Herman Leroy Fairchild Papers

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Collection Overview
Title: Herman LeRoy Fairchild papers
Creator: Fairchild, Herman L. (Herman Le Roy), 1850-1943
Call Number: A.F16
Dates: 1869-1943
Physical Description: 42 boxes, 12 scrapbooks
Language(s): Materials are in English
Repository: Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester

Biographical/Historical Note
Herman LeRoy Fairchild was Professor of Geology and Natural History at the University of Rochester from 1888 until his retirement in 1920. He was Professor Emeritus from then until his death in 1943. Dr. Fairchild was primarily interested in the glacial geology of western New York, but his life's work included many fields both academic and civic. He was active in local and national scientific organizations and was one of the thirteen founders of the Geological Society of America.


1850: April 29, Born in Montrose, Pennsylvania.

1866: First teaching position at sixteen years of age.

1870-1874: Cornell University.

1874-1876: Teacher of Natural Sciences at Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pennsylvania.

1877-1888: Lecturer in various schools in New York City.

1888: Elected to the Chair of Geology and Natural Science, University of Rochester.

1888: Founding Member of the Geological Society of America.

1889-1901: President of the Rochester Academy of Science.

1890-1900: Registrar of the University of Rochester and Secretary of the Faculty.

1891-1906: Secretary of the Geological Society of America and supervisor of its publications.

1892: Rochester Meeting Of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, local Secretary.

1894: General Secretary of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

1896-1928: Member of the Executive Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

1898: Chairman, Section E of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Vice President of the Association.

1903: Trip to Europe

1906-1920: Member of the New York State Geological Survey.

1907: Presentation of his books to the University of Rochester as the Fairchild Geological Library.

1910: Honorary degree of Doctor of Science, University of Pittsburgh.

1911-1913: President of the New York State Commission Government Association.

1912: President of the Geological Society of America.

1912: President of The Brotherhood.

1913-1923: Member of the New York State Board of Geographic Names.

1914-1916: Vice-President of the Municipal Government Association of New York State.

1920: Retirement from the University of Rochester, Professor Emeritus.

1923: Nov. 30, Death of his first wife, Mrs. Alice Fairchild.

1924: Establishment of the Lillian Fairchild Memorial Award in honor of his poetically gifted daughter who had died in 1910.

1924: Marsh Panama-Darien Expedition.

1924: Nov. 12, Marriage to Miss Minnie C. Michel.

1932: Jan. 13, Presentation of a life-sized bust of Dr. Fairchild to the University of Rochester by the Rochester Academy of Science.

1935: Dec. 1, Death of his only son, LeRoy Frink Fairchild, followed by a serious illness of Professor Fairchild.

1938: June 6, Awarded the first Rochester Civic Medal by the Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences.

1943: Nov. 29, Died in Strong Memorial Hospital.

Professor Fairchild's publications numbered two hundred and sixty-four; the first, "On the variations of the Decorticated Leaf Scars of Certain Sigillaria," appeared in 1877, and the last, "Selenology and Cosmogeology," appeared in 1938.

Scope and Content
The collection includes correspondence and notes, and the manuscripts of his published and unpublished books, articles and addressee. The collection has been expanded with the acquisition of photographs, photographic glass plates, scrapbooks, additional notes, miscellaneous papers and memorabilia.The final additions to the Fairchild papers were made after the Professor's death, when his wife gave the residue of his personal papers to the Library.

Fairchild, Herman L. (Herman Le Roy), 1850-1943
University of Rochester -- Faculty
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Geological Society of America
New York State Museum
Immediate Source of Acquisition
In 1936 Professor Fairchild gave to the University Library his correspondence and notes and the manuscripts of his published and unpublished books, articles and addressee. The collection has been expanded with the acquisition of photographs, photographic glass plates, scrapbooks, additional notes, miscellaneous papers and memorabilia. The final additions to the Fairchild papers were made after the Professor's death, when his wife gave the residue of his personal papers to the Library.Access
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Second Floor, Room 225
Rochester, NY 14627-0055

Content List
Series I: Correspondence
17 boxes
4 books
Fairchild's correspondence is divided into three categories. The early correspondence, consisting of copies of Fairchild's letters, is found in four letter press copy books, each with an alphabetical index compiled by Fairchild. The major volume of the correspondence, containing letters both to and from Fairchild, is found in twelve boxes arranged alphabetically according to the name of the correspondent. The final section of correspondence is five boxes of Classified Correspondence arranged alphabetically according to the subject matter of the letters. Below the correspondence is itemized according to these categories. The numbers following the names indicate the number of letters.

Subseries I: Letter press copy books
Volume 1June 1880-January 1886
Volume 2March 1886-March 1893
Volume 3March 1893-May 5, 1896
Volume 4May 1896-November 1903
Subseries II: Alphabetized letters
Box 1, Folder 1-9A
Box 2, Folder 1-8;
Box 3, Folder 1-6
Includes publications sent from D.M. Barringer to HLF

Box 3, Folder 7-10;
Box 4, Folder 1-6
Box 4, Folder 7-11D
Box 5, Folder 1-2E
Box 5, Folder 3-5F
Box 5, Folder 6-10G
Box 6, Folder 1-10H
Box 6, Folder 11I
Box 7, Folder 1-2J
Box 7, Folder 3-5K
Box 7, Folder 6-12L
Box 8, Folder 1-10M
Box 8, Folder 11-12N
Box 9, Folder 1O
Box 9, Folder 2-5P-Q
Box 9, Folder 6-9R
Box 10, Folder 1-9;
Box 11, Folder 1-4
Box 11, Folder 5-6T
Box 11, Folder 7U
Box 11, Folder 8V
Box 12, Folder 1-8W
Box 12, Folder 9X-Z
Subseries III: Classified correspondence
Box 13, Folder 1Acknowledgments for Geologic Story of the Genesee Adventures of a Watermol
Box 13, Folder 2Adventures of a Watermol, 1916-1919
Box 13, Folder 3-13American Association for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S.), 1911-1925
Box 14, Folder 1A.A.A.S., Miscellaneous
Box 14, Folder 2-6A.A.A.S., Rochester meeting, 1892
Box 14, Folder 7Birthday congratulations, 1920, 1930, 1931
Box 14, Folder 8-9Elevations, bench-marks, levels, etc., 1894-1921
Box 15, Folder 1Fairchild Geological Library, 1910
Box 15, Folder 2-8Geological Society of America (G.S.A.)
Box 15, Folder 9History of the New York Academy of Science, 1872-1877
Box 15, Folder 10Jamesville Lake, 1914-1915
Box 16, Folder 1LeConte's Elements of geology
Box 16, Folder 2Lectures and addresses, 1888-1922
Box 16, Folder 3Levels on the Canadian boundary, 1907-1911
Box 16, Folder 4Meteor crater, 1906-1915
Box 16, Folder 5Neff, Charles Melvin, 1904-1912
Box 16, Folder 6Planetesimal theory, 1903-1904
Box 16, Folder 7State Board of Geographic Names, 1913-1918
Box 16, Folder 8Water crystals, 1914-1920
Box 17, Folder 1-20New York State officials, 1900-1924
Volume 5Greetings on his ninetieth birthday, April 29, 1940
Volume of greetings to Herman LeRoy Fairchild on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, April 29, 1940. Consists of original letters of congratulation addressed to Professor Fairchild by the Fellows of the Geological Society of America. Assembled by the Geological Society of America. 125 ll., mounted photo, 28cm. Bound in brown calf, gold-tooled, in slip-case.

Series II: Manuscripts
3 boxes
3 books
Fairchild manuscripts, other than the ones found in the bound volumes in the stacks, are divided into two categories. The first are published manuscripts, which are arranged according to the number which the individual article has in Fairchild complete bibliography. The second category is the unpublished manuscripts, which are arranged alphabetically according to title. The numbers in parentheses, following each entry, indicate the number of-items included under the heading. The books are listed separately.

Subseries I: Published manuscripts
Box 18, Folder 1Glacial geology in America. No. 52 (1)
Box 18, Folder 2Planetesimal theory. No. 86 (1)
Box 18, Folder 3Public service as private profit. No. 136 (2)
Box 18, Folder 4Development of geologic science. No. 175 (1)
Box 18, Folder 5The new geology. No. 177 (1)
Box 18, Folder 6Geology in the University of Rochester. No 230 (1)
Box 18, Folder 7Geology of Mendon Ponds Park. No. 233 (1)
Box 18, Folder 8Geology of the Allen Mill Stones. No. 234 (1)
Box 18, Folder 9Physiography of the Rochester district. No. 235 (1)
Box 18, Folder 10Glaciology and theology. No. 243 (1)
Box 18, Folder 11Response to gift, G.S.A. No. 245 (1)
Box 18, Folder 12George Henry Perkins. No. 248 (6)
Box 18, Folder 13The boulder. No. 257 (2)
Box 18, Folder 14New York geographic puzzle, No. 263 (2)
Box 18, Folder 15In memoriam, No. 271 (3)
Subseries III: Other manuscripts
Dummy copy: Geologic story of the Genesee Valley (l)
Revised edition of LeConte's Elements of geology (2)
One of these contains marginal notes by Fairchild

Series III: Scrapbooks
Volume 61870-April 1889
Volume 7April 1889-July 1894
Volume 8July 1894-June 1904
Volume 9June 1904-October 1914
Volume 10October 1914-July 1926
Volume 11August 1926-June 1935
Volume 12A.A.A.S., New York meeting, 1887
Volume 13A.A.A.S., Rochester meeting, 1892
Volume 14G.S.A., August 1883-May 1896
Volume 15G.S.A., May 1896-February 1904
Volume 16G.S.A., November 1904-1914
Volume 17November 1935-November 1943
Series IV: Miscellaneous papers
Subseries I: Miscellaneous by title
Box 21, Folder 1-2Bibliographic material
Box 21, Folder 3The brotherhood
Box 21, Folder 4Business material
Box 21, Folder 5Commission Government Association of Rochester
Box 21, Folder 6Darien, Panama expedition
Box 21, Folder 7Darien, Panama expedition, Meteorologic records, 1924
Box 21, Folder 8Department of the Interior, 1900-1915
Box 21, Folder 9"The Drumlins," "New York Finger Lakes district" by J. Millis
Box 22, Folder 1-2Elevations, benchmarks, levels, etc.
Box 22, Folder 3Examinations, Cornell, 1870-1874
Box 22, Folder 4Fairchild bust
Box 22, Folder 5Fairchild farm, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania
Box 22, Folder 6Geological Society of America
Box 23, Folder 1"Histomap of evolution" by John B. Sparks
Box 23, Folder 2Honors, memberships, programs, etc.
Box 23, Folder 3Lepidodendron
Box 24, Folder 1-2Notes for lectures, papers, etc.
Box 24, Folder 3Rochester public service
Box 24, Folder 4Rochester water supply
Box 24, Folder 5St. Lawrence and Lake Iroquois
Box 24, Folder 6Stratigraphy
Box 24, Folder 7University of Rochester Geologic faculty
Box 24, Folder 8"Ward's Natural Science Establishment," by D.L. Gamble
Box 24, Folder 9Wells, 1905-1919
Box 24, Folder 10Miscellaneous notes, outlines, etc.
Subseries II: Miscellaneous notebooks
Box 25, Folder 1-13Notebooks, general, 1900-1934
Box 26, Folder 1Travel notes and journals, field notes, 1885-1921
Pacific coast; Cities in Great Britain, tramways; Washington, Texas, Colorado etc

Box 26, Folder 2European notes and diary, 1903
Box 26, Folder 3Expense accounts, 1900-1919
Box 26, Folder 4Vest-pocket Kodak, 1924-1930
Box 26, Folder 5Folder S: Altitudes, elevations, miscellaneous notes
Box 26, Folder 6Field notes, 1883-1885; 1892-1894; 1895-1902
Other c level: Otherlevel with otherlevel: Folio
Folder 1. A.A.A.S., Rochester fleeting, 1892, Room arrangements
Folder 2. house at 106 Winterroth Street, Rochester, New York--Drawings, blue prints and building specifications
Folder 3. "Mammoths and Meteors," newspaper series by Roswell Ward; "The Grove," newspaper article by Margaret Frawley
Folder 4. Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous (83 items)
Folder 5. Publications and newspaper clippings by friends of H.L.F. (21 items)
Black Case: New York State Commission Government Association, Later name; Municipal Government Association
Folder 1. Pamphlets and newspaper clippings relating to commission government in various locations (18 items)
Folder 2. Correspondence; unarranged but primarily from Bela Tokaji, Lester Fisher, and Walter T. Arndt
Folder 3. Correspondence; arranged alphabetically from:
Alden, Charles C.
Alling, Joseph T.
Argetsinger, George F.
Clymer, Paul K.
Colné, W.W.
Comfort, Grey
Cook, W.H.
Decker, George P.
DeRoode, Albert
Dunning, Parker
Ellison, William B.
Emmons, Fred E.
Gilman, Theordore
Gilbertson, H.S.
Goodwin, Elliot H.
Hamacher, C.C.
Jones, C.H.
Knox, George W.
LaFollette, Robert M.
Lewis, F. Park
Lowenthal, Max
Ludington, Arthur
MacVicar, John
Miller, Theodore H.
Mixer, Knowlton
Ormrod, William L.
Parker, E.L.
Punnett, R.A.
Read, Marlan
Ripley, Therom M.
Robinson, Verna F.
Sague, John K.
Shults, Clyde E.
Staples, Chris J.
Ledger: Accounts with the schools of New York City and environs and other financial records.
Roll Book: List of correspondents for mailing manuscripts, persons to whom writings were sent.
Series V: Photographs and glass photographic plates
File 1: 6 boxes
The boxes are divided as follows:
Box 27: Numbers 1 - 105 and Index
Box 28: Numbers 106 - 253
Box 29: Numbers 254 - 390
Box 30: Numbers 391 - 521
Box 31: Numbers 522 - 675
Box 32: Numbers 676 - 774 and miscellaneous extra.
File 2: 5 boxes, 1 album
The photographs are classified alphabetically by subjects as follows:
Box 33:
Caribbean trip, 1916
Cataracts. Stream work
Chimney Bluff, East of Sodus point
Cobblestone construction
Colorado mining areas
Covey Hill
Dansville, N.Y.
Darien, Panama
Diverts Lake
European trip, 1903
Genesee river and gorge
Box 34:
Glacial abrasion
Glacial erratics
Glacial kames
Glacial kettles
Glacial lakes, bars
Glacial moraines
Glacial streams and cataracts
Glacial till
Medina structures. Beach structures
Meteor crater
Box 35:
Mexican trip, 1885
Mohawk River. Little Falls
Museum material
Natural bridges
Niagara ice jam
Pinnacle Range
Box 36:
Pleistocene. Miscellaneous
River gorges: Niagara, Little Falls, Rochester, Portage
Shore features: bars, deltas, beaches
Sibley Hall. Geology rooms
Stratigraphy. Silurian
Structural: joints, sink ridges, columnar, concretions, peneplanes, etc.
Sulphur mine, Freeport, Texas
Susquehanna River in New York
Box 37:
Weathering: rock decay, erosion, solution
Miscellaneous - Gifts
Unclassified films and prints
Photograph Album: Mounted photographs of Fairchild's trip to Mexico in 1885
Glass Photographic Plates
29 boxes
256 plates
In this inventory the glass plates are numbered and labeled according to the numbers on the plates and the descriptions found in Fairchild's field notebooks. There are fifteen pocket-sized field notebooks which describe the camera settings and the subjects of Fairchild's photographs from 1882 through 1926. All of the plates are labeled except forty-one. The plates cover primarily the years 1885 - 1898. The largest single subject group is a photographic record of Fairchild's trip to Mexico in 1885.

Series VI: Collection of United States Geological survey maps
Subseries I: New York State
Box 38
Folder 1. [A] Albany, Albion, Alexandria Bay, Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Berne, Andes, Angelica, Antwerp, Apalachin, Arcade, Attica, Auburn, Ausable.
Folder 2. [B] Babylon, Baldwinsville, Batavia (2), Bath, Belmont, Berlin, Berne, Big Moose, Binghamton, Blue Mountain, Bolton, Boonville, Brier Hill, Broatalbin, Brockport, Brooklyn, Buffalo.
Folder 3. [C - Che] Caledonia (3), Cambridge, Canajoharie, Canandaigua, Canaseraga, Canton, Cape Vincent, Carthage, Carmel, Catakill, Cattaraugus, Cazenovia, Chateaugay, Chautaugua, Cherry Creek.
Folder 4. [Chf - Cz] Childwold, Chittenango (2), Churubusco (2), Clayton, Clove, Clymer, Cohoes, Cooperstown, Copake, Corning (2), Cornwall, Cortland, Coxsackie.
Folder 5. [D] Damascus, Dannemora (2), Delhi, Depew (3), Deposit, Dryden (2), Dunkirk, Durham.
Folder 6. [E - F] Easthampton, Eden, Elizabethtown, Ellenville, Ellicottville, Elmira, Fire Island, Fonda, Fort Ann, Franklinville, Fulton.
Folder 7. [G] Gardiners Island, Geneseo, Geneva, Genoa (2), Gilboa, Glens Falls, Gloversville, Goshen, Gouverneur, Greene, Greenwood Lake, Grindstone (1 1/2).
Box 39:
Folder 1. [H - K] Hamlin, Hammond, Hammondsport, Harford, Harlem, Hartwick, Hempatead, Highmarket, Hobart, Honeoye, Hornell, Indian Lake, Ithaca (2), Jamestown, Kastcrskill, Kasoag, Kinderhook.
Folder 2. [L] Lake Bonaparte, Lake Placid, Lake Pleasant, Lassellaville, Little Falls, Lockport, Long Lake, Loon Lake (2), Lowville, Lucerne, Lyon Mountain.
Folder 3. [M] Macedon (2), Malone, Margaretville, Massena, McKeever, Medina, Mexico, Milford, Millbrook, Moira, Mooers (3), Montauk (1/4), Moravia, Moriches, Morrisville, Mount Marcy.
Folder 4. [N] Naples (2), Neversink, New Berlin, Newburg, Newcomb, Niagara Falls and River (a double map), Niagara Gorge, Nineveh, North Creek, Northeast, Northport, Norwich, Nunda (2).
Folder 5. [O] Oak Orchard (1/2), Ogdenaburg, Olcott (1/2), Old Forge, Olean, Oneida, Oneonta, Ontario (2), Oriskany (2), Orwell, Outgo, Ovid, Owego, Oxford, Oyster Bay.
Box 40:
Folder 1. [P] Paradox Lake, Penn Yan (2), Phelps, Phoenicia, Piseco Lake, Pitcher, Pittsfield, Plattsburg, Port Henry, Port Jervis, Port Leyden, Portage (2), Potsdam (2), Poughkeepsie, Pulaski, Pultneywille-Palmyra (1 1/2).
Folder 2. [Q - R] Quaker Springs (a combined map), Randolph, Raquette Lake, Richfield, Springs, Richmondville (2), Ridgeway (2), Riverhead, Red Mills, Remsen (2), Rhinebeck, Rochester (5), Rosendale, Rouse Point, Russell.
Folder 3. [S - Sj] Sacketts Harbor, Sag Harbor, Salamanca (2), Sangerfield (2), Santanoni, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Schroon Lake, Schunemnak, Schuylerville, Setauket, Sheffield, Shelter Island, Silver Creek.
Folder 4. [Sk - Sz] Skaneateles (2), Slide Mountain, Sodus Bay-Clyde (2 combined maps), Springville, Stamford, Stark, Starrucca, Staten Island, Stony Creek, Stony Island (2), Syracuse (2).
Folder 5. [T - V] Taberg, Tarrytown (2), Theresa, Thirteenth Lake, Ticonderoga, Troy, Tully, Tupper Lake, Unidilla, Utica.
Box 41:
Folder 1. [W - Z] Waddington, Watertown (3), Watkins, Waverly, Wayland, Weedsport, Welleville, West Canada Lakes, West Point (3), Westfield (1/2), White Lake, White Plains (a combined map), Whitehall, Winfield, Wlllsboro, Wilmurt, Wilson (1/2), Woodhull.
Subseries II: Miscellaneous maps
Box 41:
Folder 2. Arkansas, Canada, Connecticut Valley, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.
Box 42:
Folder Vermont, Miscellaneous charts and graphs.
Series VII: Memorabilia
Lantern Slide Projector
Placed with papers in the Department of Rare Books, Special Collections and Preservation:
Notices of appointment to State Board of Geographic Names, July 5, 1913 and October 16, 1919
Document stating Fairchild was a Founder of the Woodrow Wilson Award, 1922
Document stating Fairchild was a Correspondent of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, March 20, 1923
Autographed portraits of Herman LeRoy Fairchild (2)
Portrait of H. L. Fairchild, Joseph LeConte, and F. W. Putnam at the Rochester Meeting of the A.A.A.S., 1892
Photograph of the Marsh Expedition dinner, including some White Indians found on the expedition, July 8, 1924
Group Portrait of the members of the Transcontinental Excursion of the American Geographical Society of New York, taken at Niagara Falls, N.Y., August, 1912
Framed letter and envelope from Ezra Cornell, February 10, 1869 (Indexed)
Verses Composed by Professor John R. Slater in honor of Professor Herman L. Fairchild, 1920. Framed
Cartoon drawn by Dr. John M. Clarke, December 28, 1911
Portrait of George Halcott Chadwick, autographed
Portrait of John M. Clarke, March 1907, autographed
Portrait of Joseph P. Iddinge, autographed--Copy of painted portrait of John C. Branner, 1906
Block for "Birds-eye View of Ancient Rock Valleys of the Genesee looking Southeast."
Rochester Civic Medal awarded to Herman LeRoy Fairchild in 1938 by the Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences
Series VIII: Collected writings (published)
There are sets of the Collected Writings of Herman LeRoy Fairchild in the University of Rochester. These are located as follows: Rush Rhees Library stacks; Carlson Library stacks; Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation Dept. The set at the Department of Rare Books is the most complete, containing volumes 1 - 17, covering the years 1877-1935. Three bibliographies accompany this set, the most complete containing all of Fairchild's publications from 1877- 1938. Within this list must also be included a specially bound edition of The Geological Society of America, 1886-1930, presented to Herman LeRoy Fairchild by the Geological Society of America on the occasion of the Forty-Fifth Annual Dinner of the Society, December 29, 1932.

Subseries I: Publications
Closing Stage of New York Glacial History. Geological Society of America. Bulletin, 43:603-626. September 31, 1932.
Geologic Romance of the Finger Lakes. Finger Lakes Magazine, 7:8-12. June, 1928.
Geologic Story of the Genesee. Gas and Electric News. Series issued in monthly installments between 1926 and 1928.
Geology of Western New York. Rochester, N. Y., Herman LeRoy Fairchild (author and publisher), November, 1925. 62p. (2 copies)
Geology Under the New Hypothesis of Earth-Origin. The American Geologist, 33:94-116. February, 1904.
Glacial Waters from Oneida to Little Falls. New York State Geologist. Twenty-Second Report, 1902.
Kame Areas in Western New York South of Irondequoit and Sodus Bays. The Journal of Geology, 4:130-159. February-March, 1896.
Kettles in Glacial Lake Deltas. The Journal of Geology, 6:589-596. September-October, 1898.
A Report on the Geologic Conditions at the Mount Morris Dam Site. Rochester, N. Y., The Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation, 1928. 11 p.
Selenology and Cosmogeology - Cosmic and Geologic Import of the Lunar Features. Science, 88:555-562. December 16, 1938.
Subseries II: Miscellaneous publications (reprints of essays, papers, reports, etc.)
Originally housed in the Fairchild Geological Library, University of Rochester, added to the collection May 2, 2002

1. Ageton, Richard V. "Salt Occurrences in the Potash Mines of New Mexico." American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Technical Publication No. 686, abstracted from Mining and Metallurgy, February, 1936.
2. Alling, Harold L. "The Origin of the Foliation and the Naming of Syntectic Rocks." Reprinted from American Journal of Science, Vol. VIII, July, 1924.
3. Alling, Harold L. "Petrography [of Eua, Tonga]." Reprinted from Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 96, n.d.
4. Bain, George W. "Structure of Gold-bearing Quartz in Northern Ontario and Quebec." American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Technical Publication No. 327, abstracted from Mining and Metallurgy, May, 1930.
5. Barbour, Erwin Hinckley. "Daemonelix." University of Nebraska, n.d.
6. Barbour, Erwin Hinckley. "Progress Made in the Study of Daemonelix." Extract from Publication No. V, Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Proceedings, 1894-1895.
7. Barlow, J. W., Captain, and Captain D. P. Heap. "Report of a Reconnaissance of the Basin of the Upper Yellowstone in 1871." Reprinted from 42nd Congress, 2nd Session of the U. S. Senate, Ex. Doc. No. 66. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1872.
8. Barrows, Walter L. "A Fulgurite from the Raritan Sands of New Jersey with an Historical Sketch and Bibliography of Fulgurites in General." Reprinted from School of Mines Quarterly, Vol. XXXI, No. 4, July, 1910.
9. Barton, Donald C. "The Eotvos Torsion Balance Method of Mapping Geologic Structure." American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Technical Publication No. 50, abstracted from Mining and Metallurgy, February, 1928.
10. Bell, Dugald. "On a Large Boulder of Mica-schist Near Inverbeg, Lochlomond." Reprinted from Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow, No. XX, May 4, 1882.
11. Bell, Dugald. "On the Alleged Proofs of Submergence in Scotland During the Glacial Epoch" and Part 2, "Clava and Other Northern Localities." Reprinted from Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow, No. XI, May 25, 1893.
12. Bell, Dugald. "On the Orientation of Boulders." Reprinted from Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society, Vol. VII, March 21, 1895.
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16. Clarke, John M. "Evidences of a Coblenzian Invasion in the Devonic of Eastern America." Stuttgart: E. Schweizerbartsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1907.
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18. Darton, N. H. "Preliminary Report on the Geology of Albany County." Reprinted from Report of the State Geologist, 1893. Albany: James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1894.
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