Leon Marks Lion Papers

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Leon Marks Lion papers
Creator: Lion, Leon M., 1879-1947
Call Number: A.L76
Dates: 1900-1947
Physical Description: 4 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Table of Contents:

Scope and Content
Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Series II: Financial and legal documents
Series III: Plays, poems, and memorabilia
Collection Overview
Title: Leon Marks Lion papers
Creator: Lion, Leon M., 1879-1947
Call Number: A.L76
Dates: 1900-1947
Physical Description: 4 boxes
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
The Green Room Book. London: T. S. Clark; New York: F. Warne & Co, 1912-1922.

Parker, John. Who's Who in the Theatre. Annual; multiple dates.

Wilson, A. B. John Galsworthy's Letters to Leon Lion. Paris: Mouton, 1968.

Lion, Leon. The Surprise of My Life. London: New York, Hutchinson, 1948.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of correspondence, financial papers (including play agreements and balance sheets) and memorabilia belonging to Leon Marks Lion (1879-1947), English actor, dramatist and theatrical manager. The collection also include a original plays and poetry by various individuals.

Major correspondents (ten or more letters) include Clifford Bax, Dorothy Brandon, Maurice Browne, Osbert Burdett, Thomas Burke, Jonathan Field, John Galsworthy and Ada Galsworthy, Val Gielgud, Jacob T. Grein, Sir John A. Hammerton, John Stuart Hodgson, Sheila Hodgson, Cecil A. Lewis, Mrs. Marie A. Belloc Lowndes, James Lewis May, Frederick Muller, Horace Annesley Vachell, Tom Walls, and David Whitelaw.

The collection also includes typescript copies of letters from John Galsworthy to Leon Lion, 1921-1932, and typescript copies of the George Moore-Leon Lion correspondence, 1922-1923. (See detailed description of contents of Box 3.)

Correspondents who exchanged ten or more letters with Leon Lion (letters itemized in on-site finding aid):

Bax, Clifford

Brandon, Dorothy

Browne, Maurice

Burdett, Osbert

Burke, Thomas

Field, Jonathan

Galsworthy, Mrs. Ada (Cooper)

Galsworthy, John

Gielgud, Val

Grein, Jacob Thomas

Hammerton, Sir John Alexander

Hodgson, John Stuart

Hodgson, Sheila

Lewis, Cecil Arthur

Lowndes, Mrs. Marie Adelaide (Belloc)

May, James Lewis

Muller, Frederick

Vachell, Horace Annesley

Walls, Tom Kirby

Whitelaw, David.

This collection was processed in 1970. This online finding aid serves as a general guide, and the full finding aid is available as hardcopy on-site. "Indexed" means the letter or item has been described fully in the department's public manuscript card catalog (organized by last name or recipient/sender). Where there are ten or more letters between Leon Lion and a correspondent, a single card was made for the public manuscript card catalog, and a typed list of the individual letters has been inserted in the on-site finding aid located in the department.

Notes on Organization and Cataloging

Both correspondence and play agreements have been arranged in chronological order.

There is considerable overlapping between correspondence and contractual agreements. The material has been arranged according to form. All material taking the form of letters has been classified as correspondence, with index cards in the on-site manuscript card catalog. Formal legal agreements have been classified as play agreements, with index cards for author and involved parties filed also in the manuscript card catalog.

Letters in the collection by Leon Lion are, with a few exceptions, retained carbon copies.

Secretaries and assistants have been classified with their employers. Mrs. Green, Leon Lion's deputy manager, has received no separate listing in the typed lists of ten or more letters. In indexing individual letters to or from Mrs. Green, the same rule is used as for letters to or from Leon Lion: there are entries under Mrs. Green for letters she wrote, but she receives no added entries for letters addressed to her.

Lion, Leon M., 1879-1947
Bax, Clifford, 1886-1962
Brandon, Dorothy
Browne, Maurice, 1881-1955
Burdett, Osbert, 1885-1936
Burke, Thomas, 1886-1945
Field, Jonathan
Galsworthy, Ada, -1956
Galsworthy, John, 1867-1933
Gielgud, Val Henry, 1900-1981
Grein, Jack Thomas, 1862-1935
Hammerton, John Alexander, Sir, 1871-1949
Hodgson, John Stuart
Hodgson, Sheila
Lewis, Cecil, 1898-1997
Lowndes, Marie Belloc, 1868-1947
May, J. Lewis (James Lewis), 1873-1961
Muller, Frederick
Vachell, Horace Annesley, 1861-1955
Walls, Tom, 1883-1949
Whitelaw, David
Authors, English
Dramatists, English
The Leon Marks Lion papers is open for research use. Researchers are advised to contact Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation prior to visiting. Upon arrival, researchers will also be asked to fill out a registration form and provide photo identification.Use
Reproductions are made upon request but can be subject to restrictions. Permission to publish materials from the collection must currently be requested. Please note that some materials may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the researcher's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections. For more information contact rarebks@library.rochester.eduCitation
[Item title, item date], Leon Marks Lion papers, A.L76, Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Administrative Information
Author: Finding aid prepared by Rare Books and Special Collections staff
Publisher: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester
Rush Rhees Library
Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 1-45Correspondence, indexed, 1900-1935
Box 2, Folder 1-46Correspondence, indexed, 1936-1947, undated
Box 2, Folder 47Unidentified correspondence
Box 3, Folder 1Letters from John Galsworthy to Leon Lion, 1921-1932
Most have been published as John Galsworthy's Letters to Leon Lion, by A. B. Wilson, Paris, Mouton, 1968.
141 letters. Typescripts of the originals transcribed by Lion's secretary (?)

Box 3, Folder 2George Moore-Leon Lion correspondence, 1922-1923
53 Moore to Lion. 30 Lion to Moore. Typescripts of the originals, copied by Lion's secretary (?) with a few retained office copies of Lion's letters to Moore. The letters chiefly concern the production of Moore's play "The Coming of Gabrielle."

Series II: Financial and legal documents
Box 3, Folder 3-6Play agreements, indexed, 1900-1945
Box 4, Folder 1G.B. Shaw: Printed letter stating financial terms
Box 4, Folder 2Form letter sent to financial backers of play "Thirteen to the Gallows" by V. Gielgud and J. Dickson-Carr.
Box 4, Folder 3Contract for South African tour
Box 4, Folder 4Play Cycles, Ltd.: documents
Box 4, Folder 5Miscellaneous financial documents
Receipts from London Play Company, Dec. 14, 1928; Dec. 6, 1929.
Financial agreement between J. T. Grein and Leon Lion, June 11, 1921.
Preliminary Outlines for agreement on play "The Outsider," by Dorothy Brandon.
Box 4, Folder 6Financial statements: "The Skin Game"
Box 4, Folder 7Financial statements: "Major Barbara"
Box 4, Folder 8Licence to sublet 1-2 Adam Street, Adelphi
Box 4, Folder 9Deposition in Court of King's Bench: Watts-Phillips vs. Brandon
Box 4, Folder 10Lord Chamberlain's licences
Series III: Plays, poems, and memorabilia
Box 4, Folder 11Manuscript of play: "Ad Valorum," indexed
Box 4, Folder 12Manuscript of play: "The Prime Minister's Wife," by Eleanor Glidewell, indexed
Box 4, Folder 13Manuscript of play: "The Bear Dances," by F. L. Lucas, indexed
Box 4, Folder 14Poem: "His Wish" by James Stephens
1 page, typed

Box 4, Folder 15Poetry by Jonathan Field
58 pages typed, 12 pages manuscript

Box 4, Folder 16Poetry by the Gascoin family
4 pages typed, 7 pages manuscript

Box 4, Folder 17Poetry by Walter Meade
28 pages typed.

Box 4, Folder 18Poetry by Nadjc Malaerida
2 pages manuscript

Box 4, Folder 19Notes for play "Appointment Kept," by Leon Lion, July 13, 1935
7 pages typed

Box 4, Folder 20Opinions of plays
"Ambition" by Charles Whitley. Reviewed by Maurice Evans. 1p. ms.
"Not Without Cause." 3p. typed.
"Wet Sunday", reviewed by Jonathan Field. 1p. typed.
"What Really Happened", by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes. 3p. typed.
Box 4, Folder 21Notice of rehearsals for "The Man Who Stole the Castle"
Box 4, Folder 22Memorabilia, souvenirs, etc.
Box 4, Folder 23Galsworthy ephemera
Reviews and playbills for "Loyalties," "Justice," and "Escape."
Printed biographical material on John Galsworthy.
Box 4, Folder 24Caricature drawing of Jack Hawkins

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