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A28Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayMarch 12, 1874
A31Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayNovember 9, 1875
A32Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line RailwayNovember 16, 1875
A42Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad Company.November, 1863
A57Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaNovember 6, 1867
A58Sir: In January, 1856, the Trustees of the Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Railroad Co. made a dividend from the assets of the company…June 17, 1867
A59Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaMay 9, 1867
A60Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaApril 26, 1871
A71Office, Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company.1874
A72Office, Washington and Georgetown Railroad Co.February 2, 1874
A73Offices of the Great Western Railway Company of CanadaOctober 25, 1870
A78To the Holders of the Bonds secured by the Toledo, Wabash and Western Railroad.January 24, 1877
A112The President and Director of the New York and Harlem Rail Road Company..September 20, 1839
A113Dear Sir. The Western Rail Road is nearly completed to this place..September 25, 1839
A170Sir, The large and highly respectable Convention to promote the construction of a National Rail Roadto the Pacific Ocean..March 22, 1850
A174Sir: On the 25th inst., the citizens of Burlington intend to celebrate, with appropriate festivities, the establishment of Railroad communication between the State of Vermont and the Atlantic Sea-Board.June 5, 1850
A197Sir, If you can be present at the Hall of Representatives on Saturday Evening next..January 14, 1815
A248Sir: You are hereby notified that the Second instalment of Twenty per cent, or Ten Dollars on each Share of the Capital Stock subscribed, will be payable to the Treasurer at the office of the Company, in the city of New York, or at the office of Charles..December 16, 1856
A262You will herewith find enclosed an Annual Ticket - please acknowledge its receipt.January 1, 1862
A266Gentlemen: As I have passed from the Mississippi River to the Rio Grande of Western Texas, and from thence through Monterey, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, the city of Mexico, and thence west of the Rocky Mountain chain at Toluca, you think that I am..April 8, 1863
A287Dear sir: The Government of the United States, a little more than a year ago, with a wisdom looking far beyond the burdens and anxieties of the hour, provided aid for the construction of a Railroad from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean.April 4, 1864
A312Dear Sir: Permit me to tender for your acceptance, herewith enclosed a pass over our road for yourselfJanuary 10, 1865
A333Camden & Amboy Rail Road & Trans. Co.January 1, 1868
A351First Annual Railroad Ball at Shauer & Son's Hotel, FreevilleMarch 29, 1872
A383Communication. Geological Report--Imporant information relative to the New-York and Albany Rail-Road.April 22, 1839
A413Union Pacific Railroad Company.September, 1862
A414Sale of the U.S. Mineral Lands.February 27, 1864
A472Kite's Patent Safety Beam for Rail Road Cars.December 24, 1839
A495A National convention of Delegates from every part of the Republic is called to meet at Memphis on the 23d, of October next, for the purpose of aiding the project of connecting the Mississippi River with the Pacific OceanSeptember 1, 1849
A516The following is a copy of a Memorial to Congress, intended to be presented at its next session, (as it is presumed no action will be had at the present session, now so near its close - and it would be unwise, in a matter involving such grave importance .1851
A631The New York Central Railroad Co.November 16, 1863
A697New York Weekly Financial Report.December 15, 1871
A749Owego Gazette-Extra Democratic Rail Road Convention.July, 1842
A816Accomodation Line of Stages.
A824New York Pacific Railroad and Collateral Telegraph Club.February, 1854
A825Office of the Oswego and Syracuse Rail Road Co.January 20, 1850
A831Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Rail Road.October 10, 1851
A838Circular. To Officers of Rail Road Companies:1874
A1137Special Train of Elegant Coaches will run by the West Shore Railroad19?
B2Remonstrance Against Increasing of Fare on the New York Central Rail Road.1867
B10Rail-Road MeetingJune 23, 1848
B21Annexed are the Proceedings of a Public Meeting, held in this village on the 24th inst., and you are respectfully requested to submit the same to the appropriate committee of your county..May 28, 1839
B361st Article. Railroad Indebtedness1865
B44An Act to incorporate the Auburn and Syracuse Rail Road Company.May 22, 1834
B54Petition to the President Concerning the Southwest Branch of the Pacific Railroad.February 16, 1865
B68Articles of Association of the Sodus Point & Southern R. R. Company.1852?
B84Facts for the consideration of the Farmers of Orange County.
B85Fare reduced from Buffalo to Boston, $9.1853
B89New Route! Between Rochester, Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis!1855?
B93You Must Go Now or Never! Only Five Days More of the Great World's Fair1893
C12January 30, 1834
C70Great Central Route from The Atlantic to the Pacific!1870
C86General Rules and Regulations, To be strictly observed by all Conductors, Engineers, and others connected in any manner with the running of Trains, or road repairs.November 7, 1860
C91Reduced Round Trip Fares to Rochester's CentennialAugust 3, 1934
C92Orleans Democrat, Extra.
C98Sinking Fund of the Western Rail-Road.February 21, 1838
C100Southern Central Rail Road.June 3, 1872
C118Map of the Michigan Southern and Lake Shore Rail Road Line and its ConnectionsApril 26, 1869
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