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ID Title or First Line Date Page Image
A92To the Citizens of the United StatesJanuary 28, 1864
A326Sir: The Painting of "The Last Hours of Lincoln" is completed, and will soon be taken from the cityMarch 13, 1867
A510The Martyr's ReturnMay 3, 1865
A569To the Loyal Citizens of the United States.January 28, 1864
A579"To Your Tents, O Israel!"November 20, 1864
A724Union League in the Twenty-Fourth Ward, Philadelphia.January 14, 1864
A830Virginia Republican Ticket.1860?
A916The Life and Times of Abraham LincolnSeptember, 1865
A970$30,000 Reward Description of John Wilkes Booth!1865
B56To the Honorable Reverdy Johnson.October 7, 1864
B111Lincoln, the Man of the People1933
C62Evening Express---Extra. A Nation MournsApril 15, 1865
C96April 15, 1865
D13April 15, 1865
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