Hillside Children's Center Papers

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Collection Overview
Title: Hillside Children's Center Papers
Creator: Hillside Children's Center (Rochester, N.Y.)
Call Number: D.122
Dates: 1837-2001
Physical Description: + 2 packages, and map case items [26 boxes]
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Hillside Children's Center originated at a meeting of Rochester women at the home of Mrs. William Atkinson on February 28, 1837. The women named the organization "The Rochester Female Association for the Relief of Orphan and Destitute Children." They decided to incorporate this organization and it officially became the Rochester Orphan Asylum. The Asylum was governed by two groups: the Board of Lady Managers and the Board of Trustees, which was composed entirely of men. The Asylum opened on April 2, 1837. It housed nine children in a small two-story cottage with a garden, on the west bank of the Genesee River on South Sophia Street. The Asylum moved to a new building in Hubbell Park on April 9, 1844.

The morning of January 8, 1901 was tragic for the Rochester Orphan Asylum. A fire broke out which completely destroyed one building and a new wing of the Asylum. Twenty-eight children and three employees were lost. The Board decided to rebuild in a country setting. The new site was secured through the will of Mrs. Laura B. Adams. She gave the institution one-sixth interest on 30 acres of property in Cobbs Hill. The other interests were purchased by the Asylum. A cottage-type institution was decided on for the new site, where small groups of children lived in each cottage with house parents. In the spring of 1905, the Asylum moved to its present location on Monroe Avenue in Cobbs Hill.

Between 1920 and 1965, Hillside served dependent, neglected children. House parents lived in the cottages and a family-like environment was present. In 1921, the Rochester Orphan Asylum changed its name to Hillside Home for Children and, in 1940, to Hillside Children's Center.

From the beginning, the institution operated a school and maintained a teacher, but in 1931 the school was closed and all the children were sent to neighborhood public schools. In 1949, the Men's and Women's Boards were combined as one. At the Mid-century Conference of 1950 a goal was set: "For every child a fair chance for the development of a healthy personality." Hillside strives to achieve this goal and much more.

At present, Hillside Children's Center serves dependent, neglected, learning and emotionally disabled children and youth, 5 to 17 years of age. Hillside is supervised by the New York State Board of Social Welfare, the Department of Social Services, and the Department of Education. The governing of Hillside is done by a Board of Directors. From its members are elected an Executive Board and Trustees. Hillside Children's Center is an accredited member of the Child Welfare League of America, the United Community Chest of Greater Rochester and Monroe County, and the New York State Council of Voluntary Child Care Agencies.

Scope and Content
The Hillside Children's Center Papers contain historical materials such as records of the children cared for by the Rochester Orphan Asylum and later, Hillside Children's Center; original legal documents and by-laws of the institution; correspondence; committee/board minutes and reports (printed annual reports and various other printed materials have been removed and catalogued); financial documents; property maps, floor plans, and blueprints; audio-visual materials such as videotapes and slides; photographs; newspaper clippings; and miscellaneous printed materials and ephemera.

New York (State)--Rochester
Children--Institutional care
Children--Services for
Minutes (Records)
Records (Documents)
Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
Video recordings
Hillside Children's Center (Rochester, N.Y.)
Rochester Orphan Asylum
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Boxes 1-9, Bound Volumes 1-28, and Package 1 were the gift of Hillside Children's Center, March 16, 1979. Subsequent materials were received from Hillside and added to the collection on September 18, 1986 (maps, plot plans, and the architectural drawings of J. Foster Warner, Alling DeForest and others) and 2001 (Boxes 10-26, Volumes 29-31, and Package 2).Access
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See also D. 279 Hillside Children's Center Addition .

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Revision Information
2017-10: EAD revision

Content List
Box 1Constitution, Miscellaneous Documents, and Wills
Folder 1Constitution, By-laws and Acts of Incorporation.
Folder 2Financial Documents, 1839-1977.
Folder 3Documents relating to 1901 fire, including interment records of victims.
Folder 4Legal Documents: Deeds, undated., 1843
Folder 5Legal Documents: Copy of the Legislative Act to revise and consolidate the Statues of the State relating to the Custody and Care of indigent and pauper children by orphan asylums and other charitable institutions, 1884.
Folder 6Legal Documents: Report on an investigation of the Care of Children, undated; report of an investigation of the Sanitary Conditions at the Asylum, 1890.
Folder 7Legal Documents: Court proceedings, 1893, 1894.
Folder 8Legal Documents: Resolutions of the Board of Directors regarding investments and indentures,, 1905-1906 1916.
Folder 9Legal Documents: Sales of property,, , 1911 1928 1930 1931 1958.
Folder 10Legal Documents: Agreement with Contractor for building alterations, 1917.
Folder 11Legal Documents: Change of name, 1921.
Folder 12Legal Documents: Land lease agreement, 1924.
Folder 13Lists of names: Members of Boards and Committee, ; Mailing lists and List of Positions, with salaries and responsibilities., 1930-1953
Folder 14Children received and dismissed, 1837-1890, 1892, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1939-1948, no date.
Folder 15Wills for which Rochester Orphan Asylum was a beneficiary, 1868, 1871, 1892, 1894, 1907, 1909, 1911, 1922, 1932, 1952, no date.
Box 2Correspondence
Folder 1John N. Beckley, President of the Board of Trustees, 1923, 1925, 1928-1932, no date.
Folder 2Kate Bullock, Case Worker, 1933.
Folder 3Mr. M.H. Eisenhart, Chairman of the Farm Committee,, 1931-1932 1950.
Folder 4Mrs. M.H. Eisenhart, President of the Board of Managers, no date., 1931-1932,
Folder 5Thomas Hawks, Secretary of the Hillside Children's Center, 1948-1954.
Folder 6Walter S. Hubbell, Secretary of the Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1921.
Folder 7Carl F.W. Kaelber, Secretary of the Hillside Children's Center, 1942, 1944, 1948.
Folder 8Adelaide Kaiser, Director of the Hillside Children's Center, 1949, 1950, 1958, 1969.
Folder 9James Post, Child from Rochester Orphan Asylum going to school at Oberlin, Ohio, no date., 1861-1863
Folder 10Sherwood Smith, Secretary of the Hillside Children's Center, 1948, 1950-1951.
Folder 11Walter L. Todd, President of Hillside Children's Center, 1951.
Folder 12A.P. Turner, Reverend, 1933.
Folder 13Schuyler C. Wells, Jr., Treasurer of the Hillside Children's Center, 1946, 1947, 1950.
Folder 14Herbert J. Winn, Treasurer of the Hillside Home for Children, 1930-1932, 1934.
Folder 15Dougal E. Young, Superintendent of the Hillside Home for Children, 1933.
Folder 16Winona F. Young, Executive Secretary of the Children's Service Bureau, Inc., 1933.
Folder 17Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1843, 1844, 1846, 1878, 1895, 1896, 1898, 1921, 1931, 1937, 1945, 1947, 1950, 1957, 1969, 1976, no date.
Box 3Minutes
See also Bound Volumes

Folder 1Annual Meetings of the Board of Managers and Board of Trustees, 1933-1934 1948.
Folder 2Board of Trustees, 1906, 1922, 1932, 1946, 1950, 1952, no date.
Folder 3Building Committee, 1906.
Folder 4Children's Committee, 1939.
Folder 5Children's Committee, 1940.
Folder 6Children's Committee, 1941.
Folder 7Children's Committee, 1942.
Folder 8Children's Committee, 1943.
Folder 9Children's Committee, 1944.
Folder 10Children's Committee, 1945.
Folder 11Executive Committee, 1948, 1949.
Folder 12Finance Committee, 1943.
Folder 13Liaison Committee Notes, 1949.
Folder 14Liaison Committee, 1948-1949.
Folder 15Board of Managers, 1948-1949.
Folder 16Matron's Committee, undated., 1892 1889
Folder 17Policy Committee, undated.
Folder 18Miscellaneous papers concerning minutes and meetings.
Box 4Reports
Note: Printed Annual Reports have been cataloged.

Folder 1Annual Report of the Board of Managers, Annual Treasurer's Report, 1839 1845; 1898.
Folder 2Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, 1950-1952.
Folder 3Reports of the Children's Service Bureau, 1931, 1933.
Folder 4Director's Annual Reports, 1942-1944, 1947-1948.
Folder 5Reports of General Inspection to the State Board of Charities, 1901, 1904, 1916, 1917, 1920, 1922, 1927, 1929, 1930.
Folder 6Interim Reports of the Treasurer,, 1950 1954.
Folder 7Report of Special Committee, to investigate charges brought against Hillside by Mrs. Clinton M. Bidwell, a former house mother, 1922.
Folder 8Reports of the Public Relations Committee, circa 1960.
Folder 9Reports of Superintendent to Board of Trustees and Board of Managers, 1931.
Folder 10Superintendent's Reports, 1931.
Folder 11Superintendent's Reports, 1932.
Folder 12Superintendent's Reports, 1933.
Folder 13Superintendent's Reports, 1934.
Folder 14Superintendent's Reports, 1935.
Folder 15Superintendent's Reports, 1936.
Folder 16Superintendent's Reports, 1937.
Folder 17Treasurer's Reports,, 1899 1947-1949, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954.
Folder 18Miscellaneous Reports, 1931, 1933-1934, 1937, 1950, 1976, undated.
Box 5Indenture Papers, circa 1840-1900
Folder 1A - B
Folder 2C - D
Folder 3E - F
Folder 4G - H
Folder 5I - J
Folder 6K - L
Folder 7M - N
Folder 8O - P
Folder 9Q - R
Folder 10S - T
Folder 11U - V
Folder 12W - Z
Box 6Early History
Folder 1"The Original Paper" and "Mrs. Gilman H. Perkins" - brief histories of the early years of the Rochester Orphan Asylum, beginning in, 1834.
Historical document

Folder 2Report of the Committee on the subject of an Orphan Asylum, February 11, 1837.
Historical document

Folder 3Minutes of a meeting held at Mrs. Porter's, to consider the propriety of establishing an Orphan Asylum., January 28, 1837,
Historical document

Folder 4Communication from the Trustees by the Secretary, T.H. Rochester, in reference to finances, 1843.
Historical document

Folder 5Parent's or guardian's rights once a child was received by the Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1845.
Historical document

Folder 6Medical report on the health of the Children and recommendations for dietary changes, 1845.
Historical document

Folder 7Letters on appropriations and qualifications of teachers, 1848.
Historical document

Folder 8Appeal for the Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1862.
Historical document

Folder 9Letter from Dr. Little in relation to the hygienic management of the Children at the Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1868.
Historical document

Folder 10Letter sketching the origin and history of the Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1869.
Historical document

Folder 11Supplement to the Report to the Commissioner of Public Charities, 1869.
Historical document

Folder 12Diary of Asylum affairs by a member of the Board of Managers, 1869-1877.
Historical document

Folder 13Letter to John N. Beckley advising him on the employment of Mr. and Mrs. VonDohlen, 1906.
Historical document

Folder 14"Hillside Children's Center."

Folder 15"The Hillside Home for Children: Alone Against the World."

Folder 16Hillside Children's Home.

Folder 17Short Histories of Hillside.
Folder 18Walter L. Todd: Biographical information and his contributions to Hillside.
Folder 19Centennial, 1937.
Box 7Photographs, Newspaper Clippings, and Miscellaneous
See also Bound Volumes

Folder 1Calendars with art-work done by boys at Hillside, 1934-1937.
Folder 2Weekly reports of Manager's visits to Rochester Orphan Asylum, recorded by Mrs. Edmund Occumpaugh, Jr., chairman of visiting committee., 1902-1906
Folder 3Miscellaneous Photographs of Children, 1913-1914.
Folder 4Miscellaneous Photographs of Grounds and Buildings, 1913-1914.
Folder 5Miscellaneous Photographs of Children, 1950's.
Folder 6Miscellaneous Photographs of Grounds and Buildings, 1950's.
Box 7aPhotographs, Newspaper Clippings, and Miscellaneous
Photograph Album.
Newspaper Clippings, 1846, 1887, 1901, 1943, 1945, 1950+, no date.
Guest Book for 100th Anniversary Celebration, 1937.
Miscellaneous Printed Material.
Box 8Miscellaneous
Folder 1Rules and Regulations the Children must follow, 1938.
Folder 2Thrift Cards, WWI, and Bank Books.
Folder 3Forms, Information, and Children of other Institutions.
Folder 4Proxies: For Annual Meetings of the Director-Members, and for the Board of Trustees, 1954 1930.
Folder 5One Hundred Years of Child Care in New Haven, 1833-1933.

Folder 6Easy Lessons in Reading; For the use of the Younger Classes in Common Schools, published by J. & J.W. Prentiss, 1840.
Old reader

Folder 7Foster Care of Children, Facts and Figures., 1937-1942
Box 9Maps, Floor Plans, and Accounting Records
Topographical Map of the entire Center.
Hillside Children's Center, Audit Reports, 1943-1948, 1950-1951.
Hillside Children's Center, Balance Sheet, 1946.
Map of School House Property, Lot 36-.
Map of R.G.&E. lines on Hillside Property.
Map of portion of property of the Hillside Children's Center.
Map of Rochester Orphan Asylum.
Four drawings of the location of man-holes.
Rochester Orphan Asylum - Plan of New Grounds.
Floor Plans of Hillside Children's Center at 25 Wilmer.
Floor Plans of Hillside Children's Center at 798 and 800 Arnett Blvd.
Floor Plans of Hillside Children's Center at 226 Laburnam.
Floor Plans of Hillside Children's Center at 69 Appleton Street.
Floor Plans by Harry A. Caulfield on, November 8, 1972.
Three sets of Accounting Records, 1943, 1946, 1947.
Box 10Historical Information
Folder 1Landmarks of Monroe County, New York, by William F. Peck, 1895.
Excerpt re: Rochester Orphan Asylum.

Folder 2"Hillside, The Beautiful.", circa 1921.
Printed history of Hillside Home for Children, circa 1921.

Folder 3"A Tribute to Past Presidents.", 1974.
Slide show notes, 1974.

Folder 4Lella's Cottage history, 1983.
Folder 5"Bausch Cottage Fire Episode.", March 8, 1985.
Report, March 8, 1985.

Folder 6"George Eastman's Devotion to Hillside," November 14, 1990.
Folder 7"The History of Hillside," by Richard Eisenhart, Board member, May 20, 1992.
Folder 8"Hillside Children's Center, General History," 1993.
Folder 9Toils, Trials, and Sacrifices: The Rochester Orphan Asylum from, 1837 to 1905. May 1996.
Honors thesis by Jane Yunker, SUNY Geneseo, May 1996. Includes research notes and materials.

Box 11Legal Documents, Manuals, Program Policies, and Member Lists, 1838-1985
Folder 1Laws of New York, re: Rochester Orphan Asylum, Acts of Incorporation, 1838, 1840, 1871, 1888, 1898.

Folder 2Standing Committees, Hillside Home for Children, 1934-1935.
Folder 3Acts of Incorporation, 1934, 1949.

Folder 4Certificate of Change of Name to Hillside Children's Center, 1942.

Folder 5Infirmary Program Policies, 1950, 1959.
Folder 6Director - Member list, 1952.
Folder 7Personnel Policies,, 1953 1962.
Folder 8Proposals for the Convalescent Care of Children, 1959-1960.
Folder 9Certificate of Extension of Powers, 1960.

Folder 10Inter-agency agreement, July 1961.
Folder 11Long Range Planning Committee reports, 1963, 1964.
Folder 12Program of Hillside Children's Center, April 1970.
Folder 13Report on Hillside Children's Center by James W. Cotter, Director, December 8, 1971.
Folder 14Program and Goals of Hillside Children's Center, March 1972.
Folder 15"Hillside Children's Center - A Perspective." Program and policies, September and October 1974.
Folder 16"Hillside Children's Center - An Overview." Program and policies booklet, September 1975.
Folder 17Director - Members Orientation Information, September 17, 1975.
Folder 18"A look at Hillside Children's Center." Program and policies booklet, 1982.
2 copies.

Folder 19Application to United Way of Central New York, 1984-1985.
Large binder including programs and policies, by-laws, and financial information.

Box 12Legal Documents, Manuals, Program Policies, and Member Lists, 1993-2000
Folder 1Board Members, personal information, circa 1993.
Removed from binder.

Folder 2"Visions of Service." Paper on Hillside Children's Center's strategic goals by James W. Cotter, June 17, 1993.
Folder 3Affirmative Action Program and Staff Diversity Directory, 1994.
Folder 4Strategic Planning Manual, April 1994.
Folder 5Governing Body Manual, revised, May 1994.
Folder 6Corporate By-laws, November 21, 1994.
Folder 7Program Narrative, 1994-1995.
Folder 8"Transformation" program materials, 1995-1996.
Folder 9Operating Certificate, Bridges for Youth and Families, January 31, 1997.
Folder 10Services of Hillside Children's Center, 1999.
Folder 11Certificate of Assumed Name of Hillside Behavioral Health System to "Hillside Family of Agencies," December 2000.
Box 13Meeting Minutes and Presentation Notes
See also Bound Volumes

Folder 1Minutes, Board of Trustees meetings, ;, March 4, 1957 March 4, 1959.
Folder 2Minutes, Director - Member annual meetings, 1957-1959.
Folder 3Minutes, Director - Member quarterly meetings, October 31, 1957-October 8, 1958.
Folder 4Minutes, Executive Board meetings, April 25, 1957-January 28, 1959.
Folder 5Presentation notes and minutes, Annual Meeting, May 13, 1999.
Folder 6Presentation notes, General Staff Meeting, September 22, 1999.
Folder 7Presentation notes, Agency Roundtable discussion, January 10, 2001.
Box 14Annual Reports
Printed Annual Reports have been cataloged.

Folder 1Annual Meeting, May 9, 1950.
Folder 2Annual Meeting, May 8, 1951.
Folder 3Annual Meeting, May 13, 1952.
Folder 4Annual Meeting, May 12, 1953.
Folder 5Annual Meeting, May 11, 1954.
Folder 6Annual Report, May 10, 1955.
Folder 7Annual Report, May 8, 1956.
Folder 8Annual Report, May 14, 1957.
Folder 9Annual Report, May 12, 1959.
Folder 10Annual Report, May 18, 1960.
Folder 11Annual Report, May 17, 1961.
Folder 12Annual Report, May 16, 1962.
Folder 13Annual Report, May 15, 1963.
Folder 14Annual Report, May 20, 1964.
Folder 15Annual Report, May 19, 1965.
Folder 16Annual Report, May 18, 1966.
Folder 17Annual Report, May 17, 1967.
Folder 18Annual Report, May 21, 1969.
Folder 19Annual Report, 1969-1970.
Folder 20Monthly Reports, 1970.
Folder 21Annual Report, 1970-1971.
Includes supplementary financial material.

Folder 22Annual Report, 1971-1972.
Box 15Financial Documents and Reports
See also Bound Volumes.

Folder 1Permanent Fund, Gifts and Legacies, bound notebook, circa 1890s-1940s.
Folder 2Treasurer's Reports, notebook, December 1949-March 1956.
Folder 3Treasurer's Report, February 28, 1957.
Folder 4Financial reports, October 1957-September 1958.
Folder 5Budget Growth, 1966-1993.
Report by James W. Cotter, October 28, 1992.

Box 16Employee Records, 1950s.
Contains index cards arranged alphabetically by last name of employee.

Box 17Admissions Records, 1960s
Contains index cards arranged alphabetically by last name of child. See also Bound Volumes.

Box 18Correspondence
General correspondence
Folder 1Director - Member correspondence, 1950-1959.
Folder 2Miscellaneous financial correspondence, 1950-1961.
Folder 3Alumni correspondence, memories for Hillside centennial celebration, and undated., June 3, 1986
Folder 4Bolger family inquiry correspondence, 1991.
Folder 5Letters of complaint to Dennis Richardson re: article in newspaper about worker at Hillside Children's Center, April-May, 1999.
Includes newspaper article and Richardson's response.

Named correspondence
Folder 6Bush, George W. Signed letter to Dennis Richardson re: visit to Hillside Children's Center, October 6, 1999.
Folder 7Bush, George W. and Laura. Christmas card to Dennis Richardson, December 1999.
Folder 8Bush, Laura. Signed letter to Dennis Richardson and Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection students re: visit to Hillside Children's Center, October 8, 1999.
Folder 9Pataki, George. Signed letter to Dennis Richardson re: visit to Hillside Children's Center, October 6, 1999.
Box 19Special Programs and Events Materials
Folder 1Activities schedule, Hillside Children's Center, Winter-Spring 1961-1962.
Folder 2"How About Me?" Documentary film produced for Hillside Children's Center, 1981.
Correspondence re: film production and distribution, 1980-1982.
Folder 1 of 3

Folder 3_____. Production notes, scripts and expenses, and undated., 1981-1982
Folder 2 of 3

Folder 4_____. Printed ephemera, and undated., 1980-1984
Folder 3 of 3

Folder 5Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) events. Materials and ephemera, 1987.
Folder 6Groundbreaking ceremony materials, Central New York Residential Treatment Facility of Hillside Children's Center, Auburn, NY, April 28, 1992.
Folder 7CWLA Management Award nomination materials, August 15, 1996.
Folder 8Hillside Skins Challenge, July 13, 1999.
Programs and printed ephemera.

Folder 9Hike for Hillside, September 25, 1999.
Registration and advertising materials.

Folder 10Hike for Hillside, September 25, 1999.

Folder 11Miscellaneous programs, ceremonies and invitations, 1976-2000.
Box 20: Miscellaneous Printed Material and Ephemera
Folder 1Grounds and buildings of Hillside Children's Center, Monroe Avenue location.
Drawings, maps, and printed photos.

Folder 2Blank letterhead stationery cards, with envelopes.
Folder 3Attendance award, March 1927.
Folder 4"The Center Bugle." Student newsletter, June 1943.
Folder 5Printed pamphlets on Hillside Children's Center, 1970s-1980s.
Folder 6Northaven, Inc. pamphlet and annual report, 1975-1976.
Folder 7Staff newsletters, 1982 1998.
Folder 8Art calendars, 1986 and 1987.
Folder 9Annual reports from Rochester agencies other than Hillside Children's Center, 1992-1994.
Folder 10Andrews-Trahey School materials, 1998-1999.
Folder 11Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection newsletter, March 2000.
Folder 12Marketing materials folder, November 2000.
Box 21Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases
See also Bound Volumes.

Folder 1Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and materials on Hillside, removed from a scrapbook, circa 1937
Folder 2Newspaper clippings and Eastman Kodak Company press releases re: World War II "Kodakids" program, cica 1940-1946.
Research materials of Jane Yunker.

Folder 3Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1945-1972.
Folder 4Press releases from Hillside Children's Center, and undated., 1970-1975
Folder 5Newspaper clippings re: New York Senator Fred Eckert and work-study programs affecting Hillside, August and September 1981.
Folder 6Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, and undated., 1995-1999
Folder 7Newspaper clippings re: 100th Anniversary of 1901 fire at Rochester Orphan Asylum, January 8, 2001.
Box 22Photographs
See also Bound Volumes.

Folder 1Alumni, large group at Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) celebration, 1987.
6 identical photographs.

Folder 2Bausch dedication ceremony, undated.
21 photos

Folder 3Board members and staff members, undated.
3 photographs: James W. Cotter, Ann Hayslip, Felix Lichmann.

Folder 4Boy Scouts at camp, undated.
5 photographs.

Folder 5Cemetery plot of 1901 Rochester Orphan Asylum fire victims, Mt. Hope Cemetery, undated.
9 photographs.

Folder 6Christmas service and activities, 1973.
12 photographs.

Folder 7Leonard Crawford (?), Hillside alumnus, taken, October 1997
4 photographs.

Folder 8Hawks Recreation Center, photos of architectural renderings, undated.
6 identical photographs

Folder 9Hillside Children's Center grounds, April 1997
20 photographs.

Folder 10Hutchinson ground-breaking ceremony, June 11, 1958
2 group photographs.

Folder 11"Mother and Child" painting, auctioned for Hillside Children's Center, November 1996
2 photographs

Folder 12Unidentified adults, group photos, undated.
2 photographs.

Folder 13Unidentified children, group photos, undated.
10 photographs.

Flat Box 23Audio-Visual Materials: Slides and Audio Cassettes
Folder 1"A Child Like Jeff." Slide-show presentation, 1975?
120 slides, removed from 1 tray.

Folder ASlides, labeled 1-40.
Folder BSlides, labeled 41-80.
Folder CSlides, labeled 81-120.
Folder DAudio cassette.
Folder 2"How About Me?" Slide-show presentation, 1979.
See also Box 24 for film reel.
Removed from 2 trays (Tray A contained 104 slides; Tray B contained 51 slides; incomplete set, missing slides)

Folder ASlides from Tray A, labeled 1-36.
Folder BSlides from Tray A, labeled 37-72.
Folder CSlides from Tray A, labeled 73-103.
Folder DSlides from Tray B, labeled 1-33.
Folder ESlides from Tray B, labeled 37-70.
Folder FSlides from Tray B, labeled 72-102.
Folder 3"Children's Fund." Slide-show presentation, 1984-
41 slides, removed from 1 tray (incomplete set, missing slides).

Folder ASlides, labeled 1-48.
Folder 4"A Community Tradition." Slide-show presentation, date unknown.
58 slides, removed from 1 tray (incomplete set, missing slides).

Folder ASlides, labeled 1-44.
Folder BSlides, labeled 46-88.
Folder CSlides, labeled 90-126.
Folder DAudio cassette.
Folder 59. "Hillside Family Forum, #1.", January 8, 2000.
Folder AAudio cassette.
Flat Box 24Audio-Visual Materials: Film
Contains 35 mm film reel of "How About Me?", 1981

Box 25Audio-Visual Materials
Videotapes 1-17

Folder 1News reports; public service announcement
1. News report, WHEC Channel 8, circa December 1988.
Report on Special Santas Program of Hillside Children's Center. Located on tape at 27 minute.

2. News report, WHEC Channel 8, circa 1988/1989.
Report on shortage of space in youth shelters for homeless and runaway children, mentioning Hillside Children's Center. Located on tape at 30 minute.

3. Public service announcement, WOKR Channel 13, circa May/June, 1989.
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, June 6, 1989. Located on tape at 39 minute, 25 second.

Folder 2"Rochester Sports Wrap" television discussion program, moderated by Mike Ryan of the Times Union, air dates and, June 5, 1989 June 12, 1989.
Programs contain discussions of the Hillside Skins Challenge, June 6, 1989. PGA star Jeff Sluman featured on both programs. Running time: 30 minutes each program, 1 hour total.

Folder 3Golf clinic at Hillside Skins Challenge, June 6, 1989.
Running time: 1 hour.

Folder 4Hillside Skins Challenge, June 6, 1989.
Includes: golf round; post-game program/ceremony; luncheon for corporate sponsors; golf round.
Running time: 1 hour, 47 minutes.

Folder 5Hillside Skins Challenge, June 6, 1989.
Includes: luncheon for corporate sponsors; golf round.
Running time: 1 hour.

Folder 6Promotional video of 1989 Hillside Skins Challenge, produced for 1990 corporate sponsors.
Copyright, 1989, Hillside Children's Center, All rights reserved.
Running time: 8 minutes, 25 seconds.

Folder 7Promotional video of 1989 Hillside Skins Challenge, produced for 1990 corporate sponsors by Rochester Institute of Technology.
Running time: 8 minutes, 30 seconds.

Folder 8Interview with Robert Morris of Hillside Children's Center, recipient of the American Institute for Public Service Jefferson Award, March 25, 1990.
Includes: interview with Morris; interaction with children.
Running time: 48 minutes.

Folder 9Press conference at Hillside Children's Center, re: 1990 Hillside Skins Challenge to be held July 9, 1990., April 5, 1990,
Running time: 15 minutes.

Folder 10Promotional announcements
1. Promotional announcement, WROC Channel 8, circa June/July 1990
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, July 9, 1990.

2. Promotional announcement, Computerland, circa June/July 1990
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, July 9, 1990.
Running time: 3 minutes.

Folder 11News reports; public service announcement
1. News report, WROC Channel 8, no date.
Story about senior citizens who volunteer for Hillside Children's Center by collecting soup labels.

2. News report, WHEC Channel 10, circa June/July 1990.
Discussion of Hillside Skins Challenge, July 9, 1990.

3. Public service announcement, WOKR Channel 13, circa June/July 1990.
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, July 9, 1990.
Running time: 6 minutes.

Folder 12Hillside Skins Challenge, WROC Channel 8 primetime broadcast of the event., July 9, 1990.
Running time: 1 hour.

Folder 13Hillside Skins Challenge, July 9, 1990.
Includes: golf clinic; interviews with golfers.
Running time: 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Folder 14Promotional announcement, WROC Channel 8, June 4, 1991
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, July 29, 1991.
Running time: 1 min. total. Two identical promotions, 30 seconds each.

Folder 15Public service announcement, WOKR Channel 13, circa June/July 1991
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, July 29, 1991.
Running time: 55 seconds.

Folder 16Hillside Skins Challenge, July 29, 1991.
WROC Channel 8 "Sports Special" primetime broadcast, including a 5-minute profile of Hillside Children's Center within the coverage of the Skins game.
Running time: 1 hour, 28 minutes.

Folder 17Hillside Skins Challenge, July 29, 1991.
Segment of WROC Channel 8 "Sports Special" primetime broadcast. This videotape does not contain the entire broadcast of the Skins game; it only contains the profile of Hillside Children's Center that was located within the program (see Videotape #16)
Running time: 5 minutes.

Box 26Audio-Visual Materials
Videotapes 18-32

Folder 18Hillside Skins Challenge, 1992.
Inserts re: Hillside Children's Center programs for WROC Channel 8 primetime broadcast of Skins game.
Running time: 21 minutes total.

1. "Volunteer Visiting Friends" Program.
Located on tape beginning at 4 minutes, 37 seconds.

2. "Homeward Bound" Program.
Located on tape at 4 minutes, 38 seconds.

3. "International Adoption" Program.
Located on tape at 9 minutes, 29 seconds.

4. Overview of Hillside Children's Center.
Located on tape at 16 minutes, 43 seconds.

Folder 19Promotional announcement, WROC Channel 8, July 15, 1993
"Tickets" advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, August 16, 1993.
Running time: 30 seconds.

Folder 20Hillside Skins Challenge, August 16, 1993.
WROC Channel 8 "Round-up Show" primetime broadcast of the event, without commercials.
Running time: 43 minutes.

Folder 21Promotional announcement, WGRC Channel 9, May 12, 1994.
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, June 28, 1994.
Running time: 30 seconds.

Folder 22Promotional announcements, WROC Channel 8, circa June 1994.
Advertisements for Hillside Skins Challenge, June 28, 1994. Two promotions.
Running time: 45 seconds total; 30 seconds for first promo; 15 seconds for second promotion.

Folder 23News report, WHEC Channel 10, circa August 1994
Report about 16 year old runaway, mentioning Hillside Children's Center and including interview with Hillside spokesman Vince Dollard.
Running time: 13 minutes.

Folder 24News report, WOKR Channel 13, September 21, 1994
"Bright Spot" profile of Hillside Children's Center and retirement of executive director Jim Cotter.
Located on tape at 11 minutes, 5 seconds. Length of profile: 1 minute.

Folder 25News reports
1. News report, WROC Channel 8, re: Hillside Children's Center runaways., circa 1994
Located on tape at 6 minutes, 56 seconds.

2. News report, WGRC Channel 9, re: story about foster father who abused children from Hillside Children's Center., circa October 1994
Located on tape at 44 minutes, 34 seconds and continuing stories throughout tape until 1 hour, 48 minutes.

Folder 26General staff meeting for Hillside Children's Center, May 18, 1995.
Afternoon session, led by president and CEO Dennis Richardson.
Running time: 1 hour, 34 minutes.

Folder 27Promotional announcement, WGRC Channel 9, July 6, 1995
Advertisement for Hillside Skins Challenge, August 1, 1995.
Running time: 30 seconds.

Folder 28News reports, WHEC Channel 10, : profiles of outreach program of Hillside Children's Center., circa 1997
Running time: 4 minutes.

Folder 29News reports
1. News report, WROC Channel 8, circa November 1997.
Located on tape at beginning.

2. News report, WROC Channel 8, re: story on foster care at Hillside Children's Center, former Hillside foster child Frank Justice., December 1997
Located on tape at 45 minutes, 30 seconds.

3. News report, WHEC Channel 10, re: story about children from Allendale Columbia School shopping for clothing for Hillside Children's Center residents., December 1997
Located on tape at 1 hour, 7 minutes.

Folder 30United Way 1998 Campaign Film (mentions Hillside Children's Center at beginning of program).
Running time: 10 minutes, 30 seconds.

Folder 31George W. Bush, Governor of Texas, and George Pataki, Governor of New York, visit to Hillside Children's Center, October 4, 1999.
This video is of an early presidential campaign stop for Governor Bush, who speaks to the children about Hillside's Work-Scholarship Connection Program.
Running time: 37 minutes.

Folder 32Public service announcement, Time Warner Communications, advertisement for foster parent recruitment at Hillside Children's Center., March 28, 2000
Running time: 30 seconds.

Bound volumes
Minutes of the Board of Managers of the Rochester Orphan Asylum
Volume 1AFebruary 28, 1837-September 26, 1843
Volume 1BOctober 10, 1843-September 24, 1850
Volume 1COctober 8, 1850-February 22, 1859
Volume 1DMarch 29, 1859-December 29, 1863
Volume 1EJanuary 26, 1864-September 24, 1872
Volume 1FOctober 1872-September 18, 1878
Volume 1GOctober 8, 1878-January 27, 1886
Volume 1HFebruary 10, 1886-January 1889
Volume 1IJanuary 23, 1889-January 1895
Volume 1JFebruary 1895-July 1902
Volume 1KSeptember 1902-September 27, 1916
Volume 1LOctober 10, 1916-March 25, 1931
Minutes of the Board of Managers, Executive Committee and Annual Meetings
Volume 2A1931-1938
Volume 2B1939-1942
Volume 2CJanuary 19, 1944-June 16, 1949
Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Volume 3AFebruary 1890-April 1897
Volume 3BNovember 4, 1898-October 14, 1907
Volume 3COctober 16, 1908-1928
Volume 3DJuly 1, 1928-January 1, 1939
Volume 3EJanuary 1, 1939-January 1, 1946
Volume 3FJanuary 1946-October 1949
Minutes of the Board of Directors
Volume 4AJanuary 1950-December 1952
Volume 4BJanuary 1953-January 1955
Volume 4CJanuary 1955-May 1956
Volume 4DAugust 1956-February 1959
Volume 4ESeptember 1957-May 1964
Volume 5Minutes of Liaison Committee, ; Director's Annual Report, ; Minutes of the Board of Trustees, October 1948-June 1949 1947-1948 October 1948-June 1949.
Annual Treasurer's Reports
Volume 6AJuly 1, 1931-June 30, 1932
Volume 6BJuly 1, 1932-June 30, 1933
Volume 6CJuly 1, 1933-March 31, 1934
Volume 6DApril 2, 1934-March 31, 1935
Volume 6EApril 1, 1935-March 31, 1936
Volume 6FApril 1, 1936-March 31, 1937
Volume 6GApril 1, 1943-March 31, 1944
Volume 6HApril 1, 1944-March 31, 1945
Volume 6IApril 1, 1945-March 30, 1946
Volume 6JApril 1, 1946-March 30, 1947
Volume 6KApril 1, 1947-March 31, 1948
Volume 6LApril 1, 1948-March 31, 1949
Volume 6MApril 1, 1949 - March 31, 1950
2 copies

Volume 6NApril 1, 1950-March 31, 1951
Visits by Board of Manager's members to investigate conditions at the Rochester Orphan Asylum
Volume 7AMay 11, 1837-July 28, 1839
Volume 7BSeptember 1869-May 1887
Volume 8Board of Manager's members and assignments at Hillside, December 1927-April 1938
Volume 9Registers of Children admitted including birthdays, parents' names and dismissals
Volume 9AApril 10, 1837-October 2, 1866
Volume 9BApril 10, 1837-September 24, 1867
Volume 9COctober 1, 1869-January 8, 1882
Volume 9D1869-February 13, 1894
Volume 9E1870-1880
Volume 9FOctober 1, 1881-January 1889
Volume 9GApril 1886-March 1893
Volume 9HFebruary 1, 1889-December 1894
Volume 9I1889-1898
Volume 9JFebruary 1, 1894-1919
Volume 9KFebruary 1, 1895-1905
Volume 9LOctober 1900-February 1, 1931
Volume 9MJanuary 1939-February 1945
Volume 10Admissions
Volume 10AMarch 1873-March 28, 1883
Volume 10BMarch 8, 1873-December 25, 1893
Volume 10CMarch 1881-November 19, 1885
Volume 10DJuly 27, 1888-April 20, 1894
Volume 10ENovember 10, 1888-June 18, 1893
Volume 10FDecember 31, 1890-August 30, 1920
Volume 10GJuly 8, 1892-May 18, 1925
Volume 10HJune 16, 1893-September 16, 1896
Volume 10IOctober 24, 1896-April 2, 1900
Volume 10JApril 2, 1900-October 3, 1904
Volume 10KNovember 9, 1904-August 9, 1911
Volume 10LAugust 9, 1911-January 7, 1918
Volume 10MAugust 30, 1920-January 28, 1923
Volume 10NJune 5, 1925-July 23, 1928
Volume 10OOctober 8, 1928-June 23, 1930
Volume 11Record of Indentures, including name of child and person indentured to, October 16, 1837-August 1, 1914
Volume 12Discipline Book, March 24, 1889-September 23, 1902
Volume 13Burial Register, March 15, 1838-August 7, 1905
Volume 14Record of visitors for Children, January 16, 1932-November 30, 1933
Volume 15Daily Record of Activities and Events at the Asylum
Volume 15AJanuary 1907-September 1912
Volume 15BOctober 1912-March 1920
Volume 16Financial Records of Children at the Asylum
Volume 16AFebruary 1, 1892-September 30, 1902
Volume 16BOctober 1, 1923-April 1, 1931
Volume 16C1931-1938
Volume 17Salaries - Staff
Volume 17A1902-1922
Volume 17B1923-1932
Volume 17CApril 1932-September 1938
Volume 18Daily Cash Report, March 3, 1931-May 31, 1938
Volume 19Cash Books for Income Account
Volume 19AOctober 1, 1900-September 22, 1910
Volume 19B1941-1942
Volume 20Cash Book for Permanent Fund Account, October 1, 1900-September 12, 1909
Volume 21Ledger: Income and Expenditures, 1932-1938
Volume 22"Memoranda of Legacies and Special Donations to the Rochester Orphan Asylum and an account of the use to which these Legacies and Donations have been applied.", January 1839-May 1892
Volume 23Individual Donations to the Asylum, August 1924-June 1938
Volume 24List of Potential Donors, 1895-1899
Volume 25List of Subscribers to Rochester Orphan Asylum and the amounts given
Volume 25A1901-1906
Volume 25B1907-1913
Volume 25C1907-1917
Volume 26Record of Children in Rochester Orphan Asylum: Statistics for State Board of Charities
Volume 26AMarch 13, 1877-February 13, 1939
Volume 26BJanuary 1, 1895-October 1898
Volume 26C1895-1896
Volume 26DJanuary 1, 1896-August 31, 1896
Volume 27Business Memoranda for Rochester Orphan Asylum: Record by Mrs. William N. Sage of her activities on behalf of Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1886-1889
Volume 28Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings
Volume 28A1838-1885
Volume 28B1853-1937
Includes photographs of Board Members

Volume 28C1901-1974
Volume 29Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings
Volume 29A1974-1982
Volume 29B1991
Volume 29C1992
Volume 29D1993-1994
Volume 29E1995
Volume 29FJanuary-June 1996
Volume 29GJuly-December 1996
Volume 29H1997
Volume 30Photograph Albums
Volume 30ASpecial Santas Program, 1995
Volume 30BGeorge W. Bush and George Pataki's visit to Hillside Children's Center, October 4, 1999
Volume 31Nursing Records, 1965-1974
Volume 31AJanuary 1, 1965-December 31, 1965
Contains reference notes for dates of future appointments, 1966.

Volume 31BJanuary 1, 1966-December 31, 1966.
Volume 31CJanuary 1, 1969-January 6, 1970
Contains reference notes for dates of future appointments, 1970.

Volume 31DJanuary 1, 1970-January 25, 1971
Contains reference notes for dates of future appointments, 1971.

Volume 31EJanuary 1, 1971-January 3, 1972
Contains reference notes for dates of future appointments, 1972.

Volume 31FJanuary 1, 1972-December 31, 1972
Contains reference notes for dates of future appointments, 1973.

Volume 31GJanuary 1, 1973-December 31, 1973
Contains reference notes for dates of future appointments, 1974.

Package 1Miscellaneous Photographs
See also Bound Volumes.

Package 2Tube containing rolled poster re: JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and Hillside Children's Center, undated.
Perhaps for use in a company meeting/presentation or display?

Maps, Plot Plans, and Architectural Drawings
Added to Hillside Children's Center Papers, September 18, 1986

Map of property intended to purchase by the Rochester Orphan Asylum.
3 copies

Proposed sub-division property of the Rochester Orphan Asylum.

Topographical map of the property of the Rochester Orphan Asylum.

Topographical map of Hillside property.

Plot plan for Hillside Children's Center.
City assessment and taxation map of Hillside and adjacent property, 1930.
Drawing on linen.

Map of a survey of part of lot no.45, TWP 13-R 7-2D in the Town of Brighton, Monroe County, 1947.
Reproduction of blueprint.

Plot plan of play areas. E.W. Myers, 8/25/52.
Rough draft.

Plans by J. Foster Warner
Eastman Cottage for Boys, rear elevation.

Laundry for Rochester Orphan Asylum, front elevation.

Laundry for Rochester Orphan Asylum, first floor plan, 1907.

Plans by Alling De Forest
Plan of new grounds, 1904.
2 blueprints, 2 drawings on paper

Study for playground.

Rochester Orphan Asylum...showing existing and proposed location of buildings, June 4, 1919.

Grading plan, 1919.

Planting plan for Rochester Orphan Asylum, 1913.

Other Plans
Rochester Orphan Asylum, cold storage, side and end elevation, section thro "A"-"A"., Leon Stern, architect., 1916

[Unidentified building,] front elevation.

Eastern Girl Scout Lodge, plans and elevations., C. Storrs Barrows, architect., 1933

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