Hanford Munn Family Papers

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Hanford-Munn family papers
Creator: Hanford family
Call Number: D.102
Dates: 1800-1975
Physical Description: 44 boxes, 10 Volumes, 1 package
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Series I: Hanford family
Subseries I: Hanford family members correspondence
Subseries II: Hanford family memorabilia
Series II: Franklin Hanford correspondence and biographical material
Series III: John Munn Hanford
Series IV: Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn
Subseries I: Correspondence
Subseries II: Memorabilia
Subseries III: Educational materials
Series V: P.J. Crowley
Series VI: J.B. Munn
Series VII: Garden Street material
Series VIII: James Buell
Series IX: Genealogy information
Series X: Diaries
Series XI: Photographs
Subseries I: Franklin Hanford family photographs
Subseries II: Hanford, Munn, and Pixley family photographs
Subseries III: Photographs of places
Subseries IV: Photograph albums
Collection Overview
Title: Hanford-Munn family papers
Creator: Hanford family
Call Number: D.102
Dates: 1800-1975
Physical Description: 44 boxes, 10 Volumes, 1 package
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Franklin Hanford was born in Chili, New York on November 8, 1844, the oldest child of William Haynes Hanford, Jr. (1819-1903) and Abbey Lewis (Pixley) Hanford (1822-1885). After attending Rochester Free Academy he applied to the United States Naval Academy in November, 1862. After he had passed the entrance examinations, he discovered that, because of a recent rule change, he was too old to be admitted. Dismayed, he went to his Congressional representative, Alfred Ely, who arranged an interview with Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, after hearing Ely's plea in Hanford's behalf, wrote a note to the Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, directing that Hanford be reinstated. Hanford graduated in 1866, and thereafter he rose steadily through the ranks of ensign, 1868; master, 1869; lieutenant 1870; lieutenant-commander, 1885; commander, 1894; and captain, 1901. He retired in 1903, after having reached the rank of rear admiral in that year.

During his 40-year career, Hanford received many important assignments. He circumnavigated the globe in 1881-4 aboard the flagship Pensacola, taking observations for the determination of the variations of the compass. During the revolutions in Ecuador and Nicaragua, 1895-7, he commanded the U.S.S. Alert and cruised in the waters of those countries in order to protect American interests there. After the Spanish-American War, Hanford was appointed commander of the United States Naval Station at Cavite, Philippine Islands. While there he directed the salvage operation on Spanish warships that had been sunk by Admiral Dewey during the war.

Upon his retirement in 1903, Hanford returned to Scottsville to manage a farm that he had purchased some years previously. In 1912, he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his right side and left him almost a complete invalid. He continued to occupy himself with collecting and studying books on naval and local New York history, and he wrote several pamphlets on these subjects. He also attempted to trace his Hanford and Pixley forbears and he and a cousin, Edward Evans Pixley, wrote and published William Pixley and Some of His Descendants in 1900. Admiral Hanford went blind in 1925, three years before his death at Scottsville, New York, on February 8, 1928. For additional information, see the Franklin Hanford Papers.

Franklin Hanford married Sara Adelia Crosby ("Sadie") on November 6, 1878. She was the daughter of Owen Dexter Crosby and Annis M. (Williams) Crosby. She was born on September 3, 1851. After the death of her father, her mother married Theodore Romeyn Sibley. The Hanfords had three surviving children, the oldest of whom, Mary Crosby Hanford (1880-1), died of diphtheria at the age of fourteen months. In her later years, Mrs. Sara Hanford suffered from a nervous complaint and went to Dansville for treatment in 1912. She died of pneumonia on November 10, 1915.

John Munn Hanford, the only son of Franklin and Sara (Crosby) Hanford, was born on February 2, 1882, at Scottsville, New York. He graduated from Scottsville Union High School in June, 1899, and from St. John's Military School at Manlius, New York, in 1901. He next attended Williams College in Massachusetts, receiving his degree in 1905. He began the study of medicine at the University and Bellevue Medical College, New-York City, in October, 1905. During the summer of 1907, he and his cousin William Hanford Curtiss went to Europe. They toured England, France, and Italy, but spent most of their time in Germany. John Hanford received his M.D. degree from Bellevue in 1909. He was an intern at the Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, from January 1, 1910 to January 1, 1912. Next he worked at the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research for five months and then at the Sloane Maternity and Dispensary. He opened private practice in New York City on October 1, 1912, but he continued to act as a medical consultant in surgery for the Presbyterian Hospital throughout his career. He retired from private practice on May 1, 1964 and died in June, 1973 at the age of 91.

Dr. Hanford married Gwendolen Conant Smith of New York City on September 3, 1913. She was born on October 16, 1889 and was the daughter of Amos Woodruff Smith and Carrie (Conant) Smith (d. Dec. 23, 1922). Mrs. Carrie (Conant) Smith's father was A. Jasper Conant, a portrait painter of some note. John and Gwendolen Hanford had four children: Helen Conant, born June 16, 1914; Sara Crosby, born November 17, 1915, Nancy Haines, born April 25, 1919; and John Munn Jr., born December 29, 1922. Helen Hanford married W. Benedict Johnson on June 24, 1937, and had two sons, Richard Hanford (b. 1940) and David (b. 1948). Richard H. Johnnon married Louise Murphy in 1963 and had two sons, Mark and Timothy. David Johnson married Roberta Copernoll in 1973. Sara Crosby Hanford married Charles F. Stewart on June 9, 1939. The Stewarts had three children: Mary ("Molly"), Andrew, and Nancy. Molly married Paul Laird and had one daughter, Rachel Hanford Laird (b. 1965). In 1956 Sara (Hanford) Stewart developed multiple sclerosis. She was divorced from her husband in June, 1958, and died on December 2 of that year. Nancy H. Hanford married Edward Scott on June 30, 1939. The couple had one son, Edward ("Ted") and a daughter, Gwendolen Conant ("Wendy"). Ted Scott served in Viet Nam and then married and had a son, James (b. 1973). Wendy Scott (b. 1942) married Alan Buck in 1959 and had two children, Lisa (b. 1960) and Alan Scott (b. 1962). Nancy H. (Hanford) Scott died suddenly on November 20. 1947. John Munn Hanford Jr. served as an ensign in World War II. After the war he became a schoolteacher and married Marilyn Todd Fisher on June 23, 1951. The couple had three children: John Munn III (b. 1952), Todd (b. 1954), and Charles Franklin (b. 1960). Gwendolen (Smith) Hanford died on January 23, 1967.

Ruth Crosby Hanford, the younger sister of John Munn Hanford, M.D., was born on March 23, 1887 at Cold Spring, New York. She graduated from Scottsville Union High School in 1903 and from St. Margaret's School, Buffalo, in 1905. She entered Wellesley College as a freshman in September, 1905. In her senior year she was elected to serve as her class's representative and president. After her graduation from Wellesley in June, 1909, Ruth became a teacher at St. Agnes School in Albany, New York, for two years. In the summer of 1911, the worsening health of her parents obliged her to move back to Scottsville to take care of them, which she did for the next seventeen years. She still, however, continued to maintain various interests. She carried on a voluminous correspondence with her brother, her Hanford and Dunn cousins, and Wellesley classmates. She was a leader of the local group of Campfire Girls in 1915. In the fall and winter of 1919-20 she was selected to be a visiting counselor for Wellesley College. She made a tour of selected cities in the western United States, speaking about the growth of the college and staying with Wellesley alumni. After her father's death in 1928, Ruth went back to school and received a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1929. She worked as a school guidance counselor in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1929-30, in New York City in 1930-31 and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1931-2.

On August 31, 1932, Ruth married her second cousin, James Buell Munn. His father, John Pixley Munn (1846-1931), was a first cousin of Franklin-Hanford, their mothers being sisters. Throughout their lives, the two cousins had remained close. While going to school, Franklin Hanford boarded at the home of his cousin, Paradise Hill in Gates, New York. In 1861, the two boys gave each other diaries for Christmas, which they both kept during the following year. Franklin Hanford named his son for his cousin, and young John Hanford stayed at the home of John Pixley Munn for a short period of time while he was attending medical school in New York City. John Pixley Munn had graduated from the University of Rochester in 1870 and had then entered Bellevue Hospital Medical College in New York City in 1872. He received his M.D. degree in 1876. He entered private practice and also became medical examiner for the United States Life Insurance Company in 1877. Eventually he was named a director of the company and was elected president in 1902. He also served as trustee of the University of Rochester from 1886 until his death in 1931. He was Chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1916 to 1931.

On April 21, 1881, John Pixley Munn married Martha Buell Plum (1856-1926). Her uncle was James Buell, who was born at Glenn's Falls, New York, on March 23, 1820. He became a well-known financier and his testimony before Congress in 1874 was instrumental in the framing of the Sherman Bill of 1875. In that same year he helped to found the American Bankers' Association and was appointed president of the United States Life Insurance Company of New York. He was also president of the Importers and Traders' National Bank of New York for many years. He died on April 4, 1881, shortly after his retirement from office. Of all his nieces, Martha Buell (Plum) Munn seemed to be his favorite. He sent her to Europe in 1877-8 and he named her in his will, along with his second wife, Electa (Kellogg) Buell. His sister, Martha (Buell) Plum (1822-1873) had run, a girl's school in Georgia before her marriage to Elias Plum. Their daughter, Mrs. John P. Munn, was also interested in women's education. She served as president of the Women's Legal Education Society, which founded a series of law lectures to women at the Washington Square Branch of New York University in 1896. Besides their son James, the Munns also had a daughter, Aristine Pixley, born on May 29, 1887. She also became a doctor and was named Dean of Women at Washington Square College. She married Charles Recht and had one son, John Munn Recht. For more information and items dealing with John Pixley Munn and his family, see the Munn-Pixley Papers.

James Buell Munn was born on September 24, 1890. He received an A.B. summa cum laude from Harvard University in 1912. He was named Charles Eliot Norton Fellow for 1912-3, and spent the year at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. He returned to Harvard in 1913 as a graduate student and in 1917 he received a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. During World War I he enlisted as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry and rose to the rank of Major. He was in France from July, 1918, to August, 1919, serving as assistant to the Chief of Staff at the Paris Headquarters during much of this time. Upon returning to the United States, he declined a post at Harvard, choosing instead a post in the English Department at Washington Square Branch of New York University so that he could live at home to look after his aging parents. He became a full professor in 1926, and from 1925-8 he served as assistant dean of Washington Square College. Even then he was famous for his concern for his students. If a promising graduate or undergraduate student was unable to continue his education because of lack of funds, Munn would privately pay the fees of that student. In 1963, some of the grateful recipients of Munn's generosity created the James Buell Munn Scholarship Fund in his honor. While at Washington Square College, Munn also befriended Thomas Wolfe. He read the manuscript version of Wolfe's Look Homeward Angel in 1928 and recommended that it be published without any changes.

After his father's death in 1931, Munn resigned from his position at Washington Square College and returned to teach at Harvard. He bought a house in Cambridge, 58 Garden St., in the spring of 1932. He had it thoroughly remodeled and renovated prior to his marriage and his removal to Cambridge in the fall of that year. While at Harvard, Munn taught courses on Robert Browning, his specialty, and the English Bible. He also taught an introductory survey course of English literature and gave tutorial classes, occasionally serving as Head Tutor. He was Chairman of the Department of English from 1934 to 1946. He was also a member of the Administrative Board of Harvard College during his entire Harvard career, from 1932 until his retirement in 1957. He continued to be generous and hospitable. He gave copies of his house keys to hundreds of his students so that they could use his library and study in a quiet atmosphere. He collected rare books and made anonymous donations to the Houghton Library at Harvard. He was given an honorary Litt.D. from New York University. Munn's health declined in later years, he was confined to his bed with back problems and he developed arteriosclerosis. He died on February 13, 1967.

During her husband's lifetime, Ruth (Hanford) Munn shared his interest in raising dogs and helped to make their home known for their hospitality. She was also a member of the Cambridge Plant and Garden Club. She continued her father's genealogical research. She also remained keenly interested in Wellesley College and its affairs, attending several reunions, joining the Shakespeare Society, making gifts to the Faculty Club and establishing a scholarship fund in the name of her college friend Betsey (Baird) Neville. After her husband's death, she divided her time between her home in Cambridge and the Hanford farm in Scottsville, occasionally wintering in North Carolina. She died on August 2, 1976.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, and other memorabilia belonging to the Hanford family of Scottsville, New York.

The collection primarily consists of correspondence addressed to members of the Franklin Hanford family. It includes letters of congratulation addressed to Sara A. Crosby upon her marriage to Franklin Hanford, letters of condolence addressed to Franklin and Sara Hanford upon the death of their daughter Mary, and condolences sent to Admiral Hanford upon the death of his wife. It also includes letters written to Franklin and Sara Hanford by their children, John and Ruth, while they were away at boarding school and college.

The bulk of the correspondence, however, is addressed to Ruth (Hanford) Munn and covers the years 1893-1975. Besides letters from immediate family members, her mother, father, brother, sister-in-law, nephews and nieces mentioned above, Ruth (Hanford) Munn's correspondence includes letters from Franklin Hanford's five younger sisters and brothers and their families. Ellis Hanford (1848-1939) married William O. Curtiss (1844-1924) in 1875. They had one daughter, Clara Pengra (1876-1965), who married Richard Steadman Pitts (d. 1955). They also had one son, William Hanford Curtiss ("Shorty", 1884-1960), who married Emily Frost. William Hanford Curtiss became an honorary vice-president of Corning Glass and was president of the Corning Museum of Glass. He had two children, William Hanford Curtiss, Jr. ("Billy"), and Ruth (Curtiss) Leggatt. Emma Hanford (1866-1946), Franklin Hanford's youngest sister, married Hugh McCormick Smith, M.D. (1865-1941) in 1889. Dr. Smith was named Deputy Fish Commissioner by the United States government in 1903. He regulated commercial fisheries in the United States and investigated fisheries in Canada, France, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, Borneo, and Ceylon. In the 1920's he was invited to go to Siam to establish fisheries there. He and his wife had two daughters. The oldest daughter, Alice Hanford Smith (1892-1974), married Edmund Vincent Cowdry, M.D. (1888-1975). His specialties were tropical diseases and cancer research. The couple had three children: Edmund Vincent Jr. ("Ned"), Alice Moira (Cowdry) Luten, and Margaret Hanford (Cowdry) Park ("Margie"). Janet Smith, the younger daughter of Hugh and Emma (Hanford) Smith, married Carl H. Claudy, Jr. and had two sons, Hugh and Nick.

The collection also includes letters to Ruth (Hanford) Munn from her mother's relatives. Sara (Crosby) Hanford's younger sister Jeannette ("Jennie") Crosby married Frank Dunn of Scottsville. They had three children: Annis Matilda (Mrs. S. King Brown), Romeyn ("Dub" d. 1959) and Harold ("Jack"). All three married and had children. Harold became a doctor. All three of the Dunns wrote to Ruth, as did some of her more distant Pixley cousins. Ruth's correspondence also contains letters from friends that she made while attending St. Margaret's School and Wellesley. There are also transcripts of letters written in the nineteenth century by three Pixley sisters, Jane Pixley, Arristeen (Pixley) Munn, and Abbey (Pixley) Hanford to another sister, Martha Cornelia (Pixley) Lacey and her husband Edward Lacey. The collection also incorporates a small amount of correspondence addressed to James Buell Munn dealing with the remodeling of 58 Garden St., a trust fund, and a gift of land in MacGregor, Iowa, to the United States Parks Service. Most of Munn's correspondence was given to Harvard Library by Mrs. Munn after her husband's death. The collection also contains letters written to various other members of the Hanford family, including Charles Lewis ("Lew") Hanford (1853-1941), Franklin Hanford's brother; his son Walter (1880-1937); and Nancy Jane ("Nannie" 1858-1935) and Mary Frances ("Fannie" 1858-1929) Hanford, twin sisters of Admiral Hanford. Besides dealing with family and personal matters, the letters may address issues of the day. The letters written by Admiral Hanford, Hugh Smith and missionary friends on their stays in the Far East give an interesting account of the customs there. Ruth also received letters from her cousins and friends while they were in the U.S. Army during World War I that have a certain historical value. The letters written by John and Ruth to their parents while they were away at school give a detailed picture of what life on a college campus was like at the turn of the century. Likewise, the accounts that Ruth (Hanford) Munn's classmates give of themselves in the series of class records demonstrate the various career options for educated women in the early twentieth century.

The rest of the collection consists of genealogical information on the Hanford, Munn, Pixley, Crosby, Lewis, Buell, and Plum families; school exercises of Ruth (Hanford) Munn, John M. Hanford, M.D., and his children; inventories of various Munn and Hanford households; and other memorabilia. It also includes three scrapbooks belonging to Ruth (Hanford) Munn that cover the years 1900-9. There are transcripts of diaries kept by Franklin Hanford (1862), John Pixley Munn (1862, 1863), Lavinia (Pease) Williams (1861), Theodore Romeyn Sibley (1868), Annis Mary (Williams) Crosby Sibley (1868) and Jeannette Elizabeth (Crosby) Dunn (1866). There are also some old newspapers and almanacs and loose photographs of Hanford family members dating from the 1870's to 1973, as well as some earlier ambrotypes and daguerreotypes. The collection also includes a small amount of biographical material on James Buell, the uncle of Martha Buell (Plum) Munn and correspondence between him and her father, Elias Plum.

New York (State)--Scottsville
Women--Education (Higher)
Albums (Books)
Hanford, Franklin, 1844-
Munn, Ruth Crosby Hanford, 1887-1976
Hanford family
Munn family
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Gift of Mrs. Helen Hanford Johnson, 1978 and 1986.Access
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Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Hanford family
Subseries I: Hanford family members correspondence
Box 1, Folder 1Copies of Pixley letters, 1846-1861
Box 1, Folder 2Pixley letters - additional copies
Box 1, Folder 3Correspondence - to Fannie and Nannie Hanford, 1899-1907
Box 1, Folder 4Correspondence - to Emma (Hanford) Smith, 1874-1932
Box 1, Folder 5Correspondence - to members of Hanford family, 1857-1964
Box 1, Folder 6Correspondence - from Franklin Hanford, 1916-1923
Box 1, Folder 7Correspondence - to Sara (Crosby) Hanford, 1878-1880
Box 1, Folder 8-9Correspondence - condolences, March-May 1881
Box 1, Folder 10Correspondence - to Sara and Franklin Hanford, 1899-1916
Subseries II: Hanford family memorabilia
Box 38, Folder 5Programs and handbills
Box 38, Folder 6Compositions and drawings - Hanford family members
Box 38, Folder 7Child's newspaper - John Munn Hanford, Jr.
Box 38, Folder 8On board the Pensacola, 1890
Box 38, Folder 9St. Nicholas, July 1923
Box 38, Folder 10Pamphlet - "The Natchez massacre"
Box 38, Folder 11U. S. Naval Institute proceedings, June 1965
Box 43, Folder 1Old newspapers and almanac, 1800-1879
Volume 2, Volume 3Legenda, 1908-1909
Volume 4Withrow yearbook, 1930
Volume 5, Volume 6Birch Wathen, 1931-1932
Volume 7, Volume 8, Volume 9, Volume 10Tower Tales, 1932-1935
Series II: Franklin Hanford correspondence and biographical material
Box 2, Folder 1Correspondence - condolences from family, 1915
Box 2, Folder 2-3Correspondence - condolences from friends, November 1915
Box 2, Folder 4Calling cards, 1915
Box 2, Folder 5Correspondence - from Hugh Smith family, 1915-1926
Box 2, Folder 6Correspondence - miscellaneous, 1917-1925
Box 2, Folder 7Biographical information
Box 2, Folder 8Death, 1928
Series III: John Munn Hanford
Box 3, Folder 1-8Letters to parents, 1892-1902
Box 4, Folder 1-8Letters to parents, 1903-1906
Box 5, Folder 1-6Letters to parents, 1907-1910
Box 6, Folder 1-4Letters to parents, 1911-1928
Box 6, Folder 5Correspondence - from Mrs. Carrie (Conant) Smith, 1914-1919
Box 6, Folder 6Correspondence, undated
Box 6, Folder 7Correspondence - miscellaneous, 1892-1925
Box 7, Folder 1Correspondence - from Sara (Crosby) Hanford, 1906-1908
Box 7, Folder 2Correspondence - from Franklin Hanford, 1888-1907
Box 7, Folder 3-4Correspondence - from Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn, circa 1905-1929
Box 7, Folder 5-7Correspondence - miscellaneous, 1884-1907
Box 38, Folder 1School exercises - John Munn Hanford
Box 38, Folder 2Diary - John Munn Hanford, 1901
Box 38, Folder 3Account book - John Munn Hanford, 1904-1906
Box 38, Folder 4Ephemera - John Munn Hanford
Series IV: Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn
Subseries I: Correspondence
Box 8, Folder 1-9Letters to parents, 1895-1905
Box 9, Folder 1-6Letters to parents, 1906-1907
Box 10, Folder 1-7Letters to parents, 1908-1911
Box 11, Folder 1-4Wellesley trip, letters to Franklin Hanford, 1919-1920
Box 12, Folder 1-7Letters from parents, 1890-1905
Box 13, Folder 1-2Letters from parents, 1906-1923
Box 14, Folder 1-8Letters from John Munn Hanford family, 1899-1918
Box 15, Folder 1-6Letters from John Munn Hanford family, 1919-1922
Box 16, Folder 1-5Letters from John Munn Hanford family, 1923-1926
Box 17, Folder 1-8Letters from John Munn Hanford family, 1927-1975
Box 18, Folder 1-8Letters from relatives, 1890-1916
Box 19, Folder 1-10Letters from relatives, 1917-1929
Box 20, Folder 1, 3-7Letters from relatives, 1930-1948
Box 20, Folder 2Nancy Jane Hanford affairs, 1932-1935
Box 21, Folder 1-7Letters from relatives, 1949-1975, undated
Box 22, Folder 1-6, 8-9Letters from friends, 1890-1913
Box 22, Folder 7Cap and Gown Notes, September-December 1908
Box 23, Folder 1-7Letters from friends, 1914-1917
Box 24, Folder 1-9Letters from friends, 1917-1928
Box 25, Folder 1-7Letters from friends, 1929-1975
Subseries II: Memorabilia
Box 33Daguerreotypes and scrapbooks - Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn
Box 34, Folder 1Compositions and schoolwork
Box 34, Folder 2Autograph book, 1893
Box 34, Folder 3School catalogs - Froebel Academy
Box 34, Folder 4Notes and journal, 1901-1903
Box 34, Folder 5Graduation essay, 1903
Box 34, Folder 6Prospecti - St. Margaret's School
Box 34, Folder 7Voyager Catalog - Scottsville High School
Box 34, Folder 8Passbook
Box 34, Folder 9Book of verses
Box 34, Folder 10Calendars, 1918, 1933
Box 34, Folder 11Red Cross material, 1943
Box 34, Folder 12Tryon, N.C. - Notes on walks
Box 34, Folder 13Address books
Box 34, Folder 14Last will and testament, 1968
Box 34, Folder 15Ephemera
Box 34, Folder 16Materials related to Ruth and James Munn's European trip, 1955
Package 1Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn scrapbook, 1905-1909
Subseries III: Educational materials
Box 35, Folder 1Wellesley calendar, 1907
Box 35, Folder 2Wellesley college views
Box 35, Folder 3Student handbook
Box 35, Folder 4Wellesley programs and circulars
Box 35, Folder 5Wellesley 1909 class reunions
Box 35, Folder 6Shakespeare society
Box 35, Folder 7Wellesley class representative material, 1909-1940
Box 35, Folder 8Fraulein Muller memorial, 1938
Box 35, Folder 9Wellesley Personal Call program, 1965
Box 35, Folder 10Annie Jump Cannon memorial
Box 35, Folder 11Menorah journal, Autumn 1950
Box 36, Folder 1-11Wellesley Class of 1909 records, 1909-1969
Box 37, Folder 1Wellesley College Bulletin, May 1932
Box 37, Folder 2Wellesley College Bulletin, November 30, 1954
Box 37, Folder 3Boston Wellesley College Club directory, 1969-1970
Box 35, Folder 12University of Wisconsin - summer paper
Box 35, Folder 13Guidance - University of Wisconsin, 1929
Box 35, Folder 14Guidance - Madison, Wisconsin, 1932
Box 37, Folder 4Harvard University Archives pamphlet, 1947
Box 37, Folder 5Harvard University English handbook, September 1951
Box 37, Folder 6Harvard University register, 1956-1957
Box 37, Folder 7Harvard Library Bulletin, July 1974
Box 37, Folder 8Copeia (Hugh M. Smith), November 21, 1941
Box 37, Folder 9Cambridge Historical Society Proceedings, 1949-1950
Volume 1College girl's record - Ruth (Hanford) Munn, 1905-1909
Series V: P.J. Crowley
Box 26, Folder 1-3Correspondence - P. J. Crowley, 1937-1975
Box 26, Folder 4Miscellaneous documents - P. J. Crowley, 1943-1975
Box 26, Folder 5Account book - P. J. Crowley, 1945-1960
Series VI: J.B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 7Correspondence - J. B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 8Ottley trust - J. B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 9Land gift - J. B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 10Marriage service - J. B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 11Address book - J. B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 12Account book - J. B. Munn
Box 26, Folder 13Dog records - J. B. Munn
Series VII: Garden Street material
Includes purchase, gardens, remodeling

Box 26, Folder 6Garden St. break-in report
Box 27, Folder 1Elevator blueprints, 1927
Box 27, Folder 2Correspondence - Remodeling of 58 Garden St., J. B. Munn, 1932
Box 27, Folder 3Correspondence - 58 Garden St. - between architects and contractors, 1932
Box 27, Folder 4Blueprints, 1932
Box 27, Folder 5Exhibition photographs, 1938
Box 27, Folder 6Garden book, 1933-1940
Box 27, Folder 7Garden plans, 1937-1938
Box 27, Folder 8Garden renovation, 1958
Box 27, Folder 9Garden, 1949-1975
Box 27, Folder 10Cambridge Plant and Garden Club, 1963-1974
Box 27, Folder 11Sale of 58 Garden St., 1962-1975
Box 28, Folder 1Guide to Cambridge architecture
Box 28, Folder 2Bills and estimates, 1932-1965
Box 28, Folder 3Inventories - William H. Hanford, Jr., 1893
Box 28, Folder 4Inventories - 58 Garden St., 1936-1973
Box 28, Folder 5Inventories - 18 W. 58th St., New York City
Box 28, Folder 6Inventories - Paradise Hill, Gates, N.Y.
Box 28, Folder 7Notebook - inventory of household furnishings
Box 28, Folder 8Warranties and owner's manuals
Box 28, Folder 9Notebook - library inventory
Box 28, Folder 10Appraisals of estate and household furnishings, 1967, 1971
Series VIII: James Buell
Box 29, Folder 1Certificates
Box 29, Folder 2Correspondence - James Buell and Elias Plum
Box 29, Folder 3Statement - James Buell, 1874
Box 29, Folder 4Biographical information - James Buell
Box 29, Folder 5Obituaries - James and Electa (Kellogg) Buell
Box 29, Folder 6Title - 18 W. 58th St., New York City
Box 29, Folder 7Last will and testament - James Buell
Box 29, Folder 8Opinion on Buell's will
Box 29, Folder 9Land agreement
Box 29, Folder 10Photographs - Buell and Plum families
Box 29, Folder 11Correspondence - Martha Buell (Plum) Munn
Box 29, Folder 12Troy Female Seminary
Series IX: Genealogy information
Box 29, Folder 13Buell genealogy
Box 29, Folder 14Plum genealogy
Box 30, Folder 1-4Genealogy correspondence, 1936-1975
Box 30, Folder 5Genealogy notes
Box 30, Folder 6Hanford genealogy
Box 30, Folder 7Hanford genealogy, revised
Box 30, Folder 8Hanford genealogy, extra copies
Box 30, Folder 9Munn genealogy
Box 30, Folder 10Lewis genealogy
Box 30, Folder 11Crosby genealogy
Series X: Diaries
Box 31, Folder 1Introduction to Hanford-Munn diaries
3 copies

Box 31, Folder 2-6Parallel diaries - John P. Munn and Franklin Hanford, 1862
Box 31, Folder 7Diary transcript - John P. Munn, 1863
Box 31, Folder 8F. Hanford - Lincoln story
2 copies

Box 31, Folder 9-10F. Hanford - reminiscences
Box 31, Folder 11Charles Lewis Hanford notes
Box 32, Folder 1Sibley diary typescript - Lavinia (Pease) Williams, 1861
Box 32, Folder 2Sibley diary typescript - Jeannette Elizabeth (Crosby) Dunn, 1866
Box 32, Folder 3Sibley diary typescript - Annis Mary (Williams) Crosby Sibley, 1868
Box 32, Folder 4Sibley diary typescript - Annis Mary (Williams) Crosby Sibley, 1868
2 copies

Box 32, Folder 5Sibley diary typescript - Annis Mary (Williams) Crosby Sibley, 1868
2 copies

Box 32, Folder 6Sibley diary typescript - Theodore Romeyn Sibley, 1868
Box 32, Folder 7Sibley diary typescript - Theodore Romeyn Sibley, 1868
2 copies

Series XI: Photographs
Subseries I: Franklin Hanford family photographs
Box 39, Folder 1Franklin and Sara (Crosby) Hanford
Box 39, Folder 2Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn
Box 39, Folder 3John Munn and Gwendolen (Smith) Hanford
Box 39, Folder 4John Munn Hanford children
Box 39, Folder 5John Munn Hanford grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Box 39, Folder 6David Johnson wedding, June 23, 1973
Box 39, Folder 7Photographs from album belonging to Nannie and Fannie Hanford
Subseries II: Hanford, Munn, and Pixley family photographs
Box 40, Folder 1James Buell Munn
Box 40, Folder 2Ellis (Hanford) Curtiss and descendants
Box 40, Folder 3Emma (Hanford) Smith and descendants
Box 40, Folder 4Munn and Hanford families
Box 40, Folder 5Pixley family
Box 40, Folder 6Lewis family
Box 40, Folder 7Ennis family
Box 40, Folder 8Warren house
Box 40, Folder 9Friends
Box 40, Folder 10Ziegler family
Box 40, Folder 11Unidentified
Subseries III: Photographs of places
Box 41, Folder 1Negatives
Box 41, Folder 2Drawings
Box 41, Folder 3Portraits by A. J. Conant
Box 41, Folder 4Farm, Scottsville, N.Y.
Box 41, Folder 5Snow Inn, Massachusetts
Box 41, Folder 6Gates and Scottsville
Box 41, Folder 758 Garden St.
Box 41, Folder 8Dogs
Box 41, Folder 9Houses
Box 41, Folder 10England
Box 41, Folder 11Siam and the Philippines
Subseries IV: Photograph albums
Box 42, Folder 1;
Box 43, Folder 4
James Buell Munn
Box 42, Folder 2College Hall, Wellesley
Box 42, Folder 3Kirkland, N.Y.
Box 42, Folder 4;
Box 43, Folder 2
Franklin Hanford
Box 42, Folder 5;
Box 43, Folder 5
Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn
Box 42, Folder 6Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn, 1909
Box 42, Folder 7Ruth Crosby (Hanford) Munn, 1902-1916
Box 43, Folder 3Hanford-Munn marriage
Box 43, Folder 6John Munn Hanford and family
Box 43, Folder 7Ellis (Hanford) Curtiss and family
Box 43, Folder 8Emma (Hanford) Smith and family
Box 43, Folder 9Hanford and Dunn families
Box 43, Folder 10Pixley and Ennis families
Box 43, Folder 11Settlement of Monroe County
Box 43, Folder 12Friends
Box 44Oversize photographs, charts, and certificates

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