Clement William Scott Papers

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Clement William Scott papers
Creator: Scott, Clement, 1841-1904
Call Number: A.S425
Dates: 1859-1904
Physical Description: 11 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Related Materials
Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Writings
Series III: Personal materials
Collection Overview
Title: Clement William Scott papers
Creator: Scott, Clement, 1841-1904
Call Number: A.S425
Dates: 1859-1904
Physical Description: 11 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Clement William Scott (1841-1904) was the principal dramatic critic for the (London) Daily Telegraph, with which he was connected from 1871 to 1898. In addition, he adapted French plays for the London stage, contributed sentimental verse to Punch, and edited The Theatre from 1880 to 1889. Scott was the author of books of poetry, dramatic criticism, and reminiscences of the London stage.

Biographical Information:

Dictionary of National Biography

Scott--The Drama of Yesterday and Today

Scope and Content
The collection consists of correspondence between Clement William Scott and the theatrical and journalistic people with whom he worked (a full list is to be found at the end of this register), printed and manuscript verse by Clement Scott and by other authors, clippings, notes, photographs and memorabilia.

Authors and theater
Scott, Clement, 1841-1904
Theater critics
Authors, English
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See also: John Lawrence Toole Papers and John Lawrence Toole Estate Papers .

Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Correspondents with 10 or more letters to Scott: Alexander, Sir George; Bancroft, Lady Marie Effie (Wilton); Bancroft, Sir Squire Butterfield; Barrett, Wilson; Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley; Daly, John Augustin; Dickens, Charles (1837-1896); Farjeon, Benjamin Leopold; Graves, Clotilde Inez Mary; Hare, Sir John Fairs; Harris, Sir Augustus Henry Glossop; Kendal, Dame Madge; Kendal, William Hunter; LeSage, Sir John Merry; Meritt, Paul; Merivale, Herman Charles; Morton, John Maddison; Phillips, Kate (Mrs. H. B. Conway); Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing; Reece, Robert; Scott to William Moy Thomas; Stoker, Bram; Terries, William; Toole, John Lawrence; Tree, Sir Herbert Beerbohm; Ward, Geneviéve; Warner, Charles; Watson, Malcolm; Wyndham, Sir Charles

Other correspondents represented in the collection include: Aria, Mrs. Eliza (Davis); Alexander, Mrs. Florence (Théleur); Alexander, Sir George; Ashbey-Sterry, Joseph; Bancroft, Ledy Marie Effie (Wilson); Bancroft, Sir Squire Butterfield; Barrett, Wilson; Barrington, Rutland; Baynham, George Walter; Beerbohm, Constance; Belasco, David; Bernard-Beere, Mrs. Fanny (Whitehead); Berton, Paul M.; Bishop, Kate; Bond, W. Graves; Bottomley, C.; Bourchier, Arthur; Brodie, William; Boyne, Leonard; Brown, Campbell Rae; Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley; Butler, Richard William; Calcott, F. B.; Cavendish, Ada; Chard, John Rouse Merriot; Charles, P.; Childe-Pemberton, Harriet Louisa; Christie, Albany James; Clarke, Henry Savile; Clark, John Willis; Clarke, John Sleeper; Clayton, John; Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel; Coles, Sara Jeannette; Colles, William Morris; Compton, Edward; Corner, Edward; Cooke, John F.; Covington, Hattie; Cowen, Sir Frederick Hymen; Cox, Douglas; Coy, J. G.; Croke, Wentworth; Crook, John; Cumberland, Stuart C.; Dacre, Arthur; Dalton, Brockwell; Daly, John Augustin; Davey, Richard Patrick Boyle; Davey, Robert F.; Davis, Edmund F.; Davis, James; De Wolfe, Elsie Anderson; Dicey, Edward James Stephan; Dickens, Charles (1837-1896); Dickens, Diana; Dowty, Aglen A.; Dryburgh, W. N.; DuMaurier, Sylvia; Ebhart, F. W.; Edward, S. Arthur; Edwardes, George; Edwards, George Spencer; Edwards, Henry Sutherland; Elgar, Francis; Elwood, Arthur; Emden, Walter; Emery, Robert George; Escott, Thomas Hay Sweet; Evans, Edwin J.; Faithfull, Emily; Farjeon, Eleanor; Farjeon, Mrs. Margaret (Jefferson); Farquhar, Alfred; Farquhar, Gilbert; Farren, Ellen; Farren, William; Farren, William Jr.; Ferguson, James; Field, Allan; Fiennes, Gerald Yorke Twistleton-Wykeham; Fife, Alexander William George Duff, 1st duke; Finlay, Frank; Fisher, Samuel T.; Fitch William Clyde; Fladgate, Sir William Francis; Flemming, Herbert; Florence, William Jermyn; Foá, Raoul; Foote, Lydia; Forbes-Robertson, Sir Johnston; Forman, Alfred William; Forney, John Wien; Fortescue, May; Foster, W. D.; Frankau, Julia (Davis); Freear, William; Freeland, F. A.; Freer, T. F.; French, Samuel; Frith, Walter; Gainsborough, Monta; Galdemar, Ange; Garden, E. W.; Garrick, Henry Walter; Garrick, Mrs. Jeanie; Gatti, Sir John M.; Gatti, Julia; Gavin, Michael; Gibbons, Alfred; Gideon, Danny; Gideon, John; Gilliland, William; Gilmer, Albert A.; Gilmer, Jack W.; Glover, James MacKay; Gooch, Walter; Goodman, Walter; Grahame, Cissy; Granville, Charlotte; Graves, Clotilde Inez Mary; Gray, Paul; Green-Price, Sir Richard Dansey; Greet, Sir Phillip Barling Ben; Greet, William; Grein, Jacob Thomas; Greville, Lady Beatrice Violet (Graham); Grey, Sylvia; Grossmith, Walter Weedon; Grundy, Sydney; Hare, Sir John Fairs; Harris, Sir Augustus Henry Glossop; Harris, F. J.; Harris, Sir Walter Henry; Harrison, Charles; Harvey, E.; Haughter, Walter; Hawtrey, Sir Charles Henry; Hicks, Sir Edward Seymour George; Hingston, Edward Peron; Hodges, W. Oliver; Hogg, Wentworth; Hopkins, Jerome; Jope-Slade, R.; Kendal, Dame Madge; Kendal, William Hunter; Lathrop, Annie Wakeman; LaTrobe, Carlotta (Addison); Law, James; LeSage, Lady Elizabeth Lord (Martin); LeSage, Sir John Merry; Leslie, Fannie; LeTheire, Rome Guillon; Levy-Lawson, Edward, 1st baron Burnham; Lindau, Paul; Lipton, Sir Thomas Johnstone; Long, Walter Hume 1st viscount; Loseby, Constance; Lone, Edward Yeats; Lucette, Catherine Lyons, Sir Joseph; McCarthy, Justin Huntly; Macklin, F. H.; Mansfield, Richard; Marius, C. D.; Marryat, Florence; Mathews, Mrs. Lizzie (Weston) Davenport; Maude, Cyril; Maude, Mrs. Isabel Winifred Maude (Emery); Mayer, Marcus L.; Mayer, Sylvain; Mayhew, Henry; Mayli, Fred; Melford, Austin; Mellon, May W.; Melnotte, Violet; Hewitt, Paul; Merivale, Herman Charles; Michael, Edward; Mills, Henry; Millward, Jessie; Moncton, Lady Maria Louisa (Long); Moncrieff, N.; Moodie, Louise; Morell, H. H.; Mortimer, James; Morton, Charles; Morton, John Maddison; Myers, Adele; Myers, Clara; Neville, Henry Gartside; Norman, E. B.; Nugent, Ermengarda Greville; Ollier, Charles; Packer, Henry; Palmer, E. P.; Parkinson, Joseph Charles; Parry, Sefton Henry; Paul, Henry Howard; Paulton, Harry; Payne, Harry; Philp, Elizabeth; Phillips, Kate (Mrs. H.B. Conway); Pick, Emma; Pigott, Sir Thomas Digby; Pigott, James W.; Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing; Phillpotts, Eden; Plower, Charles H.; Pollock, Walter Herries; Pommery, Veuve; Ponsonby, Claude M.; Pope, William; Potter, Cora (Urquhart); Potter, F. J.; Pratt, Frank W.; Pym, Adaline; Quinton, Mark; Quain, Sir Richard; Rae, Maude Marsham; Rae, C. M.; Raleigh, Mrs. Effie; Raleigh, Cecil; Ralston, William Ralston Shedden; Randegger, Alberto; Raynor, Marguerite Cecil; Reece, Robert; Rentval, R.; Richards, Cicely; Righton, Thomea Edward Corrie Burns; Robertson, Fanny; Robertson, Thomas William Shafto; Robins, Elizabeth; Robinson, Frederick William; Rodgers, James; Roger, John R.; Rorke, Bate; Rose, Edward Everett; Ross, Charles Henry; Routledge, Edmund; Rowe, George Fawcett; Russell, Henry; St. Maur, Harry; Salaman, Malcolm Charles; Sampson, Henry; Samuel, Sydney Montague; Sandys, Anthony Frederick Augustus; Santley, Kate; Santley, Michael; Sardou, Victorien; Scott, Clement William; Scott, Mrs. Constance Marguerite (Brandon); Scott, Mrs. Isabel Busson (DuMaurier); Scott, Walter E.; Seton, Sir Bruce Maxwell; Simpson, John Palgrave; Sims, George Robert; Sloper, Emily; Soldene, Emily; Soloman, Edward; Stalk, Marshal; Stead, William Thomas; Stoker, Bram; Stuart, Cosmo; Stuart, William James; Stutfield, Alfred J. W.; Sutherland, Sir Thomas; Sutton, Henry; Swanborough, Arthur; Tecks, Clare; Tempest, Dame Mary Susan; Temple, Hope; Terriss, Mrs. Isabel (Lewin); Terriss, Ellaline; Terriss, William; Terry, Edward O'Connor; Terry, Fred; Thomas, Agnes; Thomas, Charles W.; Thomas, Frederick Moy; Thompson, Alfred; Thorne, Thomas; Toole, John Lawrence; Towart, C. J.; Tree, Sir Herbert Beerbohm; Trevor, Thomas Warren; Trevor, Frederick George Brunton; Valentine, Sydney; Van Bilne, A.; Vanbrugh, Violet; Vandam, Albert Dresden; Vernon, W. H.; Vezin, Hermann; Vincent, James Edmund; Voulea, Horace St. George; Walch, Garnet; Wallace, William; Walters, Robert; Waller, Lewis; Walpole, Horace L.; Ward, Ada; Ward, Genéviéve; Warner, Charles; Warren, Charles; Warren, Ernest E.; Warwick, Guilia; Watson, Alfred Edward Thomas; Watson, Malcolm; Weigal, Eva; Weldon, Walter; Wellesley, Kate; Wicks, Frederick; Wilder, Marshall Pinckney; Wingfield, Lewis Strange; Willard, Edward Smith; Williams, Charles; Williamson, S.; Wills, Freeman Croft; Wood, Mrs. Matilda Charlotte (Vining); Woods, Sir Albert William; Wrigley, Charles; Wyndham, Sir Charles; Yardley, William; Yates, Edmund Smedley

Box 1;
Box 2;
Box 3;
Box 4;
Box 5;
Box 6;
Box 7;
Box 8;
Box 9;
Box 10
Indexed correspondence, 1859-1904, undated A-D
Box 11, Folder 1-6Indexed correspondence, undated D-T
Box 11Miscellany
Not indexed

Box 11, Folder 7Fragmentary letters, Sir Francis Cowley Burnand to Clement William Scott
Box 11, Folder 8Unidentified letters.
Series II: Writings
Box 11, Folder 9Verses by Clement William Scott, manuscript
Box 11, Folder 10Verses by Clement William Scott, printed
Box 11, Folder 11Epilogue for benefit performance, March 1885
Box 11, Folder 12Miscellaneous notes
Box 11, Folder 13Synopses of plays
Box 11, Folder 14Contracts
Box 11, Folder 15School reports: The College Marlborough, 1856
Box 11, Folder 16Speech of Mrs. John Wood at Keeley Celebration, November 22, 1895
Box 11, Folder 17Translation of French song
Box 11, Folder 18Verses by other authors
Box 11, Folder 19Miscellaneous clippings
Series III: Personal materials
Box 11, Folder 20Photographs
Box 11, Folder 21Memorabilia

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