New York (State) Constitutional Convention, Papers

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New York State Constitutional Convention papers
Creator: New York (State). Constitutional Convention (1967)
Call Number: BL.N56
Dates: 1966-1967
Physical Description: 20 boxes, 12 Volumes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Series I: Propositions
Series II: Blaine Amendment
Series III: Correspondence
Series IV: Subject file
Series V: Proceedings
Collection Overview
Title: New York State Constitutional Convention papers
Creator: New York (State). Constitutional Convention (1967)
Call Number: BL.N56
Dates: 1966-1967
Physical Description: 20 boxes, 12 Volumes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Scope and Content
Correspondence, reports and printed material relating to the proceedings of the 1967 New York State Constitutional Convention. Includes copies of propositions submitted to the Convention for amendment of the Constitution. Also, correspondence and printed material relating to the proposed repeal of the Blaine Amendment, Article II, Section 3, which prohibits aid to sectarian schools. Copies of the proposed Constitution, which was defeated in the November, 1967 election, also are included.

New York (State)
Church and education
Politics and government
Constitutional conventions
State government records
New York (State). Constitutional Convention (1967)
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Gift of Monroe County Manager Gordon A. Howe, Constitutional delegate from the 51st Senatorial District and assistant Republican minority leader of the Convention, December, 1967. The published Proceedings in 12 volumes was presented by Mr. Howe, June 23, 1969. (Call number: XJK 3425 1967p)Access
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[Item title, item date], New York State Constitutional Convention papers, BL.N56, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Propositions
Arranged numerically

Box 1Propositions 1-200
Box 2Propositions 201-600
Box 3Propositions 601-1040
Box 4Propositions 1041-1348
Box 5Propositions 1349-1400
Series II: Blaine Amendment
Box 6Correspondence (to retain amendment), January/December, 1967
Box 7Correspondence (to repeal amendment), January/December, 1967
Box 8, Folder 1Correspondence - students (to retain amendment and uncommitted)
Box 8, Folder 2Correspondence - (general)
Box 8, Folder 3Printed material - Historical background
Box 8, Folder 4Printed material - New York State Catholic Welfare Committee reports
Box 8, Folder 5Printed material - articles, etc.
Series III: Correspondence
Arranged chronologically

Box 9Correspondence, January, 1966/June, 1967
Box 10Correspondence, July, 1967/December, 1967
Series IV: Subject file
Box 11, Folder 1Attorney General, Office of
Box 11, Folder 2Committees - Bill of rights and suffrage
Box 11, Folder 3-4Committees - Bill of rights and suffrage, voting age
Box 11, Folder 5-7Committees - Economic development
Box 11, Folder 8Committees - Ethics
Box 11, Folder 9Committees - Executive branch
Box 11, Folder 10-11Committees - Health, housing and social services
Box 12, Folder 1-2Committees - Intergovernmental relations
Box 12, Folder 3Committees - Intergovernmental relations, memoranda
Box 12, Folder 4Committees - Intergovernmental relations, reports
Box 12, Folder 5-11;
Box 13, Folder 1
Committees - Judiciary
Box 13, Folder 2Committees - Judiciary, Minority report
Box 13, Folder 3Committees - Labor, civil service and public pensions
Box 13, Folder 4-12Committees - Local government and home rule
Box 14, Folder 1Committees - Local law
Box 14, Folder 2-5Committees - Natural resources and agriculture
Box 14, Folder 6Committees - Reapportionment
Box 14, Folder 7Committees - Rules
Box 14, Folder 8Comptroller's reports - Integrated audit
Box 14, Folder 9Comptroller's reports - Municipal debt
Box 14, Folder 10Comptroller's reports - Public authorities
Box 14, Folder 11Constitution - Amendments
Box 14, Folder 12Constitution - Article VIII
Box 14, Folder 13Constitution - Bibliographies
Box 14, Folder 14Constitution - Campaign against
Box 14, Folder 15Constitution - Cost
Box 14, Folder 16-17Constitution - History
Box 14, Folder 18Constitution - History, bibliography
Box 14, Folder 19Constitution - 1967 form
Box 15, Folder 1Constitution - Opinion poll
Box 15, Folder 2Constitution - Pamphlets
Box 15, Folder 3Constitution - Proposals
Box 15, Folder 4-5Constitution - Proposed
Box 15, Folder 6Constitution - Record and index to August 19, 1967
Box 15, Folder 7Constitution - Record and index to September 26, 1967
Box 15, Folder 8Constitution - Revision
Box 15, Folder 9Constitution - Style and arrangement
Box 15, Folder 10Constitution - Subject index, March 31, 1967
Box 15, Folder 11Constitution - Submission of
Box 15, Folder 12Constitution - Summaries
Box 15, Folder 13Constitution - Taxation and borrowing
Box 15, Folder 14Constitution - Vote
Box 16, Folder 1Convention - Action sheets
Box 16, Folder 2Convention - Calendars of propositions
Box 16, Folder 3Convention - Committees
Box 16, Folder 4Convention - Delegates
Box 16, Folder 5Convention - Delegates, candidates
Box 16, Folder 6Convention - Delegates, Democrats
Box 16, Folder 7-8Convention - Delegates, directory
Box 16, Folder 9Convention - Delegates, Republicans
Box 16, Folder 10Convention - Expenditures
Box 16, Folder 11Convention - Lobbyists
Box 16, Folder 12Convention - Organization and rules
Box 16, Folder 13Convention - Pamphlets
Box 16, Folder 14Convention - Resolutions
Box 16, Folder 15Convention - Telephone directory
Box 16, Folder 16Convention - Voting
Box 17, Folder 1District Attorney, Office of
Box 17, Folder 2Education
Box 17, Folder 3Education - Legislative report
Box 17, Folder 4Education - Minority report
Box 17, Folder 5Education - Regents, Position of
Box 17, Folder 6Education - Recommendations of
Box 17, Folder 7Howe, Gordon
Box 17, Folder 8Legislature - Assembly and Senate districts
Box 17, Folder 9Legislature - Unicameral
Box 17, Folder 10Maryland Constitution
Box 17, Folder 11Miscellaneous
Box 17, Folder 12Mutual institutions - Report
Box 17, Folder 13News releases
Box 18, Folder 1Opinions - Adirondack Park Association
Box 18, Folder 2Opinions - Allen, James E., Jr.
Box 18, Folder 3Opinions - Alumni Association, City College of New York
Box 18, Folder 4Opinions - Amalgamated Lithographers of America
Box 18, Folder 5Opinions - American Institute of Planners
Box 18, Folder 6Opinions - Associated Industries of New York State
Box 18, Folder 7Opinions - Association of Colleges & Universities, NYS
Box 18, Folder 8Opinions - Association of Towns
Box 18, Folder 9Opinions - Black, Theodore
Box 18, Folder 10Opinions - Brydges, Earl W.
Box 18, Folder 11Opinions - Buffalo Evening News
Box 18, Folder 12Opinions - Citizens' Committee for Children
Box 18, Folder 13Opinions - Citizens Public Expenditure Survey
Box 18, Folder 14Opinions - Citizens Tax Council
Box 18, Folder 15Opinions - Citizens Union of New York City
Box 18, Folder 16Opinions - Commerce and Industry Association
Box 18, Folder 17Opinions - Committee on Constitutional Issues
Box 18, Folder 18Opinions - Communist Party of New York State
Box 18, Folder 19Opinions - Community Service Society
Box 18, Folder 20Opinions - Conference of Metropolitan Cities of NYS
Box 18, Folder 21Opinions - Congress of Racial Equality
Box 18, Folder 22Opinions - Duryea, Perry B.
Box 18, Folder 23Opinions - Empire State Chamber of Commerce
Box 18, Folder 24Opinions - Faculty Association of State University of N. Y.
Box 18, Folder 25Opinions - Javits, Jacob K.
Box 18, Folder 26Opinions - Mendon Ponds Natural History Association
Box 18, Folder 27Opinions - Legislative research, May/June, 1967
Box 18, Folder 28Opinions - Legislative research, August, 1967
Box 19, Folder 1Opinions - Legislative research, September/December, 1967
Box 19, Folder 2Opinions - Legislative research, For the record
Box 19, Folder 3Opinions - Long Island Press
Box 19, Folder 4Opinions - Moses, Robert
Box 19, Folder 5Opinions - New York Chamber of Commerce
Box 19, Folder 6Opinions - New York City Mayor's Task Force on Constitutional Convention
Box 19, Folder 7Opinions - New York Civil Liberties Union
Box 19, Folder 8Opinions - New York Social Workers
Box 19, Folder 9Opinions - New York Sporting Arms Association
Box 19, Folder 10Opinions - New York State Americans for Democratic Action
Box 19, Folder 11Opinions - New York State Automobile Association
Box 19, Folder 12Opinions - New York State Bankers Association
Box 19, Folder 13Opinions - New York State Bar Association
Box 19, Folder 14Opinions - New York State Conference of Mayors
Box 19, Folder 15Opinions - New York State Conservation Council
Box 19, Folder 16Opinions - New York State Council of Churches
Box 19, Folder 17Opinions - New York State Grange
Box 19, Folder 18Opinions - Newsday
Box 19, Folder 19Opinions - Northeastern Loggers' Association
Box 19, Folder 20Opinions - Republican
Box 19, Folder 21Opinions - Rockefeller, Nelson A.
Box 19, Folder 22Opinions - Samuels, Howard J.
Box 19, Folder 23Opinions - Syracuse Governmental Research
Box 19, Folder 24Opinions - Veterans of Foreign Wars
Box 19, Folder 25Opinions - WABC-TV
Box 19, Folder 26Opinions - WCBS-TV
Box 19, Folder 27Opinions - Wilderness Society
Box 19, Folder 28Opinions - Wilson, Malcolm
Box 19, Folder 29Opinions - Women's City Club of New York
Box 20, Folder 1Propositions - Comparisons
Box 20, Folder 2Sabbath Law
Box 20, Folder 3Social welfare - New York State
Box 20, Folder 4State government - Modernization
Box 20, Folder 5-8Taxation
Box 20, Folder 9Travia, Anthony J.
Box 20, Folder 10Unemployment insurance benefits
Series V: Proceedings
Volume 1-12Published proceedings of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York, April fourth to September twenty-sixth 1967
Call number: XJK 3425 1967p

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