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ID Title or First Line Date Page Image
A38Lines Addressed to Miss Hannah Warner, By Her Father1783
A508The Star-Gemmed Flag of Brave Hearts and the Free.
A509The New York Sanitary Fair, 1864. The Children's Table.1864
A510The Martyr's ReturnMay 3, 1865
A634Poems, William H. Seward1875
A661Hymn of Welcome to the Pastor.
A662The Children's Welcome to their Pastor.
A664Prologue to the Private Theatricals at Mrs. La Farge's Mansion, Glen Cove, July 28th, 1860.July 28, 1860
A699Mon Habit.
A711Anniversary of the Marriage of Samuel D. Gould, to Caroline Hatch, October 2nd, 1827.October 2, 1877
A727A Song for the Union.February 22, 1850
A735The Mississippi.January, 1864
A745President Abraham LincolnApril 16, 1865
A764Senior Horn Song.
A828Raging Canal.
A865"Are You a Mason?"
B24New-Year Address to the Patrons of the Rochester AntiMasonic Inquirer1834
B94A Rousing Water-Cure Song.186?
B111Lincoln, the Man of the People1933
B112The Man with the Hoe1933
C94Ode to Independence. By Maj. William Ray.July 4, 1826
C101The Dying Address of theThree Thayers, Who were Executed for the Murder of John Love,June 17, 1825
C112On Hearing that My Poems Were Being Studied In a Distant PlaceDecember 5, 1982
C114Death of Sam Patch.1829
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