Edward Griffith Miner Papers

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Edward Griffith Miner papers
Creator: Miner, Edward Griffith, 1863-1955
Call Number: A.M66
Dates: 1797-1955
Physical Description: 273 boxes, 7 package
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Content List
Correspondence--Individuals, Alphabetical by Last Name
Correspondence--Topical--A through University Club
Correspondence--Topical--University of Rochester
Correspondence--Topical--S through Z
Correspondence--Family--Edward Griffith Miner (1863-1955)
Correspondence--Family--Miner family
Additional Business and Personal Papers (Correspondence)
Collection Overview
Title: Edward Griffith Miner papers
Creator: Miner, Edward Griffith, 1863-1955
Call Number: A.M66
Dates: 1797-1955
Physical Description: 273 boxes, 7 package
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Correspondence, business and personal papers of Edward Griffith Miner (1863-1955), prominent Rochester businessman and civic leader, president and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pfaudler Company (now Pfaudler Permutit Inc.). The bulk of the papers relate to Rochester and New York State business, civic, educational, industrial and social matters from the 1890s to Mr. Miner's death in 1955.

There are large groups of papers devoted to Mr. Miner's association with the Pfaudler Company, the University of Rochester, Chamber of Commerce organizations, banks, investment companies, dairy shows and companies, railroads, book dealers, etc.

Considerable material is concerned with his personal life and background and includes diaries and appointment books, correspondence with friends and family, biographical data, financial and legal papers, awards and citations, speech material for the years 1914-1947, and material relating to Mr. Miner's travels in this country and abroad.

Family papers include correspondence to and from Mr. Miner's father, Dr. James Miner, his brothers and sisters, wife and children, Elinor (Miner) Lamont and Ranlet Miner; also to and from family connections by marriage, including Thomas S. and Thomas W. Lamont, New York City financiers, and the Ranlet family.

Scope and Content
There is a glass plate image of President Lincoln, as well as a letter that Lincoln wrote to Edward G. Miner on February 19, 1858, and a letter that Miner wrote to Ned on April 22, 1892 describing the other two items.

New York (State)--Rochester
Legal instruments
Financial records
Miner, Edward Griffith, 1863-1955
Pfaudler Company
Rochester Chamber of Commerce (Rochester, N.Y.)
University of Rochester
Miner family
Immediate Source of Acquisition
Acquired by gift from Mr. Miner over a period of years, ca. 1930-1955, and from his estate, in 1955.Access
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[Item title, item date], Edward Griffith Miner papers, A.M66, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
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Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Correspondence--Individuals, Alphabetical by Last Name
Box 1
Folder Correspondence, A
1. Adams, Elbridge Lapham
2. Adler, Elmer
3. Adler, Simon Louis
4. Aldridge, George Washington
5. Allen, Ethan
6. Allen, Harry
7. Allen, Henry Raymond
8. Allen, Leonard Lewis
9. Alling, Joseph Tilden
10. Armitage, Hugh T.
11. Armstrong, Russell
12. Arnold, John Jacob
13. Atkinson, Charles T
14. Ayers, Leonard P.
Box 2
Folder Correspondence, Ba-Brod
1. Badger, Robert A
2. Busby, Philip Haxall
3. Baird, Frank Burkett
4. Baker, Wallace
5. Balfour, Arthur
6. Ball, Raymond Nathaniel
7. Barbour, Clarence Augustus
8. Beach, Daniel Magee
9. Beall, Mrs. Margaret L.
10. Behn, Sosthenea
11. Belisha, Albert I.
12. Bellows, Charlea
13. Benson, Albert Emerson
14. Benninghoff, Harry Merrel
15. Berekenhof, W. Bakker van
16. Berry, Lee W.
17. Besler, William George
18. Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah
19. Bonbright, George D.B.
20. Bonbright, James C.H.
21. Brewater, Harold Pond
22. Brodhead, George H.
Box 3
Folder Correspondence, Broe-Bz
1. Brown, Charles H. Jr.
2. Brown, S.W.
3. Brown, Vere C.
4. Brown, William Carlos
5. Brugler, John Mercer
6. Buell, Edward R
7. Buell, George Clifford
8. Burnham, H.W.
9. Burton, Theodore Elijah
10. Butler, Nicholas Murray
11. Butler, William Waters
12. Byne, Arthur
13. Byrne, Frederick Joseph
Box 4
Folder Correspondence, Ca-Cr
1. Calvert, Harry S.
2. Cambridge, D. Cecil
3. Campbell, Oliver Allen
4. Carlson, Julia Regina
5. Carlton, Newcomb
6. Carnahan, George Alexander
7. Cartier de Marchienne, Émile de, baron
8. Castle, Newton Brown
9. Cayford, Raymond R.
10. Chandler, Charles H.
11. Chapin, Edward Hall
12. Chazal, Felix
13. Clarke, Sidney R.
14. Conner, Benjamin H.
15. Cowgill, Mrs. Allie Parker
16. Cowgill, William Warwick
17. Crandall, Charles Arthur
18. Crapsey, Algernon Sidney
19. Cromwell, Seymour L.
20. Crook, Charles B.
Box 5
Folder Correspondence, Cs-Di
1. Curtis, Mrs. Alice (Peck)
2. Curtis, Edward Peck
3. Curtis, Lionel
4. Cutler, James Goold
5. Cutler, Joseph Warren
6. Cutting, Robert Fulton
7. Dakin, Henry Walter
8. Danforth, Henry Gold
9. Davis, C. Schuyler
10. Dean, William John
11. Defrees, Joseph Holton
12. Delorm, F.
13. De Man, Henry
14. Denison, Sir Hugh Robert
15. Dennison, Henry S
16. Dewey, Charles Ayrault
17. Dickson, Mrs. Meta Henrietta (Parry)
Box 6
Folder Correspondence, Dj-Dz
1. Duckman, Sir Arthur McDougal
2. Dudley, Joseph Grassie
3. Dunn, Samuel Orace
4. Dunning, James Edmund
5. DuRoveray, Pauline
Box 7
Folder Correspondence, E
1. Eastman, George
2. Eastwood, Albert Bigelow
3. Eckhart, Bernard Albert
4. Emerick, F.A.
5. Emerick, S.P.
6. Ewing, Frank E.
Box 8
Folder Correspondence, F-Gi
1. Fairchild, Elmer E
2. Fairchild, Herman Leroy
3. Farinas, Jose
4. Fell, J. Dyneley
5. Filene, Edward A.
6. Fitch, Ralph R.
7. Foch, Marshall Ferdinand
8. Foley, William
9. Follet, Leon
10. Foote, Nathaniel
11. Foreman, Edward Reuben
12. Fowler, John F.
13. Francis, Robert E.
14. Frothingham, Donald
15. Galbraith, Robert M.
16. Gammack, Thomas H.
17. Garfield, John M.
18. Garrard, Frank Rochfort Jr.
19. Garrard, Frank Rochfort
20. Garrett, William
21. Geary, John Richard
22. Geisinger, Elliott Ellwood
23. Gibbs, W.D.
24. Gifford, William S.
25. Gilbert, Lewis H.
26. Gilder, Joseph B.
27. Gilg, Henry F.
Box 9
Folder Correspondence by Last Name, Go-Ha
1. Goler, George W.
2. Goodwin, Frederick Charles
3. Goodwin, William Archer Rutherfoord
4. Gould, Norman Judd
5. Granger, Antoinette P.
6. Gray, Alton L.
7. Gray, William E. Jr.
8. Gray, William E.
9. Gregory, John Henry
10. Grenfell, Wilfred Thomeson
11. Grimwood, James
12. Grimwood, Thomas R.
13. Grout, Mrs. Temple Irwin
14. Hagen, Walter
15. Haggerty, Bernard J.
16. Hahne, Frank
17. Hairgrove, John Whitloek
18. Halbleib, Edward A.
19. Hallowell, Frank W.
20. Hanford, Franklin
21. Hanna, Edward J.
22. Harbord, James Guthrie
23. Harriman, Frank Warren
24. Hart, Louis Bret
25. Havas, Laszlo
Box 10
Folder Correspondence, He-Hz
1. Herrick, D-Cady
2. Heublein, Gilbert F.
3. Hill, Charles Louis
4. Hoggeon, Noble Foster
5. Holderness, M.E.
6. Holland-Hibbert, Arthur Henry
7. Hooker, Elon Huntington
8. Houghton, Alanson Bigelow
9. Houghton, Amory
10. Houston, Herbert Samuel
11. Howard, Clarence Henry
12. Hoyt, George S.
13. Hungerford, Edward
Box 11
Folder Correspondence, I-Lee
1. Imandt, N.
2. Janson, E.H.
3. Johnston, Claiborne
4. Judson, Franklin W.
5. Kakinuma, Kingo
6. Kalbfus, Joseph P.
7. Kent, Arthur Barton
8. Keppel, Margarete
9. Kidd, Norman J.
10. Killip, Nicholas T.
11. Rilmer, Ralph Boyer
12. Rleeman, Arthur S.
13. Knowlton, Frederick K.
14. Knowlton, Theodore E.
15. Knutsford, Viscount--SEE Holland-Hibbert, Arthur
16. Kroha, George Frederic
17. Ladd, John W.
18. LaDow, Orville D.
19. Lawrence, L.P.
20. Lee, Ivy Ledbetter
Box 12
Folder Correspondence, Leo-Lz
1. Léon, Maurice
2. Leviéle, C.
3. Lindsay, Alexander Millar
4. Lipsitz, Louis
5. Lisman, Frederick J.
6. Loney, Basil
7. Longmore, Edward C.
8. Loomis, Edward Eugene
9. Lord, Walter R.
10. Lovering, Ernest Jr.
11. Lovering, Ernest
12. Low, Robeson L.
13. Lowden, Frank Orren
14. Lyon, Edmund
Box 13
Folder Correspondence, M-Noo
1. McCanne, William Roy
2. McDiarmid, T.J.
3. McGinnis, Theodore
4. MacGlashan, William F.
5. Mackay, Clarence Hungerford
6. McLaughlin, Mrs. Lorretta Carroll
7. McLennan, Peter Baillie
8. Marcosson, Isaac Frederick
9. Markham, William Guy
10. Martin, Edward Sandford
11. Martin, James B.
12. Martin, T.E.
13. Mead, Frederick Sumner
14. Melcher, Frank Otis
15. Menke, George
16. Menzisa, Henry
17. Meulen, F.W. Ruhle van L., ter
18. Middleton, George
19. Miller, Nathan L.
20. Morgan, Junlus Spencer Jr.
21. Morse, Leila Livingston
22. Moses, Mrs. Sallle M.
23. Mosecrop, Alfred M.
24. Mulligan, Edward Wright
25. Murlin, John Raymond
26. Nevile, Sydney Oswald
27. Nichols, Edgar B.
28. Nichols, George
29. Nichols, Morton Colton
30. Niedringhaus, George W.
31. Nollstadt, Gustav
32. Noonan, William T.
Box 14
Folder Correspondence, Nor-Ph
1. Norris, James Flack
2. Notebaert, Alphonse A.
3. Noyes, Henry Taylor
4. Oemisch, Henry
5. Olda, Nathaniel Shurtleff
6. Oliver, Dudley W.
7. Osmond, George Ernest
8. Peabody, Sherman R.
9. Peaslee, Clarence L.
10. Perkins, Gilman N.
11. Peters, Frederick A.B.
12. Phelps, Andrew Henry
13. Pheteplace, Walter D.
Box 15
Folder Correspondence, Po-Reg
1. Porter, C.J.
2. Prendergast, James M.
3. Price, Walter Winston
4. Prince, Howard L.
5. Pritchard, Albert R.
6. Puffer, Mrs. Mary Catherine (Powell)
7. Puffer, Charles Chenery
8. Puffer, Linda Dana
9. Puffer, S. Powell
10. Quigley, Joseph M.
11. Ramsay, Robert
12. Rand, George Franklin
13. Ransom, Ronald
14. Rawleigh, W.T.
15. Regan, Marquis
Box 16
Folder Correspondence, Rem-Sh
1. Remington, Frederick
2. Reyburn, Samuel Wallace
3. Rhees, Rush
4. Rider, Wheelock
5. Ridgeway, Thomas C.
6. Riggs, James Milton
7. Ring, Welding
8. Riley, William S.
9. Ripley, William Zebina
10. Roberta, J.W.
11. Root, Marshall J.
12. Rothschild, Aaron
13. Rumrill, E.C.
14. Russell, H.A.
15. Rusell, Mrs. Lucy (Mead)
16. Sachs, A.
17. Samson, William Holland
18. Saunders, Boyd G.
19. Schermerhorn, Arthur Frederic
20. Schrodter, Emil
21. Sconfietti, Cesare
22. Sells, Ogden S.
23. Seymour, Malcolm
24. Sheldon, Mark
25. Sherrill, Charles Hitchcock
26. Shibusawa, Eiichi
27. Shuart, William H.
28. Shull, F.R.
Box 17
Folder Correspondence, Si-Sz
1. Sibley, Harper
2. Sibley, Hiram
3. Sibley, Rufus Adams
4. Siebert, Edward Selmar
5. Simmons, Wallace Delafield
6. Skinner, Robert Peet
7. Small, Sidney
8. Smith, Francis Hopkinson
9. Smith, Harry Worcester
10. Smith, Howard Caswell
11. Solbert, Oscar N.
12. Sperry, Edward Robert
13. Stedman, John Harry
14. Steel, John T.
15. Stevens, Marshall
16. Stewart, Audley D.
17. Stewart, Judd
18. Stothera, Clifford J.
19. Sullivan, Mark
20. Swann, James T.
21. Sweacy, Ambrose
Box 18
Folder Correspondence, T-V
1. Tapp, W.M.
2. Taylor, Mrs. Fannie Brown
3. Taylor, Joseph Ward
4. Taylor, Orla B.
5. Tharp, Daniel L.
6. Thayer, George W.
7. Thayer, William Greenough
8. Thomes, Frederick Folger Jr.
9. Thomas, Nathaniel Seymour
10. Thompson, Stephen John
11. Thomson, N. Alan
12. Thomson, N.M.
13. Todd, George Walter
14. Townaon, Andrew Johnston
15. Townson, Harold Castle
16. Tripp, Guy Eastman
17. Triat, Ronald
18. Trowbridge, Edward Dwight
19. Tucker, Arthur R
20. Tully, William John
21. Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Louisa
Box 19
Folder Correspondence, Wad-Z
1. Wadsworth, James Wolcott
2. Ward, Charles L.
3. Watson, Thomas John
4. Webb, Adelbert J.
5. Webb, Norman Fitzroy
6. Webb, William Watson
7. Webb, W. Hubert
8. Weet, Herbert S.
9. Whinery, Samuel B.
10. White, H.A.
11. White, J.H.
12. Whitman, Charles Seymour
13. Williams, Nathan G.
14. Willard, Ernest Russell
15. Winn, Herbert J.
16. Winslow, Alfred Augustus
17. Wister, Owen
18. Wood, Leonard
19. Woodward, Roland B.
20. Wright, Elson Inman
21. Yates, Harry D.
22. Yorke, Sir Arthur
23. Zimbrich, Albert M.
Correspondence--Topical--A through University Club
Box 20
Abercrombie Fitch
Academy of Political Science
Ad Club
Box 21
Agricultural Improvement Association
Alaskan-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
Alfred University
Alien Enemies
Allegheny Corporation
Alloys - Comparative Prices
Box 22
Altman Company
Aluminum Company of America
Aluminum Plant Vessel Company
American Academy of Political Social Sciences
American Agricultural Mart
American Anthropological Association
American Art Association
American Asiatic Association
American Association for Medical Progress
American Association for Organizing Charity
American Chemical Society
American Church Institute for Negroes
American Civic Association
American Consular Service
American Economic Association
American Express Company
American Forestry Association
American Fruit Products
Box 23
American Historical Association
American Ice Flotilla Committee
American Industrial Mission to Mexico
American Iron Steel Institute
American Mercury Magazine
American Museum of Natural History
Box 24
American Red Cross
American Scandinavian Foundation
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Analysis Clark Enamel
Ancient Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
Antique Dutch Sea Chest
Antique Furniture (London)
Antique Table (Montreal)
Anti Trust Act
Archaeological Institute of America
Arden Farms Dairy
Argentine Land Situation
Box 25
Associated Gas Electric Company
Associated Rayon Corporation
Association for the Blind
Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities
Box 26
Atlantic Monthly
Audubon Societies
Autograph Letters
Automobile File
Automobile License
Box 27
Babcock Wilcox
Baker Taylor Company
G. A. Baker Company
Balcom Music Company
Balfour Company
Box 28
Folder Banks
Box 29
Baltimore Trust Company
Bank Für Handel und Industrie
Bank of the Manhattan Company
Bankers Trust Company
British Foreign Mercantile Bank
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Central Bank of Rochester
Box 30
Folder Banks:
Central Bank of Rochester
Citizens Bank
Clarinda Trust Savings Bank
East Side Savings Bank
Equitable Trust Company
Farmers Loan Trust Company
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Box 31
Folder Banks:
Fidelity Trust Company of Rochester
First National Bank
Genesee Valley Trust Company
Guaranty Trust Company
Hadley Falls Trust Company
Irving Bank
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 32
Folder Banks:
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 33
Folder Banks:
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 34
Folder Banks:
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 35
Folder Banks:
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 36
Folder Banks:
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 37
Folder Banks:
Lincoln-Alliance Bank
Box 38
Folder Banks:
Monroe County Savings Bank
National City Bank
National City Company
National Park Bank of New York
Rochester Savings Bank
Rochester Trust Safe Deposit
Box 39
Folder Banks:
Rochester Trust Safe Deposit
Box 40
Folder Banks:
Rochester Trust Safe Deposit
Box 41
Folder Banks:
Rochester Trust Safe Deposit
Box 42
Folder Banks:
Security Trust Company
Title Guaranty Trust Company
Union Trust Company
Wells Fargo Bank
Box 43
Barge Canal Committee
Barge Canal Navigation
Barry Lot
Bass, Rateliff Gretton
Beech Nut Packing Company
Beer and Light Wine Bill
Box 44
Belgian Chamber of Commerce
Belgium Relief
Bellevue-Stratford Hotel
M. E. Bellows Son
Berliner Sport Club
Best Company
Better Citizenship Council
Better Sox Knitting Mills
The Biltmore Hotel
Black Starr, Frost, Gorham, Inc.
Blackstone Hotel
Blank Stoller
Thaw-Knox Limited
Bonwit Teller
Boxes 45-49:
Books and Book Dealers
Box 50
Boston Common
Boston Convention
Boy Scouts of America
Boys Welfare Council
H. P. Brewster Company
Brewster, Gordon Company
Brick Church Institute
Brick Presbyterian Church
British War Savings Stamps
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooks Brothers
The Brotherhood
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Brown Cleaners Dyers
Box 51
Buffalo Club
Buffalo General Electric Company
Buffalo, Niagara Eastern Power Corporation
Burrows Brothers Company
Business Men's Association
Business Men's League
Box 52
Calcium Chloride for North Haven
California Joint Immigration Committee
Canada's Cup Syndicate
Canal River Transportation Company
Cannon Iron Foundries
Cayuga Rock Salt Company
Century Association
Century Club
Century Company
Century Telephone Construction Company
Boxes 53-71:
Chambers of Commerce
Box 72
Charity Organization
Charvet Fils
L. Chaundy of Oxford Limited
Cheer-Up Club
Chicago Corporation
Chicago Tribune
Children's Department, State Charities Aid
Children's Memorial Scholarship
Christian Eneyclopaedia
Church Federation in Rochester
Churchman Company
Citizens Committee
Citizens Guild of Washington's Boyhood Home
City Club of New York
City Club of Rochester
City of Frankfort
City Lunch Club
City Management
Box 73
City Taxes
City-Town Taxes
City Water Bills
Civic Improvement
Civil Service Commission
T. C. Clark Company
Clearing House Association
Box 74
George W. Cobb
Colgate-Rochester Divinity School
College Women's Club of Rochester
Colony Club
Columbia School
Combusto Sales Company
Commerce (Rochester Magazine)
Commerce Finance
Commission Internationale de Ravitaillement
Commonwealth Finance Corporation
Box 75
Commonwealth Southern Corporation
Commonwealth Trust Company
Community Chest
Compania de Cafe Esperanza New York
Company A, Boys in Blue
Box 76
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
Consolidated Telephone Company
Constitutional Club
Convention Hall
Convalescent Home
Convalescent Hospital for Children
Corporation Inspection Company
Cooperative Foundry Company
Country Club of Rochester
Box 77
Country Club of Rochester
County Tax Receipts - East Avenue
Credit Men Association
The Crusaders
Cyclemotor Corporation
Boxes 78-82:
Dairy Shows and Organizations
Box 83
Davy Tree Expert Company
Defender Photo Company
C. Del Peso Company
Democrat Chronicle
De Rose Inc.
Detroit Steel Cooperage Company
Box 84
Detroit Steel Cooperage Company
Diocese of Rochester
Box 85
Diocese of Western Mew York
Dodd, Mead Company
Donoghue Importing Company
James F. Drake Inc.
Box 86
East Avenue Lights
Eastern S. S. Lines Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman Theatre
William Eastwood Son
Eaton Brothers Ranch
Edge Barton, Branscombe
Edgerton Memorial
Ehret Qulgley
Ellwanger Barry
Elwood Coal Service
E. M. P. Corporation
Empire State General Vehicle Company
English Plant
English-Speaking Union
Evolution Magazine
Box 87
A. Faber Manufacturing Company
Farm (North Haven, Maine)
Farmington Country Club
Fatherless Children of France
Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America
Federal Reserve Club, Buffalo
Federation of Churches, Rochester
Fidelity Appraisal Company
Firemen's Insurance Company
Firestone Tire Rubber Company
Five-Sixty Monroe Avenue
Box 88
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Factories
Foreign Labor
Foreign Missions
Foreign Policy Association
Foreign Purchases (Customs)
Foreign Trade Council
Foreign Trade Financing
Box 89
Fortnightly Club
Fort Orange Club
French High Commission in U. S.
Furlong Concerts
Box 90
Folder G. A. R.
Garrett Company
Garretson Company
Gaylord Brothers
General American Tank Car Company
General Dehydrator Company
General Motors
General Railway Signal Company
Box 91
Genesee Valley
Genesee Valley Club
Box 92
Genesee Valley Club
Genesee Valley Club--50th Anniversary
Genesee Valley Hunt
Genesee Valley Nurses Club
Georgia Paper-Shell Pecan Company
F. H. Gerhard Company
Box 93
Girl Scouts of America
Glass Coating Company
The Gorham Company
Government (Constitutional)
Government Securities
Governors Special
W. R. Grace Company
Grace Church Rectory
Gradiaz, Annia Company
Great Northern Iron Ore Properties
Guatemala Maps
Harding Memorial Fund
Harvard Business Review
Harvard Club
Harvey's Weekly
Health Sanitation
A.N.J. Heinsle Company
Hensel, Bruckmann Lorbacher
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Hobart College
Box 94
Hobart College
Holland House, New York City
Hollister Lumber Company
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Holyoke Public Library
Holyoke Water Power Company
Home Defense
Box 95
Hoover League of Monroe County
Horticultural Society
Hospital Campaign
Hotel Belmont
Hotel Belvidere
Hotel Blackstone
Hotel Book-Cadillac
Hotel Jefferson
Hotel LaSalle
Hotel Lord Baltimore
Hotel Mayflower
Hotel Plaza
Hotel Powhatan
Hotel Roosevelt
Hotel St. Regis
Hotel Ten Eyck
Hotel Touraine
Hotel Washington
Hudson Coal Company
Hudson-Fulton Celebration
Humane Society of Rochester
Box 96
Illinois State Historical Society
India House
Box 97
Industrial Education
Industrial Finance Corporation
Industrial Laboratory
Box 98
Industrial Management
Industrial Relations Congress
Industrial School of Rochester
Infants Summer Hospital
Institute of Musical Arts
Box 99
Folder Insurance
Box 100
International Appraising Company
International Conciliation
International Harvester
Invisible Textile Mending Company
Italian Refugees
Box 101
Jackson Curtis
Jantzen Shoe Company
Robert Jenkins Company
Johns Bonham
Johnstone Papers
Journal of Modern History
James P. Kennerly
Charles N. Kessler
Kettering Dinner
Kilbourn Hall Chamber Concerts
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Kings County Lighting Company
Kling Brewing Company
Kneath, Watkins W.
Box 102
Labor Laws
Box 103
Landing Road
Laurel in the Pines
Lausanne Conference
L Cigar Store
Leader Son Company
Lewis Street Center
C. F. Libbie Company
Liggett Myers Tobacco Company
Likly Stores
Box 104
Abraham Lincoln
Box 105
London Times
Long Island Agronomist
Long Island Lighting Company
Lost Mail
Lost Pearl Stud
Louisville Gas Electric
Edwin H. Lowers Agency
Luxury Tax
Box 106
Machinery Club
Mackenzie Company
McKinley Company
McKinley Morris
P. R. McPhail Note
Manchester Guardian
Marshall Field Company
Mathews Boucher
Mechanics Institute
Memoranda - Miscellaneous
Box 107
Memorial Art Gallery
Meng-Shafer-Held Company
Men Religion Forward Movement
Men's Civic Club
Merchants Association of New York
Metropolitan Club
Middle West Utilities Company
George Miller
Minnesota Club
Mississippi Flood Control
Box 108
Miscellaneous: A - B
Box 109
Miscellaneous: C - F
Box 110
Miscellaneous: G - Maz
Box 111
Miscellaneous: Me - R
Box 112
Folder Miscellaneous: S - Z
Box 113
Mogg Clock Repairer
Mohawk Valley Company
Monroe County Board of Supervisors
Monroe County Cancer Society
Box 114
Monroe County Defense Committee
Monroe County Home Defense Committee
Monroe County Port District Bill
Monroe County Republican Committee
Box 115
Dr. Moore Civic Memorial Association
Moore Inglese
J. P. Morgan Company
Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter
Morgan, Harjes Company
Morris Plan Bank
William S. Morse
Mountain Valley Mining
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Olivet Baptist Church
Muehlbach Brewing Company
Mulberry Tree
Municipal Art Commission
Municipal Research
Music Campaign
Myers Company
Box 116
National Association for Protection of American Rights in Mexico
National Association of Owners of Railroad Securities
National Civic Congress
National Committee for Constructive Immigration Legislation
National Council of Commerce
National Electric Light Association
National Geographic Society
National Foreign Trade Council
Box 117
National Foreign Trade Council
National Marine League
National Metal Trades Association
National Municipal League
National Progressive Party
National Recreation Association
National Republican Committee
National Rivers Harbors Congress
National Salt Company
Nation-Wide Episcopal Campaign
Box 118
Navy League
New England Quarterly
Newport News Syndicate
New Republic
New Willard
New York Board of Trade Transportation
New York Child Labor Committee
New York Guard
New York Herald
New York Reclamation Company
New York State Committee for the Repeal of the 18th Amendment
New York State Economic Council
New York State-Wide Economic Congress
Box 119
New York State Forestry Association
New York State Republican Committee
New York State Sunday School Association
New York State Waterways Association
New York Times
The New Yorker
Niagara Club
North American Civic League
Box 120
Northern Ohio Electric Corporation
Northern Nut Growers Association
North Raven Camp
North Haven Doctor
North Haven Golf Club
Box 121
Henry Oemisch Company
Okalona Industrial School
Old Colony Trust Company
Old Fort Niagara Association
The Old Guard
Ontario Agricultural College
Norris G. Orchard
Orphans Annual Outing
The Outlook
Outlook Company
Ozone Purification Company
Box 122
Orient - Australia
Box 123
Orient - China and Japan
Box 124
Orient - Japan
Box 125
Pacific Oil Company
Paine, Webber Company
Pan-American Congress
Parcel Post
Park Avenue Garage
Parks Commission
Patek Philippe Company
Peace Commission
Peace Organizations
The Penoroad Corporation
Peoples Sunday Evening
Pfaudler Company
Box 126-136:
Pfaudler Company
Box 137
Philadelphia Reading Coal Iron company
Philadelphia Storage Battery
S. S. Pierce Company
H. H. Plante
Playground Recreation Association of America
Pneumatic Signal Company
Podolinsky's Lace
Box 138
Police Department Data
Postal Service
Postal Telegraph Cable Company
Powers of Attorney
J. M. Prendergast Company
Print Club of Rochester
Producers' Consumers' Organizing Committee
Property Assessment and Taxes
Public Service Commission
Pundit Club
Edward J. Qulgley Company
Box 139
Racquet Club
Radio Corporation of America
Box 140-147:
Box 148
Raymond Concerts
Reconstruction After War
Republic Iron Steel Company
Republican National Committee
The Review
Review of Reviews
Box 149-150:
Folder Reynolds Library
Box 151
Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company
Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Robeson-Rochester Corporation
Rochester Academy of Science
Rochester Ad Club
Rochester Association
Box 152
Folder Rochester Association
Box 153
Rochester Athenaeum Mechanics Institute
Rochester Athletic Association
Rochester Athletic Club
Rochester Automobile Club
Rochester Bar Association
Rochester Business Institute
Rochester Capital Corporation
Box 154
Rochester Children's Nursery
Rochester City Government
Rochester City Planning Commission
Box 155
Rochester City Planning Commission
Box 156
Rochester Civic Improvement Association
Box 157
Rochester Civic Music Association
Rochester Civic Music Campaign
Box 158
Rochester Clearing House Association
Rochester Democrat Chronicle
Rochester Engineering Society
Rochester Federation of Churches
Rochester Female Charitable Society
Rochester Foundation
Rochester Friendly Home
Box 159-161:
Rochester Gas Electric Corporation
Box 162-164:
Rochester General Hospital
Box 165
Rochester Health Officer
Rochester Herald Company
Box 166-167:
Rochester Historical Society
Box 168
Rochester Industrial Exposition
Rochester International Salon of Photography
Rochester-Mexican Plantation Company
Rochester Municipal Museum
Rochester Music Festival
Rochester National Defense Contingent
Rochester Orchestra
Rochester Orchestral Club
Rochester Photographic Contest
Rochester Post Express
Rochester Postmaster
Rochester Public Health Association
Rochester Public Library
Box 169
Rochester Public Safety
Rochester Railway Light Company
Rochester Soda Water Company
Rochester Taxicab Company
Rochester Telephone Company
Rochester Times-Union
Rochester Yacht Club
Box 170
Rockefeller Foundation
Rogers Peet Company
Rome Chamber of Commerce
Roosevelt Memorial Association
The Rosenbach Company
Royal York Hotel (Toronto)
Box 171
St. George's Church
St. John's Mission
St. Lawrence Ship Canal Power Project
St. Louis Transit Company
St. Mark's School
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Box 172-173:
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Box 174
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Saint Thomas Church
Salter Brothers
Sanders Auto Sheet Metal Works
The Saturday Review
Saturn Club (Buffalo)
Sauveur and Boylston
Schmidt Optical Company
Schneiderwind Estate
Schwelmer Eisenwerk Mueller Company
Science Service
Scott County Historical Society
Box 175
Shakespeare Pageant
Shirreff Company
Shoal Creek Coal Company
Sibley, Lindsay Curr Company
Simmons Hardware Company
Smith, Graham Rockwell
Smithsonian Scientific Series
Smoke Abatement
Social Welfare League
Societe Anonyme de dentin et D'Anzin
Box 176
Society of the Genesee
Society of Medalists
Soldiers Monument
Sons of American Revolution
Standard Brands
Standard Oil Company
Star Palace Laundry
Box 177
State Charities Aid Association
State Defense Councils
State Industrial School
Staub Son
Steinway Sons
Stocks and Bonds
Box 178-184:
Stocks and Bonds
Box 185
Stromberg-Carlson (WHAM)
Studentenheim, Heidelberg
A. Sulka Company
Summer Encampment
Sunday School Association
The Survey
Symington Company
Box 186
Tablecase Company
Taft, William Howard
Texas Gulf
Tide Water Associated Oil Company
Time Inc.
Todd Committee on Unemployment
Tortoise Shell Comb
Town Club
Tree Specialists
Troop H. First Cavalry
Tuberculosis Association
Tudor Galleries
Tuesday Night Bowling Club
Box 187
Union League Club of New York
Box 188-189:
Folder United Charities
Box 190
United Gas Improvement Corporation
United States Department of Commerce
United States Department of State
United States General Trust Corporation
United States Mortgage Trust Company
United States Steel Corporation
United States Trust Corporation
University Club of Geneva
University Club of Rochester
Correspondence--Topical--University of Rochester
Box 191
Reports of Treasurer for fiscal years ending June 30, 1929, and June 30, 1930
Schedule of Securities 1929 and 1930
Correspondence with Roland Woodward and Ray Thompson, re: Dissolution of Agricultural Improvement Association of the State of New York, September 1 - 12, 1931
Statements April 1930 - December 31, 1931
Operating Fund Budgets for College of Arts and Sciences, Eastman School, Art Gallery, Medical School and Strong Memorial Hospital Operating Fund
Construction Costs disbursed from Greater University Fund
Finance Committee Correspondence with Treasurer's Office; Acknowledgment of minutes reports, and investment negotiations, April 1930 - October 29, 1931
Correspondence with Lincoln Alliance Trust
Correspondence, re: University investments, May 5 - August 13, 1930
Agendas, Finance Committee, with pertinent memoranda; Reports on economic situation and on University holdings
Clippings; Programs and agenda for Dedication, April 15 - October 1930
Minutes of Dedication Committee, January 18 - October 2, 1930
Miscellaneous: Invitations and replies; programs and preparation details for Dedication Ceremony
Authorizations from Treasurer's office to be presented to Finance Committee, November 14, 1946
Resignation of Mr. Miner; Personal mementos, December 1930, 1944 - July 2, 1953
Box 192
Reports of Treasurer, December 21, 1909 - December 30, 1911
Trustee Business
Invitations and programs to graduations and Alumni affairs
Folder 2. (Missing)
Trustee business, January 24, 1913 - July 10, 1913
Finance Committee Minutes, September 23, 1925 - January 24, 1927
Securities of the University of Rochester
Summary of operations of Finance Committee, 1925 - 1926
Minutes of Finance Committee, September 24, 1926 - June 1, 1927
Banorge Corporation
Statements - Operating Funds; productive assets Income (Mr. Eastman' gifts), Expenses, Budget estimates for year ending June 30, 1927
Correspondence with Ray Ball, Treasurer, and John Kuhn, Assistant Treasurer
Miscellaneous, re: investments and broker
Investment analyses; Graphs; Bond Studies; 1927
U of R collateral, March 11, 1927
Investments made
Box 193
Trustee Business, February 19, 1916 - February 12, 1917; Meyer Jacobstein's attendance at annual meeting of the U S Chamber of Commerce in Washington and the Foreign Trade Convention in Pittsburgh; Treasurer's reports; Minutes; Budget; Infantile Paralysis scare
Minutes; Treasurer's reports; War problems; 1918
Investments; Treasurer's reports; 1912 - 1916
Library Committee: Memoranda and minutes, re: policies for running libraries and solving problems, e.g. fire protection
Dinner in honor of President Rhees
Honorary Degrees Committee
Minutes of Executive Committee, Board of Trustees
Miscellaneous, re: Programs, Invitations, Clippings
Folder 6. Folder 6
Treasure Room - Plans for financing, furnishings, E.G.M.'s gift of books, 1929 - 1938
Folder 7. Folder 7
Prospectus for a University of Rochester College Inn, February 4, 1929
Box 194
Folder 1. Building Committee, 1926 - 1933
Blueprint of Main Quadrangle;
Notes on Conferences with architects, Gordon and Kaelber; Reports on progress of Greater University Development; River Campus in 1926
Folder 2. Agricultural Improvement Association 1926
Trustee Meetings; Agendas
Executive Committee Meetings; Agendas
Commencement events
Morgan relics
Rush Rhees, January 11, 1926 - December 7, 1926
Library and Don Gilchrist
Joseph O'Connor, U of R '63, Ed. "Post Express" d. October 10, 1908; Poems: "A Woman's Submission" and "St. Margaret of Cortona"
Raymond Ball, re: Ray Thompson
Executive Committee minutes
President and Treasurer's reports
Committee on Educational Policy
University of Rochester Financial report, fiscal year 1924
Finance Committee - Statements 1926
Correspondence, re: investments 1926
Analysis of possible investments
Box 195
Howard Hanson's program for development of the Eastman School of Music in connection with the Ten Year Plan
Programs of concerts, 1938 - 1944
Faculty Lists, ESM
Prospective music students, Scavone and Hewitt
Correspondence with Howard Hanson
Hon. R. B. Bennett, Ottawa
Dr. Rhees health
Resolution by Trustees on Eastman's death
Honorary degrees
Minutes Executive Committee, 1932 - 1933
Eastman House to University, also City Hall Annex
Library Correspondence, re: possible purchase of Elmer Adler Collection
Study of the rate of rise of free balloons in Library tower
Mr. Miner's gifts to Library
Correspondence with Don Gilchrist, re: acquisitions for Library
Memos of books given and lent to U of R by Mr. Miner
Gilchrist's "Modern Medical School Library"
Annual reports
Box 196
Solicitation list with solicitor's names, U of R Campaign
Agenda Finance Committee Meeting, May 17, 1923
Reports on Permanent Fund, Medical School
Canadian Securities, bonds authorized for purchase
Campaign clippings, bulletins and solicitation cards, 1924 - 1929
Folder 3. Finance Committee, 1923
Agendas, statements, minutes
Purchase and sale of securities
Folder 4. Finance Committee
Statements and analyses of holdings
Purchase and sale of securities
Folder 5. U of R Campaign, Solicitation lists, assignments, etc.
Clippings of drive, 1924
Box 197
Folder 1. Finance Committee, 1921 - 1923
Minutes, budgets, statements, prospectuses
Sales and purchases--investments
Medical School Bulletins
Correspondence with various Medical School
Faculty members
Hospital Insurance
Student Visa problem
Folder 3. Medical History Club Programs, 1929 - 1940
CPA Reports, 1932
U of R schedule of securities, 1930, 1931
Report of Treasurer, 1931
Statements, reports, Eastman Estate
Treasurer's Office
Railroad Stocks
Box 198
Present for Dr. Rhees (silver coffee urn)
National Defense Act
Honorary Degrees, New Trustees
Library - bookplate
E.G.M.'s gifts to Library
Minutes Executive Committee
Dr. Kingslake and Dr. Esser, 1930
Personal correspondence with Dr. Rhees
Honorary degrees
Commencement programs
Trustee minutes
Executive Committee minutes
Catalogues; Alumni Review, March 1930
Football program
Schedule of Securities, January 1928
Statements and reports on holdings
Library, Annual report, 1929 - 1930
Dr. Slater's Inscriptions
Books given to Library by Mr. Miner
Correspondence with Don Gilchrist, re: book purchases
Box 199
Men's Faculty Club, February 16, 1924 - January 19, 1934; Ten years of early Club history
First number of "Rochester Alumni Review", December 19, 1922
Hugh Smith, first Alumni Secretary
U of R Offices moved from Anderson to 44 Prince Street
Correspondence with Dr. John R. Murlin, re: National Dairy Council; Dr. John R. Slater and Pres. Rhees
Board of Trustees, 1921 - 1922, Endowment Fund, Investment Program
Library - Correspondence with Don Gilchrist, re: purchase of a set of the Berliner Tageblatt
Report of Committee to Consider the Problem of the Removal of the University of Rochester to a new site, "at which time the Oak Hill site was chosen", E.G.M., November 5, 1921
Folder 3. Folder 3: Endowment Fund Solicitations
4. Folder 4: U of R Investment Program, 1919 - 1928
5. Folder 5: Financial Statements, 1927 - 1928
6. Folder 6: Financial - Dewey and Cutler Wills
Box 200
Folder 1. Investments, 1923
Purchase for Library of "Gazette des Ardennes", 1920
Honorary degree candidates, 1921
Dr. Murlin, October 30, 1920 - April 5, 1921
Income and Expense Statements, President's annual report; 1921
Executive Committee minutes
Revision of By-Laws for the Trustees, June 1923
Candidates for new Trustees, 1923
Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 4. Executive Committee - trustees
Financial Statements - Investments
Minutes, Finance Committee, 1925
Medical School and hospital reports, 1926
Letters - Drs. Murlin, Corner, Faxon, and Whipple
Box 201
1. President Rhees; Trustee and Executive Committee Meetings
2. President Rhees; Trustee and Executive Committee Meetings
3. President Rhees; Trustee and Executive Committee Meetings
4. Vitamin Experiments for Pfaudler - Dr. Murlin, Markham, and Puffer
blueprint - small Pfaudler drying unit
5. Foreign Scholarships
6. Financial
Reports from Treasurer's office and Financial Committee
Dewey Will
7. Eastman School of Music, 1921 - 1926
8. Dr. Givens, Department of Vital Economics: Dry milk "situation"
Medical School, Medical School Faculty
Nurses' graduation
Miscellaneous Correspondence with Drs. Faxon,
Morton, Bayne - Jones, Burkhart, Corner
10. Executive Committee, September 1919 - December 1919
Correspondence--Topical--S through Z
Box 202
1. Subscription to "Unpopular Review"
2. Mr. Edward Prizer, Chm. Board of Directors, Vacuum Oil Co.
3. Orders from Vaughn's Seed Store
4. Vaughn Machine Co., sale of
5. Vaughn Machine Co.
6. Tankverband
Box 203
1. Joseph Walker Sons, Personal Investments
2. Wm. P. Hamilton, Ed. Wall Street Journal, Letters, re: railroad industry, dairy industry, etc.
3. Wall Street Journal (Dow Jones), Address by Editor Hamilton, 1915
4. Wall Street Journal - Changing Miner's address
5. Resignation from the Isaac Walton League
6. John Wanamaker, New York City, re: adjustment of a pair of Oxfords
7. Committee on solicitation for War Charities, 1918
8. War Chest buttons; Community Chest; Rochester Patriotic and Community Fund; Pfaudler Co. gifts
9. War Savings Committee of Monroe County; War Savings Stamps, Pledge cards for
10. War Service Corps
11. Shipment of War supplies
12. War work - personal notes
Box 204
1. Weaver Oil and Gas Co.
2. Plans for a small enameling plant in the Welwyn Garden City Ltd. Industrial Park; Sample lease
3. Western Electric, Miner's investment
4. Western Electric, Complaints of service, Mr. Newcomb Carlson; History of the company
5. Western Electric, 1914 - 1925
6. R.E. Wedervelt, Investments, 1929 - 1938
7. Whaley - Eaton Service Weekly newsletter, 1932 - 1933
Box 205
1. Whaley - Eaton Service, November 11, 1919 - December 31, 1927
Box 206
1. Whillock Dress shirts
2. Whillock Dress shirts
3. Whitbeck Memorial Tablet (Rochester General Hospital)
4. White Binding Co.
5. White Binding Co.
6. Who's Who in America, Mr. Miner's sketch, 1925
7. Wilkinson Son, Military and Diplomatic Tailors, Announcement
8. Winchester, Ill. Highway - right of way through Mr. Miner's Father's property, attempt to save trees
9. Winchester Water Works - extension to Father's house
10. William Pitkin--about replacing trees on Father's property
11. Winchester Pagent - Centennial 1825 - 1925
12. Winchester Public Library - E.G.M.'s gifts of books to Library, 1910 - 1925
13. Winchester Public Library
14. Winchester Real Estate Maintenance of Homestead, 1919 - 1925
15. Winchester Times, 1912, Arrangements for publication of speech by father, Dr. James Miner
16. Winchester Times, 1912, Arrangements for publication of speech by father, Dr. James Miner
17. Winchester Women's Club, Historical Essay Contest for young people, E.G.M. presents prize money anonymously
18. Orders for firewood, 1922 - 1928
19. Mr. Fred Allen Fisons firm of Wood Struthers Co.
20. The World's Court League
21. Statements of Worthington Pump Co., 1936
Box 207
1. North Haven, Maine, Building sailing dinghy, Financing a doctor, 1917 - 1919
2. Subscription to Yale Review
3. Subscription to Yale Review
4. YMCA - Fund Raising, 1906 - 1912
5. YMCA War Work, 1918 - 1924
6. YMCA Letters from Herb Lansdale in Greece, Springfield College, Local Program, 1926 - 1927
7. YMCA Mass Meetings for Men, 1919 - 1925
8. YMCA Fund Raising for Prisoners of War in Europe
9. YMCA Fund Raising for new building, Herb Lansdale, secretary
10. YMCA - Maplewood Y opens, 1916
Box 208
1. Thankyou notes to contributors to YMCA War Work Fund, 1917
2. Thankyou notes to contributors to YMCA War Work Fund, 1917
3. Thankyou notes to contributors to YMCA War Work Fund, 1917
4. Thankyou notes to contributors to YMCA War Work Fund, 1917
5. E.G.M.'s contributions to YMCA, 1913 - 1917
Box 209
1. Civic Medal, 1940
2. Civic Medal, 1940
3. Rotary Club Civic Achievement Award, 1945
4. Rotary Awards and Citations, 1945 - 1954
Box 210
1. SAR Citation, 1944
2. SAR Civic Medal
3. Interpres, 1941
4. LLD U of R. 1945
5. LLD U of R. 1945
Box 211
1. List of Addresses
2. Biographical material - Makers of Rochester, 1937 et al.
3. Biographical material
4. Membership certificates
5. Board and Organization lists, 1910 - 1933
6. Biographical material, Membership lists
7. Passports
8. Bookplates and dies
9. "If You Live Long Enough", Biography of E.G.M., by William C. Wygant, 1964; Other items of personal history
10. Christmas card lists, samples of cards, ordering of cards, 1925 - 1935
11. Christmas card lists, 1936 - 1938
Box 212
1. Memorabilia, 1863 - 1955; Personal Estate, 1944
2. US Grant pictures
3. Mary Jemison data
4. Letters of introduction
5. Personal library, Bookplates
6. A. Lincoln postcard
7. Memorabilia including Boys in Blue badge, Coat of Arms sketch
8. Miscellaneous, Clubs, Christmas list
Box 213
1. Newspaper clippings, re: E.G.M.'s career
2. Photo
3. Powers of Attorney
4. Programs, Clubs
Box 214
1. Golf scores, Purchase of Argyle Street, Social Calendar, 1906
2. Newspaper clippings, "Studies in Local History", Collectors Club, 1906
3. Proposition for sale of Hotel at Lake of Bays, Ontario; Norway Point cottage, 1906
4. Railroad and hotel reservations to Huntsville, Ontario
5. Loan of Inca pottery to East High School Invitations etc.
6. Congress of Technology, MIT 1911
7. Personal bills and Correspondence
8. Travel and Personal Correspondence
9. Speeches
10. Mauritania and Mrs. Miner
11. Christmas Thankyou notes, Letters about old books
Box 215
1. Speech celebrating Lincoln's birthday; Chosen Director Chamber of Commerce, USA; Letters of Introduction; Christmas greetings; 1911 - 1913
2. Vacation plans and arrangements, Keene Valley, N.Y.
3. Lost personal property, Invitations, etc.
4. Personal shopping; Two copies of "The Common Good"; Invitations
5. Clippings, re: speech "Utopia Ltd."; Daily Consular Trade reports, 1913 - 1914; Invitations
6. E.G.M. in Schwezingen Baden, 1914
Box 216
1. Mrs. Edward G. Miner - Personal business letters, 1911 - 1915
2. Letters to Direktor, Deutsche Bank, Berlin; Death of Mr. Puffer
3. Personal - broken razor, ivory, tortoise shell comb
4. Personal - Invitations, Thankyou notes, Intercommunity Songfest Article - A. Lincoln at Winchester, 1854 - 1858
5. Hotel Reservations, 1915 - 1916
6. Arrangements for removal of Mrs. Ranlet's casket
7. Travel arrangements, principally Europe, 1915
8. Invitations, travel arrangements, Insurance, Misc.
9. Trip to Europe, 1915 - 1916
Box 217
1. Personal, Jury duty etc., 1916 - 1917
2. Personal Memoranda and correspondence
3. Plans for vacations
4. Patriotic organizations, Application for commission of major, 1917 - 1918
Box 218
1. International Commercial Conference of Chamber of Commerce, USA Paris, April 1919
2. Application to American Red Cross for over-seas service, letters of recommendation etc., 1918 - 1919
3. Travel preparations, Forwarding of mail, etc.; Marriage of Irma Kilgallen to Count Alex Alvert de Beaufort; Hate the Hun poster
4. Correspondence with tailor, 1907 - 1922
5. Loss of glasses, umbrella; Personal finance at Pfaudler, 1921 10% reduction of wages at Pfaudler; Reception for Cardinal Mercier of Belgium; Invitations, Thankyou notes; North Haven, Maine
6. Schwetzingen correspondence, Travel plans, Personal finance; Purchase of books, "Londinium" etc.
Box 219
1. Loss of Rey case, 1925
2. Excused from Jury duty, Illness; Purchase clothes, books, etc.--Fielding "Enquiry on Increase of Robberies"; Personal finance, 1925 - 1927
3. World Conference on Faith and Order luncheon, 1927
4. Community Chest, Rochester Patriotic and Community Fund
5. Jury duty, 1927 - 1928
6. Maine Vacation
Box 220
1. Repair of button hook; Pfaudler Board meeting notices
2. Personal expenses; European Branch Correspondence, 1932
3. European Branch Correspondence, 1932
4. European Branch Correspondence, 1932
5. Business cards
6. Community Chest
7. American Red Cross, 1931 - 1943
Box 221
Canceled checks, May 3, 1928 - September 13, 1929
Box 222
Canceled checks, November 18, 1926 - June 14, 1927
Box 223
Appointment books and memos, 1891 - 1947
Box 224
Diaries; 1885, 1886, 1889, 1909, 1910 - 1913, 1920 - 1921
Box 225
Diaries and date books
Box 226
Bank books, 1905 - 1906
Check books, 1904 - 1910, 1918
Inventory Miner Corp.
Canceled checks
Inventory, cellar, Argyle Street, 1919
French - American Bank, 1906
Personal finance - $1000 Bond, Life insurance receipts, Club chits
Box 227
Insurance policies
Powers of Attorney
Correspondence--Family--Edward Griffith Miner (1863-1955)
Box 228
Financial and Legal
Box 229
Homes (2 Argyle Street)
Box 230
Homes (2 Argyle Street; North Haven, Maine; Winchester, Illinois)
Box 231
Income Taxes 1913-1924
Box 232
Income Taxes 1925-1933
Box 233
Speeches and Articles 1895-1920
Jan. 11, 1895. ["Sons of the Revolution"] At Historical Society Sons Daughters of the Revolution.
April 14, 1910. "Industrial Education". At Rochester Athenaeum Mechanics Institute.
May 1911, Why Favor a City Plan for Rochester? In The Common Good.
Mar. 3, 1914. "Utopia Ltd." At Rochester Engineering Society.
February 1915. "Competition, Combination and Cooperation." At Fortnightly Club.
April 18, 1916. "Commercial Preparedness." At Rochester Engineering Society.
Feb. 22, 1916. "Some Disjointed Observations on Germany." At Pundit Club.
Jan. 9, 1917. "Yellow Fever." At Fortnightly Club.
Mar. 20, 1920. "Labor and the League of Nations." At Fortnightly Club.
Box 234
Speeches and Articles 1921-1928
Mar. 8, 1921. ["Brewery Equipment."] At Pfaudler Technical Club.
Mar, 8, 1921. "The Shipwreck and Wanderings of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de vaca." At Pundit Club.
March 1921 (?) "Commercial Aviation." At Pundit Club.
April 26, 1921. ["Chemistry and Industry."] At American Chemical Society.
Feb. 20, 1923. "Should the Farmer Get a New Press Agent?" At Rochester Engineering Society.
April 25, 1923. ["Morale."] At Reserve Officers Association, Rochester Chapter.
Feb. 19, 1924. "Seward's Diplomacy in Our Civil War." At Fortnightly Club.
1925. Who Was Kasper Hauser?
Jan. 12, 1926. "French Loans During Our Revolutionary War." At Fortnightly Club. (Also at Rochester Engineering Society, Dec. 28, 1926, and at Pundit Club)
July 1926. "The Battle of the Price Lists." In McKinley Morris Investment Counsel.
Nov. 12, 1926. "The Formation of the United Charities of Rochester, N. Y." At United Charities, Rochester.
Jan. 4, 1927. "National Hysteria: With an Illustration." At Fortnightly Club. (Also at American Chemical Society, Rochester Section, Nov. 21, 1927) -- 1929 reprint, Rochester Historical Society Publication Fund Series.
Jan. 17, 1927. "Denison, Sir Hugh Robert" (Introduction).
Box 235
Speeches and Articles 1929-1933
Feb. 29, 1929. "The Book of Mormon."
Jan. 13, 1931. "Leisure." At Pundit Club.
Nov. 17, 1932. "Western Union Telegraph Company".
Dec. 22, 1933. "Inflation, Its Effect on Selling." At Rochester Sales Managers Club, Rochester Chamber of Commerce.
Box 236
Speeches and Articles 1934-1937
Jan. 23, 1934. "Embattled Farmers." At Fortnightly Club.
Oct. 22, 1934. "Industrial England." At Superintendents Group, Rochester Chamber of Commerce.
January 1936. "The Fool." At Pundit Club.
Mar. 3, 1936. "Wearers of the Motley." At Fortnightly Club.
Box 237
Speeches and Articles 1938-1942
Jan. 27, 1938. ["WHAM Celebration Speech."] At Stromberg Carlson Celebration Dinner.
Feb. 8, 1938. "The Colonial Claims of Germany." At Pundit Club.
Feb. 10, 1938. ["Sibley Music Library."] At Eastman School of Music.
Mar. 21, 1939. "Lincoln's Address at Gettysburg, Nov. 19th, 1863." At Fortnightly Club.
1939. Alaskan Telegraph.
Feb. 19, 1940. "Edward Bausch" (Introduction).
Oct. 22, 1940. "The Spanish Armada." At Pundit Club.
1940. Rochester and Telegraphy.
Jan. 13, 1942. "Poison Gas Warfare." At Pundit Club.
Box 238
Speeches and Articles 1943-1947
Jan. 19, 1943. "Molders of Destiny." At Fortnightly Club.
May 24, 1943. Present Tax Legislation.
Feb. 8, 1944. "Know All Men By These Presents." At Pundit Club.
May 10, 1947. "What About the Future." At Pfaudler Marketing Conference.
Box 239
Speeches and Articles (Miscellaneous)
Church Unity
German Data for Speeches
German Essay Memoranda
Box 240
Speeches and Articles (Miscellaneous)
Government Economies Data
Government Railway Ownership Data
Miscellaneous Speech Notes
Plant Location
Box 241
Travels: 1907-1913
Box 242
Travels: 1914-1918
Box 243
Travels: 1919-1921
Box 244
Travels: 1922-1925
Box 245
Travels: 1926-1928
Box 246
Travels: 1929-1931
Box 247
Travels 1932
Box 248
Travels 1933
Box 249
Travels 1933
Box 250-252
Travels 1934
Box 253
Travels 1935
Correspondence--Family--Miner family
Box 254
Family Books
Copybooks, Yearbooks, Society Minutes, etc.
Box 255
Family Books
Schoolbooks, School Papers' etc.
Box 256
Family Business Legal Papers 1830-1868
Box 257
Family Correspondence 1797-1856
Box 258
Family Correspondence 1857-1916
Box 259
Family Correspondence 1917-1950, Undated
Box 260
Coat of Arms, Genealogies
Box 261
Mrs. Elinor Branscombe (Miner) Lamont
Box 262
Thomas S. Lamont, Thomas W. Lamont
Box 263
Anne Parker Miner, Bertha H. Miner, Clement L. Miner
Box 264
Dana M. Miner, Earl H. Miner
Box 265
Edward Griffith Miner (1809-1900)
Box 266
Edward Griffith Miner III. Harold L. Miner, Mrs. Helen (Branscombe) Miner
Box 267
Miss Helen Thayer Miner
Box 268
Dr. James Miner
Box 269
Dr. James Miner
Box 270
Dr. James Miner
Box 271
James Miner II, John Stewart Miner, Nathaniel Miner, Ranlet Miner
Box 272
Ranlet Miner, Sophronia A. Miner, W. H. Miner, William Miner
Box 273
Charles Ranlet, Josephine L. Ranlet, Ralph Ranlet, Robert Ranlet
Box 274
3 Glass Plates related to President Abraham Lincoln
Package 1. American National Red Cross - Edward G. Miner (1863-1955) Membership Certificate.
Package 2. Plates of Edward G. Miner Home at 2 Argyle Street, Rochester.
Package 3. Lithograph plane of Edward G. Miner Home at 2 Argyle Street, Rochester.
Package 4. Ledger showing accounts of individuals, 1834-1837.
Package 5. Photographs.
Package 6. Resolution expressing gratitude to the Rochester Chamber of Commerce from The Honorary Commercial Commission of Japan to the United States 1909. (See letter dated Sept. 30, 1910, in Miner Family Correspondence File). Also, Certificate showing appointment of Edward G. Miner to Advisory Board of Rochester Ordnance District.
Package 7. Gavel commemorating original home and birthplace of Western Union 1856 - in historic Reynolds Arcade, 1828-1933.
Additional Business and Personal Papers (Correspondence)
Box 1A
Box 2A
Box 3A
1890-1894, 1897-1902
Box 4A
Box 5A
Box 6A
1911-1912, 1914-1917
Oversize Folder:
1. England's tribute to England
2. Lincoln's Seoncd Inaugural, March 4, 1865
3. America
4. Gettsyburg Address of Abraham Lincoln

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