooker's son, Horace B. Hooker (1837-1914) married Susan P. Huntington (1841-1928), the daughter of Elon Huntington (1808-1899) a University of Rochester trustee and Carthage businessman. Mrs. Hooker was active in a number of civic and social organizations of Rochester, including the Woman's Educational and Industrial Union of which she was a president. A biography of her has been published: Kenneth Ward Hooker, Susan Huntington Hooker; A Memoir (1952).

Horace and Susan Hooker had eight children, seven of whom grew to adulthood. They were Albert Hooker (1865-1936), a chemist; Margaret H. Hooker (1868-1936), an artist and teacher; Elon Huntington Hooker (1869-1938), chemist, hydrodynamic engineer, and founder of Hooker Electrochemical Company in 1909; Harry M. Hooker (1872-1949), an engineer; Paul Hooker (1875-1940), an engineer; Horace W. Hooker (1876-1937), an engineer; and Jeanette H. Trimble (1881-1975).

Scope and Content
The Hooker Family Papers, 1790 to 1963 are arranged in five sections: correspondence, 1820 to 1930; financial and legal papers, 1790 to 1920; diaries and petty cash books, 1852 to 1926; miscellaneous papers, 1820 to 1963; and photograph albums, ca 1860's - 1890's. Sixteen of the twenty-seven boxes contain correspondence.

The main body of the correspondence in the papers is written to Susan Pamela Huntington Hooker (1841-1928) by her children, in-laws, and peers. These letters reveal many of the social attitudes of the day. Especially noteworthy are the concerns of women in this era; late 1800's and early 1900's. In reading the correspondence one develops a feel for how child-raising, loneliness, managing households, the illnesses were dealt with. Within the collection are several distinct groups of letters. The earlier correspondence, 1820-1840, consists of land and business transactions carried out mainly by James Hooker (1792-1858) and Horace Hooker (1794-1865). Other business oriented correspondence, 1830-1840, was written by members of the Huntington family. Of particular interest are two scrapbooks dating from 1862 to 1864 which contain letters written by Susan Huntington Hooker to her husband Horace B. Hooker during the Civil War. The letters from 1890 to 1910 revolve around the college life of Susan Hooker's children including several journeys abroad to Europe and Jamaica. Many of the letters from 1893 relate to the Chicago World's Fair.

The two boxes of financial and legal papers, 1790-1890, contain material relating to the early Hooker family. The financial papers consist mainly of account rosters of Helen (Wolcott) Hooker; Chloe Wolcott, mother of Helen (Wolcott) Hooker; and Horace Hooker, husband of Helen (Wolcott) Hooker. The remaining papers are promissory notes involving the Hookers, Wolcotts, and others.

The legal papers deal with land and real estate in Carthage, New York, now part of Rochester. The majority of the deeds involve Elisha Beebe Strong, who formed a land company with Herman Norton and Elisha Beach and pioneered the settlement of Carthage. Many of the deeds involved three of Dolly (Hooker) Strong's brothers, Henry (1803-1893), James (1792-1858), and Horace Hooker (1794-1865). Along with the deeds and promissory notes exists a folder of tax receipts and records, 1844-1870.

The diaries and petty cash books, 1852-1926, contain sporadic entries concerning daily life. The majority of the books belong to Alcesta F. Huntington (1837-1919), who was the older sister of Susan H. Hooker.

Four of the boxes contain a variety of miscellaneous material. The first box contains financial and legal papers related to the later (1800's and early 1900's) Hooker family. Principle contents are Hooker Process patents, 1880's and 1890's, and foreign patents, 1880's; deeds and documents re: Mandarin Cottage in Florida, 1899, 1940, 1943-44. Other papers deal with the Jarley Wax Works. The wills and related correspondence of Calvin Huntington, 1896; Elon Huntington, 1906; Charles Cole, 1890; Henry C. Hooker, 1907, are included within this box. Also present is campaign material for Elon Huntington Hooker who sought the Republican nomination for New York governor in 1920.

The second of these boxes mainly contains the literary work of Susan P. Huntington Hooker. There are eight folders of her essays and notes including a folder with material and notes about the history of Carthage, read before the Rochester Historical Society on March 10, 1902. (This paper was published as "The Rise and Fall of Carthage" in the Rochester Historical Association, Publication Fund Series, Vol. II (1923) p. 204-232). Contract correspondence with the Madden Music Company, 1906 to 1907 and correspondence about the historical pageant of 1893 are included. There are two folders comprised of poetry and prose written by several members of the Hooker family.

The last two of these boxes contain a wide variety of small notebooks, copy books, tributes, bills, newspaper articles, and post cards relating to members of both the Huntington and Hooker families.

Boxes 25 to 27 hold six photograph albums, three of which date from the 1860's-1880's and contain photographs of the Hooker family, cousins, and others. One album contains photographs from a trip to Europe in the 1890' s, another contains individual photographs of Union Civil War soldiers. The remaining album bears photographs of a variety of people not directly related to the Hooker or Huntington families.

New York (State)--Rochester
American Civil War (1861-1865)
Records (Documents)
Hooker family
Immediate Source of Acquisition
The papers were the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Trimble, October 1978.Access
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[Item title, item date], Hooker family papers, D.130, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterRelated Materials
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Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 1Letters from Anjenette Huntington, undated
Box 1, Folder 2Letters from "Fanny", undated
Box 1, Folder 3Letters from Margaret Hooker, undated
Box 1, Folder 4Letters from Jeanette Hooker and "Mete", undated
Box 1, Folder 5-10Undated correspondence
Box 1, Folder 11-161820-1845
Box 2, Folder 1-171846-July 1860
Box 3, Folder 1-19August 1860-1874
Box 4, Folder 1-2Scrapbook of letters from Susan Hooker to Horace Hooker, 1864-1866
Box 5, Folder 1-211876-1882
Box 6, Folder 1-161883-1889
Box 6, Folder 17-18Letters from Margaret Hooker, 1890's?
Box 6, Folder 19-20Letters from "Babe" Hooker, 1890's?
Box 6, Folder 21-221890's?
Box 6, Folder 23January 1890
Box 7, Folder 1-201890-1892
Box 22, Folder 6Correspondence, etc., re: historical pageant, 1893
Box 8, Folder 1-171893-1898
Box 9, Folder 1-131899-April 1903
Box 10, Folder 1-10May 1903-1904
Box 11, Folder 1-15January 1905-January 1907
Box 22, Folder 7Correspondence, contracts with Madden Music Company, 1906, 1907
Box 12, Folder 1-13February 1907-April 1908
Box 13, Folder 1-15May 1908-March 1911
Box 14, Folder 1-14April 1911-1912
Box 15, Folder 1-161913-1920
Box 16, Folder 1-171921-1930
Box 16, Folder 18Fragments
Series II: Financial, legal, and business papers
Box 17, Folder 1Financial papers, undated
Box 17, Folder 2-9Financial papers, 1790-1869
Box 17, Folder 10Taxes and other receipts, 1850's, 1860's
Box 20Petty cash books, 1854, 1861, 1864, 1875, 1884, 1893-1894, 1897, 1901-1905, 1908-1910, 1914
Box 21, Folder 5Canceled checks, Horace Hooker, 1897
Box 23, Folder 5Copy book
Box 23, Folder 8Small account book, Huntington family, 1834-1836
Box 23, Folder 9Farmers and Merchandise Bank, other materials
Box 23, Folder 10Account book, Wisconsin Sand Company
Box 24, Folder 5Miscellaneous bills
Box 17, Folder 11-12Legal papers, pre-1810-1819
Box 18, Folder 1-7Legal papers, 1820's-1860's, 1890's
Box 18, Folder 8Legal papers, 1925
Box 23, Folder 13Miscellaneous memorandum and appeal to court
Box 21, Folder 1Business letters, etc. for Elon Huntington, 1840's, 1850's
Box 21, Folder 3-4Hooker process patents and license, 1880's
Box 21, Folder 6Material re: foreign patents, 1880's
Box 21, Folder 7Foreign patents, 1880's
Box 21, Folder 2Western lands material, 1850's
Box 21, Folder 8Land deed, 1864
Box 21, Folder 9Deeds, etc., Mandarin Cottage
Box 21, Folder 10-11Documents re: Mandarin Cottage, 1899, 1940, 1943-1944
Box 24, Folder 12Copy of field notes for survey of the village of Carthage
Box 21, Folder 12-13Notebooks and material re: Jarley Wax Works
Box 24, Folder 3Newspaper articles re: Rochester History, Mrs. Jarley's Wax Works
Box 24, Folder 2Newspaper articles re: Dr. Ralph R. Fitch, War rationing
Box 23, Folder 14Minutes to American Defense Society, Board of Trustees
Box 23, Folder 15Petitions to board of health re: sewer
Box 24, Folder 4Certificate of subscription, Review of reviews
Series III: Personal papers
Box 19Diaries, 1849, 1856, 1858, 1866-1870, 1872, 1888, 1891-1893, 1896, 1898-1905
Arranged chronologically

Box 20Diaries, 1906-1915, 1926
Box 23, Folder 12Diary entries, 1860's, 1870's
Box 21, Folder 14Wills and related materials
Box 23, Folder 17Memoriam and obituaries
Box 21, Folder 15Certificate of birth, Margaret Hooker
Box 21, Folder 16Essay in support of Theodore Roosevelt
Box 21, Folder 19Reproductions of: Devonshire Hooker Coat of Arms, Chelmeford Church of England, Statue of Thomas Hooker in Hartford
Box 22, Folder 1, 15Miscellaneous prose
Box 22, Folder 2Trimble-Hooker, miscellaneous poetry
Box 22, Folder 3Notes on early Rochester settlers
Box 22, Folder 4Notes and correspondence re: History of Carthage
Box 22, Folder 5Essay on modern life, circa 1905
Box 22, Folder 8Essay: Flight through Italy
Box 22, Folder 9-14Essays
Box 23, Folder 1Small notebook
Box 23, Folder 2Exercise book
Box 23, Folder 3Memorandum book, Alcesta Huntington, 1850's
Box 23, Folder 4Small account book, Huntington family, 1850's
Box 23, Folder 7Manuscript booklets relating to cooking
Box 23, Folder 6Copy of travel accounts, "Lisbon, Boston"
Box 23, Folder 11Travel notes
Box 23, Folder 16Account of a trip south, early 1900's
Box 23, Folder 18Pamphlet on Reverend Thomas Hooker and descendants
Box 23, Folder 19Proposal for Graduate Fellowship in Engineering, Cornell University, 1963
Box 23, Folder 20Pamphlet: re: Calvin Huntington scholarship, Vassar College
Box 23, Folder 21Tribute by Women's Union to Susan Hooker
Box 23, Folder 22Correspondence, presentation copies re: Earth's Rotation and Interior Heat, Elon Huntington, 1895
Box 24, Folder 1Miscellaneous drawings
Box 24, Folder 7Hair clippings from Hooker children
Box 24, Folder 8Miscellaneous household lists
Box 24, Folder 9Calling cards and invitations
Box 24, Folder 10Post cards, including Hooker Homestead, 1908
Box 24, Folder 13Tribute to Horace Willard Hooker, 1937
Volume 1Hooker family, Book of origins
This volume traces the genealogy of the Hooker Family, and includes historical notes, coats-of-arms and photographs.

Series IV: Political papers
Box 21, Folder 17Campaign advertisements for Elon H. Hooker, NY candidate for Republican Nomination for Governor
Box 21, Folder 18Campaign buttons for Elon H. Hooker
Series V: Photograph albums
Box 25, Volume 1-2Hooker family album
Box 26Photographs of France and England
Box 27Photographs of friends and family of Hookers
Box 24, Folder 6Cards and photographs
Box 24, Folder 11Negatives

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