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A3Complimentary Dinner to Hon. Sanford E. ChurchNovember 13, 1857
A13To The Inspector of ElectionsMarch 4, 1865
A37Ward Nominating Committee
A40House of Representatives, Washington, January, 1864.January, 1864
A64"Monroe Doctrine" Committee RoomsDecember 20, 1865
A92To the Citizens of the United StatesJanuary 28, 1864
A95Sir: The undersigned, citizens of the City of Rochester and vicinity, observe that the Committee of the House of Representatives on that branch of the President's Message relating to the defence of the Northern Lakes and Rivers, have recommended the estabFebruary 26, 1862
A103Erie County Whig FestivalNovember 14, 1838
A105Dear Sir, The undersigned, a committee appointed to make arrangementsDecember 6, 1838
A116Dear Sir: The undersigned, acting on behalf and under the direction of the Delegates from the city of Baltimore..April 15, 1840
A118Dear Sir: The Whigs of Plattsburgh are desirous of improving..May 20, 1840
A120Dear Sir: The friends of "Retrenchment and Reform" in the South and West..July 4, 1840
A121Sir, A general Convention of the Whigs of Massachusetts will be held on Bunker Hill..July 15, 1840
A122Sir: The friends of Harrison and Tyler in Erie County, Pa., have constituted the undersigned a Committee of Correspondence..July 20, 1840
A125Sir, A number of friends of the General and State administration in the City and neighboring counties..May 3, 1841
A131St. Patrick's Day. Irish Repeal.February 17, 1842
A143Sir, A Public Dinner will be given by Merchants..August 25, 1842
A146Sir: The Whigs of Franklin County are preparing a Public Dinner in honor of..September 30, 1842
A150Dear Sir, In accordance with a Resolution of the General Committee of Democratic Whig Young Men..November 29, 1849
A152Dear Sir, The friends of Taylor and Fillmore intend celebrating..December 14, 1848
A153Sir: We take the liberty of presenting for your consideration the name of Gen. John A. McElwain..December 1848
A154Sir: The Original Rough and Ready Club of this city, will celebrate the coming anniversary of the Birth of Washington..January 1849
A155Sir: The term of office of the present Marshall, of the Northern District of New York having nearly expired..February 9, 1849
A158Sir, The Whig Citizens of the City of Philadelphia are making preparations..June 11, 1849
A175Sir, The Democratic Whig Citizens of Philadelphia, friends of the National and State Administrations..June 17, 1850
A186Public Demonstration in Favor of Smith O'BrienSeptember 4, 1850
A189Dear Sir: I am a candidate for Clerk of the Assembly, to which you have been elected a Member.November 14, 1850
A225Sir: A number of the friends of Civil and Religious Liberty, in this city, have formed themselves into an Association to rescue from misreperesentation the tolerant and enlightened sentiments and principles of the Beloved Father of our common Country.February 12, 1856
A243Republican Festival. Dear Sir: You are especially invited to be present and participate in the Republican Festival and Supper, to be given at the house of Abraham F. Miller of this city, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 9th in honor of the Republican Victory..December 1, 1856
A255Dear Sir, You and your Ladies are respectfully invited to attend the Twelfth Annual Ball of Washington Association, No. 2, O. U. A., on Monday Evening, February 22, 1858, at the Apollo Rooms, 410 Broadway.February 9, 1858
A272New York Young Men's Republican UnionSeptember 7, 1863
A274Dear Sir: After a careful and very thorough canvass of every election district, we have now the satisfaction of announcing to you, that we claim with confidence the success of the Democratic ticket, and the triumph of Constitutional Union principles inOctober 27, 1863
A281Dear Sir: Your cooperation is respectfully solicited by the Board of Control, in the Public Reception of George Thompson, Esq.February 27, 1864
A292Sir, You are respectfully invited to attend a meeting of the Cooper Institute..June 15, 1864
A297Union Congressional Committee Rooms: Sir: The importance of the Pending contest for the Presidency caanot be exaggerated.June 29, 1864
A300Dear Sir: The undersigned have been designated a Committee to confer with you and other Officials of the Federal Government..August 1, 1864
A310"Monroe Doctrine" Committee Rooms, No. 5, Cooper InstituteDecember 20, 1865
A324Eigth Ward Pioneer Clay Club, of the City of New YorkJanuary 1867
A3251815 Celebration of the 8th of January, 1867.January 1, 1867
A342The honor of your company is requested to a Banquet, to be given by citizens of Baltimore, to Hon. Reverdy JohnsonJuly 15, 1868
A428American Institute. The recent death of the lamented Gen. Tallmadge, leaves vacant the office of President of the American Institute.November, 1853
A479City of Boston, Ninetieth Anniversary of American Independence.June, 1866
A480The Citizens of San Francisco having resolved to celebrate, in an appropriate manner, the approaching Anniverasry of our National Independence, the undersigned, on their behalf, has the honor to extend to you a special invitation to unite with them onJune 18, 1866
A486Dear Sir: I have the honor of extending to you, on behalf of the citizens of Washington, an ivitation to participate with us in the celebration of the approaching anniversary of our country's independence.July 2, 1863
A514Testimonial to Rufus Waples, U.S. Attorney.March 10, 1865
A551A Fact for History!November, 1850
A553The Voice of the Empire State in Condemnation of Freemasonry.April 26, 1831
A554At a meeting of the General Committee of Whig Young Men of the City of New-York, held on the 8th ultimo, the following resolution was unanimously adopted:June 1, 1838
A562At a Meeting of the 7th Ward Whig Committee, convened on Saturday evening, 30th inst, at Bradley's Hotel, 159 Madison street, the folowing preamble and resolutions where unanimously adopted:May 24, 1836
A563To the People.
A567Mechanics' & Workingmen's Central Republican Union.December 10, 1856
A569To the Loyal Citizens of the United States.January 28, 1864
A577Republican Meeting in HartfordFebruary 14, 1855
A578Certificate of Life Membership of the Patriotic Union Club!
A579"To Your Tents, O Israel!"November 20, 1864
A580"Live Oak" Club. No. 1.
A624Sir: At a Convention of the Democratic Republicans of the county of Dutchess, held at Poughkeepsie on the 13th inst. The following Resolution, among others, was unanimously adopted:August 30, 1838
A625Sir: The undersigned, who were appointed a Corresponding Committee at the Conservative Convention held it in this place the 13th of August last, have supposed that they might profitably address a few words of encouragement to their Conservative friendsOctober 27, 1838
A627The whig General Committee, of the City of New York, through its corresponding committee, to their political brethren throughout the state.April 18, 1839
A628Sir-Having been appointed a Committee of Correspondence on behalf of the Anti-Masonic Members of the Legislature, we take the liberty of addressing you in relation to the State Convention, to be held in this city, on the seventeenth day of February next.January 27, 1831
A629Dear Sir-You are doubtless aware that the Young Men of monroe County, in March last, recommended an early State convention of young Men for the purpose of effecting a thorough organization of all those opposed to the present Administration, and named theJune 9, 1838
A635Ratification Meeting.
A708Republican Ticket. Assembly.
A714Proceedings and Resolutions of a Democratic County Meeting, Held at Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, December 17, 1849.December 17, 1849
A720Please Read, Preserve, And Hand to Your Neighbor.September 19, 1865
A724Union League in the Twenty-Fourth Ward, Philadelphia.January 14, 1864
A738Labor is the duty of all. Declaration of the Radical Political Abolitionists of Burlington, Vermont and vicinity.1856
A743Public Meeting.1850
A744Public Meeting.1850
A748Republican State Convention.July 19, 1856
A749Owego Gazette-Extra Democratic Rail Road Convention.July, 1842
A757Union Assembly.January 24, 1833
A771Whig Head Quarters.August 22, 1848
A772Sir, The Harrison Corresponding Committee of the City of New-York feel confident, that with proper exertions, General William H. Harrison can be elected President of the United States.August 21, 1835
A776Plan of Organization, Adopted by the Whig State Convention at Utica.1838
A799Platform of Principles of the Know Somethings.
A800State Platform of the New-York Know Somethings.August 1, 1855
A822Men who wish to Lead the Party.
A829The Repbulican County Ticket.October 30, 1861
A830Virginia Republican Ticket.1860?
A833Seneca National Ticket.1850?
A834Seneca Nation Union Ticket.1850?
A836Address of the Republican Central Committee.
A839Republican. To the Voters of the Seven Assembly District.May 14, 1870
A840Fellow Wide Awakes: On the 24th of October the Republicans of Broome County are to hold a Mass Meeting at Binghamton.October 17, 1860
A853Syracuse Whig. ExtraNovember 8, 1838
A854Town of Ulysses. Whigs 156 as head! Old Tompkins is safe.November 8, 1838
A855Geneva Courier-Extra.November 7, 1834
A856Oneida Whig, Extra. Tuesday, Nov. 4, 4 O'clock P.M.November 16, 1838
A857The Daily Democrat.November 8, 1838
A859Buffalo Patriot..Extra.November 6, 1834
A860Letter from Governor Hunt.November 3, 1856
A861Dear Sir: The friends of Free Labor will soon be called upon to place in nomination a candidate for the Presidency, to be supported by them in 1860.1859
A862An open letter. To General Chester A. Arthur,June 9, 1880
A867Vote No.1903?
A871American State Convention.May 2, 1856
A875Circular. The Jackson Republican Committee of RochesterJune 17, 1828
A995To the Electors of the Second Assembly District.c.a. 1880's
A1073To the Workingmen of Rochester.1894
B2Remonstrance Against Increasing of Fare on the New York Central Rail Road.1867
B9We the Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer, and State Engineer and Surveyor of said State, having formed a Board of State Canvassers, and having canvassed and estimated the whole number of votes given for "Senatorial Delegates to the ConstitutionalMay 7, 1867
B27The Union Must and Shall Be PreservedJune 23, 1866
B35Testimonial to Rufus Waples, U. S. Attorney..March 10, 1865
B45From the New York Evening Post of November 19, 1850.November 28, 1850
B51Dear Sir: Daniel Palmer and his friends, some of whose names are annexed to this, respectfully sheweth, that at an early period of the late war between the U. S. and Great Britain, animated by the hallowed feelings of patriotism and the enthusiasm of youtNovember 30, 1849
B52To the Honorable the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.April, 1849
B55All Hail Cayuga!! The Democracy of Cayuga Triumphant!!1834
B58Our Eloquent and Brave Sumner, Defender of Freedom & Free Speech,November 1, 1856
B59The Liberty Party.November 28, 1850
B72Republican Young Men's Mass Convention.September 5, 1856
B73Barnburner's Glee. As sung by the Rochester Free Soil Club.
B75Letter of Thomas A. Devyr to Horace Greeley:October 29, 1860
B84Facts for the consideration of the Farmers of Orange County.
B95At a meeting of "Liberals" held at Room 6, 124 West Main St., Rochester, N.Y. on Monday Eve. Sept. 24, 1883, to consult, as to the advisability of organizing a Society for the purpose of securing Educational and Social advantages,October 1883
B97A Solid Party and a Solid Country! Conciliation--Union--Victory.1880
B98An assured Republican Presidential Triumph for 1880.April 28, 1880
B107Gerrit Smith on McClellan's Nomination and Acceptance.September 14, 1864
B108At a meeting of the Republican Committees from the Towns of Cato, Jefferfon, Brutus Aurelius, Cwafco, Sempronius, and Sciio, affembled at the Houfe of Samuel Culver, in Aurelius, on the 20th, day of April, 1807.1807
B113Address of the Convention of the New York Anti-Dramshop Party,August 17, 1870
B119Speech of Hon. Robert Emmett,1856
C1November 1850
C2November 22, 1852
C5November 6, 1834
C10November 1, 1834
C11November 21, 1831
C66Falsehood and Forgery EXPOSED.1828
C73Look to Your Votes.
C87Letter of Andrew Miller,May 24, 1844
C97Settlers! Miners! Republicans! Under what Rule will you live?September 25
C103Gen. Francis Train Fireth Another Bombshell late the McClalian RanksSeptember 19, 1854
C105Union Ticket.
C107List of Delegates Attending the National Anti-Masonic Convention.September 26, 1831
D9October 23, 1866
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