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A1146"Ward, Henry A. Geological Illustrations. Ward Series of Vasts of Celebrated Fossils"1876
A1147"American Hotel"ca. 1850
A1148"Baptist Social Union of Rochester: Ladies Meeting"May 12, 1890
A1149"Cloth Advertisement"February 17, 1822
A1152"Bought of Lewis Benedict, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Hardware, Exchange Street, Rochester"August 17, 1837
A1154"Ward's Museum of Mineralogy, Geology and Zoology"August 1, 1876
A1157Burke, Fitz Simmons, Hone & Co. "Dress Goods!"ca. 1900
C123"G.W. Baker's Pictorial Manual Alphabet"1856
C127"Old Time Bridge-Builders Lucky"1927
C128"The Last Jump by Sam Patch"November 13, 1829
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