Leo Hart Printing Co., Inc. Papers

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Collection Overview
Title: Leo Hart Printing Co., Inc. Papers
Creator: Leo Hart Printing Company
Call Number: BB.H32
Dates: 1905-1965
Physical Description: 33 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
The Leo Hart Printing Company was founded in 1905 by Leo Hart. He served as its president until his death in 1935 when he was succeeded by his son, Horace, who was president for over twenty years. In 1955, the company merged with John P. Smith Co., to form the Smith-Hart Printing Corp. Since then the company has undergone further changes and currently (1964) functions as the Robert Hart Printing Co. under the leadership of Robert Hart, the younger son of Leo Hart.

Scope and Content
The Hart Collection includes samples of books and materials relating to the printing of books by the Leo Hart Printing Company and its successors. The material includes advertisements, information concerning the graphic arts, business papers, items relating to the development and activities of the Hart Company and its personnel, and personal papers of the Leo Hart family. Also included are some papers of Horace Hart, the elder son of Leo, from his years of service in the Printing and Publishing Industries Division of the U. S. Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C

Of primary interest in the Hart collection is the Printers' Valhalla series of books concerning great printers. Many plates and photographs of the works of famous printers and the copy, galleys, proofs, page paste-ups, publicity plans, and reviews directly concerned with the printing of each book are part of the collection. These materials illustrate the various steps involved in the writing, design, printing, and publication of a single book. Other fine books printed by Hart which account for many items of interest in the collection are: Venus and Adonis, Marco Polo, Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue, Bibliotheca Typographica, Burke's Speech on Conciliation, The Christian Jewish Tragedy, Roast Pig, and various editions. Book illustrations by Rockwell Kent, W. A. Dwiggins, Erik Hans Krause, and Wilfred Jones and type and book designs by Will Ransom disclose the artistry possible in the production of books.

The main divisions of the collection are: records pertaining to books printed by Hart Co., the various printers in the Valhalla series, company advertising and samples, Hart Co. business records, Hart Co. general records, Hart family papers, and three sections of additional material donated by Mr. Hart. Also included is a list of book samples printed by Hart Co. These have been catalogued and shelved with the book collection; their call number is listed.

Many examples of fine advertising design, engraving, and printing are also to be found in the Hart collection.

New York (State)--Rochester
Publishers and publishing
Printing industry
Book reviews
Galley proofs
Records (Documents)
Hart, Leo
Hart, Horace, 1910-
Leo Hart Printing Company
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Presented to the University of Rochester Library by Horace Hart, at various times, 1956 - 1977.Access
The Leo Hart Printing Co., Inc. Papers is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
Reproductions are made upon request but can be subject to restrictions. Permission to publish materials from the collection must currently be requested. Please note that some materials may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the researcher's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections. For more information contact rarebks@library.rochester.eduCitation
[Item title, item date], Leo Hart Printing Co., Inc. Papers, BB.H32, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of RochesterRelated Materials
See also the list of samples of books printed by Hart Co. at the end of this document.

An Addition to the Hart Papers was made in 1991.

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Box 1: Books Printed by Hart Co.
Folders 1-4: Bibliotheca Typographica
Folder 1. Advertisement
Folder 2. Reviews (January-March 1933)
Folder 3. Reviews (April, 1933)
Folder 4. Reviews (May 1933-February 1934)
Folder 5. Burke and Poe: Announcements of the books
Folder 6. Burke's Speech on Conciliation--Layout for book colophon
Folder 7. Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue--Illustrations by Erik Hans Krause
Folders 8-17: Christian Jewish Tragedy
Folder 8. Book Reviews (May - June 1933)
Folder 9. Book Reviews (July -August 1933)
Folder 10. Book Reviews (September - October 1933)
Folder 11. Book Reviews (November - December 1933)
Folder 12. Book Reviews (January - June 1934)
Folder 13. Book Reviews (Undated)
Folder 14. Copy for Reviews Bookjacket
Folder 15. Miscellaneous (lists, notes, etc.)
Folder 16. C. H. Moehlman Correspondence
Folder 17. Order Blank Cancelled Orders
Folder 18. Lysistrata--Letter dummy for book by Erik Hans Krause
Folders 19-21: Marco Polo
Folder 19. Advertisement
Folder 20. Reviews (1933)
Folder 21. Reviews (1934)
Box 2: Books Printed by Hart Co, Illustrators of Books.
Folders 1-3: Roast Pig
Folder 1. Advertisement Publicity
Folder 2. Announcements Reviews
Folder 3. Record of Drawings Technical Information
Folders 4-5: Venus Adonis (limited edition)
Folder 4. Advertisement
Folder 5. Binding Negotiations
Folders 6-7: Venus Adonis (trade edition)
Folder 6. Advertisement
Folder 7. Binding-Material Choice Bids
Folders 8-9: Venus Adonis
Folder 8. Announcements Reviews
Folder 9. Record of Drawings (Sales)
Folders 10-14: Books
Folder 10. Advertising, inquiries, lists of books, etc.
Folder 11. Dealers' Invoices
Folder 12. H. R. Huntting Co. Correspondence Catalogs
Folder 13. Inventories Supply Notes
Folder 14. Orders for V
Folder 15. W. A. Dwiggins Correspondence (Concerns PV and German edition of Marco Polo)
Folder 16. Rockwell Kent--Photos, Articles, Letter
PRINTERS (Printers' Valhalla Series)
Box 3: Gregory Dexter, Peter Schoeffer
Folders 1-7: Gregory Dexter
Folder 1. Advertising
Folder 2. Gift copies notes
Folder 3. Illustrations
Folder 4. Misc. notes, copy, proofs
Folder 5. Review Copies
Folder 6. Reviews
Folder 7. Bradford F. Swann Correspondence
Folders 8-17: Peter Schoeffer
Folder 8. Copyright European Rights Data
Folder 9. Gift Copies
Folder 10. Illustrations (Mimic. proofs of)
Folder 11. Lehmann-Haupt Correspondence
Folder 12. List of Books (Copy Proofs)
Folder 13. Prospectus Publicity
Folder 14. Review Copies (Correspondence)
Folder 15. Reviews
Folder 16. Shop Notes (jacket, copy, orders)
Folder Package 1: Printers (Printers' Valhalla Series) Peter Schoeffler: 25 Figure Illustrations arranged in order of appearance in book. 19 Plates, also arranged in order. Shows various stages in process from photos to proof sheets.
Box 4: Isaiah Thomas
Folders 1-12: Isaiah Thomas
Folder 1. Display Material
Folder 2. Galley Proof (lst.)
Folder 3. Galley Proof (1st. customer's)
Folder 4. Galley Proof (1st. office)
Folder 5. Galley Proof (2nd.)
Folder 6. Gift Copies
Folder 7. Illustrations-Photos Negatives
Folder 8. Index Cards
Folder 9. Original copy (pp. 1-70)
Folder 10. Original copy (pp. 71-140)
Folder 11. Original copy (pp. 141-end)
Folder 12. Page paste-ups of book
Box 5: Isaiah Thomas, Daniel Berkeley Updike
Folders 1-6: Isaiah Thomas
Folder 1. Proofs (pp. 1-50)
Folder 2. Proofs (pp. 51-94)
Folder 3. Publicity
Folder 4. Reviews Related Correspondence
Folder 5. Shop notes work orders
Folder 6. Clifford K. Shipton Correspondence
Folders 7-12: D. B. Updike
Folder 7. Copy (pp. 1-50)
Folder 8. Copy (pp. 51-end)
Folder 9. Galley Proof (for revision)
Folder 10. Galley Proof (for revision)
Folder 11. Galley Proof (revised 2nd.)
Folder 12. Galleys Proofs (marked)
Box 6: Daniel Berkeley Updike
Folders 1-13: D. B. Updike
Folder 1. Illustrations (Photos Photostats)
Folder 2. Illustrations (Unfolded Proofs)
Folder 3. Memorandum of Agreement
Folder 4.Page Paste-ups (beg. to p. 48)
Folder 5. Page Paste-ups (pp. 49-96)
Folder 6. Page Paste-ups (pp. 97-144)
Folder 7. Photo of Updike
Folder 8. Proofs of Announcement Folders
Folder 9. Proofs of Index (marked for correction)
Folder 10. Publicity, Gift Copies, etc.
Folder 11. Reviews
Folder 12. Reviews (Correspondence concerning)
Folder 13. Shop notes proofs
Box 7: Printers' Valhalla Series
Folders 1-14: Printers' Valhalla
Folder 1. Advertisement (plans, galleys)
Folder 2. Future Mss. (Correspondence concerning)
Folder 3. Future Mss. (plans, illus., etc. for Caxton)
Folder 4. Inquiries Orders (1946-1947)
Folder 5. Inquiries Orders (1948-1951)
Folder 6. Mailings
Folder 7. Promotion Ideas
Folder 8. Publicity Reviews (1946-1952)
Folder 9. George Parker Winship Correspondence (1944)
Folder 10. George Parker Winship Correspondence (1945)
Folder 11. George Parker Winship Correspondence (1946)
Folder 12. George Parker Winship Correspondence (1947)
Folder 13. George Parker Winship Correspondence (1948)
Folder 14. George Parker Winship Correspondence (1949-1951)
Box 8: Examples Miscellaneous Printing by Hart Co.
Folders 1-2: Atlantic Charter (Keepsake)
Folder 1. Copies of document, plans, etc.
Folder 2. Letters of thanks for copies
Folder 3. Greeting Cards Post Cards--Printed for Hart family
Folder 4. Keepsakes--Carlyle, Brooke, Benjamin Franklin
Folder 5. Miscellaneous Printing by Hart Co.
Folders 6-7: Printing by Hart Co. for:
Folder 6. City of Rochester (Removed for cataloging 8/71)
Folder 7. University of Rochester
Folder 8. Publications Printed by Hart Co.
Box 9: Technical Information Concerning Printing
Folder 1. Book Papers--Samples Choices
Folder 2. Composing Room Survey--Inventory of Types Survey Report
Folder 3. Paper--Samples Advertisement
Folder 4. Presses--Photos Promotional Literature
Folder 5. Publications--Three Circles Magazine (Printing information)
Folder 6. Technical Articles Information
Folder 7. Type Specimen Booklets of Leo Hart Co.
Folder 8. Work Review Forms--Completed Examples
Folder 9. Yearbook Material
Folder Envelope:
Folder Mounted Examples of Fine Typography. Programs and Advertisement.
Folder Mounted Examples of Fine Typography. Keepsakes, Programs, and Title Pages of various books printed by Hart Co.
Box 10: Advertising
Folders 1-10: Advertising
Folder 1. Color Transparencies of Advertisements by Hart Co.
Folder 2. Direct Advertising Facts (letters, clippings, etc)
Folder 3. Direct Advertising Facts (Publications, etc.)
Folder 4. Literature about Magnetic Board
Folder 5. Planned Advertising Roundtable (Rules, lists, etc)
Folder 6. Planned Advertising Study
Folder 7. Planned Advertising Study Course Booklets
Folder 8. Rochester Industrial Advertisers (RIA, RA, ACR)
Folder 9. Samples Advertising for Kodak Ektagraph Process
Folder 10. Stationery Printed by Leo Hart Co.
Folder 11. Advertisement for Fashion Park
Box 10a: Advertising
Folder Advertisements for: (3) Haloid Co. (Xerox); Will Baumer Candles; McGregor; Blackstone; Zippo, Fisher-Price, Janet (Rochester Button), Troy Shirtmakers Guild; Golder Arrow (in spiral notebook); (2) Miscellaneous
Box 10b: Advertising
Folder Advertising for: Pfaudler; Lord Taylor; French's; Pyrex; Easy; Fashion Park; Printz-Biederman Co., Playtime House, BMC
Box 10c: Advertising
Folder Advertisement for: Daystrom; Timely Clothes; Frostop, J. Hungerford Smith; Revere Ware; Bausch Lomb; (4) Kodak; GRS Transformers, Illinois Central; Michaels-Stern, Stein Bloch, Shaw of Glens Falls; Van Heusen; Consolidated Vacuum Corp., Glendura Imperial Wallpaper, Lenroc Stone.
Box 10d: Advertising
Folder Advertisement for: El Conquistidor; Oneida Silver, Community Sterling; Rockefeller Foundation; Babcock-Wilcox; (3) Bostonians; Elgeet Lens, Abercrombie Co.; Genuine Leather in Decoration.
Box 10e: Advertising
Folder Mounted examples of most attractive advertising work done by Hart Co. for its clients.
Folder 2 Tubes: Advertisement Samples (on outsize paper): Large lay-outs by Hart Co.
Box 11: Advertising (Hart Co.)
Folders 1-8: Advertising (Hart Co.)
Folder 1. Blotters-French Explorers Series
Folder 2. Blotters, Labels, Tags, Cards
Folder 3. Brains for Sale Series
Folder 4. Calendars
Folder 5. Company Ads in Various Publications
Folder 6. Copy
Folder 7. Copy, Notes, Plans
Folder 8. Copy, Notes, Plans
Box 12: Advertising (Hart Co.)
Folders 1-7: Advertising (Hart Co.)
Folder 1. Drawings Proofs
Folder 2. Franklin Colortype Division
Folder 3. Mailings
Folder 4. Mailings
Folder 5. Notes Printed Ads
Folder 6. Puzzles, Kits, Toys by Hart
Folder 7. Scrapbook of Ads in Rochester Papers
Folder Binder 1: Business Forms Advertisement printed by for Hart Co.
Folder Scrapbook 1: Business Stationery, Labels, Envelopes, etc., for Hart Co. and its subsidiaries.
Box 13: Financial Legal
Folders 1-2: Hart Co. Financial
Folder 1. 1916-1926
Folder 2. 1927-1950
Folder 3. Kay Kamen--Letters, Notes, Etc.
Folder 4. Legal Documents or Copies of Same
Folder 5. Legal Documents or Copies of Same
Folder 6. Meeting of Directors of Stockholders (Oct. 1928)
Folders 7-8: New York Office
Folder 7. Inventory Material
Folder 8. Lease
Folder 9. Personnel--Salary Records Compensation Plans
Box 14: Company Organization
Folders 1-11: Hart Co. Organization
Folder 1. Engineering Surveys
Folder 2. General Instructions
Folder 3. Inventory Control
Folder 4. Management Executive Duties
Folder 5. Order Estimate Procedures
Folder 6. Organization Charts
Folder 7. Outline of Duties
Folder 8. Plans for Changes Improvements
Folder 9. Problems Instructions
Folder 10. Reports for Horace Hart
Folder 11. Management Surveys
Box 14A: Personnel Manual; procedure manual. 2 v. Organization manual. 1v.
Box 15: Management Meetings (Discussion Material Minutes), Sales Dept. Records Instructions
Folders 1-4: Management Meetings I, II, III
Folder 1. Discussion Material
Folder 2. Minutes
Folder 3. Minutes
Folder 4. Minutes
Folders 5-13: Sales
Folder 5. Compensation Plan
Folder 6. Dept. Responsibilities, Analysis
Folder 7. Form Letters
Folder 8. Meetings
Folder 9. Prospect Contest
Folder 10. Reports- Monthly
Folder 11. Sales Production Problems
Folder 12. Studies, Forms, Regulations, etc.
Folder 13. Training
Box 16: Clinton Avenue Building
Folders 1-5: Clinton Avenue Building
Folder 1. Business Details (S. Firestone)
Folder 2. Business Details (Hart)
Folder 3. Examples of Printers' Libraries Reception Rms.
Folder 4. Miscellaneous
Folder 5. Sketches
Folder 6. Clinton Building Addition--Drawings Plans
Box 17: Historical
Folders 1-16: Historical
Folder 1. Articles Clippings (1915-1950)
Folder 2. Articles Clippings (1951- )
Folder 3. Community Chest
Folder 4. Groundbreaking for Clinton Plant
Folder 5. Hartbeat (Co. Newspaper)
Folder 6. Letters of Commendation (1926-1933)
Folder 7. Letters of Commendation (1934-1936)
Folder 8. Letters of Commendation (1937-1960)
Folder 9. Personnel Plant
Folder 10. Picnics Parties
Folder 11. Printing Week (1949, 1953)
Folder 12. Research Paper on Hart Co.
Folder 13. Ribbons from Special Functions Conventions
Folder 14. Vacation Announcements
Folder 15. "Hart Printing: A Family Ramble." Remarks by Horace Hart at Gallery 303, New York City, February 17, 1971
Folder 16. Origin of Hart Printer's Device
Box 18: Historical, Labor Relations
Folders 1-5: Historical
Folder 1. Miscellaneous Undated
Folder 2. Notes Letters (1928-1955)
Folders 3-5: Hart Co. War Effort
Folders 6-8: Labor Relations
Folder 6. Articles Clippings
Folder 7. Reports of Various Companies Agencies
Folder 8. Union Contracts Negotiations
Box 19: Organizations, Personnel
Folders 1-6: Organizations
Folder 1. American Institute of Graphic Arts
Folder 2. Printing Industry of America (Conf. for Pres.)
Folder 3. Printing Industry of America (Correspondence)
Folder 4. Printing Industry of America (Education Committee)
Folder 5. Printing Industry of America (Management)
Folder 6. Printing Industry of America (Minutes of Meeting)
Folders 7-17: Personnel
Folder 7. Personal Notes from Employees
Folder 8. Personnel in Service (Lists Letters from Hart Co.)
Folder 9. War Correspondence (miscellaneous)
Folder 10. War Correspondence of Walter Bruinsma
Folder 11. War Correspondence of William C. Kosel
Folder 12. War Correspondence of John J. Menken
Folder 13. War Correspondence of Howard J. Merkel
Folder 14. War Correspondence of Sam Nobel
Folder 15. War Correspondence of Sam Rockowitz
Folder 16. War Correspondence of Ralph Rossi
Folder 17. War Correspondence of Robert John Wilkinson
Box 20: Photographs
Folders 1-4: Photographs
Folder 1. Plant Interior
Folder 2. Plant Interior
Folder 3. Sales Conventions Meetings
Folder 4. Yearbook Conferences Samples
Box 21: Photographs Blueprints
Folders 1-5: Photographs (See also 23:3)
Folder 1. Company Parties
Folder 2. Company Picnics
Folder 3. Displays Presentations
Folder 4. Plant Activity
Folder 5. Plant at St. Paul Andrews Sts.
Folder 6. Photographs Blueprints (New York Office)
Folder Envelope 3: Drawings for Hart Co. Seals Advertisements.
Folder Envelope 4: Drawings for Memorial Bookplates, Coat of Arms, Cards, and a Watercolor Scene.
Folder Envelope 5: Photos of Hart Book Displays and of Letter (Lucky Bag), Photostats of Newspaper Reviews, and various Awards received by Hart Co.
Folder Envelope 6: Pictures of Hart Co. Plant (Exteriors), some of construction.
Folder Envelope 7: Pictures of Hart Co. Plant (Interiors).
Folder Package 2: Picture of Leo Hart Printing Company, St. Paul Street, Rochester. Package 76 1/2 x 62 1/2 cm. Picture framed
Folder Package 3: "Works of Hart" Insignia, in color and framed
Folder Package 4: Venus Adonis ; Negatives of Reviews
Box 22: European Trip. Box includes travel guide books, descriptive catalogs, books about passenger fleet, menus stationery, cards, personal letters cards, ticket stubs, etc.
Folders 1-8: European Trip
Folder 1. England
Folder 2. France
Folder 3. Germany
Folder 4. Holland Italy
Folder 5. Switzerland
Folder 6. Information on Ships Travel
Folder 7. Personal Items of Hart
Folder 8. Traveling in Europe
Box 22a:
Folder Album of European Trip. Pictures and post cards of famous art and architecture of Europe, also of famous places and typical people of various countries.
Box 22b:
Folder Album of European Trip. Personal memorabilia concerning European trip. Includes luggage stubs, hotel stationery, menus, programs,ticket stubs, travel folders, maps, etc.
Box 22c:
Folder Album of European Trip. Photographs of family.
Box 23: Hart Family, Horace Hart
Folders 1-8: Hart Family
Folder 1. Clippings Concerning Family
Folder 2. Concerning Leo Hart Memorial Books Portraits
Folder 3. Walt Disney Picture, Autographed to Leo Hart
Folder 4. Leo Hart Obituaries
Folder 5. Leo Hart Story (Cyclopedia of Biography Co. History)
Folder 6. Letter from Leo Hart to Horace (concerns R. Kent)
Folder 7. Letters of Condolence (Leo Hart)
Obituary, eulogy for Robert Hart
Folder 8. Photographs
Folders 9-13: Horace Hart
Folder 9. Articles Clippings (1933-1975)
Folder 10. Articles Clippings (1933-1975)
Folder 11. Articles Clippings (1933-1975)
Box 23a: Hart Family, Horace Hart
Folder 1. Business Notes Letters (1950)
Folder 2 International Labor Organization (ILO)
Folder 3. "Life with the Harts" (New Year's Day greetings)
Folder 4. Obituaries of Horace Hart and Joan Stein Hart
Box 24: Horace Hart
Folders 1-11: Horace Hart
Folder 1. Dept. of Commerce Govt. Reports (1956-1958)
Folder 2. Dept. of Commerce Govt. Reports (1956-1960.)
Folder 3. Dept. of Commerce Govt. Reports (1961)
Folder 4. Dept. of Commerce Govt. Reports (1962 n.d.)
Folder 5. Printing Industry of America (PIA) Bulletins, Reports
Folder 6. Rochester Harvard Club Notes (1955)
Folder 7. Speeches and Related Material
Folder 8. Horace Hart Day at the Typophiles. Speech and related material.
Folder 9. Organizations
Folder 10. Recognitions
Folder 11. "Reminiscences of Horace Hart, 1910-1991." 1991. 27pp.
Folder Specimen Book of our Type Decorative Material. Leo Hart Printing Co. n.d. 1 v. loose-leaf. Gift of Horace Hart, 10/11/65.
Box 25: Miscellaneous Material
Folder 1. Biographical material on Horace Hart. Printing News, March 16, 1963
Folder 2. "'Hart Printing' Saga... Printing News, February 13, 1971
Folder 3. Harvard Club of Rochester material, 1942, 1954
Folder 4. National Defense Executive Reserve Dinner. November 3, 1957. Program
Folder 5. American Institute of Graphics Arts invitations, 1967
Folder 6. Postal Rates and Postal Policy of the Post Office Department. Report... March 24, 1954
Folder 7. United States Printing Trades Machinery in Place, 1958
Folder 8. Congressional Record, October 2, 1959
Folder 9. Economic Summary, Printing and Publishing and Allied Industries 1959-1960
Folder 10. Findings Bulk Third Class Mail Rate Study, dated March 7, 1960
Folder 11. Bulk Third-Class Mail Rate Study Abstracts of Personal Interviews, dated March 31, 1960
Folder 12. Survey of Economic Effects of Third-Class Bulk Mail Rate Increase, dated March 31, 1960
Folder 13. Study of Effect of Bulk Third-Class Mail Rate Increases on Small Business, dated April 7, 1960
Folder 14. Survey of Postal Rates, dated April 15, 1960
Folder 15. The Impact of Postal Rate Increases, dated May 11, 1960
Folder 16. Survey of Economic Effects of Third-Class Bulk Mail Rate Increase. Statistical supplement, January 1961
Folder 17. Postal Rate Revision. Hearings... April to June 1961
Folder 18. Proceedings of the Professional Conference for Presidents. Printing Industry of America. 1953. (Added 1974)
Folder 19. Composite Results of Economic Poll... (1975) (Added 1975)
Box 26: August 9, 1971, Addition (1 of 2)
Folder 1. Obituaries, Leo and Ethel Hart
Folder 2. Miscellaneous Letters
Folder 3. Miscellaneous Speeches Articles by Horace Hart not included elsewhere
Folder 4. Horace Hart becomes President of the Lanston Monotype Company
Folder 5. Harvard Club of Rochester
Folder 6. Exhibition Case for Lowell House Library at Harvard
Folder 7. John Carter Brown Publications
Box 27: August 9, 1971, Addition (2 of 2)
Folder 1. Playtime House: A Division of the Leo Hart Company
Folder 2. Bulk Third Class Postal Rate Study
Folder 3. Tripartite Technical Meeting fro the Printing and Allied Trades: Geneva, Switzerland, November 12-23, 1962
Folder 4. G.E.C. 1959, International Congress of Graphic, Publishing, Paper Trades Associations
Folder 5. Printing and Publishing Industries Division, U.S. Department of Commerce, Printing Industry Predictions
Folder 6. Printing Publishing Industries Division, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1956 to 1963
Box 28: Miscellaneous Materials
Folder 1."Hart Printing," speech given by Horace Hart at Gallery 303, New York City, February 17, 1971. With color slides.
Folder 2. W.A. Dwiggins and the and the Printer's Valhalla, proofs.
Folder 3. Typography Sample book, unbound.
Folder 4. Hart, Horace. "Bibliotheca Typographica in usum eorum qui Libros amant." Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, vol. XIV, no.3 (December 1933): 363. Complete issue.
Folder 5. Campbell, Patrick. A journey through the Genesee Country, finger Lakes Region and Mohawk Valley. Rochester, NY: Friends of the University of Rochester Libraries, 1978. 4 unbound copies, with correspondence.
Folder 6. Correspondence from Horace Hart to Robert Volz, Department of Rare Books, University of Rochester, July 19, 1976 regarding addition materials.
Box 29: Advertising
Folder 1. Reproductions by the Kodak Ektagraph Process
Folder 2. "The Leo Hart Company...presents a new dimension in printing service." 2 copies.
Folder 3. "The Leo Hart Company, Inc., Fine Letterpress Offset Printing. "Red covered booklet with examples of Advertisements printed by Hart Co. 2 copies.
Folder Two photographs
Folder Leo Hart Company Picnic, July 28, 1923
Folder Leo Hart Company Picnic, 1925 (?)
Books Printed by Hart
The number in brackets after each entry is the call number for the book in the Department's collections. For more information about these books please consult the University of Rochester library catalog.

Folder Bostonians, Commonwealth in Battle Dress. 1944. [Z 232.5 C73c]
Folder Chase, Borden. Diamonds of Wealth. Paperback. [Z 232.5 C48d]
Folder Each Day Its Blessing Brings. [Z 232.5 H32e]
Folder The Fashion Group presents New York's Fashion Futures... 1940. [Z 232.5f F24f]
Folder Franklin, Jay. What This Country Needs. 1931. [Z 232.5 C32w]
Folder The Half-Bred Stud Book. Vo. II. 1930. [Z 232.5 G32h]
Folder In Memoriam Horace J. Wolf. 1927. [BM 755 W85i]
Folder The Joseph Feiss Co. ... in War and in Peace. [Z 232.5f J83j]
Folder The Letters of Don Juan MacQueen to his Family. 1943. [Z 232.5 M17l]
Folder J. Irvine Lyle, a Tribute. [Z 232.5 J11]
Folder MacLeod, LeRoy. Three Steeples, A Tragedy of Earth. 1931. [Z 232.5 M16t]
Folder A Major Street Plan for Rochester, N.Y. 1929. [F 130.5 B28m]
Folder On the Newspaper Front with Frank Tripp. Cartoons. 1954. [PS 3539 T836o]
Folder Rochester and Monroe County, A History and Guide. 1937. [F 127.5 F29r]
Folder Schwarz, Ernst. Pictoral America. [Z 232.5f S41p]
Folder The Seventh Ogre... 1932. 2 copies. [Z 232.5 C877s and Z 232.5 C877s 1932]
Folder Temple B'Rith Kodesh 1848-1948. [BM 225 .R67t Alt]
Folder Valentine, Alan. Dusty Answers. 1941. [LD 4750 V15d]
Folder Wertenbaker, Charles. Before They Were Men. 1931. [Z 232.5 W49b]
Folder Worts, George F. The House of Creeping Horror. Paperback. [Z 232.5 W93h]
Folder Bric-A-Brac, 1944. Princeton. [Z 232.5f P95]
Folder Cornellian, 1942. Cornell. [Z 232.5f C81]
Folder Lucky Bag, 1944. US Naval Academy. [Z 232.5f L94 1944]
Folder Lucky Bag, 1945. Centennial Edition. US Naval Academy. [Z 232.5f L94 1945]
Folder Rain Makers Log, from "Boot to Black Hell". Naval Construction Battalion 133. [Z 232.5f U57r]

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