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A9Sir: The Directors of this Company have deemed it expedient to increase the number of Shares of the Capital Stock so as to…January 9, 1864
A11To the Stockholders of the W. U. Telegraph Co.: This Company having purchased valuable and productive property…October 15, 1864
A12To the Stockholders of the W. U. Telegraph Co.: The response of the Stockholders to the circular of the 15th inst., offering them the seven per cent. Convertible Bonds of the Company…October 28, 1864
A14Dissolution: The Co-partnership heretofore existing between Edw'd Mott Robinson and WM. T. Coleman…February 23, 1865
A15Notice. The business of Wm. T. Coleman & Co., and of "Coleman's California Line," will be conducted in future by Wm. T. Coleman…March 13, 1865
A23To the Citizens of Augusta: Your Council, appreciating the necessity for some action which will revive your trade…May 10, 1871
A26Executive Office: Western Union Telegraph Co., 145 Broadway, New York.September 14, 1872
A28Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayMarch 12, 1874
A31Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayNovember 9, 1875
A32Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayNovember 16, 1875
A33Redemption of Sacramento City Bonds187_?
A39Fourth National Bank of the City of New-YorkJanuary 19, 1864
A41Fourth National Bank, of the City of New YorkFebruary 4, 1864
A42Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad Company.November, 1863
A43Whereas, I, ___ of ___ in the State of ___ have subscribed for, and am entitled to become an associate and stockholder to the amount of ___ Shares of the Capital Stock in the National Bank,…February 25, 1863
A47We take pleasure in informing you that we have formed a co-partnership for the transaction of a Stock Commission business…January 1, 1866
A54At a Meeting of the Shareholders of the Fourth National Bank of the City of New-York…April 28, 1864
A57Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaNovember 6, 1867
A58Sir: In January, 1856, the Trustees of the Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Railroad Co. made a dividend from the assets of the company…June 17, 1867
A59Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaMay 9, 1867
A60Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaApril 26, 1871
A63Fourth National Bank of the City of new YorkDecember 9, 1864
A65Office of the United States Telegraph CompanyJune 6, 1866
A73Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaOctober 25, 1870
A78To the Holders of the Bonds secured by the Toledo, Wabash and Western Railroad.January 24, 1877
A85In Consideration of the agreement hereby entered into by Dun, Boyd & Co., to furnish, to the best of their ability information of the Mercantile Standing and Credit…1860
A94To the National Banks: The undersigned members of the Executive Committee of the National Banking Association have visited Washington for the purpose of explaining to members of Congress that the eigth section of the Funding Bill…March 14, 1870
A194To the Creditors and Bondholders of the State of Illinois:December, 1850
A248Sir: You are hereby notified that the Second instalment of Twenty per cent, or Ten Dollars on each Share of the Capital Stock subscribed, will be payable to the Treasurer at the office of the Company, in the city of New York, or at the office of Charles..December 16, 1856
A265Sir: The following is a sketch of a method by means of which the Government may conveniently, economically, and with the least damage practicable to the people and their business concerns, possess itself of the necessary pecuniary means for the reductionJanuary 18, 1863
A266Gentlemen: As I have passed from the Mississippi River to the Rio Grande of Western Texas, and from thence through Monterey, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, the city of Mexico, and thence west of the Rocky Mountain chain at Toluca, you think that I am..April 8, 1863
A279Sir: I most respectfully beg to be permitted to lay before you the subjoined suggestions, which, if in your wise opinion you should deem them at all practicable, woud tend:January 1864
A301To the Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenden, Secretary of the Treasury:August 25, 1864
A311Confidential. Office of John W. Corlies & Co., and Financial Agency of the Republic of MexicoJanuary 8, 1865
A329Dear Sir: The legislature of the State of New York granted on the 19th instr. A Special CharterApril 23, 1867
A385American Government and State Stock Agency, London, For the Purchase, Sale, and Negotiation, Exclusively, of American Stocks in EuropeMay 10, 1842
A395Virginia Six Per CT. State Loan, for $4,000,000, irredeemable before useMay 10, 1851
A398Monthly Quotation Sheet. Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant & Co., Bankers and Dealers in Exchange, Coin, and Bank Notes,January 10, 1856
A413Union Pacific Railroad Company.September, 1862
A419National Trust Company of the City of New York, Incorporated April 19, 1867.April 23, 1867
A420The undersigned respectfully announce that they have opend an office at No. 2 Exchange Court,April, 1872
A457United States Insurance Company, of the City of New-York, Incorporated by the Legislature, March, 31, 1837, for twenty one years.September 1, 1838
A518To the Members of the Honorable the Legislature.February 10, 1833
A585Statement of the Public Debt of the United States on the 1st of October, 1866.October 1, 1866
A614To the Stockholders and Patrons of the Albany Pearl-street Academy.January 20, 1840
A626Sir- In 1836, the Legislature of New-York passed "An act to incorporate the New-York State Agricultural School," with a capital of $100,000, and liberty to icrease it to $200,000November 15, 1838
A770The Sodus Canal Co. now offer for sale $50,000 of their seven per cent. Bonds, maturing in 1866, bearing coupons for sem-annual inters, payable on 1st May and 1st November, at the Banking House of Messrs. Duncan, Sherman & Co., New-York.1850's?
A784National Trust Company of the City of New York, Incorporated April 19, 1867.May 14, 1867
B134th Congress, 1st Session. S. 397.July 25, 1856
B3New York Weekly Financial Report.September 8, 1871
B6Confederate States of America. Loan Authorized by Act of Congress Approved April 30, 1863.June 1, 1863
B20To the Stockholders of the Maryland Freestone M. and M. Company.April 21, 1873
B361st Article. Railroad Indebtedness1865
B63Sodus CanalApril, 1829
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