Index to Cayuga Countians: Results

Name Year of Publication
Avery, Alan 1976
Avery, Alfred 1904
Avery, Charles I.1908
Avery, Charles I.1903
Avery, Courtney C.1908
Avery, Daniel 1879
Avery, Daniel 1976
Avery, E. A.1904
Avery, Edward Henry1913
Avery, Edward Henry1904
Avery, Edward Henry1903
Avery, Edward Henry1908
Avery, Edwin A.1894
Avery, Edwin A.1985
Avery, H. W.1904
Avery, James Carrington1908
Avery, James 1932
Avery, William B.1904
Avery, Edward Henry1904
Savery, John E.1894

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