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A151Acting under the advice of judicious friends, I have adopted this method of acquainting those who approved..December 9, 1848
A181Dear Sir, Permit us to call your attention to an Affidavit in the hands of the Hon. Thomas Corwin..August 6, 1850
A188To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Thirty-First Congress.September 10, 1850
A200Sir: I have the honor to submit herewith an attested account of the nett receipts..February 15, 1851
A201Honored and Dear Sir: We beg leave to call your attention to an important oversight in the Postage Bill now before the Senate..February 26,1851
A202To the Honorable Committee on Naval Affairs of the House of Representatives.February 1851
A214Sir: A due regard to the economical and efficient administration of this Department forbids the multiplication of Post Offices within short distances of each other or at points not directly on mail routes.August 9, 1852
A215Sir: I have the honor to inform you, that the Postmaster General has this day established a Post Office at Knoxville, in the County of Steuben, and State of New York, and appinted Geo. L. Dvis Postmaster thereof.August 14, 1852
A228Sir: On the 28th of January last, a numerous Public Meeting was held at the Merchant's' Exchange, in this city, for the purpose of obtaining from Congress a substantial and efficient improvement in the Postal arrangements of the Government ..March 17, 1856
A602National Transition Moonly Voice.July 20, 1872
A843Postage of Fourth Class Matter.December, 1882
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