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October 1, 1886
March 1888
A99Dear Sir, It is doubtless known to you we have in our city an ably conducted paper called "The Times and Commercial Intelligencer."July 17, 1838
A110Sir: Being aware that your station in Society enables you to exercise considerable influence..September 1, 1839
A181Dear Sir, Permit us to call your attention to an Affidavit in the hands of the Hon. Thomas Corwin..August 6, 1850
A201Honored and Dear Sir: We beg leave to call your attention to an important oversight in the Postage Bill now before the Senate..February 26,1851
A253Dear Sir: In selecting your newspapers for the present session of Congress, we beg to call your attention to The Evening Post, It may be ordered by members, for any length of time, at the rate of the yearly subscription, which is as follows:December 5, 1857
A263Dear Sir: Herewith I send you the first number of my paper, issued on American soil.October 1, 1862
A305Office of the Railroad Record, Hon. Wm H. SewardJanuary 26,1864
A377Office of Elkhorn Independent. To Buisness Men: Allow us to introduce to you Robert C. Munro1863
A378Henry S. Clubb & Co., proprietors of the Weekly Clarion, Grand Haven, Mich.,1863
A379Office of the Waukegan Weekly Gazette. Gentlemen: Allow me to introduce to you, Mr. Rob't. C. Munro1863
A382Daily Evening Bulletin186?
A406Advertising.--Yates County Whig. The Yates County Whig is a large and well printed weekly sheet, published every Thursday Morning,1856
A408"The Herald of Freedom!" (A Paper for all who are interested in Kansas Affairs.)1856
A412The Undersigned, for many years past the admirers and supporters of the National Intelligencer, for its nationality--its conservative character-- its devotion to the Union--its ability and its decorum--as well as combining a first-class newspaper with a hDecember 5, 1860
A417Philadelphia Evening JournalAugust 26, 1865
A510The metropolitan Fair Newspaper.March 1864
A530The following appeared in "The Daily News" of London, January 23, 1865.1866?
A549Hampton Normal & Agricultural Institute, at Hampton, VA.January 25, 1872
A557Opinions of the Press.December, 1850?
A565Prospectus of the Constitution, A new daily paper to be published in Washington City, D.C.November 12, 1850
A571For twelve years we have been struggling in Clarion County, against an immense majority, combined with its influence both politically and personally, and without outside co-operating influences, this majority is gradually diminishing.June 24, 1864
A672Rochester Evening Express, A cheap daily newspaper, published every afternoon, and giving all the Telegraphic News
A696The Producers' Price-Current.May 20, 1871
A697New York Weekly Financial Report.December 15, 1871
A777Our Country, published by the American Society to Promote Justice, 206 Broadway, cor, Fulton St., New York.1885?
B23A New Daily German Whig Paper..December 6, 1850
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