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A44Circular: To Banks, Concerning the Semi-Annual Tax on Circulation and Deposits.March 24, 1864
A51Treasury Department, Office of Comptroller of the CurrencyAugust 1, 1866
A80To Honroable Freeman Clark: Sir: I deem it due to you, as one of those who kindly consented to assist me in entering upon and discharging the duties of the honorable and responsible office of Collector of Internal Revenue…December 20, 1876
A138Sir: I have the honor to call your attention to the provisions of the subjoined section of the Act of CongressJune 24, 1842
A517To the Whig Senators of the United States.December 20, 1849
A564The following order of the Secretary of State is, at his request, published for the information and guidance of officers of the customs; and so much of the Circular of this Department, dated December 3, 1864, as relates to persons entering this countryMarch, 1865
A585Statement of the Public Debt of the United States on the 1st of October, 1866.October 1, 1866
B52To the Honorable the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.April, 1849
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