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A116Dear Sir: The undersigned, acting on behalf and under the direction of the Delegates from the city of Baltimore..April 15, 1840
A118Dear Sir: The Whigs of Plattsburgh are desirous of improving..May 20, 1840
A120Dear Sir: The friends of "Retrenchment and Reform" in the South and West..July 4, 1840
A121Sir, A general Convention of the Whigs of Massachusetts will be held on Bunker Hill..July 15, 1840
A122Sir: The friends of Harrison and Tyler in Erie County, Pa., have constituted the undersigned a Committee of Correspondence..July 20, 1840
A146Sir: The Whigs of Franklin County are preparing a Public Dinner in honor of..September 30, 1842
A150Dear Sir, In accordance with a Resolution of the General Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men..November 29, 1849
A153Sir: We take the liberty of presenting for your consideration the name of Gen. John A. McElwain..December 1848
A158Sir, The Whig Citizens of the City of Philadelphia are making preparations..June 11, 1849
A175Sir, The Democratic Whig Citizens of Philadelphia, friends of the National and State Administrations..June 17, 1850
A406Advertising.--Yates County Whig. The Yates County Whig is a large and well printed weekly sheet, published every Thursday Morning,1856
A517To the Whig Senators of the United States.December 20, 1849
A554At a meeting of the General Committee of Whig Young Men of the City of New-York, held on the 8th ultimo, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:June 1, 1838
A562At a Meeting of the 7th Ward Whig Committee, convened on Saturday evening, 30th inst, at Bradley's Hotel, 159 Madison street, the folowing preamble and resolutions where unanimously adopted:May 24, 1836
A627The whig General Committee, of the City of New York, through its corresponding committee, to their political brethren throughout the state.April 18, 1839
A722In General Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted:February 15, 1850
A743Public Meeting.1850
A744Public Meeting.1850
A771Whig Head Quarters.August 22, 1848
A776Plan of Organization, Adopted by the Whig State Convention at Utica.1838
A805Look at This! Copy of a letter sent to each of the board of imspectors of Election in the town of Painted Post.November 22, 1838
B57My dear sir. The last time I had the pleasure of meeting you was during the exciting canvass that preceded the last Presidential election.October 29, 1851
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