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A362Dear Sir: We herewith enclose order blanks for the copies which you wish to supply to your subscribers for "William H. Seward's Travels Around the World."January 22, 1873
A502Circo Chiarini. Programa de la Funcion en Obsequio del Honorable Willima H. Seward.November 26, 1869
A582George F. Robinson. Resolutions of the Legislature of MaineJune 13, 1870
A634Poems, William H. Seward1875
A817Arrival of Gov. SewardDecember 29, 1859
B104Morning Post. Extra.October 23, 1840
C10November 1, 1834
C62Evening Express---Extra. A Nation MournsApril 15, 1865
C90By William H. Seward, Governor of the State of New-York. A Proclamation.December 10, 1839
C96April 15, 1865
C102Gen. Francis Train in Auburn.
C110December, 1859
D13April 15, 1865
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